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ALIEN PINBALL - Game Over, Man, Game Over

By HeighwayPinball

4 years ago

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Post #15501 Copy of update posted to Facebook by the new HP Posted by Dust2000 (1 year ago)

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#17 4 years ago

I don't want to go off-topic but it seems this is also a good marketing strategy and could help bump Full Throttle sales since Alien table will fit in same cabinet as Full Throttle.

#78 4 years ago
Quoted from rad:

I had told myself that I wouldn't do a pre-order given recent pre-order situations (not related to Heighway). However, I'm really liking the theme and the info on the layout and I might need to re-think my concerns about pre-orders.

Pre-ordering without knowing the financial solvency of the company is a bit to risky for my taste. Id assume fox wouldnt give there license to just any company but that information would need to be known to me.

1 month later
#387 4 years ago


I think your twisting your philosophy into a scenario that doesn't exist and creating animosity towards Heighway Pinball. The creation of this thread and leveraging the user base shows that pinside.com is an obvious asset to Heighway Pinball. If Andrew said he won't make anymore updates here and will only update on the preorder forum that would be an appropriate time to say what you said. In the meantime your just pissing off non-preorder folks and making them pissed at Heighway Pinball.

#432 4 years ago

Let them ship some games and let them be good, until then I see a pic of an empty warehouse.

#453 4 years ago

The thing about the LE that has me interested the most is "Fibre Optic Ramp Lighting" which sounds similar to TronLE. If I could get a mod to add that, I think the Standard would be good for me also.

#455 4 years ago

RobT, how you know all this?

2 weeks later
#491 4 years ago
Quoted from RobT:

Thanks for weighing in on this so quickly Andrew.
As disappointed as I am that Dennis has left prior to production of Alien, I am still excited about the pin.

Not excited enough to pre-order

#494 4 years ago
Quoted from RobT:

Of course not.
I don't preorder.

Then why post there is zero chance with him leaving?

It seems like there was a chance prior, but now your going to wait till you can play it.

Just admit your contradicting yourself and move on.

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1 week later
#608 4 years ago
Quoted from SLAMT1LT:

Glad to be joining this thread. I'm Russell Speak, Media Producer at Heighway Pinball.

Mr. Speak, Although I'm not pre-ordered I want to let you know Heighway Pinball has me pretty excited for 2015. One of the reasons is the companies communication in this forum and obviously the assets/info you've released so far. Thanks for joining and I look forward to additional details being released in the upcoming months. I think an Aliens pinball would like really nice in my office!

#625 4 years ago

I hope your agreement precluded him from making a pinside account..

Post edited by ZenTron: nyob

2 months later
#798 4 years ago

4 months ago Andrew said "The whitewood will be built within the next 2-3 weeks, and then testing will begin."

I'd say the game gets released around Labor Day..

4 weeks later
#848 4 years ago

The last official announcement I'm aware of said Aliens was shipping in April (next month). If Andrew/Heighway Pinball is so transparent they should state their revised ETA for shipping. It seems pretty obvious there is no way the game is shipping anytime soon..

#873 4 years ago

No official revised release date announced makes me disagree about the communication being super great. Im a potential customer and was thinking of preordering an LE but so far i feel like im glad i didnt. Its shame that has to be the case.

#879 4 years ago

I appreciate the information but im under the impression Alien isn't close to the assembly line phase so it isn't like FT is holding up its manufacturing. I don't want to come in here and knit pick but super great communication would incorporate accurate information. If a company wants to be transparent with their communication, I would just like it to be accurate. When it comes to the knit picking, I can list multiple missed milestones besides the inevitable significant delay when it comes to shipping this pin which I expect to be announced soon.

I am aware Andrew is basically the General Contractor of this pin and is dependent on a lot of different sub contractors located in different countries. These countries have different cultures, speak different languages, use different currency and celebrate different holidays. I learned all that in the good ole' public schools of the USA. I also understand there are steps when working with a licensor like Fox and Andrew has to follow there time-line. What I don't understand is why he said at Expo in October the game would ship in April. I don't expect a real answer but I think an apology and a more accurate ship-date would be appropriate. That is what I would consider to be "super great" communication.

#919 4 years ago

After a few years and some titles released this SE cabinet w/ swappable parts sounds like it has some great potential with its versatility.

1 month later
#1025 4 years ago

With the license / talent involved in the project, I don't question it has the potential to be an awesome pin. I just question why Andrew would make the statement below. Even though "everyone" can agree on a specific date there are variables outside peoples control. I don't understand why he continues to box himself in a corner by tossing out specific dates/months. In October 2014 he said the game would ship in April which caused a spat w/ Dennis Nordman. Now we have ~90 days for this "global launch". What is a global launch anyway? It sounds like a prototype that might not ship for months after. My advise would be to not state a specific date but just have transparency and show people progress. If I was in on this game, id rather a six week delay to make it better then have someone try to aim for a specific date. So the game should ship and be ready when its done.

"So what does this mean for the timeline of this game? Everyone involved with this game is in agreement that we are going to target the UK Pinball Party, on 21st-23rd August 2015 (at Heighway Pinball’s factory in Merthyr Tydfil, UK) as the global launch of this game."

2 weeks later
#1050 4 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

I'm not comfortable giving any kind of update, that's really Andrew's role, but there's lots of work being done.

thanks for the update!

4 weeks later
2 weeks later
#1296 3 years ago

Since price has been mentioned, what was up with the "show pricing" at Pintastic for Full Throttle? Will we start seeing "show pricing" for Aliens?

1 week later
#1570 3 years ago
Quoted from karl:

I do not mean to be negative here but no chance in hell it will be finished in 2,5 weeks.
2,5 months, maybe. Even that timeline is doubtful. It is just the way of dealing with a big studio licensee.
Of course, I would love to be proven wrong.
Anyway, a couple of more months is peanuts compared to other announced machines and I have no problems with waiting a bit longer.
Since Full Throttle production has just barely started, they are still on track regarding the 4 months between games model

From what we've seen, it looks like this title will ship in 2016.

2 weeks later
#1666 3 years ago
Quoted from HeighwayPinball:

Clearly we have learnt some lessons about the licensing process. So what does this mean for the timeline of this game? Everyone involved with this game is in agreement that we are going to target the UK Pinball Party, on 21st-23rd August 2015 (at Heighway Pinball’s factory in Merthyr Tydfil, UK) as the global launch of this game.

2 weeks later
#1753 3 years ago

So Fox said you could reveal parts of game at UK show ?

#1756 3 years ago
Quoted from nephasth:

If you don't like what they're doing, don't pre-order. Pretty simple concept. And isn't DP's manufacturing mostly done by third parties?

So you're OK with folks who haven't pre-ordered and just attended the UK show getting to see features of the game when folks who pre-ordered don't?

They can't blame licensing restrictions on not being able to show the game but then show it to folks who attend a pinball show at their facility. That contradicts what they are saying and should be a little concerning.

#1785 3 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

People at the show were allowed to see artwork, not sure what else since I wasn't there. And yes, with Fox's permission, provided there were no cameras.

See above. No contradiction. Fox was cool with showing unapproved concepts in person with no media. Nothing else has been approved for public reveals as of this moment that I'm aware of. It's a process, you have to let it play out.

I do think it was advantageous to show folks at the show some progress, especially if you can get some new buyers.

One contradiction is that Andrew says on 8/19 "Realistically, we are targeting UK and USA events in October as launch events." You say yesterday: "I'll be at Expo. Dunno what if anything we're showing from Alien" I'd just recommend you guys figure out whats going to be revealed at Expo if anything and communicate this on a united front.

#1810 3 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

That's my bad, I shouldn't have said anything. It's not my role. This is Andrew's company, I'm just helping out with a project, need to not overstep my boundaries.
I will be at Expo. I don't know what the plans are as far as showing things, it's not mine to plan. That's all I meant, but I didn't help things the way I phrased it, and I'll be more careful.

Aurich, I appreciate and respect your response.

In "sought of" related news I saw your full alternative Star Trek graphic set for the first time in person on Saturday. My friend in Columbia, SC picked up a brand-new ST Pro and his other friend bought your kit as a gift for him. I know its cliche but the pictures don't it justice and it looked fantastic in person. Having you part of the art team working on this pin was definitely a good move on Andrews part.

1 month later
#2610 3 years ago

For the preorder folks:

If Heighway removed the playfield screen but gave you the small screen in backglass as an included feature but offered the large screen as an upgrade, would this be a deal breaker?

1 month later
#2894 3 years ago

My dad saw pic of pf art yesterday on andrews phone and said it looked awesome.

#2922 3 years ago

If i got Aliens it would be on location so i'd get large screen. If its sitting in your basement I can see opting for small one or none on backbox.

1 month later
1 week later
#3523 3 years ago

I have a feeling when artwork is released the LE's will sell out fast.

#3526 3 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

Or the refunds will fly fast and furious, you never know!

From seeing your work in person and from my dad getting a glimpse of some of the art from Andrews phone at Free Play Florida i doubt that will be the case. I think the LE preorder folks will be thankful they dont have to stress about getting an LE.

For me personally im looking forward to seeing the standard since id put it on location.

#3799 3 years ago

What are thoughts on the gray armor shown on the standard? I think black would be better

#4294 3 years ago
Quoted from EchoVictor:

thanks for the quick response.
If I might make a suggestion.....if you're up against licensing only giving you some of the assets, there are two I feel you absolutely MUST have;
Sigourney Weaver and Bill Paxton.
Obviously Ripley is the main protagonist, having the most focus in both movies, and let's face it.....Hudson has all the most fun quotes from Aliens anyway!

The two obvious ones Andrew would want and the most hardest, not sure this is a suggestion but happy friday!

3 months later
#5685 3 years ago

66 new posts of nothin'

#5699 3 years ago

I hope SFGE is one of the shows

#5714 3 years ago

I'm sure if you had money in on this game and were skeptical Andrew or a team member can show you some teasers via Skype. Obviously recording would be prohibited and/or an NDA would need to be signed. A private showing doesn't constitute a public viewing and would be within the guidelines set forth by Fox.

Other folks like me who have no money in this are just whiners tbh.

#5964 3 years ago

1) Insulting someone's collection is sad
2) Insulting someone's collection in an "Official" thread is even sadder .

2 months later
#6946 2 years ago

From the snippet in video the game looks awesome. We have one on order paid in full to go on location here in Charlotte, NC, can't wait!

3 weeks later
#7196 2 years ago

left bullseye insert still doesnt line-up with the green stand-up target like the right one does.

pasted_image (resized).png

1 month later
#8732 2 years ago

For $8150 the LE pic on the website shows the big screen in backbox. Has a feature matrix been released yet?

#8742 2 years ago

Please correct me if I'm wrong and im writing this as constructive criticism.

1) heighwaypinball.com makes no mention of CoinTaker as a distributor. Both JJP & Sterns website has links to their distributors.

2) heighwaypinball.com doesn't have a single sheet (pdf) feature matrix for Alien. JJP has this for Dialed In! and Stern has this for BM66

3) heighwaypinball.com is showing the LE with a large LCD in backbox although this is an upgrade. JJP and Stern shows pictures of their pins with standard features. Also, why show the standard side art on the LE at this point if upgraded side art is a differentiating feature of the LE.

4) heighwaypinball.com is more fragmented/confusing then JJP & Sterns website imo.

#8789 2 years ago

I'm not sure why Andrew felt the need to mention that a CPU upgrade will be required for Full Throttle owners at this point when the game isn't shipping. There are other details of higher importance that could of been shared.

When purchasing a Heighway pinball they don't have a personality application process and some customers will take things differently. Some people will panic when they just spent $6000+ on a pin and are told the CPU's are obsolete. Some people will take "production" as about to ship.

I don't understand why Heighway has such poor communication. If someone tells me they are a new company, this a poor excuse. Andrew has ran multiple businesses in the past and has JJP and Stern to mimic what works and doesn't work.

Andrew should publish a features matrix and a rough timeline of whats going on with Aliens. He can have weekly updates on twitch where folks can ask him questions until the games ship. JJP showed Dialed In! on Saturday on Twitch, answered questions, called up Pat Lawlor etc. A pinhead near Andrew with a camera rig can't set something up on twitch that occurs once a week?

#8834 2 years ago

Andrew, Are you able to release a feature matrix or are there still changes which might occur which is prohibiting you from releasing one at this point?

With this crowd im not sure if it would be advantageous to release one that says "changes might occur up until shipping" or hold off for a final version.


I sent you a PM but i know you're busy. Do you think you will have any type of formal "release party" for folks buying the pin and will have it on location? Heighway would provide swag and would list the sites etc.


1 month later
#9394 2 years ago

Last I heard games will be shipping December/January so I would assume February/March.

#9399 2 years ago
Quoted from HighProtein:

Will someone being doing a release party in America when it ships?

We'd love to at our location in Charlotte, NC

#9475 2 years ago
Quoted from ezeltmann:

I'm in the "take your time , do it right category".
Timelines are often presented as a "best case" scenario.
Things can and will go wrong with that plan.

The issue with taking their time is that they dont have cash coming in from sales as the pre-order money can only last so long.

2 weeks later
2 weeks later
#10055 2 years ago

Fiber Optic on Full Throttle:

#10272 2 years ago

Instead of folks saying the beacons look bad why don't we ask Andrew if its possible they can be changed prior to shipping?

If they've purchased 1000 sets and they are non-refundable you can say they look like crap all day but they're going on the game.

2 weeks later
#10541 2 years ago

tldr: Don't commit to shipping pins during Chinese New Year..

#10763 2 years ago
Quoted from bemmett:

What was the other color trim option that was announced for the game? I still feel like I need to see the LE art to decide which trim package would look the best but they already made me make my decision and not sure if it is going to be a pain to change later once the art is shown?!

https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/alien-pinball-official-game-thread/page/214#post-3581395 ?

1 week later
#10914 2 years ago

pasted_image (resized).png

#10917 2 years ago

Andrew, you to slow!


#11119 2 years ago
Quoted from woodworker:

That is my 2 cents.

Your feedback is fair but I'd wait for more games to ship and a post ship software update or two before making a final decision about purchasing this game or not.

In a perfect world Im sure Heighway would want to be able to use all the actors likenesses and any callouts from the two movies and keep the price the same. Obviously we live in an imperfect world but I think Heighway will do the best to balance what they have licensed and integrating it into the pin. The gameplay video shows the pin has a lot of shots , good flow and lots of potential. It also doesn't hurt that the owner, audio engineer, programmer, artist and other heighway folks are interacting frequently in this thread.

#11174 2 years ago

When it comes to the center post, should be an easy mod to make a post with flat top to replace it.

1 month later
#12866 2 years ago
Quoted from Ferret:

Example: operator has 4 locations. They buy Full Throttle, Alien, HP game #3, and HP game 4

So, in 2025?

1 week later
#13042 2 years ago

If you get LE with LCD in backbox you still get the translite if im not mistaken. Just use it as wall art.

#13098 2 years ago

I cant wait till the LEs and SEs are shipping in quantity and the 3rd game is announced. That will be the real Alien Day.

1 week later
3 weeks later
#14437 2 years ago

People wouldn't have to ask for refunds if they had their games. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

#14640 2 years ago

Maybe Andrew got accepted to appear on Shark Tank ?

#14851 2 years ago

Same investor group that allowed this train wreck now has majority control.

#14872 2 years ago

Criticizing a Mod is against ToS, open a mod feedback thread.

#14992 2 years ago

Andrew also pissed away a good amount of time and money coming to different expos in the states when he should of got his factory line running.

4 months later
#18324 1 year ago

If Heighway Pinball didn’t have the funds to produce Aliens without pre-selling, they should of never started the company.

#18327 1 year ago

So, its everyones fault but Andrew?

If he personally didn’t run the company into the ground, he wouldn’t have to come on here and defend himself under AndrewH.

5 months later
#21261 1 year ago

I just hope people who have money in get their money back!

#21595 1 year ago

The perception I have is that unless an “official” announcement benefits the investors financially you wont see anything.

Has anyone who lost money contacted their CPA to see if they can claim a loss and/or their attorney to see if there is any legal recourse?

#21607 1 year ago

You guys think a new thread should be created called "Heighway Pinball is Bankrupt" or the like since this thread is called "ALIEN PINBALL - Official Game Thread" ?

#21610 1 year ago

From the perspective of someone coming to pinside there isn’t really an indication that Heighway is out of business. We just happen to be discussing it in an Alien thread which we cant change the topic on.

#21724 1 year ago

People who have a game in their possession are going to be biased. They’re not going to say the game was compromised as they don’t want the value of it to decrease.

The bottom line is that the game design, license and manufacturing was compromised since that was done in UK. There seems to have been some significant restrictions on the art from the license but the code/sound seems to be highlights of the game.

We can debate and argue about this till we’re blue in the face though.

#21731 1 year ago
Quoted from Astropin:

I wouldn't say I'm "biased" as much as "experienced". The game is great (period). I don't really care what the value does as I have no plans to sell anytime soon...unless someone offers "stupid money".
Where exactly did they "cheap out"? The game is built like a tank...my Xenomorph has worked from day one...all my switches and sensors work...the code and sound are right at the top for any pinball game ever created (IMHO).
Yes they could have "cleaned up" the wiring a little better...doesn't affect gameplay. I have no ghosting or clear coat issues. My scoop has never slammed the ball down onto the playfield (as was reported by a couple people). Where are the "compromises"?

I would of liked Dennis Nordman to of designed the game from beginning to end. I would of liked Sigourney Weaver in it and i would of liked some more freedom with the art. It might be built like a tank and it might be “good” but it had potential to be “great”.

#21764 1 year ago
Quoted from Ferret:

People have often said that, but I've never heard anyone explain how Sigourney would significantly improve the game. You would get the quote "Get away from her, you bitch!" at the start of Loader Battle ... and that is indeed an awesome, iconic quote. We probably would've used "I say we take off and nuke the entire site from orbit -- it’s the only way to be sure" somewhere. But, ummm, that's really about it. She doesn't have much else in quotes or action that would really enhance the game, IMHO.

Im not aware of anyone knowing the exact reason why she wasn’t licensed. Obviously there is a cost but was the money that could of been used pissed away by Andrew? If that was the case, what your argument is, is whether there was enough value in the fee to license her. I don’t think either of us could or care to perform a price analysis on this though. What i will say is that she could of been used in the art, the video and the audio. If Andrew did license her i dont think you’d tell Andrew it was a mistake as she only has two quotes and he wasted his money. What you’d do is have some additional options with integrating her into the game.

#21767 1 year ago
Quoted from Wolfmarsh:

The game plays great without her, I didn't miss her while playing.

Well, we don’t have a version with or without her to compare. What if the version with her was superior but mishandled funds prevented that from occuring. The game would be compromised at that point, thats all im saying and this is in response to a post i made yesterday.

1 month later
#22481 12 months ago

The idea of getting $500-$1000 off a deeproot pin after showing proof of loss seems like good marketing/business strat. They’ll still make some profit and provide some good will.

The only bit of skepticism would be the time period this is being offered is before any pins are shipping and possibly before they’re shown. This would only be of concern if deeproot is requiring payment to receive the discount. If its just a period of time they’ll review cases and provide the discount, that woud be cool.

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