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ALIEN PINBALL - Game Over, Man, Game Over

By HeighwayPinball

6 years ago

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#17846 3 years ago

Hey guys, I live in Chester VA, right outside of Richmond. I have been patiently waiting on this release and hope to purchase one soon, however I have not had a chance to make it to an expo or anything. So, I was wondering if anyone in the VA area is getting one relatively soon that I would be so lucky as to come help set up/play/drink beer, etc..... please let me know!

#17901 3 years ago

When is someone gonna stream some ALIEN?!! Anyone in VA or MD, or NC get one??? Hit me up!

#17971 3 years ago

delt31 we need more gameplay videos! loving what you put up so far! I just got in on the next shipment with cointaker

#18271 2 years ago

Jesus Christ. Someone needs to delete this thread, make a new one and add a moderator that only allows posts discussing Alien Pinball. If you wanna bitch and moan about HW Pinball or speculate as to their future. Use a different thread. Fuck, enough is enough. Some people just wanna read about alien Pinball and be excited.

1 week later
#18454 2 years ago

heighwaypinball The game need to come with mylar protection from the factory around bumpers and scoops. The plastics either need protectors or use the correct plastic...sincerely, future purchaser.

#18478 2 years ago

Whatever happened with the launch button not lighting up delt31? what was the fix...

#18498 2 years ago

delt31 don’t listen to all those people, this is the official aliens thread and I have been very interested in all of your posts and updates. These guys just have a axe to grind and can’t be happy because they preordered something and got screwed. ( news flash! Stop preordering games.)

#18499 2 years ago

Btw, I am building a goonies pinball machine out of my garage and will have 100 machines built by end of next year. Please send your annual paychecks to my address in Virginia. No refunds. Sorry.

2 weeks later
#18864 2 years ago

Wow, your gameplay videos are amazing. Much better than any other video out there. Before I continue my post, I will apologize for the massive amounts of questions I’m about to throw at you. Heh. Okay, here we go... Do you mind if I post them to facebooks Pinball enthusiasts page? Also, Did you put color changing bulbs in the back box? It looked like it was changing at the end of video 2. Also what do you have your game set up at. It looks so amazing how it plays. Did you add washer protectors to the sling shots? I see they aren’t broken. What about Mylar? I couldn’t be more excited to get mine this upcoming week. Any issues with your game upon opening? I wanna make sure to do the little adjustments from when I open it up so I can have the smoothest experience possible

#18869 2 years ago
Quoted from Join_The_Cirqus:

Wow, your gameplay videos are amazing. Much better than any other video out there. (Answer) Thanks so much!
Before I continue my post, I will apologize for the massive amounts of questions I’m about to throw at you (Answer). No Worries
Heh. Okay, here we go... Do you mind if I post them to facebooks Pinball enthusiasts page? (Answer) Thanks for asking, absolutely!
Also, Did you put color changing bulbs in the back box? It looked like it was changing at the end of video . (Answer) Yes sir, I added this myself, it looks awesome
2. Also what do you have your game set up at. It looks so amazing how it plays. (Answer) I like fast games, so all my pins are cranked up all the way in the Back and all the way down in the front.
Did you add washer protectors to the sling shots? I see they aren’t broken. What about Mylar? (Answer) No protectors added to anything, Mylar was added around the Magnet and Airlock hole. I am going to order the Cliffy for the Airlock hole though to be safe.
I couldn’t be more excited to get mine this upcoming week. Any issues with your game upon opening? (Answer) No major issues at all.
If you have any, plenty of people in this thread are willing to help of course. Anything major Helmut at heighway is who you would need to contact.
I wanna make sure to do the little adjustments from when I open it up so I can have the smoothest experience possible.
(Answer) congrats on your game, you will love it!

Fantastic, thanks for the responses. I am also ordering a pinstadium kit today with GI integration! Very exciting. What type connection are the LED's in the backbox, how many LED's were there? and did you like slow changing ones or fast? I may order some of those today too Lastly, KEEP TAKING MORE VIDEOS, you are really good player and its just simply eye candy to watch you run through this game!

#18870 2 years ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

Majorly excited for you!!!! Can I ask where you ordered from? Trying to gauge if this is second batch from CT, or somewhere else....thanks ( gotta get these standards out)...

Hey there, I ordered from CT right before Delt31 got his machine. Thank you for the kind words, I am very excited as well, especially after seeing join_the_cirqus videos, which for some reason made me feel much much happier about this purchase. It is a grail theme for me, but all this negativity and issues had me seriously worried for a while. After seeing the flow and how all the shots come together in his, I am just on cloud 9 now.

Btw, I spoke with titan_pinball about the issue of acrylic plastics on the slings and how 1in washer protectors aren't ideal. Due to this, I will be testing washer protectors from Titan Pinball. They were kind enough to send me some that are in sizes larger than 1 inch, as that does not extend beyond the slingshot plastics in Alien. As soon as I install the one that is the best size for Alien, I will be letting them know so that the entire Alien community can then order protection for those acrylic plastics. Wanna send a big TY to titan_pinball for this.

#18875 2 years ago
Quoted from delt31:

Great to see the another round of machines was received by CT. Take pics!

I was told CT that they will be receiving mine on Monday and shipping it out that same day (hopefully wed/thur delivery. It has shaker and the EL Blades. I will definitely take some photos. I will also be taking some of both before and after the pinstadium is installed as well. I plan to play with the lights off in the my game room, with the sound cranked up. So I needed some good lighting in it and the results from photos of other machines just seems amazing.

#18877 2 years ago
Quoted from Nethawk86:

Yup...that's it....I am done with this crap. Heighway pinball can go f themselves. People just jumping on board still getting pins over people who've been waiting and us not given first dibs at switching LE orders over to shipping standards without losing a ton of cash. And constant no shows of LE options or confirmations on anything LE related besides "soon" being constantly regurgitated by these clowns. I'm out. This is a huge shit show and has people biting at anything to get in the good graces of heighway to hopefully get shipped a pin. Really wanted this pin to complete my entire Aliens collection of all games but this has the definition of insanity written all over it and I am not playing anymore.

While I certaintly understand your frustration, I will remind people that Heighway has already released an entire statement about this...LE's will begin to ship along with SE's at the next shipment in Dec. They cannot make everyone right at the same time and need to spread it out over a period of time Dec 17 to June 18. But that they do plan to make EVERYONE right. I don't know what else you are looking to hear from them. From a business perspective they cannot give all the preorders and refunds first, otherwise the company will go under....

Just as an aside, from a long time Gamer (video games); Pre-ordering anything, is simply a shitty business model in any industry. Because of preordering in videogames, the industry has suffered and many many gamers receive subpar games with the intent to fix or patch later. In my experience, and for the betterment of both video games and now pinball. Never pre-order anything. Wait till the physical game is out, play it, see if you like it, then purchase it. Or at the very least, dont order one till its in other peoples homes. If they don't have the money to invest in their own company to produce games, then maybe they shouldn't make them just yet. Investors are a thing, but preorders from normal customers is not a business model I approve of or endorse, for reasons that have shown its ugly head in pinball recently from multiple companies. That being said, the new investors in my opinion ARE righting the ship and absolute disaster that they were left with due to Andrew, but that does take time, money and patience.

#18884 2 years ago

For those of us who love the alien series, I give you this video. Which covers exactly how the entire time line of the series actually plays out. Pretty awesome and well done.

#18886 2 years ago
Quoted from neverahighscore:

Took my Alien LE refunds and put it towards a AFMR LE. Too much drama
and unknowns with this pin to think i could purchase a LE and receive it any time soon. I'm happy again and looking forward to a outstanding new pin.

You probably could have taken your LE refund, called Melissa and got an SE like by the end of the week, not sure if all 7 were spoken for yet...anyways, good luck with the AFMR, LE.

#18889 2 years ago

Okay Alien owners! I got your homework ready for you. Today’s assignment is for all your Alien freaks to get on your pins and record the best gameplay footage you can! Let’s see who can put up the highest score on the forum!

Only counts if you record the whole game, glass on, standard settings!

Let’s see those pins boys!

#18891 2 years ago

How did the wire form issue happen? I’ve never heard of a wire form breaking on a newer game.

#18897 2 years ago

And then film yourself playing because I want to see how the heck someone gets scores that high! This challenge today is for bragging rights people! Who is the King Alien! Lol

#18904 2 years ago

Only 77 improvements? Jeez, talk about small code update.

#18906 2 years ago

So, this post isn’t to piss anyone off, but I’m sure it will. Anyways, just got news today that some customs papers got lost or not filled out in time so my game won’t be arriving this thurs/Friday. As they haven’t even received it yet and it’s still at port *** the struggle is real!!!! I cannot wait, I think I’m gonna be driving 13 hours to go pick it up Friday if they end up getting it off the docks on wed/thurs. apdjjsosjfoalak! Must play Alien!

#18909 2 years ago

Port as in US.

#18911 2 years ago

Nope, I was told Friday to pay in full as my game would arrive to CT on Monday. Something happened with custom papers and it’s still at dock instead of on a truck to my house lol. So I figured I would go pick it up from CT on Friday if they can get it to arrive there by then. I didn’t wanna wait till next weekend as I have 3 days off this weekend and would much prefer to have it sooner than later. If CT let’s me know tomorrow they they got the games released and will have them by Friday I will make the trip from Richmond.

#18914 2 years ago

Mk6 you don’t live too far. If you wanna come by and play, I do have a guest room. Lol beer, alien and pizza. just sayin. I could help scratch that itch. I cannot imagine how it must feel to have been waiting so long. I only hope that the money from our standards ensures that the Company stays open and that you guys are made whole from it.

Mine will have EL blades, shaker, pinstadium kit with gi integration, and invsiglass

#18918 2 years ago

The invite is extended to any member of this forum that is awaiting a game. I’d love to have you guys by. All these Pinball peeps in Richmond have no love for this game. Calling it clunky and w.e. I have a party posted for it to show off the game and out of a bunch of people only like 3 said yes lol. Anyways, having people over that are aliens fans and getting to help alleviate the pain of waiting years and just have a kick ass time is something I’d love to do. My wife don’t play really, so bring it! In regards to the pinstadium kit. It is gonna be a few weeks. I guess he is out of stock.

#18920 2 years ago
Quoted from way2wyrd:

I'm down for Asheville too. Great beer scene

Richmond is a massive craft beer city/scene. We also have like 3 craft beer breweries with pinball machines and a barcade with beer pins and arcades and we have a Pinball collective with my league mates and about 20 pins there

#18924 2 years ago
Quoted from legionsoup:

What version did you order? Was it the LE? Asking because I ordered an LE from Coin Taker and was wondering if those have started to ship (I still haven't heard from them). Sorry if it's been discussed already. I'm about 50 pages on this thread behind.

Just a standard for me.

#18928 2 years ago

Well, looks like fedEx won’t be delivering them till tuesday Melissa asked and they won’t let me take it from the port so I’m stuck. Probably wouldn’t have gotten it till like next next Monday, however Melissa called someone who I guess does deliveries for them and has it being delivered to my home by this individual on Thursday. Super nice to not have to wait can extra 5 days or so on top of the extra week, so I’m happy for that. Either way it’s not tomorrow, but shit happens.

See LE guys, even when the game is in the US, reality finds a way to slow everything down. Lol. Jk.

#18930 2 years ago

Huge Knights fan and Alumni. What a freaking season. Those last 2 games.... oh man.

#18935 2 years ago
Quoted from valgalder:

Logan Arcade just got one and is doing a release / tournament tonight. Looking forward to finally checking it out.

Makes me real curious as to how they got one, as CT is the only distrib and I was told they hadn’t left the port. Mine was suppose to arrive today too.... hmmmmm

#18939 2 years ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

There are more standards out there than what is being shared on a public forum....just a fact...the more of these, the better chance of LE's shipping sooner than later, and refunds being processed. Suspect we are going to get an update soon....

I was only asking because he said they just got it today and that would mean it just arrived... there is only one distrib in the US and I know that shipment didn’t get released this week or I was lied too... if it’s an old standard that they have had for a while, then that’s a different story obviously lol.

#18942 2 years ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

no worries.....I'm just sort of sure more Standards have been built and shipped to the US than what has been allocated to CT, not sure of exactly how many or how they might be getting out in the wild, but more than one way to buy a machine. CT is way legit, so doubt you were lied to....

I was thinking of flying to the Netherlands and bringing one back in my pants.... lol

#18946 2 years ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

Pick up my LE when you're there....

Lmao! Then I say “stop your grinnin and ditch your linen!”

#18955 2 years ago

Latest shipment is released and will arrive to CT on Tuesday....I don’t know who all is getting one from that shipment aside from me. I think this shipment was only of 7 games, but don’t quote me on that. As far as CT is concerned, they worked to get me my game as early as possible and didnt ask for full payment till last Sunday. So I have no issues with them what so ever. Glad we cleared that up. I just want my Alien like everyone else here. Looking forward to next Thursday.

#18968 2 years ago

ferret When the new code is released, will you place a link to download it here on pinside? As a new owner this upcoming Thursday, I am highly looking forward to your next release to fix those 2 major issues that have arisen with posts and MB, but also for the 70 tweaks/additions. I recently went to the heighway site and noticed that they don't even have a code download page for alien or full throttle.... I would assume the current production code would have been made available for download but I cannot seem to find it. With that being what it is, will they be adding a code update section with links? or will you be posting it here when it becomes released.

Thanks for the info.

#18975 2 years ago

Upcoming movie? Snow white and the 7 xenomorphs.

#18977 2 years ago

For those of you that have the game and added a powered subwoofer, what gauge audio wire did you use? Did you connect L and R? If anyone of you used a psw10, can you use a Y adapter cable from the line in to the amp? Is there even a slot on the amp for a connection to an external sub?

Thanks for the info. Trying not to fuck up the amp, bass, or game.

#18981 2 years ago
Quoted from WeirPinball:

Any updates on the latest shipment?

Receiving my game tomorrow from CT.

#18983 2 years ago

I believe they just took shipment today or yesterday. If your waiting on shipping from CT I would guess it would arrive next week as they don’t deliver weekends. Prob mon-wed but that’s a total guess. Just shoot her an email. Melissa is very professional and friendly.

#18985 2 years ago

Make sure to post photos and comments about any small issues or tweaks out of the box that needed fixin. Trying to get a complete list to check off while settting mine up tomorrow!

#18987 2 years ago
Quoted from Join_The_Cirqus:

What do you mean “they cut the power”? How could they cut the power, man? They’re Animals

Lol, tomorrow is the day for me! So excited. I sent you a DM tonight btw

#18989 2 years ago
Quoted from Astropin:

It's a really short run so gauge isn't very important. Standard 18-12 gauge speaker wire is all you need. I just connected mine to the speaker in the base of the cabinet.

Cool, thank you for the input. What did you set your pass filter too? 100, 160 etc

#18990 2 years ago

I don’t know if this was answered before or not, but can someone post the measurements for the size of the pf lcd.

#18992 2 years ago
Quoted from delt31:

vivid - I'm anxious for you to get your machine so that you can start answering all of your own questions!!! It's so close!

Lmao, I’m just trying to prepare!!! I have the vinyl cling just sitting here waiting to be sliced and diced!!! I haven’t been this excited about a game in ages. I’ve had probably like 10 pins over the last year, a few new in box and none of them lasted or gave me the feeling of this game. but this is a grail theme and I just want to get everything laid out and ready to go for the unboxing tomorrow afternoon!

#18999 2 years ago
Quoted from spfxted:

Update? I'm getting excited myself!!

Update: game was suppose to be delivered at 2 pmish today. Called at noon and because of snow last night and difficulty loading the truck they haven’t left yet. So new eta.... before the end of the day. Lol

#19004 2 years ago
Quoted from RTS:

If you don't have a tracking number, don't bet on it.

Nah, it’s on the road to me. Not concerned. I’ll update when it arrives. Btw, I didn’t know the PSW10 sub was so freakin big.... Jesus.

#19005 2 years ago

ferret can you drop any more knowledge on us about some of the 70 other updates in the next code wet our palletes a little.

#19008 2 years ago
Quoted from paul_8788:

"Whet our palates" would be more correct, "wet our pallets" would mean someone is peeing on your pinball machine.

Lol. True. It’s been a long day. I need ya to cut me some slack lol.

#19012 2 years ago

Update: game will be arriving in 30 minutes!!!!

#19015 2 years ago

Alright, well... I am going to do a full write up of my experience tomorrow. Right now, my Alien is using my Computer power cable as a power cable because Heighway only sent me a cable for Europe and no adapter. Lol.

Moving on, I have three possible issues with my game. Nothing game breaking as I’ve been playing it all night, however I really wanna hear from others with the game and from ferret.

1. When I hit the left flipper or hold the flipper I hear a loud constant squeal or high pithed sound from beneath the playfield. The right flipper doesn’t do it. Additionally l, it slightly messes with some of the colors on the inserts that are lit.

Here is the video link of the issue:

2. When I hit the right flipper there is no squeal or constant sound (so that’s good) however, anytime I hit the flipper or hold it, the inserts on the playfield, all over, go crazy and change colors rapidly. Additionally it lights up certain inserts that aren’t on and flashes different colors.

Here is the video link of the issue:

3. Last but not least, my xenomorph appears to have issues. in tests it goes in and out just fine. The issue is after the magnet comes out and goes back it, it then doesn’t stay in. It falls out of the home position and either gets lodged behind the jaw Mech or stops the jaw from closing because it fell out far enough to be infront of the closed jaw position.

Here is a link to the video of the issue.

If the links don’t work for whatever reason, my name on YouTube is “VividPsychosis G”.
Look forward to hearing about what’s going on.... thank you.

Meanwhile, back to playing...

#19022 2 years ago
Quoted from Wolfmarsh:

The lights flickering when the flippers are active is an electrical noise issue with the serial LEDs. I believe it can be fixed or minimized.

How do I do that? It is so bad on the right Flipper, it changes the colors of all my objectives so I can’t see them clearly and in multiball it’s a nightmare.

#19023 2 years ago
Quoted from jeffspinballpalace:

Sound coming from holding left flipper up will be resolved with a new firmware update. It is not signaling an issue and there is nothing to do for it now.

Okay, thank you. Are all of yours that loud?

#19024 2 years ago
Quoted from Join_The_Cirqus:

Zeno is an easy fix i believe.
The metal tongue is hitting the wire harness that goes to the backbox when it retracts.
Move the harness out of the way to the far left and this issue should be resolved

I’ll check but somehow I doubt it, I had the playfield up and Out a bit when running the tests last night too and it was still doing it. But here’s to hoping you are right!

#19029 2 years ago

Here is another possible issue I believe... my pc sound like a vacuum when you turn it on and it remains that way...Mine only gets better when the coin door is open and then it stops completely... I don’t believe it sounded like this for the first few hours last night.

It’s loud, like, You can hear it outside of the room I am in and clearly loud

#19030 2 years ago
Quoted from VividPsychosis:

Here is another possible issue I believe... my pc sound like a vacuum when you turn it on and it remains that way...Mine only gets better when the coin door is open and then it stops completely... I don’t believe it sounded like this for the first few hours last night.
It’s loud, like, You can hear it outside of the room I am in and clearly, loud
» YouTube video

#19032 2 years ago
Quoted from luvthatapex2:

That sounds like a PC fan hitting some wires or some obstruction. Check the CPu fan and power supply fan, one of them is rubbing on something.

Nothing is blocking any of the fans. But I did figure out that if I unplug the el inverter block the fan noise stops..... I lose my el blades but the noise is completely gone... I don’t think it’s the cpu fan which I can still hear minimally just like it should be

51F854B6-6316-4B6A-8C64-3C1A87941111 (resized).jpeg

#19033 2 years ago

Definitely the fan inside that inverter....

#19043 2 years ago
Quoted from libtech:

There is no fan, the el wiring causes a high pitch squeel through the speakers, try maxing the game volume and turining down the amp in the cabinet - helps alot.

Incorrect... there is a fan on the el inverterbox I can literally block the air flow with my hand and knock on the box and then the fan goes crazy. It is not coming through any speaker. I disconnected the box and it’s fine. Needs replaced. Either bad bearing, fan inside is hitting something or bad fan.

On a lighter note.... I turned up the volume to drown out the left Flipper scream, and the hyper lock mech scream. I disconnected the el blades so the fan isn’t sounding like a Hoover vacuum on in my room, turned off the xeno mech and I am just listening to what the game says to do, so that the psychadelic seizure light show doesn’t matter as muc. With all that done, I have been playing and learning shots. The game is definitely different and the shotsare not where you think they are on the flipper. I have started to find them and this game has serious flow. Because my volume is turned up and I have added an external sub it is extremely intense and sucks you into the world. I have been between 10 and 40 million for the most part but I just had an awesome game where in 1 ball I blew that score out of the water. I had 2x playfield, ambush multi and sentry guns multi going at the same time! Wow what a rush. Check out my score!

8D0315AB-AD59-45BC-B6CE-ADAA3FB2654A (resized).jpeg

#19044 2 years ago

Here are some photos from last night














#19045 2 years ago
Quoted from libtech:

There is no fan, the el wiring causes a high pitch squeel through the speakers, try maxing the game volume and turining down the amp in the cabinet - helps alot.

Also, maxing the game volume? I can’t have it above 5 without it causing sound to loudly go through my entire house.... the sound system on this game is serious, no idea how anyone anywhere could max the volume or even have it above 5 or 6. I can easily keep it at volume 1 and it’s louder than most pins I keep in my home. I have it currently on 3 which is, well intense enough and drowns out the flipper scream.

#19047 2 years ago
Quoted from ronaldvg:

libtech also said to turn down the volume on the amplifier. If you do that you can regulate the volume also more precise and setting 1 would be way less loud.

Thanks, didn’t get to the end of the post lol. My B. Will give that a shot for drowning out other things I have going on.

#19049 2 years ago
Quoted from RTS:

I think they should've made the LE black. Or a much darker black/green.
Had the standards been stainless, then there might've been legitimate LE envy. Black looks the best. They just need to have black legs.
How easy is it to remove the playfield glass if someone wanted to powdercoat the framing around the pf glass?

Really easy, it’s just about 20 screws or so... the glass system is pretty neat with the cartridge but man is it heavy. All my issues aside, the cabinet is amazing. It has like an exo skeleton and is built like a freakin tank....

#19055 2 years ago
Quoted from sd_tom:

When stern had ghosting on xmen fixing it was just taking the cable ties off the wiring harnesses to get the wires farther apart / less interference/noise from neighboring wires. So if it were me I'd be looking for a place the flipper high power wires gets close to the led cable Network that's misbehaving and try to open some space between them.

Hmm, I like this idea, sounds like a feasible way to reduce it, mine is really terrible now on the right flipper.

#19056 2 years ago
Quoted from mnpinball:

Many people experience the Xeno tongue issues. Not staying home, gradually over time of gameplay it comes down and the mouth jambs.
In regards to the stepper motor, example the spider in scared stiff back box or Smaug in the Hobbit. There is a low voltage applied to the motor in code to hold its position at all times.
This is not the case in Alien. Once the tongue retracts and the home switch activates the motor is inactive and the tongue is free moving. This is the issue that is giving many users problems.
This could be taken care of in code.
Just my .02

I hope they can take care of that in code, would be great because I don’t want to burn out the motor by keeping the xeno active right now. :/ it’s the main toy and having it disabled on a production model sucks ass when the thing is work perfectly it just won’t stay up in the mouth upon completion and then causes issues!

#19063 2 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

honestly, it seems the majority of issues from the new production batch have been minimal and if anything attributable to shipping vibration.
Are there any show stoppers yet? I se a few minor adjustments which should be expected (unfortunately) for pretty much every NIB game. Move some wires here, tighten down a screw or light over there, etc...

I have the newest machine from the newest production shipment, if you consider my machines issues trivial, then I guess you have low standards. New shipment 1 out of 1, no where near 100%

Is it playable and still great, yeah. But the bar isn’t set at playable for a nib 8250 dollar toy.

When I got woz, I had to adjust 1 magnet. When I got ghostbusters I didn’t have to do a thing, when I got mmr I didn’t have to touch a thing, both 100 percent. My game is at 75% right at just okay enough to be playable and still enjoyed. “Yes I’m upset, and yes I understand I’m being emotional”. /endrant.

However, I do wanna express Thanks to this forum for the people staying in contact with me and attempting to help in whatever way they can.

#19066 2 years ago

Has anyone else with the rgb interference issue with the Flippers tried the previous posters comment about undoing the bundles of zip ties to alleviate the interference? Does that work at all on this type of game?

#19079 2 years ago

I hear what your saying, but this this is my 10th pin. I brought at tftc back from the dead and made it one of the nicest out there. So I can work on games when it’s mechanical issues (probably fixed my xeno tonight) however, most of these aren’t mechanical and I have gone over the entire underside of the pf and disconnected and reconnected every input connection both at the computer and boards, to no avail.
Unfortunately aside from the xeno mech being a mechanical issue, the other issues are things that others also have and cannot fix. Mine just happens to have it much much worse than others. The light board interference is not vibration controlled. Hence why the other flipper doesn’t do it ( same amount of vibration. Also the shaker doesn’t cause it or anything else for that matter.
I appreciate your response, but the issues at hand are attempting to be solved by code and other means by heighway.

The el blades aren’t bad, they work beautifully, the el power inverter is a cheaply built model and the fan or w.e in it is just extremely noisey, mine also happens to be much worse than others.

Regardless, even if you consider all that... it shipped without a useable power cord.... that has to say something lol.

Anyways, I had some people over tonight, we had a blast playing the game. Once again the world under the glass and the audio package are just head and shoulders better than any other game out there. Even broken to the extent mine is, the game is phenomenal.

#19085 2 years ago
Quoted from delt31:

So boot up today and they work but the inlane 2 lights and light below don't go rgb. Maybe loose connection? I don't care enough to really look into yet as they work but I will sometime this weekend prob.
On a separate note - what is the definitive way to get a jackpot during ambush MB? I used to think you need to hit that hypersleep shot once the others are hit but I feel like I got it also by hitting the airchamber shot. Also - the red dots on the screen - I used to think I need to shoot for the location of those shots to get them to register during MB but I'm not sure it's that specific. Thoughts?

I thought the super jackpot shot was also the hypersleep shot but on mine it has the super insert and it’s actually the inner orbit. So I think that’s it. I never am able to get it to that shot though while keeping more than 1 ball, so typically after one full wave I get stuck on ambush just attemting to set up that shot and make it. I’ll either not set it up or lose the the other ball or hit the airlock or hyperramp with the set up

#19086 2 years ago
Quoted from delt31:

so I was problem free until tonight. lmk if anyone has seen this:
My game ocassionally boots up and I'm given a UNIX type screen that mentions kernel and goes no where so I just reboot and it's fine. Tonight this happened but when I reboot, the lights for the slings and very bottom right corner went on right away and were white. Usually cold boot, no lights work until the software kicks in. I thought odd, so I turned off, unplugged the main power and replugged and booted up. Now everything works fine except for those lights - they don't work at all.
Any thoughts or anyone see this? I will obviously see if one light went bad and it taking the rest but thought I would ask here.

I haven’t experience that yet but if it happens I’ll post it on the forum. I had people over and we had 3 person games all night and the game ran perfect except one for wierd game play related issue. After about 2 hours of playing I started a single 1 player game and once i launches the ball and shot the airlock immediately, it automatically stated ambush multiball for non reason...also it was constinently ball saving way way after 5 seconds, but it was just that one game all night. I turned off game and reset and it was fine again l :scratches head:

#19091 2 years ago

I just did ambush multiball with glass off, and after you kill the first wave, you will see a bunch of 3 or 4 dots all together which indicates the super jackpot is ready. At which point the only illuminated insert is the inner orbit or vent three where you see the “super insert as well.

#19093 2 years ago

So, I just had a pretty awesome game, but something I noticed that maybe could be addressed in the code, is that when you have multiple weapons (I had all 5) and you go into a multiball, there is no way to see what weapon you are on and when you change weapons, let’s say because you wanna find the 2x scoring, it doesnt display anywhere on the 3 screens and it doesn’t say anything verbally about which weapon is being selected. I feel like a good way to use the upper pf monitor during multiball would be to show the weapons and what it does just like it normally does on the lower of screen when outside of multiball, that way we can see the scanner and see which guns we have or perhaps just the active gun. Additionally, it would be good to possibly have a verbal que as well when switching weapons. Press the extra ball button and hear “ Ithaca shotgun equipped” or something like that. I missed a ton of points because I had to guess which one I was on and I used my free ball save instead

#19095 2 years ago

What? I have no problem getting weapons, or seeing which ones I have outside of multiball, it’s right there on the screen.... However, when in ambush multiball you cannot see the weapon that is active because you only see your scanner, and when you change weapons you can’t see what your changing too inside ambush multiball and there is no verbal que either at that time..

#19097 2 years ago
Quoted from jeffspinballpalace:

That makes sense and that is how it is coded for all. No idea if that is planned to be changed or as intended.

I don’t see why with 3 screens you can’t use one to show active weapon during multiball, it seems to me that it would be a great use of the upper left playfield screen when in ambush that way you can see your scanner and which weapon you have active. I just did it again, just now to test. 3 weapons, started multiball and no matter how many times i pressed extra ball (which was flashing) it didn’t give a verbal or visual que as to what I selected or what was active

#19102 2 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

That was always the plan actually, from when I first proposed the airlock screen. Since neither I nor the animator have received a game or frankly even played one it's the kind of touch that hasn't been worked on.

You guys haven’t gotten a game? Do you guys not also do work at Heighway? Sheesh that is crazy.

Perhaps you need to take a trip and come visit aurich

#19106 2 years ago

ferret aurich, I suppose if the animation cannot be done due to not having a game, the sound could still be added for whenever you press the extra ball button during multiballs it can still use the call outs that are already in the game that says the name of the weapon, which would indicate which one is active....

#19108 2 years ago

Yes!!!! I just beat my first mini wizard mode! Self destruct complete!!

#19114 2 years ago
Quoted from daudioguy:

If you have more than one weapon when you press the extra ball button you will get a sound effect that includes the sound of the selected weapon. For instance, the shotgun is very distinctive. Muthur might be too much but we will consider it.
Added recently is your active weapon displayed on the airlock screen during modes.
Your available weapons and selected weapon is displayed whenever the dashboard is available.
Displaying the currently selected weapon on the airlock during Ambush sound feasible
Adding more useful information is what we intend once we have everything in place. There are a number of enhancements that we have on the list. Using the airlock screen for useful information is one of them Improving they test status at the bottom of the dashboard is another.
We have to get the AV assets into the final final mode first and then we will start enhancing things. Hopefully by that time the other US developers will have machines and this will be easier.
BTW - The Vent 3 shot is the Super Jackpot during Ambush. Hudson goes bonkers when you make it. There are improvements to Ambush on the table as well.
This is an exciting time to be able to 'polish the apple' in Alien development. There are too many things out of our control to be able to suggest when this enhancement upgrade will be available but first quarter should be right.
tip: When you get the shotgun make sure it is the selected weapon and that you are at the '2 Xenos left' state. If you are heading for a sure drain - whack the launch button. This will start Ambush Multiball (in spite of the drain). A very satisfying maneuver.

Added recently? As in the not yet released code? My game does not give gun sound effects in ambush multiball to indicate which gun you have selected when you press the extra ball button, and it also doesn’t show it on the airlock display.

#19115 2 years ago

Anyone here Ever had any issue with the airlock struggling to shoot the ball out? Tonight it started to shoot out weak and now it takes like 4 or 5 tries. Update: nothing is loose the coil fires strong. It appears that it fires so strong that it shoots it straight up and hits the top of the curved metal at the top of the scoop and then comes back down. I’ve tried to bend it up and then it doesn’t go forward it just shoots up, hits the metal curve and then back into the hole, o tried down and it works but it makes the ball hop hard onto the pf infront of the airlock shot making dents on pf and then barely rolling down the pf... it’s almost like it needs to move forward and add more curve, it’s like the curve is too far back as the ball isn’t traveling along the back it’s shooting in the middle of the assembly and hitting the top and going back down. Any ideas? I have no idea how I would do that. Or perhaps someone else has a better solution?

#19118 2 years ago

ferret please do come over! nothing would please me more. I have so much positivity to send your way on this game, I freaking love it and I’d love to brag about playin aliens with ya! I got a guest room if your concerned about the distance, no worries.

I just checked mine again, I hear what you all are saying about the gun noises, but I have the most up to date version and in ambush multiball my game doesn’t use the gun sounds when I press extra ball to switch weapons. So I dunno.

Wow, what an update ferret, talk about working hard. Cannot wait to try it out. Wanna come do a beta test on my machine? Lol

#19122 2 years ago

So, I know I have been posting a lot, but please don’t let that detract from how incredible the game is. Anyways, I just got to the very end of loader battle but lost and had 7 missions started and 2 multiballs complete. So I wanted to post some photos of scores for everyone. Not the best, but I’m getting all the shots down more and more each time I play! Hoo rah!







#19124 2 years ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

+1000!!!! makes my wait much more tolerable. While I enjoy working on these things, the more "complete" it is upon arrival, the happier I will be. The new code sounds sick!!!!!

Well by 2019 id say it will be pretty “complete”.... : too soon?: lol jk!

#19126 2 years ago

Love for ferret bcd daudioguy!!!!
Dilly dilly!!!!

#19129 2 years ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

Ouch!!!!....Im reaching for straws here.....

I’m just over here practicing so you don’t put up a GC on my machine when you visit lol

#19133 2 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

I was at Logan's on Sunday and got some time on a new build Alien.
It played VERY well. Only issue I noticed was that the RGB GI was doing the color changing/ flashing thing. It does in fact appear to be vibration based on this one and combined with some bleed over in the electronics that then cause the lights to rapidly cycle.
The RGB cycles between a bunch of colors rapidly with vibration (sling kick, flipper, etc) It does appear to be an electronic interferance issues also based on the symptom I see.
I think the root is a loose GI bulb(s) that are not seated properly in the socket on the light board. The problem is that the serial light chain seems to make it difficult to diagnose which bulb is loose.
Heighway team, can you please publish the chain of lights associated with each light string? This would help to then be able to figure out which set of bulbs to check over and reseat.

Well, I don’t know if my issue is the same, but I look forward to seeing the end result after pushing all the lights in.... I think it would be quicker to actually do every bulb before you are gonna get a schematic lol

#19135 2 years ago

Hello gang,
I promised a review of the nib alien experience and so I am here to follow through. Here....we...go....

When I received the game from CT, it came a few hours later than expected but arrived on the day of expected delivery so no biggie, it was just like awaiting Christmas morning. I had my buddy Dan come by to help me with unpacking. The box arrived in good condition. As we took everything out of the box, we slowly took each piece upstairs. Being able to bring the head of the game, the legs, and then the glass in its magazine made it really nice to bring a game upstairs!

We took a look upclose at the playfield, the xeno mech and the rest of the ramps, scoops etc. The game is pretty stunning when you first see it. For some reason it appears larger than other games, even wide bodies. I kept telling Dan how much bigger everything looked than in all those videos I saw. The Xeno mech is beautiful and well done. The details really bring it to life. Back alley creations did a fantastic job on the eggs, and personally, I enjoy them even more than the Xeno (perhaps cause mine didn't end up working. =( The cabinet is really special. Seeing it in a home setting and turning the lights down is just a joy. It has this exoskeleton like feel and look. It is super well built and feels like it could withstand any type of punishment.

After we got it up there, setup was pretty straight forward. My game did not come with any "insert these fuses first or any other notes on a piece of paper," like some others have experienced. The game didn't have any goodie bag or manual included. My buddy Dan and I, looked over the entire game and checked for loose connections. We found a few loose screws, but nothing major. We did find that there was only 3 screws holding in my PF screen. We used a extended magnet stick and looked around the cabinet but we unable to find any screw with lock nut (as in in the game). Then we placed some vinyl cling around the pf screen and put some mylar in the appropriate places. Afterwords, we spent the next 5 minutes unscrewing all 10 freakin nuts and screws from the slingshots (be careful) I noticed the plastics are thick but really brittle. I tested out different slingshot protectors from titan_pinball and found that 1 and 1/4 inch protectors are the perfect size. I let Titan know, and they will be made available soon. The ramps on the PF, were absolutely disqusting. They had this sticky substance all over them, they had spots and other grime. I just don't know how else to describe it. Dan spent a good 10 minutes scrubbing and wiping down the ramps with a chemical degreaser and things to get them to a place where they were useable. Additionally they felt really rough and bumpy along the sides. We took some additional time with a cloth and scrubbed them down till it was back to normal.

We lifted the playfield and found that we needed to change over the game from EU power settings to US. (DONT FORGET THIS STEP). Then we connected the cord in the back of the head. The EL blades came preconnected now, so no need to worry about that. Last but not least, we attempted to find place to run subwoofer wires into the machine and decided on the back left grate that is under the PF. It fits 18 gauge audio wire perfect. We then alligator clipped it to the existing sub. Dan and I then took the original glass out of the magazine. It takes about 20 screws to do so, but the glass is held in really securely and it has tape included to reduce a chance of vibration during the bass in the game. Additionally, I noticed that they have included some blue pieces of felt to protect the glass from shattering against the screws during delivery. After we put that back on the game and took a look at what had arrived, we were amazed.

So it was almost time to turn this sucker on. We pushed it into place and went to find the balls and power cord. After cleaning the balls and placing them in the game, I took the power cord from Dan and realized.....IT WAS FOR EU... =( We didn't find an adaptor so I don't know if that was left out or if the wrong cord was placed in the box. So, after having a panic attack and feeling like I wouldn't even be able to turn on the machine even though we just spent nearly an hour setup and cleaning, we realized we could use a computer power cord, so I quickly disconnected my 1000 watt gaming PC and plugged it in.....The game turned on slowly, making some really weird noises as you will see in the video link below, it freaked me out. But finally, the game booted up and all seemed right with the world. The initial sounds and light show were incredible. We played our initial games and just fell in love with the shots, the immersive experience and the audio pumping through this sick sound system and external bass. After a few games....well we noticed some issues that began to appear...but I have spoke about those in previous posts, so I wont drone on about them again here.

All in all, it was an incredibly emotional experience for me. The extra wait to get the game, the late delivery nearly made me go crazy. Then it was followed by elation and excitement once I got to see the machine and the incredible playfield and cabinet. Suddenly a turn to panic as there was no power cord, followed by pure joy the moment that the game successfully booted and played its first game. All in all, this experience hasn't been anywhere near the same as when I have done other unboxings.

Time will tell what the final outcome will be. Currently, I rate the gameplay a 9.5, the sound a 10, the shots and layout a 9 ( I CANNOT HIT VENT 2 for the life of me), theme integration a 10, Cabinet 9, reliability a 5 and customer support.....well that is yet to be determined. So far, ferret bcd and daudioguy have been the saving grace for this company. How Helmut handles my inquiries into a warranty and replacement of the xeno mech and EL inverter will really make my mind up about the future of my purchases with this company and ultimately whether or not I get to keep this otherwise fantastic game.

Last surviving crew member of the Nostromo Signing off,

#19145 2 years ago

On my machine the facehuggers are very flexible, doesn't appear to be stiff in any regard. I would doubt that my tails would break off. I feel much more sure I will break a plastic before a facehugger. Either way, right now I just want Helmut to contact CT to discuss my machine and perhaps we can Skype or w.e.

#19155 2 years ago
Quoted from delt31:

Here is that Unix screen I mentioned earlier that randomly happens when I first boot sometimes cold. I then reset and the game works fine but this does happen here and there.
Again not sure if it's code or hardware related and it's not restricting me from doing anything but curious if others have seen this.

Never seen that before. Sorry

#19164 2 years ago

Hey guys, has anyone figured out a solution for the shooterlane ball wireform scraping against the Pinball glass? It is currently making a pretty intense mark on the underside of my glass, to the point where it’s scraping away the chrome completely. Will this eventually cause my glass to shatter?

#19165 2 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

yeah, If I were you, I would first document which bulbs are flickering rapidly, then turn off the game and pull down the light/switch board (I think for this you could likely just drop the board slightly instead of full removal?), then check each bulb and make sure they are seated well.
Keep us posted if the symptoms change after that.

So the issue with this theory is there aren’t any actual bulbs.... the little leds in the boards are a secured just fine. Going back to hardware interference. It appears that cutting the i/o board usbs away from the zip locked bundle of wires also doesn’t help it reduce interference. I also have new usb cords to try but I haven’t gotten that far yet. I have only replaced the one from the bottom I/O board to the pc and that didn’t change anything.

#19168 2 years ago
Quoted from EalaDubhSidhe:

Check the platform plastic which your launch ramp goes over. If there is a 'bar' on the top level that the rail is sitting on and possibly being pushed up by, crop it. If this in itself doesn't solve it, you have a few millimetres flexibility to lower the rail without affecting play. All games going out by now should have the plastic 'bar' cropped.

I don’t see any bar. I am not sure what you mean by there is a way to lower the bar...the way it is attached has no adjustment and it’s screwed down tight.

#19171 2 years ago
Quoted from Ferret:

OK, they're arguably not "bulbs", and I'm not sure about the inserts, but at least all of the through-the-playfield lights (i.e. GI) are socketed devices... if even one of them is loose in its socket, it can interfere with the rest of its chain "downstream". It's definitely worth examining if you have some lights that are flickering or otherwise not working as expected.

Is downstream start at the bottom of the playfield or the top left or top right?

#19173 2 years ago

ferret I am having a random issue where when I start a game, it randomly gives me 4 doesn’t go into any multiball on the screens or in a mode. But literally after I plunge, instead of just calling it a day, it will continuously shoot out balls. I have check the active switches and gaps in the alien targets and they are not active or touching so I am at a loss of why this is randomly happening after game start up. I will note that it doesn’t happen every game, just randomly, once again it doesn’t start a multiball just give me multiball balls. Any ideas? Has this happens to others with the game? Solutions? Is that a known issue? Possibly addressed in code update.

#19175 2 years ago

Also an update in regards to my xeno mech ferret bcd daudioguy, I noticed that when the mech mouth is not at home and I go into calibration or the testing area, it still suggests the position is 0 even when it’s pressing up against the inside of it’s mouth. So not only is it not staying put, but it’s like it isn’t even registering that it has been continually sliding forward. Do you think it’s a gear slippage/motor issue or something. Obviously it isn’t the switch or code like you all have suggested. I am just trying to get helmut the best info possible and for him to contact me about it to possibly replace the thing and I can send it out to you it’s or back to them or w.e

#19176 2 years ago
Quoted from Ferret:

Ummmm... don't think I've heard that one before. My gut reaction would be flaky trough switch, but that's just a guess. Is it always exactly 4 balls that are served?
If it happens again, go into the operator menu (right then, immediately after it decides to screw up), find a spare USB thumb drive, put it into the computer (this might be annoying since the computer is in the rear of the cabinet, and I don't think the factory provides a USB extension cable), then navigate to Reports > Debug Report, and hit Enter. Let it do its thing (should just take a few seconds, then exit back to the menu). Remove the USB drive, put it into your computer ... it should contain a file called pinprog.log. Send this file to me at alien <at> and we'll take a look.

Sure, I can do that. Does it matter which USB port I use? I noticed there isn’t a spare port so one of the cables needs to be removed.

#19178 2 years ago
Quoted from Kneissl:

No spare ports? Can you post a pic of your mobo?

Got 4 slots with 4 usb cables

7B2317F8-9673-4414-8369-73AF69B1F0C2 (resized).jpeg

#19183 2 years ago
Quoted from Kneissl:

No spare ports? Can you post a pic of your mobo?

Found em, thanks!

Quoted from Ferret:

Ummmm... don't think I've heard that one before. My gut reaction would be flaky trough switch, but that's just a guess. Is it always exactly 4 balls that are served?
If it happens again, go into the operator menu (right then, immediately after it decides to screw up), find a spare USB thumb drive, put it into the computer (this might be annoying since the computer is in the rear of the cabinet, and I don't think the factory provides a USB extension cable), then navigate to Reports > Debug Report, and hit Enter. Let it do its thing (should just take a few seconds, then exit back to the menu). Remove the USB drive, put it into your computer ... it should contain a file called pinprog.log. Send this file to me at alien <at> and we'll take a look.

Just happened again, email sent. It is NOT 4 balls specifically, this time was 6. ill keep a better count on it if it happens again. Thats the third time today in about 20 or so games.

#19184 2 years ago

Woohoo!! Best game yet! 6 modes, 3 multiballs, 1 extra ball and completed the mini wizard mode!
ferret any chance of adding the option for there to be an initial ball save when you complete the mini wizard mode when the shots all light up for victory rounds (collecting each members full share?) just a few seconds would be amazing, atleast the option for it.


#19189 2 years ago

I just noticed that my SE doesn’t have the Alien sticker on the coin door. That makes me sad...

#19212 2 years ago

If anyone wants to buy an alien se with blades and shaker at 8650, one is for sale lol comes with nib problems and invsiglass!

#19217 2 years ago
Quoted from kklank:

I know this is probably a silly question but did you power down the machine and turn back on again?
Is there a ball stuck in one of the vents somewhere stuck on a switch maybe?

His game isn’t recognizing any balls in the trough either, even when he presses the coins and presses start, even without using the screens so the ball thing isn’t it.

#19220 2 years ago

This post was a joke... Incase you didn’t catch the lol.

#19225 2 years ago
Quoted from Ferret:

Shane, I'd say there's a decent chance a video cable is connected to the wrong port -- that can cause this sort of problem.
If you look at the side of the PC where the video cables plug in, you'll see that there are four video ports in a 2x2 grid:
1 2
3 4
Trace the cables... assuming it's the same motherboard I have (I hope so!), the cables should be:
1 = backbox
3 = playfield
4 = Airlock
(2 is unused/NC)
If this doesn't match your cabling, turn off the machine, move the cables around as described above (of course tightening them nicely when you do so), then try powering up again and see if it's better.

Ferret we compared his cord placement to mine and made them match. However on my production machine it came with the cables at 123, no 4, just a FYI.

#19242 2 years ago
Quoted from Dee-Bow:

I dunno man, YOU made the comment. I just get a chuckle at the late adopters coming in and pumping HP's tires for the first few days trying to convince everyone that you have something we all really want... then complete 180º a few days later.. i see you did it with Dialed In too! Your loyalty is as solid as a soup sammich, that's all. (Sorry, but you asked my opinion)

This is Pinball. There is no such thing as brand loyalty, and if you have it, you should stop. You buy a machine and you either love it or you don’t, for many many reasons. Being loyal has nothing to do with anything. You can hate one game and love another. You can love a game and then have it shit all over you and then stop liking it.

1 month later
#19948 2 years ago

Update: looks like I won’t be trading in my Alien for a Houdini after all. I have been made whole after my lemon of the first game in VA before Christmas. I have had terrible rgb siezure due to the interference, a xeno that will not keep it’s tongue in, so it burns the motor out, an airlock scoop that wouldn’t shoot the ball out properly and ended up cracking my clearcoat and taking art with it, and an inverter that is loud as all heck powering my blades. Needless to say after nearly 2 months of not being able to play. The new code update has made the game playable and I will be getting a new pop pf with new xeno and newly designed airlock scoop with protector. I am satisfied with the outcome. That is, as long as it arrives. Supposedly will ship with next shipment of games. So we will see.

On to the next thing. After playing the new code, I wanna say good job! However I have a few ideas I’d like to suggest ferret.

For the code, I think it could be slightly improved with the following:

1. When you have the super jackpot lit for ambush multiball, allow the posts to pop up when a player hits the orbits so that there is an additional way to feed the upper right flipper. Right now, only a direct CB can feed it which is extremely difficult with 2 or more balls. Give us a tad more hope aside from a stray shot.

2. In the mini wizard modes, my game doesn’t show time remaining for the mode on the mini lcd screen like the other modes. That would be nice to have.

Otherwise, fantastic job!

#19951 2 years ago
Quoted from delt31:

welcome back!
I REALLY like the idea of having the post come up as I feel MB ambush is really hard to hit jackpot. I know it's intended but that would be helpful.

It would still be really hard with the post, as we can’t stage flipper in the game.

#19972 2 years ago
Quoted from tdiddy:

Has anyone replacement there Alien head? Because the service bulliten the helmet sent me 6 months ago doesn't show the switch on top of the head being wired? Can someone confirm that it's not wired

Has to be wired, it’s what says active or inactive for the head motor.

#19973 2 years ago

ferret I ran into an infinite sentry gun mb just now after an incredible game of 6 modes and mini wizard on ball 2, that totally locked up the game. When sentry started, I had lost a ball and used the smart gun to start the mb so I would continue on. No balls were released and the game just stuck there.... I attempted to release 2 balls manually and let them drain to end the MB and nothing happened. I couldn’t move forward. I saved the debug and audit after that. Can you shoot me the email to send em to?

#19983 2 years ago
Quoted from pingod:

Yep it’s wired up.
Should have come with a couple of small boards as well, to hook it up to.

in your photo, it looks like your mech tongue doesnt return home either....

#19996 2 years ago

Anyone know what flipper retention springs are used? My upper right and lower left flipper both snapped in half....

#19997 2 years ago
Quoted from Frli002:

This game is so great to play, had a pretty nice run at it tonight. All works great

Put the glass back on, turn off the eb, Revives to once per ball, jack the back up to 7.5 and put settings on hard

#20003 2 years ago
Quoted from Frli002:

Pretty decent first ball and two all out war in one game on my LE, and some pics of our visit in Vegas Pinball Of Fame.

You win! Now let’s see some alien gameplay videos so you can teach us how to get those monster scores, GJ! I have completed both movies and gotten 3 multiballs, except hyper and my score was only 187million

#20007 2 years ago

ferret are you aware of the sentry mb issue I mentiOned in previous post?

Also does anyone know which flipper return spring is used? Mine snapped in half....

7CCFE1FC-D93F-4D85-BC2E-2DB61D15605B (resized).png

#20014 2 years ago
Quoted from jeffspinballpalace:

Got my machine working for 100 games, before it went down again - while I await promised parts. During that time I had two games where I reached infinite game status - once was during acid burn and the other during sentry gun. Both played themselves out and the ball ended as intended, so I think the settings do resolve/prevent this condition. Ferret - what are recommended timer settings and did they reset with latest code update?
I still had two games where Xeno tongue got stuck out with playfield magnet turned on and twice the display went partial dark and game locked up. Didn't have a chance to create a report for either because issues with the ball trough might have contributed.
Two issues I need help adjusting - 1) ball gets stuck at right ramp because of a playfield gap along front edge. Can something be added to fill the gap or is a ramp flap needed? 2) small airlock screen has a thin white sliver showing at top. Is it possible to shift image up about two hairs?

I also have the small screen white line as well.

#20041 2 years ago
Quoted from mnpinball:

Just spoke with cointaker yesterday.
Next shipment container coming in by end of this month. 45 LE models as well as warranty parts and plastics, facehuggers etc...

Mmhm, my new pop playfield is supposed to be on that container too.

#20146 2 years ago
Quoted from delt31:

and what settings will effect this? I will check to see if they are not default on mine.

Delt, mine has never done this either. But now that I think about it. I am always in a mode, so it likely just hasn’t done it. I only hit it in modes or in multiball.

#20175 2 years ago
Quoted from nman:

Sooo..... anyone heard more news on any crates of machines coming to the US?

Approximately 2 weeks away. Shipment of LE's and spare parts for people like me.

1 week later
#20199 2 years ago
Quoted from delt31:

Illuminated side blades should be arriving to me shortly. Good to know that you can truly add things to your machine if you don't get them stock from factory. Will update with pics when they come in

Did you install the pinstadium kit? I did. It does help tremendously while playing in the dark, yet it does detract from the game’s feel and the gi integration is not functional yet. Also it makes the lighted EL blades disappear. Lastly, the reflection off that stupid left ramp plastic is pretty gnarly. I’ve decided only to have them turned on in the dark.

AFA8F8E9-9053-42CB-9211-6A71975EDDB3 (resized).jpeg

234880C8-7D18-4E5A-ACFD-39BEE58A7C44 (resized).jpeg

AEA99BF2-6ADC-4E09-8704-F42D429AD1DE (resized).jpeg

#20220 2 years ago

They are incredible on new games, so I have to disagree with a poster above. I have one on Dialed in LE and a Houdini. Definitely amazing improvement. I play with lights off, but even with them on, every person who has come over to play says they are afraid to get even one set because then they will have to have them on every game. The reason they aren’t so good on alien is because there is no gi integration yet and the reflection off the left ramp plastic. That being said, it’s still way better than playing with the lights on. It’s Alien. It’s suppose to be dark and creepy. Your comment on the brightness is ridiculous as you can adjust both white and color from 100% to 0% as you see fit. For alien, I just put it at like 25 percent for both. To keep it mostly dark but light enough to see the art and ball better.


#20223 2 years ago
Quoted from Roostking:

How can anyone possibly down vote this given the fact HP still owes refunds. Some people are clueless.

Because Cointaker is not Heighway, Lol. Ask for a tracking number and pay the rest of your bill when your game is arriving at their shop. Bunch of babies in here getting all worked up with mass hysteria.

The refunds have 0 to do with new people paying for their machine when it’s on its way and it’s time to pay for the game. Jesus Christ.

Look at the photo below and you will see what happens when you pay off the rest of your bill when she calls you....

Are you ready? I don’t want you to get triggered...

Tada! An alien appears in your game room a few weeks later.

#20224 2 years ago
Quoted from VividPsychosis:

Because Cointaker is not Heighway. Lol. Ask for a tracking number and pay the rest of your bill when your game is arriving at their shop. Bunch of babies in here getting all worked up with mass hysteria.

The refunds have 0 to do with new people paying for their machine when it’s on its way and it’s time to pay for the game. Jesus Christ.

Look at the photo below and you will see what happens when you pay off the rest of your bill when she calls you....

Are you ready? I don’t want you to get triggered...

Tada! An alien appears in your game room a few weeks later.


#20226 2 years ago
Quoted from Durzel:

Why are you being such a dick about it?
Cointaker are not Heighway, but Cointaker are dealing with Heighway.
If they're asking for payment to be made in full, I don't see how it impacts them to wait until the machines actually arrive? What if they turn up broken? What if they don't turn up at all? In those situations the Cointaker customers who had paid the balance of their order in full - because they were asked to - would be at the mercy of Heighway (via Cointaker) as to when replacement pins would be shipped again.
Given how delicate cashflow appears to be at Heighway I'm not sure I'd want to gamble on them replacing 15+ LE pins (allegedly the number on this mythical boat) in a reasonable amount of time.
Hopefully this boat actually exists and these pins are on it, and arrive safely. In the absence of any proof whatsoever I'd advise caution.

Perhaps, it is because I don’t appreciate being called clueless. Obviously Cointaker has their own policies regarding payment. If you didn’t like that policy you shouldn’t have ordered one. I have had 0 issue with them including getting a totally fucked Alien machine back up to running order and now again needed a new play field. Perhaps that’s because I am kind to the distributor and ask for help when I need it, I speak to them with appreciation and as an adult instead of getting pissed off and yelling or denying payment etc.

If you were that worried about CT screwing you then you should have never ordered a new money LE from them. If you are old money, pick your bone with Heighway because if not for CT, no one in the US would have one coming ever, and they don’t decide when HW makes old money games.

Once again, heighway is not CT. You catch more bees with honey than vinegar.

#20292 2 years ago
Quoted from CoinTaker:

Heighway is actually sending about 10 of the pre orders on this shipment. Not sure which customers are getting them.
The hold up has been due to the 3 color choices for trim. Trying to get everyone what they want. Please be patient, good things are coming.

Thanks for keeping everyone informed!

#20298 2 years ago

Cointaker has no reason to continue this relationship with Heighway, yet they do, and because of it people in the US are actually getting games and the preorder individuals have a shot at actually receiving one in the future. I cannot imagine how much stress that company has caused them.

I know from personal experience with my Alien just how upset she got that my game was essentially a lemon. While we may not always see what she does, she does fight for her customers and has contacted Heighway on multiple occasions just in my case alone to express that issues needed to be resolved.

Cointaker has always taken care of me and my family in regards to purchases and products that they put their name behind. Alien has been no exception. Bravo to Cointaker, shining light in a sometimes dark community.

1 week later
#20356 2 years ago

Officially out of the Alien Club. It will always be a grail theme to me and one of my favorite pins that I have ever owned/played, but with all the continued QC and reliability issues, i had to say adios and replace it with a game that is more reliable day to day and that relieves me of the stress of knowing that when something breaks I am gonna have a 8k toy that is useless for months.

Take it easy guys. I wish you all the best with your preorders and current games. May your proprietary boards never cease to function.

1 month later
#20850 2 years ago

SOOOOOO glad I got out of this train wreck while I still could. Thank goodness. Dream Theme, but not worth a 8k brick.

1 year later
#24743 1 year ago

Soooo everyone heard the big Kaneda news leak right? Pinball Bros made a deal with Chicago Gaming Company. Their first liscensed title, gonna be Alien in a bally widebody Cabinet. Ferret, what’s the word?

He needs to make a shirt “Kaneada was right.”

#24784 1 year ago

So who wants to trade an Alien for a TWD premium pinball refinery edition with topper, color dmd, powder costed everything and pinstaidums amongst 15 other mods. Hit me up I want my second one. This time. One that works. Lol.

#24828 1 year ago

Maybe, use P-Roc and make more standardized boards that can be used in the game and also mass produced so we will forever have working aliens available.

#24831 1 year ago

I have a serious inquiry for this community. I was an early buyer who owned a Alien around Christmas before most people got their games from CT. Anywho, I am contemplating trying again with the game currently posted on the market in CO. With that said, I would like to hear about the most recent updates in the community regarding support for the game.

The issues I had with my game were As follows: 1. Ball trough would kick out more than the appropriate number of balls. 2. The balls eventually stopped kicking out of the ball trough properly, I believe due to the metal sheet right where the pf starts. 3 the gears for the xeno mech slipped and the tongue would slowly fall down against the back of the xeno head and then after pickup would get stuck in the middle of the closing mouth. 4. The airlockscoop didn’t shoot the ball out properly and eventually damaged the pf.

Would you say these issues are common in most of the machines? Are these types of problems known and able to be fixed now?

How many games would you all say are in the country and actually functioning 100%. Is this game, in your opinion relatively stable to own and use as a huo game? What parts are available from community members to help keep it running? What are the largest concerns regarding failure of parts in your minds?

Thanks for the info. Have to seriously consider all sides on this before going in for a second time.

I appreciate the update and help.
Oh, has the community also released more updated code? I know ferret has been helping this group.

#24834 1 year ago
Quoted from SDpinballer:

CO Alien appears to be sold?...

Yup, was just messaged about it. So much for that. :shrugs: well, I will be on the lookout. Would still love to know about the previous posts inquires if possible.

#24842 1 year ago
Quoted from gstellenberg:

Expanding on jwilson's response...
The P3-ROC talks to a Multimorphic PD-LED board, and each PD-LED board can drive up to 84 parallel-driven LEDs and/or up to 682 serial RGB LEDs (and also servos and stepper motors). I believe Alien uses serial RGB LEDs and way less than 682. So that's not a problem.
Very few modern pinball games use a traditional lamp matrix; the PD-8x8 board is old news (we can make it if somebody needs it, but we don't stock it as a standard product anymore). All commercial machines using the P-ROC/P3-ROC use LEDs. Some use parallel-driven LEDs, some use serial LEDs, and some use both.
If anybody wants to work out what a conversion would entail or perhaps how to wire a new Alien playfield with our boards, feel free to PM me. I'm happy to advise. That said, if the game's source code isn't made available, then it'd have to be rewritten. If the code is available, then there are probably a number of people who could port it. If the hardware is abstractly nicely in the original implementation, getting it to run on P-ROC hardware would be easy.
- Gerry

Now this is the good stuff. Thanks Gerry. So guys, who would we be talking to that was working with Heighway that might have access to said Source code.

#24844 1 year ago
Quoted from gold1:

I find all this need to make a new Alien strange.Why?Is it all like the Hollywood style of making remakes because they have no new ideas?Classics,like Alien should remain just that IMO.

Because boards don’t exist. So if they can be remade using proc ones, then you have future proofed your game.

#24877 1 year ago
Quoted from Roostking:

Well, you might try to make an offer to the guy, Ferret and a few others who didnt get paid. A Big Offer.

yeah... it was a joke.

No one is home brewing an Alien, especially not me. Everybody getting all cranky these days eh? I can’t solder, I’m certainly not building a home brew game. No need for everyone to get up in arms about it. Sheesh

I apologize for those that thought it was sincere.... I wouldn’t have the first clue. It’s just the best game I’ve played in pinball and I miss it. Nuff said.

3 weeks later
#25039 1 year ago
Quoted from Oneangrymo:

Well I just got off the phone with an expert on playfields and clear coats/paint. He thinks im getting these circles because its a Mirco playfield and he makes bad playfields or something
Anyone heard of this problem before?

Yup, please see JJP and Wonka clear coat issues.

#25073 1 year ago
Quoted from Averell:

This is not an option... a Limited Edition must have an end.

Technically any number is limited as long as it has an official end. Could be 10 million LE’s as long as whatever number is set, is it

1 month later
#25428 1 year ago

Anyone wanna do a trade towards a new out of box TBL? Let’s work it out. Has to be picked up in Richmond VA though.

#25440 1 year ago
Quoted from J85M:

Wish someone would get this game back in production

Pinball brothers. Alien, but in standard body. Supposedly.

1 week later
#25512 1 year ago
Quoted from Averell:

The most improvements have the effect of better electric power stability and better workmanship.
There are a lot of little things that will bring a great result in the end.
The playfield will be a challenge again, because many things still seem to be unfinished.
There's a lot to do technically and visually.

When you say connection improvements and those improvements in general, what exactly do you mean? A usb connector connects the same as all mini usb connectors so I am not following. Pardon my naivety.

#25521 1 year ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

averell is correct. All USB cables are not created equal. Larger than that, they should have NEVER used USB as a transmission method. The cable end design doesn't have a mechanical lock so it's prone to not seating properly, especially in a pinball machine. Why they didn't use standard, RJ45 CAT6 cabling for interconnect is beyond me, and next to the acrylics, the worst design aspect of the game.
combine that with euro block screw connectivity on motherboard (I used loctite during the rebuild) and wimpy power supplies was a recipe for disaster.
The good can all be addressed, and the gameplay is worth the effort. The effort needs to be thorough, and possibly not for everyone, however.
I love this game, and never a doubt it could be shored up....

Well, I’m only in VA, perhaps a paid trip to come sure up a potential future LE might be possible? Definitely don’t have the know how to do it myself. Where’s does one get all petg plastics for this title?

#25525 1 year ago

I’m down for a petg plastic set. St the very least I’d like 2 sets of sling shot plastics.

#25527 1 year ago
Quoted from delt31:

so are you back in the club? If so welcome back! Hopefully the one you got is a later build. I still haven't had any issues with mine all this time.

I will be back shortly. thank you. It’s been too long.

That’s awesome man! You know the terrible drama behind my first game. I’m hoping it goes better this time around. Seller says the game works 100% so I guess time will tell. I’m hopeful.

Any parts left available for this game anywhere? Seems like Pinball life is all out and that place in Europe doesn’t ship?

#25536 1 year ago
Quoted from Averell:

OK, you all do some research and we will develop an apron that will fit for the ALIEN!
But first of all, we need a Cliffy here!
[quoted image]

Count me in for one!

#25537 1 year ago

Stop your grin’n and drop your linens! Alien LE in the house! back in the game baby!

9D705069-AD84-44A6-ACEC-DA686075003F (resized).jpeg62C48A7F-D3AA-4121-9663-0367A4B3C223 (resized).jpeg87B996E6-4F79-428A-86E8-A6E06716D0D4 (resized).jpegCC14A821-3A75-41FA-8CFD-56EE58121152 (resized).jpeg
#25538 1 year ago

Perhaps you guys have a quick solution or perhaps there is no solution which is also alright. My game is running flawlessly with one exception. Something that also happened on my original SE. if I hold the right flipper (trapping a ball) the leds in the inserts flicker. If I do the same on the left flipper. No flicker, they stay solid.

What would be a solution or fix for this? Outside of that my game is running amazingly. I am one very happy owner.

#25543 1 year ago
Quoted from Thor-NL:

The profit of a TBL flip ...ugh

Don’t be a hater. I bought a pinball machine and traded it. Lol. Not really a profit...

#25545 1 year ago
Quoted from dung:

Eh, if it was the same deal you were trying to sell me on there was profit. Good for you, but as i thought tbl's are trickling out again. Good time for you to get out.

You offered me more than he did... so no not really a profit. I just wanted an alien again. Can we seriously just move on? He is loving having a TBL and I am happy with his alien.

Would love some help with the right flipper causing the LED light flickering on the inserts though. Any help available?

#25547 1 year ago
Quoted from delt31:

This is not very helpful but I do know what you're referring to as I had it in my first alien. I no longer have it on my new alien and was told it's bc the build was later and they fixed it on the boards. Maybe see if you can get an extra board from one of the websites to see if that fixes it. It's really not a big deal so def not worth the hassle but thought I would try and help if possible.
Regarding TBL, anyone spending more than 12.5 is crazy. Let's just say I'm very confident that game will be available in the near future.

Are you referring to an io board?

Basically if I hold the right flipper and cradle a ball or just hit the right flipper in general, the gi lights will flicker, some of the inserts will flicker and even some of the arrows if they are lit blue will flicker and change colors randomly. That’s about the best I can describe it.

#25549 1 year ago

I think the game just doesn’t like to travel. In the videos I watched of it preshipping, it didn’t do this. Only recently started. Not sure on build date. Has regular boards not red ones, and the gears for xeno are metal not plastic like mine were.

#25551 1 year ago
Quoted from delt31:

Mine came from canada ; ). One of the nicest pinsiders I've met - super cool guy.
Good news is that it's just some electric noise vs a real problem.
Check the ramps and the end of them to see if they are the newer version or not. Might be an indication of age. Older ones I believe were either more square or round.

Yeah, I’m not too concerned unless it keeps getting worse. Right now it’s manageable. Just curious as to the cause and what I might be able to buy or do to make it better. I tried to reset the usb cable near the flipper mechs and reseated the wire connections on the flipper mechs, but it seems to make it worse than better. Doh.

#25555 1 year ago
Quoted from TomDK:

Due to the fact that no other guy will make them, I can offer them in some weeks.
I will make a small run in 2 mm PETG printed digitally from the back ... like plastics.
The price will be 120 EURO each plus shipping (around 35 EURO with UPS) ! Expensive I know .... I am sorry but no cheaper way in lasercutted PETG and it seems that the other source is dead.
With some plasticsets we did it this way: I send all to one intrested guy who spreads in the US to save up on shipping.
This will be a one time run , max 10 pieces.
Orders via private message please !

I’ll take one.

#25574 1 year ago
Quoted from Roostking:

Didnt you have some sob story about needing money, for family lol. Some people..

I sold my corvette wonka and tftc. Not that I owe you any explanation.

#25576 1 year ago
Quoted from dung:

Well til. In any case I did not pay up because of the chance TBL would hit production again. I was right and while time will tell how many more get made it certainly wasn't the 10 percent chance I was incentivized with.

I’d say your chances are well below 10%. It’s one guy making machines one at a time. He still owes what? 150 people games and then needs to sell 500 to make up the money. He is producing about 2-3 a month. So given that timeline, you might have the opportunity to buy one in about 3-5 years assuming he doesn’t close up shop. But who knows what time will hold for him. Personally I hope he makes em all. I hope you get one too. He is just behind the 8 ball big time. Gonna need an angel investor I think.

The price was due to demand vs availability. People can wait and hope and maybe get one. Others can get one now. Also the whole, does a NIB game work? Or do ones that have been opened and you know works properly make you feel more comfortable. Different strokes. Pinball is an interesting hobby in that sense. There are those with 0 patience and those with tons of it. How they mix in this hobby is wild, stern definitely found a way to maximize those LE buyers.

#25578 1 year ago
Quoted from JoinTheCirqus:

USB wires. It’s difficult to read through thousands of posts on this topic. I’d like to purchase the “cream of the crop” USB connectors, could someone please tell me which ones to purchase?
Thanks Michael

Would also like to hear about the recommended high quality cables.

#25580 1 year ago
Quoted from mavantix:

Any USB cables with ferite cores on them should be fine, like these:
I believe you need one 10ft and three 6ft, but depending on routing and pulling the PF forward, may want two 10ft instead.
Basically, the USB cable is susceptible to interference from other things (coils, other wires) in the pinball machine, and noise (EMI) gets on the USB line and disrupts the signal between the game PC and the IO boards, causing breakdown in the communication. The ferrite core helps with this, as does routing the USB cables away from sources of EMI in the cabinet/under the PF.

Thanks! I have an interference problem with the right flippers and inserts so hopefully this helps.

#25582 1 year ago
Quoted from mavantix:

The "disco ball" light show on the inserts will never go away when you flip, but the flippers should be solid. Make sure to route the cables as best you can away from other stuff, and zip tie them in well, leaving slack on both ends so they don't strain the USB headers on the IO board or CPU. The IO board USB headers are particularly fragile.

If it doesn’t go away, then I’m not sure the point. That is the only interference the game suffers from. :shrug:

#25585 1 year ago
Quoted from dung:

You said less than 10 percent that anymore get made. More are being made period. Don't bother trying to talk your way around it. Don't care if production is slow. It doesn't matter because end of the story is more are being made which you said would not happen. It is why I balked at your price and frankly I was right. If you ended up taking less it seems I was not the only one who thought 18k was ludicrous.

You can think it was ludicrous all you want it’s a free country. My game was still listed lower than any other TBL has ever been listed for. Easily could have asked more as was shown by the other sellers. As for twisting my words. Pretty sure In still correct that 10% chance, as games being made for preorder EA’s and being made for you are 2 different things so you can live in whatever fantasy land you want to live in.

#25586 1 year ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

The original crap USB cables tend to be the root of many other gremlin problems in the game.. including I/O boards resetting mid-game as connectors work free, etc. Consider it 'bullet proofing'

Ah, good to know! I didn’t realize it created issues with other aspects of the game. Thanks for the knowledge!

#25588 1 year ago
Quoted from delt31:

Just so we can end this and get back to alien, TBL will be available very soon, no one should pay more than 12.5 period.
Vivid could have lit the game on fire if he wanted to - he bought it, his choice. Both people seem happy. Let's move on.

Can’t wait. No reason it should have been brought up to begin with. It’s funny how other people feel the need to inject themselves into other people’s trades especially when they message you to get the game themselves. This is an alien forum. Plenty of TBL threads to whine in.