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American Pinball Houdini thread

By lllvjr

2 years ago

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#6016 1 year ago
Quoted from drummermike:

I have been making most of the milkcan shots from the end of the right flipper also. I dropped the flippers about 2mm. This helped on all the shots!
The lower catapult is making the trunk by bouncing off the left side wall. I will reduce coil power but may have to adjust the catapult.

I'm thinking about purchasing a Houdini. I've been collecting for about 20 years, but let me expose my ignorance and say that I am unfamiliar with what is meant by "dropping" or "lowering" the flippers. Probably something obvious, but I thought I'd ask. I've always just struggled with getting things back to stock and typically am paralyzed with fear when it comes to drilling or altering a playfield. Hoping it's just a reference to a mechanical adjustment. Appreciate any info.

#6045 1 year ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

They just mean loosening the Flippers a bit and pointing them slightly more downward toward the bottom of the game. Takes about 10 seconds and an Allen wrench you should already have in your toolkit

Thank you all for the replies. I get it now, and that's a simple adjustment - one even I can achieve should it prove necessary. Really intrigued by the game and a friend of mine is a distributor with two games in box. Played it a few times, and I really like it so far. Probably going to off my TZ for this. Ready for a change and this game is looking pretty sweet.
Thanks again.

1 week later
#6229 1 year ago
Quoted from DS_Nadine:Finally was able to play Houdini today. Drove about 7 hours today to do so (well Houdini and other new stuff they had there).
First off, I'm astonished how different people can view one and the same thing.
Playfield looks incredibly rich, meaning it is full and kinda looks like jewelery-ish... with it's gold tones reflecting everywhere. If Houdinis Playfield was a clock, I would wear it, it's so sparkling. I had (and have) an issue with the used Photoshop effects and partial Clipartyness, but that is about non existant in person. Houdini was Set up next to a Star Trek and Game of Thrones, and compared to that games it looks like pure gold.
Only thing looking cheap (plastic) was that chain hanging on the right ramp,... and *cough* the LCD animations at times.
(Personally I'd prefer good stills over mediocre animation. Magic Girl did that if I remember correctly.)
Next up was playing it of course an altough I'm not a good player I didn't have any problems with bricked shots.
It played perfectly well, so I put some games on it.
Did like the idea for the card trick video mode, didn't like the contextless 'first shoot here then here' type of missions.
Lighting is kinda awesome, like when you hit the stage all the GI turns off, except the one sourrounding the stage.
(Adds to that world under glass feel.)
One big bummer:
Catapult shot was not working. Ball was shot a bit diagonally and hit the left cabinet wall, ricocheting one time in the trunk by accident.
Trunk not fully closing as well, the lid kinda set loosely on the assembly.
So my first impressions compressed is that I absolutely like what I'm seeing but am not 100% sold yet.
Have to play it again with all mechs working and with sound (didn't really hear a thing, wich is sad because I like the sound package).
But seeing it I'm really happy with that spot that AP is setting themselfes in, between Stern and JJP, with a game that is rich but not overly convoluted and expensive. Compared to what's in there Houdini feels like a bargain.

I’ve been contemplating buying a Houdini, and even have a buddy who is a distributor who has one for me. But I had never really been able to play one for more than a few minutes at the Pin-A-Go-Go.

I live in Sacramento and had to take a business trip to Salt Lake this week. On a lark, I checked the map, and west of the Rockies there are only 7 machines in locations. Turns out one of them was walking distance from my hotel. Also turns out another of the 7 is two blocks from where I work in Sacramento. Destiny speaking to me, I took the walk and played about 10 games.

Not so sure why people are saying it’s such a difficult game. It’s demanding, but I didn’t find it that daunting to make a lot of the shots – and I’m not a great player. DS-NADINE‘s review was pretty much my experience with both play and quality. The catapult was basically working, made all but two out of several dozen tosses. The box was stuck open, which was better than the opposite. No doubt something that I could deal with at home. No problem with the flippers and multi-ball. I even got dialed into the milk can shot.

The only shot that was weird was the Stage Alley. The ball kept impacting the bottom of the sign and about every third shot didn’t make it through. Not sure what that was about.

It was flanked by Deadpool and Game of Thrones. Played both -eh… Same old. I thought Deadpool was okay, but kind of clunky and obnoxious [but it is Deadpool]. Houdini was a much better game from my perspective.

The one my buddy has comes with the blades, shaker, and upgraded glass, so that’s kind of fun. The game is beautiful Definitely jazzed about it - now I have to off my TZ starting this week.

2 weeks later
#6463 1 year ago
Quoted from MightyGrave:Changed the cold white stripe led against an orange/yellow stripe. Looks a bit antique now and fits perfect to theme...
Sorry for tha Bad quality pics...
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Are you actually changing the lights, or putting in some sort of a plastic gel to alter the color? Looks very good. Awaiting delivery on mine. Anxious to check out how that lighting is actually hooked up.

1 week later
#6590 11 months ago
Quoted from konjurer:

Yes the topper was available for sale at the show. Looked wonderful.

Which topper? was it this one? If so, it’s really cool in person. Nice looking and nice lighting effects.

pasted_image (resized).jpeg
#6619 11 months ago

I am curious about the power supply as well since I await the delivery of my machine any day now. Regarding the software issues, I just played the best game I have ever had on a distributor's demo model, which has the latest update, and it crashed after I finished [aka: "FAILED"] the Master mode - said mode being totally cool with inverted flippers and crossed arms and total chaos.
Prior to that, I was dealing with the Metamorphosis mode and completed it for the first time. As I progressed, it went into a very awesome strobe-dark-flashing multi-ball presentation that was great. Part of Metamorphosis?
Can't wait for mine to arrive. Such a great game. Hoping the software issue is resolved. Also eager to see how Oktoberfest is in person to compare American's efforts.

#6622 11 months ago
Quoted from bobukcat:

The dark mode with the roving white inserts is actually a FILM mode called Man From Beyond, it's awesome. I haven't made it to Master Magician mode yet but it's a known fact that it crashes after that mode and the developers are working on that. The inverted and reversed flippers are an option you can choose to play in Straight Jacket Mode too (you choose either reversed or reversed and inverted).

Ah, The Man From Beyond, good to know. Sometimes it’s hard to know where you are in the game, probably because it is set on “easy,” and I get multiple things going all at once.

Being set on “easy” is no doubt the only reason I dumbed into the Master mode in the first place.

Thanks for the info.

#6681 11 months ago
Quoted from rosh:

So which is your favorite and why? and which is number 2 and why (since I have pretty good guess at what most people would pick as number 1)

Quoted from Ericpinballfan:

"Man from Beyond", one of the best modes in pinball.

Second that.

#6691 11 months ago
Quoted from Ferret:

I’m Joe Schober. No, I’m totally focused on Oktoberfest, not doing any Houdini work.

Octoberfest looks to be pretty great. Love Houdini, but any potential ETA by Josh on a code update to resolve Master Magician?

Just curious

#6694 11 months ago
Quoted from vireland:

He said on the last page, "Quick update on the code that has been in beta test. I am working on a couple of bugs that were identified in last few days, and an enhancement or two, that I want to get into this release. I hope to be done with the last bits shortly."
So I think that means it's coming soon.


#6745 11 months ago
Quoted from wesman:

Thanks for the tip! I wanted to get the topper anyway, so that can be bought using the credit, plus extra.
Are these plastic protectors useful if I'm getting the basic, non catapult, Cliffy set?
I'm so new to this game, I'm just not really sure what the best preventative measures are.
Oh, and I did this Houdini painting twenty years ago in art school. Figured it appropriate to post for today, of all days! [quoted image]

I bought the entire Cliffy set and can see the benefits of the catapult protectors. Lots of dropping into place. Im thinking the protectors address different aspects of the game’s vulnerabilities.

However, a couple of must have items in my opinion that do absolutely nothing to protect the game are the Modfather drink holder and the ball launcher/plunger from Mods for Your Pinball. Both really well made and they look great.

If you don’t have the shaker motor, that’s very nice. I’ve played with and without, and it’s really a good addition. Another good use of your credit. In for a penny...

Really cool painting by the way. Thanks for sharing.

#6748 11 months ago
Quoted from wesman:

I know I saw a pretty cool drink holder when I was window shopping the Hobbit! Thanks for the headsup, I'll definitely look into those two suggestions!
I do have a shaker motor installed, I was told from the factory, there's an installation fee for that, and the art blades, pre-installed. Is that accurate info?
And thanks for the kind words, figured Houdini deserves all the send-ups on Halloween no less!

Mine came with the shaker, art blades, and magic glass. As I recall, I was charged an additional $300 for the three items, there were no additional charges for installation. I’ve heard that installing the art blades is pretty difficult, so I was happy to have them do it.
All in all I’m very happy with the purchase. Game looks awesome - especially with the cupholder

#6752 11 months ago
Quoted from wesman:

I've heard that too, that a wet installation is best, and I'm not too keen on that myself. I'm getting charged $7450, payment in full/via check for blades and motor pre-installed from AP, (No magic glass) and shipping with full coverage insurance, and being switched to a larger shipping pallet. Does that sound pretty normal?
Now I really have to check out that cup holder!

With shipping, that sounds about right.

#6753 11 months ago
Quoted from bobukcat:

I highly encourage you to buy or make a set of art blade protectors BEFORE you lift the playfield the first time. The playfield is very tight to the sides on Houdini and the metal piece at the end of the wireform that drops the ball in the lower catapult (trunk launch) is kinda pointy and can easily scrape or tear those blades. Pinball Life and possibly others sell them, it seems like a lot for what they are but cheap insurance to prevent a hard to repair / remedy accident. If you have or acquire other games with blades they can easily be used to protect those too when you have to lift the playfield.
My thanks to the others that pointed out this need to me before I installed mine!

Second that. I bought a set. They are great. Biggest issue is getting into the habit of remembering to use them.

#6783 11 months ago

Here’s my info:

3755B236-10D0-4F1A-A58D-0F71C18CE642 (resized).jpeg
#6786 11 months ago

Knocker question. Does it only engage for a match? Will it wack with an extra ball?

#6804 11 months ago
Quoted from transprtr4u:

Sold out of the knocker kit again ?

No, they have the knocker. Hope they get more power supplies.

#6808 11 months ago

Just go to “Store” scroll to bottom, then in “Search” put in “Houdini” and all items are revealed.

Including the sold out power supply.

#6812 11 months ago
Quoted from vireland:

Clicking "All Products" at the top also shows everything. It's just that "all" should be the default and it's not for some reason.

Funny enough, with my iPhone and with Safari on my Mac, “All Products” does not pull up everything. I only get the same 9 “featured” items. The other way brings up 16 items. Probably something to do with my ISO and browser.

Regardless, I tend to agree that when you only have 16 items, why feature half-ish of them? I suspect most will not be overwhelmed by being confronted with 16 items all at once.

#6814 11 months ago

Oh meine Güte - ein Oktoberfestkrug

A 17th item!

#6816 11 months ago
Quoted from vireland:

If you do "View All" button you get 9 products, but if you hit the menu thing in the upper right, and hit "All products" you do get all 16, at least on the iphone and ipad I just tried it on with iOS12.
Hopefully Barry gets them to fix the default to everything visible.

Agreed. No luck here with anything but the search method and the link transprtr4u supplied, but at least I now know about the Octoberfest Stein! Huzzah!
Of course I was going to order the Power Supply today, but they sold out - too funny.

On a different note: anyone experiencing a lot of dimpling on the pf? My flippers are not really high (22). I have noticed a number along Houdini’s brow, forehead and hair. Nothing that is easy to feel and does not impact play.
Anyone else seeing this Houdini acne?

#6818 11 months ago
Quoted from vireland:

Take a picture of the end of your playfield so we can see the wood layers (and look for markings while you're at it. There are two PF suppliers now. The one we have is the "original" supplier and dimpling is what I would call acceptable (at the better end of a Stern). I'll compare it to the layers on the PF we have and see if you have the "other" supplier's playfield.

So now I’m concerned...

Here it is

75362F72-59FC-437C-B1DC-DC481ECC87DE (resized).jpeg
#6819 11 months ago

Here’s a view from the side. No markings I can see

2D5032D2-D7A1-4514-AE13-82EF041DE0F7 (resized).jpeg
#6821 11 months ago
Quoted from vireland:

I don't think it's necessarily cause for concern, but there may be differences in the wood of the two suppliers. I'll take a pic of the one I maintain on location tomorrow that was one of the first 80 made to see if there's a difference.
Are these atomic craters like some of the soft Sterns recently, or just noticible B/W/JJP-style divots that aren't deep?

I wouldn’t describe them as a Atomic. They are very tiny shallow dimples that can only be seen when the lights of the machine are off and viewed from something less than a 45° angle. I really don’t even feel them when I brush my hand over the playfield. There doesn’t appear to be any effect on play. Any information of course is appreciated by me, and I’m sure the other folks on the thread.

#6825 11 months ago
Quoted from pinballinreno:

All playfields dimple.
Yours sounds like its normal.
Give it a couple thousand more plays it will all flatten out again.

Learn something new every day. Been actively collecting since ‘95, but never had a brand new pin before, so really good to hear. Getting a new pin was on my pinball bucket list, and I’ve been very happy with Houdini so far. Eager for the software update and hope that fixes the Master Magician mode. Otherwise, the game has dialed in rather quickly and plays great.

#6840 11 months ago
Quoted from wesman:

I was really kind of reading along with the prior concerns. I've never owned a table, but before tomorrow hits, when over $7K flutters away, I feel it's pretty reasonable to wonder and worry what might occur, given I have yet to go down this path.
That said, this is no different than buying a car, it has purpose, and in using it for that purpose, it will definitely damage it in the process, and that's okay. Most days I wonder if I cared about damaging my body, as much as a material item, I'd be looking and feeling much better than I do most days, haha!
And I can't imagine those entire playfield protectors would impact the gameplay in a good fashion, or be easy to apply. At that point, that's like 15% of the cost of a new playfield anyway, or 1/70 of a new game.

My personal feeling regarding the playfield protectors is that I don’t like them. Not my cup of tea. I had one on a fathom for a while. The ball play was totally weird. You get a lot a backspin, and just odd ball physics. The other problem with it was constant ball hangups in odd spots. Finally got frustrated with it after a few months and cut it off of the playfield. To be fair, I know another collector who uses them and likes them. So, once again, just not my cup of tea.

#6856 11 months ago

Lord - I am gonna need therapy real soon. So, now that I am no longer worried about dimpling since this appears to be pretty insubstantial and normal, I now worry that the one time I used Millwax on the playfield is going to lead to the artwork melting away or having it burst into flames :-0

If I understand this thread and the others I looked at subsequently, Millwax is silicone rather than wax. I've used it on pinballs for over 20 years without issue [as far as I can tell], but this is the first clear coat pinball I have owned, so faux pax number two for old Mark with the new Houdini.

Am I correct in concluding that I need not worry too much about the Millwax since I will never add or re-clear coat this game [I'll be long gone before that will come up, and I can let my kids worry about that one] and to just add the Blitz 1000 as described above? I'm hoping I don't have to smuggle lighter fluid or other noxious compounds into California and engage in deep cleaning to prep the game - ugh...

On the positive side, Still enjoying the game tremendously.

#6879 11 months ago
Quoted from mbwalker:

Well, here's mine...but it's on the other side.
It could be the same number as tempered (the coating just being applied to the normal glass).
BTW, be careful what glass cleaner you use on the glass, it can damage the coating. There's a discussion in this thread somewhere about it.
[quoted image]

Finally, something I know a little bit about. This glass is very similar to the museum glass people use for framing. I do a ton of framing. The way you can tell if it is the magic glass or regular glass is the way the light reflects. If you have to two pinball machines next to each other one with and one without the magic glass and a light source shining above, you can tell almost immediately. Look at the two pictures. The AFM has plain old glass, the Houdini has Magic glass. The light source in the photo is the same, but the magic glass reflects a more violet hue. Depending on the kind of bulb, you will get different hues, but regardless, the magic glass will look different than the standard glass. It’s very noticeable with Fluorescent tubing. So, that’s a telltale sign to look for. If you don’t have two pinballs, just shining a light on your Houdini, and the coffee table, or some other piece of plain old glass. It should reflect differently.

And yes the treated side goes on the inside. On my machine, there is a “ proudly made in the USA“ sticker. The sticker is on the outside facing up, obviously. The other way to tell is that with the glass out, they treated side will have an almost iridescent sheen to it. The other side will look just like normal glass.

19A2B943-CD04-48D5-9B84-36AAA378F22D (resized).jpeg9E6A0D27-FAA7-4E50-81F0-97EE24E5CBC2 (resized).jpeg
#6905 11 months ago
Quoted from wesman:

Thanks again for the advice! I had no clue what EOS was about, and watched a few videos elaborating on them. I guess that explains the hot coils one user mentioned earlier? Were these not installed on Houdini at some point? Are these a fairly easy installation?

Seems like a pretty cool kitty. Glad he enjoyed his time chilling in a pretty cool spot.

The EOS switches are simple to install, but you will have to solder in two of the wires. Two others slip/click into the back end of a connector. Instructions are simple and well done. If you want a look at the instructions, they are here: http://s4.american-pinball.com/img/support/2018-10/End-Of-Stroke-Switch.pdf

#6909 11 months ago
Quoted from pinballinreno:

Buy the kit, it's a 20 min install if you go real slow. 15 min if you have done it before.

Agreed. If you have even the most basic soldering skills, should be a snap.

#6929 11 months ago
Quoted from pinballinreno:

I tweaked the keylane slightly last night.
I was getting a lot of STDM off a dead drop from the pops through the keylane.
I thought nudging would be enough to prevent this from happening, but no.
So first I bent the tab on the lane guide a little but it wasnt enough.
So I took out the lane guide, side drilled the holes in it 1/6" to get it to narrow the lane slightly. I could, if needed, put it at a slight angle now to get a little inertia to help the ball onto the right flipper, But that might make it too difficult to hit the keylane target.
This has not noticeably narrowed the lane as it shoots properly and the ball hits the keylane target easily.
The 1/16" is enough now that I can nudge the ball away from a dead drop STDM with a little practice.
I still have the end tab bent out a little but, it doesnt stick out so much that the ball rattles in the lane.
SDTM's off of the keylane are now reduced 75%.
Its a small job the get at the keylane guide, but took only about 15 mins to do an adjustment.
The risk is still there, just not maddening as it was. I really like the change.

I think I can visualize the fix, but can you put up anything visual to demonstrate what you did?
curious to see.
I have very few SDTMs, but I get a number of failure to make the key lane shots where the ball hits and angrily vibrates and dribbles back. Do you think your fix would help that too, or does it only impact the trajectory of ball once it leaves the key lane and heads toward the flippers.

#6936 11 months ago
Quoted from rosh:No doubt the talk of 'tight shots' becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy for those who get that in their head before playing. Pinball is a very mental game, very easy to psych yourself out.

Man, ain’t it the truth! Seems like I can’t hit the freaking ramp or the inner loop when the pressure is on, but nail them endlessly when trying to hit the seance targets when In seance mode. Total psych! In reality, and when I don’t freak myself out, the shots are not that hard.

I fell in love with the game almost immediately since it reminded me very much of TZ.

#6947 11 months ago
Quoted from wesman:

Thanks for the tips! I definitely will practice a bit! It's all babysteps at this point.
My friend, and a couple of neighbors helped load it up four front steps today, and man, I'll tell you..next game..I'm buying a high quality dolly/hand cart. The $40 one we picked up, had air tires that made pushing the pin about as hard, or more so, than just moving it by hand.
Otherwise, our shipper, R&L was great! No discernible outer damage, just strap marks. I tipped the driver, and he was nice enough to push it off the pallet with me, and get it onto the curb. Hemispheres Amusements was so fantastic to buy from, such great communication, and so many helpful insights!
The packing, with the straps over the plastic clear grips, from API, was impeccably done, and I couldn't have imagined a smoother experience!
The bugger slid right out, onto the floor, keeping the box entact, and allowing the legs to be put on fairly effortlessly. No way in hell, could someone hold the backend up on a knee, and put the legs in solo, as depicted by the API guide, but otherwise everything flowed really so well!
I'd never opened a machine before, so replacing the front apron, was a bit confusing, as the yellow pull-out bar disappeared once it was removed. I kept pushing downward, softly, to no avail, assuming the metal tabs would slip in. Luckily I looked inside with my phone flashlight, and found the bar tucked upwards, from being released prior. I'd accidentally pulled on the yellow playfield leg, thinking it was the pulldown bar!
Heading back home in a bit, to firmware update, and power on. My wax and plastic inserts arrive maybe tomorrow, and Cliffy's a week or two from now. I imagine a maiden voyage and play, isn't the worst idea in the meantime, until I get my Cliffy's, plastic protectors, wax, and new power supply/EOS. Am I truly crazy, to dare play the thing nekkid?
It's been a really exhilarating, and exhausting day, but one I've never had before, or shared with my closest friend who's also grown to love pinball as much as I do in the last year or so. And I'm thankful to API rosh, Nirm, and so many kind folks on this board for providing insight, info, and helpful tips and encouraging advice! It's really been a fantastic trip, and I'm so thankful so many on this board have been so helpful, and so gracious, so thank you all!

My two cents: Enjoy the game. There’s really no need to do any of the upgrades, additions, or other stuff before you play it. It’s perfectly fine out of the box and it’s just that some of these things might enhance the experience, tweak it, or afford protection in the long run. The CLIFFY upgrades, for example, can be challenging to put in. They’re not as easy as they look. I started to put in the scoop, and realized I have to take apart a lot more than I thought I was going to, least I ended up scratching the playfield. So for now, they are resting peacefully in my coin box. But my ultimate suggestion is to just plug it in, do the upgrade to the Software, and add the other stuff as you go along - except the cup holder from Modfather - that’s awesome and needs to be put on ASAP.
The only other advice: in your settings, dial it in so it’s an easy play at first. Much more fun, and you’ll get to experience many of the game modes and learn how to work your way through the various stages of the thing with relative ease. You can always increase the difficulty as you settle into the game.

#6950 11 months ago
Quoted from mbwalker:

Good reminder for wes. I really haven't done much other than installing the Cliffy on the SEANCE scoop and the power supply upgrade (which I didn't really need but thought it was a good idea). I did buy the blade protectors for when I lift the playfield - but that was actually for all the pins.
I bought the fully Cliffy set, but boy, I'm with ya...some will be sitting in the box longer. But the scoop area, in any game, would be a high wear spot. So that was a high priority install. Took a couple of hours due to my inexperience. Next up is the plunger area.
Played great right out of the box and still does. Now...if I can just beat my wife's high score. Grrrr..

So, to get the scoop installed, did you basically have to strip everything off of the playfield around the scoop? I took the plastic behind the scoop, and the scoop off and had hoped that it would just slip in. But it didn’t seem to want to be that easy.

#6952 11 months ago
Quoted from zahner:

So, to get the scoop installed, did you basically have to strip everything off of the playfield around the scoop? I took the plastic behind the scoop, and the scoop off and had hoped that it would just slip in. But it didn’t seem to want to be that easy.

I meant to say: “ so, to get the scoop protector installed.”

#6955 11 months ago
Quoted from mbwalker:

Let's see...going from my poor memory:
1) The long plastic up top comes off. Note that some of the screws along the edge don't need to come out, there's a notch in the plastic. Just loosen them up. (Don't know that)
2) I remember having to take the solenoid out. Not hard, but a screw or two is in an spot where the screwdriver is close to bumping into other stuff. So grab something to hold it in place like a long zip tie, etc. This was needed to get the lip of the Cliffy into the scoop hole.
3) A post comes out, don't remember which one, kinda obvious tho.
4) The most difficult part was trying to loosen up the metal rail so you can slide the cliffy under it. I recall loosening up 4 or 5 screws (the others at the other end were hard to get to). Still wasn't easy at all. Go slow and don't force it.
5) I believe the planchet needs to come off, but that was easy.
Those are the big ones. As pinballinreno mentioned, always put down a towel to catch any stary hardware. He has pictures of his install somewhere in this thread too. I usually also stuff a small rag or kleenex in areas or other hole openings too. And get a camera out and shoot a boat load of pictures of how things go together before turning a screw.

Thanks, as i was fiddling with it it look like it was going to be involved like that. I’ll get to it eventually. I’m having too much fun playing the game to have a down long enough to do it. I only get to play at night when everyone’s in bed, and I’m not ignoring my family by playing Houdini for two hours

#6966 11 months ago
Quoted from wyopin:

Finally joined the club...what a great game!! Power source was really easy to install. This game is so much better to play in a home environment where you can hear the music and snarky comments so much better. I’m looking so forward to getting more flips in on this beauty!
[quoted image]

Quoted from pinballinreno:

Congrats on your new game! It a beauty that's for sure.
Feel free to ask for tips on setup as you get into it, if needed.
My game plays like a dream, after some very minor adjustments.
I love this game its not going anywhere soon.

Ditto on all that, and nice line up with the Batman and Dialed In.

#7028 11 months ago
Quoted from CoPinfan:

Well, I tried to install mine. I didn't put it any place creative, just what the instructions suggested. I have the additional power supply, so I connected the power to the add on board through new connections from the power supply (Brown to Brown - Black to Black). Then I hooked up everything else according to the instructions. Powered it up and set the knocker setting to mechanical and went into test mode. No activity. Tested voltage to the add on board and got 48v. Not sure what I did wrong. But in the process of fiddling with it, I blew a fuse at F101 which is on the driver for half of the solenoids. Now I have to order a new fuse, wait for shipping and in the mean time, my game no work. So to answer your question, it didn't go well.

Bummer. Did the folks at American offer thoughts as to why the fuse blew? Sounds like you hooked up the Brown and Black wires for the knocker to the "wall nuts" 3 & 4, which makes sense given the instruction that "your game may have more than 2 Black/Brown Wires," but the knocker didn't work, correct? Then it sounds like you worked with it a bit in an effort to remedy the situation and it blew a fuse? Just curious what you attempted since I am about to receive a power supply and have the knocker ready to install. This is making me want to install the knocker now with the original power supply and confirm that it works. I figure that way, should the transition to the new power supply lead to a blown fuse, I'll know it has to do with power supply hook up rather than the knocker. I find that fuses rarely just blow for the heck of it, so I suspect something is up. Any additional info you have from American or a further description of what you did after the knocker was DOA would really be appreciated. Thanks for posting this.

#7030 11 months ago
Quoted from CoPinfan:

Yes I connected the wires to the wall nuts of the new power supply. I suspect that I blew the fuse when I was trying to contort myself to reach the power supply to take a voltage measurement and I heard one of the solenoids fire. Although I can't be sure. I've verified that the knocker works by applying voltage directly to the knocker. I havn't contacted American about it yet because I'm not sure if I conducted the knocker test (in the test menu) correctly. I'd like to get another fuse and try the test again before making the conclusion that there is something wrong with the add on board or the programming.

Thanks. Well, I’m going to hook up the knocker and NOS switches tonight. The PS is due Wednesday, and I also stocked up on fuses, so I’m all set. I’ll post my results after the PS goes in.

#7033 11 months ago
Quoted from CoPinfan:

Well, I tried to install mine. I didn't put it any place creative, just what the instructions suggested. I have the additional power supply, so I connected the power to the add on board through new connections from the power supply (Brown to Brown - Black to Black). Then I hooked up everything else according to the instructions. Powered it up and set the knocker setting to mechanical and went into test mode. No activity. Tested voltage to the add on board and got 48v. Not sure what I did wrong. But in the process of fiddling with it, I blew a fuse at F101 which is on the driver for half of the solenoids. Now I have to order a new fuse, wait for shipping and in the mean time, my game no work. So to answer your question, it didn't go well.

So, I hooked up my knocker. Checked voltage and double checked that I plugged everything where it’s supposed to be plugged in. Then set knocker to mechanical and tested in CABINET - Dead as a door nail.

#7035 11 months ago
Quoted from Ericpinballfan:

Yikes... everyone step back.
I believe the knocker to be independent of the new power supply. It's late and I'm giving up tonight however I'm determined to get this knocker working tomorrow.

First - thanks for giving this some thought. Just to be clear, I have the original PS, not the upgrade. The upgrade is in the mail.
I note that I’m reading 54v off the 48v source (I tested it at the plug end of the added knocker line that goes to VIN 2.
Also, and perhaps this might be part of the problem, the instructions say to put the machine in to “test >adjustments >standard.” under “tests,” I couldn’t find anything like that. I ended up in settings, and then was able to find an adjustment that switched the knocker to “mechanical.” Maybe I’m not in the right place to actually activate it???
I tried to test it in the cabinet icon, to no avail, and I held in the interlock switch when testing. Other coils all tested fine.

#7038 11 months ago
Quoted from BarryJ:

For all those who ordered the Knocker Kit. The installation guide is now available on our web site.
Follow the link or double click on the image.
[quoted image]
The initial kits did not include the 4 Amp Slow Blow 5X20 mm Fuse.
Email me at barry@americanpinball.com and I will send you one.

Ha! The addition of the last step to the new instructions - basically "add fuse" - kind of explains the dead knocker.

On an unrelated issue - eager for the firmware update - had an awesome game, managed to crest 5 million points and avoided going into Master Magician, only to have it reset mid-ball. But I did happily and finally get to play the mode [can't remember what it's called] where one plays all the movie modes at once. Have no idea how I started it. Also got caught in a random multi-ball that seemed more like a glitch. Best of all was an awesome run of Man From Beyond.

What a great game and, in my humble opinion, one of the better pinball games ever produced.

Thanks Barry

#7039 11 months ago
Quoted from BarryJ:

For all those who ordered the Knocker Kit. The installation guide is now available on our web site.
Follow the link or double click on the image.
[quoted image]
The initial kits did not include the 4 Amp Slow Blow 5X20 mm Fuse.
Email me at barry@americanpinball.com and I will send you one.

BarryJ: Thought of another knocker question - With the upgrade power supply, will the brown and black wires associated with the knocker install [see step 6 of the knocker install instructions] be attached to the Wall Nuts of the power supply upgrade as are the other brown and black wires from that same connector [describe in the PS install as "connector #6]? Seems correct, but just checking.

Thanks again

#7052 11 months ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

Movie Binge!
FWIW, don't forget TAF has a knocker in the cabinet, so there's no "Correct" spot

That’s it! The sad irony was that I had topped the high binge score put on the game by ROSH. Guess I’ll have to do it again - At least I have something to which I can aspire.

#7089 11 months ago
Quoted from BarryJ:

For all those who ordered the Knocker Kit. The installation guide is now available on our web site.
Follow the link or double click on the image.
[quoted image]
The initial kits did not include the 4 Amp Slow Blow 5X20 mm Fuse.
Email me at barry@americanpinball.com and I will send you one.

Added the fuse and it functions perfectly. Even startled me when I earned an extra ball.

Thanks Barry

#7142 11 months ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

Also, Please look past all the playfield protectors, Cliffy's, wax, cleaners, torpedo levels, etc. That game is perfect from the start from API and you won't even need to dust it for a year let alone worry about wear. Many simply like to fiddle and tinker more than play. This game was Built to be played and in home use you will not do Any major damage just playing it. Download the Free Pinguy app for a simple level and your done. Play it and learn later as you build confidence. At the rate you are going I would hate for you to dislike the game or Pinball in general out of frustration. Tighten that flipper and just Play Pinball!

Bravo! I’ve been collecting for over 20 years, and on occasion I get freaked out too, but this is absolutely the best advice. The game is great. Set it on easy, play the hell out it and have fun. Worry about tweaking it down the road once you are used to the game and pinball in general.

#7152 11 months ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

I guess it could be an intermittent switch. (?) but I can not get it to -not- register a ball in test.
So now, I locked a ball again, and then the game went all crazy. I shot a ball into the stage, the stage ate them, and then opened back up again, and I had no ball. The game then did a ball search, and popped another ball out, which the stage ate again, and never did the left lock let my ball go. I got a video of some of it, which I can post. Hard to hold the phone while you’re playing though! Haha
The game is now very confused. When I drain, it doesn’t react - I just lost a ball, and it still thinks a ball is in play. Eventually it shoot another one out, and only on that SECOND drain does the game acknowledge the drain. I did have a whole bunch of multiballs before, but still between the trough and the left lock switches the game should know where everything is.
Anybody else having this?

I have. It’s usually deep in play after stacking a few modes. The game gets confused. I’ll end up, once in a while, with a sort of unofficial 2 ball multi-ball the just keeps recycling until I lose both balls at once. That’s happened a few times. Other times I’ll be in the middle of a ball, drop into the scoop, stage or hat, and then no ball. It searched, chugged a ball out the scoop, which drained (which was a rare coincidence) and then no ball search, no nothing.
However, I do note that my TZ would on rare occasion get confused and get lost in play. Usually when I gad a lot going on.
So, it’s rare, but does happen.
Hopefully the new firmware will take care of Master Magician resets and look into these intermittent issues too

#7158 11 months ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

Thanks for the confirmation - that appears to be exactly what's going on, and you described exactly what I am seeing. Whew. I hate dealing with those switches, and it does seem to make sense it's just a bug. I definitely had a host of multiballs going - I started Straitjacket multiball, then I believe Seance multiball started almost immediately, and *then* I got trunk multiball right when I only had 2 balls left. It was awesome! The flippers did not return to regular controls until I was down to 1 last ball, which was cool. Then the game got all screwy though.

Ditto. I had a truly epic game (sadly due to a glitch, but still epic) and then right when I had 5 million points and still managed to avoid Master Magician, it reset. Boo hoo. I guess it’s true that cheaters never prosper. Darn.

#7255 10 months ago
Quoted from pinballinreno:

Do you guys ever sleep? Lol
Thanks for the really nice work, keep'em comming!

Installed and no glitches for me yet. Scores are lower without the aid of random multi-ball modes and other glitches -damn...

#7263 10 months ago
Quoted from wesman:

Trying to do the test update, and I can't find mine either. Should it be attached to the white power plug on the right in his/my photo? [quoted image]

You mean the firmware update? If yes, there is a plug for your flash drive inside the door and off to the right. It kind of floats off on the inside right, under the right flipper switch/button. It’s a black plug.

#7269 10 months ago
Quoted from wesman:

So it's not literally behind the coin door? It's actually under the flipper/playfield?
Do I need to lift the playfield to access it?

Find the little plug in the middle of the photo.
For further orientation: See the wire behind it going straight up? That’s the wire that leads to the flipper switch. You can also see the packing foam that I store in the nook to the right of the coin box- it’s right above that. Hope that helps.

773A332E-9DEE-432F-957B-3A029C6B7DDB (resized).jpeg
#7270 10 months ago

Had to comment on the knocker. It’s really worth it. Was wondering why I bought it initially since I was under the impression that it whacked only on a match.

Wrong. Turns out to be quite the active effect.

It is especially pleasing during the bullet catch mode. If you are hitting targets it’s pretty neat - but if you stack with multi-ball, it begins to sound like popcorn popping.

So, yet another successful addition prompted by an excellent company responding to user input.

#7277 10 months ago
Quoted from John_I:I was skeptical at first on AP, but I must say that I'm impressed with Houdini. I've come to like the game play and I think the LCD is just the right size and integrated amazingly well. After going through the game inside and out here in my game room I'm also impressed with the build quality. They also have excellent tech support which as we know is a must on all brands.

100% agree

#7288 10 months ago
Quoted from rosh:

Just pushed up another update. Any issues reported to me (with logs) over the last few days have been corrected in this or the previous update.
Here is the latest code . . .

Just had a great game with version 18.11.24T, but it’s still a bit glitchy. Before the report on the glitch, I wanted to note that I received an “encore bonus,” which I’ve have never seen before but was pretty cool. The Houdini chant was neat.

Following that, I managed to get into master magician mode. That was going relatively fine until I got to the point of having 60 seconds to complete the mode with the last ball. I looked up at that point, and noted that the screen was fundamentally blank. Occasional items would show up, like scoring, and the letters associated with the bullet catch mode. I was happy to see that when I finished the magician mode the game did not reset.

It didn’t work quite right either.

I was on ball 4 and it was simultaneously prompting me to enter my initials for the high score, with the associated Ouija Board graphics, and it was also prompting me to launch the next ball, also with the skill shot graphics up on the screen. The result was having the two graphics overlap each other. I was bound and determined not to let that 5,000,000+ score disappear into the either and so I manage to enter my initials. The high score entry graphics disappeared, and I launched the ball.

While the ball was in play, the monkey with the symbols “match” graphics popped up, overlapping the regular gameplay graphics. At that point the flippers went dead, the balls drained, and the game ended on ball 4. I did manage to retain the score. The score shows up as grand champion.

I also noticed that the bottom third of the game went completely dark at some point. That would be Houdini’s eyes, the chains and locks. I think this happened as I was in master magician mode also.

Otherwise, the game performed perfectly up to that point. I was absolutely pleased it didn’t reset after master magician, but I just wanted to report this. Hope it helps.

#7314 10 months ago
Quoted from pinballinreno:

Generally I dont leave a ball in the shooter lane, I'll have to try it.
I'm curious as to how many people do this, and how many are affected by it.
In theory with it off in the menu, the ball should stay there all day. Unless a ball search?
Check the shooter lane switch with a ball. It might be inconsistant or shorting.

I have my timed auto launch turned off, but left a ball in the lane once for an extended time when called away to attend to some allegedly important task about the house - something trivial like dinner or some such nonsense - and it fired a ball into play. But I had not thought of a ball search. Hmmmm. Anyway, I have only abandoned a ball for an extended period that one time, so I’ve not had it happen other than on that occasion.

#7336 10 months ago
Quoted from mbwalker:

Subwoofer??? Where did that come from, early experimenting by AP?
Bass is one thing missing in this game, but rather easy to add an external sub given the amp has sub outputs.

I’m glad this came up. I have a non-powered subwoofer that’s rated for automotive use. I’ve hooked it up to the game amp, which should support the speaker, and I get nothing. The only indication I get that it’s working is that when I started up the game, I get a momentary rumble from the pulse of the amp coming to life.
I have a couple of little subwoofers that have an amp, that will need to be rewired a bit, and eventually I’m going to try that. However, it seems like the game amp should support the non-amp speakers.
Any thoughts would be appreciated.

#7343 10 months ago
Quoted from mbwalker:

Obvious question, but have to ask...did you turn up the subwoofer volume knob?

I did. I didn't when I initially tested it, but soon discovered that it was there. A real "duh!" moment. But, sadly, no difference.

#7344 10 months ago
Quoted from rosh:

There is also a cross over adjustment knob that should be checked/adjusted
I've used the same amp in one of my custom games with a non powered automotive subwoofer and it works.

Yeah, I fiddled with that too.

I tried two ways to hook it up.

1. + & - from the speaker into the right subwoofer + & - connectors.

2. then I ganged both the + and both the - connectors from the amp and hooked up to + & - of the speaker

Make sense?

#7347 10 months ago
Quoted from BarryJ:

On those amps there are 4 connection points for the sub. but in reality you only need 2 (as there are 2 pairs for the same side +-) I have hooked it up before with both wires on the same polarity.

Hi again Barry - Yeah, that's what I did, but nothing but the rumble/pop when the pin is turned on. Adjusted sub volume all the way up and tried the spectrum of crossover - nothing when the game is going. Checked continuity from the speaker lug to the the amp, and it is fine.


#7350 10 months ago
Quoted from BarryJ:

Is the wire from the voice coil attached to the wire lug?
Did you try a different speaker all together, doesn't have to be a sub, just keep the volume low.

I will look at it and try another speaker.

So, I don’t need a sub w/amp. GTK

#7353 10 months ago
Quoted from rosh:

your game will end, win or lose, after the wizard mode. I will look into why it tries to at first continue to the next ball.

Ohhh, I see. I actually like that. The one time I "Conquered the Universe" in AFM, I thought things got kind of boring after that - no longer any point.

#7357 10 months ago
Quoted from MMP:

I'll disagree on this one. It sounds like the opposite of fun to me. Why bother pressing start?

I think of it this way: you have spent 30 minutes getting to the ultimate mode - like tackling pinball Everest Once that mountain is climbed, it’s time to take a break or nap and then hit start again once recuperated and ready to try another accent.

However, I’m old and funky, so I could see differing positions on this. But I do like it.

#7365 10 months ago
Quoted from PhantomO:

Exactly! Just like in Revenge from Mars. You destroy the Giant Brain and blow up the red planet, and then you have to go back to earth and squish martians in the bar again. Dull and illogical.

Right? For home use I’ve got to have goals, and being a master magician is noble and lofty enough. For me this is all rather hypothetical since I kind of cheat. If not for setting everything to ludicrously easy levels and getting God only knows how many free balls, I would never get there.

My plan is to experience as many levels of the game as possible now and eventually dial it all back to intermediate player level. I’ve already vastly improved on hitting all the lanes and oddly have the hardest time hitting the easiest thing on the play field- the ramp. Makes no sense...

I get the idea that the game is ripping the player off for the remainder of unplayed balls, and that just comes down to a philosophical question that’s going to vary from owner to owner, so no wrong answer - just different answers.

Love this game. For me it’s a keeper.

#7383 10 months ago
Quoted from rosh:

Yup, all on purpose, to keep you from being able to truly beat the game Plus everyone says the game is hard, and we all know it is not that hard, so I had to be sure it was living up to is reputation and kicking you all in the nuts on a regular basis, even when you do well. But as a holiday gift, I'll let you start to save those high scores when your reach the master magician mode.

Wow. Another gold star to Rosh for the Holiday gift - our collective nuts appreciate any reprieve or sense of achievement.

#7407 10 months ago
Quoted from PhantomO:

On my last ball, I got 7 Houdini letters and heard the new stadium chant "Hoo-dee-nee!!" But before I could start the mode, my movie binge started. I heard the chant all through that mode, and then lost the ball and game over. Apparently you can't start MM mode while in MB mode, which makes sense. Anyway, it was fun and I got high score 2.

I had the chant thing once. It finished up with the delivery of an encore bonus. It seemed it was separate from any other mode. As I recall, it was chanting, the computation of a bonus, and that was it. Had some graphic associated with it, thinking it might’ve been Houdini standing next to a breakdown of the bonus, but I’m not sure. Never happened before, never happened since. I meant to look it up in the manual, but never got to it. Liked it because the bonus was huge.

#7411 10 months ago

I looked in the manual and found nothing.

Very mysterious indeed.

Maybe ROSH can solve this conundrum.

#7425 10 months ago
Quoted from PhantomO:

I haven't seen a poll on this yet, so what the heck... What are your top 3 favorite Houdini stage modes to play. Not the easiest, or most challenging or highest scoring, but the ones you are most psyched to play and enjoy playing. They are so different, this should be interesting...
Just to refresh memories, alphabetically, the list is...
Bullet Catch
Card Scaling video mode
Chinese Water Torture Cell
Handcuff Escape
Indian Needle Swallow
Milkcan't Escape (sorry... couldn't resist)
Straight Jacket Escape
Vanishing Elephant
Walk Through Walls
11th secret stage mode (just kidding about that...or am I?)[quoted image]

1. With the addition of the knocker, by far the bullet catch for me

2. Straight jacket

3. Indian needle - especially when stacked with a multi-ball

#7442 10 months ago
Quoted from vireland:

It feels to me like the King of Cards would be more interesting with a third set of rings so there's more activity on the screen, or at least the option to turn on a third row in the settings. Maybe a 10k, 25k, 50k? As it is now there's a lot of down time waiting for the 25k ring to come back on the screen until it really starts speeding up. I play this mode a LOT since it's my go-to for an extra ball and it's just kind of boring with the two slow rings that don't speed up until about halfway through the round.
Also, the ability to put english on the cards at launch by tapping the opposite flipper quickly (so it doesn't count as a charge boost and waste a card) would be a great way to up the skill of the mode and allow you to hit rings you maybe weren't quite charged enough to hit straight on in time.

Ugh, I’m not good at this mode. Always just miss. I’d say I only average 100k. That and the center ramp, which for some reason becomes impossible during v-elephant mode -choke....

#7455 10 months ago
Quoted from wesman:

I think I'm going to give it a go and install my Cliffy's today, and the plastic protectors set from Little Shop!
So aside from the catapults, these are just simple screw in installations? Do the Switch slots just pop in? I watched a Cliffy installation on a pin, and they used a vice to tighten down the shooter lane piece. Is that necessary?
Thanks again everyone for all the help!

Check this topic before you start. I believe you will have to remove or loosen the VUK in addition to all the stuff on top to install the scoop protector - but check that, I might be wrong, but I’m pretty sure someone did the install on this forum

And yes, take pictures. I’m doing mine when off for the holidays in a week or two.

#7456 10 months ago

Speaking of aftermarket, did Hooked On Pinball do something for Houdini? I remember seeing that something was coming, but I don’t recall ever seeing anything released.

#7472 10 months ago
Quoted from bobukcat:

I love the knocker usage so far, very happy that it pops for extra balls!

Wait until you get into Bullet Catch, especially if you stack with Trunk Multiball - sounds like your popping popcorn.

#7478 10 months ago
Quoted from mbwalker:

I finally got around to hooking up a powered subwoofer. I used a RCA extension cable, cut off the male end, stripped and tinned the wires which I inserted into the Houdini amp sub output and ran the remaining female ends out the vents in the backbox. Only ran about 2" out the back - didn't want wires dangling in case I moved it. My home theater has a couple of big 12" subs, too big for Houdini. But great for a test drive.
The 12" sub could be easily overbearing...just way too much. And way too big for my taste. No surprises there. So I went to Monoprice to see what they had. I should add I had a couple of their 8" powered subs, still too big for my liking. I finally opted for their slim-line series they had, 8" sub, ported. Fits just about right. Not obtrusive. Standing up now, but can be placed horizontal.
So how does it sound? First off, it will never sound like TNA or AFMr with their subs in the cabinet, but it really does a nice job. This kind of surprised me, but you really don't need much to make a big difference. It can still easily overwhelm the backbox speakers. You really just want ambience, not a lot of thumping. I bet a 6" might even be adequate, especially it was sealed. Since the Houdini sub output is turned way down. I doubt if someone would need a powered sub since the Houdini sub output is fairly high power, but I wanted a powered sub anyway.
One neat feature on the 8" slim-line series is there's a mounting bracket for a wall mount. That might be a really interesting option if someone wanted to hang it off the bottom but I wouldn't do it for fear of warping the bottom panel.
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

I’m having zero luck with this. I have the sub noted below. It is not powered. I wired the sub woofer into the left hand bottom row sub woofer output “tabs” on the back of the amplifier. The only thing I got was a mild thump out of the sub when I powered up the pinball machine and then nothing out of the subwoofer. The other pinball speakers continue to work just fine. I turned the adjustment knob for subwoofer volume on the amp all the way up. Additionally I fiddled with the crossover setting, but it made no difference. The only other thing I’ve noticed was that the signal indicator on the front of the amp by the sub adjustment knobs never blinked or came on. So, other than the thump at start, I get absolutely nothing.

F2621336-5D13-4ABA-BC07-E548F04E446F (resized).jpeg

#7485 10 months ago
Quoted from mbwalker:

That actually indicates a lot. Tells me the speaker wires are OK (didn't doubt it, but you never know). It's also sort of an indicator that the actual output stage on the amp is OK (at least it did something). Just a wag, but it sort of sounds like something is amiss somewhere in the amp prior to the outputs. You can get a new amp on Amazon for ~$35 Prime. Look up a LP-168HA.
bobuk - To answer your question, see below. Looks like the sub out is 68W.
[quoted image]

Thanks everyone. I too wonder about the amp, but will hook up a cheap speaker on low volume and see if it works. That should indicate if it’s some odd issue with my sub or the game’s amp. Game is only about six weeks old, so if the amp either a warranty item or a $35 output for me - either way, no big deal. I’ll experiment further. Thanks again.

#7513 10 months ago

My idea of a cool feature for a home use pinball is a game save feature - like in a PS2 video game. Say you are on ball 2 and you get the fourth call to dinner but this is now an epic game - you are this close to the best game ever. So rather than having to pick either finishing the game or getting a divorce, it would be great to be able to activate [maybe hold the left flipper and the start button or something] a feature that when ball two finally drains, the game stops and your epic game is saved as an option when you return. On your return you are given the option of the saved game or a new game. If you chose the saved game, your score and achievements are retrieved and you start on ball 3 and finish the game. Well...? Been done? If not, a new pinball innovation for American Pinball Inc? No one can say it's sick - we spent $7K on a pinball machine, that's pretty sick to begin with.

1 week later
#7590 9 months ago
Quoted from Platypus:

Does anyone else get tons of airballs? I have balls hop over the flipper bats and even the inlane plastics for unwelcome drains. Although when the ball jumps into the lower catapult I get a cheap ball locked, I'd rather play it clean. most irritating is when the ball hops up on the right side and gets trapped behind the planchette. does that happen to others?

Flippers need to be turned down in the coil adjustment. You’ll have to fiddle with it until you get it where you want it. Mine are at 22 and I have very few air balls.

#7607 9 months ago
Quoted from HOOKED:

What pitch are you at? I am at 6.5 and at times I have balls roll back down the ramp entrance. I do have more air balls just didnt want to back off coils.

My pitch is 6.4

I do have balls roll back off the ramp. When I hit it right it flies up and over, so I don’t think it’s a power thing. I’ve also had a couple of balls stall at the apex of the ramp. Otherwise, it’s okay.

#7614 9 months ago
Quoted from Platypus:

for those of you who have knockers installed, how often does it knock? I have match play disabled and for replays I have extra ball awards. Is the knocker used outside of that?

Knocker whacks with extra balls, match (if on), and very effectively on bullet catch. The latter, if stacked with a multi-ball, can really give the knocker a workout. Pretty simple installation. Ultimately, it’s really very much worth the investment in time and money.

#7616 9 months ago
Quoted from mbelofsky:

I just emailed video to Josh. I can’t attach video from phone.
I just watched it again.
My friend had several extra balls and was in ball 4 of 5.
I thought I turned on video but didn’t. Turned it on a few seconds before he lost the balls.
When he loses the last ball, the score appears and the curtain closes. Then it shows bonus for end of ball 4. It should have gone to ball 5. But it goes to entering initials for high score.

Mine does the same.

#7630 9 months ago
Quoted from hollywood:

Couldn't find it on the API Store?

Check out https://store.american-pinball.com/products/houdini-knocker-kit
Also consider the power supply. You’ll get a $150 credit. I applied it to a spare plastic set. I now have three spare kicker plastics and one each of the rest. Fun stuff if you think the game is a keeper.

#7640 9 months ago
Quoted from hollywood:

My code downloaded....inserted the USB, got a message saying “files successfully transferred to USB” (or something to that effect). Code didn’t update. Perhaps I will have to try another USB? Any suggestions on type?

Per the API site:

“First you need a USB stick of at least 4 Gig, Formatted as FAT32. Download the game package from the website, copy onto the USB drive (make sure the package name doesn’t change) Plug into the game with power on and follow the onscreen directions.”

The size and formatting of the the thumb drive (USB stick) are critical. Once you have a large enough thumb drive/stick (I used a 40 GB), just erase it and reformat it to FAT32 and nothing else. I initially formatted it on a Mac to a different FAT (ExFAT) format, and it didn’t work. On a Mac it should display as:


Picture below.

Load the file onto the drive. You’ll see it there once loaded and it should have the same name as displayed on your computer.

Turn on the game and let it fully boot (ready to play). Plug it into the game. If correct, you’ll know. It will pulse and then display a message letting you know that it is downloading. Once the download is complete, it will direct you to turn off the game. Once off, just restart as usual and you should be good.

F8A47FE8-7DDD-4FCC-8A1D-A2CDFD345186 (resized).jpeg
#7643 9 months ago
Quoted from hollywood:

Filesize was 1.5 gig, stick was large enough (8 gig), stick was formatted... but I think it was a 3.0 and the letter I received with Houdini suggested a 2.0.
I’ll figure it out!

Congratulations on finishing the upgrade and ditto on the awesomeness of the game. I’ve been collecting for 25 years and love this game. A 37th place ranking is out of whack IMHO.

#7647 9 months ago
Quoted from hollywood:

Couldn’t have said it better myself! Before I purchased I watched a TON of videos and read MANY reviews on this game. The Buffalo Pinball dudes on YouTube were complete idiots on their review and honestly I am not too sure they knew anything about Houdini (I’ll never watch their channel again). STDM with Zach and Greg and their interview with Balcer and Rosh 100% pushed me over the edge to purchase this amazing machine - that is one AWESOME pinball show!
The reviews on pinside hung me up for a little while (people complaining “should have been a widebody”, or “game is too hard”, or “the animations are inferior to its competition”). After one day with this machine I very quickly realized that either people had no idea what they were talking about, or they were just completely wrong.
This game is amazing. From the art, to the playfield, to the toys, to the shots, to the call outs, to the animations (which are perfect imho), this game is a WINNER. Like I said above, I have own(ed) a few pins in my time and this one would honestly be in my top 10...perhaps even knock on the door of my top 3....

Well, I’m going to open myself to ridicule and potential ostracization - I was so taken with the game that I sold my Twilight Zone to get the money and space for Houdini. Ultimately, I’m glad I did. After 15 years of the same shots and modes, it was time for a change and while I miss the theme (I am a big Zone series fan), I’m enjoying the heck out of Houdini.

#7657 9 months ago
Quoted from Ockeyhead:

Houdini is a very unique pin that goes outside the box. The layout is completely different from anything else, that it just doesn't compare to any other title. The rules are incredible, as there are four different sectors to choose from & several different multiballs. Plus the art adds a dimension of that time period while adding to the allure of mystery & danger. Houdini is absolutely a top-tier pin that defines a change in the pinball industry. With the latest updated code & the lightning fast ongoing support, look no further folks Houdini is pinball at it's finest!

Hear, hear! I second that.

#7665 9 months ago
Quoted from Videogod:

Is anyone besides me completely confused by the "Master Magician" Wizard mode? The screen goes black and I'm shooting at everything that's lit or blinking, but by the end no matter what I hit, Houdini just counts me down and ends the game. Wouldn't several several separate phases of Master Magician be easier to follow and more satisfying, ala Cirqus Voltaire?

I too continue to get the blank screen during magician.
I did hit a new mode, one that I had not seen before. It was all the jail escapes at once. Tons of fun. Has anyone else run across that mode before?
I was getting a bit of freak out toward the end of that mode. The stage door opened and a ball dribbled in, and it seem to get really confused for a bit.
It eventually straightened itself out, and all was well.
Continues to be an outstanding game.

#7668 9 months ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

Guys, post what version of the code you are on. Most released versions include this bug, where the MM mode goes all crazy.
Flying by currently,
But I'm sure
Be addressed


#7675 9 months ago
Quoted from PhantomO:

I get the concern, and appreciate the daunting look of all those instructions, but the mode boils down to shooting everything that is lighted in the various color codes before you get down to one ball left. It's more a challenge of keeping the balls in play (mastering the inverted and reversed flippers) than hitting specific targets in specific order. I completed 5 of 7 challenges in this mode without really aiming at anything in particular. We need the black screen bug fixed foremost.

Yeah but has anyone seen the All Jail Escape Multi-Mode [or whatever it's called] where the challenge is to do all of the escapes at once during a limited time? First time for me. Just curious if that is what shows up in the High Score roll as "Jail Escape." If so, it would answer why ROSH had 125K score listed on my machine - which was played at a show. I wondered how I could beat such a high score on a single escape, and this might be answer...???? The other less attractive option is that the pin is correct when it tells me, "You Stink."

#7680 9 months ago
Quoted from PhantomO:

5 balls and long save times will get you there!

Don't forget plenty of extra balls.

#7692 9 months ago
Quoted from vireland:

Shaker is worth the money. I'd get the upgraded power supply and use the credit you get for buying that to get the shaker motor and knocker/EOS kit for "free."

Agreed on all counts. Shaker is great with the pop bumpers, vanishing elephant, and most all of the modes - it's pretty active. Knocker is really good too.

#7694 9 months ago
Quoted from hollywood:

What is the upgraded power supply (and why)?
How is the shaker free in that regard?

The power upgrade is on their site,and it deals ostensibly with power fluctuations from inconsistent voltage sources. A lot of us are just putting it in as a prophylactic measure. It has the benefit of delivering a consistent voltage supply so everything should work the same today as it will tomorrow, as it will next week, so forth and so on. Things like the catapult and up kickers.
The free part is that if you purchase one from American pinball, which is absolutely the way to do it since they have all their appropriate hook ups and instructions, you get a $150 credit. You would then use the $150 credit to purchase these other items. I ended up buying a spare plastics set. It’s a great deal, and probably something you should think about doing. There’s a ton of information in this thread on this very subject starting a few months back.

#7713 9 months ago
Quoted from BarryJ:

NEVER MIND!! I was just informed by ROSH that the curtain adjustment has been removed from the public domain..

What!?! You mean there is now one less thing I can screw up on the machine?!?

#7717 9 months ago

Was having a spectacular game. He’d finished all illusions, collected stage bonus, spelled Houdini and was on my second round of bullet catch stacked with trunk multi-ball when the screen went black, the game froze and then reset. Once it rebooted, settings had changed and the lower catapult was now set 6 digits lower than before the game.

Anyone else have a reboot issue? I’m running the latest version of the software. Thanks

#7720 9 months ago
Quoted from hollywood:

Everything?! Make sure it’s not any of those “home movies”!

Ha. I'm so utterly boring I could download my entire iMac and he would curl up and die from boredom.

Gonna get this to ROSH tonight - curious to see what was up. Of course it had to happen on an epic ball!

1 week later
#7759 8 months ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

Thanks guys.. you’d think I’d know how to do this properly by now... these springs had broken off before, I guess I didn’t give
Myself enough slack

I had both springs break - the folks at American Pinball continued their record of excellent customer service and just sent me new springs....

#7800 8 months ago
Quoted from wolftownjeff:

I just realized there is no cabinet speaker in Houdini.
I have hooked up my game to an external sub and really like it.
There are plenty of subwoofer post here to go on.
Houdini is a keeper for me.
Looking forward to seeing game 3 down the road.

Love the pin too, my favorite in my lineup, but so far no luck with the sub. Taking one more shot with a different powered sub, but so far nothing from an unpowered automobile intended sub and a small powered sub. I do note the the little LED on the game amp does not ever blink or lite no matter how I adjust the output and no matter if a speaker is hooked up or not. That seems odd to me.

2 weeks later
#7998 8 months ago
Quoted from Platypus:

The main issue was/is the 48 volt power supply is unregulated which isn't a problem until one is in multiball and multiple coils are firing, they can bog down. I have a PV system on my roof and my house voltage varies by 4-6 v day to night and that also seemed to cause differences in the coils. Not everybody has issues or notices them. AP offers a very generous upgrade for those who do experience problems. While this is their thread it has been taken over by owners who are not shy about voicing minor issues, but mostly offer ideas on tweaking the game. When I got my game I read back about half way, there are a few stand out folks here.
This brings up another point, American Pinball has been very responsive and supportive to their clients. The active refinement to the code has served to make this a very fun game. If by chance you are basing your decision to purchase based on many of the reviews out there, reconsider, It is playing much better now than a year ago due to the latest software. And I suspect it will only get better
My other games are 20-30 years old and I wanted a modern game. I could not be happier than with Houdini. It has tough shots which we don't always make but when we do make them it is so much fun!

I second everything said by platypus. I’ve been collecting since ‘96 and this is a great home use game. Many modes with depth and most all are fun and challenging and rather unique. The Bullet Catch is a favorite. Stacking modes and multi-ball is great and the trunk feature is a hoot.
Game has a really solid feel to it and a sense of quality with great attention to detail. I didn’t really have much in the way of issues with the power, but purchased the power supply and used the credit to get a plastic set.
Game could have used a subwoofer, but many have added an external one with success.
Adequate number of tasteful mods if you’re looking for that.
Great service from American Pinball.

#8034 8 months ago
Quoted from Platypus:

I always thought this was cool

Problem solved indeed! What a cool video.

#8094 7 months ago
Quoted from wesman:

I hope I don't need to raise this black side rail.....again.

You also have to unscrew the VUK mechanism under the playfield. The big thing under the PF that shoots the ball out of the scoop. It’s a fairly independent hunk of hardware held in with four screws.

So, step 1. loosen the metal guide rail (not the wood one, but the metal thing in your photo that’s to the left) so you can get lots of clearance to avoid scratching the PF, and

Step 2. for me, I just completely unscrewed the VUK and let it dangle. Once I did that, it was easy. I think most people had luck just loosening the VUK to the point of it being almost off. However, start by loosening the metal guide rail, then see if just loosening the VUK will work. As you’ll see, the CLIFFY won’t be able to get under the PF unless you do that. Use a magnetized nut driver (best) or socket wrench with a long extension, use a strong light so you can see what you doing, be mellow and calm, and it’s not that bad if you go through the process of adequately loosening and removing stuff to clear the way. When you tighten the screws, don’t gorilla them - firm and snug is my preference.

Others who have done this have thoughts??

#8095 7 months ago
Quoted from PhantomO:

Here is the tank installed. The big opto obscures his face, unfortunately. You can still see the shadow of Nosferatu on the blade art. The lights work with GI and also flash when the stage light flashes. During Chinese water torture mode, the figure twists and squirms in the tank. Or maybe I am just sleep deprived and imagining that.
[quoted image][quoted image]

I have the Mod Couple version. Not as fancy - not a 3D Houdini and just a GI bulb hookup - but still very nice. The opto is equally in a bad spot

#8145 7 months ago
Quoted from Hdmike444:

I have a question regarding buying a new Houdini it is new in box but not from a distributor it is from someone who took it as a trade.
I’m just wondering how everybody’s experience with American pinball has been in regards to issues warranty etc. etc.
I played the game a few times and I really enjoyed it. I know it is a tight shot game and hope in a home environment I will enjoy it more but what concerns me a little is issues with playfield etc. is that blown way out of portion or realistic and how does the company handle this I’m not sure this game will even have a warranty seeing it is not coming from a distributor even though it is brand new in the box. I was told it was just picked up from the factory so I’m assuming it will.
Thx for any input

Ditto to what they said. No real issues with the game. Latest software upgrade is great (only a couple of mostly advanced modes have some display issues that need tweaking) and zero issues for me otherwise. Service is great, people at AP are very nice and accommodating, and above all, the pin is top notch - pretty deep rule set and great modes and use of lights.

#8161 7 months ago
Quoted from Hdmike444:

So what are the must have for this game ? In terms of Cliffys or adjustments that need to be done or mods that help the game
Wondering what I’m going to need or want to do right out of the box before I play

EOS flipper upgrade
Mod Father Houdini drink holder!

#8165 7 months ago
Quoted from GCS2000:

yes this thing is awesome looking. I don't know why but for some reason I really want this customized one just having a hard time ponying up that $48 vs $20 for plain black one, uggh

Think of it this way: you ponied up $6-7k for this awesome machine, don’t mess it up with a pedestrian black cup holder. On your death bed you won’t think, “I wish I had ended world hunger, and not dropped that extra thirty on the Houdini drink holder.”
And it is a really well done add on.

And yes, the planchette is a good mod, as is the 3D frame around the mini-screen on the PF. I get lots of compliments on that. The brass shooter rod is nice too...

#8167 7 months ago
Quoted from GCS2000:

LOL yeah already have the API theater mod and planchette (came with my game). And ahem I paid a fair bit less than that for my game so I have 5 good reasons to be pretty darn happy with my purchase at this point!!!

See? Get the drink holder.

And - I like this game so much I don’t even mind be reminded that I could have done better with the purchase price!
I made up for it with a great buy on a Tommy last month....

#8169 7 months ago
Quoted from wesman:Games will definitely rise and fall price wise, but buying and supporting them at any price really, prior owner or not, and especially at full price from a distributor, helps keep these great game makers making more and more games!
It's not just matter of our own personal enjoyment, but any quarter, up to paying the full price of a machine, keeps pinball alive....and for that we are all definitely grateful!

Excellent point.

#8179 7 months ago
Quoted from LTG:

This kit enables you to add EOS ( end of stroke ) switch to Houdini's flippers. Houdini doesn't come with them. Many of the posts here say it helps the flippers perform better.
LTG : )



1 week later
#8218 7 months ago
Quoted from Hdmike444:

Getting excited.. mine arrive in my state today and should be at my house on Friday!

Indeed. I hope you like the game. Once you dial it in [you know - unlimited extra balls every 200 points, etc.], it is really a joy to play. I had a buddy who is a long time collector who purchased an AFM a while back come over and play mine. He ended up lamenting the fact that he took a pass on Houdini and went with AFM. API offers great support and the folks on this thread are really very good about sharing their expertise and not making people feel stupid when asking questions. Lots of cool and tasteful mods too....

#8219 7 months ago
Quoted from joeraptor2003:

Sorry to interrupt...
What do you guys think of this?

ERICPINBALLFAN, is this what you are talking about? Post: 5215 has the video. That looks pretty cool. I'd like to see what it would do during play. Very interesting and seemingly worthwhile way to spend more money...

#8241 7 months ago
Quoted from HOOKED:

Who makes the best side blades for Houdini?
Wanted to get art rather than mirror on this title but would.like to see some pics of art blades installed to get a better feel. Post them if ya got them.

The AP ones are perfect and pick up the theme best. They were installed by AP, so I have no idea which are easier to install. I also always use those plastic side guards when lifting the PF.

53A9F004-BB5C-44CC-AA2C-33E326E22E9A (resized).jpegA66ED9A0-1E69-4497-868D-5E9CC8325FAB (resized).jpegAE3924E3-EE69-46BE-A6FE-C6F0199EFD1A (resized).jpegD5FE4FD6-090B-420B-A7C3-82616EC9EC9A (resized).jpeg
#8250 7 months ago
Quoted from GCS2000:

Not sure, I will have to look. Haven't been able to play my game since I got it 2 weeks ago since its been covered up in blankets and plastic due to a small reno in the gameroom. Things should be done in there tomorrow and I can uncover it. I did get the side art protectors from pinball life recently so I will be using those from now on all my games with art installed.

There is ample clearance for the blades and the side protectors.

#8263 7 months ago
Quoted from GSones:

Haven't changed the pop coil strength from factory (can't recall the setting off hand). Everything was working fine until the top of the pop went plop (good rhyming skills here). Probably have about 2000 games on it at this point. No complaints here. It'll be an easy fix once the new parts show up. BTW, these were the chains I was considering replacing the plastic ones with. Do you see any problem with them?[quoted image]

I think you need to go bigger.

Titanics-anchor (resized).jpg
#8304 7 months ago
Quoted from imagamejunky:

Houdini magically appeared in my home last night!
Happy to be in the club.
[quoted image]

Gonna be hard to play that way. At least the catapult will get the ball to the trunk without much effort - sorry, couldn't resist...
Welcome aboard!

#8384 7 months ago
Quoted from ronaldvg:

I just love this game (and I did not expect that actually). Houdini is fabulous and I cannot understand why there is not much more love for it. To me it looks like that the pinball community screams for change, but does not want any change at all. If a machine is not immediately recognisable, it does not get any love. Very strange. For me, I like the machines that are no cookie cutters. Bring on Oktoberfest !
Well I just wanted to show off my green protector set I installed on my Houdini. It covers all plastics front back and middle and looks great. Very nice upgrade. It is a 19 part protector set.
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

That’s cool.

I have a green set on a Fathom, but I like it a lot on Houdini. Very nice.

1 week later
#8468 7 months ago
Quoted from BarryJ:

I would like to go... But, I am looking at the dates more than anything.

There's always Pin-a-Go-Go in October if you want to make a fall trip to sunny California. But come to both shows! We'd all love to see you!

#8487 7 months ago
Quoted from Ericpinballfan:

I year of Proud Houdini ownership, delivered 3/14/18, game #90. 1165 plays.
[quoted image]

The Gilligan's Island topper is very cool indeed. Nice work. In 20+ years of collecting, I have never played one. Is it a fun game?

1 week later
#8533 6 months ago
Quoted from wesman:

Interesting read here, but still really no more data than what's been presented prior.

Cool article.... Thanks

#8596 6 months ago
Quoted from finnflash:

Is there a mode where all GI lights go out, and playfield lights flicker? I think it was the film mode Man from beyond after I hit the stage enough times and Seance mb.
I am trying to replicate it.

That sounds like it.

#8612 6 months ago
Quoted from Videogod:

Appreciate it. I'm more confused about the OTHER ends of the wires.

Yeah, it’s the ground wires that are soldered in. The second one is difficult to discern. PDF is too small for my eyes too. Why two separate locations to attach the ground wires anyway? I’ve been more of a 90s and earlier collector until I purchased Houdini. Is there something going on with the ground that requires specificity or is it just the reach of the supplied wires? Coincidentally, I’m installing mine tonight.

#8617 6 months ago
Quoted from finnflash:

Do I need the EOS installed if mine does not have it? What does it help?

I understand that some have noted a flipper giving way when balls are stacked during a multi-ball or a weak hit in similar circumstances. Happened to me last night. The flipper gave up the ghost momentarily and dumped three balls down the drain. It’s really weird. I’m hoping this will help. It’s very intermittent with me. We’ll see what it does. If it helps, hooray.

#8618 6 months ago
Quoted from LTG:

Nothing high tech here. Black wire ( ground ) to black wire ( ground ).
The wires reach to a spot American Pinball thought would be easiest for their customers.
LTG : )

Cool. Thanks. Easy peasy.

#8621 6 months ago
Quoted from Videogod:

Yeah, it's just that WHERE to solder the wires isn't crystal clear in the pictures. Maybe someone who's done this can snap some better pics?

I’ll try when I do it tonight.

#8626 6 months ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

Nope, you need the power supply upgrade to fix they

Sadly, that’s been in for months. Something else is afoot.

#8628 6 months ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

No kidding? I’ll have to pay more attention on mine- I haven’t noticed since installed mine. Let us know if the EOS works!

Will do. It’s really odd. If it works, the only downside will be the loss of an excuse for lousy scores.

#8629 6 months ago

Quick confirming dumbo question regarding the Houdini EOS switches. The switches are normally open, correct? If that’s the case, do you just go into the switch test menu and hit the appropriate flipper to see if unused 14 and unused 58 close when the flipper is engaged. Just want to be sure I don’t blow up anything on my shiny, almost new, Houdini. The concept of a normally open EOS switch is new territory for me. I think I get the idea that it’s there to supply more power should it open, but I just want to be sure.

#8632 6 months ago
Quoted from pinballinreno:

If you manually knock down a flipper while the button is pressed, it stays down until you release the button and press it again.
Take the glass off, start a game hold down a flipper button and try it. Knock down the flipper with a firm knock. It will stay down.
EOS switches notify the computer that the flipper us down and it pushes it back up, instead of you unpressing and repressing the flipper button during a game.
It has nothing to do with flipper power at all.
Lower your flipper power in the settings if you get a lot of collapses.
A collapse once in awhile is normal and the EOS switches make it barely noticable.

I think we are saying the same thing. Once the flipper is energized, push it down, mimicking a collapse, and it will open the EOS switch and it will re-energize or push it back up.

So, when flipper is off/not energized, the EOS is open. When the flipper is on/engaged, the EOS closes.


#8633 6 months ago
Quoted from vireland:

Yes. That's the way to test it. Go to test mode and manually move the flipper all the way up, which will open the gap on the switch.

Won’t that close the switch? If not, the switch is normally closed. I think I’m confusing myself.

#8634 6 months ago

BTW, thanks everyone for helping out

2 weeks later
#8873 5 months ago
Quoted from finnflash:

I bought it 2 weeks ago, put a little under 100 games. Settings are how I got it, not sure if they are set easy because I haven't gotten there before. My score was 3,394,889. I was actually lighting chain links this time. I think I had 3 combos, 2 films, and 2 escapes.

In settings, check to see how many tasks you have to complete to earn a letter. Each individual task has the ability to have the number of completions set as low as two (2) to earn a letter to spell Houdini. Obviously there are many tasks, such as the escapes, films, etc. If they are set to, say, completing two (2) tasks to get a letter, you can burn through spelling Houdini pretty quick. I set it that way just to get to magician mode to check to see how the update affected the screen going blank during the master magician mode. I only had about half of the stage challenges done and only a couple of escapes. I had to them bump it up again to make getting the magician mode a bit more challenging.

#8890 5 months ago

That’s pretty impressive. Love the posters. Thanks for sharing.

#8902 5 months ago
Quoted from pinballinreno:

Add ball save to stage acts that launch ball from the shooter.
Or ball save at the beginning of each act for a few seconds to at least try and start the mode.
Even AFM has ball saves built in here and there to keep the game flowing.
I hate it when the ball outlanes without flipping it, off the shooter launch and it loses the ball and kills the act.
Or bounces off the slings and drains before you can flip it.
The game is challenging enough without the cheap drains.
A liberal ball save at the beginning of the encore after completing the 10 acts would be a nice touch incase you cant get control of the ball due to stage bounceouts.
This has nothing to do with making the game easier, just more fun.

For what it's worth: I second that request... I think it's a really good idea.

2 weeks later
#8952 5 months ago
Quoted from PhantomO:

Had a really productive game just now in which I finally dethroned Rosh as Movie binge champ. Then I entered Master Magician mode and managed to complete 3 letters-worth of shots. But the interesting thing was that I earned a trunk multiball while paying the MM, and it happened just as I drained all but the last ball, which triggers the 60 second countdown to extinction. With the timely trunk multiball, I got a new lease on life and continued MM in multiball mode. What a reprieve! I hope that wasn't a fluke or bug, because it really can extend your MM play time. It would be great to be able to earn a Seance multiball too.

I had a really odd MM last night. It started up fine, but as balls drained they were never recycled back into play. I just stood there listening to the chatter and call outs, but no balls for a very long time. Then one ball popped out and the it went to the single ball, 60 second phase. The recycle of the single ball was very slow too, the wait lasting about 15 seconds. Needless to say that pinball ball without the ball yields pretty low scoring games, so I "FAILED!"

I've generally noticed during regular play that there are some pretty long lag times and it seems the game has lost track of the fact that a ball has drained or gone down the scoop, etc.

I'm going to try again tonight to see what happens. Other than that, the game has played much better since the last update a few weeks [months?] back. Still awesome.

#8956 5 months ago
Quoted from PhantomO:

I have very occasional delays in the trough with Houdini, but on LOTR, the chrome balls Inwas using were not rolling down the trough. So I just replaced them. If this demagnetizer will work in Houdini and LOTR, I'd give it a try. Those Houdini magnets are potent.

Thanks. I wasn’t thinking of a mechanical problem. Kind of like the paper and bell issue in Andromeda Strain - if anyone is as geeky as I am, that may ring a bell. I’ll look into that.

And yes, the Houdini magnets are indeed something.

#8959 5 months ago
Quoted from Ericpinballfan:

Dead on, had to replace WOZ balls 2 weeks ago and used this test. They where original to game with over 1300 plays.
Im at about 1500 plays on this set of balls with Houdini, they are still not magnetized and were marcos brand new.

Not magnetized here . Did play a sort of mediocre game last night, and there were a few delays, but I didn't make MM, so I will have to wait until I have a decent game to see if it repeats.

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#9000 4 months ago
Quoted from meSz:

For the record I added the “upgraded power supply“ and EOS and my left flipper still gives during multi-ball. Also the “upgraded” power supply fan is loud.
Love the game just some faux pas to it. Still can believe these guys put out this game for a first pin. Can’t wait to play Oktoberfest

Ditto on the PS upgrade and EOS switch upgrade and the mushy flipper (both flippers for me) and only during multi-ball. Kind of just gives up mid mushy flip several times during every multi-ball mode.

Never a huge issue - just a little thing. Still an amazing game. I had trunk mb, seance mb, and man from beyond all going last night. Lasted like five minutes - sporadic mush flippers and all. Bazinga!

#9035 4 months ago

I’ve been have a bit of mischief and wondered if it was just me. I’ll be playing along and all of a sudden all the lights go red, the flippers shut off and the ball ends. Might be during a stage mode, might not. Weird. Also still having the random multi-ball and soft flippers.

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I bent the rail a bit and used some velcrostuff, also dropped the flippers like pinballnero. Now the shot is buttersmooth with zero rejects.

You may have posted this before, but do you have any pictures that would show what you did? Thanks...

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Oh wow super cool. Ok thanks for the info! Some day hopefully I'll get a Houdini. So sweet.

You should think about buying one soon. People are selling them at fairly reasonable prices, and this could prove to be a pretty rare game down the line. It’s a great game to boot!

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Quoted from rockrand:

Question about Houdini ,the one I play at Marvin’s always drains SDTM from the key lane or the lane to the left of the key lane,shots from bumpers also can drain through the key lane,very frustrating,is it a leveling issue with the game or a common problem,I may be getting one and I hate that it does this.

That rarely happens to me. To me it sounds like a leveling issue. Not a common complaint.

#9180 3 months ago
Quoted from meSz:

Yeah it fails to eject it more times then not!

So the EoS, power supply nor the wall current is the issue but the control system? Hopefully this is the case!

Any word on an update? I continue to have flipper issues, the occasional extra ball on the playfield [though, I'm not really complaining about the extra help], and most frustrating is the random end of ball thing. I'll be playing along, and then it just goes red, and the ball ends in the middle of play. Has anyone else had this issue? I've checked the through, and it seems fine - all optos registering fine, no dirt, etc. I can't think of anything else to check.

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Quoted from PhantomO:

I havent had that issue since reloading the latest code and not messing with the newly adjustable spotlight lighting. Maybe you should try a reload until the next update.

Reboot! Great idea. Works with everything else. I’ll give it a shot. Thanks.

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#9263 3 months ago

More glitches - Oh my! I reloaded the latest and it was playing fine the last couple of weeks, and then tonight, say a dozen games after reload, I failed to jail escape, and lights go red and ball ends in the middle of play. Then I rebound, have a great game, finish the stage acts, get the Houdini chant and hit that. I go on to get trunk multi-ball during a movie, hit seance, and then the game crashes. Is this overwhelming of the game what Josh is working on? Hope so.

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Quoted from Platypus:

Tough crowd here, we can only hope for improvements but they have other games in development.
I haven't any issues with Houdini.
It is nice though, that we can talk to the designer and he is present.

It is very nice indeed. Looking forward to the update. Josh always seems to take good care of us.

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Quoted from pinballinreno:

I somewhat agree.
Master magician mode should only occur after all mini wizard modes have been played or completed and all letters awarded.
A couple letters can be Rerouted for the completion of the mini wizard modes instead of a couple of the lesser goals..
This way there is nothing left to do and the game can end.
Ending the game early has a dual effect.
Either you are left unfulfilled, or you want to play again.
Being exhausted and unfulfilled is not where you want it to end. It leads to frustration and anger.
Not fun.
The final mode could be awarded much like earning all the emeralds in WOZ, after SOTR there is nothing left to see, the game can end there.

I ended up incrementally increasing the number of completions to earn HOUDINI letters. After a dozen or so games I have now balanced things to the point that I almost always finish all of the various modes before amassing all the letters and entering Master Magician. It is still set easy enough for me to earn extra balls so I have a shot at getting everything done - which happens with enough frequency to give me hope.
Ultimately, I have achieved pinball serenity and a very Zen-Houdini balance.

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#9419 63 days ago
Quoted from Rascal_H:

Had some people over yesterday and noticed the game resets if left on for awhile. Also did a reset during the first ball of a friend’s game. This the power issue I’m hearing about?

Just adding to the chorus- it’s not the issue being discussed. In fact, I do not recall anyone having this issue. Call API

#9421 63 days ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

Have left the game on for 3-day stretches and I’ve never had this issue. Just had a mega-party and it was on for 28 hours

Man, now I have two reasons prompting me to wish I lived in VA - 28 hour mega-party with pinball,and the impeccable sounding Pinball Magic you have for trade/sale!

#9441 60 days ago

Here is Haldane for the brave of heart:

Houdini Haldane (resized).jpg
#9455 58 days ago
Quoted from Audioenslaved:

It’s not that the shot is difficult it just rejects when I do hit it. I feel like the ball goes around the curve and then spins back up or maybe hits the guide rail on the right and comes back up.

About an hour ago I tried that tape that was suggested (post 9096, I think - picture included here). I installed a small piece, didn’t adjust the scoop at all, and my rejects virtually went away. I was having about 50-60 % reject, and now I’m at virtually zero. Thanks!!!

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#9457 58 days ago
Quoted from Audioenslaved:

Did you just install the tape and no bending?

No bending

#9475 54 days ago

I hate to state the obvious, but have you spoken to the people at American Pinball? Before you go down all these different roads, I’d give them a call. Whenever I’ve had an issue, which honestly was very rare and much more minor than any of this stuff, they were very helpful with me. Just a thought.

#9502 49 days ago
Quoted from mbwalker:

Hmm...mind taking a photo of the install if you get a sec so I can see where/how big?

I just cut the tape (see post 9455) to the same width as the guide (that I now see are a bit sloppy, oh well). You can see the ball track in the metal of the guide beyond the tape, so lower appears to be better.

Still hitting without obnoxious rejects. If the beginning and end points are critical to success, hitting that particular length was nothing more than serendipity on my part. However, I’d suggest matching what I did just in case.

Here’s the pictures.

3C660ABA-6E8C-43B6-85D5-6B33118E38BF (resized).jpeg62EFECC8-BA9D-4D79-A02A-68A53AD5CD9A (resized).jpeg