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American Pinball Houdini thread

By lllvjr

3 years ago

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#2591 2 years ago
Quoted from FightNightFZ:

Wish I would have read about all this stuff before I ordered earlier this week

Call or e-mail Scott, he provides fantastic customer service and will make sure you are happy.

2 weeks later
#2925 2 years ago

Pretty damned excited to join the owner's club, even better because it was a surprise birthday present from my wife! Have to give AP major props for the way they pack this game in the box, very, very well done. Have to adjust a few things here and there but so far I'm very happy other than having to figure out how to hit some of these shots!

20180407_210946 (resized).jpg

#2937 2 years ago
Quoted from Jamaster10:

He now owns Game #153

Yep, serial number 1153, thanks again Jesse. The playfield in this game is the nicest I have ever seen in a production game, it's nicer than my WOZRR and WAY nicer looking than the one in the HUO GOTG Pro I bought recently. The clear coat is extremely smooth and looks fantastic. So far the only issues I'm having is the loop shot through the pops usually doesn't make it to the theater, it triggers one of the pops instead and the left outer loop is not smooth. Haven't dug into it yet to see what kind of adjustment may be possible for the first problem but I think the switches are just too stiff in the left loop so that should be simple. So far the trunk catapult is perfect since initial adjustment. Hard game, but a lot of fun!

#2947 2 years ago

Anyone else experiencing random Multiballs when there shouldn't be one? It's happened to me twice so far and then the game seems to kinda lose track of where balls are for a while. I'm also experiencing randomly weak flippers, usually the right one but sometimes the left as well. It usually only happens for a single flip but I had a really good Trunk MB going in the Elephant mode and the right flipper got REALLY weak for about 10 seconds then snapped back to life. It would be a really good way of messing with you even further if this was intended behavior at times but I don't think it is.

#2962 2 years ago

My apologies if this has already been mentioned but one thing I would love to see added to software is a visual cue when the scoop is getting ready to eject the ball. This is pretty common on some other games and with the proximity to the flippers, the very real chance it's headed toward the middle and not one of the flippers and the fact the ball can come from one of three places (scoop, loop lock or shooter lane) really makes it difficult to handle scoop ejects during MB. Flashing the arrow insert rapidly right before it ejects would be a welcome aid.

#2965 2 years ago
Quoted from rosh:

I have mixed feelings on this. Part of having the ball come from three or four different places is part of the misdirection that is such a huge part of magic, keeping the audience guessing and on their toes, so to me it is part of the theme integration of surprising the player and keeping them on their toes. As you play the game you start to realize that more often then not it is going to come from the scoop or the shooter lane, since there is a greater likelihood of balls being available there vs the left lock.
I'll continue to give it some thought, but right now it is by intent to not warn you.

I think that's fair enough if we can get the scoop eject to be more consistent, as it is though that's kinda harsh. I guess it's better than purposely re-directing your attention which much of "magic" really is, lol. Having Seance going with other modes is like trying to juggle water sometimes, but in a good way.

#2969 2 years ago
Quoted from CUJO:

No need to tell the player it's gonna be coming from the scoop. Seems almost silly to do that.

I don't think it's silly at all, in fact it's pretty common in games to give that visual (often with a flasher) and sometimes an audio cue as well. TAF, CV, Spider-man, TZ, AFM, GOTG, JP are all games that do this just off the top of my head and I'm sure there are a lot more I can't think of right now. If they choose to not do so to go along with the magic theme that's cool but I think it's more of the norm to do it.

#3000 2 years ago
Quoted from pinballinreno:

Thanks Barry !
Sounds like an opportunity to use my giant hole saw
The little rusty gears in my head are starting to spin lol.

If you're going to go to that much trouble I'd build a bass box around it to really make it thump (kinda like TNA).

#3009 2 years ago

I just took the translite out of my game for the first time, just for curiosity's sake. It is really hard to get under the lip to lift it, I don't have finger nails so maybe that would make it easier but I had to use a plastic putty knife in order to lift it enough to get my fingers under it.

#3036 2 years ago

Had some local pinheads over to play Houdini last night and everyone seemed to really enjoy it. I think we only had one score over 500K which put kguenther6 on the leader board with ~640K until I can knock him off. I had planned to reset all the high scores and set the defaults really low for the party just so we'd see how everyone did but I was surprised to learn that you cannot do that in this game, in fact you can't even just reset the high scores without defaulting all the settings in the game unless I'm just missing it somehow. I assume this will be added as the software is finished out? We did have one stuck ball on the planchette and the mech for the diverter under the trunk came apart. Thankfully it was fairly easy to access the mech from the top-side by removing the plastic, however I noticed that the connector for the coil does not appear to fit through the hole in the playfield the wires are run through. It's possible I could have forced it and I assume it went through there during assembly but since I could put everything back together (with a little Locktite for good measure) without pulling it through I just did it in-game. The trunk catapult was 100% successful all night and otherwise everything worked as expected, I continue to be very pleased with this game so far.

#3044 2 years ago

The lock / inner loop shoot is hard, but it's far from impossible. If I really want to start Trunk Multiball I usually can but since it's not worth that many points on it's own I usually focus on modes first and try to combine the MBs if possible. Personally I think that the alley shot is harder to hit than the inner loop, at least when it comes to completing the full shot to the stage.

#3073 2 years ago
Quoted from rosh:

I'm sure I have missed some questions and stuff, so anything that has not been answer by others, please re-post.

Hey Josh, any thought on adding the ability to save / restore scores and settings as well as set the default high scores to custom levels?

#3101 2 years ago
Quoted from rosh:

When you insert a USB stick into the USB extension cable, the machine does copy off the current settings and audits to it. It has been on the radar that if we ever run into a situation where we need to install a new version of the OS, that importing back in the settings and audits would be needed. I do anticipate at some point we will add this import support. and there are some things in progress, that will provide some of the foundation for doing this.
As far as custom high scores, no one had really brought that up until sometime in the last week or so and not something I had really given much though to, so I'll need to take a look and assess what is involved.
Related to settings, under the hood of this next release is support for more control over processing of settings. The first use of this is that when you revert to default settings it will no longer revert coil strength, pricing or stage calibration. This lays the foundation for pre-configured installs e.g. home easy, home normal, home hard, location easy, etc, or things of that nature, so that capability will likely show up in the release after this. Of course after using a pre-defined set for some event/reason, it would be nice to import back in the original settings.

Thanks Josh, I use the backup / restore feature all the time on WOZ and this would be a great feature to add especially for anyone that hosts Leagues or Tournaments on their games but want more liberal settings for all other times.

#3190 2 years ago
Quoted from rosh:

It is a one ball mode, but I've tested in a few times this morning and not seeing that, if it happens again feel free to pull the log and send it to me. Typically if something just happened, you only need to send me log.txt and whatever is the highest log number, typically it will be txt.10

If you looked at the whiteboard in my office, you would have gone with a higher number. In addition, beyond that I could see where improvements we make while working on Game 2 would flow back to Houdini. After all, Houdini is a game I plan to have in my game room.

I had the two ball thing happen during Needles last night as well, if I see it again I'll pull the log.

Great to hear about your plans for continued support and refinement. Please pardon the continued comparison but if A.P. continues to support and improve code for games long-term like JJP has with WOZ (and presumably the others but WOZ is the only one I own) I'll be even MORE likely to buy additional AP games in the future!

#3201 2 years ago

New code has some great new stuff in it but I'm still seeing issues where the game appears to lose track of the balls. Three examples:

In Trunk Multiball I was down to two balls, one went into the inner loop where it was locked at the post but never released, when I lost the last ball in play it treated it like my turn was over, awarded bonus and went on to next ball.

In Seance I ended up putting two into the scoop back-to-back twice, pretty rapidly. The first time it served them both out, the second time time it continued with SEANCE with just one ball going, when I lost that it ended SEANCE then just sat until a ball search ejected it out of the scoop.

Seance had just started and I lost all three balls very quickly, one down middle and two out the left outlane, one right behind the other. Encore was still flashing but it only ejected one ball and Seance continued in single ball play until I lost that ball and then it was turn over, bonus award, on to next ball. I'm not seeing any switch errors and everything appears to register properly.

#3210 2 years ago
Quoted from Ericc123:

Did anyone notice the magnets being more active after the update? Maybe active isn't the right word but they are definitely moving the ball all over the place and I love it. Wasn't sure if it was code related or if it's in my head. lol

Seems to be about the same to me, they are awesome and piss me off at the same time! The action off of hits to the Magic targets is phenomenal and has been very well coded I think.

#3214 2 years ago

I definitely have a problem with the game not recognizing that a second ball gets shot into the scoop when it already has one locked down there. I was in an Escape hurry up with Man From Beyond running, hit the scoop by accident and it just sat there and timed out both my Escape and Film Mode. I pulled the logs and then went into switch test, it shows the scoop as being closed but I don't see a 2nd scoop opto listed (didn't look real close yet either). Is anyone else experiencing similar issues? I'm going to call A.P. on Monday and see what they say but if anyone has any suggestions (other than don't put two balls in the scoop, lol) before then I'm all ears.

#3229 2 years ago
Quoted from Rferullo:

Good advice - soap / water on the sticky side... thanks.

I'd really be worried about the metal piece of the ball guide that puts the ball into the lower catapult hitting those art blades. It is very, very close to the side and has a pointy edge on it so be really careful raising and lowering the PF once you install those blades.

#3240 2 years ago
Quoted from LTG:

I don't have one to check. But can you look in there and see a second switch ( opto ) ? Or go into switch test and toss in a ball and watch screen then toss in a second and see if anything triggers ?
The screen has switch names, check the list for one too.
LTG : )

Started looking into my issue some more, there are lock optos in the subway leading up to the scoop but there is a diverter post there that keeps the balls that are shot into the scoop from backing up to activate them (the diverter obviously stops balls in the locks from going into the scoop assembly as well). In switch test mode I dropped a single ball into the scoop and it registers, dropping another one on top of it also registers the scoop switch again so they game should be "seeing" these switch closures. I still plan to call A.P. tomorrow to see if they have any other suggestions.

#3241 2 years ago
Quoted from Ericpinballfan:

I just remembered. My game came with mini topper in coin box!

Cool, looks like there's one in my goodie bag too, haven't opened it yet. Speaking of that, what's the board with the switches and ribbon cable in there for? I noticed it when unboxing and I think I've read the answer somewhere but I'm feeling too lazy to look for it right now.

#3243 2 years ago
Quoted from Ericpinballfan:

You just got your game a week ago right?
That could be a secondary power supply board for the transformer. You should send an email to Barry tomorrow and see if there is instructions for it.

Two weeks ago, actually. I think it is for the LCD monitor, I looked closer and the switches are labelled "Source", "Power", "++".

#3300 2 years ago

I've never seen so many people so thin-skinned over a pinball machine insulting your missed shots, lol. I think the insults are all pretty fun and well done.

#3302 2 years ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

I want mine to say, "Oh your so good" "Your hot" "Your the man" "your the Best" "nobody plays as good as You!" .... Scratch that, then I will Know the game is insulting me by lying!

"Daily Affirmations" The pinball game!

pasted_image (resized).png

#3331 2 years ago
Quoted from rosh:

I've identified the issues behind both of these issues and the fixes are being tested. There will likely be a minor bug fix release with these and a couple of other minor tweaks in the next few days.

This is in progress but it is not reliable yet as far as properly resetting things.

#3336 2 years ago
Quoted from pinballinreno:

How about a setting to kill the pops when both flippers are pressed.
It makes for a fun strategy on my woz.
I can coax the ball in a desirable direction via the pops by turning the flippers on and off.

That makes sense in WOZ when trying to start a qualified Haunted Scoring mode, no need to copy it in Houdini.

#3337 2 years ago
Quoted from rosh:

I've identified the issues behind both of these issues and the fixes are being tested. There will likely be a minor bug fix release with these and a couple of other minor tweaks in the next few days.

Josh, not sure if this is related but I just had a similar issue when I had a lot going on (movie mode, illusion, seance and trunk MB), I ended up down to one ball and wondered why my Seance was still going, there was one sitting in the shooter lane. No idea if that was a kick-out during ball-save or if it fed there via the outlane gap. Good thing it wasn't in tournament or league play I guess.

BTW - just discovered the light show for Seance Super Jackpot (I believe), at first I thought there was a major malfunction when the theater spots went out but it was a really well-done effect once I stopped freaking out.

#3340 2 years ago
Quoted from rosh:

Sounds like maybe you reached third stage of man from beyond, which shuts off the lights, spotlights alternate and a white pattern runs though the inserts. Of course if that was happening with a MB you would still get jackpot lightshows.
During multiball a ball in shooter lane should be kicked out, when not in MB if it finds it way there it will need to be plunged. It had been my plan is to give you a skill shot when that happens, I need to evaluate if that is still a good idea. I’ve not seen it not kick out when MB running, so curious what happened.

Yep, I got to that stage of MFB again tonight and progressed a ways into it, didn't know that's what it was the first time. Very, very, very cool light-show and the way it is sync'd to the LCD display is different than I've seen done in any other game yet. Unfortunately I was by myself so no one else could see it in action (yet). Ball was definitely just sitting in the shooter lane though, I should have let the game end and plugged in a USB stick to grab the logs but I was too into the game at that point!

#3383 2 years ago
Quoted from luvthatapex2:

I like that he shows you how long you played to get the high score. Neat!

Yeah, it's an option in the setting I have turned on too.

#3427 2 years ago
Quoted from adamross:

Does anyone else experience random multi-balls without any proper MB call-outs? It's almost as if balls are randomly added to my playfield without being in a MB. Wondering if there's something wrong with my game..

I have definitely seen this happen but not so far with the new code, albeit I've only played about 10-20 games on it. There are modes that become MB when you reach certain stages and there are no call-outs to tell you it's planned based on my experiences so far.

#3485 2 years ago

I have mine on the same circuit as two other machines and never notice a difference when they are on / played, etc. In fact I don't think the catapult shot has missed once since I did the original adjustment when we got it a month abo.

1 week later
#3709 2 years ago
Quoted from vireland:

Ours are set to 21.

That seems to be about right, though I did have my left set higher as the ramp would never make it all the way, even when a shot seemed perfect. With the latest code update though the left was air-balling like crazy so I turned it down to 21 and it's working well now. I have my playfield tilt set to 7 degrees, this will also affect how strong the flippers should be.

#3730 2 years ago
Quoted from Genjuro:

Thanks. Let me also add in case I am communicating poorly. I was on the right flipper, ball held. The right E target was my last letter needed. It was also my last flip available in that mode. I flipped the ball, hit the e, then heard some audio that i seem to remember saying i had completed the mode to save myself. The rebound off the e had a lot of speed to it and it went down the drain really fast. I think i must have just caught so much speed on that rebound that it just didnt have time and took the drain as game over.
A few side items. When using the start button to end the game, if i walk away like i dont want to play, the game music just keeps going.
I also just had a really sweet game just now. I cant be sure what happened, but i think i ended up with seance, trunk multiball, film and all 6 balls on the field. A LOT was going on to the point where i couldnt do anything but try to keep balls in play.... all of a sudden all of the insert lights went white in this clockwise rotation. The modes were talking over each other, etc... oh, and i had also lit up both escape death and return from beyond before all this started.
When i finally got down the 1 ball again that white rotating pattern was still going.
Not sure if it working as intended or not.
My next post will have a video of after the game was over where you can still see almost an aftershock of this white pattern.
Working as intended or bug i dont know, but it was multiball madness for sure.

Sounds like you were in "The Man From Beyond" Film mode, one of my favorites! The first time I got there I had the same thing going on with two multiballs going and I thought the game freaked out but it's intended behavior, the only "problem" is that the Seance video over-rides the Man from Beyond video so you can't see the spotlight trying to find him that matches the playfield lights.

#3741 2 years ago
Quoted from rosh:

When Joe Balcer hit that mode for the first time, I was not in the office and he reported to me that here was a major bug and all of the inserts and GI when out. I told him it was supposed to do that in that mode, and his first reaction was "you can't do that", and I said, "yes I can and most people are going to love it". I'm sure the tournament and more serious guys won't be loving it, but pinball is about having fun and that mode is fun.

That's awesome, Chuckwurt and I agree it's the best mode that we've gotten to so far in the game. The display animations with him being getting chipped out of the ice and then the light show when you free him from the table are so well done, great job!!

#3825 2 years ago
Quoted from foobeer:

I’ve went through the sub menus in utilities but haven’t seen anything about resetting high scores.

Unless it's been added very recently there is no option for resetting high scores or for setting custom defaults. I mentioned this earlier in this thread and rosh said it was something that had just recently been requested, hopefully that means it's getting added. The only way to reset the score is to do a reset to factory defaults, IIRC that no longer resets coil strength settings but will wipe out high scores and any other feature (timers, difficulty levels, etc.) and pricing adjustments that were made.

#3855 2 years ago
Quoted from foobeer:

This didn't work for me either. I broke down last night and decided to just reset to factory defaults in order to reset high scores, but it retained coil strength and high scores! Unless I'm missing something, I guess there is no current way to reset high scores?

I guess you could set the reset High Scores counter really, really low as a work-around?? I agree it seems like a standard thing since all(?) DMD games have it but it was apparently not on the developer's mind when creating a completely new game system, surely they'll get around to addressing it as code support on this game has been fantastic so far.

#3972 2 years ago
Quoted from Ilushka85:

Just wanted to let everyone know that I just got pinstadium working on Houdini perfectly including the flashers for Ivan glow. Pictures before and after and us glow attaches.

Please share your connection points / methods for GI and Flasher integration, I'm sure it will be helpful to someone else at some point. I thought about putting a set on mine but in my environment I don't think it necessarily needs them though it may still be cool and especially if anyone wants to do streaming they really help.

#4035 2 years ago
Quoted from rogerdodger:

Hi Guys:
I have played a few games on Houdini and am really trying to love it but I am 'on the fence' about buying one. I love the theme, art, LCD and toys but the gameplay didn't grab me. Having said that, I didn't know the rules, so was just shooting the balls around.
There seems to be quite a number coming up for sale or trade, with very low plays, here and in other pinball groups.
In hindsight, would all or most of you buy Houdini again, after owning it for a while?
No flames, please. Just helpful, honest, opinions will help me decide.
Thanks so much.

I've had mine for a little over a month and would definitely purchase again, even though it's been kicking my ass the last few days. The game definitely rewards control and shot-making with tight shots. The only complaint I have is the pops, I have adjusted the switches to be as close as possible but at times still cannot get any decent action out of them. I think that the skirt centering spring is too strong and requires too much force for them to be livelier, I'm going to pull one out (this looks to be much easier than most because there's no light socket in them) and cut a winding off the spring and see if that makes it any better. Other than that minor annoyance I think it's a fantastic game with cool modes (Man From Beyond is still my favorite at the moment) and great theme integration. Support has been great as well, I had one LED on a light board go out and they shipped me a new one quickly. I can see the game being too hard for some people but that's a good thing in home use IMO.

#4036 2 years ago
Quoted from vireland:

Nope. We have three on the same circuit and Houdini's catapult/VUK shots are rock solid. At least a 98% completion rate.
Sounds like you may have borderline low house power or an older house with older wiring. Have you put a meter on your wall outlets when multiple pins are on and plugged into the same circuit?

Yeah, I'm not seeing this either. I have four other pins on the same circuit, controlled by an Alexa-enabled power strip. I can be playing Houdini and turn those four on and off without noticing any effect on the play. Catapult accuracy is 98% on mine and I have only actually seen it miss once so the others must be during MBs or other people's games.

#4041 2 years ago
Quoted from rosh:

What power are you pops set at?

I've tried a lot of different settings, had them cranked up to 14 or 15 for a while but tried turning them down to default (11 IIRC?) last night after adjusting the switches again. I can barely fit a piece of normal printer paper between the blades now but they are still not as active as I'd like them to be. It's kinda like the debounce is too long on the switches or something.

#4061 2 years ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

One other issue I am seeing fairly consistently is the catapult shot detection - I hit the inner right loop shot, the VUK kicks it up, it rolls through the wire form and lands in the milk can catapult - then the game just sits there. And sits there.. and .. then ball search and the catapult then tries the throw. No dimming of the lights, just bam! Throw.
Anyone else have this? I have checked the switch and it works fine with my finger and the ball -

I have not seen that behavior.

#4067 2 years ago
Quoted from Rferullo:

How long do you have to get he ball from the Stage Ally to the Stage to get 2x scoring for the illusion? Does it have to be a totally clean shot to get 2x? If it gets caught in the pops for a second or 2 you seem to lose the doubler.

My assumption was always that no other switches could be triggered for it to count but it sounds like you could activate a pop switch along the way as long as it's inside the 100 milliseconds they are disabled.

#4077 2 years ago
Quoted from hawkmoon:

SO,as some of you have been reading my attempt to obtain a Houdini from JJ at GEX has not been fun!!My story: 2 weeks ago,JJ called and said my pin with shaker,M glass and art blades was ready! I paid in full next day($7595)! So far,my pin has been on the dock here now for 4 days,and I can;t get through to anyone to get it to my house!!Apparently,nobody gives a F..k that this freight is just sitting there!I have had many pins delivered to my house ,and never been so forgotten!This sucks! There is no explanation sastifactory,just BS stories! Good luck to the rest of you!!

Drive over there and be a pain in the ass until they give you a delivery day / time, or even better load it on the truck and follow you home!

#4111 2 years ago
Quoted from WW2GURU:

Do the "magic" targets reward SEANCE letters? happened to me today where I got S and A while The ball was swirling around at the right magnet and hit magic twice doing so. I also had the upper catpult go off when I was actively playing the only ball and no ball was in the catapult.

The Magic targets award based on the color they are lit. Green = Escape Letter, Teal = Seance letter and Blue = Movie letter. Red = Shot awarded for the Illusion mode you are in. I believe they go Green, Teal, Blue in order but Red whenever in an illusion mode, at least for one shot award.

#4116 2 years ago

I don't remember seeing this discussed before so I apologize if it was but I noticed that hitting the inside loop when lit for Bullet Catch does not award a Trunk Multiball lock, even if it lock was lit when you started Bullet Catch. Surely this isn't the intended behavior for balls one and two, right rosh ?

#4141 2 years ago
Quoted from konjurer:I agree that when you complete a mode it sounds like the crowd is booing not cheering. Very anti climatic! I would like to see that changed someday.

Are you sure you've ever completed a mode??

#4152 2 years ago
Quoted from mcbPalisade:

You tested it with the generator or it will be powered with one there?
A generator is a bad choice to test with because of variance. Both voltage and frequency vary with engine RPM on simple generators. Might I suggest you'd be much better off with a high-quality 50Hz sine wave inverter or an HQ inverter-based generator.

That doesn't look like a gasoline powered generator, at least not any that I've ever seen.

1 week later
#4287 2 years ago
Quoted from BladeFury:

Cliffys installed!

That scoop protector looks good, does it glue on or is it held down by the two scoop screws on the top?

#4288 2 years ago

I finally have my pop bumpers as sensitive as I want them. I had adjusted the switches multiple times but the right one would still not activate unless it was really hit hard. I tested the switch with a meter and saw that even when the contacts were obviously touching it still didn't close the circuit unless you really pushed them together. I used a rough business card to clean the contacts and now it's firing like it should, must have been some kind of coating or something (the card showed no dirt or other matter on it) from the factory because now they are nice and responsive. I get a lot more hits to the stage door, key target and Magic Shop hole now.

#4310 2 years ago
Quoted from transprtr4u:

Still very happy with my pin! The only thing I would like to an improvement on would be the chin magnet! The "hands" magnet on high send the ball in all kinds of directions but I'm not noticing much in the "chin" perhaps it's just mine or done by design!
Keep up the great work AP

The magnets work amazingly well I think, I've had it do stuff I've never seen any other game with magnets do. Lots of times in Seance and Man from Beyond there are really crazy "stop and slide" moments when the ball is approaching the flipper and just suddenly jukes ya out. Sometimes I do think the magnets are affecting the flipper, usually the left. I don't know if it's power related (the flipper gets weaker because of the magnets drawing power) or magnetic field related but it's like the flipper half-flips, the next flip is always fine though. I agree with Rosh that those two modes are tough enough as it is, don't think I've ever spelled SEANCE in order yet.

#4313 2 years ago
Quoted from rosh:

This morning while sitting in a meeting I made some changes with trunk MB and seance ball saves, that should make most of you happy.

Something useful came out of a meeting?!?!

#4342 2 years ago

I had an amazing game going last night, ended up with 4X Milkcan Multiplier lit and SEANCE, Trunk MB and Man From Beyond all ready. Hit the inner loop to start MFB and Trunk, managed to free Houdini while hitting a couple jackpots and then blew it big time. I was so mad at myself but my score (first ball) went from about 200K to over 900K in seconds, I did end up with a new high for me of about 1.65M but I know it could have been SO much higher. I did cuss Josh at one point when I couldn't see what the hell was going on during that mad light show but it was all good natured cussing, I love this game! I've been tempted to install one of my PinStadium kits just to see how insane it makes it during that mode but I don't think the game really needs a lot of help in that department and I play in a pretty dark room.

#4373 2 years ago

Has anyone ever seen the right to left progress of Bullet Catch carry over from game to game? I just played a few really short, lousy games trying to do better on that mode (I usually hit the inner loop and then at least one other shot but can never hit the inner loop again), I ended one game with that being the last thing of significance I did and the Key Lane / Target was the "fire" shot I hit. I started another game, got players choice via skill shot, started it again but when I hit the inner loop and it fed me a ball the ramp was lit. I then died a very quick death in that game (I blame it on being thrown off by that ) started another, had players choice and this time when I started it and hit the inner loop the inner loop was lit for the "fire" shot". I've never seen it do anything but reset to the Milk Can shot and start it's left to right sweep. I grabbed the logs but if this is somehow intended behavior and I've just never seen it before I won't bother clogging Rosh inbox up with yet another set of log files.

#4383 2 years ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

Hi all - My shooter rod feels like it is binding on the housing a bit, it is affecting the skillshot I think. Is there anything special I should do? I don’t believe the rod should be lined, right? I can unscrew the housing and try to realign it but I’m not sure if I should do anything else ? Any ideas?

Mine does too and has from the beginning. It's fine the until it starts to get more tension on the spring and then it is not smooth. I keep meaning to take it out and have a good look at it but haven't yet.

#4399 2 years ago
Quoted from Rferullo:

I'll try to capture some video of the timer running while in the magic shop. I can see the time on the Theater LCD tick away while waiting for the ball.

Yep, FILM mode timers definitely run when entering the magic shop.

#4401 2 years ago
Quoted from rosh:

you guys need to stop hitting the booze before you play The timer stops when it is doing it is pulling stuff out of the hat. It is possible that a couple of the awards start the timer a couple of seconds too early before ejecting the ball, but it most certainly stops when it enters and during the animations of the hat pull. I just tested this on all five film modes.
Going back to a previous post, I could start seance during Movie Binge, at least when it was still just a single ball, and that is not a good thing, makes it too easy to rack up the points, and that will get changed, so that neither trunk MB or seance can start during the binge.

No booze while playing, why in the hell would I do that!?! I've had them time out on me when I hit it into the magic shop, I don't have a good rig for camera setup but if I have to I'll get chuckwurt over here to stream it happening! Of course then it won't happen.

#4403 2 years ago
Quoted from BarryJ:

Try removing the washer from the the inside part of the shooter rod. rubber - spring - washer - cabinet. That is the tension / rubbing culprit.

Just tried it and...

youarecorrectsir (resized).jpg
#4445 2 years ago
Quoted from Zora:

I am looking for a good rule explanation/strategy guide on youtube, not just gameplay videos. Any recommendations? Is there a detailed rulesheet anywhere?
Thank you for any feedback.

Best rulesheet I've see is here:

#4451 2 years ago

Just listened to the Head to Head podcast with Rosh - great stuff that I actually LOL'd at a few times. Looking forward to seeing what game #2 brings while greatly enjoying Houdini!

#4512 2 years ago
Quoted from Pinballer73:

Watched a gameplay stream last night, seems like a very challenging game with very tight shots. I played it once at the Cidercade in Dallas, but walked away after only one game as I couldn't hear the audio and just about every shot bricked against a post. I regret doing that now, but at the time there was so much else to play. What's your opinion, is it fun, is it a keeper, would you buy one/happy with your purchase?

It is a tough game with challenging shots but it really doesn't take that long to figure them out and have fun IMO. I also seriously doubt you were bricking off of posts because there are really only three of them on Houdini, there are the SEANCE targets that divide all the key shots in the middle so it was probably really them you were hitting, and they do get hit a lot. It lets you start SEANCE multiball though so it has a silver lining. The hardest shot is the Milkcan loop, but it's not that integral to really progressing in the game, if your a competitive player and going for max score every time as opposed to trying to complete modes, etc. then it's more important. The second hardest is the right inner loop but once you figure out how to backhand it and that it's on the sweet spot of the left flipper it's not that hard - in fact I find it harder to hit the ramp consistently than that shot.

I've had the game since April and it has relegated my other games to second place in what I walk up to play most often, even my GOTG Pro is getting little love from me lately (and it's letting me know it by kicking my ass whenever I do play it). It is a lot of fun and very challenging which I think is important for home use. It can be a little stop and go waiting for trunk locks (totally worth it) and such but since it rewards control and aimed shots so highly that makes sense to me. For $7K I don't think there is a better value in a new game out there and I certainly don't see it leaving my collection for years. There is some cool music, the Steampunk stuff is cool, good humor in taking some light-hearted jabs at other new games and I think Josh has done a really good job with the combos required for the modes. Trying to beat the fastest time to complete the Water Torture tank, etc. is just a little side jolt of adrenaline thrown in for good measure. If you want a game with lots of "flow" I'm not sure it's the best choice though there are good combos as I said, but if you want something that shoots very different than any other game (at least that I can think of) you can't lose with Houdini.

P.S. The rubber posts that replace the standard plastic star posts for the slingshots really make it play differently than most games too.

#4513 2 years ago
Quoted from vireland:

Didn't Josh say the tilt not working right was being fixed in the next update? I seem to remember a post about that...

I kind of remember that too, mine certainly does not work except in test and even then I have to basically hold the bob against the ring to make it register. I've tested all the connections, cleaned the parts with alcohol, etc.

#4542 2 years ago
Quoted from BarryJ:

I checked, and you are correct. Holding the start button will end the game in a one player game.

I seem to remember Josh saying that the game restart was something they were working on and that the problem is with making sure everything resets correctly, or something like that.

#4560 2 years ago
Quoted from badbilly27:

Anyone have suggestions on how to get the pop bumpers more responsive? Mine are very lethargic and one doesn't want to fire unless rocket shot into. Reminds me, need to reach out to support - missing tilt bob.

I had the exact same problem and finally have it where I want it, I may still adjust the left one a little more but they are WAY better than they were. I had adjusted the switches many, many times but the actual fix was "cleaning" the switches. My game was NIB so I didn't think that would be necessary, and there is no sign of any dirt coming off of them but I could see the switch blades were touching but when measured with a meter were still not conducting until you really pushed them together to make them swipe across each other. After cleaning all three with a rough stock business card they are now as sensitive as I'd expect them to be. I saw a similar thing happen with brand new Stern EOS switches a buddy was putting in a game, you could see they were touching but until we cleaned them up they wouldn't conduct, must have some kind of coating on the contacts from the manufacturing process.

#4595 2 years ago
Quoted from rosh:

you guys need to stop hitting the booze before you play The timer stops when it is doing it is pulling stuff out of the hat. It is possible that a couple of the awards start the timer a couple of seconds too early before ejecting the ball, but it most certainly stops when it enters and during the animations of the hat pull. I just tested this on all five film modes.

Just captured the logs of the game running the FILM timer while the Magic Shop sequence is going on and sent them to you rosh - it doesn't happen every time but it definitely happens fairly often as I've seen it at least three times the last two days. I was even sober for a couple of them!

#4597 2 years ago
Quoted from vireland:

Didn't he say he thought this was because of the pop timers interfering if you hit the pops before dropping into the magic shop?

Yes, apparently I didn't comprehend that one.

#4602 2 years ago
Quoted from hawkmoon:

Reading about the light show on the escape mode,when I did one,practically the whole playfield went dark,with the exception of the targets to hit???

I don't think that was an Escape mode, those are all hurry-ups and it's these shots (will be lit green as long as the Escape timer is still running):

New York - Ramp for 20,000
London - Key Lane for 30,000
Paris - Inner Loop for 40,000
Sydney - Spinner for 50,000
Chicago - Milkcan Loop for 75,000

The only mode I've seen (have not been to the mini-wizards yet) that does anything like you describe is Man From Beyond after you free Houdini from the Ice and the Asylum. At that Point you have to hit the shot that will "find" Houdini, it's the two orbits and the stage but the only way to know which one is to look at the display to see where he's at on the screen (left, right or middle). Very cool mode.

#4612 2 years ago
Quoted from vireland:

These are optos under there. Under the PF, check the assembly on the right with the three sets of optos that feed the subway to the scoop. On ours it was coming loose and hanging low, which caused weird behavior like what you're describing.

Flippers should not stop flipping. Are you sure you're not in straightjacket escape with inverted flippers selected?
Otherwise, check your EOS switch on each flipper, because that's not normal.

Does P3ROC / Houdini even have EOS switches??? I don't think they do but I could be wrong as I've never really looked. I do agree the flippers should never stop flipping, that is clearly an issue and I'd call A.P / Barry and have him help you with that one.

#4631 2 years ago
Quoted from vireland:

Hmm, I don't know offhand if there are EOS switches on there. I ASSUME there are, but you know what that means...

No EOS switches listed in the manual, haven't pulled the lid to verify with my own eyes yet but will next time the PF needs to come up for something.

#4645 2 years ago
Quoted from rosh:

I've not experienced power issues during multiball, at least not that I have noticed, but when I am playing I am typically focused on other things, so I'll have to keep an eye out for that. I assume everyone is running the latest code. If you are experiencing this, try to note what might be happening at that instant, meaning was this after scoring a jackpot or when a ball was being put into play, etc. Also which multiballs, is this TrunkMB, SJ, seance, only when there are MB stacked?

I'm pretty sure the only times I've seen the flipper get weak it is always the left and it is only when I have multiple MBs going that includes SEANCE. That is why I questioned if the magnets firing might be the culprit because it only seems to be during that MB and so far it has never done it twice in a row (the second flip is always strong). It has happened more than once in a stacked MB though.

To those of you having power fluctuations / sensitivity issues how old are your houses and what else is on the same circuit? Just curious if this is somehow tied to how the house is wired. I've never noticed any issue with having other games on, the A/C running, etc., the catapult it just damned consistent on mine.

1 week later
#4777 2 years ago

I've hesitated to post this because I thought it was probably obvious and I would eventually figure it out, but 3 months in and I haven't so.... what's the story behind the "Wasn't there a moose looking for a rabbit?" magic shop sequence? All the rest are very obvious but I still don't get this one.

#4780 2 years ago
Quoted from Ericc123:

Rocky & Bullwinkle I believe.

First thing I thought of but that game is old and it's a squirrel, not a rabbit.

#4782 2 years ago
Quoted from Tuna_Delight:

Bullwinkle was always trying to pull a rabbit out of the hat though.

Ah, never watched it enough to know that. Thanks!

1 week later
#4907 2 years ago

Did a little work on Houdini tonight, installed the Cliffy scoop protector as I could see it starting to show early signs of wear at the exit. This was not your typical 10-15 minute protector install, I should have taken pictures and documented it but I thought I'd just knock it out real quick - NOT! I also installed the shooter lane protector, not that I think it's really needed but since it was a packaged deal with the scoop protector, what the hell. This wasn't as bad as the scoop but still not super-simple as you have to loosen and light the wood side rail and part of the auto-launcher has to come off to do that. Looks nice installed but if you don't want to go to the effort I would still recommend a small piece of mylar to protect the scoop edge.

When I lifted the playfield I noticed a small piece of coil sleeve in the bottom, sure enough the bottom part of the one in the scoop was broken. I replaced it with one with a slightly shorter end behind the ring and hopefully that keeps it from breaking again. I didn't play enough yet to see if either of these improves scoop consistency but during testing it was pretty good.

20180723_191910 (resized).jpg
#4922 2 years ago

I know new code is "coming" but it's really getting frustrating waiting for what I consider to be pretty major bug fixes. Playing games tonight and multiple times the FILM is lit but no matter how many times you hit the inner loop it won't start the mode.

#4924 2 years ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

Which version of the code do you have? It seems like the FILM modes start all the time for me. Maybe check the switches too? That is definitely not a code issue if you are up to date

It is definitely up to date and I've sent in logs of this happening, if I hit the shot once and it didn't start that would be one thing, hitting it three times in a row is a different story. I've also checked that all the switches in the left lock register with balls, not just my finger. I know they are busy but this one has plagued me from the beginning and I am hosting league soon, don't want to exclude Houdini but I may have to.

#4932 2 years ago
Quoted from vireland:

I'm in the camp that says you have bad or badly adjusted switches (switches that work with a slow hit, but not a fast ball, or switch arms that don't register when a ball is rolled over them). Does the diverter to the trunk work okay?

I've ball-tested the switches in the left lock multiple times and they always register perfectly, the ball is also immediately released from the lock so I know the switch is registering. Of course it doesn't happen all the time so duplicating it is a matter of just playing games and waiting for it to happen. I thought I had sent the logs from this but I don't see them in my sent mail so I'll have to find and send them.

I agree code support has been fantastic, just a bit frustrated by this one as I really don't want to leave Houdini out of the league lineup in a couple weeks.

#4933 2 years ago
Quoted from MMP:

I've noticed during multiball when cradling and another ball hits the flipper it will drop. Is this normal behavior?

It is because there are no EOS switches in the game, there is a post or two in this thread about someone adding them to their game but I've not found it to be necessary. Try enabling the flipper hold boost and see if that helps.

#4941 2 years ago
Quoted from vireland:

But what about the trunk diverter? Does that work or do balls always go to the left lock?

Trunk diverter works as it should when lock is lit. When this happens they always go to the left lock and then release from there. I guess it's possible that lock is lit at the same time this happens and it should get diverted but I don't believe that's the case. Something to check though, makes me wonder why it wouldn't go ahead and start the film mode and award the lock but it's possible it's not coded for that error condition.

#4944 2 years ago
Quoted from vireland:

It has to be something mechanical on your machine because it works fine here, and if this was a thing where FILM modes couldn't be started as a result of a code problem there would be a lot more people complaining.

It only happens randomly, so it is possible it's happening to others and they either don't know it or are not on Pinside. I've tried replicating it with the glass off many times with no luck.

#4947 2 years ago
Quoted from vireland:

On Pinside? I guarantee people would be complaining of FILM modes randomly didn't start when they were expecting it. But if it's like 1 in 20 Maybe it would be subtle enough that it wouldn't be mentioned? But I doubt it...
Sounds like a slightly out of adjustment or going bad switch. Also, the ball lock on the left has some slop in it, so depending on where the ball rests, it may not activate the switch arm if it's slightly too far up. Did you try bending them all down a smidge more anyway, just in case?

It's less than 1 in 20 but very frustrating when it does. It may only occur after the random multiballs I experience intermittently (usually after I complete either Metamorphosis or Water Torture), not sure. If the lock wasn't detecting the ball I don't think it would immediately release it, that's why I think it's code related somehow. Will just have to keep on playing and try to capture the logs.

#4950 2 years ago
Quoted from vireland:'re getting random multiballs? Check the 3 opto queue leading up to the scoop on the right. If that's not tight to the playfield, you will get what we called "surprise multiballs" quite a lot. Ours actually fell off eventually from the weight of it, and when I fixed that I realized those optos mis-registering from hanging too low had been the cause of our "surprise multiballs".

I'll have another look but I just examined it pretty thoroughly (again) while replacing the scoop coil sleeve and installing the protector on Monday. Thanks for the suggestions!

#4972 2 years ago
Quoted from vireland:

Yeah, I've asked Josh a few times about balancing the negative calls with some positive ones and/or playing the negative ones less. Maybe have a setting in the system menu for "ATTITUDE - Negative/Neutral/Positive" and have the machine adjust type and frequency of callouts accordingly.

That does probably make sense for a location game, it never bothers me but I am the youngest of 8 so I heard a lot of those kinds of things every day growing up so it never bothers me. I like the call-outs when you hit jackpots in Straight Jacket and Trunk MB, especially when you do well enough to get the "HOLY ****!", cracks me up every time.

#4982 2 years ago
Quoted from Ericpinballfan:

The audience boooing at failed modes makes me laugh.

Boo Meme (resized).jpg
#5021 2 years ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

I’d check that the catapult arm doesn’t have play; see if it needs tightening under the PF

I'd also make sure that it is dropping all the way down, though I suspect the switch wouldn't register the ball being there if it didn't, just thinking maybe the ball doesn't always end up centered in the catapult arm.

#5058 2 years ago

I have never seen my catapult even come close to missing left or right, if it misses the throw was long or short. Are you sure the ball is always sitting all the way down in the cup of the catapult arm, this is the only thing I can even think of that would make it miss left or right unless there is a ton of play in the mech.

#5148 2 years ago

I wasn't going to put the knocker in but I just read this and now it's a must have!

"Modified — if knocker installed, when gun fires in bullet catch — knocker will fire"

#5151 2 years ago

Just updated my game (I was working on other games last night and missed the code drop) and see a lot of improvements already. The LED fade and attract effects are much better know IMO. Unfortunately I'm still getting random MBs, it happened on my very first game post code update. I'm pretty sure it is something to do with the scoop but I've examined, tested and cleaned it multiple times to no avail. I did capture the logs of it happening this morning so hopefully Josh or someone can let me know what the hell is going on so I can resolve it. I do have mine set to about 6.6 incline so I may try lowering it so if it fixes the issue, though I still like the way it plays better this way versus flatter.

#5181 2 years ago
Quoted from rosh:

Sometimes when you run out of budget, you get in your car, drive to a recording studio, yelling all the way to get a raspy voice . . . .

Smoking a pack of cigarettes along the way??

#5184 2 years ago
Quoted from rosh:

So this is after match and after 'fin', but before 'last scores'? Please pull and send me the logs.
Has anyone else run into this?

Just tested a 3 player game and sure enough, after the curtains close following the end of ball 3 for player 3 and before it shows the summary screen the game reboots. I pulled the logs following the reboot and sent them to you Rosh.

#5199 2 years ago

I know the patched code is available and I'm loading it in now but when I was testing to see if a two player game always reset I actually ended up with my highest score ever (~1.76M) on player two and thought great, now it's going to reset and I can't even put in on there. Nope, it let me enter my name and never reset.

#5200 2 years ago

The new code is certainly less insulting but I miss the verbal abuse for missing skill shots and using ball saves. Thanks for the quick fix on the reboot issue!

#5219 2 years ago
Quoted from joeraptor2003:

Sorry to interrupt...
What do you guys think of this?

That's cool but if the idea is to use it in a light-box / frame wouldn't it be better to use the version that doesn't have middle cut-out for the display?

#5240 2 years ago

Is the Stage Front Eject working for anyone? I calibrated the stage again but haven't seen it work yet, it tries occasionaly but at least quickly realizes it isn't working then closes the door and drops in down into the subway so it's no biggie (and certainly the least of my Houdini related issues right now), just curious if it works for anyone else?

#5252 2 years ago
Quoted from rosh:

I suggest trying to calibrate again, and make sure the game is level side to side. If it still does not work, send me a video and I'll see if there is anything else I can suggest. Filing down the lip that the ball can catch on, on the right side could help, but that can create other issues, like rusting.

Any way to make it activate the stage front eject in test you can think of? Otherwise it happens so rarely I'll have a hard time capturing video of it trying to eject it. As it is it never even comes close as it seems the ball is back far enough that the captive ball just kind of picks it up and is pushing it backwards, not forwards at all.

#5258 2 years ago
Quoted from rosh:

The stage mech test walks through each step, you need 'learn' the sequence to know when to put the ball in (e.g. you want to avoid the 'drop' step). After 'close' and 'open' curtain, it is then 'captive ball', then it is 'ready', then 'hold' and then 'eject', so put the ball into the stage when on 'ready'. Using the right flipper then move to hold, which should lower it out of view and then right flipper to eject which should bring it up and eject it.
The way it works is it will raise the ball up towards the back and then as the captive ball comes part way down, the ball will roll around it and out, typically to the right side, unless it catches not the lip. Since the ball is not moving fast, does not take much to stop it.

Not real clear in the photo is the lip, but if you run your finger on it in your machine you will feel/see it.
[quoted image]

Not sure 100% will ever be achieved, the fact it works at all is sort of serendipity, but is cool when it does.
Taking the stage out is not for the faint of art and I strongly recommend not doing it. Taking it apart after taking it it out is an even worse idea, it has to go together very precisely or you will have serious issues. It may be possible to Dremel down the lip and then coat that one little area without removing the stage.

Thanks Josh, I'll run through the calibration again but I don't remember it ever raising the captive ball that high when I did it twice after the last firmware upgrade.

#5275 2 years ago

I re-calibrated my stage again and it still doesn't come close to ejecting it. Game is level side to side and about 6.5 degree incline. I took a video and tried to upload to YouTube but it keeps rejecting it for some reason so maybe this link to it in my Google Photos will work. Not a big deal but may see if there is some other adjustment I can make to get it working.

#5277 2 years ago
Quoted from rosh:

what is the pitch of your game?

About 6.5 still, I would think a steeper game would make the eject work better, but maybe not.

#5298 2 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Got to movie Binge last night at bobukcat ‘s house. Fun mode! Wish I had done better in the movie modes leading into it as I understand the scoring of that mode is determined by how well you do in the movie modes.
Might need to go back and stream the new code. We had some issues where the game is losing track of the balls. Very odd and inconsistent. We saw the game get confused in multiple, very different situations.
Really liking this game a lot.

Yeah, now I have to dedicate all my free time to knocking your Binge Champ and brazy #2 score off my game. Great time and I've sent rosh an email about some of the random MBs and other stuff we saw. This evening I'm going to lower the pitch down and see if anything changes but I don't expect it will because all the switches and trough optos register properly the way it is but perhaps something else is going on. I do love Houdini and I think the general consensus in our league was the same, well maybe not Hobbs because he lost a couple dollars on it.

#5300 2 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

My only dig at the game now that I have plenty of time on it are the jail escape modes. I like the idea of them, but just relies on too many shots that are “shoot and pray type shots”. Other than that, Pretty awesome game.

I'm not sure I follow you on this one, the escape shots are just hurry ups and with mine being set to always have them in the same order AND to easy mode the first one is always the ramp, which only requires you to make it about 1/4 of the way to register the first opto, fairly easy shot from either flipper. Then the right spinner, which is entirely makeable then the keylane (or maybe right inner loop, can't remember for sure, may be the bourbon left over from last night) which is also makeable from either flipper. Unless you get to the last one which is the Milkcan loop I think these are all pretty easy shots in comparison to some of the gymnastics required for some of the illusions and Film modes. Granted you have a limited time to get them but that's why they are called hurry ups.

#5302 2 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

I’m talking about starting them. Need to complete the escape targets when half of them you need to just hope the pop bumpers hit them, then to start you need to hope the ball falls in the hole up there. Maybe if the hole up top and the scoop started the escape modes?

Ah, gotcha! Yes, the APE targets are pretty much a happenstance from the right side of the pops or the ring that's to the left of the stage. I can get a fairly consistent shot to them by banking one off the lower ESC targets but I don't think I've ever completed Escape Death by hitting all the targets in 30 seconds.

#5338 2 years ago
Quoted from jrio101:

Found 2 more sticks and that didn't work either.
[quoted image]

Are you using Windows or Mac?

#5340 2 years ago

Maybe try plugging the USB stick directly into the MPU instead of using the extension cable?? I've never looked to see how hard that would be to access but might be worth a shot if it's not too difficult.

#5404 2 years ago

I'm guessing everyone knows this by now but I haven't seen it mentioned that when you progress to the "Find Houdini" part of Man From Beyond that the call outs only say "Shoot Orbits" but the eligible shot could still be the stage. I think that in the older code it just didn't have call-outs anymore in this part of the mode but I may be wrong.

Also has the call-out for Shoot Orbits (in any mode) changed a little or is it just me, it seems like the way he says it more like ooorbits now?

Managed to get to 6 Houdini letters in a game earlier, had BINGE mode lit and blew it, ended up about 1M shy of my best and a total blast.

#5423 2 years ago
Quoted from Videogod:

Is anyone who has installed the Cliffy's planning on doing an install guide? Here's the message I received from Cliff regarding stripping the play field to install: "Not too hard and not too much to remove. If you know the difference between a screwdriver and a nut driver you can handle it Since I only have a playfield and not the game I havent made an install guide. I've heard from a couple guys who are planning a guide as soon as they get the guts up to tear into their brand new game."

I had every intention of documenting the process when I did mine, then got lost in the process and never took a single picture until it was done, sorry!

I think I mentioned it before but it does require removing quite a bit of stuff though it shouldn't be that daunting for anyone who typically works on their own games. If you think it's beyond your skill / comfort level just put some mylar down over the front edge and you'll probably be fine - plus the scoop won't be slightly more difficult to make as it is with the cliffy installed.

#5437 2 years ago
Quoted from vireland:

Might be interesting for people to post what they have done to give others ideas (and guidelines)!

Here are two I've used on mine but I can't take credit for the images, they were created for our league by a friend that does this stuff professionally. I had him add the red and resize the NKY one for Houdini's needs but it worked really well in WOZ too coincidentally. The Pincinnati one I just re-sized in an editing tool (irfanview) and it worked fine.

20180806_101251 (resized).jpg20180811_144326 (resized).jpg20180816_142816 (resized).jpg
#5458 2 years ago
Quoted from pinballinreno:

9:07 PM wall power is 118-119v.
Game is playing perfectly!
Upped the auto launch by 2.
Lubed the shooter rod with a little lock ease graphite spray it was getting rough and hard to control.
Upped the upper catapult by 2 to make the jump more consistent.
High score now 1.5 million (pinballgoddess of course).
Houdini will be in my dreams tonite lol.

Check the shooter rod and if there is a washer on the inside between the housing and the spring removing it will make it a lot smoother pull.

#5476 2 years ago
Quoted from Videogod:

Anyone else noticed this? On the "Secret Missions," you apparently have to go all the way around the ramp before you can continue, BUT if you go partially up the ramp the red indicator light will advance. This leads you to believe that you can then go for the next shot (ie, orbit or scoop), but when you do the red light just goes back to the ramp, prompting you to start over.

Yes, and I've also noticed that for many modes (Elephant, Grim Game, etc.) when you need to hit a ramp it you hit it slowly and it takes a while to get all the way down the ramp, sometimes with a nice nudge to keep it from dropping through the hole, it won't award the shot at all. This doesn't only happen during MB or when the ramp is lit for a combo secret mission shot.

#5490 2 years ago
Quoted from pinballinreno:

Yes it's been noted that 6 degrees is the default.
Mine was at 5.5 but who knows how level a floor is lol.
The scoop is set up by 1 so it's close to the default.
I'm monitoring it for now.
I would like to backhand the inner loop.
I might have to look at the flipper angle.

You should be able to backhand the right inner loop fairly consistently, most games I'm way more consistent with that than off the left flipper.

#5498 2 years ago
Quoted from Tuna_Delight:

Holy crap - those are supercharged! 37?!

Yeah, mine are 23 and 21 and my game is about 6.5 degrees incline. In addition to back-handing the inner loop I can back-hand the ramp entrance pretty consistently but it only makes it all the way maybe 30% of the time I hit it. I still get a few airballs even at these settings.

#5519 2 years ago
Quoted from PersonX99:

Some players in my tournament reported some issues with Houdini. I was able to witness the following:
On 2nd ball in two-player game (p1, b2), it would eject two balls into the shooter lane instead of one. I placed one in the trough, and it ejected another back into the shooter lane. I placed both balls in the trough, and two balls were ejected into the shooter lane.
This problem was reported to me several times throughout the day. Most of the time, I play one player games, and have never had this happen to me.
Any thoughts on this issue?

I had a similar issue with Houdini in our league play two weeks ago, the game got into a weird, un-earned two-ball multiball and we thought we had that resolved by ending the game, etc. but then the next games if you held a ball (single ball in play) on either flipper for more than about 10 seconds it would launch another ball into play. Power cycle resolved the issue but we did see some random MBs in subsequent games while playing after league.

#5548 2 years ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

Ooooook team...
I just had an incredible game, 25 minutes - only 1.5 million but I cleared 5 Houdini letters, started all 4 FILM modes, started I think 7 stage tricks, cleared 4 escapes and cleared 4 secret missions. I thought I would AT LEAST get a mini-magician mode somehow, from the films maybe? What the hell do I have to do? And the trunk multiball is still way too short for how hard it is to achieve

After you complete all the FILM modes (there are five, not four) you have to spell FILM and hit the right inner loop again, that will start Movie Binge and how many points you score in that will depend on how well you did in the actual movie modes (a shot corresponds with each movie and it's value is based on how you did in that movie).

EDIT: It can be quite lucrative.

BingeChamp (resized).jpg
#5576 2 years ago
Quoted from Pinphila:

Rather than spend my life going back through all the pages, is there a rules post somewhere? Meaning, what you do to accomplish? I thought there was one.

Tilt forums is usually the best place to find rulesheets:

#5580 2 years ago

barryj or rosh are there any adjustments of the stage mechanism possible? I've calibrated mine more than once but based on the video that you posted of the stage eject working I think the captive ball sits high on mine. I don't really care that the stage eject doesn't work but I think it may be causing more rejected shots to the open stage than I should / could be seeing if it sat a little lower.

1 week later
#5749 2 years ago
Quoted from rosh:

Personally I never experience flippers getting knocked down, I think part of it is tied to style of play. The 'hold boost' option in the settings is the only way in software to adjust for it.

I don't see problems with the flippers getting knocked down but I do have problems with the flippers (and usually the left one) losing power and weak or half-flipping during crazy multiballs when the magnets are firing too. It really feels like the coil P.S. gets overloaded and there's not enough there for a flip or two and then it goes back to normal quickly but may do it again during the same MB. I think I have a couple WMS style EOS switches in the parts bin and will try to install them to see if it has any impact on this problem.

Get that bug fix released Rosh game two can wait!

#5761 2 years ago

My stage curtain quit working mid-game last night, power cycle didn't resolve it and it won't open in test mode either. I can hear and the captive ball move during that test and I've verified all the connections to the small board under the PF are good and solid. Will try to test with a DMM when I get time but if anyone has any ideas (I did send Barry an e-mail and will call in a ticket on Monday if I don't have it fixed by then) I'm open to suggestions.

#5763 2 years ago
Quoted from pinballinreno:

Download the new manual if you havent already, its really nice!
Page 7-149 in the new manual has a good breakdown of the stage assembly.
The top screws make it easy to take apart.
Its possible that the servo is loose and not engaging the actuator? Might just need to be tightened down a bit.
Or the servo went bad? Open it up and take a look.

Yeah, I have the manual and it is pretty nice. I just did some basic testing and I believe the servo is bad, when compared to the servo for the captive ball I get very different resistance measurements between the pins going to the two motors and the curtain one is very, very high (~2.3M) whereas the captive ball one is about 16K.

#5792 2 years ago
Quoted from jkashani:

Is there a way to eject all the balls form the game? Something in the adjustments or settings etc?

Sure, there is a Utility in the service modes called "Clear Houdini's Balls".

#5793 2 years ago
Quoted from pinballinreno:

Or unplug it play the game and wait for a free replacement.

Not gonna be too much fun without being able to start any illusions, I guess I could just go for film modes and MBs but that would kinda be cheating. Brings up a point though, might be nice to have a "Curtain Disabled" setting that would just count shots to the curtain as being stage hits when it's set. Many games have this type of setting for mechs in order to keep the game earning coins when something is broken.

I did get a response from Barry yesterday but he's apparently at the Cle-Pin show so hopefully I'll get an idea on the replacement motor tomorrow.

#5797 2 years ago
Quoted from vireland:

I would be extremely careful if you take it apart. If you put it the curtain back on differently, it won't work right because of the pre-programmed open/close points.

I'm going to wait to hear from Barry before I do anything else, thankfully I have eight other games to play!

#5896 2 years ago

Here's an update to my stage curtain servo failing issue. Barry let me know that it is not field replaceable because it has to be programmed and apparently even a slight error in the programming will lead to a very quick death of the servo. This means the whole stage assembly has to be replaced, I was prepared for some serious sticker shock on what that was going to cost since I'm out of warranty but I was very pleasantly surprised by how they handled it. I installed the new stage last night (the number or wire ties I had to cut to achieve this was significant) which is pretty involved, ran the calibrations and fired up the game. Ball would not feed out to the shooter lane so I thought I had left something disconnected but didn't really think anything I had touched would affect that as it's on opposite ends of the PF. After some troubleshooting I determined the MOSFET or pre-driver on the PD-16 board is bad, seriously bummed I STILL wouldn't be able to play my game until I get a replacement MOSFET I decided to swap the two PD-16s. I changed the dip switch settings and did the swap and can at least play now. Thankfully the failed driver is now just affecting one of the spotlights. The front stage eject comes closer to working with the new assembly but still doesn't quite get there so I just disabled it again.

I'm still rather surprised that those motors aren't field replaceable, not an ideal situation at all but hopefully my failure is an anomaly. No idea what could have caused the MOSFET to fail other than "shit happens".

To those saying A.P. won't take care of you outside of warranty I will say that I wouldn't worry about it too much. Thanks to Barry and the team for helping me get back to flipping my game!

#5973 2 years ago
Quoted from pbwizard14:

This thread has stopped me from buying this machine for now. I have a deposit and down payment in at Little Shop of Games, but I am not going to complete the transaction until this machine plays properly from the factory and the posts reflect that. This was to be my second NIB, first was LOTR which I no longer have. Not a Stern fan for any title. I have been waiting for another company and title I could get behind, JJP has good games, but not titles that interest me. This machine looked good and the AP has been working on making it better throughout, but I just cannot finish the purchase until it is completely right. This may still be my second NIB, but for now, I am on the sideline and looking forward to seeing other games that have been announced.

My advice would be to not let it worry you, mine has been great with very minor tweaks and I've done similar stuff to just about every game I've ever bought even used. Unless you have line voltage variations (I don't think I do because the game plays consistently) I think you'll be absolutely fine. My catapult accuracy is 98% and other than a few code things that I know Rosh is working on it it fantastic, I hardly play anything else in my collection right now. Here are the things I did tweak (other than the adjusting the catapults and VUK settings per the initial setup instructions, adjusting game settings, etc.):

1) Slightly bent the left ball guide on the Keylane shot to push slow-moving balls to the right sling or flipper, I was getting too many cheap SDTMs. I did this without having to remove anything from the game.
2) Slightly pushed the targets bracketing the right inner loop outwards as far as they will move without loosening any screws or re-drilling anything.
3) Installed the scoop and shooter lane Cliffys.
4) Installed the plastic protector set.
5) Increased pitch to 6.5 degrees.
6) Adjusted / bent some of the loop and lane switches to ensure they register more consistently with fast shots.
7) Cleaned and adjusted the Pop Bumper switches for better action.

I'm going to install the EOS switches because it should be easy, it's cheap, I like to tinker and I'm curious if I'll be able to tell the difference or not.

#5988 2 years ago

Did the EOS install tonight and here are my steps:

Everything I need, including a nice Sam Adams Octoberfest! I didn't have the stacked tinnerman nuts so I had to use single flat nuts from Home Depot. I also didn't have really small gauge wire but I didn't want to wait so I used the 18 gauge stuff I had laying around. The EOS switches were given to me by jjsmooth and I had the proper .1 Molex pins in the bins so I didn't have to order anything.

I cut some certain to be too long wire sections after finding the proper boards and other switches I wanted to jump the grounds to an soldered them to the EOS switches on the bench.

A good look at the flipper mechs made it obvious that getting the right one installed without removing anything would be next to impossible so I pulled the apron and ball trough out to make for easy access to that side. I mounted both switches and found nearby switches to jumper the grounds to. The decided to use the outlanes on both sides as it was an easy jumper and quick solder connection, a few small wire ties to tidy it up and I was ready to connect to the switch boards. I decided to leave the trough out for now in case I had to adjust or troubleshoot my install on the right flipper.
pasted_image (resized).png

Then I used rosh's instructions to find the SW-16 board the left one connects to, it's the open pin on this connector on the board located under the left side up past the catapult. Because the wire I'm using is too big for .1 Molex pins I had to trim some strands out and carefully measure how much insulation I stripped off. I've re-pinned a couple Bally S.S. games so I'm pretty familiar with crimping these. After I had it installed in the connector I re-connected it and tidied things up with cable ties all the way back to the flipper assembly.
20180917_182552 (resized).jpg

Then I located the board the right EOS switch goes to, it is located right in the middle at the bottom of the playfield near the trough.
20180917_183629 (resized).jpg
20180917_183634 (resized).jpg

Followed the same process to crimp and install this one and also soldered the ground the to ground lug on the right outlane, easy-peezy.

Fired up the game, went into switch mode and tested / adjusted the switches to my liking.
20180917_184654 (resized).jpg

Double-checked all my connections and wire runs, re-installed the trough and apron and started playing. Not hard at all and would have been even easier with smaller gauge wire and the stacked Tinnerman nuts for the switch installs. I do think it's improved things in hectic stacked multiballs but I have seen at least one instance where the flipper still just kind of craps out when you hit the switch, I think it corresponds to the magnet(s) near that flipper firing and it only lasts one flip. So better, but not perfect yet and hopefully they can figure something out in code to address it.
20180917_184818 (resized).jpg20180917_184824 (resized).jpg

#5994 2 years ago
Quoted from circuscinema:

Hi my name is Ylva and me and my wife Linda just bought our Houdini pinball game. Yesterday night we just put in on legs. We haven’t done any adjustments, and we have only time to play 2 games each.
I would love to get a tips of the settings you do in the beginning.
We have other pinball games to buy it’s AP first game and I’m don’t know the menu.
Can some one point me in the settings so start whit.
In my collection we have a Dialed in LE, The Hobbit Black Arrow, Wizard of oz, Game of Thrones, Guardians of the Galaxy and Ghostbusters.
I wounding of anyone knows about some mods for the game?
Best regards Ylva from Sweden

Congratulations on your purchase! If you haven't already be sure to download the new full-color manual from and follow the instructions for coil setup in 3-20. Beyond that I would tweak your flipper settings to your liking but don't immediately think that higher is better as it's definitely not in some cases with Houdini. Next I would suggest you use a ball and roll it through all the lanes where there are roll-over switches and ensure they all trigger at both low and high speeds, sometimes a high speed shot will be far enough to the side of the lane that it won't trigger a switch reliably. Adjust the switch arm heights and position as required. If you don't have cliffy protectors I suggest a piece of my mylar for the front of the scoop, the shooter lane and the outhole under the apron.

Enjoy your game!

#6040 2 years ago

Contact your distributor, they should send you a set of replacement gates.

#6093 1 year ago
Quoted from CUJO:

Yep. I was in a film mode, shooting the spinner lane during the countdown. At exactly zero, I locked the ball in the stage that was to start Bullet Catch. The stage door shut on the ball. Pin sat idle for maybe 10-13 seconds then shot a ball into play out of the scoop.

The Stage Door should be shut when a FILM mode is running, it is never a shot for any of the FILM modes except Man From Beyond which is a shot to the door and not into the stage. If it was open when you were in a FILM mode that's a completely different bug or failure (have never seen it happen on my game) and may explain why the game was "confused" as to the ball being in there.

#6116 1 year ago
Quoted from PhantomO:

Ever notice when you are TRYING to hit the seance letters, you magically make all the lanes and loops?


#6118 1 year ago
Quoted from tatapolus:

You can have quite long games. I made it to the Binge for the first time. What a great machine. Just wish the Wizard Mode would have some new, more thrilling music and a better lightshow.
[quoted image]

#6134 1 year ago
Quoted from vireland:

Just got the notice from AP. New power supplies are available from them for people having issues with coil fade. $150 out of pocket, but they'll let existing customers have a $150 credit for their store to offset this:
September 26, 2018
Our goal at American Pinball is to provide quality games at affordable prices.
As many of you know, some Houdini owners are experiencing weak coils when the incoming AC voltage drops because of external loads placed on the service line. We have incorporated a new 48 Volt Power Supply to offset the effect of low incoming AC voltage on the coils.
We are selling the new Low Voltage Offset Power Supply for $150.00 which includes a switch mode 750-48 power supply, retrofit wire harness, hardware and shipping.
We greatly appreciate our customers and to show this, American Pinball will provide a $150.00 credit* with the purchase of the “Low Voltage Offset Power Supply” to be used either at our online store or towards the purchase of an Oktoberfest “Pinball On Tap” machine.
Purchase the power supply online at
Your Houdini machine needs to be registered prior to the power supply shipping, register your game at
American Pinball Inc.
Phone: 847 893 6800

Thanks vireland I'll be interested to see if this resolve the intermittent flipper weakness in Seance Multiballs. If it does I can use the $150 towards a shaker or/and knocker kit.

#6150 1 year ago
Quoted from PhantomO:

Wouldnt the shaker and knocker put more strain on the power? Will the upgrade compensate for that?

Shaker maybe, knocker not really unless they use it in ways we've never seen before. I wouldn't expect it to be firing when I'm in a multiball except maybe one time if I hit a replay. I haven't played a Houdini with the shaker in it so I don't know what triggers it. Since the offer is so good (it's like getting the power supply free if you buy the shaker and knocker kit) I'm going to order all three and see if it makes a difference for me. I don't have the fluctuating line voltage like some others do and my lower catapult accuracy is 98%. The upper one shows it's only at like 75% but I have NEVER seen it miss so I don't know what's causing that number to be so low.

#6166 1 year ago
Quoted from PhantomO:

I have 70s on the upper catapult too, but it almost always makes it, so I think the calculatuon is funky. Sadly, my lower catapult accuracy is mired at 76%.

Yes, I think the calculation is off and I think that happened in one of the code updates as it used to show very high 90s. Not a big deal by any means for me as it's in my home and I see that it always makes it but could have an operator chasing a non-existent problem if they looked that far into the audits.

#6238 1 year ago
Quoted from hank527:

Selling my Houdini
Low Plays under 200
Side Blades
Shaker Motor
Theatre Decal
I'm in York PA
Games is listed in the Marketplace ads.

Hard to believe there could be a better deal in Pinball than that out there, someone is getting a whole lot of pinball fun for your dollar.

#6325 1 year ago
Quoted from stpcore:

The answer to what's "under the apron" is explained in our podcast interview with Nirmal Vasani (Lead Sales and Marketing Strategist - American Pinball). He shares some very interesting info regarding API manufacturing, Houdini, and new info on Oktoberfest. If anyone cares to listen I've provided a link to the episode below. Disclaimer: not trying to plug our show but thought those here may appreciate the info!

Wow, lots of great stuff from Nirmal, thanks!

#6382 1 year ago
Quoted from pinballinreno:

Thanks! That's what it looks like.
Now, how did it get inside my game?

No, it's actually one of the protectors that slide onto the optos mounted on the small ball trough for the right scoop.

#6383 1 year ago
Quoted from PhantomO:

What are you folks going to use your 150 credit for? I'm thinking shaker and Houdini work shirt. Spare plastics set is a practical choice.

I'm planning on using it for the shaker and knocker kits when I get around to buying the power supply.

#6384 1 year ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

I think I’m going for the glass... how do you guys that have it think it compares to PDI/Invisiglass?

I haven't seen the A.P. magic glass in person but I have PDI, Invisiglass and one sheet of Stern's low-glare glass. The first two are noticeably better than Sterns but they are all still big improvements. I love the stuff but one negative side effect is that when I play on locations glare is very distracting to me and I think it hurts my scores considerably. I guess this would be the case anyway since my games are in a room with very controlled lighting but it is still something to consider.

1 week later
#6536 1 year ago
Quoted from Ockeyhead:

Last night while playing Houdini an air-ball flew on top of one of the plastics & it cracked. The plastic that was damaged is the one directly below the spirit display. Does anyone know where I can find a replacement plastic? Since this machine is brand new I'll definitely be purchasing the plastic protectors.

I'd contact the distributor you bought it from, the guys at A.P. are going to be slammed and recovering from expo next week.

#6583 1 year ago
Quoted from colonel_caverne:

Ok but I don’t know how to complete some of them.
For example one mode is asking to keep shooting the spinner. Until what?
One is asking to hit each target. Until what?

In some of the FILM modes there can be a delay where the screen is animating something before you know you've really completed it. The biggest culprit is Haldane where you have to keep hitting the spinner to make the Water Wheel spin faster until it spins off the axle and the mode is complete. In general though you should always be able to tell when illusions have been completed because all the inserts will flash Red several times, there will be cheering and the music or other background sounds stop. There will also no longer be instructions on what to shoot next on the small screen.

#6591 1 year ago
Quoted from BarryJ:

You didn't get a little piece of paper with a QR code on it? That had your code on it.. For any reason it is lost, email me at with your name and s/n of your Houdini and I will email you your code!

Any ETA on the knocker kits being back in stock, I'm ordering the Power Supply and would like to use my credit for that and a shaker kit.

#6594 1 year ago
Quoted from CUJO:

Seems to happen only before bullet catch and the ball goes into the stage and locks.
Is there a way to test to be sure it's the mech and not the software?

If the stage door is opening and closing and the captive ball is successfully allowing the locked ball to drop through to the subway (feeds the scoop lock/kickout) I don't think you have a defective motor or assembly. Can you better explain what happens? Bullet Catch should progress like this:

Stage is open and captive ball is in the "hold" position.
Ball enters stage, door closes, mode starts.
Captive ball lowers (you can't see this as the stage is closed) and drops ball into scoop lock.
Ball is released into play, depending on where you have balls locked this may come from the scoop, the left lock or a new ball from the trough is ejected from the shooter lane, this is random but most often will be from the scoop.
Right inner lane is lit to "load the gun"
Hit right inner lane, ball is diverted to VUK, kicked over to the lower catapult and shot into the trunk. Trunk diverter should not open thereby "locking" the ball in the upper catapult.
New ball is entered into play, again this could be from any of the three possible locations.
Shots are lit, one at a time from left to right, starting with the Milkcan loop, moving to the left orbit, stage alley, key lane, etc. until you hit that shot which will then "fire the gun and catch the bullet" and start a two ball multiball by launching the ball from the upper catapult into play. During this MB whatever "fire" shot you scored and the right inner loop will score your bullet catch award until you lose one ball.

#6607 1 year ago
Quoted from Audioenslaved:

Has it been raised that there’s no indication of where the ball is going to be released from after it being staged either on the left, or the scoop or being flung from the trunk. I find that a little frustrating.

This was brought up a long time ago right after the game started shipping and rosh (who wrote the code for the game) has stated it is on purpose as he feels it fits the theme.

#6609 1 year ago
Quoted from Audioenslaved:

And I find I’m getting rejects from the milk can shot more often than not. It bounces back from well within the shot too

Yep, I get them too mainly with really fast shots, slower ones will go through no problem. This is very similar to the behavior I get from the Crystal Ball shot on WOZ which is very similar though CB does have a spinner as well.

#6621 1 year ago
Quoted from zahner:

I am curious about the power supply as well since I await the delivery of my machine any day now. Regarding the software issues, I just played the best game I have ever had on a distributor's demo model, which has the latest update, and it crashed after I finished [aka: "FAILED"] the Master mode - said mode being totally cool with inverted flippers and crossed arms and total chaos.
Prior to that, I was dealing with the Metamorphosis mode and completed it for the first time. As I progressed, it went into a very awesome strobe-dark-flashing multi-ball presentation that was great. Part of Metamorphosis?
Can't wait for mine to arrive. Such a great game. Hoping the software issue is resolved. Also eager to see how Oktoberfest is in person to compare American's efforts.

The dark mode with the roving white inserts is actually a FILM mode called Man From Beyond, it's awesome. I haven't made it to Master Magician mode yet but it's a known fact that it crashes after that mode and the developers are working on that. The inverted and reversed flippers are an option you can choose to play in Straight Jacket Mode too (you choose either reversed or reversed and inverted).

#6639 1 year ago
Quoted from mcbPalisade:

From your web page. Your marketing guys and gals must have thin scrotums!
[quoted image]

22 > 20, pretty basic math right there. I feel there is another scrotum joke I'm missing out on making here but I'm trying to be polite.

#6647 1 year ago
Quoted from mcbPalisade:

AP - do an excellent job on O.F. Don't release it before it is thoroughly tested and ready. Don't update the code 40 times after it is shipping.
All the above could have been worded in the positive sense for O.F. but I feel the above applies to your first machine.

So you rip on them for the 22" and "over 20" stuff and then throw the 40 code update thing out there?? My GOTG has had way more code updates than Houdini has and the initial code on Houdini was WAY more baked than GOTG or most Sterns initially ship with. Neither are even close to approaching 40 or even 20 though.

The A.P. crew has also been very good about listening to feedback from customers and addressing legitimate issues in a very professional way, in my experience. Nothing is ever perfect and if manufacturers (of nearly any product) waited for code to be completely bug-free you'd see one new product every 25 years (I can do hyperbole too, yay!).

The ax you have to grind with these guys should be really, really sharp by now.

#6648 1 year ago
Quoted from rosh:

I guess if we had said 22 on everything instead of 'over 20', we would have sold hundreds more. Wait, maybe we should calculate the distance the ball travels side it does move along an arc, so maybe we could go even higher! Also good thing we said over 20, since I'm sure if we said 19, half the guys here would not have bought! Show of hands, who would not have bought if we had used a number under 20"wondering if I really need to put a sarcasm emoji

I'm just upset it's not listed as "over 508mm" to make it sound even more impressive and to cause all us Americans to convert mm to inches!

#6688 1 year ago

I received my power supply upgrade yesterday and got to nearly the last install step only to realize one of the connectors on the wiring harness is not assembled correctly. It has one socket in the connector to the old P/S that should be four pins.

The impressive customer service I'm used to from A.P. did not disappoint though, Barry respond to my e-mail on a Saturday night and told me he'd ship me a new harness first thing Monday, in the meantime I'm going to hot-wire the new P/S to the service outlet so I can see how it affects the game.

#6713 1 year ago
Quoted from jacobrogers:

While reading the Pinball News American Pinball visit article, this stood out to me:
"American Pinball source their playfields from two different suppliers, and there are a few telltale differences between them, such as the type of pattern used to diffuse light in the inserts and the hardness of the wood."
Does anyone have details on the difference in the patterns used in the inserts? Someone earlier in the thread mentioned frosted vs jeweled. Is that the difference?

I wondered about too, would love to know more. I'll also be sure to closely compare mine to the other one(s) at our upcoming local show.

#6720 1 year ago
Quoted from PhantomO:

I got the chimping penalty on straightjacket tonight. After a couple warnings, it was "Jackpot reduced." I was trying to cradle, with inverted flippers, by holding in the buttons.
[quoted image]

I do think the chimping penalty is too easy to incur particularly when you have either or both Trunk / Seance MB going too. It's still a blast and I always choose the inverted and reversed option.

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Quoted from Audioenslaved:

I'm really appreciating this game more every time I play it. Stage alley shot is hard and I'm not sure what is meant to happen once you hit it. Are the red arrows meant to stop flashing (in general play)? And when you shoot key lane when it's flashing what does that do?

Two big pay-offs from the key lane are opening the stage if closed via one-shot instead of needing multiple hits to the stage door after the first illusion has been performed. (The first shot to the stage door in a game opens the door, subsequent ones need multiple hits). Once the door is open hitting the stage via the stage alley rewards 2x scoring for that illusion.

If the Key Lane is flashing it's because it is for an illusion (Red). It is always the first shot for Chinese Water illusion and can be lit eventually in Bullet Catch, it will also flash to indicate Pops are lit for Handcuff. Hitting it for the illusion progresses you towards the next step in that illusion (next shot will be lit or flashing red). More details on the rules can be found here:

Edit: Key Lane Also Flashes to indicate hitting the target will open the stage curtain when closed, forgot about that one.

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Quoted from CUJO:

Same thing I am experiencing too..Also only happens on 2 Player games for My Chickie Poo & I

I'm still seeing it sometimes even on single player games. I had an instance just last night were I started Trunk MB. Ball save is flashing and one ball drains very quickly but it doesn't get saved and I have two in play, I'm bricking everything and lose another ball and it saves that one leaving me with a 2 ball MB instead of three. This is just one example of stuff I see happen more often than I care to count. It can be tough to know what should be happening at times because of the random way the game decides where to release balls from.

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Mine came with the shaker, art blades, and magic glass. As I recall, I was charged an additional $300 for the three items, there were no additional charges for installation. I’ve heard that installing the art blades is pretty difficult, so I was happy to have them do it.
All in all I’m very happy with the purchase. Game looks awesome - especially with the cupholder

I highly encourage you to buy or make a set of art blade protectors BEFORE you lift the playfield the first time. The playfield is very tight to the sides on Houdini and the metal piece at the end of the wireform that drops the ball in the lower catapult (trunk launch) is kinda pointy and can easily scrape or tear those blades. Pinball Life and possibly others sell them, it seems like a lot for what they are but cheap insurance to prevent a hard to repair / remedy accident. If you have or acquire other games with blades they can easily be used to protect those too when you have to lift the playfield.

My thanks to the others that pointed out this need to me before I installed mine!

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Interesting game behavior I have had happen a few times:
Right flipper drops during seance mb with trunk mb running without being touched by a ball.
It just drops when a magnet or the shaker fires or both at the same time. Its not a short, its a code or electronic issue. It doesnt happen every game so its hard to track down exactly what is happening.
Its possible that its code related, something like when the game loses its ability to track balls during a very high speed game and you have to reboot.
I have the new power supply. I have seen it before I installed the new power supply.
This annoying bug remains.

I'm still seeing drops, weak / half flips and other such behavior during MBs too, most often when Seance is running. I see it more on the left than the right and sometimes it's like it is fluttery instead of a good hard solid flip. I had hoped the new P/S would resolve this but it has not. I was going to report this but planned to measure the output of the supply so I could adjust it if it's low, will try to do that tonight. I also have the EOS switches installed which did not address it at all. If the P/S output is where is should be I'm going to try to setup my DSLR just aimed at the flipper area and try to capture video of this happening.

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Double flippers exit extra ball animation in game as well as end of ball,

Let me add, if I may (have been meaning to post these for a while so I'll piggyback on Reno):

This or pause the timer when an Extra Ball is scored in the Card Toss video mode.

Man from Beyond doesn't seem to end gracefully - the light show keeps going for a bit after it's down to one ball and the music ends, then the lights go back to normal, the screen stops the "Find Houdini" then the MFB lightshow kicks back in for a few seconds. It confuses people that haven't played the game and keeps you in a "penalty phase" after the mode is no longer scoring.

Count shots to the right inner loop that get diverted and flung into the trunk when you hit them, not wait until it goes through the trunk and is registered in the upper catapult or in the trough.

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Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

I know EXACTLY what you are referring to with the “fluttery” flippers and the drops. I absolutely was getting this. Now I am not, or at least have not. What version of code are you running?

I'm on a Beta version (forget the date code but can post it later) and have seen this exact behavior in every build.

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Quoted from pinballinreno:

I agree with LTG, loose wire or cold joint at cab button or elsewhere. Loose or defective switch.
Losing power due to bad connection is the most likely culprit.

Except I think I'd see the problem other than only during multiballs that include Seance. I've tested and cleaned the flipper switches (keep in mind those are low power) and the EOS have also been tested and adjusted properly. The problem existed before the EOS switches though, so I can't see that being a problem either. I've also re-seated all the connections to the PD-16s and double checked the wiring on the coils, it is all tight and clean.

I don't have a digital o-scope to try to catch the coil pulse when it happens or I would.

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