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America's Most Haunted (ghost squad) Promo Video!

By SpookyCharlie

6 years ago

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#1 6 years ago

It takes a whole hell of a lot of work to make a video look this cheesy.

Hope you like it!

#10 6 years ago
Quoted from centerflank:

Did that Beeyautch just call me impotent?

I did the voice of the confederate captain... so technically, she uh... called me that.

Thanks guys! Glad you are enjoying it. The video may be cheesy, but the game... definitely not! Well, except where it's supposed to be.

And yes... you will get your choice of cabinet & backglass art. Original, or extra crispy. No wait, that's the colonel... extra animated. Yeah... that's what I meant.

It's all Ben man... we make it, but he made it great.

#15 6 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

Love it. It maybe lacks some of the commercial sheen and polish, but it more than makes up for it with genuine heart and enthusiasm.

THANK YOU!!! We'll put the sheen and polish in the game instead.

#30 6 years ago
Quoted from frolic:

I'd like to see some video of someone playing a game of it, thanks.

We'll do a straight up video of us playing the game over the weekend frolic. Those are a whole lot easier to shoot than this one was. Uh, except for the part where we don't have anyone around here named Kerins, Sharpe, Augenstein, Acciari, Johnson, Sheets... Henderson. All we've got are names like, Heck, Bug, KT, Shirt... Squirrel.

Gotta get to work. Check back in later guys. And sincerely... thanks for the kind words.

#31 6 years ago
Quoted from toyotaboy:

Very polished machine. I love the girl posing in front of the pinball, seems to be a dig at gameroom collectibles

Certainly not a dig at anyone... Pretty girls and pinball... Waaay better than seeing me in front of the game!

#35 6 years ago

Manos... yep, the uh... hands, of fate. Manos actually means "hands"... so technically it's, "HANDS, Hands of Fate".

Torgo... approved pinball. That's what we're going for.

#45 6 years ago
Quoted from frolic:

From someone actually playing it, not throwing the ball demoing the modes (which look great)

I tried to the hit the shots on command... I couldn't even manage to get that right throwing the ball! Lol. I'll post nice 1080 video of gameplay this weekend. I cracked a billion on this thing last week... should have had the camera running that day because I'll probably never do that again!

Quoted from benheck:

Or that it's not deep enough?

Your mother didn't say that last night Trebek.

#52 6 years ago
Quoted from Plungemaster:

But in this video, to me, it sounds like a stereo behind the machine is doing the call outs. Does not feel integrated with the rest of the sounds.

You aren't hearing the audio in the game, you are hearing the individual callouts I added to the video edit mix. When you hear them in the game, you'll also hear the music, sound fx, etc so it sounds like a normal pinball... with kick ass Flipper Fidelity speakers behind them!

We admittedly need to balance the speech in the game better. Some callouts are just louder than others... will be done before the games ship.

#54 6 years ago
Quoted from Rcade:

Speaking of; what is the current estimated shipping date(s)? Possible X-mas stocking stuffers?

Hmmmm.... great question. We're building them now, so it's pretty much down to code. Hoping we can ship a few right about the 1st of the year. The double art package will slow down things a bit. Did we mention this thing has pretty deep (and fun!) rules... and the wizard mode is already in there?! Ben smiles a lot when anyone mentions that fact... and he should.

KT sent out the mass email to the first 25 on the list last Saturday... again: kt@spookypinball.com gets you on the sales list. She's talking deposits now. We put that off as long as we could... and I'm really proud of that.

Check back tomorrow.. we may have a surprise or two later in the day!

Have a great weekend everyone!

#60 6 years ago
Quoted from desertT1:

Unfortunately I think I'm going to be in the same boat. Really is a bummer since I've been longing for this machine since I first saw the layout and some of the shots. I could get away with the outlane comments, but not with seemingly every single shot.

It's not every single shot... over 800 lines in this game alone. I have no idea if Ben wants to install a "family mode" or not. This has come up between us a few times. Our game (Pinball Zombies From Beyond the Grave)... well, you've already seen the art. There will not be nudity or cursing in our game... but innuendo? Yep. Tons.

I've got kids in 6th and 9th grade. I totally understand the concerns. We either be ourselves and do what we believe in, or get lost in the shuffle of all these games coming out real fast. We play it safe... we'll be done before we start.

Really guys, sorry to see you go, but I do understand. Peace & Pinball!

#61 6 years ago
Quoted from Shapeshifter:

For you guys, surely there will be a family mode in the menu? Problem solved.

Don't get me wrong... really hope there is that option for these guys in Ben's game! It could still work as a family theme. That's really up to Ben to decide.

Our Zombie game, I committed to the direction before I started. We take it to family mode, and it would be nothing like it was intended... which is a straight up throwback to pinball aimed at dudes.

#63 6 years ago

Thanks Arn. Side note... a buddy came in and spotted your daughter's art on our wall yesterday and FREAKED! He thought our artist (a friend of his also) had done that. When I showed him the pics of the real artist holding her work, he couldn't believe it.

#71 6 years ago
Quoted from Gusphan:

There's a reason other pinball companies hire professional voice actors....

Don't like the voice talent? You can use your own voice in our games. Don't like the ball jokes? Take them out and have your kids say something funny and clever to replace them. It's simple, it's easy, it's fun, and I don't know of another game on the planet that will allow you to do this.

Sorry folks. We know we can't please everyone... we're doing our absolute best to make a great game with a small group of very talented people who have taken a lot of risks and volunteered a whole lot of time to make this happen. We are very proud that we built this from our own pockets... and gave you the chance to see it before you buy.

#76 6 years ago
Quoted from PinCrush:

Great point and something I hadn't thought of! It's so different from anything else out there (from an open standpoint) that an obvious avenue to address - and add a personal touch - escaped me. Thanks for the reminder. Good stuff.

I kinda forget that's an option myself. But yep, there is a readily available and free audio program out there that will let you generate and tweak your own wave files the same way we do with our editing software... you need the correct specs (simple) but rename the files to what we did on the card, and POOF! She's all yours to personalize any way you want for audio. I know I'm putting some Rob Zombie music in my game.

#85 6 years ago
Quoted from mrbillishere:

Is it using the P-ROC platform?

Nope... P-Roc is a fine product, but we went our own path. Single cpu / driver. If you were to have an issue, we'll send you a new one and get your game back up and running quickly. When I mentioned the audio changes you can make yourself, that's with ZERO programming skills. Just file replacement.

America's Most Haunted... now in 2 flavors, at NO EXTRA CHARGE. Not an LE, just a free choice you can make when you order.

Just printed and assembled myself... One of the joys of being self contained pinball mfg.

#87 6 years ago
Quoted from Jokercyclone:

I'm sure you know by now, that having an open forum like you are doing, brings good and bad. It awesome you are doing it and must be tough to listen to some when they can't see the game and play it

Yep... I really hate drama, and I'm to happy a dude to get wrapped up in it. Pinball is an art project from start to finish in every way. People like different looks, sounds, humor, music... I played in bands for years. One place, they love you. Next place, you need Patrick Swayze as Dalton in Road House, just to get out the door.

We're doing our best, and doing what we love.

#100 6 years ago
Quoted from gamestencils:

This game was easily the best and most pro feeling of the homebrews at Expo in my opinion. Was a blast to play, and a very different take on pinball with methods and mechanisms that are unique. The board they created is brilliant in it's simplicity and hackability.

Don't forget, boutique pinball is just that. It's not one of the big boys like JJP and STERN trying to satisfy all comers in order to sell thousands of machines. These games are special, reflect the enthusiasm and creative style of individuals rather than multimillion dollar design teams. That's the beauty of these new machines, they are very specific to various types of taste. If you don't like campy humor in AMH then you can go for blood and guts with Predator, that still too heavy then BOP 2.0 may be more your speed. You have choices! that's all i've read here for years is the desire for original themes and choices.. here they are!! These games SHOULDN"T be for everyone and they shouldn't be watered down from their creator's vision and personality.

anyway, ALL of you boutique game builders please keep doing what you want to do, what you love to do, the way you want to do it. I know for sure I won't like all of them yet i'll love others but I appreciate them all as art.

Uh... how do I say thank you a million times over? He gets it.

We're super proud of our build quality. Sure we wish we had piles of money to toss at this... but again, we did this with our own time and resources, so we put the money where it really mattered... the game and its components.

I still don't know where the line between boutique and full blown mfg is... but I hope we cross it someday soon and don't even notice we did.

Back to work... wanna finish in time to watch some football with the kids!

#112 6 years ago

I still owe you guys a game play video... sorry! Sidetracked with making the "official" wiring harnesses the last few days. You know what's harder than wiring these puppies up? NOTHING. Gotta get the wire minions going... doing these ourselves is starting to feel like root canal work.

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