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American Pinball Houdini thread

By lllvjr

3 years ago

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#668 3 years ago

Closer magnet action and catapult can also be found on our fly-by video.

#670 3 years ago
Quoted from vireland:

Got it. Updated the post with direct links to the point in the video that shows those two modes closer.

Thanks man. Pretty great game from what I experienced on it.

5 months later
#1514 2 years ago
Quoted from 3pinballs:

3 things.
Is that a crack in the playfield underneath the right slingshot on the bottom post. It's the circle around the post.
What's the price on the side art?
Are the parts being used readily availabe? Are they Williams parts?
Thx Tony

looks like a reflection from the plastic protector not a crack

#1516 2 years ago
Quoted from 3pinballs:

I took a closer look and it still looks like a crack. Beta playfield so I'm not worried about production

The left sling has a circle shadow too from the plastic protector. What else are you seeing? Just curious because Im in on Houdini.

#1544 2 years ago

All that I can say is WOW! American Pinball has sent some fantastic memorabilia for the SDTM Holiday Happy Giveaway!!! Make sure that you enter to win, as well as checking out the beauty that is Houdini Master of Mystery, shipping soon! Thanks again American Pinball team!

- Houdini Translite singed by Houdini designer Joe Balcer

- Houdini prototype playfield art print signed by Joe Balcer

- Limited Houdini shirt

06191BE5-84DC-4600-AC35-5DF5A950AB84 (resized).jpeg

12CA070C-C786-4B7B-99A0-290FF51F09E5 (resized).jpeg

BE16F633-F6F0-47D3-B792-DAD97F8CC5E7 (resized).jpeg

C169ADE2-3ECC-49A1-9FFA-21FF188B7E58 (resized).jpeg

3A6D8222-2511-4A2E-92D6-C88201E00FE3 (resized).jpeg

1 week later
#1625 2 years ago

I’m supposed to be getting one of the first so you guys will have plenty of coverage from SDTM: a pinball show on Twitch and YouTube. Here’s hoping it’s working well out of the box

4 weeks later
#1795 2 years ago

Houdini is in the House! Watch us unbox it and stay tuned for an upcoming review and interview with the American Pinball team!

#1799 2 years ago
Quoted from Burley9043:

Skip the awards show - I want to see your review.

Houdini all weekend for me

#1835 2 years ago

Wanna watch some games on a production Houdini pinball machine?

#1874 2 years ago
Quoted from maddog14:

I have had several games on Houdini at Analog in Davenport, IA.
I will give this disclaimer. It is a routed machine. It is in sore need of adjustment, Pops are not sensitive, so not much action there. This alone kinda ruins game play. Flippers power is turned down. Shots can still be made, but power is a bit low.
My first impression: cosmetically, very beautiful. Nice integration of LCD. I wish there was a feature to cancel mid game tutorials, or at least speed them up. You get it after a few games.
Game play? For a first game from a new company, I will compare it to my AMH from Spooky pinball. The AMH had a better bounce and feel to it. Felt more satisfying and solid. While the AMH was challenging, the shots were still doable.
The Houdini feels dead on the bounce. The flippers plain do not feel right. While I am sure one will get used to it, it still feels weird. Maybe different rubbers may help on the flippers.
The shots....Way too tight. you almost have to be perfect on the shot to make them. Which I guess means dumping a bunch of quarters in the machine for practice.
I guess at a buck a play, I would want the machine to be a bit better dialed in. Or maybe I am just spoiled.

My experience is almost completely opposite. Flippers feel like every other flippers on the market. Shots, with the exception of milkcan, are far from tight and very rewarding. I own AMH as well and Houdini is much more controlled, AMH is chaotic bouncy etc, which I’m also fine with. Full review to come soon

#1876 2 years ago
Quoted from VividPsychosis:

Like today
heh, I just like to push ya Zach!

Still editing but get distracted and end up playing Houdini instead of editing. Haha. Keep finding new things like the name of the safe company on the backglass. So many easter eggs and pinball appreciation

#1879 2 years ago
Quoted from maddog14:

Well, I did put a disclaimer that this was a routed machine. Is the one you play in your home where you get to dial it in to your tastes?

I hear ya. Yeah it’s in my home but fortunately not much dialing in needed. Hoping you can play it more with properly working mechs. Flipper are actually super strong out of the box which I turned down one notch. Maybe they turned it down too much. All coils can be adjusted like JJP which I love

#1880 2 years ago
Quoted from VividPsychosis:

How did the settings mission go in terms or reducing "Wordiness" now that you have learned the game more? Were you able to dial it down how you like? From what Rosh showed earlier, it seemed very easy to fully control the vocals on each kind of mission etc.

Yeah it is a bit wordy in areas but I haven’t minded it enough to change it, plus I like the instructions during modes and Houdini facts and history during gameplay

#1892 2 years ago

Had to add a little razzle dazzle to Houdini

- Pin Stadium Lights
- Trough Lighting
- Scoop Lighting
- Purple Titan sling silicones

F22207BC-A51F-4667-A437-FE3104704F6F (resized).jpeg

9480C192-72E3-4545-A122-2C89D094A06D (resized).jpeg

BCC9D8FA-B144-4B6D-B1CF-B9A8A4D30EA1 (resized).jpeg

F0D54D3A-1E18-4CB8-A83C-2384F21E4DC3 (resized).jpeg

C7ADC061-9D0A-4E03-A230-5C8FF5D3A1AD (resized).jpeg

1DA85F14-9CF4-4120-99BD-7E3C0863D61E (resized).jpeg

#1903 2 years ago
Quoted from MT45:

Love the look Zach. When I get mine, I would love to be ready to add something similar ... what trough light system did you go with or was it DIY? I build my own scoop lights but sometimes the trough strips are just so easy to buy and pop in there.

I just buy comet frosted led strip matrix and tie it to a GI bulb. I tried all the colors on trough and liked the purple the best because it’s a whiteish purple nothing over saturated and lights the encore area very well. Tends to be dark down there

#1904 2 years ago
Quoted from DerGoetz:

Hands down, as soon as there is a theme I love I will buy an AP

But you own a Full Throttle? Hahaha just busting your chops DerGoetz

#1907 2 years ago
Quoted from Frogman:

I’m curious about why you added the Pinstadium lights. My basement arcade is intentionally dim, but with rare exception (F14 is an example), I haven’t found that even my older games are lacking light.
Obviously, there’s a market for Pinstadium, since it has some big fans and is selling well. I am surprised to see it on a brand new machine, though.
Did you find that the built in lighting lacked pop or parts of the playfield were difficult to see? No judgement, just interested.

No prob. I very much like the product and have yet to see a machine that they didn’t look great on. Even new machines lack light in the middle of the playfield and I very much enjoy the middle main art popping. Houdini doesn’t need Pin Stadium lights. Then again, I should eat more salad, but damn I love steak! Haha

#1910 2 years ago
Quoted from DerGoetz:

I know, right?
I was hoping that the all ramps gameplay would be killer. And I'm a racing fan. So..... initially Full Throttle sounded like a great idea.
Now that it has been broken down for over a year..... not so much. And watching the marketplace here on Pinside.... looks like you couldn't give the game away, even if it worked.
I hope that it will run again one day. All it would need then are all new and great rules and it could become a killer game..... killer game with kids coloring book art.....
All good man should we ever meet the first beer is on me.... as well as the joke, hahaha

I would love nothing more than to grab a beer with ya buddy!

#1912 2 years ago
Quoted from Mr68:

Hold up fella's. I've got mad respect for both of you knuckleheads and I want in on those beers too.

You’re in!

#1935 2 years ago

SDTM Episode 47: Houdini Pinball Machine Review Deluxe Edition

Greg and Zach travel to American Pinball to review Houdini pinball machine. Remember to share our video!

#1939 2 years ago
Quoted from transprtr4u:

Thank you AP and Nitro , first Houdini arrived in Canada today!
The game came very nicely packaged with lots of goodies!
Most impressed with the flipper adjustment template!
Couple of tweaks and some more adjustments to come.
First impression, the pictures do not do this game justice, nicely built , forward thinking with the wire connectors to replace and repair the flipper and and other components!
All in all proud to be a supporter... Great job AP !
Great job Nitro
Big fan!
First NIB for me.. No disappointments!
Outstanding quality control!

That’s awesome man! Looks nice next to that Pinball Magic

#1946 2 years ago
Quoted from pipes:

Ball save times can be adjusted I'm sure. If I remember correctly, they mentioned in the SDTM review that AP is working on adding a super skill shot in a code update at some point.

Super skill shot is the target by milkcan. Super tough though and satisfying but switch better be pretty sensitive or the soft hit will not register

#2034 2 years ago
Quoted from rosh:

the attractive young ladies on the sling shots was the inspiration for it. There is alternative sound you can switch to in the settings for those who don't like giggling women.

I love that sound effect. It’s more sinister and eerie to me.

#2082 2 years ago
Quoted from westofrome:

Played Houdini for the first time today and had lots of fun. There didn’t seem to be instant info, hope this is coming? I got to put my initials in for high score #3 and the only score I could get to show in attract mode was GC.
Put me down for team knocker. The most satisfying and possibly most iconic pinball sound, standard equipment on literally decades of games, a big part of what made me fall in love with pinball. Removing the knocker is penny wise and pound foolish IMO.

Status by holding in both flippers

#2086 2 years ago

Guess what? I’m still loving this machine. Maybe even more than last week. Kuug is getting the bugs worked on. For those of you in on one, hang tight this thing is addictively satisfying.

#2089 2 years ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

Excellent review and insight thanks. Getting Tired of watching #ZMeny play his though he is rather entertaining. lol Hurts even more since AP is only 10 minutes from my house and all I can do is look in the windows! Not that I do that...... (Josh, your car is Over the Line again!)

I’m just praying that you guys are brainstorming some mod ideas for Houdini. I want a machine that the mod couple goes all out on!

#2091 2 years ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

With everything packed in that game - what could they possibly add?

Always room for a mod couple mod or two or five. I have some ideas

#2095 2 years ago
Quoted from beatmaster:

pretty sure modders outhere will be working on it, myself included.

Excellent another one of the best modders out there!

#2131 2 years ago
Quoted from VividPsychosis:

Update: after playing another round of games. Maybe 15. The issues I seem to have are 1. The plunger not shooting the ball out well, hitting rubber and coming out wierd. 2. Seance scoops reliability is random. I sometimes get a straight shot, normal speed. Sometimes it shoots out and hits the top of sling, other times it barely rolls out and trickles down the pf.
In the code, when you are at the catch a bullet mode, and double tap out of the instructions, it gives you the ball back but the lights are all still off completely for like 5 seconds. I had one “autoplunge” on a game when I was playing both players 1, and 2. When it went to player 2 after I drained, it immediately plunged the ball. This was happening at VUK arcade as well.
Anyways, I’m going to bed, got work at 8am. Cheers!
I can’t get over the backglass it’s phenomenal!

Looks amazing man!! Yeah there are still bugs here and there I’m seeing too, but damn it’s a fantastic machine. My scoop is irregular too. I tried boosting the power a bit but it got worse. I have mine set to trickle out gives me the bet consistency. Enjoy man enjoy

#2183 2 years ago
Quoted from VividPsychosis:

It’s already been raised once due to my request. It was much much worse a weekend ago. Totally flat. My scoop on my game is still unpredictable. I am struggling to get the upper catapult to hit its target to return to right flipper I think I gotta adjust the wireform.
I just broke 1 million for the first time. It was a fantastic game.

A mil always feels good on this machine.

#2192 2 years ago

Damn Houdini, GOTLE, and DI is a nice three pin combo

#2195 2 years ago
Quoted from VividPsychosis:

How bout some Houdini, Dialed In, Alien? I know Greg would approve! Lol Those are my babies.
Btw, just booked TPF! Woot!

I’d take that trio in a flash! Jealous haha.

Quoted from pyramidschemebar:

We have 24 total! You guys should come up sometime.</blockquote

You have an incredible collection. We would love to next time we are up north!

#2206 2 years ago

Does anyone know if there is a setting yet to restart games with start button?

#2216 2 years ago
Quoted from Cobra:

Has anyone changed their mind about owning this after playing it? I was super excited to get one but after playing it I find it not as exciting because of that right inner loop. Milk can also.
When you need to make these shots for a mode or to lock ball and miss 95% of the time it is just not fun.
I love everything about it except that damn shot.
Is it possible to move that stand up on the left side of right inner loop over to the left a tiny bit?
My Houdini space and money is now going to a Dilaed In. This one is on the back burner now.

I honestly enjoy those two shots the most in the game now especially milkcan mode

#2235 2 years ago

Zach's fact checking of Kaneda's Review of Houdini

- “You can't backhand anything. The inner loop that feeds the catapult is way too tight.”
(Correction - you can backhand that shot with 80% accuracy)

- “I like the ramps”
(Correction - dipshit there is only one ramp)

- “Shots are too tight and I'm a decent player.”
(Correction - Stick with Gottleibs rookie)

- “There are posts beside the inner loop”
(Correction - those are standup targets not posts)

Anyone else wonder if he actually played a Houdini?

#2315 2 years ago
Quoted from beatmaster:

Flashinstinct's Houdini Target Decals Set installed, a must for this game.

Looks great! Can’t wait for mine to arrive

1 week later
#2415 2 years ago

I just installed them and can say that the wet method worked great. They are a bit thinner than PinGraffix blades which is not ideal, but they still have the feel/texture of them, unlike some glossy aftermarket blades, which helps with possibly creasing or wrinkling. Overall good product. I also noticed that they don’t go down as far as other blades, they stop at the playfield

1 week later
#2605 2 years ago
Quoted from VividPsychosis:

Just figured I would add these photos for those that don’t think there is a need or would see much of a difference in a dark game room with pinstadium a on Houdini. Actually, to be perfectly honest, my kit had a bad powerplug and when playing with a league member and the pinstadium turned off, his first comment while playing was, man this game is super dark what happened to all the GI! Lol on Houdini, it’s especially noticeable between the flippers in the middle lower portion of the game.
Once you play with a kit, it is extremely hard to play on a game without em. I actually remember at TPF thinking all the games were terribly lit. Lol.

Man that row looks incredible!!

#2666 2 years ago
Quoted from konjurer:

Josh - hope you don't take these comments as too critical. I think the Houdini rules are one of the best rule sets I've ever played. Hopefully feedback makes the game better for beginner to intermediate players.
Another thing that could improve the game play is to make the "Add Time" shot provide more time or at least make it adjustable. By the time the ball is back under control I've just chewed through what little time was awarded to me. Houdini is very much a stop and go game. If Houdini was a great flow game you could bang out these modes. However, it takes time to get control and make these shots. Any shot to the middle and left of middle takes you into the bumpers. Once into the bumpers and the mode is essentially over.
I have a question for the Houdini players out there... has anyone completed the Milkcan Escape? That mode seems like it would be almost impossible to complete. One potential improvement could be a difficulty setting so that one (easy), two (medium) or three (difficult) milkcan shots are required. I think the mode would still need 3 shots to complete but with fewer milkcan loops for mere mortals. Hitting one on purpose is freaking hard enough!

I regularly complete it but it helps that I hit a magic target to spot a shot for me haha. It’s now one of my favorite modes. If I can just conquer the vanishing elephant I’ll be in business.

#2674 2 years ago
Quoted from adamross:

I’ve never completed the milkman mode. In fact I find the shot near impossible to make. I also despise the card throand Inc video mode, it feels like it was an afterthought and just not fun to me in a game where everything else is!

oh man king of cards is worth an extra ball and a lot of points if you hit all of the 25k.

#2728 2 years ago
Quoted from konjurer:

Houdini Rules
Current Version: 18.2.27
Playfield Design, Mechanics: Joe Balcer
Engineering: Jim Thornton
Rules, Programming, Animation: Josh Kugler
Artwork, Animations: Jeff Busch
Music, Sound: Matt Kern
Sculptures: Matt Riesterer (Back Alley)
Animation: Ish Raneses
Rules compiled from the following sources: This Week in Pinball, Josh Kugler, SDTM, Konjurer, et al.
The goal of Houdini is to become the Master Magician and make it to the Master Magician wizard mode. You to the Master Magician Mode by spelling H-O-U-D-I-N-I. Each of the 7 letters of Houdini correspond to the 7 major areas of the game.
Becoming a Master Magician is very difficult due to the depth of the ruleset. You have to complete 20 modes, 5 combos, collect 8 awards, collect jackpots from 2 multiballs, and complete 3 mini-wizards modes. Simple, right?
The difficulty of getting to the end of the game can be adjusted in the settings so that Houdini letters are easier to achieve.
Progress towards the Master Master mode can be seen on a cool dashboard display by pressing both flippers before plunging. You can also see progress and by the chain link inserts on the playfield. Each major area of the game is represented by a different color as noted later in this document. Progress towards the end goal impacts your end-of-ball bonus.
Skill shot – shoot moving red target for skill shot, shoot moving green target for super skill shot
10 Stage Modes
Vanishing Elephant
Chinese Water Torture
Indian Needle Trick
Walk through Walls
Handcuff King
Milkcan Escape
Bullet Catch Multiball (video mode using the upper catapult)
Straight Jacket Multiball (reverse/inverted flipper mode)
Card King (video mode)
Mini Wizard Modes
Movie Binge - complete all 5 Movie Modes
Great Jail Escape - complete all 5 Jail Escape Hurry-Up Modes
Ultimate Secret Mission - complete all Secret Mission Combos
Master Magician Mode
For the Master Magician (Wizard) Mode, you must collect all the HOUDINI letters by:
Complete all 10 Stage modes
Complete all 5 Movie Modes
Collect eight items from the Magic Shop
Complete all 5 Jail Escape Hurry-Up Modes
Complete all Secret Mission Combos
Earn a super jackpot during Trunk Multiball
Earn a certain number of jackpots during Seance Multiball
Drain Modes
There are two modes that are set up at the outlanes that can revive your ball.
Return from Beyond
Escape Death
Color Code: Red
The stage modes are started in two ways. Bashing the theater curtain 3 times or by going through the Back Stage Alley shot hitting the red target at the back of the pops.
Vanishing Elephant — Three ramp shots move elephant into the crate, then stage to show crate empty.
Ramp 3 times
Chinese Water Torture — KeyLane to lower into tank, either orbit to close curtain, stage to open curtain and set Houdini free.
Key Lane
Either Orbit
Indian Needle Trick — All switches score X, magic and red standup targets increase value. Houdini pulls needles out of his mouth as shots are made.
All switches
Red Standups to increase values
Walk through Walls — To move Houdini through the wall, shoot one of the left shots, then one of center shots, then right shots.
Left Shot
Middle Shots
Right Shot
Handcuff King — Shoot the pops, every X hits results in a handcuff or chain being thrown out, hit it enough time to totally free Houdini. The number of handcuffs on Houdini and the number of pops needed to shed a handcuff is adjustable in the Feature Settings.
Hit 3 Pops to shed a handcuff
Shed 5 handcuffs
Milkcan Escape — Three shots through the lower left loop will lower him into milkman, rollout the screen and then show him free. This can be the most lucrative of the stage modes.
Milkcan Loop 3 times
Metamorphosis — Shoot trunk to lower Houdini into the trunk, then orbit to close curtain, then stage or trunk to open curtain to set Houdini free, and Bess then in the trunk.
King of Cards — A video mode where you are throwing cards (known as scaling) through moving hoops. The longer you hold the flipper in before throwing, the higher it will go, so you need to time it both for when you start and release your press. As you make shots, the hoops move faster, making three of the smaller hoop, will then light the smaller hoop for extra ball. It is possible to make both hoops with a single throw, which will double their value.
The length of time in this mode is adjustable in the Feature Settings
Straight Jacket Multiball — You have the option of ‘reversed flippers’ (left flipper button controls right flipper, right controls left) or ‘reversed and inverted flippers’, where flippers are reversed as described, but they are inverted, which means they are the up position and then drop when flipper button is pressed, so they become ‘release to flip’. Jackpots are doubled when inverted. A feature will soon be added that if you are ‘chimping’ the flippers (e.g. just hitting both at the same time) during this mode will result in a reprimand and the jackpot value will be reduced.
Hint: cross your arms so that your right hand is on the left flipper button and left hand is on the right flipper button. Your brain will work as intended and you should be fine.
Hint: Once you feel comfortable with the reversed flippers, try the “reversed and inverted” a few times. It is worth big points and it’s actually not that difficult.
Bullet Catch — Shoot trunk to lock a ball in upper catapult, then shoot moving target to lock in the site (and jackpot value which is decreasing while you try to hit the moving shot). Locking the site fires the gun, to get into a two ball MB. Then continue to hit the trunk shot (right inner loop) to lock and fire the gun again to score jackpots.
The Magic Standup Targets help you in different ways depending on the current state of the game. Hitting a magic target can add escape letters, séance letters, or film letters. Hitting a target can also advance you a step during a Stage Mode or Movie Mode. The magic targets also engage the magnets.
Color Code: Blue
There are five modes based on Houdini’s movies. These modes are presented in black and white with an old film look and have a piano accompaniment. Failing to complete results in the film ‘burning’. One is a type of add-a-ball Multiball. Complete all five for Houdini letter. Completing all five will also start the Mini-Magician Mode called Movie Binge. You don’t have to complete each movie mode but how well you did at each mode will impact your scoring potential in Movie Binge.
Terror Island (Scoop, ramp, scoop, ramp) — Free the woman from the safe that was thrown in the ocean, then go back for the treasure.
Haldane of Secret Service (all about the spinner) — Escape the waterwheel. Each shot makes it spin faster until it breaks free
Master Mystery — Features Q The Automaton, the first ever movie robot, stop him from getting the woman or getting to the weapon — left orbit, right orbit, left orbit, right orbit. You only have X seconds to complete the next shot in the sequence, making it resets the clock (but less time that previous shot).
Grim Game — Move Houdini from plane to plane to rescue the woman (orbit, ramp, orbit)
Man From Beyond — This is a add-a-ball kind of mode. First bash the stage to free Houdini from the Ice (where he was frozen for 100 years), this will then put a second ball in play. Then shoot orbits X times to free him from his restraints in the insane asylum, another ball is put into play, then all the GI and Inserts turn off, except for three shots (and a moving ‘spotlight’ running through inserts). Only one of the three lit shots will pay off, you can figure out which by sneaking a peek at the display and spotting Houdini when the spotlight is on him. Shooting the correct shot scores a jackpot, and then Houdini will randomly move between the three shots.
NOTE: For most of the stage and movie modes, you can also hit one of the two ‘magic stand-ups’ targets, which are located on either side of the lower playfield to advance a step through the mode. When not in a mode, these targets will assist you in other ways, based on current state, typically adding ESCAPE, SEANCE or FILM letters. They will also trigger the magnets under the hands which will then twirl and throw the ball. There is an optional ball saver (controlled via settings), when the magnets are triggered via the targets (and when not in seance mulitball). Also, for most stage and movie modes, once the timer gets to 10 seconds or less, you can shoot the spinner to add time to the timer. You can up to 10 seconds to the timer.
Color Code: Green
Spell E-S-C-A-P-E via stand-up targets begin a Jail Escape Hurry Up. Complete all five to earn a Houdini letter. Complete all five for the Great Jail Escape mini-magician mode.
E-S-C stand-up targets are shootable but the A-P-E letters are not. Use the pop bumpers and indirect shots to hit the A-P-E stand-ups. Complete X to earn Return From Beyond, also possible to earn Extra Ball if enabled in settings. Can be random or easy to hard based on settings. Complete all five for mini-magician mode.
Color Code: Pink
Houdini was rumored to be a spy for the US government - hence the secret missions! Each secret mission is a combo. Each combo gets progressively harder to complete. There are five different combos to complete. The secret missions are considered to be the hardest objective in the game to complete.
Secret Missions start at the scoop. Only one secret mission is active at a time. Complete it and you can then start the next. Complete all five for a mini-magician mode and a Houdini letter. The next shot in the sequence will be identified with a flashing purple arrow. If the sequence is broken, it will go back to the first shot of the sequence. They get harder as you go.
Combo Mission 1: chain together the ramp and scoop shots for 25,000
Combo Mission 2: chain together the right orbit and scoop shots for 50,000
Combo Mission 3: chain together the ramp, right orbit, and scoop for 75,000 and lits extra ball at the scoop
Combo Mission 4: chain together the right ramp, right orbit, lock shoot and scoop for 100,000
Combo Mission 5: chain together the milkcan, ramp, right orbit and scoop for 250,000
Complete the task, continue your ball, fail and ball ends. The modes are:
Return From Beyond
You get 30 flips to spell seance (via mini stand-up targets). Earned by scoring X jackpots during seance multiball.
Escape Death
You get 30 seconds to spell ESCAPE (via stand-up targets). Escape Death is the harder of the two to complete. Earned by completing X jail escape hurry-ups.
You can also earn/light the outlane drain modes at Magic Shop. If earned there it will bounce from side to side with flippers. If earned via Seance or Escapes, it will not move. If you have earned one plus magic shop version, then both outlines are lit. You can only earn each once per game.
Color Code: Yellow
The Magic Shop is the place to get mystery awards. You’ll need to collect 8 items from the shop to get to the Master Magician Mode.
The magic shop is opened by the spinner. Once the Magic Shop is open for business you can get something from the shop by entering the “gobble hole” under the ramp. The direct shot to the gobble hole is through the Stage Alley lane through the pops. You can also bank it in off the theater curtain or use the pop bumpers to bounce it into the hole.
There are also Easter eggs at the Magic Shop that poke fun at some of American Pinball’s friends and competitors.
Magic Shop Awards:
Virtual Ball Lock
Extra Ball Lit
Playfield Multiplier
20 second Ball Save
Milkcan Multiplier Advance
Return from Beyond Lit
Escape Death Lit
Big Points (various amounts)
Hold Bonus
Bonus Multipliers (various award)
There are settings to also you to earn a HOUDINI letter more easily or even multiple letters.
You can stack multiballs on both stage and movie modes as well as other multiballs. You do have to start the modes first. Stage modes and movie modes can not be stacked with each other. Once a multiball is running, you can not start a movie or stage mode. Jail Escapes, starting of Secret Missions and Magic shop visits can occur if a mode is running, but not if multiball is running.
Trunk Multiball
Color Code: Turquoise
By default the lock is lit at the start of the game. Stage Alley shot will lit the lock on subsequent locks. Shoot the right inner loop to catapult a ball into the trunk for each locked ball. Lock three balls in the trunk to start the Trunk Multiball. Three shots are lit for jackpots, complete those then shoot trunk (via inner loop) to score super jackpot and re-light jackpots. Super Jackpot will earn Houdini letter.
Seance Multiball - 3 ball
Color Code: Teal
Spell S-E-A-N-C-E to light at the scoop. The magnets will engage in this multiball. Spell seance to score jackpots, spell in order for super jackpot (very hard). Gets harder to light each time. Two jackpots during Seance Multiball will earn you a Houdini letter.
You can stack multiballs on both stage and movie modes as well as other multiballs. Stage modes and movie modes can not be stacked with each other. Once a multiball is running, you can not start a movie or stage mode. Jail Escapes, starting of Secret Missions and Magic shop visits can occur if a mode is running, but not if multiball is running.
Color: Orange
The Milkcan loop (lower left loop) is a difficult shot that feeds the left inlane. Shooting the milkman loop feeds immediately followed by the ramp will increase the playfield multiplier for X seconds. Each time this 2 shot combo is hit advances the multiple from 2X to 3X to 4X. Starting a mode via Stage Alley with a max milkcan multiplier gives 8X scoring.

Or just watch the SDTM Deluxe review with J Kugler

2 weeks later
#3117 2 years ago
Quoted from MT45:

I just couldn't help myself and ... thankfully my wife was cheerfully accommodating! I was inspired enough by the Steampunk game art to order both of us a set of costumes to match this special game.
Tonight we set up the photo lights, tripod and the DSLR and then took a million shots to get these.
Houdini is such a unique game and we both loved meeting the team that built it while at TPF.
To Joe, Josh, Barry and the entire API team we say Congratulations on a fantastic game - sell a bunch!
Enjoy the pictures. We enjoyed taking them

You guys are crazy awesome!

1 week later
1 week later
#3582 2 years ago
Quoted from Jkush18:

Zmeny? lol guess it got unbolted from the floor.
In all fairness I need to play it more. I was merely Commenting on an observation. Usually people don’t sell games so quickly that they really enjoy. And the fact that the games aren’t going for large premiums tells me the existing demand is prob comprised people that want to skip the line but are not necessarily in love with the title.

Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

There’s also a ton of new games out, and with limited space, the ones who flip games fast are in overdrive. It can’t be everyone’s grail pin, and if you can’t be bothered to ease up and learn the shots on a newer game, I guess it’s out the door. Sidebar - They haven’t even shipped overseas yet! There’s still tons to be manufactured

Quoted from Ericc123:

Zmeny said that he only has so much money and room for pins. He needed to get another game to review for their YouTube channel. I’m not trying to speak for him but I never got the impression that he had anything but love for the game.

Yeah my friends are giving me shit too for selling it. Truth is, the machine is special and I love it. For $7k it’s ridiculously loaded and beautiful when compared to other offerings. The shots can be brutal but so rewarding and satisfying, especially milkcan to ramp. My only issue or mild complaint was some bugs still in the rules, but Rosh has laid such a fantastic foundation on that code. And for the love of God Josh, getthat start button restart coded!! Haha

Here’s the deal. For my stupid nerdy little YouTube pinball show, I need machines. I cannot afford many. While I love Houdini and believe it to be a better overall package then say IMDN, it nor any other machine will last long-term (SDTM show would suck if I kept the same three machines haha). Move Houdini now to maximize return, buy one in a year for $6k. It’s just the situation I’m in right now, oh yeah and my attention span is low with no location pinball. As a result, there will be upcoming reviews and video of IMDN, Medieval Madness, and future titles I can’t wait to be revealed!

1 week later
#3856 2 years ago
Quoted from foobeer:

This didn't work for me either. I broke down last night and decided to just reset to factory defaults in order to reset high scores, but it retained coil strength and high scores! Unless I'm missing something, I guess there is no current way to reset high scores?

What’s wrong Foobeer, intimated by those beautiful ZLM initials every time you end a game?

4 months later
#6275 1 year ago

Greg and I blowing up some Houdini, especially Game 2. Oh and LOSER received one hell of a consequence. Muahaha

SDTM Episode 75

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