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Alternative translite for World Poker Tour

By The_Dude_Abides

7 years ago

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#26 5 years ago

Is the Chill one the postcards style version? Someone asked me to do a WPT translite and I said there was no point, that one was already good. But I'd heard it was no longer available.

#28 5 years ago

Ah, so I guess my info about them not being available is good. That's too bad, I thought it was really nicely done. Tasteful, fit the theme, felt stock. Definite improvement over stock for that matter. It was honestly the reason I didn't try making one myself. The game definitely deserves an alternate!

#30 5 years ago

Yup, that's the one I was thinking of, he did a great job. Knowing he's not making them kind of makes me want to try my hand, but I dunno that there's really enough demand to even do a print run. My friend has a WPT, he could use it badly, but I think he's going to try and sell it at PAGG.

#32 5 years ago
Quoted from gweempose:

WPT has one of the ugliest translites in all of pinball. IMHO, it's way worse than the stock Shadow translite. If you made an alternate, you would sell a lot of them.

Maybe I'll play with it, not like I need more projects though.

"95 Pinsiders have this game in their collections."

Not exactly coming out the woodworks here.

#36 5 years ago

Yeah, nothing is gonna make this game a show queen, but that translite is just awful. I mean really bad.

If I could get maybe 20 people in I could probably do an alternate since Chill bailed on it, but I dunno if I can get that many together. I had an idea I started that was kinda similar, same kind of passport stampy feel, but when I saw Chill's I bailed on it, his was already good, no point in competing. But if he's really out and there's demand I could look at it again.

#38 5 years ago

I guess if I feel serious about it as some point I'll start a thread, see if there's any interest. It doesn't seem like a ton of Pinsiders own it though, might be a little too obscure of a title to make it work. I really need enough people to make a minimum print run, and justify my time spent on it.

#41 5 years ago
Quoted from mezzblue:

I'm interested......I'd like X-rated!

World Penetration Tour?

#49 5 years ago

Maybe I'll dig up my old file, see where things were left.

1 month later
#56 5 years ago
Quoted from Pinballer22:

I have told him a couple times I bet he would be surprised how many he would sell

I dunno, if you check Pinside it's just not a game with a whole lot of numbers behind it, I'm not actually sure it would do that great. I'm still willing to look at it though. My friend who had one sold it, so that kind of killed some of my personal motivation to do it.

I've got a couple other projects that I'm behind on that would need my attention first, but I'll keep it in the back of my head.

#59 5 years ago
Quoted from gweempose:

The game did not have a large production run. The factory translite, however, is universally loathed.

That's because it's f-ing hideous. No disrespect to keefer and his game, but it's got one of the worst translites ever made, I truly can't stand it. If my friend had kept his I would have been motivated to do one just to not look at his anymore.

"94 Pinsiders have this game in their collections"

I actually had thought it was more like 70, that's not bad. Well, like I said, I really like what Chill did, but if he's not going to make it available any more I'm willing to try something. I just need to find some time to mess with it, which is what I've been saying about Star Trek ... It's easy to slip in a Pinside post while I'm at the computer, harder to find a few solid hours at a time to work on design.

#61 5 years ago
Quoted from pinball_keefer:

It wasn't my art direction, or even Steve's. It was all Gary and Marc. I would go so far as to say Steve and I were actively ignored WRT pretty much all of the artwork.

This shocks me about as much as the discussion about the shooter for that game.

1 year later
#64 4 years ago
Quoted from karl:

I guess you have plenty of other stuff to do at the moment, Aurich, but I would buy this in a heartbeat. Just bought a WPT and I am really happy with it. The backglass, not so much
I know you do quality design since I have already bought Shadow and Helen from you, and Alien soon too
Please keep us wpt fans in your mind the next time you are looking for a project

Heh. I did consider it once. I'll be honest, on the list of fun projects to do, this just isn't that high on the list.

Also, to be honest, I think I'm pretty much done with making Stern alt translites. I have no desire to have a project shut down by them again. I'll stick with mods that have no branding on them.

#66 4 years ago
Quoted from lowepg:

WPT really needs alternate voice work more than a translate

Retheme the whole game. Make it about a way more classic and classy poker setting. Not cheesy TV shit. Then it's suddenly a classic, because Keefer rocked it.

#70 4 years ago
Quoted from Charliew65:

I will also take one Aurich! Thanks

Can't tell if you're joking or just didn't read carefully, but just to be super clear, I have no plans for anything involving WPT at this time.

#76 4 years ago

Over at Ars Technica we have an animated smiley that's banging a hammer, now I wish Pinside had that.

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