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All time best playing game?

By erak

13 years ago

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    #1 13 years ago

    I was thinking, what is the best all time playing game?

    Not the most popular, or most collectable, or most features/toys, or best theme.

    But in your opinion, what pin has the best all around play?


    #2 13 years ago

    I've played alot of machines for hours on end, but my all time favorite is Cirqus Voltaire

    #3 13 years ago

    LOTR for depth and all around greatness. But SM is a close second, more flow but not as deep.

    #4 13 years ago


    #5 13 years ago


    #6 13 years ago

    I've always had a great time with TOTAN, when I can find it. Every shot it a blast, even the skill shot

    #7 13 years ago

    Well according to this poll, just like the IPDB's rating system, because of limited number of votes (but the most) Spiderman wins!



    #8 13 years ago

    I can't honestly judge yet because there are just too many "A" list games out there that I haven't really played yet. So Jury is still out for now I guess.

    That said, I do love the flow of Spider-Man and it is a fantastic game! I also really enjoy the flow of Taxi when I get it going!

    #9 13 years ago

    I'll have to go with Star Trek: The Next Generation on this one. The thing just flows like nothing else.

    #10 13 years ago

    I agree with drbond. Star Trek: TNG is the best flowing and best playing game out there! It's like Spider-Man on steroids! Similiar flow to Spidey, but with tougher and longer shots (Delta ramp), deeper rules, and more toys.

    #11 13 years ago

    STTNG - they just did that game right, I dont have enough time on spidey to compare, I've played alot of spidey but just don't own one - if it were just flow I may have to go with ToM some how that center loop just is amazingly fast

    #12 13 years ago

    I know it is probably biased the only machine I own TOTAN. I just love playing that machine and Ive had it a while now. I know people will question this but I played Monster Bash for the first time at PPE, I played it a lot and just loved it. Can I put three? Come on please. I also just love how Spider-Man plays. For me that would be the dream 3 to own TOTAN, MB, and SM.

    Erak, sorry I did not answer your question it is just sooo hard to pick one you know what I mean?

    #13 13 years ago

    with Cirqus V broke I play alot of WCS94 thats my best game at home. Star Wars Ep I when I'm at the store, and TZ when I'm out at Jimmy's place( I've got five machines there, ran outa room here)

    #14 13 years ago

    Monster Bash is one of my favs Savage23. I don't know if I would want to own one for the price people ask for (some funny guys wanted $6500 for a reconditioned-route MB), but its definately a fun game. You get a chance to play the excellent condition MB (HUO?) sitting next to the INCREDIBLE condition Funhouse (the one with the strobe plungers)?

    #15 13 years ago

    For me its Whirlwind.

    #16 13 years ago

    drbond, I did get a chance to play that one for extended periods and it was in excellent condition and great fun! I know people ask a lot for MB but really the price they are selling for unless its totally reconditioned is more around the 4,000 to 4,500 range from what I have seen. Still expensive but I wouldn't mind getting one some day when I have the cash to do so.

    On a side note, I did not care much for the Avatar pin at all unfortunately. Just not a pin I enjoy playing.

    #17 13 years ago

    I pick the one you find most attractive via repeat playability, childhood memories, and interests

    #18 13 years ago

    I enjoy TAF myself.

    #19 13 years ago

    BK2000 will always be my #1

    #20 13 years ago

    my wife said WCS 94 is her fav but Playboy 02 is close second( she's limited to the games I have though theres nothing even close to here to play)

    #22 13 years ago

    I own BOP and I hate I have a problem with it because you can get a great flow, then get rejected with so many little things. Plus, I hate that female mutt so much I took her to a sandwich place and left her there.

    #23 13 years ago

    thats funny K

    #24 13 years ago

    Spiderman is so much fun. It's just pure flow and fun. Upgrade to LEDs, shaker motor, and pinball pro sub and it's just badass.

    #25 13 years ago

    Attack from Mars, I want...

    #26 13 years ago

    The good news is, she does tricks and makes like $30 a month is quarters. It's better this way

    #27 13 years ago

    So far, still Spidey in the lead. If you had to pick one?


    My personal pick out of these is TOTAN just because of the original theme/artwork. I have played the others but have never played a MB, except on visual pinball.

    I actually didn't like Spiderman all that much, however the one I played first had issues. So I was kinda turned off by it. I might give it another chance.

    The only Stern pin I have enjoyed, and keep playing when I see it is LOTR. Backglass is terrible, but overall its a solid great playing / fun pin. I will actually consider owning it some day.

    #28 13 years ago

    I enjoy LOTR but it doesn't strike me as very challenging. I've actually gotten bored keeping the ball in play for so long.

    #29 13 years ago

    I think if LOTR did not have the Palantir where it is currently, it would be just as silky smooth a player as MB.

    Why is Demolition Man not in your list Erak? Surprised no one has mentioned DM yet, as far as good players go. If you have played a DM with rebuilt flippers, and waxed playfield.....oh man, that game is fast and the shots are super wide. Incredible flow in that game with killer combo shots at the upper flipper.

    #30 13 years ago

    If the question were smoothest playing game with the most flow I'd go with Demo Man. The game has a good layout and plays silky smooth, but what kills that game is the terrible rule-set. The left side of the playfield isn't worth shooting for, nor are any of the modes due to the unbalanced scoring. The games consist of shooting the same 4 multi-balls over and over and hitting jackpots and combos. I owned the game for a couple years and enjoyed it, but in the end the rules were too shallow and unbalanced to make it a long term keeper. It has great music and is a bargain at the price it goes for, but it's not in the same league as games like STTNG or LOTR at least in my opinion.

    #31 13 years ago

    I vote spiderman for pure play fun. I suck too bad at playing to vote for STTNG yet. It bothers me that Popaduik puts a clunky object in every game which clunks it up for me. At least in WCS94 the spinning ball is off to the side. That stupid lamp adds nothing to the layout on TOTAN for me. I wish CV didn't have that chunky ball in it, either. Am I the only one who feels this way, I wonder.

    #32 13 years ago

    Don't say that seanymph .. you never suck "bad"

    (quoted from "subby")

    #33 13 years ago

    I have never played Spiderman, but I own BOP, STNG, and TZ. I have also played LOTR and DM. I still enjoy TZ above all, but I would put the others .....1-LOTR 2STNG 3BOP 4DM. I am surprised no one mentioned MM....unless I overlooked that one. I would put it right after TZ.

    #34 13 years ago

    MM (and AFM) is a VERY good player twizz63. Probably not as good flowing game as say DM, Star Trek: Picard Edition, or Spidey....but its sure as hell fun.

    #35 13 years ago

    Very few votes for TZ. I'll go with Future Spa, and Orbitor takes a close second. :-p

    I own TAF, STTNG, and TOTAN out of your list. For playing STTNG has the most shots, and if you don't defend those outlanes forget about it. Warp 9.9 is a really tough wizard mode to achieve as well. It doesn't seem to work well for tournaments though, I rarely see it.

    TAF, most just complete the mansion, ramp, mansion, ramp, mansion, ramp, mansion, you get the point.

    TOTAN seems to be great for everyone, because it doesn't punish you like STTNG will, it looks flashy and the animation and lights attract most.

    I vote for Trek. :-p

    #36 13 years ago

    "For playing, STTNG has the most shots, and if you don't defend those outlanes forget about it ..."

    There is a guy over at Pinball Bash that was working on a mod to address this. Unfortunately, I don't think he was able to come up with a reliable solution. Here's a link to the thread:


    #37 13 years ago

    Theatre of Magic used to be my favorite game to play, I always thought it was easy to score on. Now my favorite game is Spiderman, I love the flow of the game and I can score good on it !

    #38 13 years ago

    I love the dogfight ramps on the williams Indiana Jones. It's too bad that the mode hole is such a ball stopper.

    The black knight 2000 upper loop flows like crazy. It would be the perfect game if the rules set was a little deeper.

    #39 13 years ago

    VT8man right on about STTNG!! Mine punished me many times but I still enjoy and play it quite often. I think that becouse its quite a hard game to play, that my playing skills really improved over time.

    #40 13 years ago

    STTNG is a great game, no doubt. When you combine the widebody design with the open playfield, it makes for some very long and challenging shots. It really forces you to be very precise with your aim.

    #41 13 years ago

    the delta ramp is my favorite shot in pinball

    #42 13 years ago

    Cirqus Voltaire followed by STTNG

    #43 13 years ago

    Monster Bash or Whirlwind for me.


    #44 13 years ago

    I wish I could try this Spiderman machine, from what I've read it seems to be winning the poll.

    #45 13 years ago

    Funhouse is a great pin : Pat Lawlor at the summum of his art.

    #46 13 years ago

    Cirqus Voltaire, Star Trek Next Generation, Indiana Jones (Williams) are all amazing as are several more 90's Williams/Bally machines. Favorite Sterns are Spidey, Shrek, and LOTR.

    #47 13 years ago

    Cirqus Voltaire, Star Trek Next Generation, Indiana Jones (Williams) are all amazing as are several more 90's Williams/Bally machines. Favorite Sterns are Spidey, Shrek, and LOTR.

    1 month later
    #48 13 years ago

    Black Spiderman,the best looking and playing pin there is
    Loose the lame sling shot plastics, add some custom ones,some custom target decals,some Steve Ritchie colored webbies and a red DMD.
    I am a lucky boy,looks great next to MM


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