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ALIEN PINBALL - Game Over, Man, Game Over

By HeighwayPinball

5 years ago

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#392 5 years ago

I think Heighway was simply inviting the people that were "invested" in their Alien Pinball theme. It makes sense to attract the people who put their money where their mouth is to get genuine authentic feedback that would be more useful and constructive for their creative uses on their own forum.

I joined as "Hudson" and started a couple threads on the Heighway forum earlier which I will post over here to attract perhaps a broader scope of perspectives.

Alien Pinball: Movie Quote Call Outs
Alien Pinball: This is What we Want

#398 5 years ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

Yep....commented on the post......I think w lit side box art, I'm going to have to find a place where it stands alone...my mind is going nuts w ideas!!!...

Lit side box art? I didn't see that on Heighways teaser page:


35 years after ‘Alien’ first came to movie theatres around the world, Heighway brings this terrifying title to pinball. With an all-new playfield layout, designed by industry design legend Dennis Nordman, this pinball game focuses on the first two movies, ‘Alien’ and ‘Aliens’. The player is submersed into the depths of outer space to play through multiple modes and stories featuring some of the most iconic storylines from both movies.

The widebody game, currently in development, features

◾4 Flippers
◾Alien Xenomorph Models
◾Chest Bursters
◾Space Jockey
◾Pulse Rifle Gunfights
◾Robot Sentries
◾+ Much Much More!!

’35th Anniversary Edition’

In 1979, the release of ‘Alien’ made movie history and to celebrate 35 years of cinematic terror, Heighway Pinball will be releasing 500 ’35th Anniversary Edition’ games.
Available now for pre-order, and scheduled for production in April 2015, this special ‘Limited Edition’ game will feature:
◾Black Gloss Cabinet Finish, with Bright Lime Green Powder Coated Metal Trim (including legs)
◾Pinball Topper With Yellow Beacons
◾Exclusive ’35th Anniversary Edition’ Backglass And Sideart (+ Standard Edition Artwork Package Also Included)
◾’35th Anniversary Edition’ Game Plaque With Allocated Number (from 001-500)

◾Fibre Optic Ramp Lighting
◾Shaker Motor

◾Exclusive ’35th Anniversary Edition’ Alien Pinball Goodie Bag, With Magnets, T-Shirts, Posters, Badges + Much More!

#405 5 years ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

I have to retract that....some reason I thought the side art on full throttle was lit, as well...suspect a modder will have fun w that down the road......

Hey No worries, but I will admit you had me wishing I missed something for a minute there. I could see side box lighting matching and somehow tying into the Fibre Optic Ramp Lighting on the ’35th Anniversary Edition’ version.

That's a great idea though, submit it to Heighway! Who knows it's still early.

#406 5 years ago
Quoted from frolic:

The lit side panel is standard on all heighway games, here is their latest cabinet, you can see where the art goes:

10355642_271558459634772_8275919... 125 KB

Oh dear Lord I have to go change my pants now!

Thanks for setting us straight

#408 5 years ago
Quoted from solarvalue:

Why the large cutouts at the flipper buttons, start button, and shooter rod?

Perhaps because it's supposed to be modular for easy part assembly swap outs. That's kind of Heighways thing.

#415 5 years ago

Thanks for the link to the article.

So dual LCD screens are being looked at that play synchronized clips from the movie plus there will be another LCD screen in the spinning toy that shows an air lock opening clip to reveal what mode you started? Wow. I bet the LCD and zenomorph on the spinning toy will be easy to get to compared to the Queen who will be reserved for something spectacular.

He can't yet comment on using the original actors for call outs. That's probably good, meaning something at least is in the works.

He did say Nordman has been working on Alien for almost a whole year now but when asked if Greg Freres is involved he said "No comment. Take from that what you will." Uh ...ok. I take it as he can't say, but he did?

Their playable virtual version with sounds has a fairly complete rule set already.

Still experimenting with sound cards and bass speakers to make the audio stronger. Sweet! And connecting it to what he calls HiFi which I'm interpreting as a home theater receiver. So will this be the first pin with surround? If only.

Alien will have WiFi connectivity to upload high scores and allow the use of pre-paid credits? I have no idea what pre-paid credits would be for.

Holy Moly! These are some big doings brother! That was more information than I have ever found on what's going on with the Alien machine.
Thanks so much for the post. Any other telling articles out there?

#419 5 years ago
Quoted from mfresh:

Glad you like the piece Yipykya.
Just a couple of things:
Just to clarify, Andrew said "No comment", not "No comment. Take from that what you will." (The take from that what you will bit was my comment on his quote.)
As for the pre-paid credits, I think what Andrew is planning is that you can have an online account and add credit, and then when you go to an arcade or bar where there is a Heighway Pinball machine you will be able to log on to it somehow and it will then display your high scores from before, and you will be able to pay for games from your online account rather than having to pay with coins.

Thanks mfresh, my bad. I'm quite new to the realm of anything Pinball and I don't know enough to make a decision on that subject either way. Don't even know who Greg is yet but from what I have gathered Nordman is quite revered. I bet if I was there when Andrew said that, I could have read his body language and tone and been able to infer.

The pre-paid credits is a pretty cool idea but I won't be able to take advantage of that due to my location. I was originally thinking Heighway was going to bring back gambling. I kid

#470 5 years ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

True, I can see validity either way.....regardless...it's ALIEN!!!....going to rock......mark

+1 It's ALIEN!!!

1 week later
#472 5 years ago

Emailed Andrew Heighway earlier today and he responded right away. He told me they plan on getting their Alien Forum moving in the next few days. Nothing has occurred there yet from their end but sounds like that is about to change. These could be big doings!

#523 5 years ago

AWESOME!!! Thanks for sharing the raw picture Andrew. These little tidbits are exactly what we like to see as things are developing and moving forward. So much potential! That looks like some next level ramp goodness. Can't wait until we get to learn more about what your doing there.

Quoted from Amarillopinball:

so no egg and no power loader toys, makes me sad.

Did you read Andrew's post at all? Are you just making your own stuff up for a controversy?

#538 5 years ago

+1 on not making it family friendly. I guess that could be done easily enough by choices in the menus. Keep the brutal horror from the movies in the pin. The buyers are the ones that want it that way. And players are going to want to find it that way on location.

Just imagining if they do decide to use dual LCD screens (a duplicate backbox LCD mirroring the playfield LCD) what the casual passerby on location will think when it ramps up the audio and goes nuts playing the chestburster clip with all the spraying blood and screaming.


#540 5 years ago
Quoted from RandomGuyOffCL:

Not trying to stir the pot here and i don't know if anyone else has already caught this, but this quote was from the first post on this thread from HP 1mo,3weeks ago...With the whitewood being pushed out several more weeks from here, that makes it 2 or more months late at least. This is inline with D.N. claims about missing deadlines.
BTW. Im in, No plans on cancelling yet, and would rather wait a year for this thing to be made right instead of a rushed product and false deadlines which do nothing but fuel the fire.

Agreed. As long as people are given bits of information on a consistent basis as the expected release date gets closer and closer it is easy to cut them some slack and let them address what needs doing. As long as people can see progress happening and are allowed to follow along it can be a very easy and smooth ride right up until delivery. It's when the communication stops that "issues" arise.

#551 5 years ago

Keep up the good UPDATES! Looks great. Thank You Andrew.


#552 5 years ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

You had mentioned the possibility of a second display on the Backbox....is this still on the table? I believe that would be beyond cool, as it gives some interaction to the backbox...

Pavlov Pinball Article:


"Heighway says the company is considering putting a screen in the Alien backbox that mirrors the display on the playfield.

Mirroring the playfield display on the backbox would only use one video output for those two screens, and Heighway will make use of the second video output on its hardware in Alien to power another LCD on the playfield, positioned on the airlock toy."

I hope they do use a 2nd LCD display in the back box for this pin. If not perhaps it could at least be incorporated into the Deluxe version?

#581 5 years ago
Quoted from HeighwayPinball:

Some more news 'hot off the press' - we have official concept approval for our game. Specifics approvals should follow in the coming weeks.

All smiles here!


#605 5 years ago
Quoted from SLAMT1LT:

Glad to be joining this thread. I'm Russell Speak, Media Producer at Heighway Pinball. If you're a fan of virtual pinball then you're probably already aware of my work. I've been building and modding exact replicas of real word tables for years. I also design and build my own tables using the Future Pinball game editor.
I'm very excited to be working on Alien Pinball. I'm a huge fan of the movies and this really is a fantastic opportunity for us.
My job as Media Producer involves working on the art package, LCD graphics and animations, music and sounds, the rule set, the lighting effects....I also build the video game simulations of our games and produce our YouTube videos.
Having (almost) completed the media package for Full Throttle, Alien will be my second table.
I'll be uploading some exclusive pictures and providing more details about Alien Pinball in our own forums at http://www.heighwaypinball.com over the next few days. I will also answer any questions and welcome any ideas or suggestions you have for this game.

Wow! An OFFICIAL open invitation for pinsiders to express what we would really like to see in the upcoming Alien pin! Thank you Russell. I'm sure you will get some interesting ideas!

#619 5 years ago
Quoted from Purpledrilmonkey:

They don't. The PF's come complete. (to my knowledge at least)
The swap-out feature is so you don't have to disassemble slings, flippers and pops to take the mech out of the game for service. They just unscrew from the underside and drop thru the PF.

Next level conceptualization and foresight. Congratulations Heighway Pinball!

#630 5 years ago
Quoted from Toads:

No inserts in the white wood yet.
I'm assuming there not sure on exact location at this stage???
And yes the cut outs look very different from a standard table.

In the first 30 seconds of the video above Andrew states the whitewood was just picked up that morning before Holiday break and work will commence after. But I suspect someone won't be able to contain themselves and will be messing with it before break.

#634 5 years ago

Thanks for sharing this video RobT. Among the many things discussed it was interesting learning a little more about the cabinet features and design. Nice to hear the side panel art will be LED lit from both the top and the bottom. Should make for an outstanding presence.

2 months later
#816 5 years ago

A question about and a thoughtful ambition for the Dual Yellow Beacon Topper...

Looking so forward to the day I get to see and especially hear the sounds of the Alien 35th Anniversary Limited Edition Pin in action.

I always thought the Topper With Yellow Beacons would absolutely Command a room or establishment or home basement full of games as the Beacons are randomly spinning and stopping - simply in the attract mode.

Dualing Beacons.jpg

But you know that's me just assuming the Beacons will be designed to revolve. I've just always assumed they would revolve to create formidable tension in certain modes of beastly chaos. Imagine the beloved Klaxon Alarm unique to the Alien Movie is whaling while a T-Minus Count down is droning and reducing, your desperately trying to hit a target or series of shots to 'survive/kill/escape' while the dual Yellow Beacons are throwing a doomsday revolving flash of panic all over the room surroundings.

Truly the potential for an outstanding experience, but you know I never read anywhere that the Beacons will actually have any kind of Revolving movement capability.

Can anyone tell me if the Yellow Beacons will revolve like the one on the loader in the gif below?
Example of a revolving light.gif

Or will they simply be steady on/off lights under a plastic dome?

I think I read that the Topper Beacons might be an optional accessory that can be added to the standard non LE Pin.
Will the Beacons use modern tech? Halogen... LED ... incandescent bulb/s? Will they be of a largish size? ...please not little 3 inch domes I pray. They should be BIG and cast a far reaching light... after all they are being called "Beacons" right?

I guess if planned and designed early enough the beacons might have the capability to have it both ways!!!!

Imagine the effect of a revolving strobe light in a dark room? Muahahaha! This would be nuts on a Pinball Machine! And I totally want this Pin to have that additional feature capability now.

...and what if the Revolving Beacons had the capability to gradually slow and then reverse and... Ok I'll stop dreaming. But you get the idea... this could be a Highly Interactive Game Topper/Changer. And Heighway has always spoken of pushing Pinball Tech forward... and if this Beacon Topper has a bit of technical sophistication and is integrated in game play to take advantage of that sophistication ... WOW!

For those planning on owning this Pin someday... would you want Revolving Beacons or Fixed on and off Blinkys? Not matter? Revolving Strobe effect? Revolving speed increases as T-Minus count down gets closer to Zero? Run them independently of one another? ...Meaning one starts flashing when you get in a little trouble, then it starts revolving solid when your in a lot of trouble, then it starts to strobe while its revolving when your in big doo doo, then the other side starts escalating through these stages as your situation continues to intensify until both sides are going nuts and your screaming for your mommy.

I Know - I'm dreaming again.

#821 5 years ago

Thank you Andrew. Whew. That's a relief! Glad to hear your stance to remain true to the original source material. Can't wait.

#823 5 years ago
Quoted from underlord:


And then BOOM goes the Shaker!

2 weeks later
#876 5 years ago
Quoted from ZenTron:

No official revised release date announced makes me disagree about the communication being super great. Im a potential customer and was thinking of preordering an LE but so far i feel like im glad i didnt. Its shame that has to be the case.

An Administrator on the Heighway forum posted in the Alien thread yesterday:

"We will be posting an update on progress very soon"

We might get telling information on Alien soon but the reality is no matter what we learn about Alien from this next update, Full Throttle has to take precedence on the assembly line and have its day before Alien pins can be born.

#878 5 years ago
Quoted from nephasth:

FT begins production on monday. This seems to be a non issue.

Agreed. So FTs will have their run on the assembly line... for how many months? Then Alien. Thus perhaps we can make a more educated 'guess' when Alien might be released. I am looking forward to experiencing the Alien pin more than anything out there now or on the horizon.

#881 5 years ago

If I had to make an uninformed uneducated guess I'd say you have to give FT a couple months taking up the assembly line. So absolute earliest Alien could possibly come along would be June ...or July. And that's if everything goes smoothly. Fingers crossed. I hope that giant thing under the blue tarp is an Alien Pin Hatchery!!!

#883 5 years ago
Quoted from nephasth:

When the time comes, I see no reason why multiple titles couldn't be manufactured simultaneously. Stern does it. Many non pinball manufacturers do it. That's just manufacturing. And I believe Heighway's modular system will allow them to produce games efficiently.

Boy oh boy wouldn't that be super impressive if Heighway were able to manufacture titles simultaneously this early? But like you said, "when the time comes," I have no doubt they could do this. I don't remember reading anything coming out of the Heighway camp on this subject though.

#888 5 years ago
Quoted from frolic:

I think it is easy to read between the lines here and figure out what is going on. Andrew already showed us a very rudimentary flipping white wood, and said he'd show us the backglass when approved and here we are still haven't seen it. So it's not hard to figure out who's court the ball is in.

Or maybe they don't want to risk the FT public attention to drop into the shadows with it being this close to market. You have to believe the Alien reveal reactions are going to hit like a tsunami and encompass the limelight.

Pinball News recently let slip Heighway... "recently concluded a licensing deal with Fox to make a Pinball game based on one of their classic sci-fi titles..."

"Concluded" - that's very telling. Could mean to make a Pin or could mean concluded.

#890 5 years ago

^^^^Agree ^^^^

#903 5 years ago

So no matter what version pin you buy, if you convert it to the next released playfield you either keep the trim you started with or optionally replace with an SE trim. So nice to have options.

#911 5 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

Then what makes it "LE"?
There would be no point in anybody buying an LE from a collectable standpoint if you could just buy a regular version and make it one.
If there are no differences, by adding all the features for the regular, then I'd have to rethink my LE decision.

What we are told over and over and over is

Quoted from HeighwayPinball:

The LE's are meant to be 'collectable' items, so customers will likely not want to swap other games in and out of their LE cabinet.

Your asking about LE VS SE playfield features. Tough for Heighway to address this now since they haven't had the playfield reveals yet. What we do know so far is the LEs will have special trim specific to each title. And the Alien LE will have different commemorative cabinet side art and back glass art.

On the Heighway forum the official response to the question of differences between the SE and LE has been this: "...I can assure you they will be significant and something special for the collector!"

Wouldn't most "collectors" want the Alien LE for what it is and leave it as a dedicated machine? Is it likely to turn into a grail-like "Flagship" Heighway model in the future? Will collectors not mind buying a second complete Heighway SE title unit to swap playfields through just for the sake of the exposure to cycle through multiple games on the cheap?

I think Heighway anticipates selling SEs for commercial venues and recognizes the limited LEs for people that are buying for their home game rooms and personal collections. Am I wrong in thinking the "collectors" who already have multiple pins and plenty of space are going to be the ones buying the LEs? Pure "Players" perhaps will be the ones that only buy a single SE unit and multiple playfield titles (as they become available) to swap through the unit that don't necessarily have the money and space?

#916 5 years ago


#970 5 years ago

Wow! Now that was an update! 40 minutes, current and thorough, all Heighway. Thanks for posting the link.

#1007 5 years ago
Quoted from notaflyingtoy:

The translite needs to scream Aliens from across the room.

Maybe with a little of that color changing RGB technology put behind the translite it can scream Aliens from across the room and mode change to highlight more darker eerie foreboding aspects of the art when your standing right in front of it during play acting like a stealth mode to reduce glare and reflections? Maybe the lighted side art will have color morphing capabilities too? Muahahaha

3 weeks later
#1013 5 years ago

Aliens is positioning to be ...well I'll just deliberately say it... a Grail Pin.

Ok yes I'm just a bit pumped about this pin.

Dennis Nordman made the initial playfield drawing and created concepts for 4 new playfield toys
Aurich on the art
Harry S. on next level audio (Wow!):

Quoted from HeighwayPinball:“By joining the team at Heighway Pinball, I look forward to pushing the audio technology of pinball into the 21st century while creating the best sounds ever heard on a pinball machine”

Now combine that passion with the technology of connecting this pin to "sing" through your vibrant flawless expensive Home Theater equipment

"{When it comes to sound, Heighway says the company is experimenting with different sound cards and base speakers to make the audio component stronger, and hints at a few surprise add-ons. “For example, we are looking at ways to connect the sound from Alien to your Hi-Fi system so you can play it through your Hi-Fi speakers,” he reveals.}"

What other surprises are we in store for?
What other goodness did I miss?

I mean just click the link and look at some of this:

These are indeed some big doings shaping up! Haven't seen the Alien art or the toys or heard the sounds or experienced the play, but the way Andrew has always spoken so reverently about this title, it seems destined to be something uniquely special.

Even Dennis Nordman said after he left the project: "I've seen the video that Andrew submitted to FOX and if the game turns out anything like this it will be great."

Well it sure seems that the Heighway way has been very careful and methodical in the planning and preparations for this "massive" title.

Can't wait to see, to hear, and to have tactile contact with all the glory of what may well be a Pinnacle Masterpiece of Pinball Entertainment. Fingers crossed.

It has to be impossible, but I'll ask the question... with relevant Global interest in the Alien Franchise going on continuously for the past 35 Years and considering the length of time since the pin was announced, is there a remote chance the 500 ’35th Anniversary Edition’ spots could end up selling out before we even get to see a public picture of this pin?


Hey, don't laugh/hate - it's a big world out there, people are nuts, ...life is a circle.

2 weeks later
#1033 5 years ago
Quoted from CaptK:

I imagine an Alien pin where at times it's slow, spooky, and brooding...then you get into some mode/multiball/etc and all hell breaks loose. The music/sounds change, warning sirens/beacons go off, and things get crazy!

I hope Heighway can somehow capture the feeling(s) of the first two Alien movies.

Amen brother... I think we are all counting on it!

1 month later
#1142 5 years ago
Quoted from Hazoff:

Any idea's of when we can expect some updates? I would love see some artwork.

I think it is wise for Heighway to wait on anything Alien until Full Throttle has made its mark. A showing of Alien might just overshadow Full Throttle a bit.

When Alien gets the green light and Heighway has shown it off and is then tasked on building toward demand I think they are going to have their hands full for some time thereafter. Best to use this time now to get their ducks in a row and learn what they learn from the initial Full Throttle runs because once Alien breaks out... it's all gas ...no brakes!

#1144 5 years ago
Quoted from kaneda:

I think the LE's haven't sold out yet because it sounds like you can add all those features if you want to. Plus as great as it all sounds 2015 has burned people and its wiser to wait and see.

Why would Heighway want to announce the LE being sold out? (If it were) My take on it: It would only provide some relief to 500 people and a bummer to the rest that are interested... and remember, this is a title with "World Wide" appeal - the Alien franchise is still growing more relevant and stronger after 35 freaking years. And such an announcement sends a big heads up warning sign to competition. No sense to announce "it's over" to the collector community that are on the fence or those just waiting to see the first image of this "sleeping giant" of a title. I bet that announcement comes from the community when people start posting they couldn't buy the LE and instead settled for the SE and have to put a dress on it with the LE accessories.

Sure, you can always throw an Alien playfield in an SE cabinet but it won't be the same as the satisfaction of owning "the real deal" and something original and unique. The Pinball collectors should know what I'm talking about.

And while I'm ranting, I suspect many people that buy the LE aren't going to use that cabinet as "the swap out pin." Face it, if your an Alien fanatic and your buying into the Heighway system, your going to want at least 2 Heighway pins. Am I wrong?

#1166 5 years ago
Quoted from kaneda:

You realize this doesn't really make much sense. If they are making 500 LE's and they sold out, they don't have to announce it. All it would take is ONE person to try and buy one and they would tell him it's sold out and he would just communicate it. And you're wrong. An LE selling out day one is what every manufacturer goes for. And LE's should sell out and be limited. I'm not a fan of JJP's 3-4 different kinds of LEs. I like rewarding the early adopters / collectors with something special.
But do you really think Aliens is stronger and more relevant than ever? I'm not really seeing that anywhere else in pop culture man.

Yeah, I'm asking why would Heighway "want" to announce the LE's are sold out. And yeah, I said I bet that announcement comes from the community when people start posting they couldn't buy the LE. Andrew will of course make that announcement when he has to.

I wouldn't think the LE would sell out before the first pic of the game makes its way into the public eye. But when pics are released, I bet that happens pretty fast. There is a whole big world out there beyond pinside, right?

Pop culture? Uh, I never mentioned that. But I heard Neill Blomkamp enters the iconic Alien franchise to direct a new film set after the events of Alien and Aliens.
And there is talk of yet another Prometheus movie being directed by some fellow named Ridley Scott.

It's been 35 years since the first Alien movie. What does it take to be growing more stronger and relevant than right now?

#1167 5 years ago
Quoted from CaptK:

» YouTube video

Haha thanks for the YouTube snippet. I love that line!

#1171 5 years ago
Quoted from TOK:

I think you guys are kidding, but just in case you're not... Fog machines leave an oily film all over everything, you don't want one running in the same room as your games.

This is my understanding as well. I have a 200 gallon aquarium that couldn't be good for. Perhaps this is why you don't often read about home owners messing with fog machines in their homes.

Having one that operates off the dry ice method for parties and such, now that's perhaps a whole other deal. Can anyone expand further on this?

#1212 5 years ago
Quoted from Gooch:

I am going to grab an LE slot this week.

Congratulations on your Super pin. I think you have chosen very wisely and you'll probably never regret going LE on this one.

As a fan myself, I think this title will be best appreciated and enjoyed with the "full treatment" LE Anniversary extras too.

#1215 5 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

I thought Andrew showed the pop caps at Pintastic? I should really find the video of that and see what he showed.

For Aliens? Nothing shown on any posted videos I've seen. The Alien pop bumper caps were going to be egg pods, right?

#1217 5 years ago
Quoted from HeighwayPinball:

I was going to show them, but decided against it - so as to not risk upsetting FOX.
They are translucent, molded eggs that sit on top of the pop bumpers.
We have 5 strong LEDs in each pop bumper body - so we can have a whole range of lighting effects inside the eggs. Initial lighting tests have gone very well. Glowing ... pulsing eggs - we think they look great!

You guys are freaking awesome! This is fantastic news! You rock Andrew. You're a Rock Star. Thanks for the new bit of news. I've been on pins and needles since the title announcement just relishing every detail I can find.

Glowing...pulsing eggs - ...and faints...

#1221 5 years ago

I can see it now. The eggs glowing a dark brown with a slow soft gold pulsing like a sleeping heartbeat and a still darker color that jumps from side to side a bit randomly every now and again to simulate tiny face huggers shifting about in their post larval form... Suddenly a "grenade" comes bouncing in their little chamber area rattling around and Pow... Bang... Splat... bright Green flashes of acid blood blind your eyes, a long high pitched curdling hissed scream of anguish starts rising from some far corner as the unseen Queen reacts in a hot rage. The shaker motor starts tracing the motion trackers' increases in pinging on the playfield LCD grid ...it's showing movement in front AND behind ...and then WHOOOSHHH! ... a cloud of fog eminates from underneath your pin and starts roiling throughout your immediate surroundings. You forget what your supposed to be doing because mother just activated the warning Klaxon and yellow flashes of light from revolving beacons are chasing shadows all around the room causing your throat to constrict because the reflections from those beacons are bouncing back and forth at you from the mirrored translight... and whats this? ...the translight is pulsing and glowing... it's been mimicking what the eggs were doing this whole time...

Or not, ...I'm just thinking that could be cool. Or the pop bumpers could make gun noises. Perhaps different light show and sounds for different modes.

Muahahaha... There really are no limits! Just imagination!

I'm hoping there will be a great surround sound mix to take advantage of the hi-fi hookup capabilities.

#1275 5 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

I wouldn't worry about that flipper.

On the Alien pre-order page "The widebody game, currently in development, features 4 Flippers"

Are we in for some major changes concerning the reworking of the whitewood? I remember reading there are going to be more shots now. That's a good thing, right?

#1278 5 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

That's all I feel like I can say until we show an update!

Completely understand. Glad 4 flippers remain. I hope we get to see a simple rough shot map of the new layout sooner than later. It doesn't have to be too sophisticated or give anything away...the homer.jpg

#1382 5 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

As I've said before, I'm a huge fan of the Alien "egg". It's just so iconic still, after all these years. They really touched a nerve with it.

Just don't do the " IN SPACE NO ONE CAN HEAR YOU TILT" slogan.

#1385 5 years ago

Finally, we get to see the first pic of the Alien art!

Seriously though, you made me lol.

#1413 5 years ago
Quoted from Hazoff:

Please Andrew no custom quotes related to pinball, there are humourous line in Aliens, Paxton mainly that could work well but that should be it.

Agree, I suspect Andrew will treat this pin with the respect it deserves as he always speaks so reverently about staying close to the source material. Hudson.JPGPaxton (Hudson) is a scene stealer and his lines will provide all the humor this pin will ever need.

On an unrelated note I wonder how these two action figures of Kane and Dallas would look in a dark smokey environment having climbed up between the beacons? Kane and dallas.jpgHa - maybe throw a couple eggs along with them and have a mini scene

...some of the Ripley figures are starting to look downright scary realistic...ripley.jpg

#1418 5 years ago
Quoted from underlord:

Running two different pov's on two different screens, at the same time?

That's already the case with the air-lock LCD and playfield LCD. I remember reading an interview with Andrew and him saying something along the lines that the video output would not support 3 different LCD pov's. 2 LCD pov's plus one duplicated, yes.

#1420 5 years ago


"Mirroring the playfield display on the backbox would only use one video output for those two screens, and Heighway will make use of the second video output on its hardware in Alien to power another LCD on the playfield, positioned on the airlock toy."

#1428 5 years ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

Fun to imagine what they are going to do...

Yes quite. Imagining in its most basic function the smaller airlock LCD display represents a transition. Perhaps once activated the airlock LCD may show an animation leaving one mode and entering another? Might it offer 'selectable' modes? Maybe an animation through a long shaft Ash takes to the atmosphere processing plant?atmosphereprocessing plant.jpg
Or which weapon your in control of?flamethrower.jpg
Or how much ammo you have left?Ammo Remaining.gif
Entering or exiting cryochambers for a major location change?cryochambers.jpg
Or, very importantly, while your in a mode - showing what shot progresses you through to the next step in the stage?

Jonsey throwing a hissy fit when danger is near?Jonsey.jpg
What ship or vehicle your in?APC.jpg
It could even show the motion display tracker while it is pinging if other high priority information needs to take over the playfield LCD display.alilens motion tracker.gif Most interesting if information on the large playfield LCD display gets downsized and moved to the smaller LCD display when some higher priority animation/information needs to display on the large playfield display.

As with everything at this point before we have seen anything yet - the sky is the limit and only one's imagination is the limiting factor.

The anticipation of a fancy new toy is often the best of times, especially when you don't feel the need to concern yourself with whether it's going to actually really ship someday. I'd say the anxiety level of people that have pre-ordered an LE from Heighway is quite relaxed compared to recent fiascos.

#1444 5 years ago

These are indeed exciting times with talk of a major new toy which interacts with the ball being added recently and Aurich mentioning the changes as, "...more shots and more setups than before, with more flow."

1 week later
#1498 5 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

You can buy all the LE upgrades for the game though, the fiber optic lights and beacons.

...and shaker motor.

#1500 5 years ago

Thanks for posting the updated layout and shot map. Honestly as I try and figure things out it kind of boggles my mind. This is going to be a sophisticated pin with a lot going on. I may get a little brain addled trying to understand what all this means but I'm tremendously impressed, that's for sure. Reading down the key as a big fan of Alien/s I'm noticing...

Space jockey outlanes,
vent scoop,
dropship ramp,
a time target,
hypersleep lock area,
weapon targets,
airlock eject,
rotating queen platform,
xenomorph tongue operation to lock,
LV-426 top lanes,
derelict ship pop bumper egg chamber,
right dropship reverse ramp,
chestburster control drop target,
chestburster magnet,
APC rescue hurry-ups,
...all good stuff referencing Alien/s!

I like how you found more playfield room by moving part of the rear ramp behind the backboard. Nice!

With so much going on, thank goodness there will be a couple LCD displays to help a player out. Man! Keep up the impressive work.

#1506 5 years ago
Quoted from HeighwayPinball:

We will be hosting a seminar at 1pm Eastern on Sunday in room 407 at Replay FX
As well as giving updates to attendees, we will also be revealing the latest Alien Pinball layout and shot map, and discussing some of the game's toys. We are not sure if anyone else is filming or streaming the seminar, but we will be filming it and posting it and a later date

Thanks for this. Looking forward to learning more tidbits about the Alien toys!

#1601 5 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

Alien will be plenty represented in the game, don't worry! This is just the shot map, more to the game than that.

There is more in the Alien/s Universe that could ever fit in one pin. We think of the big things but there are lots of rich subtle little things like crew insignias and corporate theme logos and such that will probably never make it on the playfield art as little easter egg gems as I imagine it would add to the licensing hurdles.
Not that a lot of that little stuff is significant at all... but it would be cool to discover. It's really up to the passion of the Heighway team as to how far and deep they will go, but a pin with this revered theme only comes around every so often and Heighway has to know this will be THE Grail Pin to set them apart from what the industry has been doing for so long. I hope they make it really special. Of course I wouldn't expect to find the Weylan-Yutani Corp's Aspen Beer anywhere...Weyland-Yutani_Beer.jpg

But I digress...

#1603 5 years ago


#1607 5 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

If you dig all the logos and stuff in Alien this is a great read: http://typesetinthefuture.com/alien/

As a fan, that was a great read. Thanks. Happy to see a tidbit of where you've been researching/preparing. All good.

I found this fact interesting: "Interestingly, the makers of 2014's Alien: Isolation video game actually reverted to 1970's video technology to make the game feel more like the original movie. The game's menu screens were first rendered in software, then recorded on to VHS video tapes, played on a CRT display, filmed, and imported back into the game.)"

That's going the extra mile...ha.

2 weeks later
#1691 4 years ago
Quoted from Wizcat:

Artwork on side panels and translight is just beautiful. Of course, the side panels on Heighway pins are also back lit, and this works to tremendous effect with the crisp starfield background.

What was in the foreground?

An egg?
The Nostromo?

#1695 4 years ago
Quoted from underlord:

I think the takeaway from this article is that Aliens ( Alians) per approved art looks kickass.

That, and this:

"With four LEDs glowing green and changing in intensity and one glowing black it can look like a baby alien (facehugger) is moving around in there. Other colour settings may be used to make the eggs look like they’re burning."

Imagine those little facehuggers happily swimming about in their green lit egg pods when your shots to the pops blows each of them up on cue and leaves each one a burning mess. I can hear the sound of the flame thrower, the subtle popping of each egg through the subwoofer, and imagine the red on yellow flaming aftermath already... MUAHAHAHA

You know what happens next.gif

#1698 4 years ago
Quoted from underlord:

Well, I emailed Andrew on getting my #125 in chrome trim.

Am I the only one that really wants the Lime Green Powder coated look? That's a huge part of the reason I want the LE! It sets the Heighway Pin System apart from what the industry has been producing for so many years. Sure it may clash with the other "lesser" pins in a home owners collection - but that's kind of the point, in my opinion.

It's unique and special and to those in the know, instantly recognizable as such. I wouldn't poo poo the bright colors of the Alien LE cabinet with a different playfield in it on location. I would think that would draw more people to it then other pins around it. Yes?

Even if for some impossible reason I put a different Heighway title in the Alien LE cabinet, it's just sitting there in my down stairs play room, not like I'm going to be embarrassed when people come over and see it or anything.

2 weeks later
#1814 4 years ago

How about art panels on the inside of the cabinet above the playfield for Alien? Is the term Alien "blades"?

#1836 4 years ago
Quoted from accidental:

These would have to be designed to be easily removed and reinstalled. So, not adhesive, meaning you'd need brackets or slots or something, and the fixings would have to not interfere with a pivoting playfield. So I doubt it?

Apologies, as this turned out rather long...

OEM Sideboard Art Blades

Seems simple enough for Heighway to do in a modular sense for all their titles. It just has to be incorporated into the cabinet design. (Router) As far as customers purchasing inside art blades, I would think for LE buyers the "extra" bit of atmosphere it creates is a given. SE buyers? Heck yeah, if they're going to purchase the extra playfield and topper bits to enjoy an LE level game experience, what's another optional accoutrement?

Should a manufacturer pass up the extra future $$ potential it could bring in or let the $$ go to the 3rd party aftermarket? Stern made some beautiful art blades for TWD with a simple repeating pattern that looks fantastic on their LE.

It's still so very early in the game, if Heighway starts this with the Alien cabinets (and let's face it, this is the title that's going to put a lot of Heighway cabinets out there) it will become an instant extra revenue source for them.

You swap your playfield - you swap your blades. They don't have to be given away, but come on... When you discover a title you really love, your going to want to "dress it up," isn't that what most pay to do to their favorites?

And the blade artwork doesn't have to be expensive or fancy. Sure, for the LE Alien title I would pay literally anything for original organic Gigeresque blade artwork. But you know what? If I couldn't get that, I would be happy as a clam for custom fitted blades with a simple generic space starfield to fill in this empty blank area (perhaps with a few nebulously placed doodads here and there).

And if your a person that doesn't want art blades? Don't buy them - and don't slip them in. I'm sure without the installation of optional blades the inside cabinet area would still look suspiciously similar to how FTH looks now.

But with all the wonderful potential that Heighway's cool new playfield lighting has, I'll bet even a simple starfield design on the blades with the stars having a "mirror" like reflective aspect something "more" could be born unto the Alien pin experience.

Or not. I'm just rambling.

#1839 4 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

So what's you're suggesting, to be clear, is that there are sideblades, built into the game, that are standard on the LE, and an optional upgrade on the Standard?

Nope. Just a 1/8 inch or less removal of inside cabinet wood routed from every single cabinet in the shape of the art blade. An indentation where the art blade is set into. The art blade fills the area so it is flush and doesn't interfere with anything.

Heighway can offer their art blades from that point on for every title they ever make as an option to all 3 buyers: LE, SE, and Playfield buyers.

And if no art blades are offered for a particular title or just never installed, so what, it won't be noticeable anyway.

It shouldn't cost much for a manufacturer such as Heighway to print the art blades in house once they have a pattern and a method. The only thing that changes from one playfield design to the next is a software file.

#1841 4 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

Gotcha. Tough to do now, would screw everyone who's already ordered, and all the cabinets already built. Might have to be attached to the playfield, if that's possible. Would eliminate scratches though!

Yeah I know the FTH people would be out. I don't have an answer for that, just that it's still very early in the Heighway legacy and it could be put in place by the time the next title is built. Lots of future dollars could be captured though if implemented sooner than later.

#1975 4 years ago

Congratulations Heighway Team!

Posting a video showing the audacious simplicity of an actual playfield swap demonstrates another milestone in your Company's technological progress and is worthy of celebration. Wow! Most impressive.

Thank you for sharing.

#1985 4 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

I made the version of the video I had to have as soon as I saw it:
» YouTube video


Hahahahaha ...lol!

#1995 4 years ago
Quoted from master_of_chaos:

Would have been better if the Backbox was filled with controllable LEDs and LED flashers .

Andrew speaking at Pintastic


Select the 1st Heighway video measured 42:51 in length.

At the very beginning seconds of this video Andrew talks about just receiving a load of new addressable lighting for the back box that they are looking at. I'm unclear if this has been used in FTH. Hoping this gets worked out and can be taken advantage of by the time the Alien title ships.

#2027 4 years ago
Quoted from wcbrandes:

I too am waiting for Alien LE and then perhaps adding FT down the road since the LE art work on Alien will not be available for purchase for those who ordered the FTLE.

Yep, and don't forget, Andrew has 2 more major licensed titled themes they are currently working on to showcase after Alien.

If your one to collect the playfields for the sheer breadth of a diverse and perhaps an eclectic degree of play experiences, I would imagine those playfields would quickly grow in number considering Heighway's plans on producing multiple titles per year. ...And why not? ...it would be a fraction of the cost and space needed than buying and housing entire nib cabineted machines.

#2043 4 years ago

I imagine buying, selling, trading, swapping, borrowing, and shipping playfields rather than the inconvenience of the same with full size pins can change what people are willing to involve themselves with and make pinball more accessible to more families. Hopefully Heighway can start churning out a multitude of playfield themes once they are really underway.

...and Heighway doesn't necessarily always have to develop a new playfield from the ground up. If they ever decide to "re-theme" an existing playfield platform it could easily be done ...but only if it didn't sell well, was never popular, and didn't wind up in too many collector's basements.

Not that it won't sell well but say years down the road they could re-theme the Full Throttle PF into one of several goofy fun themes just by changing all the art and software. Keeping to a racing or chasing theme, a few examples:

The Dukes of Hazard
Death Race 2000
Knight Rider (Kit)
Smokey and the Bandit
Starsky and Hutch
Cannonball Run
Gone in 60 Seconds
Speed Racer

Imagine having a stack of all these playfields forgotten in a closet. ...Heighway becomes so popular their playfields are a dime a dozen. ...They're making new and old themes left and right. Why not? Each consumer only needs space for one cabinet in their home. I bet some day Heighway has a sale for new customers: Buy 3 playfields get the cabinet free.

#2069 4 years ago
Quoted from jwo825:

Anyone remember the latest and care to share?

I think the next update we are still waiting to see is the newly revised whitewood.

#2082 4 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

Haha. Well since this is the Alien thread, and I can be partisan without being dickish, I'll try and sell you on Alien over GOT. They don't really compete, GoT will be shipping first, but it's the flavor of the moment, so why not?
Here's where I think Stern's strategy is a real failure: the Pro/Premium thing lets them offer a cheaper price, but it bifurcates their games in a way that holds them back. Let me explain.
Alien has 4 flippers. You can't buy a version of the game without 4, they're built into the basic shot strategy. GOT only has 4 flippers sometimes. You can use them for the miniplayfield, but you can't make that central to the rules (like say TSPP does). Since the Pro doesn't have them you have to make the upper playfield secondary. Or make the rules just utterly different from Pro to PremLE. Which is weird, and more work, and isn't going to help with code updates being timely.
Alien has full RGB lighting, every single light. GOT has RGB (inserts, pops, and maybe spots?), and only a handful of inserts on the Pro. So you can't rely on the colored lighting for the rules on every shot. You have to hold back on creativity. And I'm betting the Pro can only do 6 colors. I once asked Dwight Sullivan to make the Klingon Multiball insert color orange instead of red, so it wouldn't be confusing when you stack it with Klingon Battle. He replied that he couldn't, because the Pro can't do orange. Just the 6 colors of the main inserts.
If we want a mode on Alien where the GI dims, and then parts of the GI flare up orange, and the inserts around them go orange, and we simulate that part of the playfield being on fire? Can do it. And we can make that a part of the rules, because every model will have that feature.
GOT can't do that. GI can't go orange. Pro doesn't have enough RGB lights to do that (and probably can't do orange anyways).
I can tell you right now there's a mode in Alien that uses the color changing lights that couldn't be done without them. It's really cool to have them on every shipping game, you don't have to hold back.
Alien display: High rez LCD screen. Movie clips, instructions, scores and stats? No problem. GOT: Low rez dots. We haven't seen them yet. We know that if they try to use clips from the show they're going to be a smeary mess though.
Alien Standard is more feature equipped than the Stern Premium, for the same price.
LE is price competitive too (not sure exactly how close, have to see latest quotes, Stern just raised prices) but comes with the interactive topper, no $400 extra charge from the store. Comes with fiberoptic lighting, ala Tron. Exclusive LE art package.
Right now Heighway is simply offering more for your money than Stern. They don't have a cheaper Pro option, it's true. If that's your price point go Stern. But look at the GOT Pro. It's pretty sad without that upper playfield, it's like a whole different game. How is the code going to work across these two models? The Pro doesn't feel like the one to pick here.
Heighway is new, still lots to prove, and Alien is still being worked on and GOT is close to shipping. You have to make your own calls. But I think we're going to deliver a killer game, I'm really looking forward to the first time I get to flip it.
Also, if you're still reading this long ass post, you did ask for a tease. Hmm. Let's just say that I hope you like multiballs ...

You make excellent points in this post and those following... but reading through some of the valued extras the Heighway LE comes with as standard you may have forgotten a $$ doozey. A shaker motor. Included.

Also, wanted to add I either read or learned by video, all Heighway pinball cabinets regardless of version come with a real knocker, not simulated! It's nice to see a little of the old school pinball essence being preserved and not eliminated for whatever reason on a modern sophisticated machine of today.

There's no denying the extras in the Heighway value you outlined so articulately. Thank you, this was a good read.

2 weeks later
#2185 4 years ago

From the Alien Shot Map:

A: "Space Jockey outlanes and ball saver feature. Danger zone behind flipper adds extra drain risk for careless player."

Glad to hear the Space Jockey may not be forgotten in the Alien pin. This mysterious set piece can only grow more relevant and fleshed out in films yet to come but did make quite an impression in the original Alien film.

Fact: - The Entire Space Jockey scene in Alien was almost scrapped due to the high price tag. Just the set cost a walloping $500,000 to create. But Scott fought, and the alien pilot stayed.

Fact: - The original Space Jockey piece is 27-feet tall.

Fact: - Geiger himself airbrushed the detail for this enormous set for the Space Jockey scene in Alien. The sculpted walls were later used in the egg chamber scene as well.


#2189 4 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

My favorite funny fact about the space jockey set is that in order to get the scale right part of it was filmed with kids in space suits, so that everything would look bigger.

Yep, the cinematographer's son and the other two were Ridley Scott's sons.

#2191 4 years ago
Quoted from nephasth:

Any chance we could get an unapproved leaked toy pic in this thread too?

...of the Space Jockey? Not even sure there will be a physical representation of it in the pin yet - fingers crossed.
The original...

1 week later
#2214 4 years ago
Quoted from Star_Gazer:

Anyone played Alien Isolation? Awesome atmosphere and such a great game!

Indeed it is.

"And what Alien Isolation accomplishes best of all is instilling a persistent sense of dread and tension. Maybe it isn’t the scariest game. Something like Amnesia (or Justine) might have it beat for brief moments of sheer terror. But if you want a game that will gnaw at you, leave you feeling anxious and unsafe, and torment you with quiet, unrelenting dread, Alien: Isolation is the one for you." ...Samantha Lienhard

alien isolation.jpg

Alistair Hope, Creative Assembly...

“Authenticity is an important thing to the studio,” he explains. “Whether that’s Total War and recreation of historical reality or the AI team trying to recreate a feel, look and an immersive experience based on a film, there’s a lot of crossover there.”

After getting the greenlight, Creative Assembly was given unprecedented access to the enormous archives from the original Alien film by 20th Century Fox.

The goldmine included three terabytes of behind the scenes photos, videos and assets of the movie. As a fan, Hope says it was an unbelievable moment, and describes it akin to the suitcase in Pulp Fiction, the contents of which shines a glowing light when opened.

“That was so useful and they were very supportive,” he says. “And it was a real honour to be given the opportunity to create a new story and expand on the original.”


On a pin related note I ran across a warning label for a haunted house that with some minor editing could almost work as a sticker for the Heighway Alien pin aprons.


#2219 4 years ago
Quoted from underlord:

This entire thread is going into nostalgia. I'm looking for relevant Alien pinball updates and expect something soon.

Agreed. Not much to discuss as of late. I wish we would be given something to talk about from the Heighway camp, even the teensiest tiddy bit would be appreciated.

Whatever happened with the revised Alien flipping whitewood that was to be shown a few weeks back?

1 Month ago...

Quoted from HeighwayPinball:

Up till last week, we were hoping to show a flipping whitewood - but suppliers have let us down and the whitewood won't be ready now until next week.

Has the LE Fiber Optic ramp lighting on Full Throttle made a public viewing yet?

What has been decided on the addressable LED back box translight lighting? Will it be present in the Alien pin?

What will the LE numbered badges look like and where will they be located on the LE Alien pin? Will it be unique (3D sculpted) in an Alien theme sense or will it look plain as if it were taken off an amateur bowling trophy and stuck on with sticky tape?

How is Emmy Award-Winning Sound Designer Harry Snodgrass doing on the audio side of things? Remember what he said...?

Quoted from HeighwayPinball:

“By joining the team at Heighway Pinball, I look forward to pushing the audio technology of pinball into the 21st century while creating the best sounds ever heard on a pinball machine”

Will the Space Jockey from the first film make an appearance on the playfield or in an animation or clip via the LCD?

Any thoughts on Pin Blades with the artwork following this guy's stylings...?

Anything would be good fodder for some entertaining discussion.

P.S. Will there be an Officially Signed Document of Authenticity suitable for framing included with the LE's? Sorry - couldn't resist.

#2253 4 years ago

I'm eager to hear any news on the Alien pin. Looking back through this thread it has been 2 months since the last Alien "update" which was the revised layout and shot map cad drawing. Fingers crossed we might get any recent questions answered or something to keep our Alien pin interests fresh. Obviously Andrew is very busy with showing FT now, but communication has always been one of his strengths.

#2255 4 years ago

Yep, the original CAD drawing was 11 months ago. Still as hungry for information since day one!

#2314 4 years ago

sneak peek.jpg

#2321 4 years ago

Playing devil's advocate...you know if it was just an egg but it had the addressable colored LED stuff in the back box pulsing and creating movement within the egg while in attract mode - who wouldn't dig that?

#2325 4 years ago
Quoted from matt_adams:

I saw the artwork on Saturday in Manchester and was so impressed I ordered an LE. happy days! Aurich if you did that back glass hats off to you sir

Atleast we know there are still some of the 500 35th Anniversary LE's available. Wonder what kind of pressure Expo puts on that LE availability this weekend?

#2386 4 years ago
Quoted from RandomGuyOffCL:

Ironic that Heighway's original vision were pins without any backbox at all, to a backbox with 2 screens...Like my daughter always tells me, "Words have power!"

Good idea for another alternative option. Whose to say you need to install the backbox at all, save for mounting the speakers some where. All the information you need will be given to you right above the flippers.

#2435 4 years ago
Quoted from RavenBlackthorn:

I think it would look fantastic if they used the screen built into the playfield for the "smaller" video clips like the motion tracker, sentry gun bullet counts, computer screen readouts counting down the self destruct mode etc., and having the bigger full motion video clips on the monitor.
There's several use case scenarios throughout the two movies that could incorporate video content and mode progression on the larger screen and "status" related content on the smaller screen. From an experience and immersion standpoint, this would be an incredible direction to take this game.

[Forgive me as I tend to get long winded when my interest is peaked.]

I agree with you... this would be great. But unfortunately I don't see that happening with what we know so far on the Alien pin. Here is what we know. The Heighway architecture can only support 2 differing video feeds. The Alien pin already has 2 differing LCD video feeds on the playfield - the airlock toy and the playfield LCD. It was mentioned earlier the Heighway Team got a little vague when asked about the subject amongst their presentation.

Any video sent to the backbox LCD is just going to mirror the playfield LCD and not offer anything new or different on this title. A home user is probably going to get used to what comes naturally and get information from the playfield LCD above the flippers where all the action is and not deviate their attention. What would be the point of looking away from the playfield during a game if the backbox LCD is just mirroring the exact same playfield LCD information? It would just be diverting your attention away from the action on the playfield, yes? So the giant LCD for a backbox just doesn't have me too excited right now.

I have mixed feelings for the Big Boy LCD option in the backbox for this title. I personally wanted the small LCD in the backbox for Alien just for family and friendly bystanders and of course simply for the very cool bling factor and in hindsight knowing it will not affect the full artwork presentation. Now the Big Boy LCD option is revealed. There goes the full gorgeous green backbox translight artwork which will probably be beautifully accentuated by the (RGB?) addressable LED lighting features there. And now there is a big weird art free negative empty space there when the machine is not on.

If, and this is a big giant (unlikely) IF, the Heighway Team goes through the effort of creating the extra coding and changing their equipment parameters to allow for a 3rd differing video feed providing the visuals for the backbox LCD for their next title - Alien - WOW! YES! It would be an outstanding additional immersive element and I would definitely want to have the Big Boy LCD option. But will they expend the resources and time and cost to do that? All for a 3rd LCD that doesn't come with the game? That would only benefit just the buyers that purchase the 3rd LCD as an optional accessory? I'm guessing realistically - not on this title.

I hope I'm wrong - I would be all about the Big Boy LCD if it will provide a new and immersive additional visual experience on the Alien pin. The downside of the Big Boy LCD is just too great for me otherwise - losing the full art picture and what it looks like when it's not turned on. Eeeeeek!

It was speculated that maybe an "artificial" 3rd video feed could be implemented readily in the Heighway system for Alien if the airlock toy video feed could be diverted to the backbox LCD when it is turned around revealing the Queen and not in view of the player. That's a neat idea if Heighway could pull that off. But again the question remains if it's worth implementing this sort of "3rd" video feed when the necessity of such is only demanded for the percentage of buyers that go down the road of purchasing an additionally optional extra LCD, not to mention a bit of added licensing hurdling work that might compound $$ and timeframes.

On the other hand, for those in on a Full Throttle that is natively built on only one video feed, I think it may make more sense to seek the Big Boy LCD there. The option is more readily present to code in secondary differing visuals resulting in a more relevant immersive experience and especially since it is an original non-licensed theme that can be changed with out third party involvement.

I'm leaning toward an Alien LE with the glorious Lime Green trim and legs with a small LCD underneath the full translight artwork panel that glows and pulses and has who knows what kind of LED interactivity for the 35th Anniversay Artwork translight. I'm not worried about future titles. I'm only concerned about an Alien pin. If future Heighway titles warrants a must buy from me I'll deal with that then. Haha.

Fortunately I suspect there is still a lot of time for the Heighway Team to figure these things out if they don't already have the whole plan set. Andrew always says Alien is his dream title and he and his Team want to make the best Alien pin possible. Because of that kind of passion, I believe he will.

#2436 4 years ago
Quoted from RavenBlackthorn:

I think it would be great if you were able to include an attract mode that has subtle animations on the backglass. I was envisioning an egg pod opening slowly here and there, or a facehugger scampering up the side of the cabinet, fog sort of shimmering around the egg pods, stars twinkling, steam rising up around the big Egg etc. If that was possible and allowable with the license, I think that it would breath some life into the artwork that we don't see currently.

Now that would be beautiful! Great idea.

#2442 4 years ago

Hi Aurich! Pulled some pics from the "artwork" thread.

This looks great and can't wait to see it with the 35th Anniversary Limited Edition features with the Lime Green trim and legs and those yellow beacons! There is a reflection of an egg on the playfield glass in the corner... that's right I noticed.

What's that little button at the top center of the backbox?

Hmmm... Could you consider some artwork for the front of the cabinet on the metal coin box door? It looks so plain. Perhaps printed via magnetic photo paper or magnetic vinyl? A couple of those slapped on the front would look so kewl. Warning, safety, identification signs? Something from the movies? I'm sure it can be done in the after market but having you design it for the Home bound LE models which won't be on location so much would be neat. This would be fun to discover as the magnets promised in the LE goody bag.

From the Heighway Alien page: "Exclusive ’35th Anniversary Edition’ Alien Pinball Goodie Bag, With Magnets, T-Shirts, Posters, Badges + Much More!"

Couldn't help but notice the "SPEAKER PANEL ART IN PROGRESS" placeholder. Can you talk about what we are in store for there? I guess it would be absent if one gets the small LCD option?

The starfield looks cool on the "sidelights." Not that you should change anything but have you ever seen the Nasa Ultra Deep Field high resolution images? Wonder what it might look like to sharpened some of those larger stars on the sidelights (and backpanel?) into spiral galaxies and various nebulous things.

It looks great though... if you consider anymore fiddling with the image I wonder what it would look like with the commercial towing vehicle Nostromo pulling the automated ore refinery opposite the zenomorph head.

Nostromoto with Refinery.jpg

Can't wait to get this pin and hear the blaring audio count down in my basement

#2513 4 years ago

Hoping to clear this up.

For full throttle it makes sense to want the big LCD because with a little coding it can display as a different secondary video feed with new different information and different animations made to look right just for the back box location. So that can be a different video feed than what's showing on the playfield LCD above the flippers.

For alien (tell me I'm wrong) the big giant backbox LCD can only be a mirrored feed that duplicates exactly what you're seeing on the playfield LCD (or airlock LCD) with no new or different information capability to be seen at the back box.

There is no such thing as three DIFFERING video feeds in the highway system now. It can only do two. Alien already has two different video feeds: one in the revolving airlock toy and the other in the playfield. Therefore, any LCD put in the backbox be it the big or small screen would be a third video feed and thus can only be capable of being a duplicate feed mirroring exactly either what the airlock toy LCD is showing or what the playfield LCD above the flippers is showing.

I believe this was brought up amongst the Heighway presentation and things got a little vague which makes me think I have it right. Perhaps more than two unique differing video feeds can be added down the road to future titles as the capabilities of Heighway video equipment expands. But if I'm wrong here and now on the video capabilities of how Alien will be released I wait standing to be corrected.

#2517 4 years ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

I would suspect the large screen would take precedence over the airlock toy, video wise, hence giving them the 2 feeds they need.....and some sort of matrix triggered by the airlock toy to stream certain clips wouldn't be crazy expensive.....
I'm just speculating, but no way are they going to put a giant screen in Alien just to mirror the playfield display.....way too much potential there....

They are not putting a giant screen in Alien. That's totally up to you.

We haven't been given much information on what the airlock toy is going to be displaying. But I believe it is important enough not to get dismissed too easily.

Remember this was all figured out 10 or more months ago when Dennis Nordman was onboard. They had the fully playable digital playfield with basic rule set complete and a video of it to show Fox when they pitched the idea.

The airlock LCD is going to be vital in more ways than we know!

#2520 4 years ago
Quoted from Roo:

I like the sound of everything you described about the UI but I'm curious why you say this. Honest question: what is the logical reason for looking away from the playfield and playfield screen to look at the same image on the backbox screen? The only answer I can think of is, "because I've played a lot of pinball and that's what I'm used to."
My non-hardcore pinball friends struggle to look up at the DMD while playing; they've said so. It's something that does take some getting used to because if you look at the wrong time or for too long, it can negatively affect your game. The playfield screen location really is better from a player's perspective. Speaking from personal experience playing Full Throttle and the P3, it doesn't take that long to adjust to it, either.
Kudos to Heighway for offering options so I'm not trying to hate. If you think it looks cool in your game room, or will make the game earn better or whatever, that's fine but I don't understand the benefit of the upper screen to the player (assuming mirrored content).

On the giant LCD, speaking as someone that will have the game off more than on in my home, I'd rather have the full artwork panel to notice and appreciate when I walk by than see a turned off monitor screen.

It's great to have so many options to go with. Everyone can be happy.

I imagine the longer the ownership experience with the Heighway playfield LCD the less you divert your attention from the playfield. That can only be good for your gaming successes.

#2530 4 years ago
Quoted from drinkduffbeers:

It's led strip lighting which is meant to be addressable for various lighting effects

Is it addressable in rgb color or only white?

#2533 4 years ago
Quoted from Zampinator:

As good as the "big" LCD looks, I don't believe I will be ordering one. The Heighway system is designed with the LCD in the playfield, which I think is a Great idea. To have the "big" LCD just mirroring the in screen display, is of no value to me. I would rather have a "Big" backglass. Now if they where separate feeds part/all of the time, that would be Awesome, & it would make the "big" LCD a must. So until they confirm two separate feeds, I think I'll pass on the "big" LCD.
It's great to have options though! Kudos to Heighway on this!

Couldn't agree with this more.

#2556 4 years ago

Just an interesting note:

Sigourney Weaver mentioned her pinball esteem during an interview with Jill Pantozzi a year ago while being interviewed on the Legacy of Ellen Ripley, Women in Games, and Her Return in the game Alien: Isolation.

"It was that long ago, in the middle ages, – there were no video games that I know of. There might have been pinball and you know, those games. …Yeah, there was pinball! Some country – maybe Britain – I saw an Alien pinball game. That sort of – that would have been the biggest kind of success when we made the film, that we would turn into a popular pinball game."


1 week later
#2686 4 years ago
Quoted from rcbrown316:

it would be cool to not hear cute one-liners in this game actually. these are sci-fi/horror movies. if i want to laugh I watch comedies.

Agreed. Stick to only the original cute one-liners found in the movies themselves.

One thing is for sure, this pin won't be lacking for atmosphere. If you're looking for sci-fi and horror, we shouldn't be let down

1 week later
#2767 4 years ago
Quoted from NFK:

Best topper ever: http://i49.photobucket.com/albums/f291/sabres21768/100_0279-1.jpg
...unfortunately way to big. It's 1:4 scale. ^^
BTW I love this one too (alien pile statue): http://i49.photobucket.com/albums/f291/sabres21768/100_6036.jpg

I have the giant Queen bust, #75. One of my favorites in my Aliens collection. Truly excited anticipating the Heighway "Super Pin."


Kiss me.jpg

Easter Surprise.jpg

Easter can't get here soon enough!

#2769 4 years ago
Quoted from Chosen_S:

So if a bunny gets a face hugger... What comes out!?!?!?!

Evil Bunny.jpg

#2790 4 years ago

If memory serves Alien is going to have a combination of both Plastic and Metal ramps? This should make the Fiber Optic outlay presence on the playfield interesting on Alien LE. Guessing Alien LE will not have fiber optics on the metal ramps?

Been waiting to see the Fiber Optics on FTLE. Hoping Heighway, as a manufacturer, finds a way to make the Fiber Optic Ramps "next level" and do something unigue with them in accordance with their mission statement.

Heighway Pinball Mission Statement:

"Our goal is to make pinball mainstream again, by producing fun, innovative, reliable and affordable pinball machines, packed with the latest technology."


#2794 4 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

I believe every LE upgrade except the LE art and LE armor is available for the Standards. I think it would be smart for Heighway to make a "Premium" that was a Standard with all the LE upgrades as a package, with maybe a little discount for buying it all.
Would people dig that? I have no idea how that price would compare to the LE, but you'd have to think cheaper, no?

Might depend a little on what a heighway shaker, rotating beacon topper, and fiber optic ramps will cost separately, but yeah.

Edit: And of course we can't forget about the "Exclusive ’35th Anniversary Edition’ Alien Pinball Goodie Bag, With Magnets, T-Shirts, Posters, Badges + Much More!"

It's the "+ Much More!" I'm curious about... will that be Heighway Alien keychains, lanyards, mugs, beer coozies, flashlights and bottle openers? I would totally dig finding a Heighway Alien logoed toaster in that Goodie Bag.

Something along these lines... Darth-Vader-Toaster.png

#2799 4 years ago
Quoted from PinballRulez:

I know for Full Throttle they are produced at the same time.

Not sure an LE has been made yet on Full Throttle. If they do exist, wouldn't we have seen Heighway's fiber optic ramps?

#2801 4 years ago
Quoted from underlord:

Soooo... Why the LE at all again? Just curious if everything can be bought optional, kinda kills exclusivity, doesn't it?

Well I'm just guessing on prices but if you add $700 to $1000 more for LE accessories your getting closer to the LE pricing. And you still won't have the unique LE matched legs and armor trim or the exclusive 35th Aniversary Artwork. If it's just about game play it's SE all the way.

Taken as a whole the LE should stand out as something uniquely dedicated and special to it's theme, to be celebrated in one's collection. A true "Super Pin."

#2803 4 years ago

I've been watching for the LE Full Throttle not only to see the fiber optic ramps but to see if the LE numbered badge is a unique customized 3d plaque celebrating it's theme or just an engraved bowling trophy tag. And where it is going to be placed and in what manner it's going to be fastened to the pin. Wouldn't it be bad ass if Heighway went in a different direction and made it out of some kind of translucent material and it was back lit with an LED or two?

Surprising, the little things you think about when you have lots of time to think.

#2814 4 years ago
Quoted from Marten:

Wouldn't it be weird otherwise to have an LE Full Throttle cabinet with a 'normal' Alien play field or vice versa.

If you have an LE Full Throttle cabinet and decide to swap future playfields through it at least you'll have the shaker motor for all those future game playfields. The LE's come with a shaker so it is one less thing to spend money on if your striving for the LE experience when you change out your game playfields.

I suspect Alien will have a very captivating deep atmosphere. Is anyone going to buy an SE and not put the interactive dual rotating topper on it? Okay so after you do that wouldn't it be fun to have fiber optic lighting on the ramps? Pinball machines are toys not commodities. I don't see how, when it comes to your personal recreational playtime, you wouldn't want to maximize your experience to the fullest.

Honestly, it's not like money is a real object when it comes to these exorbitantly expensive play toys.

1 week later
#2872 4 years ago
Quoted from bane:

Not getting responses from Heighway (via email) to questions about game progression. Given recent history of prepay pinball, I find this disconcerting. Deposit on LE game more than 3 months ago.

Kudos to you for ordering a Full Throttle "LE." You might be one of the elite first to own one!

What number did you get?

Edit: Wait.. are you talking about Alien? Ohhhhhh... Target date for production was recently given as being around Easter.

#2873 4 years ago

I'm all about an Alien LE pin and when it was announced that the small LCD would be available I wanted that, even over the more recently announced Giant LCD option. I've had and still have plenty of time to anticipate and dream about what this "Super Pin" is going to be like.

I've decided against adding an LCD altogether now. I'd rather have the design experience Heighway intended with the playfield LCD only and stay true to their original design philosophy innovation they created the company behind. I want to be dependant on and fully encounter a different playing experience with this Alien pin as opposed to what the industry has been continuously producing forever. In other words, I don't want to move (nor be tempted out of habbit to move) my attention away from the playfield anymore.

The only way my mind changes is if Aurich does something nuts with a swing and a miss with the 35th Anniversary artwork that is placed where the small LCD would go and I would rather not see it. I'm confident that won't be the case with Aurich's professed love for this theme.

There has been some scuttlebutt about possibly introducing a 3rd possible different original video feed via USB for another LCD as opposed to just a duplicate mirroring feed some where down the line after Alien has been in production for some time. I don't believe this will come to fruition on the Alien title. If it were to, hell yes I would add the 3rd LCD option at that point. But again, seems unlikely as most of the rules and modes were already designed and planned a year ago for this pin.

Being an Alien franchise nut myself my expectations surrounding the Alien pin are self admittedly at a fanboy high level. But I have faith in your judgment and art skill Aurich.

#2875 4 years ago
Quoted from colonel_caverne:

How can people order a pinball machine without have seen general artwork and playfield?

I hope your not assuming I already ordered. I is smort.

#2879 4 years ago
Quoted from PinballRulez:

I believe a 5 inch LCD is part of one of the playfield toys. Add the 10.1 inch playfield LCD and a backbox LCD and that makes 3 video feeds for Alien.
Maybe Andrew can update us how this is going to be handled by the hardware.

You can backtrack in this thread and find your answers. But to summarize, the heighway video system can do two original different video feeds. That's what it was designed to do and that's what it will do. If you add an additional LCD in the back box it can't provide an original different video feed for that. Thus it just mirrors and duplicates the playfield LCD for the optional LCD you can buy additionally for the back box via a video splitter adapter.

#2882 4 years ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

I'll slow down on defending or " justifying" my path with this title.....really no need....mark

You don't have to defend or justify anything. You're just holding a LE spot for your dream theme and its only 1500 that's refundable if you change your mind. Big deal.

Putting the Alien theme in a pinball machine is a no brainer. It's never been done before. This theme has a remarkable wealth of unlimited potential and rich atmospheric possibilities built into it already.

You have to recognize that this has to be treated as a holy grail pinball machine that's going to put a ton of cabinets out there for heighway to later accept other playfields. They know this, they know it has to succeed exceptionally, they're doing everything necessary to make that so. Fortunately Andrew is an alien nut as are his team members creating this pin.

This is in good hands and I wholeheartedly believe it is going to rock the pinball world fan base. Maybe I feel this way because I'm an alien nut too. Is there anyone out there that doesn't think the Alien franchise would work fantastically in a pinball machine? Really? Anyone?

#2883 4 years ago
Quoted from PinballRulez:

I know what is in the thread and other info around, no need to educate me
Do not think Heighway's technology will not evolve. So it could well be possible that in the very near future the hardware supports 3 independent HDMI connections.
Maybe we will hear about this in an upcoming update.

No offense intended. This would be wonderful. I'm onboard totally. I just don't feel that will happen close enough to the Alien release. I would love to be proved wrong though.

Andrew did address this and said they could consider looking at using a USB video feed for future games if they needed to go with 3 but was doubtful Alien would be affected. I watched his explanation on a video link where the question was posed to him from an audience member while he was speaking. Come to think of it I may have been the one feeding that line of questioning remotely as it was happening, if I recall correctly.

I love the interwebs.

#2886 4 years ago
Quoted from PinballRulez:

If all is in line with the playfield art ( let's hope this gets approved soon) Alien will stand high above all what is currently available. Man, looking forward to the total reveal of this pin


I'm just going to say it out loud, when the full Alien reveal comes it's just going to crush any competition unfortunate enough to coincide with it's timing.

And having a playfield swapping foundation built into it is just gravy. It's going to be quite a doozy for the other manufacturers to contend with.

Competition is good for us all.

#2892 4 years ago
Quoted from colonel_caverne:

Due in week of manufacture: do we know when is about?

I believe Andrew mentioned Alien production around Easter at one of his show presentations recently. So, end of March?


#2951 4 years ago
Quoted from HeighwayPinball:

One final point about the large LCD screen - it takes seconds to change over the translite panel - so to those who love seeing the backglass art at all times when the game is switched off, there's nothing stopping customers swapping the backglass panels over whenever needed.

I've often wondered about that. So if a customer buys an Alien LE with the extra large LCD screen, it will also ship with the LE back box to swap in the included standard and LE art panels?

I've been a little confused if there are going to be several different back boxes dependent on if and which optional LCD is initially purchased, large or small or none.

If you initially buy an alien pin with the extra large LCD and you choose to switch to a standard back box with full art panel will you still have the backbox addressable LED lighting for the art? And by the way I always wanted to know if that addressable translite lighting in the back box is RGB or not?

And will the LE number plaque/badge be customer removable to get mounted on the different small or large LCD back box panel configurations as customers change things up in the future?

#2953 4 years ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

Can't imagine plaque being changeable between cabinets ( sort of defeats the "LE" thing)....that and the backbox/ side artwork will stay w the machine ( I would imagine).....think the 500 LE's will simply be built to the customer's request ( large, small, no screen, hardware choice), and that's that. With all the choices, these will really be " Limited" in nature, imho.....My LE may not look like someone else's......very nice!!!......mark

Wait... what? If you buy an LE with the small LCD screen initially, do you get a numbered badge to at least put in a sock drawer or some where?

Where is the badge going to be located? Not under the art between the speakers?

If you initially buy no LCD and later purchase the small one do you have to also purchase a separate different back box to accomodate it? Then do you lose your badge if it stays on the original back box panel?

Is there a back box associated with the large LCD screen?

Isn't the back box and speaker area all one piece? Maybe that's just a removable front panel of the back box that gets swapped out dependent on LCD choice and the back box behind the front panel always remains?

#2955 4 years ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

You know you're going to want the big screen anyway, once all this stuff is made public.....suspect it will go right under that....

Honestly I don't want an optional LCD at all. Of course my tune will change immediately if there comes an announcement where an original and different third video feed is put to use for that on the Alien pin.

1 week later
#3002 4 years ago
Quoted from rcbrown316:

now back to the good positive stuff...

Speaking of which, a tidbit of information was recently touched on about the Heighway "next level" fiber optic ramp lighting but has since been deleted from this thread. Hoping to see how this turns out on a Full Throttle LE so we can see what that's all about. Eager to be impressed.

#3005 4 years ago

Yeah I know but it's not my place to say. Must have been deleted for a reason I guess.

1 week later
#3092 4 years ago

Let's survey coin door art! Yeah I know it's not an exciting topic but what else is there to delve into at this point? Forgive me as I create something out of nothing until we're given more details on the Alien pin.

Quoted from Aurich:

I'm doing it all. So yes, but not yet. Lower priority right now.

I think it's great having a single person in charge overseeing and doing everything to keep things cohesive and consistent with the overall look and art on the Alien pin. (Especially for LE buyers that are typically after something unique along the lines of trans lite, side art, cabinet finish, armor and trim...etc.) This bodes well and reminds me of an obscure question I always wanted to ask on coin door art. Will there be any? I noticed the shipping SE Full Throttle pins each have a little tiny color sticker with the title name on the coin door. Is that a magnet that gets swapped out with each playfield? Something that comes in the goodie bag? I am aware for the Alien LE from the Heighway web site it promotes:

"Exclusive ’35th Anniversary Edition’ Alien Pinball Goodie Bag, With Magnets, T-Shirts, Posters, Badges + Much More!"

Are the goodie bag magnets mentioned for placement on the pin I would suppose? ...or for the fridge?

I like how my TWD came with a decent sized sticker on the coin door. No title name - just an image to further the atmosphere of the overall theme.

Coin Door Sticker Art.jpg

Aurich, do you have plans on doing anything similar to "gussie" up the Alien coin door? What direction might that take? I'm sure LE home owners would dig it and it would be an appreciated little overall detail.

But not sure how long a coin door art magnet is supposed to last on a location pin. If the location bound SE Full Throttle pins indeed have a title sticker and not a swappable magnet on the coin door, I guess another coin door sticker comes with each future playfield to be placed over the last?

#3098 4 years ago

I'm hoping future Heighway pins have some bit of clever coin door art included in the goodie bag with each, as well as art for that location included with the separate playfield purchases. Often with many pins the front seems to have a blank void space around the coin door area when the rest of the exposed pin surface area is covered in attention getting colors and images.

With Stern it looks like they forgot on GOT. ...Actually, it seems on recent pins they always had some art on the coin door until they just stopped after WWE. Cost cutting again? Sheesh.

Hope the Heighway team with their easily swappable trans light and side art system don't neglect the front of the cabinet at the coin door area. The cabinets already have somewhat of a cool utilitarian look as a byproduct of the interchangeable art panels they accept. The lighted LED side panels of course makes it strikingly appealing. Hoping they adopt consistent coin door art for each of their games that fits into their unique swappable system.

#3110 4 years ago
Quoted from rai:

FTH is selling like hot cakes, 10 Pinsiders own FTH compared to 81 who own AMH

It's always been about the Alien pin. Have you ever watched Andrew profess his feelings about the Alien films during one of his talks?

Let's face it, FTH came first to grease the wheels. It had to. An original title. Smooth move. It worked. FTH is a solid pin. They can make pins.

Just wait.

1 week later
#3327 4 years ago

Yes that was a great post. What I'm looking forward to also are the sounds of the original first two Alien movies. I can't wait to be playing a pin with all the original atmosphere and original sounds and those beautiful beacons on top! Isn't there an award winning sound designer behind the audio that never gets acknowleged? Haven't heard boo about that since the original announcement.

Does all the sound have to be submitted to FOX and then get approval too?


#3365 4 years ago
Quoted from HeighwayPinball:

It *may* be possible to show you playfield art next week. We are pushing hard for this.
I will update you as soon as we have more news.

Now THAT is wonderful news! Thanks for keeping us updated. I can't wait for any kind of reveal!

Thank you Andrew

#3381 4 years ago

Tee hee

Giddy with happiness!

We need a T-Minus Alien count down timer for the Big Reveal so the LE fence sitters don't have heart attacks!

#3465 4 years ago
Quoted from Pinballs:

What will Heighway Pinball have at EAG next Tue-Thurs?

Hopefully something exciting!


#3699 4 years ago
Quoted from aeonblack:

I believe it was said last year, when this came up the first time, that the individual components (save for powdercoating/painting), would add up to the same cost that they have to get an LE. I don't have the time to dig through 70 pages to find that, but I distinctly remember that (or something to that effect) being mentioned.

I don't know if this is the case, that an LE will cost the same as a SE with some of the LE features added to the SE. But what an interesting concept.

What do people think if adding the optional LE features to their SE were to equal out as the same cost? Cheated? Over paying?

You end up with:
No special playfield matching trim?
No extra set of 35th Anniversary Limited Edition artwork on the lit side panels and translight?

If it were me I think I'd feel I missed out on something special.

#3705 4 years ago

Hummana hummana hummana

#3741 4 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

Here's the full playfield.


#3766 4 years ago
Quoted from kaneda:

Just shaking my head, not at the image, but how sloppy this reveal was handled. Aurich starts by teasing a few inserts and then the first full reveal is done with a crappy flyer by someone not even with Heighway? WTF is that? After all of the hard work on this, you think people would invest in a good camera and stop using what looks like a cellphone to capture an image. But it is what it is.
Still processing the art. Really hard to judge a playfield that's void of ramps/toys/mechs. Want to look at it some more before passing judgement. But Heighway, get your marketing shit together guys...piss poor reveal.

Geeze it was less than 30 minutes between the crappy flyer reveal and Aurich's post of a high definition playfield image. You make it sound like it was such a travesty. Try to lighten up dude.

#3942 4 years ago
Quoted from epthegeek:

The space vagina inserts are my favorite.

I would think those inserts are a tribute to the "I" in the Heighway Pinball take on how they are using it as you see on their side art graphic for the SE.

Besides, if you know Giger's art at all it has always been very organic, and shall we say perhaps, a little risque?

That being said I'm surprised no one has commented on the elephant in the room.




#3950 4 years ago
Quoted from Pimp77:

Uh, that's not Heighway Pinball's "take" on it. That's the Aliens "I". Was this a failed joke post?

Uh, no not a joke post. I read somewhere a long time ago that the Heighway team were discussing changing the way the letter "I" looked in Alien for the pin. And they did. The letter "I" from the Aliens title is being used in the "I" of the Alien title. Google the two movie titles (Alien and Aliens) and you can see the difference for yourself. Clever thing, combining the different movie fonts because the pin combines the two movies. And that "I" looks exactly like what we are seeing in the inserts.

#3959 4 years ago
Quoted from HoakyPoaky:

I think the grid look is taken directly from the computer Starcharts of the Nostromo. Nice touch if you ask me

Agreed. And I hope we get to hear some of those unique sounds associated with the Nostromo's computers too when the pin is finished:

#3972 4 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

As was correctly guessed earlier there are 3 branches, all laid out with the motion tracker layout. We're going to use the RGB LEDs to do a blue "pulse" through the inserts to simulate the tracking, maybe just for the attract mode or something, should be cool looking.

Outstanding! That blue motion tracker pulse through the inserts should be great. There are so many cool things that must be in store for this pin. I get the feeling we have only seen the tip of the iceberg as of yet.

I wonder if Fox has approved the translucent egg poppers? Besides the toys, airlock LCD, and other mechanisms planned, I bet this little nest of eggs turns out to be a really cool feature unto itself. Hope it gets several different sound and lighting effects to use depending on mode.

Great job on the artwork by the way! Loving it. You don't have to change a thing as for as I'm concerned.


#4182 4 years ago
Quoted from HoakyPoaky:

......the 2nd whitewood playfield schematic. ...and upon inspection there are some really significant changes here.
1) The upper LT ramp no longer goes behind the playfield and exits on the RT. Now it quickly loops back to the LT, where there appears to be a 4 ball physical lock. Could this be where the Hypersleep chamber lock is located now?

Instead of seeing the next Fox approved asset, I'd rather hope to see the latest revised shot map with key. Things appear to have changed a bit in the 5 months since we were shown the last one.

I liked the ramp going behind the playfield idea. If it's no longer featured that way I'm saddened. Wonder if it conflicted with the interchangeable playfield system operation?

#4393 4 years ago

I think Heighway's Russell Speak helped redo the rules on a cool update for Future Pinball's Aliens Legacy as well as some of its music and sound effects if I recall correctly.

With all the toys, RGB lighting, etc... I know the tangible "real" thing will out class the virtual table 10 fold when the time comes.

#4519 4 years ago

Can you discuss where the Highway pinball logo is going to be on each of the 3 backglass types? No lcd, small lcd, large LCD?

For the option of no LCD, will it be on/in the translite art or below it between the speakers? Are you still planning on putting a bit of art between the speakers with the no LCD option?

#4559 4 years ago

Something while we wait.

I can now say I'm fully paid in on an Aliens pre-order, ...expected delivery date is February!


Cookie thieves mostly come out at night, mostly, so make sure your cookies are safe with this detailed ceramic cookie jar in the shape of a ferocious Alien Warrior from the sci-fi classic Aliens! Even if it doesn't instantly send thieves running from the room, no one will dare lift the jar's removable skullcap to get at the sweet, sweet cookies inside - there are way too many nasty things inside a xenomorph to take the risk! This approximately 18" tall cookie jar comes packaged in a full-color box.

Shipping Weight: 5.60 pounds

#4562 4 years ago

Noticed it at entertainmentearth. Lots to look at there.


Also saw a new alien/aliens nicely detailed diecast line but the apc and ships are all supposed to be 6 inches long each. Might be a tad too large for a pin playfield mod, the drop ship and space jockey sure look cool and I think the drop ship includes a mini apc inside it. Hoping the next series in that metal diecast line has the nostromo and sulaco ships. ...I'm such a nerd.

2 weeks later
#4622 4 years ago
Quoted from labnip:

rumor has it Sigourney Weaver is only offering her likeness to 1 of up-coming pins. either Ghostbusters or Aliens...
you didn't hear it from me

And there it is... The quiet subtle faint of the genesis spark. Quoted lest we forget how the endless discussions were started as this will be argued and dialogued to fact before long, be it here or the other thread this was also posted to - just to incite another ill fated parlay. I love a good origin story.

ru·mor mill
used to refer to the process by which rumors and gossip are originated and circulated among a group of people.

2 weeks later
#4891 4 years ago
Quoted from HeighwayPinball:

Today ... a heartbeat



#4927 4 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

I'm not trying to tease, ...

What are you talking about? Please tease!

Somebody give us something. What's that cat up to in the vents?

Anything is appreciated!

2 weeks later
#5150 4 years ago

Wow that toy reveal is very NICE! My jaw just hit the floor. It looks like it could be a numbered piece from Sideshow Collectibles. I remember way back when Andrew said:

Quoted from HeighwayPinball:

• Playfield Toys – a lot of work has been spent on this over the last few months. We felt that the current toys did not do enough justice to the license and so we have reviewed this. New toys are being worked on now. In particular, we have a very exciting xenomorph toy that is intended to become the main toy for this game

If this is the detailed quality direction Heighway's toy sculptures are taking, the Alien pin is going to be something truly special for fans of the Alien franchise - we already know how Andrew feels. It's very telling. I'm looking forward to how the Chest Burster, Face Hugger, and Space Jockey toys will look ...not to mention the QUEEN! Suddenly, keeping the playfield art dark and simple makes a ton of sense with toys that look like collectibles all over the playfield - it's going to have some great atmosphere and mood. Egads...And to have that kind of quality in a Pinball machine?! Kudos

I hope the Nostromo, Sulaco, Drop Ship (Bug Stomper), and the M577 Armored Personnel Carrier get some of this kind of attention and make an appearance too. I've read several times Heighway is considering there might be a few playfield extra's for LE models - bring it on!

NECA Announces New Alien Cinemachines Die Cast Series





#5195 4 years ago
Quoted from Zampinator:

That magnet holds the ball still, & then the inner mouth comes out & snatches the ball into its mouth.

Let's hope but has it been stated the ball is dragged into the mouth? One possible interpretation is the tongue comes out and catches the ball and holds it on the magnet where it can remain locked or get flung away from the front of the sculpture. It would be nice if the ball appeared to be gobbled up and swallowed even, but do the playfield cutouts appear to support that sort of operation? Look what it says on item "J" from Heighways last shot map posted in this thread:


I'm guessing the ball is held by the tongue in the green area on the playfield maked "J" on the shot map when the popup targets are down.

It would be neat to tongue snatch the ball and drop it under the playfield from under the head sculpture to reappear elsewhere but does it appear to be designed that way? Can't see too much in the area to infer from the latest shared playfield video:

But who knows? All we have of the underside of the playfield is this:


...and there seems to be a lot going on in that area.

I have no doubt that within the context of the game with the audio and lighting, this mechanism will be a spectacular effect and make people jump a bit each time the ball is captured and held or even when it is missed by the tongue strike!

#5197 4 years ago
Quoted from Zampinator:

Tongue = "inner mouth"
If it comes out, why can't it go back in with the ball & hold it?

I'm with you pal! I hope that is the way it operates. Perhaps the tongue moves on an arc so it clears the lower teeth with the ball. I'm just controlling my expectations and trying to work through how it might operate with the information given. Maybe we might get some clarification before imaginations and speculations spin out of control.

I for one will have the pin transform into a Caterpillar P-5000 Work Loader and wrestle with you while you're trying to play if I don't keep my deeply disturbed imagination in check.


#5199 4 years ago
Quoted from sd_tom:

Looks great, just wondering if it's going to need a sneeze guard to keep airballs from damaging it.


#5205 4 years ago
Quoted from HoakyPoaky:

Just for clarification......that shot map you posted is ancient history. The upper LT ramp no longer loops & exits on the RT side of playfield. There's plenty of space now for the large Alien head toy of that size.

Thanks. I knew it changed but couldn't find that when I searched in this thread! Did I miss an updated shot map with the A. B. C... shot explanations?

#5208 4 years ago
Quoted from HoakyPoaky:

Andrew has also stated (most recently at DPO 2015) that the playfield magnet stops the ball, the mouth opens, then the tongue lashes out & grabs the ball. There are two standup target below the jaw, so there won't be any direct physical bashing of it. The toy has to raised above the playfield and angled a bit for that tongue to reach out to the magnet & grab the ball
Can't wait to see it in action!
25:55 minute mark
» YouTube video

Yep Andrew does say "...as if eating the ball." Sweeeeeet!

#5217 4 years ago
Quoted from Zampinator:

A picture of a planet.

That's no planet, that's a moon.

That's no moon, that's a space s... oh sorry, wrong theme.

4 weeks later
#5355 4 years ago

Yep, video games are one thing, but they will never hold a candle to the real thing!


But at least the Alien vidya versions might cause people with interest to do a search and discover what Heighway has in the works.

Not saying people will rush out and buy one but it may very well cost them a pocket full of quarters if they stumble across the tangible real thing on location having been enamored with the vidya vesions.

#5393 4 years ago
Quoted from HeighwayPinball:

We are currently finishing a NEW video and will be shortly submitting it to FOX for approval to show this in public.
If we can show this on 'Alien Day' then we will.

I would believe in the celebratory spirit of Fox's "Alien Day," approval of a public showing would be readily forth coming and provide for the community a glimpse of just how far the Heighway Team has been allowed to travel down the Alien rabbit hole.

Really looking forward to an example of what a tangible pin designed to be "true to the Alien/s Universe" will look, sound, and play like. Fingers crossed.

Certainly a video of such consequence would go viral surrounding the context of that particular day and give Heighway worldwide exposure to the people most interested in the Alien/s theme.

Or am I just dreaming?

#5421 4 years ago

Wow! Great detail/s here. Built like a modern tank. This bodes well for the Alien pin.

2 weeks later
#5602 4 years ago
Quoted from PinballRulez:

I second that! I not only have a feeling about that
This pin is going to be beyond

It has to be. For many reasons. And I get the impression it is meant to be above and beyond by the Heighway group as they wish to do the Alien franchise justice by designing an outstanding experience. They in every way articulated their passion for the theme publicly. I would be surprised if they fail to deliver as the importance in establishing their role in the business is pointed towards this particular theme's success. It's their first foray into a licensed build, their second table, a lot riding on this one.

1 week later
#5850 4 years ago
Quoted from RandomGuyOffCL:

Imagine a new customer, never hearing of pinside, Googles this alien pinball machine which they just found out about, and Google brings them here for the first time...

Good point. To all you new customers, that have never heard of Pinside, that were brought here by Google...

Go to the 1st page and first post of this thread and click on the black head and shoulders symbol located in the top area of that post.

Volia, you just filtered out all of the monkey business and are left with a concise history on everything you need to know about the development of this pin and how far it's come to this point, directly from the manufacturer.

88 posts/updates directly from Heighway Manufacturing to date focused specifically on the evolution of the Alien pin.

I just wish some of the lost and damaged souls that like to disturb this thread could learn to do the same.

#6168 4 years ago

I enjoy checking in on this thread, even most of the nutters that have fun here, and I felt like sharing my enthusiasm for this title as well as an attaboy to those involved on this project.

What attracts me to this pin is its theme. Alien/s. I'm a big fan of the franchise.
I have the Alien games and movies.
I have Alien art prints and sculptures.
I have Alien trinkets and toys.
But what I don't have is a big expensive retro entertainment omage created out of the Alien/s universe.

I want this pin to be true to the movies it's based on.
I want to be moved when I play it.
I want the sounds to make me feel anxious.
I want to cringe at the ruthlessness of the animations and videos.
I want the call outs to involve me as a player.
I want my playing choices to be both rewarding and punishing.

I want Heighway to succeed in all of these areas.
I want to be fully immersed in this universe when I'm playing.
I want Heighway to demonstrate the reverence this theme deserves.
I want to put this pin in my home and daydream about getting back to it when I'm at work.

Someone here previously mentioned the appreciation of the lost art of anticipation a while back.

Well, it's not lost on me. I get it. I've been looking forward to this pinball machine since first announcement. Nothing will change my attitude in the next 3 months.

I look forward to the reveal. After seeing the pics of the OMG quality of the big Alien interactive head toy that's going to be shoehorned into the playfield, my expectations rose another full notch.

My my my, what another wonderful day waiting for my toy to be born. I'm not a pinball zealot like so many here. I have one other pin and little interest in any others. It's a TWDLE, and I have an appreciation for the immersiveness built into all aspects of it's theme that it resoundingly offers.

But I am so very enamoured by the theme this pin is based upon. Don't fail me Heighway team, I can't be the only one that is self admittedly so nutty over the theme you are so lucky and fortunate to be working on. Don't let me down and may success and good fortune find you amongst this project!

Carry on.

#6329 4 years ago
Quoted from jonesjb:

Now THAT's an idea. Program it in the LCD on the playfield, so the acid appears to eat away at the playfield (actually video on the LCD) and you see the pinball mechanics underneath! That would be amazing!!!

Wow! Agreed. That is an outstanding idea and it would be a cool special effect. Imagining a shotgun sound and the spray of green acid spattered across the screen. It could even be used as a quick flash transition or to reveal information for the player underneath as the acid eats through.

Even if the video programming work making such an idea come to fruition makes the pin delayed further, it would be worth it having such an immersive mind blowing effect IMO. Mixed with a little smoke in the visual and a caustic acid baking sound when it's happening to varying degrees around the LCD, just nuts.

Of course people are going to see that on the big mirrored back box LCD, and what circuitry guts are behind that location to be revealed?

Still, that effect (the way I imagine it) would be mezmerizing and pull me towards the pin from across the room if I were on location and noticed it, not that a wailing klaxon siren with a loud foreboding count down and bright yellow revolving beacons cascading light all over the place wouldn't do the same.

#6330 4 years ago