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American Pinball Houdini thread

By lllvjr

3 years ago

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#4533 1 year ago

Just sold the last of my pins before I move. Houdini will be the first game in my new house.

2 weeks later
#4684 1 year ago

Just ordered mine today. will have to order a few extas as well.

#4719 1 year ago

Visited the AP factory and GAP while in the area a couple of weeks back. Was impressed with both. Can't wait for my Houdini to arrive.

#4821 1 year ago

My game arrives Tuesday. If the line wasn't so dang long I might like to put a TNA next to it. Guess I will wait and see what else is announced this year.

Thought I remember something about Chrome Candy talking about a color match shooter rod for Houdini but I can't find the post. Tuna was that you? I don't see any new colors on their website but I did notice the hammered bronze was sold out.

#4840 1 year ago

Well apparently I have to wait a bit longer for my game. Shipping company has no idea where its at.

#4860 1 year ago

My Houdini arrived last night. I've had a few NIBs and never seen a game packed as well as this one! Solid and heavy as a tank too.

#4865 1 year ago

I had 1 ball miss the trunk, now trunk post won't go down. Anyone have that happen and know what's the fix?

#4868 1 year ago

Got it. your address?

actually it was just the mechanism bent not allowing the post to slide up and down.

#4873 1 year ago

I must admit I sliced up the box at 4 corners because that's my normal unboxing.

My cat was a trooper, even when I piled my extras on her scratching post lounger.

its still good (resized).jpg

#4930 1 year ago

I've noticed during multiball when cradling and another ball hits the flipper it will drop. Is this normal behavior?

So far 1 week with Houdini and very glad that we picked this game. I tend to get bored quickly when I can beat a game within a handful of plays.

What's a decent score with factory defaults?

#4935 1 year ago

bobukcat, that is good info thank you. I will definitely try that.

pinden007, one of the "mods" I put on my game is some extra beer seal at the ends of the lockdown bar to prevent sliding. My latch does not click or go fully over to the right.

#4968 1 year ago

I'm not having too rough of a time with Houdini, and my wife seems to be able to keep up. I do like the 3 ball game since there are lots of opportunities for extra balls. Last night I was at 1M on my first ball but had to cut the game short. The hardest shot for me to make on demand is the milk can, and I typically just take my first game to practice that shot.

1 week later
#5123 1 year ago

I'm not convinced tilting is active yet. may have to raise my bob.

#5124 1 year ago

tilt not registering for me on switch test. Working for anyone else?

#5126 1 year ago

well thats a friggin bummer. Does your switch test register the tilt bob?

2 weeks later
#5464 1 year ago

We really love the game so far, but have had a couple of issues. Tilt not working, not thrilled about that but hopefully I can fix. I've lowered some requirements for Houdini letters, had some good luck and entered wizard mode. Got the magician's final exam text for a second and then the game rebooted. That was a bummer.

#5466 1 year ago
Quoted from LTG:

See post 5111
Do you have the 18.8.1 update in your game ?
Otherwise check with American Pinball Support.
LTG : )

I do. Working through that now. Maybe I should have just left it at the reboot.

Been a hell of a past couple of weeks. New (to me) house, new car... a neighbor's massive ancient white oak tree fell on my garage, house and 2 cars. I'm trying to maintain some sense of normalcy but we keep having these intense storms.

2 weeks later
#5750 1 year ago

My flippers get knocked down all the time during multiball. They don't have power to hold a cradle when another ball drops on the bat. I tried the hold boost option but it didn't seem to help.

Quoted from rosh:

Personally I never experience flippers getting knocked down, I think part of it is tied to style of play. The 'hold boost' option in the settings is the only way in software to adjust for it.

#5785 1 year ago

It does seem 2 biggest items still needed to be fixed on Houdini are general flipper dropping during multiball and game rebooting during wizard mode.

3 weeks later
#6281 1 year ago
Quoted from MightyGrave:

Changed my GI to warm white - and wow the game looks much better now.
[quoted image]

Looks good. Do you happen to have a before/after comparison at more of a distance?

#6355 1 year ago

holy crap, I gotta get me a power supply when they are back in stock. I'm in the crowd now of catapult used to work 100%, now missing most of the time. Also tired of the flipper drop. I feel like this should be given out free of charge... the game was broke as shipped.

#6356 1 year ago

ah back in stock
Thanks for the review.

#6396 1 year ago

Does the credit work on small items? I thought it was just something towards the next game.

#6399 1 year ago

Very nice! Cannot wait to get my power supply installed.

1 week later
#6521 1 year ago

Got my power supply in the mail and looking forward to installing this today. Wife and I are still incredibly happy with Houdini in (basically) a 1-game household. We'll just have to make room for more than 1 active, 1 project, because this one is not going anywhere for a long long time.

#6523 1 year ago

I've got not really enough room on either side of the original power supply. Have any of you decided to move it over before the installation?

#6527 1 year ago

I have removed the plastic cover. The wood support at side of inner cab is just not giving enough room. I've removed the bolts to the original power supply. Thinking I may just drill new holes for the T nuts and move it over a bit so it still hits the ground wire.

#6528 1 year ago


#6547 1 year ago

2nd time to wizard mode Houdini letters and both times game has rebooted. This time it waited until my ball drained during the mode. I think this needs to be fixed in the next update.

#6548 1 year ago

the other disturbing thing that happened during multiball was getting 2 balls into the trunk catapult at the same time. I had to pull the glass back quickly and retrieve one of the balls by hand.

#6554 1 year ago

I also had to increase the trunk shot a few times. Bumped the left flipper up 1, so far so good on coil strength. No flipper dropping during multiball, so that is definitely a good thing. New power supply is louder than the original.

#6664 1 year ago

How long are you all waiting on the Cliffy set? I'm at 6 weeks, getting a bit antsy.

#6772 1 year ago

Played a few games on Halloween (holy cow the first couple were terrible) and new GC went to Bess. Also listened to one of my favorites, Black Sabbath record from Black Sabbath. New neighborhood for us this year and kids had a great time trick or treating.

#6833 1 year ago

The Boxcar in Raleigh now has a Houdini. Looks quite new still and plays well. They also added Deadpool and removed TNA. That place always seems to be doing a good business, and it's nice to see the pinball is front and center with vids in the back. Things I noticed while I was there...

nobody played this but us - Deadpool, Dialed In
Star Wars - was constantly being played, I never got a game in.
got a fair amount of play - Batman 66, Spider Man vault, GOT
Aerosmith - nobody played
Iron Maiden - got a small amount of play, ball stuck in sarcophagus
Ghost Busters - got a small amount of play
AFM remake - 2nd highest played after SW, I did not get a game in.
Houdini - got a good amount of play
Hobbit - fair amount of play

#6883 1 year ago

Hmm, my game supposedly came with magic glass but there is no stamp. I've never owned this type of playfield glass either. Maybe not really magic? It has a purple tint to it when outside the game.

#6889 1 year ago

Did anyone ever figure out how to use the $150 rebate code?

#6892 1 year ago
Quoted from GSones:

I just typed the handwritten code that was included with the power supply into the "code" area of the API website (when checking out) and it deducted the price of the knocker. I still had to kick in a few bucks for shipping to complete the transaction.

Guess I will have to call support, my number is invalid.

#6938 1 year ago

So is the monkey shirt gone for good, or will this be restocked?

1 week later
#7227 1 year ago

Called during expo and was pleasantly surprised that Barry took my call. Got me sorted out with the power supply, thanks for that!

#7308 1 year ago

odd things I saw with the last beta code
- odd 2 ball multiball
- ball drain at magic shop
- missing extra ball when stacked 2 deep (both wife and I saw this)
- scoop not ejecting ball on first try
- flipper drop during multiball

#7352 1 year ago
Quoted from rosh:

your game will end, win or lose, after the wizard mode. I will look into why it tries to at first continue to the next ball.

So when the wizard mode code is finished, the game will end after this mode regardless of how many balls we have remaining at the end?

#7355 1 year ago

I'll disagree on this one. It sounds like the opposite of fun to me. Why bother pressing start?

#7358 1 year ago

Well think of it this way... how could this game be used for any tournament given this limitation?

#7362 1 year ago

OK, I'm going to say that I am surprised that I am the only one with this sentiment about a pinball eating my balls after attaining wizard mode. Perhaps this is not the game for me.

#7368 1 year ago

I am glad to hear some of your opinions and I see your point. If this were an option personally I would set the game to continue playing.

Quoted from PhantomO:

Exactly! Just like in Revenge from Mars. You destroy the Giant Brain and blow up the red planet, and then you have to go back to earth and squish martians in the bar again. Dull and illogical.

Funny you should mention this game.
After finishing what I believe was the final mode the pin did what I expected and started back at the beginning. I'm thinking of a cool video I saw of a player from Belgium who finished the final mode on TWD. A humorous cut scene and the game starts again.

20181129_060302 (resized).jpg

#7381 1 year ago
Quoted from Ericpinballfan:

Setting game up to easy....
I don't get it. I'm still on 3 ball 8 months in.
I like 3 ball and earn an extra ball or 2.
Ending the game, completely fine with that. I figure in a few years I might get there.

I'm also a 3 ball player and like to earn extra balls. After this I will definitely kick up the difficulty for collecting letters. On the bright side since a couple of us set our games up easy enough to achieve wizard mode we found out the code was rebooting the game instead of ending it. Now when you reach the mode hopefully you won't get that nut kicker of a disappearing high score.

3 weeks later
#7575 1 year ago
Quoted from CUJO:

Code Update:
I've only played maybe 2-3 games since the "Official" code update released on the AP website.
How's everyone doing with it?

I can confirm the game no longer reboots at the start of master magician. The screen is blank during parts of that mode, and I don't know if this is intentional or not. I'd prefer to have something up there, anything but a black screen.

Down to the reveals... at this point my next pin is likely to be either Munsters or Oktoberfest.

1 week later
#7667 1 year ago
Quoted from Videogod:

Is anyone besides me completely confused by the "Master Magician" Wizard mode? The screen goes black and I'm shooting at everything that's lit or blinking, but by the end no matter what I hit, Houdini just counts me down and ends the game. Wouldn't several several separate phases of Master Magician be easier to follow and more satisfying, ala Cirqus Voltaire?

Indeed, it's the mode I try to avoid rather than attain. Last real beef I have with this game, ending rather than continue on like most any other pinball wizard mode... with logic of "you rarely will get here" or "you will be tired and ready to quit". Nope and nope.

#7670 1 year ago

Well here's a thought... I could be happy with the game ending if a person actually BEATS the wizard mode. But if this mode got the best of you, IMO it would be better for the game to berate the player, tell them they are not the master magician yet and continue on with any remaining balls.

#7697 1 year ago

Found this shooter rod at Chrome Candy. I like the feel & weight of it.

20190107_173612 (resized).jpg

20190107_173300 (resized).jpg
#7703 1 year ago
Quoted from pinballinreno:

That looks great, which one is that?
I also like the faucet handle one.

It's a new color, I think they made it to match Houdini. Black magic.

1 week later
#7760 1 year ago

Still loving Houdini in this house.

1 week later
#7848 1 year ago

So I am putting together a Titan order for my "new" game TZ (love it!) and also going to pick up replacements to have on hand for Houdini. I wonder has anyone done different from black on this game? I was thinking about a velvet rope around the theater and curious if yellow or red would look decent.

1 week later
#7976 1 year ago

The Mist N Shine... is that something you all would recommend putting on before, or after waxing?

I've got another game broken down for cleaning, and used naptha to remove the existing playfield wax. Kind of curious about the Wizards product.

1 month later
#8554 1 year ago

I attempted to put some Comet 2-smd frosted LEDs in the coin door last weekend and they melted from overheating in a few minutes. Anyone else had issues replacing any lights?

#8576 1 year ago

I would love a full lamp list. At some point I'd like to do a bit of tweaking and it'd be nice to not melt any more bulbs.

1 week later
#8670 12 months ago

Swapped out my cool white LEDs for Comet Sunlight today... looks amazing. I also changed the spots to warm white. Now I just need to figure out what to do with the last remaining cool white LED strip on the backboard. Downloading new code now.

#8672 12 months ago

You're luckier than me. My game won't boot after the code update.

#8673 12 months ago

Not really sure what happened there... just cycling at the post screen. Reinstalled and seems fine now.

#8677 12 months ago

Unfortunately... the bug that irked me the most is still present. Ball is "lost" when last multiball goes into magic shop. For some reason this happens to me all the time.

#8679 12 months ago

Hopefully will be fixed one day! Houdini is still fresh here, we love it. Installed the eye light blockers today too, it's a nice improvement.

#8689 12 months ago
Quoted from hollywood:

Can you post a picture? Would love to see the results!
Thanks in advance.

As always... difficult for a camera to capture. You can sort of get a sense of the difference of the cool white backboard strip vs the front of the playfield. I'm going to mess around and see if I can make a color diffuser on the strip for toning that down. Also slowly replacing rubber with Titan rings.
2 (resized).jpg
1 (resized).jpg

#8773 11 months ago

I've not seen any ball-ending visits to the magic shop yet, which is a good sign. I have seen several unwanted 2-ball multiballs after a visit to the magic shop. Not sure if this is code related, or some hardware but I should have some time this weekend to lift the playfield and inspect for loose connections.

2 months later
#9225 9 months ago

I finally got around to fixing my bad connection on the tilt switch. No major bugs or issues since I reverted the backboard dimming to full light. We are loving Houdini and expect to keep it a long while.

4 weeks later
#9398 8 months ago
Quoted from rosh:

Since it is your 'final exam' I felt the game should end either succeed or fail. Maybe I'll change that some day, but part of me is also, at that point, not sure I would have any energy left to keep going.

This is the one aspect of the game that I'd like to see changed, or at least give us the option to change in settings. My house loves Houdini but this makes me keep pushing the settings harder each time I reach because it's no longer something I want to reach, which to me is kind of sad for a game to not actually want to achieve the wizard mode. Just let the game continue... players deserve to play the balls they earned.

3 months later
#9654 4 months ago

Curious are your pinballs knicked up, in need of replacement?

1 week later
#9687 4 months ago

I've only put light play on my game... have the cliffy set but decided not to mess with the scoop until a sign of wear.

#9697 4 months ago
Quoted from Kenz:

Had a really good game the othernite and progressed thru a number of modes..However on one of the modes, forget which one the lights on the playfield went out and then some flickered on in places.. Sure I have seen this happen before..
Think the code still needs work.. Overall this pin could really be improved with a better lightshow.. It's good but could be top 20..

The man from beyond? If so the game is working as designed. This is one of my favorite modes.

2 weeks later
#9758 3 months ago

There is still an issue I believe when using the backboard dimming it caused buggy gameplay.

Hopefullyanother update is coming. My family still enjoys the game. So many fun modes!

#9760 3 months ago

Yes that feature was introduced last update, but I used it and had reported false drains, etc that were tied to the dimming code apparently. Those bugs disappeared after I put dimming back to default.

3 months later
#10068 17 days ago

I have a Bader but I do like the mirco inserts too. I'm still a houdini fan either way. Mine is staying put.

1 week later
#10092 8 days ago

Is the Houdini shaker still available? I may have missed it when looking. I've never been much of a shaker fan but it sounds like a good addition in this case. Is the Oktoberfest shaker compatible?

#10104 2 days ago

Is the code update dead in the water now that folks have left AP?

I still feel this is an underrated game, it provides a good variety of game play for my small collection.

#10127 1 day ago

First game on beta code, the lightshow is definitely nice. I saw a ball tracking issue after stacked trunk/seance multiball where the multi ended with 2 balls in play. One then went into stage so I let the other drain and it ended my ball. One thing may have been "fixed" is the ability to get 2 extra balls on the same hoop in king of cards?

My flippers are nice and strong throughout. If the ball tracking issues could be fixed I feel this game is a gem.

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