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American Pinball Houdini thread

By lllvjr

2 years ago

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#175 2 years ago

Do we know when it is supposed to be released? How many and How much? Is there preorder? Can it be for sale overseas?
I can't wait for first impressions.

1 week later
#256 2 years ago

I would like wider entrance of ramp and the mini loop beside, I would not like to spend my time shooting the post in a game (yes I know, play better?) and a more colorful playfield. I really liked the previous one in this way. Just some suggestions

1 week later
#321 2 years ago
Quoted from rosh:

I had to laugh to see that comment just two posts after the video clip that was posted, where the player hits that tight inner loop shot that feeds the catapult, twice in the first minute or two of play. One highlight of MGC, was watching a 10 year old, hit that shot three times on his first ball and start Trunk Multiball.

I was told that a 13 years old boy has just won PAPA 20

Quoted from rosh:

I'm saying that those games have a majority of shots that then feed the ball nicely right back to the flippers, in MM, almost every single shot will send the ball safely back, heck, even fall backs from the ramps are set up to be sure they feed back nicely, and I think the pops also do that, can't remember for sure. The only risky shots are the castle gate/draw bridge and the trolls.
The return that feeds the right inlane, comes into play in only a few situations as it is a return from the upper catapult and that is only used during a couple of modes, or a sneak in to the upper vuk when lock is not lit, it is not a classic shoot this ramp and feed back to the inlane. The main ramp will feed the inlane and the lower left loop, just above the sling, is a tricky shot to hit, but it will also feed the inlane (but must be followed by a shot to the ramp to have any value to the player). There are three shots, the orbits and right scoop, that will feed past the slings to the flipper.
My experience in playing the game, is that it is not the easy flow of a MM, LOTR, RS, etc. so not saying no shots flow back, but it is not the type of game where you can sit back and just let the ball come to you and flip, not if you want to make the key shots it is a game that will require flipper skills (bounce passes, drop catch, chill, catch and shoot, etc. ) to get deep into the game.

I agree, MM does not have very risky or tight shots. Both must be well rewarded for sure. But one of the MM's assets is its code and the way to get the most MB as possible and higher jackpots.
The code is the most important, no problem if one or 2 shots are tight but makable, no problem if the pin requires flipper skills you wrote...as long as it does not have the flipper gap of the GB (just my opinion)

#327 2 years ago
Quoted from chadderack:

I enjoyed the message you guys have in there saying "BALL SAVE -- Next time, try using the flippers" or whatever that was

I would like to understand all call outs in general coz it is not obvious for people whose English is not the first language
Why not create a data bank of callout by pin?

For exemple here, what mean "you stink"?

#332 2 years ago
Quoted from rosh:

As I said, lots of insults like that right now, but only when deserved and there are a few compliments as well. I think my favorite right now on a quick drain/ball save, is "Seriously?", maybe it is just the way he says it. But funny how a single word can carry so much weight. Although I also like "you've got to be kidding me"

i hope the code will be the main factor to play this one again and again, much more as been mildly insulted for playing badly! lol

#337 2 years ago
Quoted from rosh:

Right now we are just trying to work through the next few. But since I head to Maine for a week or two each summer, I am pushing for it, since I can hopefully time it to do the show while I am already out that way.

I'm sure it will shock no one that my primary focus is on the ruleset and making fun for the novice, but provide a lot of breadth and depth for a player/collector. If you have read the basics of the rule set, posted in my record setting long post earlier in this thread, it will give you a sense of where I am going with it. Of course at shows, few if anyone can get a true feel for the ruleset, which is why I chuckle when I read comments about the rules coming out of a show, I'm thinking "dude, you barely scratched the surface, you have no clue what is in there". I've also had heated discussion here on rules "Rosh, the secret missions are way too complicated, needing to hit three specific shots in a row, it should be just one shot" and I'm responding "jail escapes are hurry-ups and are one shot, secret missions are combos, and yes if you want to complete that phase of the rule set, you will need to be able to make the combo". Now I do understand the concern, since you can start the first secret mission very quickly and easily at the start of the game (the combo then remains active, with inserts of a specific color guiding you, until it is completed, at which point you can start the next), so I can see the confusion that a player totally new to game, as everyone is at that point, thinks that should be there focus vs starting a 'stage mode', which would be more of the primary objective and those have a lot more variability (and points) to them. Secret Missions are there for depth and to give a player more things to think about, focus on and strategize, e.g. focus on a combo when you have gotten the playfield multiplier up to 2x/3x/4x. Secret missions also have a mini-magician mode as well, and is needed to earn a houdini letter). Certainly possible for shows we will change that up a little to help.

Of course I was joking.
This is a pity this is not possible to try it.
Wish you the best.

#352 2 years ago
Quoted from GAP:

All PM's responded too, time to watch the Cubs.


asked you few days ago if it was possible to get a TWD LE playfield. No reply, either yes or not.

never mind

#353 2 years ago

is there an european distributor?

#373 2 years ago
Quoted from rosh:

To be clear on this, American Pinball is NOT taking deposits and no deposits given to a distributor are flowing to American Pinball. We are not taking pre-orders and are not selling direct.

Hi Rosh,
Do you know when you will probably announce some European (and also worldwide) distributors?

#379 2 years ago
Quoted from rosh:

We absolutely have plans to do so, and I have a few reach out to me, and I have directed them to Jolly who is handling distribution. Not surprisingly our first focus is first on North america, since there are also legal and regulatory issues we will have to work through going overseas. We certainly have some time before machines are rolling off the line to address this. We are very pleased to have so much interest in Houdini.

Yes, some lucky guys even got the chance to play it!

Lets take a ride and come to Lavaur, the next French Festival near Toulouse!

#387 2 years ago

I don't know if it has been said but what about the quality built. Can someone or Rosh talk about it a little?
Just to know if toys, chain and other mech are built with noble materials, If it does not feel cheap.
And of course playfield quality? I'm done currently with crappy playfields of another manufacturer and so I would like to know if it was possible to get some guarantees. Possible to have PP in option?

#389 2 years ago
Quoted from Mike_J:

In other words, will it be built like a Stern?

No. I was referring to Stern only about playfield. Except playfield this is solid built.
I have a Standard Woz and I was disappointed about some plastic decors of the left mini Playfield for exemple. It felt cheap
It is just a question of will and I prefer to add some more bucks to get solid toys, decors...

3 months later
#707 1 year ago

Maybe I missed it...is there any news about an European distributor?
Would it be some lighting improvements in the center of the playfield?
Would it be a miracle (or magical effect) there is a second ramp?

1 month later
#767 1 year ago

Sorry for the questions but I was looking again at the pops area and I was wondering how some shots can be done like the hole Under the ramps "magic shop" shot, green standup targets. Are they random with pops bumpers?
This game is 2 flippers, correct? I can't see clearly all areas of the pf.
And why there are 2 switches side by side in the left loop?

1 year later
#5654 7 months ago

Played it for the first time today. I helped my friend to install a PP on his Houdini.
First of all, the game is really nice, artwork is great and I love this backbox. 3D decors are a real asset. 2D plastics like on Stern games feels cheap.
of course, I Heard about tight shots but this layout plays smooth finally and i’m happy that some shots are tough to succeed. The most difficult shot for me is the milk shot above magic target. I don’t know if something is needed to cushion the impact so that the ball goes down on the switch instead of rejecting.
The lock box is really a great toy and works perfectly. The LCD animations are also well done and well integrated.
I can’t tell about depth and rules but the few I played goals seemed clear to understand.
So I can tell that i’m pleasantly surprised.
My only complain is a cable underneath the pf too short that prevent to slide fully the pf when you raise it. So we dommage a few the pinblades

#5667 7 months ago
Quoted from pinballinreno:

Pinballlife.com sells them.
I have them they work perfectly as barryj has shown.
If too tight on one side, push the playfield over to the other side a bit.
And if necessary loosen and adjust playfield hangers to get a better fit.
I should have examined the issue more thoroughly before damaging my art.
My playfield was rubbing on the left side and a metal flap protruded slightly.
All of it is fixed now, I ordered a new piece.

can anyone slide fully the playfield when you raise it? There was a cable that was too short that prevent to slide it fully.

#5675 7 months ago

Houdini is a real pinball experience.
I do disagree with ratings that report a bad layout conception. I think it is great and unique. That is what i’m looking for when I want a game
As JJP, I don’t really like low scoring but it is a minor complain.
For those you have put some hours game, would you say it has deep rules? Thanks

1 week later
#5905 7 months ago

Cliffy is selling several protectors as a set. Are all needed?

#5909 7 months ago
Quoted from pinballinreno:

I also side drilled the seance "C" target mounting bracket holes and moved it 1/8" to the left (this makes a world of difference and its twice as easy to make the inner loop now).

Have you tried a washer between wood and the bracket on the left screw to tilt the target towards the left side?
1/8" seems difficult to not screw in the same original hole.

#5911 7 months ago

Does the code still in progress or is it completed?
Do you play with the center post?

#5915 7 months ago
Quoted from drummermike:

I dropped my flippers also and moved the "C" target to left. Immediate improvement. I made the trunk lock shot 3 times in a row. Also was making milk can shot easier!
I took apart the lower catapult. It was not dirty. Put in a thicker washer. That made it worse. Will put in original washer.

Why to drop flipper?

#5930 7 months ago
Quoted from vireland:

Wider sweet spot to hit the ball, making some shots easier.

And other more difficult...and also the control of the ball with flipper. Too much dropped flipper makes way harder to control ball
I used to align the flipper with the inlane decor. Not sure it is still the best with games that you can control coil flipper power. Just a question of feeling.

#5933 7 months ago
Quoted from vireland:

1-2mm doesn't change ball control that much, but it does make many shots easier, especially on the edges.

It depends how it is factory set. I used to raise them a very little. So if it is about to drop from factory setting, difference is bigger. But as you said, edge shots are tough on this game so I would not raise flippers from factory settings.

Concerning the protector set from cliffy, I just would like to know if the catapult protectors were really needed (how it can damage the playfield?) and the same about the shooter lane. Thanks

#5995 7 months ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

I’d love to hear how the EOS switches affect the game. -

Can someone remind me the story of these EOS switches?

#6024 7 months ago
Quoted from pinballinreno:

I lowered the flippers 3mm and can make the shot more often than not now.

I guess from factory setting?

#6057 6 months ago

Does someone install a convolux protector set? If yes, which color?

#6068 6 months ago
Quoted from pinballinreno:

I don't think you need the bee protectors, but you can certainly get the clear ones.
The cabinet comes with superior protection for the legs using the steel guards.
My slings have steel washers already, but you can trade them out for clear ones if you wish.
I added the scoop and shooter lane cliffys.

In fact, this set is used as protector of course but it also allows to diffuse a colored light and then increase the general GI. I was wondering to install this set but i’m not sure that a special color (yellow, red, green, blue, orange) fits the game.
What do you think?

#6075 6 months ago

Well, the choice of the color is not obvious for me. So I wonder if it is not better to install any set.
Finally I won’t do it.

#6077 6 months ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

I still want to see Blue!

The bottom half playfield is more cold so blue, purple, green are the colors matching this part but the upper half playfield is more warm so I would prefer yellow or orange.
What do you think?

#6202 6 months ago

Is there a difference between the magic glass and the invisible glass?

#6211 6 months ago

Sorry to ask, but why a power supply? Does anyone need it, even in Europe?

#6215 6 months ago
Quoted from pinballinreno:

I would get the power supply.
The variac does not boost amperage or current into the system like the new power supply does.
The new power supply regulates the 48v power and works similarly to the variac but better.
The added current is especially nice for games that have shaker motors. The extra power will be awesome.
I cant wait to get mine!

You get issues too? How many get this?

#6261 6 months ago

Hi there,
I would like to know:
- if there is a rules sheet out there
- if you can backhand some shots on your game
- if someone has succeeded seance in the right order
- if someone has succeeded the 25k card thrown in video mode
- if there is a direct shot to do the magic shop hole or only with rebound and with what
- if the stage alley shot puts the ball in stage each time in your game and how to validate the 2X playfield when insert is lit

PS: i don’t understand the last code update which is v18.8.5. It seems to follow the v18.8.1
My code running is v18.5.4 Is it an old version despite my game is built on July 2018?

#6264 6 months ago
Quoted from vireland:

Next target after 25k is Extra Ball in the card game, and I go for that first in every game, so yes. If you're having trouble, ignore the front hoop and only go for the back, then when it starts going faster double fist it and release two cards at once to improve your chances of hitting it.

Is there a rules sheet?
And how to validate the 2X playfield? Just hitting the stage alley lane and the ball rolls over the switch behind or the ball needs also to go in the stage?

#6266 6 months ago
Quoted from konjurer:

Yes, but I haven't updated for the last code update. Although it should be 98% accurate.


So I still don’t understand the numbering of code update.
Is v18.8.1 previous v18.5.4 or not?

#6314 6 months ago

Is there not any bug remaining?
I did not understand how to choose reversed/inverted flipper. Would like play just reversed but don’t know how to do.
There is also an animation on the screen that looks unfinished at the end of mode or don’t know what it represents. I will take a pic.

#6317 6 months ago
Quoted from vireland:

At the beginning of the mode use one flipper to select which you want (left or right) and then hit BOTH flippers to select that one and start that mode.

I should be dumb or drunk as I did not notice that the choice changed on the screen!

#6320 6 months ago
Quoted from koops:

Helped unbox an Australian Houdini tonight.
The small LCD displays vga wording upon power on but that is it. Nothing else during game play.
[quoted image]
Checked the vga extension cable and it's zip tied tight. Checked the connection inside the head and it's screwed in.
What else should be checked?
Haven't yet upgraded to the latest software. Machine was a July build.

Did you check that the usb cable in the cabinet is plugged to the board?

1 week later
#6417 6 months ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

Yes I can backhand the inner loop on my game and backhand the ramp from the right flipper

Really? Who else can do this on his game?
Did you adjust the flippers or not?

#6437 6 months ago
Quoted from beatmaster:

my flipper is at 23 and i can make it almost every time.

This is the coil power.
But did you keep the factory position of the flipper?

#6444 6 months ago

The combo shots modes are really tough to do!
I would have liked to count other combos you succeed whatever the order. Maybe an EB to win or points for a number of combo or complete the level of secret mode you are playing.

#6448 6 months ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

they are definitely hard to do if you try to flow them directly from one to the other; I can nail the first one from ramp-to-scoop very quickly. the others require some more stop-and-go handling

I succeed the first one quite easily...but the second is way harder for me. Never succeeded it yet! I think I get an issue with the right orbit. When I do this shot perfectly, the ball gets maximum speed and then at the end of the wireform guide (so left side) the ball path is like slightly deviated and goes SDTM. I really get the feeling that at the end of the wireform there is something wrong. However, my game is well leveled from side to side. I think I have 6,3-6,4° pitch
Otherwise the time between first and second shot is very very short. So no control on the left flipper and short ball time to succeed the second shot make this combo impossible to do right now for me.

I don’t know if you get this issue when the ball gets lot of speed in the right orbit?

#6450 6 months ago

I will try.

#6453 6 months ago
Quoted from rosh:

It is not a time thing, shots just have to be consecutive without a different shot/switch hit, which resets the combo.
Once you get feel for orbit to scoop, getting through three is not that hard.
Most movie modes (NOT man from beyond) fit nicely with combos, so that is a good time to give the combos more attention.
If it goes around orbit and then STDM, it needs to be adjusted, It should hit the flipper.

Thanks Rosh, i hadn’t noticed that hitting another target was resetting the combo.
About right orbit shot, it depends on the speed, if I hit perfectly the ball gets really fast and then goes SDTM.
What do I need to adjust? Playfield pitch and /or Coil power? Wireform?
Which pf pitch do you advise?

#6516 6 months ago

Is there some Houdini machine for sale?

#6531 6 months ago

What this power supply is supposed to fix?

#6534 6 months ago
Quoted from Ockeyhead:

Last night while playing Houdini an air-ball flew on top of one of the plastics & it cracked. The plastic that was damaged is the one directly below the spirit display. Does anyone know where I can find a replacement plastic? Since this machine is brand new I'll definitely be purchasing the plastic protectors.

I think your best chance is to contact AP directly.

#6562 6 months ago
Quoted from pinballinreno:

Without the game knowing that a flipper is down, a flipper will stay down until it is pressed twice.
It happens a lot during extended multiballs that start on seance but end up in trunk multiball.
I've seen it the most during a 5 ball multiball.
The flippers are way stronger with the new power supply but can still be knocked down as they are only 48v.
Adding a supplimental 20v to the flippers only, would fix it for good.
Even William's 70v flippers have EOS switches to solve the knock down issue.

I think I get this issue too.
I believed that I had pressed the button but flipper was down
Sorry for the question, but if this is a factory issue why AP does not provide this power supply for free?

#6573 6 months ago

I don’t think I get a power issue but sometime in multiball I get the feeling that the flipper missed an order.
And the lower catapult shot is less consistent and succeeded. Don’t if it is power issue.

#6577 5 months ago

Is there an award to collect for each mode when completed or just points for some of them?

#6579 5 months ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

If you complete several modes, you receive a Houdini letter

Ok but I don’t know how to complete some of them.
For example one mode is asking to keep shooting the spinner. Until what?
One is asking to hit each target. Until what?

#6597 5 months ago

I asked to my distributor to provide me a power supply as it is terrific actually unfortunately. No catapult is working properly. Got 0% for both on my last 2-3 games! The more I play the more it is inconsistent.
What is your flipper and catapult coil power set up? Mine are factory set up.
My playfield is 6,3º. I used to hit the ramp quite easily, now I need a perfect shot to go up.

#6669 5 months ago

I need to fix and issue when I hit right loop.
When you hit right loop, on which flipper it is supposed to come, left or right?
I think it is left flipper but need confirmation. Thanks

#6685 5 months ago
Quoted from GAP:

Anyone wanting a Oktoberfest doors are open to pre order.
PLACE ORDER HERE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Great American Pinball[quoted image]

We know it, you post your add on each Oktoberfest thread...

#6687 5 months ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

Is there an alternate thread he was supposed to post on? ALL of the distributors are simply letting everyone know the game is available to order no harm or foul.

Yes, there is market section for this.

#6710 5 months ago
Quoted from BarryJ:

That is some "top secret information". Maybe we will release that number at a later time, but either way, it isn't my place to say.

We never said it was limited to some number, so that could be an option down the road, but at this time, we want to concentrate on bringing new products to market.

How do you determinate the serial numbers of machines? Is it random?

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