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ANN: New CPR EATPM Backglass Now Available

By Stu

5 years ago

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#51 5 years ago

Anyway, if someone went ahead and bought one of these, can you post a side by side comparison pic of the two lit up using same bulbs in both? Unless this totally boots ass over the old one, I'm gonna wait a bit myself.

1 week later
#52 5 years ago

So here's my honest review:

The colors just aren't as good as the original. Elvira is white instead of pink and fleshy. The fog behind her and the bottom of the stairs washes out to white. Some of this is expected, CMYK will never look like an RGB photographic translite. Her skin tone and total loss of detail behind her is a little disappointing still though. I was hoping for a not exact color match, but not the blown out feeling.

That's the bad part.

The expected but not a big deal part is the detail isn't quite as good, you see the dithering from the 4 color screens. Again, conversion, that's gonna happen, I knew it would look like that when I bought it. It's honestly not a real issue because you really can't tell from standing in front of the machine, only if you're really eyeballing it up close. Just something to be aware of.

The mirroring is cool. I might have done some parts a little differently if I was the designer, but that's minor nitpicky shit, everyone's going to have different takes on something like that, it wasn't designed for it. I definitely appreciate the extra effort to add the mirroring, it makes it feel special. Mark that under a plus. Mirrored backglasses are one of my favorite pinball things. I wish I could print my own!

It lights up great. Colors are vivid, don't wash out (aside from the above mentioned printing issues) when lit. It looks good in the machine. It looks better than my old beat one which was starting to bleed light, and I had to do ghetto white paint pen touch ups to areas.

Was a tight fit, I had to put my palms on the glass to move it down into place, but other than that was no big deal to install.

Here's my bottom line: If your translite is a little rough I'd get the upgrade. It will probably light up better than your old one, feel new and clean, and the mirroring is a really nice touch. If you're not looking at the old one side by side with the new one you can adjust to the color changes. No one who doesn't know the machine really well would ever know.

If you have a super clean translite that looks really solid I think you'd be disappointed in the changes and it's not worth changing. I'm happy, I'm glad I bought it, and I appreciate the effort from Stu and CPR. Just wanted to give my honest thoughts to anyone on the fence so you won't walk into something and end up disappointed if it's not right for you.

#53 5 years ago

Didn't take a before and after sorry. Here it is in my photos unlit and lit up though.

Right out of the packaging (well packed, no issues).

Lit up, with a combo of LEDs and original incandescents.

#54 5 years ago

I received mine Thursday morning and I'm very satisfied with it. It looks 10x better tham the old worn out trans that was in my machine. Thanks you Stu and the rest crp team.

#55 5 years ago

I received my EATPM backglass today (I don't even have an EATPM). It arrived safely and looks amazing!
Well done CPR!

#56 5 years ago

Thanks for your support guys......

#57 5 years ago
Quoted from Stu:

Thanks for your support guys......

Thanks for all your efforts Stu. If I sounded critical it's only because I wanted everyone to get an unvarnished view on what they'd be getting, since we know it's not the same as the original. But I'm delighted to have it, and the mirroring is honestly the thing that drove me to switch, so your extra work there paid off at least for me.

#58 5 years ago

Well, most of these "reviews" usually kill our sales, even if the reviewer had the best intentions. Everybody "reads into" these posts differently, and walks away with a different opinion, regardless of what the review states...as a comparison take a look at movie critics, they publicly state that a movie is terrible, yet most of the general public enjoys the film......Best we can ask of people is to Not do these "reviews", especially if they are not out there trying to do it themselves, if you were spending thousands of dollars of your own money I'm sure you would understand our point of view.......

#59 5 years ago

Hmm, I'm afraid I don't understand, sorry. I sell my translites here on Pinside, and I spend thousands of dollars of my own money having them done. So I feel like I'm pretty familiar with the shoes you're standing in, and I am out there trying to do it myself. Not exactly the same of course, I'm not trying to duplicate an existing product. So I don't compete in that respect.

I encourage people to post photos of my translites installed. Sometimes they're not what I would hope to see, my Shadow one looks kind of bad to my eyes lit with incandescents for instance, and it's tough to photograph backlit sources, but I love seeing every single one still.

I love seeing the honest impressions, I want every owner to post them. And if there are issues I want to know about them, I fix them as I can, and if I can't I keep them in mind for next time. I'm making sure my Star Trek apron decals have stronger adhesive than my AC/DC ones (which were designed with playfield removal in mind as a primary concern, turns out that's not good enough for some Stern aprons) I want everyone to know what they are getting, and be happy.

As I said, I love having the EATPM backglass, and I appreciate your work. The issues I brought up are real, and people should decide for themselves if they matter to them or not. Being silent about them does no one any favors.

I wish you guys the best either way.

#60 5 years ago

Stu, appreciate all you do. I thought Aurich's review was respectful and fair. It's pinball, we love to talk about it on Pinside, I don't think there's any way that's going to stop. There's no 'retail location' for us to see these things, and pictures don't always do things justice. I think CPR's reputation stands on its own for the most part.

People, if you are considering the backglass and are curious about what's mirrored... I think its fair to say CPR's art team is VERY good at what they do. All of the stuff I've seen them do is tasteful when they've had the opportunity to make things different than what was originally manufactured. Check out the Fire playfield thread, with the distinct FIRE window cutout work that was done.

I have a CPR playfield and backglass for Taxi. They're gorgeous. The backglass looks different than the translite, and that's to be expected; but I am so happy I got the glass. The mirroring done is infinitely better than the shoddy translite mirrored plastic that came from the factory. It's also a lifesaver as I needed/wanted to convert to Marilyn. So many games that don't have backglasses are going to be brought back to life thanks to this stuff.

1 week later
#61 5 years ago

I recently received my EATPM backglass and it looks pimp! Everyone who has has seen it in my Man Space was in awe upon first reveal. I haven't seen an original for a while so I have nothing to compare to but hats off to CPR. Its my third CPR backglass and I get more impressed every time. I wouldn't let the odd honest review stop you from buying unless you already have a mint original.

Quoted from Aurich:

And if there are issues I want to know about them, I fix them as I can, and if I can't I keep them in mind for next time.

Your Shadow translite was pretty much a knock out. I can't imagine anybody having issue with it other than the guy that never took off the protective film before install?

4 years later
#62 7 months ago

Resurrecting this thread.

I just purchased a CPR EATPM backglass... this is my first CPR backglass, so forgive what may be a dumb question.

Should the backglass be square, or is it supposed to have 1/2” glass on each side and rounded?

image (resized).jpgimage (resized).jpg
#63 7 months ago

Removing the corners probably makes it 10x harder to break.

Some euro backglasses have that feature.

#64 7 months ago
Quoted from vid1900:

Removing the corners probably makes it 10x harder to break.
Some euro backglasses have that feature.

So is this ‘normal?’ I was planning to use it as a wall hanger anyway, but i don’t see how this would fit in the game.

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