American Pinball Houdini thread

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American Pinball Houdini thread

By lllvjr

1 year ago

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#390 1 year ago

Any chance you'll be coming to PAGG,or,CAX???We here in Northern Calif.would also like to see this pin!!!Thanks!!!

7 months later
#1330 1 year ago

Us Norcal folks got to play Houdini at PAGG last May! They only let you shoot 2 balls,but I made the decision to buy this bad boy right then!!That pin was a early prototype,with incomplete code,and still blew everybody away! My Distro thinks delivery here will be around Christmas!! So,Hi,HO everybody! after waiting for GB last year,this will be easy!!

1 month later
#1599 1 year ago

At least I have my updated B66 to help the wait!!!!

1 week later
#1647 1 year ago

Has any one ordered side rail art blades and shaker yet??? What are they charging for these,if at all???

1 week later
#1748 1 year ago

I've asked that as well! Nothing has yet been said about factory installed side art blades,or,a shaker!!

#1752 1 year ago

Thank-you Rosh!! Looking forward to owning this title!!!!

1 week later
#1813 1 year ago

Looks like a better QC system than "other" companies have! I don't mind waiting for a FINISHED product! Still healing from GB node board failures, and B66 delivered Broke in box experiences!

#1857 1 year ago

OK,kiddos,waiting is part of new ownership!! Us GB owners waited 9-10 MO. for already paid for pins to be delivered! Then the B66 wait for "broke inbox"pins!!Relax,join the Cannibis club,breath deeply,chill!!

1 week later
#1956 1 year ago

WHO CARES!!!Lets just get out our pins,OK???

1 week later
#2056 1 year ago
Quoted from Audioenslaved:

Any idea of when games might be ready for export to Australia? I'm really looking forward to seeing and playing this.

We here in Calif.are also on hold! waiting is part of it! let the operators work out the bugs,so when they hit homes,they will be "Magical"

#2061 1 year ago

Wow,cool to hear!!! Thanks Vic!!!

#2076 1 year ago

What exactly are we speaking of when they say "Magic Glass" P.D.I. or invisaglass,or the HD Glass Stern has???

1 week later
#2166 12 months ago

Thank-you,Rosh,For us still waiting for our pins,your comments on progress is greatly appreciated!!

2 weeks later
#2377 11 months ago

All this whining is funny!!! If this is your first NIB buy,then chill out!!Those of us who have waited for nib pins to arrive know this drill!! It WILL happen!!The last one was our B66! Took forever!!I've been waiting for three years for "The Beatles"!

1 week later
#2450 11 months ago

I hope Houdini makes it to the Golden State PF at Lodi!! We had a chance to play 2 balls on Houdini at PAGG last year!! Maybe that was the pin that broke the flipper rubber! No complete code at that time,ergo only 2 ball play!!Was fun then!!

1 week later
#2730 10 months ago

Thank-you,Rosh,I can hardly wait for the full package!! Art Blades,shaker,Magicglass,and another code for clarity!!! You guys rock! Also thank-you konjuror,I had no idea of half the features you have so deeply described!!

#2838 10 months ago

Where do you order those nice toppers,please??

#2861 10 months ago

Waldo,there are a few of us here in NorCal waiting for JJ to start shipping!! Any clue as to when??? Did the Houdini you played have side art blades,shaker,and Magic Glass???Thanks!!!

#2865 10 months ago

You all should remember the wait for the new GB/PRe!!! Mine was 8 months!! 6 Months for my B66LE!!

2 weeks later
#3159 10 months ago

Just got word from JJ at GEX,said art blades,shaker,and M glass Pins with updated code is down the list about a Month!

#3204 10 months ago

U da Man,Vic!!!!

#3306 10 months ago

It's kinda like us B66 owners! When we drain at a crucial point,Robin usually makes a comment like Holy Disaster,or a GB when they say I take the blame!!

#3405 9 months ago

OK,lots of second thoughts going on! Whats the deal??Are the shots just to tight? I've heard about the flow,some saying its slow go and requires you to hit targets in sequence? PinballTilt is out,any thoughts??

#3445 9 months ago

Pinballinreno,I also ordered mine with art blades,shaker,and Mglass! Hope it also has newer code!!I don't wanna fuss with any "fixes"!!!

#3486 9 months ago

So,is this another pin I have to adjust out of box??I've been to the location where virelands pins are and I've played it with all 3 going! Didn't seem to hinder any performance!!

#3522 9 months ago

Well,hopefully,JJ at GEX will be contacting me soon!!!Hard waiting and watching you guys rip it up

1 week later
#3745 9 months ago

Maybe thats a mod you should share ??

#3777 9 months ago

SO,now we have to redo the shooter lane guide!!! And try to set the catapult at the right power! And this is ok with all of you?? No,sorry.I'm not up to rebuild a brand new pin any more! After GB node board failure,B66LE broke in box,I'm looking for a pin that works right at least new in box!! I guess pinball manufactors don't give a shit how there product is presented! Gonna have to rethink if I want a pin to work on,or,just play!!!!This isn't it

#3779 9 months ago

Well,exasperated is exactly how this is all hitting me!! After paying 7500.for this I don,t feel inclined to have to adjust anything!! The catapult does ONE THING,and it shouldn't Have to be adjusted AT ALL!!Shooter lane guide rebuild?? design flaw,why lay this on the buyer! I know I'm ranting,but I was hopping for a pin that worked

#3852 9 months ago

OK,a question for you current owners please???Do you get a owners manual for Houdini???

#3853 9 months ago

Reason I ask,is mine is coming end of this week,and I would like some kind of guide!!

#3864 9 months ago

Thank-you Vic,and all,mine also has side art,shaker,and Magic glass!! Its going to be delivered ,and I'm gonna be at the GSPF at Lodi!! Won't get a chance to unbox it till after the show,That could be cool 2!!!!

#3880 9 months ago

Wow,Mod couple is already out of stock on the Water torture mod!!!!

#4005 9 months ago

Well,8 days ago,JJ called and said my houdini with shaker,side art blades and magic glass was on his dock ready to go! I payed in full the next day! 7 days have gone by and I don't even have a tracking number! Yes I know JJ was at the GSPF,so was I and I tried for 2 days to get a him,no luck! The guy I know who deals with JJ says his pins come in 3 days! We live in the same town,so,I don't see all this fabulous service everybody raves about

#4068 9 months ago

SO,as some of you have been reading my attempt to obtain a Houdini from JJ at GEX has not been fun!!My story: 2 weeks ago,JJ called and said my pin with shaker,M glass and art blades was ready! I paid in full next day($7595)! So far,my pin has been on the dock here now for 4 days,and I can;t get through to anyone to get it to my house!!Apparently,nobody gives a F..k that this freight is just sitting there!I have had many pins delivered to my house ,and never been so forgotten!This sucks! There is no explanation sastifactory,just BS stories! Good luck to the rest of you!!

#4075 9 months ago

SOOO,evidently,its the shipper S.A.I.A.has had it on their dock,and they are a big co.and home deliveries don't take priority! JJ again is on top of it! S.A.I.A.SUCKS

#4092 9 months ago

Houdini finally in the house!!!!Good pointers on that milk can shot!! Haven't been able to lock in that shot yet!! Mucho fun!!!!

2 weeks later
#4308 8 months ago

Hay,Tuna,welcome to the club!!!!!

#4402 8 months ago

Hello,Rosh,Can you help me with my 4 week old Houdini?? First time I tried reversed flippers,the left flipper won't go down!!! Ball will hit it and push it down,then it pops back up!!! Any suggestions.Please????!! Thank-you!!!!

#4408 8 months ago

Yes,it was reversed and inverted!First time I tried it,now left flipper doese'nt go back down!When pushed down,it flips ,then goes back up! No tension on the flipper,if you move it with your finger!Something broke

#4414 8 months ago

OK,magicians,listen up_ my left flipper situation is solved! It seems,the left flipper spring broke! Why?The bracket that holds the spring and plunger were very rough edged! The spring pulls across the bracket to pull back.Every time it did,it sawed a small grove in the metal! Finally,the little spring snapped! I had to file down and smooth the edges of both brackets,and reinstall 2 common flipper springs! The ones I used were not as tight as the ones AP used , so I get a little more flipper power!Thank-you everyone for the help!!!!

#4430 8 months ago
Quoted from Parzival:

Im sure the answer is easily found, but can any extras be factory installed?

Yes,mine were!7595.00 delivered!

#4431 8 months ago blades shaker.and Magic glass were factory installed by JJ at GEX!!!

#4535 8 months ago

That shooter rod looks great Tuna!!!!

1 week later
#4599 7 months ago

Reading about the light show on the escape mode,when I did one,practically the whole playfield went dark,with the exception of the targets to hit???

#4679 7 months ago

Hay,lot of us waiting for your "Pinovators" Headphone mod 4 Houdini!! Is this in the works????

#4680 7 months ago
Quoted from Tuna_Delight:

No no. Although you own both Houdini and DI, you are apparently deluded. Did you not see the poll results or various judgements expressed on the Houdini vs DI thread?! To paraphrase: "DI is OBVIOUSLY a much 'better' game than Houdini."
Now stop enjoying your Houdini. It's not a fun game.

Funny quote from U Tuna?? You own one too,your not happy with yours????

#4685 7 months ago
Quoted from Strummy:

I'm ready I think. What should I be paying for one? And how much extra with the pdi glass, shaker and art blades?

JJ at GEX will get you one with what you want for 7595.+shipping!!!

2 weeks later
#4878 7 months ago

Hay,fellas,I just received a the mail from my distro(GEX) and its 2 small black felt like fabric squares with sticky tape on the top& bottom edge,also with 2 wire formed metal clips ??? any one tell me where this goes????Thanks Guys!!!!

#4884 7 months ago

Thank-you fellas,Tuna wuz right,clelend,also and thanks mightyGrave!!:)I'm at 785,480 point wise,can do 2 tricks,no houdini letters as of yet! Any body got Houdini letters yet????

#4956 7 months ago

Hay,Rdoyle,I had my legs set a tad high as well,and looking at the set up sheet,it says all feet should be down!! I did this and have more control over the ball! Still only score between 250,000 to about 525,000! My highest is 725,450! But i come back for more punishment

3 weeks later
#5405 6 months ago

What is the updated code now???I've been on vacation! Mine has 18-5-4,Thanks!!!

#5407 6 months ago

Fantastik,thank-you LTG!!!!

#5457 6 months ago

Hay,Rosh,your still the escape champ on my pin I'm working on it,I'll get ya yet Cool pin,having fun!!!

#5529 6 months ago
Quoted from vireland:

And most importantly, the Cliffy protects that hole from damage. AP should really at LEAST offer a Houdini LE package from the factory with Magic Glass, Art Blades, Shaker, Knocker, and Cliffies (hole AND shooter lane) installed from the factory for $7695. I bet at least 40% of them would be sold with that package and it would reduce playfield issues down the road from day 1.

Except for the "Cliffys" I ordered mine fully done for $7595!

#5626 5 months ago

What is that??? White side rails with Chrome side blades???odd combo I must say,that black lettering doesn't quite fit this theme on the side rails>To each his own!!

3 weeks later
#6010 5 months ago

Hay,Fellow Magicians,A while ago I read a post from a Pinsider who stated that to get a "Milkcan"shot,he first shot a good left orbit,and the ball would bounce off his right flipper straight into the Milkcan!! I've tried this on my Pin and when I get the right orbit shot nailed,it bounced directly to the "S"and fires back down the middle!!I made sure my table was level on all sides!! Anybody else get this???? Thanks!!

#6028 5 months ago

Thank-you all for your suggestions on the Milkcan shot! And the beat goes on!!!

2 months later
#7387 83 days ago

Well,I play 5 balls on factory settings! Have yet to get 1 Houdini letter,complete anything except mission 1,and handcuff and needles tricks,I also can't hit center ramp at will,and have never hit the Milkcan except by accident! So maybe this pin is to easy for some of you hot shots

3 weeks later
#7613 59 days ago

Has the Morris code msg on the start button been changed?I don't remember what the code said,but it seems different now???

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