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American Pinball Houdini thread

By lllvjr

3 years ago

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#1826 2 years ago

I’m looking forward to this but would really like to play one before laying out 10k AUD for one... but for what I’ve seen it looks really interesting and well integrated

3 weeks later
#2054 2 years ago

Any idea of when games might be ready for export to Australia? I'm really looking forward to seeing and playing this.

3 months later
#3776 2 years ago

So when are the Australian games looking like getting shipped? Game looks awesome and with $$ ready for a pin I’d love to get this one

3 weeks later
#4259 2 years ago

Just preordered my game hopefully won’t be too long getting over to Australia now

#4260 2 years ago
Quoted from Josho:

I just cleared the red on the "tilt" feature by testing the plumb bob and touching it to the ring.
But I have no idea how to test the Left Locks 1, 2, and 3.

From the sounds of things you haven’t hit those switches in a while. But I’m just guessing from what you’ve said in this post. Maybe pull the glass off and hit those switches.

1 week later
#4406 2 years ago
Quoted from rosh:

were you doing reversed or reversed and inverted? Sounds like inverted, where it will be up and you need to hold the flipper buttons in to drop it down, and then release the button when who want to flip (then hold it back in again to drop it down). But if inverted, both would be up, so . . .

Ok I thought reversed was bad! Inverted too! Mind blown!

1 week later
#4572 2 years ago

rosh do we know when the Australian Houdini’s are going into their casket?

#4579 2 years ago
Quoted from rosh:

There are two down there now with Wayne, and Melbourne Silverball did a stream from there last week. FYI, Martin did give some incorrect info on the rules, but in his defense, he does not like to know the rules when he first plays the game, so he was figuring it out as he played. What was funny on that was with the skill shot, the things he felt had little value, imho, have the highest value (milkcan multiplier, light outlane modes)
Wayne is taking orders now, and I think he is looking to place his order with us in the next week. Not sure how quick those will hit the line, but suspect within a week or two of the order. I know the coin doors have been ordered.

I’ve already ordered one and getting a wee bit excited. To be honest I think I’ve watched a few minutes of gameplay but I might wait until I get it to figure it out.

#4590 2 years ago
Quoted from rosh:

I like when I can just learn the rules of a machine organically, and then after I have the basics figured out, go read up to see what I am missing. A lot of the strategy and details of game play are easier to understand once you have a sense of the basic game play. Often though, you can't fully appreciate the game until you understand the rules.

That’s how I came to appreciate the hobbit. I watched Karl DiAngelo’s video and went ahh so that’s how you start a fking mode... but I’m super stoked that the games aren’t too far off from being made and then leaving

3 weeks later
#4898 2 years ago

rosh any idea when the Australian order might be leaving the warehouse? I’m looking forward to mine arriving in the next few weeks!

3 weeks later
#5365 1 year ago

A container full of Houdini’s has left the factory and is headed towards the dock to be loaded for Australia. I can’t wait until it arrives hopefully in th next few weeks

#5419 1 year ago

Does anyone know if mantis have done protectors? I’ve got a cliffy on my xmen but don’t like that it effects slow moving balls

4 weeks later
#5953 1 year ago

The container headed to Australia should be landing in the next day or so! I’m SUPER pumped to be getting my game hopefully by weeks end

#6009 1 year ago
Quoted from Our_Man_in_Oz:

Oh wow. I didn't even know and I've been talking to Wayne about other stuff just this week. Hopefully they get turned around and shipped out early next week, would be ideal, wife's away first week of Oct lol! BTW, I had a minor panic attack when I first read this and thought oh no more money to cough up, but quickly realised they're all prepaid unlike Deadpool lol.

I think Wayne either got the container today or is getting it tomorrow. How are you getting your machine up?

#6034 1 year ago
Quoted from HOOKED:

Anyone speculate production numbers yet? Maybe someone who recently recieved a nib pin can post a serial number and born on date.

The Australian Houdini’s arrived and there’s one numbered 1469. So it’d be safe to assume somewhere between 1500-1700 mark

#6071 1 year ago
Quoted from RipleYYY:

but what if Dialed In is Houdini !?


#6233 1 year ago

I’m going to be a little disappointed if I’ve got to spend another $250 AUD after spending 12k to make the game play properly. It’s not the end of the world but I’ll never be buying direct from AP being in Australia so hopefully they sort us out through the distributor. I just feel it’s $250 I shouldn’t have to be forking out l. But we’ll see how our distributor figure it out.

#6236 1 year ago
Quoted from pinballinreno:

Its also quite possible that you won't even need the power supply upgrade.

Here’s hoping.

#6249 1 year ago
Quoted from rosh:

Next release ready for some owner beta testing, PM me if interested in being a guinea pig. Bug fixes and improvements, not much new.

Matt also doing music for Oktoberfest -- quite different and suspect it will be very well received, the team here is really enjoying what we have gotten so far.

I’d love to my games sitting a hour from my home and I’ve gone away for the week next week I’ll get to play my first game on it

#6362 1 year ago

Second game ever and first game on my machine. Plays nicely just have to figure things out!

E0B01BD1-5309-4F59-9227-9A662CF4AC0C (resized).jpeg
#6364 1 year ago
Quoted from vireland:

What's that, about 1,400,000 US?

Bahaaaaaa that’s awesome! But yeah give or take a little bit ;P

#6366 1 year ago
Quoted from Ballypinball:

Glad to see a couple more Aussie games out of the box

Yeah finally got mine home and out of the box today

#6367 1 year ago

Tight shots like everyone says but manageable

2 weeks later
#6604 1 year ago

Has it been raised that there’s no indication of where the ball is going to be released from after it being staged either on the left, or the scoop or being flung from the trunk. I find that a little frustrating.

#6605 1 year ago

And I find I’m getting rejects from the milk can shot more often than not. It bounces back from well within the shot too

1 week later
#6729 1 year ago

I'm really appreciating this game more every time I play it. Stage alley shot is hard and I'm not sure what is meant to happen once you hit it. Are the red arrows meant to stop flashing (in general play)? And when you shoot key lane when it's flashing what does that do?

#6739 1 year ago
Quoted from bobukcat:

I'm still seeing it sometimes even on single player games. I had an instance just last night were I started Trunk MB. Ball save is flashing and one ball drains very quickly but it doesn't get saved and I have two in play, I'm bricking everything and lose another ball and it saves that one leaving me with a 2 ball MB instead of three. This is just one example of stuff I see happen more often than I care to count. It can be tough to know what should be happening at times because of the random way the game decides where to release balls from.

This has happened to me also.

Quoted from rosh:

Entering the stage that ways doubles the value of the stage mode.

Sweet! I guess I’m clanking that shoot too often for it to be effective more often than not. Will have to look at maybe adjusting it a little.

Quoted from bobukcat:

Two big pay-offs from the key lane are opening the stage if closed via one-shot instead of needing multiple hits to the stage door after the first illusion has been performed. (The first shot to the stage door in a game opens the door, subsequent ones need multiple hits). Once the door is open hitting the stage via the stage alley rewards 2x scoring for that illusion.
If the Key Lane is flashing it's because it is for an illusion (Red). It is always the first shot for Chinese Water illusion and can be lit eventually in Bullet Catch, it will also flash to indicate Pops are lit for Handcuff. Hitting it for the illusion progresses you towards the next step in that illusion (next shot will be lit or flashing red). More details on the rules can be found here: http://tiltforums.com/t/houdini-rulesheet/3934/15

Thanks for that. I’ve done it once or twice before and I’ve seen a 2x on the screen and I thought I clicked with it being that. It’s just that the shot will bounce around in that small area (same with the key lane shot) more often than going all the way through to the stage. Is it an adjustment or just my poor shooting? I’m guessing the later...

3 months later
#8220 1 year ago

rosh can film modes be started before the ball is shot either into the catapult or from the catapult as a catapult miss negates the film mode starting. And currently my catapult isn’t very accurate!

#8222 1 year ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

Inner loop shot starts film modes, not catapult - if lock is not lit, and a multi ball is not started, the film mode should still start. Actually I think you can start even during some multi balls

After a ball is shot into the catapult if the film mode is ready to go it will start. But if the ball fails to go into the trunk the film mode won’t start. Ps I love man from beyond film mode

#8236 1 year ago
Quoted from rosh:

The inner loop shot when lit is how you start movies. If the ball gets diverted due to the lock being lit, it will then route to the upper catapult vs going down to the subway (was a good way to get the upper catapult to have more to do), and the movie will start. If movie is lit, it should always route to the upper catapult and not go into the subway. Keep in mind you can not start any mode, movie or stage, if you are in multiball. You can always start either of the multiballs no matter what is going on, even if it is a stage or movie multiball, the only exception is the mini-magician modes.
It is of course a great idea to be sure to have Movie lit, before locking a third ball and starting Multiball, since they will then both start together.
Having the movie mode start on a catapult failure is not something I have looked at. Given the intros and stuff I tend to like for the ball to be held at the start, so the player knows what is happening, but it is something I will give thought to. Lock and Trunk MB will still happen on a catapult miss.

Compeletely understand that the film mode will start when you shoot the inner loop but my problem is when lock is lit and a lock is not secured through a catapult shot a film mode does not start then you have to reshoot the inner loop shot. I’m guess you could start the film mode either a before the catapult launches or b before the vuk shoots the ball across to the catapult. Times would have to be stopped or slightly elongated due to the ball still having to go around with the catapult but at least it’ll start every time and not be dependent on a successful catapult shot. That or I just fix my catapult.

I had a look at the catapult tonight had the glass off and bam 5 in a row. Glass back on shot right and short and in. Mildly frustrating!

#8256 1 year ago
Quoted from pinballinreno:

Do you have the power supply upgrade?
It stabilizes the catapult and adds more power to the game.
Mine hasnt missed in 100's of games.

Apparently it’s not needed in Australia... but by the sounds of things I’m going to have to fork out for it. About $350 AUD

#8260 1 year ago
Quoted from luvthatapex2:

If its working fine would you buy the power supply add-on?

Problem is it’s not working fine and I’m getting frustrated that my film mode isn’t starting when I make that shot when lit. It’s a great game still just frustrating

#8289 1 year ago
Quoted from Hdmike444:

Got about 5-6 games on it last night and going to spend a few hours playing now absolutely beautiful out of the box !
I had to fix the eyes they were driving me crazy though
The leg is factory, rt is my fix that I’ll refine a little better
Last is with both modified
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Wow that’s awesome! Just some opaque plastic underneath?

#8421 1 year ago

Spoke with Barry this morning and he just made life easy

1 month later
#8781 1 year ago

Yeah I’ve had that too

4 months later
#9447 11 months ago

Had a great game on houdini tonight. Finally got around it moving the C target to the left and whoa Nellie what a difference that makes I can now consistently hit that inner loop shot and not have it rattle around and dribble back down! Catapult is still not hitting though. I don’t think it’s made it in the last 50 throws although it is hitting the same spot now with the upgraded power supply... I’m trying to find the definitive instructions but the thread is so long and is super frustrating!

#9448 11 months ago

Has anyone had issues where the ball disappears in the milk can shot only to reject? I can hit the shot somewhat consistently enough but just seem to get rejection after rejection. Do I need to bend the rail on the right somewhat I’m kind of baffled as to why the ball is rejecting after going well past the start of the plastic

#9453 11 months ago
Quoted from bobukcat:

Where is it hitting? I assume you've tried adjusting the strength in settings, what is it currently set at?

It’s landing on the ramp at the moment. I’ve tried elongating the holes and moving it around too not much luck. It’s either on 26 or 27.

#9454 11 months ago
Quoted from pinballinreno:

Bend the flatrail so it's not as extreme of a bend.
You can also loosen the flipper bats and droop or lower them 1/8" from the factory setting.
Many shots are easier with the flippers drooped slightly.

It’s not that the shot is difficult it just rejects when I do hit it. I feel like the ball goes around the curve and then spins back up or maybe hits the guide rail on the right and comes back up.

#9456 11 months ago
Quoted from pinballinreno:

Physically rotate the catapult mech. Loosen the 4 mounting screws and twist it.
If that's not quite enough, elongate the holes in the mounting bracket to give you a little more adjustment.
See my posts on this, if fully documented at this point with pictures I think mostly...

I’m searching this thread for just your posts. They should really be a sticky so they can be easily found or even their own separate thread.

Quoted from zahner:

About an hour ago I tried that tape that was suggested (post 9096, I think - picture included here). I installed a small piece, didn’t adjust the scoop at all, and my rejects virtually went away. I was having about 50-60 % reject, and now I’m at virtually zero. Thanks!!![quoted image]

Did you just install the tape and no bending?

#9458 11 months ago

The catapult looks straight in the hole

A180D515-A4B6-4430-A10E-2AA29E5C2A90 (resized).jpeg
#9459 11 months ago

Just bent the lower catapult and tested 10x and well I’m astonished to say it went it 10x in a row! I bent the opposite way the instructions said too. I pushed to the outside of the cabinet rather than the inside, I was missing right all the time. Now I hope to see an improvement from my measly 40% (I doubt it was that high) success rate!

DA11DAC5-DB21-422A-927B-25CB029731CE (resized).jpeg
#9460 11 months ago

Just played a game and I think 1/3 went it so a little more adjusting needed

#9462 11 months ago

Just played another game and it missed all 3x to the right lol... more adjustments!

#9466 11 months ago

So I made a slight adjustment to the catapult again tonight and tested. 18/20x the shot is made! So then I go and play some games and it starts missing again to the right. I’m guessing it has to do with one of the screws holes being stripped and not holding it properly. But in saying that the shot is being made 90% of the time in test!

#9469 11 months ago
Quoted from pinballinreno:

Stuff the stripped hole with 2 or 3 small pieces of toothpick 3/8" long) or bamboo skewer and a drop of titebond glue.
The screw will tighten up. Try not to strip it out again on reassembly, it will dry good as new or better.
Lower the strength 1 notch if it's going right.
Monitor the voltage at the wall.
Houdini doesnt like voltage lower than 115v, even with the upgraded supply.

I’ve got 240V so one would hope I never get that low in voltage but I understand that a 5v+/- will change things. I think I might do that to all the holes as one of the others feels a little slack too

#9476 11 months ago
Quoted from zahner:

I hate to state the obvious, but have you spoken to the people at American Pinball? Before you go down all these different roads, I’d give them a call. Whenever I’ve had an issue, which honestly was very rare and much more minor than any of this stuff, they were very helpful with me. Just a thought.

I haven’t no only because I’m in Australia and the time difference makes it a little hard. I’ve either got to call at midnight or somewhere between 6 and 8am when I’m headed to work. This is really the only issue I’ve got with the game and I seriously enjoy Houdini when it’s firing on all cylinders. I just hate making that inner loop shot when film is ready and lock is lit only to have the catapult miss and the film mode not start. It’s dissappointing. Although moving the C target had made that shot a boat load easier

#9478 11 months ago

As I mentioned earlier though I tested 20x and all but 2x went in and they shot left when they did. But during gameplay it seems to be hit and miss. I might record several games and record the voltage too just to see what happens.

#9480 11 months ago
Quoted from pinballinreno:

I think your very close to sorting it out.
Shooting left is low power generally.
Shooting right is high power.
Ideally the ball should end up just right of center if properly adjusted.
This leaves some room for variation.
I spent weeks on it.
It's just a fine adjustment sometimes.
But power fluctuations do affect it.
The upgraded power supply helps a lot, but it's not petfect.
I have a variac but it's not attached right now.
I've had a few misses since unplugging it. But not many.

Yeah I’m thinking a video and throwing it up on YouTube so I can show Barry what’s going on. Are there any fine adjustments on the power supply?

#9481 11 months ago

Ok just played a game and had 4x catapult shots missed voltage ranged from 235-241V all in he span of playing 1x game. All hit approximately the same spot to the right too. Catapult was set the 26 in the settings. First shot with catapult set to 25 hit the face of the trunk.

Pulled the bracket towards the outside of the cabinet and tested balls hit lip of trunk and go in... voltage ranges from 235 to 239 and set to 26. When set to 27 will either just miss to the right or hit high and go in.

Catapult 27
1 237.5v in middle
2 237.4v in right edge
3 237.5v in middle
4 239.5v in middle
5 238.7v in middle
6 238.1v in middle
7 237.2v in middle
8 235.7 in back
9 236v in middle
10 236.4v in middle
11 238v in middle
12 237.1v in middle
13 238.5v in middle back
14 237.2 in middle
15 238v in middle
16 239v in middle
17 241v in middle
18 239v in middle
19 238.3v in middle
20 238.2v in middle

Well no missing over 20 shots and you can see the voltage has a 5v swing from top to bottom and is ALL over the shop in however long it takes to throw the ball and the come back out of the scoop so probably 6 minutes to do the 20x tests

Now to test in game...

#9483 11 months ago

In game 1st catapult shot 238v shot right!! All that changed was that I put the fking glass on!! 2nd and 3rd catapult shot 239v misses right! Same again during 4th attempt miss right 239v

Changed catapult to 26
1st in game attempt goes in...
2nd attempt in...
3rd off he face at 240v

Frustrating to say the least!

#9485 11 months ago
Quoted from DanDanDAN:

Send Barry an e-mail he will be happy to arrange a convenient time to talk or he may be able to help you in e-mails

Yeah I emailed him letting know what I’ve posted in here and other things too

#9488 11 months ago
Quoted from pinballinreno:

This is what caused me to put on the variac.

But as you can see with all the varying voltage changes and glass off the catapult made 20x in a row! Put glass on miss, miss what!!!!

#9491 11 months ago

Spoke with Barry this morning it’s always a pleasure. I’m going to repack the holes to get a better screw hold, clean the mech and see what happens from there. Fingers crossed really love the game!

#9501 11 months ago

So after relaxing the holes and cleaning the catapult mech I had 12/13 test shots make it! Put the glass back on 4/6 shots made it with the ones missing hitting the front of the trunk. Do I shim the part of the catapult closest to the flipper with a washer so that part sits off the playfield?

#9504 11 months ago
Quoted from zahner:

Before doing that, if you haven’t already, try bumping up the power for the catapult one point at a time and see what that does. Weird that the glass makes a difference, assuming that the ball is not hitting the glass, which would also be weird.

Going to 27 with the holes fixed makes the ball hit the ramp (first time it’s ever done that too! Before it used to just hit to the right of the trunk) unfortunately so I could loosen and redirect the catapult more to the left but it looks like it’s smack bang in the middle of the cutout. If I shim the bracket up closest to the flippers that should give the catapult a higher loft and hit more in the middle of the trunk?

#9505 11 months ago
Quoted from zahner:

I just cut the tape (see post 9455) to the same width as the guide (that I now see are a bit sloppy, oh well). You can see the ball track in the metal of the guide beyond the tape, so lower appears to be better.
Still hitting without obnoxious rejects. If the beginning and end points are critical to success, hitting that particular length was nothing more than serendipity on my part. However, I’d suggest matching what I did just in case.
Here’s the pictures.[quoted image][quoted image]

Ah perfect thanks for this pic I was wondering exactly how you fixed it

#9514 11 months ago
Quoted from mbwalker:

Thanks for the heads up, Platypus. Maybe it's changed since?
Looking on Amazon, there's a clear option. Wonder if it acts the same?[quoted image]

Yeah I couldn’t find it on amazon or anywhere for that matter.

#9531 11 months ago

So I’ve filled in the holes, drilled and screwed the bracket down, I’ve also raised near where the arm is on the catapult wish a washer and set the coil power to 27. I think I had one miss in approx 20 or 30 test and thus far one miss in game BUT that was during seanse and man from beyond so EVERYTHING was going nuts. Fingers crossed! Really enjoying this game!

#9533 11 months ago

Yeah it’s definitely been a frustrating road to here but it’s making the shot during “normal” play so I’m very happy with that! It was just frustrating until now because I hadn’t moved the C target and that shot was just so hard to hit regularly.

Josh has absolutely nailed the code on this one and Barry’s support is awesome.

#9538 11 months ago

After a year of ownership you’d think you’d be able to beat the first game you every played on your machine? Nope! Still haven’t cracked it yet and that game was 1.9mil... come on I’ve got to do it!

2 months later
#9754 8 months ago

Question: why do we need a code update? It’s a pretty good game as is. The two things I’d ask for is starting the film modes before the ball is launched from the catapult so the film mode always starts and for timers to stop when the ball is held for on screen stuff.

2 months later
#9959 5 months ago

So my catapult is playing up AGAIN! Glass of 20/20. Glass on 0/3. Fml. Glass on shots missing far right. Glass off shots going bang in the middle of the fking trunk

#9960 5 months ago

I’ve found if I bend the bracket towards the outside of the cabinet it’ll work for about 4 or 5 glass on catapult shots. Wit the catapult set at either 27 or 28 glass off 30/30. I put the glass on played a game (was a cracker of a game too 2.112mil) first 6 maybe 8 catapult shots went in! I had trunk multiball go a couple of times and I’m sure the ball made it into the trunk during multiball too. The next few missed. I’m guessing I’ll need to bend the bracket a bit more towards the outside of the cab again. But damn it’s frustrating to have it work glass of all the time and then all of a sudden stop working

#9962 5 months ago
Quoted from pinballinreno:

Glass on or glass off sounds like the ball is barely scraping the glass maybe?
Thats really strange.
I do have it miss once in awhile during heavy solenoid use periods.
I was thinking of going to an even bigger upgraded power supply.
Maybe 1200 watts. This would give the game a little more ceiling for power utilization.

I tell you what it’s absolutely infuriating! I’m thinking I’m sweet 30x in a row glass on 0!!!! And it goes from in the middle of the trunk to somewhere around the middle between the trunk and the upper catapult wire form.

#9964 5 months ago
Quoted from zahner:

So, it must be hitting the glass since that’s the only variable. So, your arch is too high. Is there anything mechanical that is causing the catapult to stop a bit early, like the solenoid stop is adjusted in too far In or something else that causes the ball to leave the arm a tiny bit early? Weird.

I had a look at that I think it might have been grazing the plastic around the catapult area and pushing it that far right hence if I bend the bracket as if it’s missing left, according to the instructions (towards the outside of the cabinet), it clears the plastic and now shoots properly with glass off. I’ll try and bend it a bit more and we’ll see what happens from there.

But I’m truely perplexed

#9969 5 months ago
Quoted from zahner:

So, it must be hitting the glass since that’s the only variable. So, your arch is too high. Is there anything mechanical that is causing the catapult to stop a bit early, like the solenoid stop is adjusted in too far In or something else that causes the ball to leave the arm a tiny bit early? Weird.

I tested this theory about hitting the glass with my hand about 1/2” below where the glass sit and it didn’t hit my hand until it was a little further down, say 15mm, and when the ball did hit my hand it just knocked it down. Tested again tonight 20/20 in the trunk glass on 0...

#9970 5 months ago

I too a slow mo video too and it doesn’t look like anything is happening with the mech either

#9971 5 months ago

I do realise the mech is a little skew in the hole but glass off 20/20!

FEE5B324-D468-4C0C-B90F-ADCDECBC455E (resized).jpeg
#9972 5 months ago

And here’s a video to show 10/10 catapult launches with glass off.

#9973 5 months ago

Sorry I lied it was 11/11!

1 month later
#10121 4 months ago
Quoted from stevebighead:

Looking to buy this pin as there are some really good prices right now. Had been considering Dialed In but that would cost at least $1000 more. For those of you who have played both how does Houdini stack up in the Home environment?

I have both games and I’d probably give the edge to Houdini. The modes are refreshing and the shots are tight. Whilst the current iteration of the code the game is a little talky but in saying that it’s also part of its charm. Everything fits with the theme and the game looks beautiful. I like all the multiballs especially man from beyond as it builds with shots, although I think there is a bug with that mode as I can never seem to find Houdini (if anyone can chime in here that’d be great). At the end of the day it’s personal preference if you’re not a fan of tight shots I’d advise against Houdini

#10124 4 months ago
Quoted from GSones:

I'm installing the beta code tonight. Curious to see what the changes are.

Yeah me too I’ll be downloading it shortly

#10147 4 months ago

Ive upgrades to the beta and I’ve had some balls end after a fair waiting period too. It seems like the ball tracking issues haven’t been quite resolved yet. I’ve gone into switch test and it showed all 6 balls l. I had a reset when in coil test and I ejected 2x balls one after the other.

#10161 4 months ago
Quoted from pinballinreno:

Do you have the upgraded power supply?
You might have loosly fitted wires in the wall-nuts?
Resets might be power related.

I’ve never had that reset issue before. It happened when I ejected two balls rather quickly and has been the only reset I’ve ever had. So I’m taking it rather loosely. Yes I’ve got the upgraded power supply and I’m still having trouble with my catapult unfortunately

#10165 4 months ago
Quoted from pinballinreno:

Did you straighten the catapult in its slot?
That is the first step.

I’ve figured out the ball is clipping the wire form ramp on release at higher power. It’s only ever so slightly but that what’s causing the issue

#10174 4 months ago
Quoted from pinballinreno:

Its so weird how it works but can be adjusted to work near 100%.
Lower power pulls the ball to the left and higher power pulls to the right mostly.
Getting the catapult super straight in its slot gives you a clean starting point.
Then adjust as necessary as far as sideways angle and power levels.

I think it’s more the violent nature of throwing the ball at speed. I noticed that whenever I increased the strength of the throw that yes that ball is getting thrown right. The ball only gets thrown right because it’s hitting the wire form and hence why the ball gets thrown further and further right with increased speed. It’s only a slight hit but that hit is enough to send it careering off to the right.

I only noticed this because I was readjusting for the 50th time and just decided to touch everything as the ball laubched. I felt nothing on the right ramp. I did however feel something on the woreform. It was only a slight tickle but something nonetheless. And that’s why moving the bracket one way or the other ever so slightly misses the wire form. I was thinking about using the dremel on the wireform to take off a mm or two but moving the catapult bracket was better. So hopefully my catapult journey is over!!

#10186 4 months ago
Quoted from Looney:

I understood from the get go that a 28 yr old machine would need significant coaxing. And its been quite rewarding fixing it up. I would expect a new machine to require significantly less attention, am I wrong? I must have botched my profile there is only 1 DW, lol.

There’s a few things you’ll probably have to adjust (unless they’ve done so at factory) like the catapult, the c and e switches moved slightly and one of the switches in the ball hold lane needs a little adjusting. Other than that it’s been pretty good and I’m going out the back now to see how my latest catapult adjustment has taken. Just remember if the balls going right it’s hitting the wire form ramp.

It’s a tight shooter and the shots are different I think that’s why people don’t like it. I was only going to sell mine out of pure frustration at the catapult.

#10193 4 months ago

I don’t know if you can see it but at the corner of the flat piece of metal on the wireform the corner has been beaten up where the ball has been hitting it consistently to form that slight ridge. I’m going to cut away at that slightly as the first few games today ball was deflecting

C5B4D604-7E14-4EB8-954A-32926880F77E (resized).jpegC6064EC1-615D-4B8C-B15F-8D8380BFB9B3 (resized).jpeg
#10216 3 months ago

Just had an error where I was putting in a GC score put in my initials NJC after pressing start on J the cursor went to end, I moved across to C pressed start the announcer said C so I moved to end and it deleted C and put in =. The ball got lost a couple of times on ball end too

#10217 3 months ago

rosh I’ve sent you the game logs

1 month later
#10427 87 days ago

First world problems during a pandemic... So how about that Houdini pinball hey! Still can’t get my catapult right still a cracking game

2 weeks later
#10482 71 days ago

Wow just had a MONSTER game and I didn’t do too much in it either. I managed to get to 4x milkcan multiplier mixed with 2x mode scoring on bullet catch with the left loop as the load shot, trunk multiball AND Seance multiball for a 4.195m score!! Wow just crazy! The only thing that annoys me in this game is my catapult not hitting 100% of the time

image (resized).jpg
#10485 70 days ago
Quoted from Rascal_H:

Great score! Whoever had my Houdini before me put some kind of mod in to make the catapult hit 100% no matter what I have the game leveled at. Have never seen it miss. Wish I knew what they did haha.

Can you take some photos maybe I can figure it out. Failing that ship the game to Australia for me

Quoted from bobukcat:

Holy crap, 4M in 5 minutes?!?! Well done, all of my scores anywhere over 2 Million are at least 20 minutes long.

It was ALL in that sequence. And I’m going to say it was ALL the left loop shot. Base scoring on the left loop 50k x 4 milkcan 200k per shot adds up to 4mil pretty quickly

2 weeks later
#10522 53 days ago

I’ve had this game for about 2 years now and I’m guessing the super skill shot is the magic target? Yes being very ignorant here as I’ve never read it

#10577 49 days ago

rosh I heard on the deadflip stream of hot wheels that game loads in like 10 seconds. Is that quick boot going to be ported onto Houdini? Every time I make an adjustment to the catapult I’m faced with these waaay too long boot times to try to correct

#10579 49 days ago
Quoted from bobukcat:

I admit I got excited when I heard that too but my hopes are not high for that happening as it sounds like a lot of the underlying code like the graphics engine have been replaced and I suspect that means all the assets in Houdini and OKT would have to be re-done to work with it. Usually when I post something like this rosh tells me I'm wrong , here's hoping that my streak continues!!

Me too. So after all my tinkering with the catapult the things that make it miss are both the wire form and the plastic ramp. On higher power the ball will clip the wire form ramp making it shoot right because of how it clips the wire form on the solid piece near the catapult. If the catapult is angled slightly incorrectly it will hit the plastic ramp. There is a VERY NARROW line for the catapult to be so it A misses the wire form and B misses the plastic ramp. I’ve modified the solid piece close to the catapult so hopefully it hits less. I tested with the glass off and the ball went into the catapult the majority of the time. I’m still getting ball losses at time but I’m sure rosh will fix this. It’s a great game we’re the minor flaws really annoy me. The catapult adjustment being the biggest one

#10583 48 days ago
Quoted from Ferret:

Sorry, folks, I wouldn’t hold my breath for the fast boot to come to Houdini or Oktoberfest. We completely rewrote the American Pinball A/V system, and Hot Wheels is the first game to use that... unfortunately it’s not just a drop-in replacement for the old A/V, so the previous games would more or less have to be rewritten from scratch to use it.

That’s fine with me it just more annoys me whilst I’m trying to fix the damn catapult. Turn off, move catapult, turn on a minute later catapult hitting something else... reboots because I tried ejecting 2 balls a minute later keep testing, turn off move catapult, pull hair out because you can’t get it right...

#10585 48 days ago
Quoted from pinballinreno:

I elongated the metal catapult mech, mounting holes in order to direct it exactly where it needed to be.
With the catapult arm exactly centered and straight in its slot. The tiniest variation makes a huge difference 21" away.
I did carefully force the plastic ramp over the the right about 1/16", carefully I filed out the mounting holes over a couple of the posts a little bit. I didnt remove it. More like bending it slightly inward.
As you have seen its a very close fit, so tiny adjustments yield good results.
The rest was just working with the power settings.

I’ve elongated the holes and cut some of the solid piece of the wire form and also bent the side closer to the flippers down a little. As you’ve seen a power level up and the ball hits the wire form a level down hits the face of the trunk, I don’t know if rosh can code finer adjustments or not but I seem to be someone who needs that extra 1/4 or 1/2 coil power (as pinballinreno just said the trunk is 21” away that little adjustment is ALOT). I hopefully got it in a place last night where it hits consistently but I’ve seen it hit 20-30x in a row breathed a sigh of relief been happy and then played the next night and it’s missing again! I need to get the catapult right so I don’t sell out of pure frustration.

I do really enjoy this game rosh has done a fantastic job of coding this game it’s truly refreshing because he gets you shooting everywhere and everything but the catapult has me frustrated beyond belief and the game looses balls annoys me thoroughly too. Would I sell because the game looses track of the ball probably not but not being able to get the catapult right has well and truly annoyed me to that point.

#10590 48 days ago
Quoted from bobukcat:

Are you seeing the reset when you start the Clear Balls utility too? I'm on the Beta code and mine just started this, I've sent Josh the logs.

I see it when I eject two balls (no matter length of time between) from the ball trough. I haven’t tried the clear balls utility, I assume that it’s be the same though.

#10593 47 days ago
Quoted from PhantomO:

Note about trunk catapult adjustment. I have noticed that after working fine all winter and spring at a 29 coil setting, the catapult started coming up short and hitting the lip of the trunk. This coincided with the start up of my central AC unit. This can't be a coincidence. Yes I have the upgraded ppwer unit installed. I raised coil to 30, and it shoots off to the right of the trunk, a common problem when coil power is too high. I was able to correct this by adjusting the angle of the mech. I had previously widened the screw holes in the coil bracket. I have had to make this positioning adjustment a few times over two years. I think the screws loosen over time and the angle shifts on its own. That is a drawback of widening the holes.

The catapult isn’t actually throwing the ball right. It’s a by product of the wire form ramp being so close the ball actually hits the wire form and richocettes right. To me it’s a little bit of a design flaw and certainly a fking punish to get the catapult in the right spot that misses the plastic ramp and the wire form and then goes in the trunk that’s 21” away

#10612 45 days ago

It’s a great game just had a monster bullet catch paired with trunk multiball. I’ll miss it when it’s gone but the catapult problem paired with losing track of the ball has me thoroughly annoyed. If these problems were to cease I’d certainly pick one of these bad boys back up again

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