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American Pinball Houdini thread

By lllvjr

2 years ago

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#1151 1 year ago
Quoted from Manic:

Even my WMS games NIB did not have the halfmoon mylars preinstalled by the slings. They were simply in the goodie bag so an op could put them on if they like. For home use they are completely unneeded and frankly look bad...especially when the edges start getting a little wax or dust on them and then they really show.
I haven't seen a privately owned machine with those PF mylars in over 25 years... from any company... why not simply include them in the bag and not stick them down?
Otherwise the first thing people will have to do is to heat or freeze them off... or simply peel them off and who wants to risk doing that on a newly cured PF?
Well that's one mans opinion anyways.

I like the idea. I would use a playfield protector if it'll be available or use nothing and have the option to put mylar on the playfield

1 month later
#1339 1 year ago

I'm intrested when shipping to Europe will start... I think first games in december will not happen so fast. But i hope the time will help to make it a great experience when its done

#1347 1 year ago

hope we will get an update soon

#1370 1 year ago

Thanks rosh for your awesome work. Big respect for what you and the AP team made !
Can't wait to get this peace of an phenomenal machine.

The color idea is great! And some new sounds would be cool. But i think you have an idea for this.

Hope the milk can shot-accuracy will raise up with the code and perfect leveled machine.
Also i hope the right "ramp" that feeds the inlane is more used.

Maybe the translites will availible at a european dealer? Or should we do a bulk order for germany ?

#1375 1 year ago

Thank you for the info

4 months later
#2953 1 year ago

Rosh: did you have any news for us (European customers) when shipping is planned ? ... Hope is before Q4

Ps: thank you for your great support and the communication to all pinheads

1 month later
#3860 11 months ago

Are there some news when the first Houdinis will arrive in Europe?

2 weeks later
#4144 10 months ago
Quoted from rosh:

Heading to the airport soon!

Omg AP you're genius can't wait to see Houdini in Europe

#4155 10 months ago
Quoted from BarryJ:

The first Houdini heading overseas connected to the 220 Volt 50 Hz generator. We also were able to finish up the in-rush current testing.

BarryJ: did they Houdinis for the European market with Innercab decals installed?

4 weeks later
#4601 9 months ago
Quoted from Kerry_Richard:

MightyGrave... BTW: My opinion between the 2; I personally like the bronze one. I think it's more fitting for the game.

Thanks Kerry - i think you are right. Will take the Bronze one

1 week later
#4734 9 months ago

My Houdini arrives in 2 days and i'm very excited. So i want to ask if there are any advices, tips or things to look for when settingup / adjust the magic Houdini.c

Following things are actually prepared :

- New shiny low magnetic balls
- New shooterrod
- Theater decal
- shaker, innercab decals, magic glass
installed from factory
- steam punk dustcover (towel)

Thank you

#4775 9 months ago

Houdini is landed... Time for some magic

IMG_20180711_143029 (Andere) (resized).jpgIMG_20180711_143033 (Andere) (resized).jpgIMG_20180711_170814 (Andere) (resized).jpgIMG_20180711_170836 (Andere) (resized).jpg
#4841 9 months ago

So setup my Houdini today and made the first game.

I found an issue with my captive ball. It stays down the whole time. So it is near the underside playfield ramp...

If i shoot a ball in the stage nothing happens. So no mode is starts... Have to wait till the ball search brings the ball back to game via scoop.

Hope you can help me to fix the issue....
Would like to enjoy the full game

Thank you and Best regards.

#4843 9 months ago

Done during downtime i use the chance to install some mods

#4877 9 months ago

So disassembled the whole Theater and the captiball servo. Was a 30min job. For the first time not bad.

Then I open the servo and found the problem why it's dead. Two solder joints burned and it smelled strogly scorched.
I think during transport the small pcb in the servo is slipped or it was not not properly soldered by the third party.

#4880 9 months ago

Is this a fix from AP for all Houdini Owners?

btw. here is the pic of the PCB. And the first to legs are bruned

IMG_20180721_175245 (resized).jpgIMG_20180721_180102 (resized).jpgIMG_20180721_180158 (resized).jpg
#4883 9 months ago

the first sentence was related to the contribution of hawkmoon.

My first picture is to show where the servo sits and only for for documentation purposes maybe in the future someone needs pictures from some areas

1 week later
#5070 8 months ago
Quoted from PhantomO:

Did the behavior of the captive ball change after your fix? When does it show up for you? Mine raises during the milkcan escape, but i dont see it much overall. Not sure what it is supposed to do in the game.

I waiting for the sparepart... There was a little confusion with my Distri, AP and me.
So I hope the sparepart is on the way to me - takes about 2-3 weeks to germany.
I don't know exactly how the mechanism works, cause i only played 3 games on my Houdini. I hope vitrland, Barry or rosh can answer that.
But I will report when i received the part and it works.

1 month later
#5798 7 months ago

I found the original servo:


#5800 7 months ago

Also there is a programmer for the servo.
Hope AP can sell them cheaper to us as revrobotics (for 30$) do, as a spare part.

#5830 7 months ago

Hey guys,

so my Houdini works now on the latest Code.
Also the whole theater works fine.

Thanks to Barry and the AP-Team for Support us!!!

During the game, I was able to observe three phenomena:

1: Catapult shot
Coilsetting is 27 ball goes strong right next to the trunk.
Coilsetting is 26 ball goes right in front of the trunk

I put on new washers to the coil and the arm of the catapult so there is now no movement to left or right.
Any idea how to fix this? - Or can some share a picture of this lower catapult and how it is adjusted?

2: Upper Vuk and Scoop Coil strengh varies during game
Coilsetting is UpperVuk is 8
Coilsetting is Scoop is 6

Sometimes it need 2-3 attempts to get the ball back to the game. Sometimes the first attempt works perfect.
It seems like the voltage is going down....

3: Trunkmultiball - left flipper spongy
During trunk multiball the left flipper lost the power for a a few milliseconds and dropped.
Then it worked normal till the next ball lands on it.
Enabeld "AutoBoost" but didn't solved my problem.
During the seance-multiball it worked flawless.

Hope you can help me to enjoy the game!
Thank you

#5839 7 months ago
Quoted from pinballinreno:

Your power is probably going up and down at the wall socket.
Get the wall voltmeter I outlined in an earlier post.
Get the Variac:
amazon.com link »
Without it all of your game adjustments are subject to power from the wall changing.
I installed the variac and set it to 117v-118v. The trunk shot was amemic at 117v but still worked, 118v was just about perfect and is making the shot 99% of the time.
With the variac, If I find that the coil adjustment I want is between settings like the trough at 7 and I want 7.5, I can just nudge the power up .5v
Now my game adjustments make sense and dont change every 15 mins, finally Im getting control of this game and dialling it in properly.

I cheked the Voltage:

It is between 231,xxV and 229,xxV most of the time is 230,xxV

#5841 7 months ago
Quoted from pinballinreno:

I plugged in a visual meter into a wall outlet on the same circuit/breaker to observe the power while playing.
This told me a lot about my location.
I can see the power before, during and after a game to make an assessment of what is going on in the game at various power levels.
It has been an illuminating experience and I look at my games differently now as far as how they play and why there are differences day to day.
All of my games are affected by voltage fluctuations. Houdini more than others, but a big change affects all of them in different ways.

I did the same... But this +/- 1 volt.... From 230v. Never thought that it has such a big impact...
I thought the Transformator in Houdini bring it down to 118 and hold it in a constant level

#5843 7 months ago

Sorry but that is no solution for me.
My poweroutlet in the gameroom gives 230v +/- <1% variation constant. Never more then 2,3V +/-. So i think my powersupply in my game room is pretty fine. And all other Pins works flawlessly...

I hope AP finds a solution for this phenomenon. And i hope it comes from software and proc, so maybe Gerry can help to figure out a good solution.

I will ask a friend of mine. He is tv and radio electrican and maybe he has an idea to fix this issue before/at the Transformator.

I'm not willing to spend 100-150$ extra, only to run this game how it should from factory.

So hoping we'll see a good solution to fix this phenomenon.

#5845 7 months ago

Did you have an how to or pictures? I have some EOS switches in my storage

That would help me

Thank you

#5863 7 months ago

So leveled the pin corretly and followed Barrys advice for cleaning the catapult.
It worked for 3 shots and then it goes a little further to the right from shot to shot.
Is the Switch maybe not adjusted corretly? Or can I also do other things to get it work correctly.

#5865 7 months ago
Quoted from Ericpinballfan:

In short we all need a separate power board for catapult. Until this happens we are chasing our tales on this lower catapult.

This was not the answer I wanted to hear *Fingers crossed there comes a solution*

#5889 7 months ago

I only can backhand the scoop. But no ramp or Inlane...

Put a thicker washer to the catapult assembly. Then you have no movement. Had the same issue before cleaning. I clenead it and add a thicker washer.

Btw: can someone share a picture oft a "perfect" Flipper aligment for houdini?

#5900 7 months ago

Quick questions:

I want to change some of the GI-Bulbs. Which voltage does the GI use? 5V or 6,3V.
I have a lot of Comet 6,3V pinball bulbs - can I use them?

Also I want to change the LEDs of the Spotlights (Trunk, Stage) are they 12V?

Hope you can help me.

Thank you and best regards

1 week later
#6074 6 months ago

maybe green

convolux (resized).png
#6201 6 months ago
Quoted from BarryJ:

Here are the installation instructions for the power supply also available on our website. click on the first page.
[quoted image]

This looks good.

Is there currently a coordination with European distributors how to work it the way with the Meanwell RSP-750-48?
A solution for us european customers through the distributor and AP would be great.

Will also the Menwell RSP-500-48 work? It is much cheaper in europe.

#6212 6 months ago

I have problems with the voltage. (See posts before)
So I'll need a fix. Shipping is expensive from US. And i bought the houdini at an European Distributor. So i will contact him. But if there is no solution like all Distributors in Europe get powersupplys from AP and send Them to the customers (what might be possible) or any other Chance to get one.
i'll have to find a solution for myself.
And so i have 2 options buy a variac or a powersupply both are about 145€ here in Europe.

So our european law say that i have 6 month time to mark a problem and the Distributor have 2-3 trys to fix a problem. AS a customer the Distributor has to find a solution for me.
And then the distri has to find a solution with the producer (about costs and stuff)

#6279 6 months ago

Changed my GI to warm white - and wow the game looks much better now.

Quick question, which voltage is used for the led stripe?

Want to change it for warm white

IMG_20181002_151710 (resized).jpg
#6282 6 months ago

I will do some pictures later with my camera. mobile phone camera won't show the true colors.
Also changed the white flashers to purple
Here 2 snippets

IMG_20181002_151717 (resized).jpgIMG_20181002_151937 (resized).jpg

#6316 6 months ago
Quoted from pinballinreno:

What led bulbs and led strip did you use.
I like the idea of softening the color in the rear under the chrome wireforms and ramp.
If they were RGB it could be controlled via the menu.

I will make pictures today, yesterday it was a hard day...!

I used comet frosted warm white (6,3VAC) and for the two 12V lights (Trunk, Theater) I used purple Comet 8 SMD #906 FLASHER.

For the Led stripe in Background i will first test some bakingsheet and if it wouldn't look good I will test Lees colorfilters (in germany around 6,37).

And the last try will be a50cm warm white Led stripe.

Lees color filter (resized).png

#6319 6 months ago

The backingsheet is not so good. Looks a bit cold. I will now order a frosted warm white led steile.

Also between the Flippers i will add a warm white stripe

IMG_20181002_151710 (resized).jpgIMG_20181003_114739 (resized).jpgIMG_20181003_114837 (resized).jpgIMG_20181003_114845 (resized).jpg
1 week later
#6455 6 months ago

Changed the cold white stripe led against an orange/yellow stripe. Looks a bit antique now and fits perfect to theme...

Sorry for tha Bad quality pics...

IMG_20181013_220025 (resized).jpgIMG_20181013_220304 (resized).jpgIMG_20181013_220448 (resized).jpg
#6457 6 months ago
Quoted from pinballinreno:

Looks great!
I think I want to do the same or similar.

Looks way better in persona. Will try to Make a picture with a better camera tomorrow

#6475 6 months ago
Quoted from PhantomO:

I can change the GI bulbs in the back, but not sure about the led strip. It seems tightly wired the the back wall of the playfield. Hard to see how to disconnect it.

Its easy you have 3 screws in the backpanel.
Then you have a cover (black) which is between the backbanel and the metalbar with the stripe attached.

For peel off the stripe from the metalbar, the cables ar not to tight.

The yellow wire is 12v (+), the yellow/black is (-). You can cut it directly at the beginning oft the led stripe.

The whole change was 10-15 minutes and very easy. I used 2 wago clamps for easy install without soldering.

1 week later
#6557 5 months ago

Hope we European customers can get the powersupply fix from our distributors.
Actually no response from them how to deal with.

Hope AP will find a solution with them, so that the european distributors can fullfill their warranty to us.

Actually i play Houdini not a lot... Cause with the mushy flippers are not really fun.
But I'm looking forward to get the powersupply hopefully in the next 3 month so that i can enjoy this great game more then yet.

#6568 5 months ago
Quoted from pinballinreno:

The EOS switches are a must in my opinion. Its the first step to making the flippers strong.

EOS installed. It helped a bit. But you can feel that all Coils sometimes have not enough power or too much:

- Scoop kickout need two tries, somestimes one but the ball comes out not in consistent pace.
- Trunkshots work 2 shots in a row and then 3 shots. The ball lands in front of the trunk or flyes against the trunk.
- VUK to right ramp works every second ball.
- Flippers feel ok, then they feel overpowered and the targets creating airballs.

#6571 5 months ago
Quoted from Ericpinballfan:

Sounds like your a candidate for the Power supply upgrade. Have you ordered it yet?

Hi Eric,

i wrote my Distributor and AP. No answer from the distributor yet. AP told me the solution is actually only for US and Canadian customers, cause shipping is high and they have to figure out how to deal with.

Also our european law says that issues that are displayed in the first six months must be eliminated by the distributor. So I hope my distributor comes his duty to fix the issue (he has three attempts). Either he fixes the error (powersupplyfix) or he reduces the purchase price (then I would order it directly from AP).

Unfortunately, it is very annoying that it is going on like this. I would swap everything myself and relieve the istributor, but I'm not ready to pay another $ 150 + shipping + tax + customs from my own pocket when we have consumer protection laws in the EU.

But in spite of everything I'm happy with the communication and support from American Pinball. Barry and the whole Team do a phantastic job. Also I like houdini. It's a great fun game and I hope someday it will work flawless!

#6576 5 months ago
Quoted from CUJO:

Sorry, just saw this post.
I shot the ball into the stage just as the announcer counted down to zero from a Film Mode.
Bullet Catch was the mode on the stage mini LCD.
Door shut on the ball, then nothing for 20+ seconds.
The Bullet Catch mode never started. A ball came out of the scoop and then it was just random play. No announcement on shotting this or that or the video associated with Bullet Catch mode.

Looks like a defective motor for the captive ball. Had the same problem and got a new theatermech from AP.

#6629 5 months ago

My Distibutor will contact AP soon, to send me the powersupplyfix.
The wait is over and there is light at the end of the tunnel

#6682 5 months ago

It would be nice if Josh can implement deeper/more settings for sounds.

The Indian needle trick sounds are way to loud ( to heavy for my ears) and the background sounds / music are not loud enough.

It would be cool when we can adjust sounds also via Software like jjp and stern offer the settings.

Hope too See it an update

#6706 5 months ago
Quoted from Tuna_Delight:

Thanks Josh &amp; Barry - kind of what I figured (i.e. never say never).
Glad I've already got my Houdini nonetheless. It's a bitchin' game and Oktoberfest is on my watchlist!

Yes my Thanks goes to the whole AP-Team!
Hope you have enough spareparts for Houdini

Can't wait to play Oktoberfest here in Germany

3 weeks later
#7248 4 months ago
Quoted from Nepi23:

I ordered today a variac to help to see if the helps my troubles with the catapult, will let you know how it goes with it. (For EU there is no other power solution as of yet.)

Good decision! I installed my variac and it helps a lot. No week Flippers, stable power for catapult and all coils ! Now Houdini is More fun then before.

But I hope AP will bring out the fix for european customers.

@ rosh: thanks for sharing the code. Will try it today.

#7267 4 months ago

Installed the variac (while power fix for Europe is not availble at the moment) and it worked good but now after a fews days the catapult is down to 50 - 70% ....

Sometimes its pretty constant and then it goes to right or in front oft the trunk.

I cleaned all parts of the catapult and now i'm out oft ideas.

What else can i do. Read about the dremelmethod, but im not sure how to adjust the arm or the whole assembly.

Hope you can help me and. Give me some input.

#7289 4 months ago

Thank you pinballinero.
Dremeled the assembly. Now it works pretty stable when i move the ramp a bit to right.
If i don't move the ramp the ball will hit the ramp every second attemp.

I will figure it out how i can move it better so that the ball won't hit the ramp.

#7291 4 months ago

Moved the ramp and drilled New holes. Leveld the pin to 6.2 pitch and adjusted the variac..

Et voilà - catapult shot is now 9/10

Thanks for your help.

So i noticed since the New code update the left flipper drops sometimes for a second.
Before the code update i hadn't this phenomen. EOS is installed.
Maybe i have to reseat the EOS cable or has anyone the same phenomen ?

IMG_20181125_121617 (resized).jpg

IMG-20181125-WA0001 (resized).jpeg
#7397 4 months ago

So I had a league night yesterday. Also Houdini was in the lineup.
And regardless Houdini was tweaked and had a variac for constant power the game had not enough power on the coils.

Ball one it was ok and all worked flawless but the next ball all horrible - It was not possible to shoot at the theater or up the ramp.
The people were very annoyed at some point... That's a pity, as it's a great device, but it's no fun without power on your Coils.

I hope the powersupplyfix for us european customers is ready to ship to our Distributors, so that we can enjoy this game!

#7399 4 months ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

Why don’t you have them increase the coil settings?

I also increased the coil settings first, but the coilstrength has changed significantly during each ball.
And I don't want to adjust the coils every 5 minutes...

#7404 4 months ago

Houdini has it's own powerline + variac.
The other games played perfect.
So i think it's ll about the powersupply.

@ piballinreno: i hope you will find a solution for extra 20v.

I contacted my distro yesterday hope they can delivery me a fix due to the european warranty (2 years) and it should cost me nothing... Will see what happens.

Man i love this game and want to enjoy it and make some promotion for AP so that more people can play these games and support AP.

Hope Houdini turns out great with a New powersupply.

2 weeks later
#7576 3 months ago
Quoted from pinballinreno:

Had a slight bug tonight.
After a 6 ball multiball, i went into bullet catch.
The ball failed to eject out of the scoop.
When the mode ended/timed out, the ball finally ejected back into play.
Odd behavior I haven't ever seen before.

had the same problem while starting bullet catch, but first after the update.

BTW: As a european customer I still waiting for the powersupplyfix Hope they will find a commitment with the european distributors.

3 months later
#8636 17 days ago

Can someone provide me the actual Beta Code. Or do WE know when the official Release comes out?

1 week later
#8816 3 days ago

So i installed the new Power supply anderen eos. it's better now, but they still do not feel completely strong during the game. Also i noticed

So what can i do also to get consist strong flippers?

- Install new, stronger coils, but which one?
- Install new sleves (which?)
- Install new anderen stronger return Springs?

Hope you can tell me which coils would be a bit stronger and won't heating Up so fast.

Thank you for your Help

#8820 3 days ago

Thanks for your answers

Game ist Setup to 6.3 and ramps are fine. But when a multiball starts i don't have constant Power to bring them Up the ramp or around the orbits...

I want to try all possible ways to get constant strong flippers.

I will lower Pitch to 6.1 and will tune the Spinner First.

But If it dindn't Help me i have to figure it how I can modify the Hardware .

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