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ALIEN PINBALL - Game Over, Man, Game Over

By HeighwayPinball

4 years ago

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#22771 10 months ago

There are also illuminated starposts out in the shops .... replace the 2 lower starposts from the slings and swap with warm white illuminated ones .. thats what I am planning ... or just 2 pinball spots on the apron like on some Stern machines.
The stadium lights are too bright for me ... dark is the atmosphere in the movies ..... but I would like to see the ball in the lowerpart ...

#22815 10 months ago

If wanted I can pass the files to


He makes good quality and the price is okay. The files would make his live much easier.
Great to get protectors even this will not help the guys with the broken plastics.

#22865 10 months ago

Please count me also in for 10 pieces.

My machine should arrive today or tomorrow ... yesterday my facehugger arrived and I will let you know if this are exactly the ones from the machine

#22887 10 months ago

Alien LE # 439/??? landed this morning well in my gameroom

Thank you to RS Pinball in Austria for checking the game before shipping !
Everything works well ! Xenomorph, balltrough ... no problems on the first 2 games !

Will play some games and start bringing mylar in front of the VUK and the frame from the playfield monitor.

Bad news: My facehugger are not the same as in the machine, bad luck.IMG_0184 (resized).JPG

IMG_0173 (resized).JPGIMG_0192 (resized).JPGIMG_0195 (resized).JPG
#22889 10 months ago
Quoted from colonel_caverne:

What is your built date?

Where to find ?
On the serial sticker on the backside is no date.
But seems to be a very late production: VUK protector and right ramp plastic with a larger cutout.

And ... I was too fast .. the playfield monitor is stottering .. will check cables later ...

IMG_0198 (resized).JPG
#22892 10 months ago
Quoted from wizzard:

Or good luck? Maybe your facehugger don't break so fast as the original ones?

At least I can order them in China for 7 Dollar .....

@Avverell: Danke

#22895 10 months ago
Quoted from Lamprey:

Speaking of face huggers.. I seem to recall the ones on the early (prototype) machines seemed to break rather easily. Did they change the face huggers or are the home machines just not getting the play that the location machines where?
I guess I'm getting to, is there a source for replacements?
If they are prone to breaking, I'd almost rather take out the originals and put in some cheap ones from china or wherever if replacements aren't available.

Little smaller, better than nothing

ebay.com link » Alien Covenant Movie Toys Alien Chestburster Alien Facehugger Action Figure

2 weeks later
#22981 9 months ago

1000 Euro more expensive than RS in Austria !
I was in contact but got no answer why he raised the prices within 8 weeks for 1000 Euro

RS still has some and he test every game before shipping
Mine is working out of the box

#23028 9 months ago
Quoted from TimeBandit:

Replacement LED boards are in production. Should be available from tomorrow.

Woaahhh .. this little machine wil kill 25 jobs in China Great !!

@oneangrymo : Thanks for the pics ... too much LED for me but sure, intresting to play an Alien in the dark **AND** see the balls.

@all: About pinballbrothers, nobody has contact to this guys ? To ask for all available documents would cost 30 seconds .. maybe with success !
If they will or can make no money with the rest of HP there is no need to keep all documentations, etc secret.
I am just wondering that Wayne is selling different parts for Alien. Is he a "brother" ?! On the internet I saw that there are a german couple and someone from Austria belongs to the pinballbrothers.
I feel sad for them, they are not responsible for the theft Andrew did with the pre-order customers and I am sure they tied to save HW and, for sure, make money with it.

Good news: Got my first extraball today There were rumours that there is no way to get an extraball on Alien ... wrong ..

#23040 9 months ago

I added an active subwoofer .. not really needet ... factory sound is great.

Darkness is okay on this pin, maybe the lower starpost from the slings should be a LED one to lighten the area from the flipperbats a bit ?? Just an idea ...

#23045 9 months ago
Quoted from Bartzenegger:

Hi guys ! I thought I saw a post b4 but couldn’t find it.
Does anyone know how to adjust the pf monitor.
Thank you to all

There is nothing to adjust ... if you mean brighness, etc

If you want to level it to the playfield you have with the 4 screws. My monitor is on top a little to high so I loosended the 2 upper screws, pressed it a little in .. thats it. No way to do more because for an extra washer it is too minimal.

#23058 9 months ago

Sling contacts is greaaaat ... now we need the clear 3D target on the list

I am still working on the whole plasticset in unbreakable VIVAK and not Plexi like original.
Printing on Vivak and lasering is tricky but possible. We have good files but even here we have to work on every single plastic and work on the edges, printer settings and laser. But ... it will go on ...

Picture: First test ....

6a61d25d-b8f9-4822-abca-2224e8711e52 (resized).jpg
#23076 9 months ago

Today I recieved the first plastic made of Vivak from my buddy.

It looks perfect and it fits perfect.
As the original we did not print WHITE on the backside like on other pinballs plastics.
The Vivak is a little thinner than the original plexiglas plastics.
End of the week we will print a plastic with more colors to check out the colormanagement.
This plastics will not be sold commercial, only to ALIEN owners.
We plan to make a full set and a smaller set without the rampplastics. Cleart plastics will be included.

So see this as a first little succesfull test !

Original and Repro front
Original and Repro back
Compare thickness Plexi vs. Vivak
Piv4 and 5
Repro build in

IMG_0412 (resized).JPGIMG_0413 (resized).JPGIMG_0414 (resized).JPGIMG_0415 (resized).JPGIMG_0416 (resized).JPG
#23087 9 months ago
Quoted from onedeath:

So I have been out of the loop on all the Alien stuff lately but are there any updates on replacement IO boards?
Two of mine are bad, I'd even send them out to get fixed if possible.
My game has been down since last September......

PinBackpacker sold some weeks ago 2 boards to me for 225 Dollar each.

Second test was made today and will be shipped to me asap. If the colours do match we think about producing the first full set and put it in my machine.
0fe9b27d-ad6d-4a88-a23e-497e3d533b67 (resized).jpg

It seems that there will be space enough to make also some plasticprotectors for under the "most breakables". But this will follow after the plastics itself and depends on demand.

#23103 9 months ago

Next try: recieved one plastic and a print muster for colors.
Thanks to jvspin for remarks on some plastics. During production at least 3 plastics were changed.
We found one of them , the form is a little changed and a 5th hole came in for a post with a nut.

Question: Has someone this plastic with only 4 holes ... so no nut between the white stars ??!!

I made the necessary changes on this plastic with my dremel .. in the run it will be lasered as well.
In my opinion the colors are great and better than original. This maybe because we print color >> white >> color.
The blue is not so dark as original, I like it this way but we might swap to darker blue.

Pic1: Original build in
Pic2: Comparsion
Pic3: Colortest slingshot
Pic4: Repro build in
IMG_0474 (resized).JPGIMG_0476 (resized).JPGIMG_0483 (resized).JPGIMG_0485 (resized).JPG

#23108 9 months ago

So it seems all have 5 holes ....

#23116 9 months ago

Very cool !
It seems that the area in front of the slings will become much much brighter !!

Great work .. I am looking forward for the next video of your little machine making those pcb´s !!

#23129 9 months ago
Quoted from TimeBandit:

20 seconds of rolling the ball around. I think you can see it from space, haha.

Perfect ?
Too much ??
Still too less ?

Looking forward for the targets !! Great job again !!

#23181 9 months ago
Quoted from bcd:

Speaking as the programmer on Full Throttle, and as someone who also disconnected his shaker...
Soon we'll be finalizing the shaker code for Alien. I plan to backport all fixes to Full Throttle, and add adjustments to tune it to your liking.
So, in a future Full Throttle code update, you'll have a better shaker experience.

Very old post quoted but .... in test menu my shaker (standart shaker in Alien LE) works but in game ... mhhh.
Is there any tweak or something to get the shaker in motion in game ? Or is it just so "lame" in the game ?


#23183 9 months ago

I made just 2 games with open door but the shaker did not react one time ... so it seems that there is so far no situation in the game to shake ... In test it works. So in game I should "feel" the motor at least trying to move ...

#23187 9 months ago

Maybe I should connect a bulb to the shakermotor and place it outside the cab to see if the shaker should be active

#23210 9 months ago

I bought both as spares.
IF I will keep the machine longer its nice to have some spares.
IF I sell the machine I can sell the parts to the machines buyer or as single parts.

Better have, than need ... Last pin I bought is a sopranos. I needet plastics but they are not on the market anymore .. expect on ebay for 300 Dollar plus shipping, plus tax. So bought in the right time the set was 140 Dollars. With Alien parts it will be the same in some years. Maybe we have repro of this part or we will have to pay hard money.

I am looking for years for 2 wireramps from BBB .. they were at PPS years ago for 80 bucks .. now its no chance to get even one for 300 dollars.

So far I collected:
1 x pc working and comüplete
1 x I/O board
1 x power Board
2 x facehugger original
2 x facehugger repro
16 x LED remake

Coming soon .... slingshot pcbs ...

Targets and reed-contacts would fit fine in this collection ...

#23229 8 months ago

Congrats to the 2 new owners !

tatapolus Sounds like Juves machine

angusb About Vegas-Store: In June/July he offered the Aliens for 1000 Euro less. While I was looking for one in August I asked him if there are different or optional parts in, asked this twice but got no anser on this question. Therefor I bought from RS in Austria. payed 9200 with invisiglass in the magazin plus shipping. I would never ever buy from Vegas-Store as other dealers have NIB in stock or a used game . Charging 1000 Euro extra ... mhhhhh.

#23230 8 months ago
Quoted from Jvspin:

bcd Is there a way to tell what weapon(s) you have available during multiball and choose one?

The display tells you what you have, with the second button on the cabinel left (the lower one) you select the weapon and use it with launch button.

1 week later
#23268 8 months ago

A full set of plastics in Vivak is done and my friend comes sunday to my home with it. So we can compare and swap some of them.
This is still a test-set ! The right ramp will cut out for the wireramp and the graphics will be fixed.
However ... looking forward !

17a6d211-7683-4ce9-b290-7dfb1a5f257a (resized).jpg33115f52-a143-46e0-a79f-2a0eec38908b (resized).jpga9a5a27f-b367-42c2-93d2-4f6373a02879 (resized).jpgbe813617-1475-4288-be6f-ebc7579eb7e5 (resized).jpg
#23283 8 months ago

News from the plastics:
My friend was on my place today with a full set of plastics. They are still on testmaterial for costs reasons. The print is like on vivak but the lasered edges will become better on original Vivak. However .. this plastics are looking way way better than original.
Little showstopper: The templates we are working with are from a very earlie machine. We swapped today slingshots, some small plastics and tryed the ramps. there are several differences in the plastics. Example: The production end of the right and left ramp are with an extra post where the ball drops to the playfield. There is a rubbersleeve to stop the ball and let it fall on the playfield. Our template was without that rubber. Also the first version of plasticramps were designed to be mounted with a hexpost to the upper post from the slingshots, this was changed in production for any reason.
The plastic left top in the corner is other than our template. We can see that they had many many problems with the plstics fitting in the game in the beginning. We will make the left top plastic like prototype with print on it .. looks better.
So we are trying to sort all this differences out before making one batch. Due to costs we might be offer 2 sets: A full set and one with all expect the ramps. There are hell lot of plastics in Alien.
So I will swap some more plastics the next days, my buddy will fix the small problems we figured out so far.

Some pics ...
IMG_0910 (resized).JPGIMG_0912 (resized).JPGIMG_0915 (resized).JPGIMG_0918 (resized).JPGIMG_0919 (resized).JPGIMG_0923 (resized).JPGIMG_0924 (resized).JPGIMG_0928 (resized).JPGIMG_0929 (resized).JPGIMG_0931 (resized).JPG

#23290 8 months ago

Thanks for the comments and "in´s" !

knockerlover : Can you post some pics from your "early" ramps ? We were discussing this today how this looked !! Due to the rivets on the lower layer of the ramp to connect the wireramp we did not swap this on my machine. Therefor the middle and top layer are now "old style" and I figured out that the balls start swirling on the end of the ramp before falling down. On the "newer version" the ball plopps to the rubber sleeve and falls down, no swirling.
Also in the new model ramps there is only a hole for the ball. In the old style there is a slot lasered.

@all: Our plan is to have one fitting set here before starting all sets. The first set will be send to a specific person to mount the full set in his machine. If he gives the okay, we start making all ordered sets.

After full sets are shipped out we will also make single plastics or rampsets if needet. Will take some time but we will help all Alien owners !
Maybe there will be also several original plastics out after the first guys swapped.

Funny thing: I have a very late Alien but you can see on the original plastics already a colorchange in the clear areas. See the pics ...

#23326 8 months ago
Quoted from TimeBandit:

Crikey, There's only one set left.
I'll be making more, but I ran out of LEDs again today. About ten days until stock is refilled.

Count me in !!

Now we need the target-pcb and the switches

#23332 8 months ago
Quoted from QuickSilverShelb:

Does anyone know of any LE's that are still available for purchase from a vendor?

Maybe RS Pinball in Austria or, for sure, Vegas Store in Hamburg/Germany but this guy asks 1000 Euro more just for profit.

#23343 8 months ago
Quoted from TimeBandit:

Here’s 50 seconds of video that will change your expectations for the GI.

While testing with the new plastics I figured out , as shown in your video, that the left plastic is hold only by screws. So you have to fiddle the rubber in .... bad work.

here is my solution with posts .. looks little strange due the posts are longer.

IMG_0961 (resized).JPGIMG_0962 (resized).JPGIMG_0963 (resized).JPG
#23357 8 months ago
Quoted from Ballypinball:

I thought all the hardware was metric?

No ! I also had to remove some parts .... used inch tools like on all other pins. Heighway only used several normal phillips screws .. I guess they were cheaper and work also ...

#23379 8 months ago

Mine is working "out of the box" but only around 100 games so far ! The Xeno becomes "noisy" so time for some lubricant next days ...

1 week later
#23439 7 months ago

I had the same once but I opened the door and tested something in a game, afterwards I started a multiball and the balls came out over and over until I shut off the whole machine and rebootet.
I guess I confused the game with opening the door and testing arround. Never had this again (but other strange behavior).

Quoted from uncivil_engineer:

I got to work on the machine at the Museum of Pinball in Banning California this weekend. It has a peculiar problem that I think I temporarily fix, but I’d like to find a better solution. The issue is the game gets stuck in a ball save loop when ever the Ambush multi-ball starts. We fixed this by turning off the ball save, but I’d like to know what targets when hit will enable the ball save during the mode. I noticed the movement tracking graphics would stick with the movement at 19m when we had the ball save issue.

#23446 7 months ago
Quoted from take2-take5:

Anyone know what causes this? Does every game have it?

Welcome to the club ... my Alien has it also. Specially if the glasmagazin is removed ...
But now we read why its noisy .... we have to live with it ...

#23455 7 months ago

I am not familiar with electronics, but in the german community they had also to copy a pic from a Stern CPU. They tried several CPU´s and .... voila ... one was not protected. So maybe you should try several sensors, maybe you get also an unprotected.
Good luck and happy code hunting !!

2 weeks later
#23551 7 months ago
Quoted from gold1:

Hello people,
I have an Alien Le with some issues and am wondering whether someone actually has a manual?

You have to live with the communities support ... but its working great

#23570 7 months ago
Quoted from Jarbyjibbo:

So I haven't checked this thread in 521 posts. Did someone all of a sudden come into the picture and decide they want to give me my money back....?
Assuming not, any other significant news I might have missed?

Very sad to read that. However ... even it hurts, you would not be the first guy who was scammed but bought later on a real existing Alien !
So far I was in the lucky position not to invest in any new firm except JJP with WOZ. TBL I was hard, very hard on paying ....

#23571 7 months ago

Crazy .. we NEED your Alien tutorial !!!

1 week later
#23578 6 months ago
Quoted from TouchingEvil:

Do they have any plan for more videos or game modes for this pin ? I hate that it got so so little videos from the movie.

You understand that the producer Heighway Pinball is no longer exist ?! I am pretty sure rthere will no more updates or extended versions ... be happy with what you have

1 month later
#23730 5 months ago

There was one for 11 K DOLLAR in Finland or Sweden .....
The blue LE is from the austrian dealer I bought my machine. He is pretty slow in communication but the machine was pre-checked and running perfect until today ! he is also long enough in the business, so your money is safe.

#23735 5 months ago
Quoted from jonesjb:

Are these playing relatively trouble free?

I have no troubles so far from unboxing til now.
Friend of mine has a very early machine and he had to fix many things .. therefor he payed 2K less ....

1 week later
#23756 5 months ago
Quoted from mavantix:

Wow! Last night the guys and I were talking about adding souround sound speakers to Alien, and in a dark room like that!! SO CREEPY!!

Why ?
I think the sound is pure Stereo ???? Or did I miss something ?? I have also a full set 5.1 speakers left over but it makes no sense to me to use them ...

Other idea: 4 orange warning lamps in the corners of the room, connected to the pin ..

#23762 5 months ago

Thank ddt ! was a pleasure to meet you in Germany last year !!

A friend of mine has a very early Alien with a bigger bass in the cabinet.
My Alien is very late and came with a smaller bass in the cabinet so I added a active subwoofer which was former in the homecinema. Fantastic.
But with this informations now I will try the left over 5.1 system on the little amp !

And yes ... the little amp need very very fine tuning ... I played a little bit around with it ... very sensible ...

2 weeks later
#23795 4 months ago
Quoted from jonesjb:

Alien upkeep looks like it’s more of a headache than Stern and Bally Williams. Is this the case?

B/W maybe ... I never had a game NIB.
STERN ... nope ... I have had so much trouble with new Sterns ... it was in a bad way amazing. GoT LE for around the €uro ammount of a brand new, small car was weeks open with a raised playfield waiting for spareparts ! Alien ... no (bigger) problems so far !! But many many spareparts on hand

1 week later
#23808 4 months ago

Very well done, Sir !

Looks good ! Funny, 2 weeks ago I bought a Munster, will be sold coming week. Just boring. Alien .. will stayyyyy ....

#23816 3 months ago

We need the large pcbs .... most other needet stuff seems to be available ...
And lets build it in a standart cabinett .. with all the nice innovations HP had

#23821 3 months ago

Depends on the price I would be also in ... background:
I have a spare playfield, spare playfiels monitor, spare pc unit ..... so with the large boards I would be able to make a very very nice wall hanger decoration running the original attractmode ....

#23829 3 months ago

Do you have a "shopping list" for the needet USB cables ? Good idea with the support ladders .. have several as spare here and will do also !
So far I had no problems with the USB cables.

#23836 3 months ago
Quoted from pinghetto:

[quoted image]

Very special high price ....

1 month later
#24016 78 days ago

Lucky you !!!

Would love to get lamp pcbs ...
Can swap with plastic sets.

#24018 77 days ago

Nope ... I mean the 3 or 4 large pcb´s .
The single lamp pcb are not the problem and available as repro for a fair price !.

#24021 77 days ago

A friend of mine importet my Alvin G. "Dinosaur Egg" for me from NY to Cologne/Germany. Shipment was 450 Euro .. as the word tells you , by ship in a container ....

1 week later
#24161 66 days ago

The shaker is IMHO not important ... can not remember when I feel it last time ... its only on some missions lightly active ...

#24194 64 days ago

Out from experience I can tell you:
If you geht files, check if they are from the first sample machines or from later production machines. There are many differences !! That means a lot of work on the pc setting the cutlines.
PETG is the material of choice. If you laser it, everyone will hate you .... PETG stinks, burns and smokes. Milling would be better but than you have to remove all the little crumbs.
Printing .. you have to print 3 times: First colors, second 1 layer white, third colors. Than you have plastics much miuch nicer than the easy breaking plexiglas originals !!

#24237 62 days ago

There is a difference in the subwoofers !
A friend of mine has a very early Alien and it has a very powerfull bass in the cabinett !
I have a very late LE with an other, not so powerfull bass. So I put a active subwoofer from Yamaha under the cab .....
hammer !!!!!!

s-l1600 (resized).jpg
#24248 61 days ago

You should ask freeplay.se if he can backorder the sets. If you buy from outside Europe with no VAT a set is 200 EURO. This is a very very good price for a full set !!

#24274 55 days ago

Check the manual from Capcom FlipperFootball and BBB.
Both machines have opto spinners !!

Do not look on the price


#24280 55 days ago

Uhh .. did I miss something ??!
There is a Software 1.3 B3 ?

20190417_164239 (resized).jpg
#24283 54 days ago

Uh .. I hope I did not spoil something ... bad situation.

A german pinhead visited me some weeks ago to play my Alien. He was very intrested in buying one and finallly ... 2 weeks ago he bought one from a german dealer. He has problems with his new pin. One coil burned and a fuse is always blowing. Very bad luck .. so he asked me about the software and I told him 1.2 is actual. He wrote back that his machines shows 1.3 B3. I could not believe it and asked for a pictures .. here we go .....
So he asked me if that software version may responsible for the burning coil and fuse and if it is possible to go back to 1.2

I adviced him to join us in this thread becaus e I can not help him with his problems but maybe others might ... so we came to the pic of 1.3 B3

Story ends ...

Sicherung (resized).JPGSpule 1 (resized).JPGSpule 2 (resized).JPG
#24317 52 days ago

Oh boy ...
Rumors, hearsay, maybe´s, some of you guys sound like it is a fact that there will come more Aliens.
Pinside is a very big gossip factory
Other hand .. why did they produce more plastics in PETG ?? Conspiracy ...

1 week later
#24407 41 days ago

With the Xeno ... this seems top be the onliest way to buy new !

I bought here on pinside from a very nice guy an old Xeno and he told me several times: No way to get this to work !!

#24409 40 days ago

@mavatnix: Do you know if the "head" and "mandible" , the black outer parts from the xeno, will fit in a newer Alien ?
Background: I bought a older complete xeno and would like to airbrush the blackparts a little and bring them in my Alien. Therefor would be great to know if it will fit ...

EDIT: Oh boy .. I am 51 but feeling very very old: I bought this Xeno from you

1 week later
#24442 32 days ago

No resets so far, pin out of the box.

#24446 32 days ago
Quoted from Oneangrymo:

Does this caps mod work for both SE and LE?

Sure, no differences in tech specifications ...

3 weeks later
#24561 8 days ago

Nice story told but ..
Mhh .. I know you are a businessman and need to make some cash. But making 10K profit ... wow.
Okay .. you had also a big loss on the first order.
Sorry, I am sure that this is not the last Alien NIB and I am also sure that you can get a NIB much much cheaper.
The last HUO Aliens LE, as far as I know, were sold in germany for 9K to 10K EURO in great shape.

Quoted from royneblom:

The last Alien New in box ??
Well there are one more Alien LE new in box left in my warehouse.

#24562 8 days ago
Quoted from gold1:

Interesting to see how many people on pinside have an LE just to see how many may have been made.Mine is 126.

ALIEN LE 439 in beautifull green here

IMG_0174 (resized).JPGIMG_0198 (resized).JPGIMG_0206 (resized).JPGbf871ec7-c9e4-4525-9f84-c8fc1562d683 (resized).jpg
#24605 5 days ago
Quoted from royneblom:

The last Alien New in box ??
Well there are one more Alien LE new in box left in my warehouse.
Not only is it properly the last one in the world its also the most wanted one LE NO 426.

Quoted from Cigaretteman:

I was the Danish distributor for Heighway and got my order of 3 of the last produced LE’s out just before they closed the doors. All 3 are green and all 3 are still in Denmark. I sold 2 and kept one for my own collection. It is LE #200 and it is still sitting unopened in the box.
It is a fantastic and very special game there are no doubt about that(yes I have played the game a lot). Taste varies and I say if you have an Alien and don’t care for it sell it to someone who want one!

There will be more !! Also under 18.000 Dollar

#24632 1 day ago

The lower plastic cover needs a foil on the nderside ... otherwise the green LEDs from the fuses wil disturb the playfield ... will shine trough ...
In my Alien they did not remove the white coverfoil ...

IMG_0215 (resized).JPG
#24640 12 hours ago
Quoted from Ferret:

Err... do you have the shaker motor accessory?
(I'm also a little sad about the lack of flashers.)

I kicked my shaker out yetserday. First moved the lame Alien shaker to my BK and still .. lame. Brought an other one in the Alien. Now in test it works a little harder but in game ... still powerless and lame, could not identify one scene where the shaker was working.
All settings are on normal, shaker is "on" power is on high.
So I was missing the working shaker in BK and swapped back. The broken (??) shaker is the one which was delivered with the Alien.

Any ideas why my game is not supporting a shaker ?! Settings ??

IMG_3414 (resized).JPGIMG_3415 (resized).JPG
#24642 10 hours ago

Thank you Ferret !!

I never ever saw in 1.2 "Install Quake" .... ?! Where is this hidden ??
I will see to get such a "Tremor" and try again !

#24651 3 hours ago
Quoted from Ferret:

Actions > Presets > Quaker

So I reinstalled the shaker on a board outside the pin to saee its movement .. if there is any movement
I had a real goos ALIEN(S) game with all missions (expect LoaderBattle) and 3 multiballs (HyperSleepp, Senetry, Ambush) and the shaker moved one very short time when i hit in the "MuThUr"-Lane left. All the rest .. silence ....

Here a movie from Shaker-Test-Mode

Maybe the power is missing ?!

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