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American Pinball Houdini thread

By lllvjr

2 years ago

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#24 2 years ago

All will be revealed at TPF

Quoted from Whysnow:

whom are the affiliated parties with this?
Rosh is coder?
Balcer is designer?
Whom made the board set?
DMD or display and artist?
Is it safe to assume this will be using pinnovators sound components?

#26 2 years ago

No that's Rosh.

Quoted from Whysnow:

you coding also Frank?

#31 2 years ago

No I have nothing to do with AP. I am just cautiously optimistic of what could be knowing the talent hired. Plus I think Houdini is a great theme.

Quoted from Whysnow:

ok let me ask a different question...
frank >> are you working on American Pinball in any way (please say yes!)

1 week later
#134 2 years ago

Old flyer. It has nothing to do with the redesigned game.

Quoted from vdojaq:

Interesting.....this is not the cabinet style I believe that is going to be used.

4 weeks later
#357 2 years ago

Wow Rock on AP! That's like 5 distributors in 24 hours.

3 weeks later
#499 2 years ago

Its their first game, why would you think it would be limited? I'm sure they want to sell as many as they can so there can be a second game. One model, no LE, etc. Nice.

Quoted from burningman:

Was going to call my distributor Joe @ Pinballstar but thought I would just ask here. I recently heard on a podcast that Houdini is going to be limited to 600 games. Anyone else heard the same?

1 month later
#646 2 years ago

Wow this is a really nice video. Thanks for taking the time to make it. Nice game, looking better each time!

Quoted from pbu:

Houdini was at Southern-Fried Gameroom Expo and was *very* playable. I had my equipment with me and thanks to Josh at American Pinball I think we now have the first real gameplay video!:
» YouTube video
To be completely honest, this wasn't a game that was really on my radar until I got the SFGE and saw and played it. This is an extremely well put together machine that plays well, and even with the early code was absolutely intriguing. This is a game I'm going to be keeping my eye on going forward as I'm excited to see where it is by the end of the year.

4 months later
#1026 2 years ago

If I recall talking to Josh, all inserts are RGB and GI is white.

Quoted from rubberducks:

All inserts are RGB, or just some? If some, which?
Also, since it hasn't been posted here:

1 month later
#1513 2 years ago

Boy that is a beautiful looking game and those side panels really complement the game aesthetics. Great job AP as you approach the finish line.

#1534 2 years ago

it looks like you could unplug the 2 EYE LEDS if you don't like that feature.

Quoted from epotech:

not a fan of the light bit around his eyes. still thinking of buying tho.

2 weeks later
#1624 2 years ago

Not true, here is a new video published on Nov 27,2017. Josh has been updating the group at every turn during game development.

Quoted from greenhornet:

if production games are indeed shipping in the near term, it would be nice to SEE how the code updates and the Balcer 'tweaks' enhance gameplay when compared to the prototypes from 6 months ago. disappointing that only a single game of video has been published during the last six months.

#1628 2 years ago

So in the video Josh went through a whole game and explored several modes and explained alot of the content. What exactly are you looking for?
This is the current code and probably how the game will ship. Aside from the match and wizard mode, the code looks like a full game with updates promised. I think that's fair. No surprises here.

Quoted from greenhornet:

that is the one i was referring to.
the one single game of video in the last six months. the opportunity to showcase the improved lighting, current/most recent state of the code, and flow/gameplay resulting from Balcers design tweaks; lasted one game. everything else is from 6 month old prototypes. the written updates are certainly appreciated, but with games going out the door soon, im sure people were hoping for more to SEE something more. if you dont want to concern yourselves with how the game actually plays, fine. im sure the match sequence is of more importance.

1 week later
#1693 2 years ago

No pallet when you pick it up at the factory in the box.

Quoted from rubberducks:

Is the pallet covered by the cardboard, or is it not on a pallet?

1 month later
#2117 2 years ago

Why not ask your distributor? He/she should be able to find out when you game goes on the line.

Quoted from konjurer:

Games have been really slow to trickle out. Does anyone have an update. I heard there were some production problems but that batches of Houdini were going to start shipping soon.

1 week later
#2223 1 year ago

The 71st game off the line sounds about right.

Quoted from Ericc123:

So, who wants to speculate on what HOU1071 from Hogey’s game tells us? Can’t be game 1,071 but maybe game 71?

1 week later
#2329 1 year ago

They started building these at the beginning of the year and are up to around #80. They are more concerned with building a quality machine than getting them out the door, so it will take some time. Figure 20 games a week made and shipped and you should be able to ball park a guesstimate on when you get your game. You should get a number from your distributor, right?

Quoted from wfumed2:

Gotcha! What is the soonest you’ve heard from a distributor so far?

#2378 1 year ago

You'll never see a Beatles pin. The music rights are owned by Sony ATV and Paul McCartney has been trying to get them back for years. This looks hopeful for 2018 but do you really think if he gets back the rights the first thing he would do is license some songs for a pinball?


Quoted from hawkmoon:

All this whining is funny!!! If this is your first NIB buy,then chill out!!Those of us who have waited for nib pins to arrive know this drill!! It WILL happen!!The last one was our B66! Took forever!!I've been waiting for three years for "The Beatles"!

#2403 1 year ago

Cliff doesn't need a play field, just someone to measure the area precisely. He makes protectors many times for games with info from someone that measures the games.

Quoted from vireland:

It's going to need a full cliffy set, but as of the last time I checked, AP hadn't loaned cliff a Playfield to make a set of protectors yet.

2 weeks later
#2756 1 year ago

It looks like instead of adjusting the TIME for the modes, Josh allows adjusting the DIFFICULTY in the modes. See the Feature adjustments and lower the mode values if you want it to be easier. Nothing wrong with that for the home user, thats why the options exist.

For example:
Handcuffs in Handcuff Escape The number of handcuffs multiplied by the number of pops per handcuff determines the level of difficulty.
• Handcuffs needed represents how many ‘levels’ are in the mode.
At each level, Houdini throws a pair of handcuffs/chains out from behind the display.
• Options: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
• Default: 6

Drop this to 4 to make it easier. Looks like every mode has an adjustment.

Quoted from konjurer:

Have you given any more thought to adding a setting to adjust the mode difficulty such as extending the time to complete? Certain podcasters this past week went out and played the game with 1 minute average ball times. They speculated that the game was not approachable by average players on location (I'm paraphrasing). Houdini has developed a reputation that it is brutal. Brutal is good to a point but I wonder if that growing reputation is going to hurt sales. I love the rules and I'm having a blast. But it is frustrating that the mode times are so short making it hard for novice to intermediate players to make progress into the game.
Hopefully you are considering the suggestion and keep up the great work!

1 week later
#2968 1 year ago

Perhaps people are just used to other games that warn you of a scoop eject with a light and sound going off.
If Josh's intent is to surprise you, it make sense to have a sleuth mode. Always trust the programmer unless you can convince him otherwise.

Quoted from CUJO:

I must be missing someting regarding the scoop eject.
Mine has never shot SDTM from the scoop. Ok, in 170 3 ball games, maybe twice.
It'll trickle out and gently bump off the right slingshot to the left where I can gather it up with the flipper.
Occasionally it'll take two tries to eject a scoop ball.
I'll see it popping it's ball head out like a Whack-A-Mole game before the second eject is successful but never get it SDTM... Weird how so many have this issue.
I agree with ROSH..You always have time to react, no mater where the ball is coming from. No need to tell the player it's gonna be coming from the scoop. Seems almost silly to do that.

1 week later
#3271 1 year ago

I'm curious. Why would you want to turn off the skillshot?

Quoted from Videogod:

Any way to turn off the skill shot?

#3369 1 year ago

...and you get to tell the story of what the monkey has to do with Houdini when someone asks you!

Quoted from BarryJ:

Good question for the person who.....designed them.
My guess is, the ladies are easier to look at and the monkey is just fun!

#3382 1 year ago

I like that he shows you how long you played to get the high score. Neat!

Quoted from lodgingdolphin:

After tweaking and dialing in the shots I’m starting to perform much better on the game. Still have a lot of work to go to reach the wizard modes though.
I’ve been able to complete the milkcan mode several times in the last few days, which is a first since I got the game a couple weeks ago. Finishing that mode gives you 4x playfield!

2 months later
#4655 1 year ago

With programmatically controlled flippers, the EOS switch is no longer necessary. Software controls each coil individually and can therefore shut off the power coil whenever necessary. I don't see why you add EOS switches to your Houdini flippers? It won't be used.

Quoted from pinghetto:

My machine is super sensitive to power. My catapult and flippers certainly struggle when three games are turned on. I did add EOS switches to my flips. It really seemed to help quite a bit during multiball when the flippers would get pushed down on a hold.
I also replaced the washer on the pivot post for the lower catapult. I used a slightly thicker and larger washer. It takes some of the slop out of that arm. That washer seems to have helped straighten the shot out when the coil power gets turned up.
And with all that said, I really love my game. It will all get worked out and get even better. Especially with the great bunch of folks AP has on staff.

#4668 1 year ago

Hold coil on all flippers are controlled by the code. I don’t have eos on my flippers on wrath of Olympus (also a p-roc game) and flippers never droop when hit with a ball during multi ball. Maybe your house voltage is too low

Quoted from pinballinreno:

So without an EOS switch if a flipper gets hit hard it will just drop? The hold power is anemic.
I have read several posts about left flipper dropping during multiballs.
How does the computer know if a flipper is deflected downward from a hard hit without an EOS switch.
It looks like I will also be installing them since the code already supports them.
This is a serious issue.
Get ready to make up a parts list and simple schematic for us to use for this aftermarket fix.

3 months later
#6580 1 year ago


Quoted from colonel_caverne:

Ok but I don’t know how to complete some of them.
For example one mode is asking to keep shooting the spinner. Until what?
One is asking to hit each target. Until what?

1 month later
#7372 1 year ago

What happens if you are in a multiplayer game and player 1 beats the wizard mode? Do all players end?

Quoted from rosh:

woke up to see 22 new messages, was wondering what.
Obviously the majority have no issue with the game ending. My view on that is if you actually make it to it, especially if you have not set it up super easy to do, but even then, your game had to take a very, very, very long time, so you certainly got your money's worth (and I'm sure the operator would want you the he'll off the game). But the idea is that you have taken your final exam, you passed or you failed, after a final exam, you don't keep going, you are done. Keep in mind you also just played a mode with reversed and inverted flippers, with six balls and a sixty second ball save (and then another single ball for 60 seconds), so if you are not ready for a break then you are either a super hero with special powers and wrists of steel or a glutton for punishment.

I believe I now have this scenario fixed.

2 months later
#8257 11 months ago

If its working fine would you buy the power supply add-on?

Quoted from Audioenslaved:

Apparently it’s not needed in Australia... but by the sounds of things I’m going to have to fork out for it. About $350 AUD

3 months later
#9109 8 months ago

Aren't the coils 12V?

Quoted from MightyGrave:

I'm very thankfull for the API-Support ! Hope API can give me some more hints how to fix this behavior with the inconsistent coil power.
So 10 minutes ago I orderd a 5V, 10A Powersupply. I Will install it tomorrow to get consistent 5V for the boards and to find out if something changes.

6 months later
#9820 45 days ago

Why assume? pull the logs and send them to support. Its difficult to test every possible scenario.

Quoted from Nick36:

Just had a trunk multiball in Master Magician Mode with a reboot
Hopefully the new code update will fix these errors with cool features soon

1 month later
#9949 8 days ago

See post #9937

Quoted from FYMF:

Care to DM me your email address? I will send the logs over later if you are able.

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