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ALIEN PINBALL - Game Over, Man, Game Over

By HeighwayPinball

5 years ago

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Post #11230 Key posted, but no summary given Posted by ezeltmann (3 years ago)

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#1415 5 years ago

I'm not sure if taking away that playfield art is much different than taking away backglass art. I guess to each their own however no matter where you put it, you are correct in saying it bucks traditionalism.

1 month later
#1825 4 years ago

I myself, ordered an Alien LE as I have no idea how the "beacons" or anything that doesn't "travel" with the playfield works. I do not want the green trim either but do want the upgraded art work. Lets hope they have chrome or metallic black as LE options. I am not buying more than one machine as the whole point is to be a modular system saving space so they need to explain how things that don't travel with the playfields work and what options are for art as it is also fitting into the modular side incasement which is the same on every machine correct? If this was a truly modular system all around, I would have bought the FT LE but now will just wait for a second hand playfield. Money left on table.

#1848 4 years ago

Are you done chessiv I think you may be pleasantly surprised on code for this one. They may have just hit it out of the park. Im still in China so tues has come and gone for me

#1849 4 years ago

Now back to Alien!

#2024 4 years ago

I know I was one calling for a vid on the "exchange" so thanks for that Andrew and Aurich... man do I miss Benny Hill! This is incredible how seamless it is to go from one entire game to another, a truly interchangeable system! I too am waiting for Alien LE and then perhaps adding FT down the road since the LE art work on Alien will not be available for purchase for those who ordered the FTLE. Glad your working on some neutral colors for the LE's, think this is key so no matter what game you put in there, it will look great. I think I would lean towards metallic black! Amazing work Highway keep it up!

#2049 4 years ago

So I assume that would be air right to your own local "International" airport? Say Vancouver

1 week later
#2164 4 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

I'm not giving anything away, I have not discussed this with Andrew. But personally a gloss black with a metallic sparkle in it would probably be my choice if I had my way. Which happens to be the finish on my car too ...

Yup this would be my choice as well. Said it from the beginning black with metallic in it to go with the industrial look as well to match almost any color palette you can throw at it! Aurich, I hear you have a little pull over there at Highway!

1 month later
#2708 4 years ago
Quoted from ecurtz:

Has a machine ever done a surprise multiball mode that can just happen during normal gameplay with no warning? That would be great for an Aliens ambush.

I think congo has the midnight madness which is just so very cool especially when you don't know about it.

3 weeks later
#2934 4 years ago

It was cool to see both the big and small back box screens side by side at Expo. I must say I was naturally attracted to the large screen and went right to that machine first. Have to realize right now it's just duplicating what's on the small play field screen so it makes you wonder where they could take this if they were to head the way JJP is with theres'. With Alien it could be over the top cool. I hope they are intending to improve upon, big time, from their first go!

#2941 4 years ago

Give it up trust me! No offence towards Aurich at all!

1 month later
#3375 4 years ago

Great news Andrew congrats. what percentage is 27 approvals for outright completion from Fox for this tittle? Nice way to start the new year!

#3745 4 years ago

Aurich.....great job

1 week later
#4551 4 years ago
Quoted from Pinchroma:

You shouldn't tell anyone you aren't monetarily compensated. This hobby sees it as a negative. Both Lloyd and I can attest to that Much like you I can "afford" to help out without having to charge for assistance and actually think its a positive to lend capabilities gratis to new companies. Some don't see it that way.

Sooo what your saying is JPoop was onto something...getting everyone who is willing (or not), to work for free

3 weeks later
#4692 4 years ago

I'm in Maui and PDX monkey is here for a visit......you wasting our beach time Andrew! Please hurry. Signed waiting impatiently

2 months later
#5478 4 years ago

Gotta say the blood splattered cake is pretty well done!

1 week later
3 weeks later
#6286 4 years ago

Just wow. This is looking very good Aurich! There are a few questions I have on how or where the ball goes for example the vent shot and vent shot return. Is the vent a scoop and subway? The sleep chamber looks to be like a physical ball lock correct? So many questions not enough time in my day but just wow

#6304 4 years ago

so the left saucer like creature black lagoon from monster bash the right vent like congo, the reverse wire form like sopranos meadowlands, and the plunge like The shadow?

8 months later
#10992 3 years ago

Who's getting the first? I'm sure they will come forward and let us all watch the first opening of the first Alien!

1 month later
#12392 3 years ago

Hi Andrew, I was seriously looking at one of these, however it really was bothering me that they are trickling out and taking so long. Does it bother anyone else sitting on the fence? Andrew can you let me know if your company is strong and viable enough to get all ordered machines out in a timely fashion? Not looking to read your financials had the pleasure, Cough Cough, of reading Zidwares' however been stung so many times I would at least like your honest synopsis of the situation and a rough time line to delivery if ordered today. Cheers and keep up the good work, the machine is looking great!

#12397 3 years ago
Quoted from TimeBandit:

Lol, fence sitters are usually bothered by things. That's why they sit on fences. Pick a side.

You are right 1. bothered by all my fellow pinheads that have lost good hard earned money with Zidware and now looking like DP.
2. bothered by my loosing good hard earned money on Zidware and now looking like DP.

I will be glad to sit on the fence now with the wickets shoved so far up my ars, it reminds me to never give anyone money until I know exactly where the company stands and when I can get my pin if I order today. So perhaps Andrew can let me know the answers to my questions.

#12440 3 years ago
Quoted from HeighwayPinball:

I have been asked a lot of questions about the TPF machines, so would like to clarify what happened with them.
I had a lot of requests leading up to the show from potential customers who wanted to know if they could pick up machines at the show and pay cash. I said the same thing to everyone - the games at Texas belonged to Cointaker and were theirs to sell only. They ordered them a long long time ago - and they were their games to do with as they pleased.
Two new customers were sold games at the show by Cointaker.
I coulnd't be happier that Heighway has two new customers, but officially they are Cointaker customers.

So you are saying the peolpe on the wait list that have already put money down and are in line for Alien were skipped over and people just walked in with cash and stepped in the front of the line? Am I reading this correctly? Or there is no one with cointaker with money down already waiting? Wheres the next conference you are taking games too?

#12463 3 years ago
Quoted from Astropin:

I read it as "Cointaker" owned those games and could do whatever they wanted with them.
What's Cointaker going to do? "Hey do you want to pick up your preorder game in Texas after 400 people play it?" I don't think so.

Your a good dude Astro, but to answer your question, and after going over the financials (public) that you can access, I would 1000% be taking the machine home with 400 plays on it.

#12469 3 years ago

You have to be joking right? I would assess every company no matter what they are manufacturing or trying to produce the same way if I was buying into that company. I am not gonna argue with any of my fellow pinheads that want to ignore or just roll the dice your all big boys and can make your own decisions. Fact is I'm not gonna wear rose colored glasses anymore and I will never pump a company that do not have healthy bottom lines. This I believe is doing a disservice to fellow pinheads. I am OK with having people err on the side of caution but seriously I would feel like crap if I pumped people into loosing their hard earned cash. Ring a bell?

1 month later
#13374 3 years ago

So no one is worried at all this thing hasn't ramped up and shipped. LE art work and small fixes are the reason? Am I missing something?

2 weeks later
#14056 3 years ago

My God! Ted is one of the most neutral calls em like he see em kinda guy on here. He doesn't pump up companies hoping to receive a machine before anyone else or even to get one of few machines made, cough cough. He gives credit where credit is due and proceeds with caution asking the tough questions which is in my opinion, and considering the past 4 year track record with start ups, the right thing to do. Sorry for responding on your behalf Ted, I just couldn't help myself

1 week later
#14650 3 years ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

Robert - the drama and schenanigans of all the pinball "companies" over the past few years have DESTROYED the joy of buying new games. You've got the scams of Shit-B and Jpop, the attempted scam of Vonnie-D, the current uncertainty of DP (I'm sitting here with my finger up my butt waiting for my hostage Lebowski), Heighway's continual misleads and drama, Stern's greed/arrogance/perpetual code & QC issues, JJP's prices & Spooky's ...well, Spooky doesn't seem to do anything wrong, they just haven't made a game I like lol. Anyway - F all this S, seriously - the pinball world is run by maniac dreamers...I'm out for good. Hopefully something better will rise from their ashes. As I've stepped back, the ridiculousness of spending $7-$8k and waiting for years has become so clearly bonkers. I'm having so much more fun with my $300 Nintendo Switch and games that cost $10-$60 and are playable instantly with no drama. The "new Pinball game" is stupid as F.

Hey Rarehero are you selling your machines? I'm looking for a Ghostbusters premium, I know you don't list it but you have one

#14844 3 years ago
Quoted from fosaisu:

I know squat about this so you may be 100% correct, things certainly don't look good from the outside and lots of rumors (both scary and hopeful) have been going around. But why in the world would you state your opinions as if they were indisputable facts? Does it make you feel important to imply you have inside knowledge, or are you just being reckless?
These are troubling times for Heighway and its customers and I would think some caution is in order. You'll feel like a real ass if you end up steering people wrong, and/or muddy the waters so much with your unsupported statements that people don't heed future warnings that have some basis in fact.

Oh I don't know about that maybe ask Whysnow

#14893 3 years ago

Not quite sure why we need to close this one. Is the plan to Bankrupt Highway pinball and start new? Are the "new people" taking on the assets and liabilities of Highway or are they ditching the company and taking the assets? Many questions I would want answered at this point if I had money in here.

#14898 3 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

pretty sure that standard practice is that an OP (in this case Andrew) can request a thread closed at any time and the mods team does so.

Again I don't think your right. Dougie correct me if I'm wrong, you started a certain JPOP thread, asked the Mods to close it down and were denied? The Mods I believe have the ability to assess the thread and decide whether or not to close it down based on the benefits or lack thereof to the general Pinside community.

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