American Pinball Houdini thread

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American Pinball Houdini thread

By lllvjr

1 year ago

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#56 1 year ago

Its about Sourcing.

The family business has all the board and electronics covered.
Joe has experience and knows Parts sourcing.
Artwork, we have an idea.
Code...If its Rosh, didnt he do the Casino game?
If so, it was Brilliant, and many ideas that are new come with it.

Its possible to have a new game, but Im hoping its advanced enough for its presentation
to gain interest and respect.

It doesnt have to be over the top, to be fun.
If Priced well, it can have a bigger affect in the market, if all happens.

Im rooting for them, and fresh ideas.

#110 1 year ago
Quoted from rammstein99:

Houdini himself was not a magician as much as arguably the greatest escape artist of all time

just a little help.

Public Performances of Spectacle, as well as his shows, he is indeed remembered for his Escape Artistry.
But he was always a Superior Magician, and noted for such. Card Tricks, as an example.

(I spent some time with his Sister in law years ago, and I was corrected by her on this too. )

2 weeks later
#202 1 year ago has my interest.

1 week later
#281 1 year ago

Hi Rosh,

I hope you dont mind an opinion.

It deals with timed play.
I love safecracker, and a Timed mode, with the ability perhaps to add time, fits right in.

Say, Water Torture Mode.....How Long Can you Hold your Breath?
This is a timed mode, where even players, like they did at shows, could toy with holding their own breath!

Straight Jacket, Handcuffs too.....Best Time to Escape Awards, Extra Time to Escape...

Just Brain farting.......

1 month later
#448 1 year ago
Quoted from jeffspinballpalace:

Isn't the Greek alphabet void of the letter z too? If the entire Greek civilization can get by without this one letter, I am guessing we can too.

The letter "X" in Greek is pronounced as a "Z"

#464 1 year ago
Quoted from Hazoff:

Why? I agree with Ice, I'll play DI on location but that theme has killed any chance of me ever owning the pin, I don't care how it plays, WOZ is the same thing for me. Why is it so hard to understand? I wonder how many pinsiders would buy a Morbid Angel pin, with satanic imagery and death metal music because it had great code, a good layout and flipped well? oh how the tides would turn then, I think Stern should make one just to prove my point, I'll take a Domination LE please.
ยป YouTube video

I think many would understand theme being an issue, and respected, as per your example.
Dialed in seems so neutral, sometimes in chatting with others its been, "its not that I dont like it, its more
its a theme that gives me no connection or joy. After so many conversations, its more an "I dont like" then an "I hate".

With Houdini, I have heard some say the Cabinet shape, causes pause.
For me, even if the game was average, Houdini is a theme that resonates with me, along with the Wisdom Rosh brings.
Im excited to see all that comes forward, because there is a subtle untapped brilliance in his thought, that translates
to a damn fun set of rules in a game. He "thinks" the way players do, and has vision to bring some really great ideas to pinball.

Adding Joe, a person who "Gets it done", means to me that over the next few months as this comes together, something quite unique and special in Pinball.

My hopes and belief, for a home run at their first at bat, as the Principles and staff are shaping up to be top notch in every way.

Excited for the future for all Pinheads!

#473 1 year ago

But be fair Ice, Part of the main reason you railed and dont like DI, is the business model used by JJP, in "Limited Editions".
....and for many, Im sure they will agree.

At least here with Houdini, one BS. That makes me happy!

4 weeks later
#586 1 year ago

I wish I could make it to the Atlanta show, but hopefully it will appear in Orlando at IAPPA and/or Freeplay.

I was just cleaning through some stuff, and found this Houdini Bumper Cap, Curly from Little Shop of Games
had was a Present.

Found some of my old Magic Tricks from the early 70s.....Hadnt seen in 20 years, and this book,
For me, one of the best Reads on Houdini, and I highly recommend it!

houdini (resized).jpg

houdini2 (resized).jpg

#598 1 year ago
Quoted from Ericpinballfan:

Since I played this amazing game at Pin a Go Go a few weeks ago, couple things came to mind.
The topper;
Been thinking 1/6 scale water torture tank. Similar but athentic, to say walking dead topper but the tank. was early Friday morning of show, no ones around, ive been staring at this thing for 10 min...thinking.
"Its not even on, and I'm Sold"
"This is going to cost me money!"
Look forward to getting it, hoping by Christmas.

Your reading my mind! I can see a Bumbling Water Torture Topper, or a Hanging Houdini in a Straight Jacket and a Spotlight with a city Background!

(Hey Eric, I started on Fire Yesterday!!!)

Rosh, will there be a Topper from the Company, or have you worked with Joe on something?

Quoted from rosh:

There are three new houdini movies in the works, one of which is based off of this book. Hopefully it will be more accurate than the others.
some info on the others here . . .

Thanks for the heads up on a movie.....I hope its True to this Book.

Ive read every book on him, and this one is by far the most accurate.

If your getting this game, grab this book!

I spent an evening with his Sister-in-Law in the 70s, and the insight and stories shared matched more of the person
written in the book.

She complained repeatedly that he was a mean person to her sometimes....his "Ego was bigger than the door he walked through", was how she phrased it.

#599 1 year ago
Quoted from PinballManiac40:

Any chance you can have him swinging as you nudge the game? Top it off with it acting like a tilt bob and if he hits the side, he lights up.
TM - Patent pending topper

A Visual Tilt...????....!!!!

How cool to see that come back....Brilliant idea! Make it so!

#604 1 year ago

Forgot about that book.....Indeed a very informative read!

Great that you shared!

I have no doubt in my mind he was a "spy", but to the extant.....well, maybe romanced enough today
as the word gives sultry meanings.

I always found his voice interesting.....spaced vocalization, but wonder if people would listen to him today:

His fathers background and childhood, is familiar to me, growing up with a Matriarchal Rabbi in the family background.
Knowing his religious upbringing, his personal battles with this and his wife, the spirit world had roots prior to the social
phenomena, when with new technology, and social awakening, the public became obsessed talking with the dead.

I wonder if we will see this focus and believe ever come back in mass some day.....can you imagine?

Theres a magic auction this weekend, listed on Ebay, with a few pieces, autographs, assigned to him.

I tried a few times to see Copperfields luck...anyone here have the pleasure?

In those that played the game, since I havent seen the modes, can you share?
Any that are Magic Trick oriented, or any Video modes?

(More in the line of Pinball Magic, than ESP guessing on GB)

4 months later
#987 1 year ago
Quoted from rosh:

Lower portion of playfield was lightened up, and more little details were added. We also added the spotlights

You all should be very proud!

What an accomplishment in 1 year!

Only new game on my Radar!

Will you be showing in IAPPA or Freeplay?

#1019 1 year ago

Ive been a Houdini fan forever, so the theme grabs me.
The art, look and reports on Game play have me excited.

But what excites me most, is Rosh himself.
A Gentleman, who has been selfless with his time on this thread, and the project.
I feel, and hope, with the little I know, that Rosh, has turned this into a challenging game,
with his superior skills at coding!

I cant speak more highly about his personal motivation.

Houdini, for the "win" this year.

3 months later
#2087 1 year ago

I finally got to play a dozen games at the Pinball Lounge, here in Oviedo.

Exceptionally rewarding when hitting all the shots in Multiball.
Some of the Modes/illusions are a bitch, but for a shooter or HUO that makes it a winner.

A solid 9....we all have read why it plays good.

I jumped over to Guardians, and a completely different game.

It made Houdini feel like a Williams......which isnt bad, but I think between music and lights,
a Stern game like GOTG, or AS, entertains you to reach the goals, and Houdini CHALLENGES you
to reach the goals. Night and Day. Both winners for different reasons.

Lastly, IMO, to see this game, the first game from American Pinball, up and playing in one year.
with The brilliance of Rosh, is nothing short of a Gold Medal.

Nothing but respect, a stellar start, with my hopes for even more great things to come.

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