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AMH Club - A Spooky Start

By goatdan

6 years ago

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#1555 12 months ago
Quoted from JeffF:

Any chance of doing a small run of boards for AMH? I'd love to have a spare "just in case".

I would be in for one too

#1558 11 months ago

I just bought a knocker kit from pinball life. The connector is a 2 wire and the board has 3 pins. Also no option to test in the menu. Am I missing something?

Also has anyone put a shaker in their machine? I know it's not I the code but has anyone used one of the retrofits that work on any machine?


2 weeks later
#1567 11 months ago

I had the same thing happen the first time I put the color lcd from herg in. I had to do a recovery using propeller ide and then reformat the SD. After that it worked. Not sure this helps but I had the exact same problem.

#1571 11 months ago
Quoted from try2skyme:

And in the same breath, the screenshot shows otherwise. Maybe Ben could clean up the procedure so it's consistent if a full, non-quick format is needed. Based on what I'm reading, I think I'm gonna have to recover the AV firmware, but I'll try an image from Herg before that to confirm its needed. Thank you all for your help![quoted image]

This must have been what my problem also

2 weeks later
#1581 10 months ago

Replaced the ghost servo today. I had a replacement that came with the game luckily. Are all the servos in this game the same? I want to order several replacements.


#1583 10 months ago
Quoted from spandol:

I actually couldn’t find the ones that the game came with not too long ago. I figured when I needed one, I would ask spooky, but it would be cool to know this.

Here is what I have found. All three pictured seem to be all be replacements. The hk being the cheapest. The feetech being the replacement spooky has sent in the past and tactic.

Can anyone confirm there is a total of 4 in the machine, all the same size and any of these will work. The nicer ones obviously working better than the hk.


Screenshot_20210109-180305_Chrome (resized).jpgScreenshot_20210109-180343_Chrome (resized).jpgScreenshot_20210109-190222_Chrome (resized).jpg
#1585 10 months ago

I emailed spooky over the weekend and this is the current servo they are using.

Screenshot_20210111-091434_Amazon Shopping (resized).jpg
#1588 10 months ago
Quoted from benheck:

I am sorry for using servos. I deserve a lashing!

Honestly sourcing them is the worst part since we get them online and there are so many options. With some being discontinued by the time we reorder. They are easy to get to and change. Now the robot on Rob Zombie is a major pain in the a**!

1 week later
#1595 10 months ago
Quoted from Rascal-911:

Speaking of servos, my main ghost stop rotating today. I haven't played it in a while, so after a little playfield cleaning I gave it a play and no ghost rotate.
It still lights up but just doesn't rotate. Is it safe to say it is a servo problem?
I have escaped changing any servos yet so I must be due, but is there anything else I should check? The fuses in the head are ok.

Sounds like the servo. Easy to change. Once you put the new servo in cycle the machine before reinstalling the ghost. This will make sure it is lined up properly.

1 month later
#1621 8 months ago

Does anyone know where I can get a new door printed?

20210306_202324 (resized).jpg
#1629 8 months ago
Quoted from genex:

Spooky will print and sell you one as well. Mine did that recently and I got a replacement through them. My original door was grey but the new one is black

Herg has got me covered!

Interesting. My broken one was black so maybe it was already replaced?

#1630 8 months ago
Quoted from benheck:

Yeah sorry. I should have designed the door better. I was young and dumb... now I'm just dumb

Pinball breaks! It's all part of it. I think I can speak for all of us AMH owners that all the servos/toys are part of what makes this game unique and great.

#1637 8 months ago
Quoted from Eagle14:

Thanks, I'll try to find a plug and play version first and if not then look in to pin2dmd. Thanks!


There can't be too many kits still around that are Uninstalled. How many LCD kits did you produce?

Just more curious than anything else

#1640 8 months ago
Quoted from desertT1:

I bought one even though I didn’t (and still don’t yet) own an AMH. I will at some point and didn’t want to miss the chance when it was there to get one. I wouldn’t wave that info around, but it was asked.

Everything has a price...make an offer Eagle14

3 weeks later
#1653 7 months ago
Quoted from Medisinyl:

Below is an earlier prototype than the version currently in my game, but I thought a dimly lit teaser of another piece could be neat to see. Full set will help bring everything together once complete.
Vent flashes green before the ball shoots out the VUK (as if to give the impression the ball travels through the air vent). Will have video once I do the proper reveal. Keeping some mystery for now.
Hard to see in this pic, but green feet similar to those on the right ramp are present in the attic here.
Structure around the door adds a lot IMO, and even enhances the perception of the creaking and slamming audio effects for the door (hard to sense a real door slam with a free floating door ).
Lit sign theater name was a mash up of what that door is used for in the game, and the cult 1980 horror film, "The Gates of Hell" seemed perfect to throw a reference to Ben "Heck," especially with the door factor.
Will show more within a couple weeks hopefully.
[quoted image]

Looking great! Can't wait to see more!

2 months later
#1692 5 months ago

I'm getting the dirty pool on repeat problem. I checked the board and connectors. Starts right at a new game. The door will also open which leads me to believe it could be the double IR? Does that sound possible? Does s anyone know where to buy this part and the optos?


3 months later
#1814 44 days ago

Okay life has slowed down so I have time to address the dirty pool issue before my mod set gets here. I replaced the optos. It seems to be the double opto that is still the problem. Is there a way to source or print replacement boards for the double opto? Also why are these wired in series rather than parallel?

Thanks for the help

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