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ALIEN PINBALL - Game Over, Man, Game Over

By HeighwayPinball

4 years ago

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#731 4 years ago
Quoted from aeonblack:

They put so much work into the code, the layout, design, toys, etc, and then it seems like they half-ass it with some seemingly thrown together photoshop art.

But we haven't seen it yet. It could be amazing.

1 month later
#812 4 years ago

A new movie? Wow. I didn't know that. The original is still very, very well done and is going to be hard to better.

#814 4 years ago

3 and 4 were terrible. I think 1 was the best and 2 was a close second. 2 was a very different movie. 1 was effectively a 'haunted house' where you're trapped, 2 was a battle and rescue. Both are still excellent.

3 months later
#1072 4 years ago

Please have a lot of drop targets. Pinballs of late seem to have forgotten how satisfying they are to hit!! I also line the ones that sit behind each other in a lane with a pay-off at the end of the lane.

Bring back the drop target!!

Oh yes, wire ramps also, not the plastic ones. Wire ramps are so much better to look at, and probably cheaper to make.

#1085 4 years ago

Yes, I agree. Drop targets, wire ramps and SPINNERS!!!

4 months later
#2453 3 years ago
Quoted from ozno:

This I like!!!!!!!!


I agree. The Alien on the back-box is a better image. The pinball is called Alien, not Green Egg.

The artwork is creative and amazing, but I don't think it tells the story of what this pinball is. The main character, the Alien, is on the side of the cabinet, which is wrong. It's all back to front.

Consider this:

The eggs should be on the side of the cabinet, at ground level, where they are in the movie, around your feet. The Alien should be on the back box, looming over you, 10 feet tall, like it is in the movie.

Also, you're not going to see the side art if the pin is squeezed in between other pins so you've instantly hidden your branding. The Alien creature is the branding, not the egg.

Look at Game of thrones, Kiss, James Bond, Spiderman, Playboy, Terminator 2, any machine really. Main character: back box.

As a side note, If you could see the side of the cabinet, and the eggs were say about 16 inches tall, imagine the lighting effects you could get with green and white light on them if the LEDs were controllable.

#2460 3 years ago
Quoted from frolic:

back in 1979 you couldn't show your monster. But after 4 movies the xenomorph is one of the greatest known movie monsters of all time

Exactly. In 1979 it was a tease. Hollywood didn't want us to see the monster until the end of the movie. A perfect way to make people want to watch it and keep them in suspense throughout the entire film.

Now we all know what the Alien looks like. It's still scary, but instantly recognisable. It is the main character. We should see it. The Green Egg back-box is direct reference to an old 1979 marketing image. It's wrong. It should be about the characters.

I would prefer a back-box with a mix of images, like the Alien, the Nostromo, the military drop-craft, the crashed alien space craft, the huge dead soldier in the first space craft, Jonesy the cat , Sigourney Weaver (if you could get approval), a face hugger. A montage. A montage on the back box with Alien as the central character. It also means it looks less scary to put on site in a pub.

Licensing shouldn't be an issue. Every other pinball has the main characters on the back box. Game of Thrones is the latest example, and before that, Kiss.

#2464 3 years ago

Aurich, why don't you do a quick mockup of what YOU would like to do assuming you had total freedom. Show it to us, get our feedback, then use our comments as ammunition to show Andrew and let Fox know how your 'online audience survey' went. They might come around.

#2470 3 years ago
Quoted from drinkduffbeers:

I'm looking for some clarity on this . If the big screen is going to display the translite where appropriate I'm in. If it just mirrors the playfield lcd I will stick with the smaller screen in the backbox

With the full LCD back-box, like the one on Wizard of Oz, although a nice idea, I don't think it works. Why? Your head is generally down playing the game. Only rarely do you glance up. When you do you know where to look with a DMD. It's compact.

With a massive LCD there is just too much information. I don't see it as an advancement. I see it as more expense and a big black screen when the machine is off.

I do like the color DMDs that are available now though. I still like the dot pattern. It's stylised and a reference to the older machines. It's also a lot cheaper and simpler to make. Imagine the coding required, extra art and animation, electronics, just to make something you rarely look at. Huge investment in man power, technology and cost for little return.

#2474 3 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

It just doesn't work that way man. I don't know what kind of experience you have with this particular world, but I'm going to guess not a lot.

Actually, I'm a TV producer. In reality it won't matter what you put on the back-box because people will still buy the machine. The egg is wrong, but it will still sell. The reality is also that there won't be many on-site because the home market is where sales are. Even Stern knows that, but they won't say it publicly. Ultimately it's a product, like a TV show, and it is just a vehicle to make money so the next product can be produced.

#2577 3 years ago

Pat Lawlor. I'm a bit of a fan. I love the way his layouts are 'quirky'. Perhaps by that I mean pop bumpers that are at the end of lanes and how you have to shoot between them. Perhaps it's the side shots, or horizontal play. I know we've seen an early whitewood of Alien but I hope it has evolved to include some interesting shots. The latest Stern games are a little dull. Just ramps and fast U-turns.

I'm also not a fan of randomness. I'm thinking of the bottom left part of the play-field in Alien. The ball drains down a side lane and into a covered round object. It seems like there's a chance of getting it back or losing it. It also seems as though you're never going to see the ball once it gets in there. Personally I prefer a simple out-lane either side.

#2630 3 years ago
Quoted from Rockytop:

I'm not in on the pre order either, but personally, I don't like the playfield screen.
I played quite a bit of Full Throttle and didn't even look at it.

I'm with you. I don't like the idea of a score and animations permanently sitting in your eye-line. I don't like the idea of the ball going over animation in the screen. I just think a better use of the table would be for art and lights. I also don't like the idea of a wooden/black border around the screen.

I like the old-school DMD approach. The dots. It's abstract but quite interesting too. And it needs to be in the back box.

Bring back the dots!! Full color though, and in a modern LCD.

Also, it's going to be faster, cheaper, easier, to make animation for this type of display. A LCD which is say 1024x768 or 1920x1080, is going to need 3D rendered graphics and hi-res artwork. I can see when the pressure is on to make a deadline things could get compromised, resulting in less than exciting art.

#2632 3 years ago

Whatever they make I hope their next game gets as much attention and demand as Alien!! Look at Addams Family followed by Twilight Zone. Didn't sell nearly as many. Having said that, I actually prefer Twilight Zone. Then again, I'm probably one of the only ones that likes Monopoly!

2 months later
#4043 3 years ago

My 2 cents worth.

Yes, it's unbalanced and disconnected but we have to live with it. We don't know what they had to go through with Fox.

So, an easy fix would be this:

* Erase the glow around the nostromo and drop ships ie. get rid of the cartoon look
* Make the nostromo and drop ships larger and darker
* Erase the patches, skull and 'Fly the friendly skies' - such an insignificant part of the theme!!!
* Erase the orange trails from the ships

* The planets- not even sure why they're there. Would have been better with an image of the nostromo or original alien space ship.

* The LCD cuts off the planets. Unless the rest of the planet is always going to be in the LCD display the screen will just look like an insert, rather than integrated in to the machine.

I think this would give it a much better look.

Who want's to Photoshop that? Anyone????

#4048 3 years ago

Ok, I'll be bold.

I've add my own interpretation to the artwork and photoshopped the original by deleting the 'cartoon' elements and non-core element like the badges, flames, text and some color splatter around the space ships.

You can click on it to get a larger view.

Mine is on the left, the original on the right.

Personally I think it looks cleaner and they need make sure the planet art doesn't cut into the LCD screen.


#4387 3 years ago

Wish it looked like this:


#4472 3 years ago

No Robots? One loses his head and the other is cut in half by the alien queen. I don't see any reference to these iconic characters.

11 months later
#9706 2 years ago

It's simple....

The focus is the Alien, not the screen.

Just leave the queen there, you have the plastic part, and light it. No need for an airlock or LCD. The LCD is overkill, more expense, and more coding.

Also, it's actually a pity the Alien wasn't more side on. It's the profile of the ugly thing that's the most scariest.

Anyway, put the queen back without the airlock around it.

#9795 2 years ago
Quoted from HeighwayPinball:

I personally think the Airlock bezel is too big as well.
We had a hardware restriction with this unit before Christmas, and this is one reason for the current size of the bezel. However this issue has now been fixed by our supplier. Essentially, we had a very short screen to driver board cable that restricted how, and where, we could mount the driver board. We now have a longer cable that removes this restriction.
We will address this on 3rd January - our first day back.
If possible, we will make the unit and bezel smaller to give the xenomorph as much space as possible to stand out.

I still think use the existing motor to turn the existing queen model and light it with strobes or flashing LEDs. It should be the only thing lit when activated. Add some scary sounds and bingo, Alien Queen mode. LCDs are great but two is enough.

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