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    #151 68 days ago
    Quoted from Pimp77:

    ...ask anyone who doesnt have the brain warping nostalgia for them and they'll agree. The sound/music quality and variation isn't there. The animations aren't there. The rules aren't there. The gameplay is slow. It's just a different time when a 32" CRT color tv impressed.

    Well you can ask me and I didn't grow up playing them, and most "classic bally" games are superior than a ton of DMDs.

    #152 68 days ago
    Quoted from markmon:

    It should. You're rating things like toys, lighting, sound quality on a scale of 1 to 10. Certainly as technology improves, something that was a 10 in one area might be an 8 now. For example, in 1992, the sound quality on TZ might have been a 10. Now it would have to be well below as other games have shown what can be done with uncompressed audio in stereo, not crackling, etc.

    Yes! Well said.

    #153 68 days ago
    Quoted from Dooskie:

    That's just the way I do it. Take The Black Knight, for example. I think I gave it a very high rating for sound. When the machine was built, it was innovative, and there wasn't anything (or much) like it. To give it a low rating for sound wouldn't be right, because in that era, it was the best there was.

    That would be fine for a ratings list that only included era like pins...but this rating list is not geared that way.
    The best game from 1975 does equal the best game from today....i certainly wouldnt make that trade

    #154 67 days ago
    Quoted from markmon:

    So you think it's perfectly fair and possible for a machine on the 50s that only had chimes to have a 10/10 sound score an the fact that's equal to say woz with stereo and a sub very high bitrate sounds is just fine? I don't think that the rating instructions, which do exist, say anywhere to take into account the technology of the time. That's just irrelevant when looking at the overall current ranking of a game. We are rating the game as it stands, not the design skill of a game. If a game has a 10/10 audio score it should be the best audio in a pinball machine - a 10/10.

    By that logic, the machines of the 40s-90s should have MUCH higher artwork ratings than the shitty photoshop artwork from Stern. Compare the backglass of Dragonette (1954) or Bazaar (1966) or for that matter the bulk of the EM machines from the big three... they had better backglass artwork 50 years ago than most machines have now.

    #155 67 days ago

    If EBD and EBDLE are listed together, then shouldn't Centaur and Centaur 2 be listed together?

    #156 62 days ago

    my good buddy, Reg (Bigbossfan) currently owns, or has owned every single pin in this top 20. Friday "tourney pin nights" are a blast at his place!

    3 weeks later
    #157 40 days ago

    there is still not any adjustment to the manufacturer top 20 list.

    IOW Stern list still has SM three times on the top 20 and LotR, Tron, Met, GB, ST and IM all twice each taking up more than half of the top 20. Seven games taking up 15 spots.

    #158 37 days ago

    Ok i give it to you

    1- Lord of the Rings 8,645
    2- Metallica (Premium/LE) 8,585
    3- ACDC (Premium/LE) 8,559
    4- Star Trek (Premium /LE) 8,496
    5- Spiderman 8,443
    6- The Simpsons Pinball Party 8,401
    7- Tron (LE) 8,377
    8- The Walking Dead (Premium/LE) 8,373
    9- Ghostbusters (Premium/LE) 8,355
    10- Iron Man VE. 8,269
    11- Aerosmith (Pro). 8,135
    12- Game of Thrones (Premium/LE) 8,063
    13- X-Men (LE) 8,035
    14- Ripley's believe it or not 7,944
    15- Family Guy. 7,930
    16- Pirates of Caribbean 7,926
    17- Batman. 7,775
    18- Transformers (LE). 7,750
    19- Quicksilver. 7,685
    20- Kiss (Pro). 7,612

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