American Pinball Houdini thread

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American Pinball Houdini thread

By lllvjr

1 year ago

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#455 1 year ago

I was impressed by Houdini from what I could see yesterday. Not wanting to stand in line just admired the effort from a few feet away. Looks like a solid first effort and I cant wait to get under the hood.

2 months later
#695 1 year ago

Any local guys in Chicago see factory workers or help.wanted ads yet? Wonka needs workers at some point. Sub assembly starts well before production.

5 months later
#1722 1 year ago

Rosh is it possible for someone to document the playfield changes as they happened along the way? Thinking years down the road when / if samples are being sold and collected we would have a great source of info. Sample machines of other manufacturers are still found today on secondary markets. Being this is the first AP game it would be fun to read and see the progression while the information is fresh.

1 month later
#2097 1 year ago

We are.working on a marque, shooter plate and one other un named. Still waiting on my game like most of us.

2 weeks later
#2260 11 months ago

Got notice of shipment ....cant wait.
I had a feeling it would be the week I would be tied up at work lol. Typical pinball timing for me lol.

#2324 11 months ago
Quoted from rosh:

There are a few down there, but not sure if any are on location. Larry from flip 'n out, flipnout1 might know, since he distributes into a lot of that area.

There is one on an RL truck that will be delivered in NC come morning, let the games begin.

1 week later
#2463 11 months ago

Two switches I wish they would address.
Entry to left loop and the trail next to the ramp, no sounds trigger and a small tweak.

What sound settings are you guys using? Mine gets louder but doesn't sound like I remember at SFGE last year.

Love the animations that take a jab at the other manufacturers makes me laugh.
They poke at Stern- JJP and AFMr

3 weeks later
#2941 10 months ago

That would have had to have been one heck of an air ball.

2 weeks later
#3432 9 months ago

Anyone else noticed the naked girl in the window on the center plastic? Noted it today when i was toying with a mod placement.

#3434 9 months ago

Mod has nothing to do with the girl but after finding her I need a new place to put my mod lol. Oh those wacky AP guys.

#3444 9 months ago
Quoted from Pale_Purple:

Whoever finds it please share, I won’t be able to see one in person for a few weeks


Quoted from BarryJ:

There is 1 more to find,not as easy as the first.

Does it have to do with a lock?

#3504 9 months ago
Quoted from Malibu-SS:

Happened to me also

When mine was delivered the cover was off. Double side tape works great or rail tape if you have it

#3603 9 months ago

New mod coming from
Custom cast hand painted we are tweaking lighting but close enough to share. To get on the pre buy list email me at
This is our proto finishing touches to be added, plug in and play tucks in behind rt ramp. Install pictures will be posted in a few weeks.

423DAF7C-0168-4458-AF87-BDBFC8E1C5B9 (resized).jpeg

8F1272EF-2AA5-4604-8623-3429F0A6530A (resized).jpeg

58BD208A-0D0D-453A-81BF-660F253F5A19 (resized).jpeg

#3769 9 months ago

Just got my shaker today very cool addition well worth it.

#3911 9 months ago

Houdini is in the tank!
ok well his proto type is in the tank - few tweaks and off to paint work.
These should start shipping in late June early July.

houdini12 (resized).jpg

tank (resized).jpg

1 month later
#4766 7 months ago

If I were a straight jacket where would I be ?
What do you guys think of this mod? Cant decide where to place it.
The original thought was behind the pops but I kinda like it infront of the trunk and it does not get near the flying ball.

Mod will be available Aug 2018 in paint stage now this is my proto.
3d cast based on his actual jacket currently on display all the way down to the buckles on the back of the jacket and its hand painted.

IMG_1634 (resized).jpgIMG_1635 (resized).jpgIMG_1636 (resized).jpgIMG_1638 (resized).jpg

1 month later
#5359 6 months ago

Had some issues downloading new code and Berry was quick to answer my questions all is well now.

Since the code change have noticed more air balls than before an my catapult shot to the trunk has missed 40%.
Figure it is a coil setting. Anyone else noticed that? I am sure I can dial it in but never had to take off of the factory settings prior.

Noticed new light show and call outs. Seems some of the animations are a bit quicker also.
Thanks API look forward to game 2.

#5386 6 months ago
Quoted from Tuna_Delight:

My catapult has gone wacky too. Currently makes it into the trunk 90% of the time, but always rebounds off the left side of the cabinet to do so.
How's that water torture mod coming Hooked?

Casting complete in paint. Can't finish soon enough long time coming.

#5391 6 months ago

Take pictures of the connections you mentioned maybe you have two connectors swapped on the board or field. We can compare to one of our working machines.

1 week later
#5538 6 months ago

Running newest code hit a glitch well a few in a row.

Started needle multi ball. The announcement that the mode was starting played and the animation started then the announcement started again played throughed. Played through mode till the 10 second count down which I started extra time. Next hit scoop to started seance multi and while the ball was in the scoop the jailer started talking a and the call outs all jumbled. Lit right side ball save to which I drained a ball and the save mode did not start... strange series of glitches.

3 weeks later
#6013 5 months ago

Anyone speculate production numbers yet? Maybe someone who recently recieved a nib pin can post a serial number and born on date.

3 weeks later
#6483 4 months ago

Barry tell those boys to chop chop on the knockers.
Ordered my power supply and I would love to get a knocker with my credit.

#6524 4 months ago

My power source will be here today hoping to I stall today. Hop it fixed my trunk issue.

#6542 4 months ago

Installed the new power supply today. My trunk shot was as low as 50% accuracy. Now with 4 games in after coil adjustments its hitting like it did out of the box.
Total install time was 30 min. Having done one I believe I could do it in 15 minutes tops.

One hint if your shoulders are over a size 44 be careful. Squeezing in there to mount the add on power box with the playfield resting on the service brackets is a tight squeeze. Also they send machine screws in the kit to mount to the wood cab so you will need some attaching hardware, cutters and wire strippers.

#6553 4 months ago
Quoted from Strummy:Where do most people have their settings? Mine were all over the place until I put the new power supply in. Now I'm not sure where to set everything Thanks

I had to move up my trunk shot coul to 27 the pops I like a little more pep so 26 all others on default.
That catapult shot I kept bumping up till it cleared the lip of the trunk.

#6556 4 months ago
Quoted from MMP:

I also had to increase the trunk shot a few times. Bumped the left flipper up 1, so far so good on coil strength. No flipper dropping during multiball, so that is definitely a good thing. New power supply is louder than the original.

I would say the fan noise is somewhere between a Stern and Spooky.
So not abnormally loud but you can here that its on more so with the glass off.

#6612 4 months ago
Quoted from Audioenslaved:

And I find I’m getting rejects from the milk can shot more often than not. It bounces back from well within the shot too

I had to adjust my wire form under milk can.
Prior to doing this I almost avoided the shot but now its 50/50 bounce out.

#6616 4 months ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

How did you adjust it?

I took Brass pliers and bent the exit side rail in slightly. I did not adjust flippers from factory positions but I would try that first.

1 month later
#7301 88 days ago

Have only played one game on Beta but had something odd happen for the first time.
I installed the new power supply weeks ago and the catapult had been 100%.
In the middle of the game, second time loading the trunk, ball two went wide right and down the ramp and out the entrance.
I finished the game loaded the trunk at least twice without issue.

First game playing I got my second highest score ever due to a 10x multiplier round which was very satisfying and nerve racking lol.

Still one of my top 5 games looking forward to my second AP game.

2 weeks later
#7463 74 days ago
Quoted from zahner:

Speaking of aftermarket, did Hooked On Pinball do something for Houdini? I remember seeing that something was coming, but I don’t recall ever seeing anything released.

You mean these? Yes 90% there waiting on my blue led lights. Been a slow process but everything paint wise is done and jackets are boxed ready to go.
Will be announced officially to those on the wait list and site newsletter first then forums.
Thanks to all waiting it will be worth it.

20181006_172603 (resized).jpg20181006_172954 (resized).jpg
#7483 72 days ago
Quoted from PhantomO:

Looks great. But I think the straightjacket covers up the nude in the window....

Yes in that shot it does but it can be located anywhere on the PF.
Personally I like it next to the trunk upper left.
Detailed shots being loaded to our site tonight prepping before the launch.

1 week later
#7594 60 days ago
Quoted from zahner:

Flippers need to be turned down in the coil adjustment. You’ll have to fiddle with it until you get it where you want it. Mine are at 22 and I have very few air balls.

What pitch are you at? I am at 6.5 and at times I have balls roll back down the ramp entrance. I do have more air balls just didnt want to back off coils.

4 weeks later
#7775 31 days ago
Quoted from hollywood:

Hey guys.
Loving the shit out of my game (can finally break six figures lol).
I was playing last night and I have no idea what I did but the light show was awesome! Play field was dark with minimal was phenomenal! Can I be so stupid as to ask what mode I was playing?
Sorry such a noob question!

I thought my machine had crashed first time that happened. Suprises abound throughout. Just wish I was a better player. Still have not finished all the tricks in one game.

#7777 31 days ago
Quoted from whitey:

I have a Houdini coming in February
How come guys love this game and some hate it ? I’m stoked to get it ?

You would have to read through a lot of posts to get a good answer to that question. For me I like the shot layout and being they are tight it makes me a better player. Also theme is to my liking along with sound. I played it at a show and knew within two plays I'd give them (AP) and the game a shot. No regrets still love it a year later. SW,DP and AS all left and Houdini is still in the house.

If I were to change something on the game it would be high resolution cab art and fix my milk can shot bounce out. Other than that is good would buy again today one year later.

3 weeks later
#8097 4 days ago
Quoted from PhantomO:

Here is the tank installed. The big opto obscures his face, unfortunately. You can still see the shadow of Nosferatu on the blade art. The lights work with GI and also flash when the stage light flashes. During Chinese water torture mode, the figure twists and squirms in the tank. Or maybe I am just sleep deprived and imagining that.
[quoted image][quoted image]

I have had one customer place the tank next to the trunk . As long as it does not create a ball trap the placement it limited only to wire length.

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