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ALIEN PINBALL - Game Over, Man, Game Over

By HeighwayPinball

6 years ago

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#607 6 years ago

Yeah some really cool stuff on the Heighway forum. The LCD mockups look great, Slam is doing a great job so far.

I'm now in on the game with LE# 157 - in commemoration of the colonist souls lost on Hadley's Hope.

3 months later
#931 6 years ago

Cheers Andrew! Looking forward to Friday!!

2 months later
#1057 6 years ago

Hi Andrew, thanks for the update!

Am curious to know what the re-design entails, any major changes or just tweaks here and there?

Also I'm signed up for an LE. Just to help me plan the remaining balance, please can you estimate when you'll be shipping final machines? I'm not going to hopld you to this date it's just to make sure the finances are in order at my end.

Cheers, Kris

#1063 6 years ago

Cheers for the timeline info Andrew! :0)

1 month later
#1157 6 years ago

Aurich you tease! Can't wait to hear more juicy details

Especially looking forward to the LE reveal. Am in for #157, the number of souls who perished at Hadley's Hope...

#1180 6 years ago

A bit awkward but I'm 40 with a Ninja Turtles bedsheets and Transformer toys all over my room...

#1341 6 years ago

I went for LE #157 to honour the souls who perished on Hadley's Hope.

1 week later
#1526 6 years ago

Playfield looks fantastic, but there is a serious lack of Alien(s) related quotes in the subsequent replies.

"Heighway have got this in the pipe, five by five..."

2 weeks later
#1675 6 years ago

Am going to the party at the weekend, oh well nevermind. Still looking forward to seeing the factory though and anything else revealed about Alien is a bonus.

#1703 6 years ago

Was also at the UKPP reveal yesterday and what I saw was extremely egg-citing! If the licensing goes smoothly this will be a corker of a pin. Style-wise so far it's right on the money. Great work HP.

2 weeks later
#1926 6 years ago
Quoted from peaceboy666:

sorry if ive missed it sumwhere in one of heighway pinballs topics but just wandering what ever happened to the lcd playfield glass,saw video of it ages and it looked unreal,imagine it with aliens in the glass

I asked the same thing when I was at the factory for the HP pinball party. The screen was a concept for their very first machine (Circe's Animal House which was later shelved) but Andrew said the technology was not quite there at the time. However he did say the technoclogy is better now...

#1957 6 years ago
Quoted from dmbjunky:

This has probably been stated before but LE art package also has different art on the playfield as well, right?

I don't think this is the case but I'm sure Aurich will confirm. From what I've picked up LE differences are armour colour, backglass, cab sides and extras such as beacons, ELwire on the ramps, etc.

1 month later
#2408 6 years ago

I like it Aurich, but I'm really looking forward to the LE.

Cheers, Kris

#2587 5 years ago

Aurich do you know if the playfield art is the same on the standard vs. LE? I thought it would be.


#2595 5 years ago

Does anyone have a better quality photo of the playfield revealed at Expo (right image)?

Looking at it side by side to the whitewood that was flipped a while back there seems to be a few subtle changes such as the position of the upper right flipper and that saucer that used to be to the bottom left of the pops. Looks like the guides have also been tweaked in this area.

Loving the look of the upper left flipper shot where the ball rolls up to that target then back down for a nice clean shot to the right side target bank or TBD target.


#2597 5 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

Here's the shot map and a clearer photo.
Alien Shot Map
Alien Whitewood

Cheers Aurich, I must have missed that new map!!! Very nice...

edit: also that left lane shot has become a scoop will that be a subway then, I wonder where the ball will emerge...

2 months later
#3367 5 years ago

Another wow - amazing job Andrew!!! I think the playfield art is the thing everyone is aching to see what Aurich has come up with. Fingers crossed for next week!

Cheers, Kris

#3788 5 years ago

Pouring over the high res image with this music in my head...

#3925 5 years ago

As someone who has had a few hours to digest this, and an LE owner, I really like it. Also let's keep it real, I looked at GOT and it was a total pig's breakfast. This is a lot more calculated and thought out, and is only 1/3 of what will make the machine.

Good work Aurich and more power to HP.

#4262 5 years ago

Surely movie, audio/soundtrack clips must be allowed? Is that not the point of buying the licence??

#4337 5 years ago

Aurich, I would just like to commend you on your attitude and professionalism over the past few days. It's really refreshing and keeping the discussion on track.

#4475 5 years ago

Is the Queen fight from Aliens not a mode? Surely this is one of the most obvious choices and would include the power loader in some shape or form.

Quoted from Aurich:

Just to be clear I'm not worried about a thing. Feeling good, don't care about haters, just saying, this is the process.

Which plastics do you mean specifically? The outlane guides? They're pretty thin for complicated shape art. And there's already something else planned for the slingshots.

Aurich, do you know if the Queen fight from Aliens is planned for a mode? Surely this is one of the most obvious choices and would include the power loader in some shape or form. Thanks.

#4477 5 years ago
Quoted from mveightball:

I would have thought this would be one of the wizard modes.

You might be right but the titles of the wizard inserts don't seem to indicate this. The most obvious place for the Queen battle is 'meltdown', possibly this includes the fight with newt? It would have been nice to see the continued final battle on board the Sulaco where Bishop helps out.

1 month later
#4872 5 years ago

Hey Aurich, with the playfield art approved how is the LE art package coming along? I think you were waiting to see what would pass the litmus test to see what could be included.


2 weeks later
#5014 5 years ago

I have to say... as much as I like what Aurich did with the Alien playfield, the GB one is stunning and is really in a totally different league... Also one would think it would have to fit the brand even being hand drawn? I know it's not fair to compare hand drawn vs. non-hand drawn but still, it's gorgeous.

We have two young kids so the pressure to switch to a GB is high as it is a far more family friendly theme. I'm sticking to my guns for now but would really help to hear more Alien details.

#5016 5 years ago

... also please can someone clarify... can a standard Aliens become an LE just by paying for the extras? Is the only thing that can't be bought the LE specific side art and backglass (that is if one went for the smaller LCD in the backbox) ?


#5018 5 years ago
Quoted from PinballRulez:

The following can be purchased as an upgrade for Alien I believe:
- Fiber optic ramps
- Shaker motor
- Beacons
LE Art, Cabinet and trim are unique to the LE.

Thanks for that. I think HP will offer upgrades to cabinet and trim at extra cost so really the only exclusive to the LE is the art as you mentioned. Then if you go for the large LCD in the backglass, you are left with the side panels and backglass surround as exclusive.

#5023 5 years ago
Quoted from rubberducks:

I think pf art and some plastics' art may be different. It'll be functionally identical though.
Re: GB art. I really don't think the pf is anything special at all, albeit better than Alien. The finished Premium and LE backglasses I do like though, save for duckface Murray, and the cabinet art for Pro and Premium is outstanding. I think Metallica pf art is considerably better, not such a crowded mish mash and tells a better, clearer story.

Ah cheers for that. I'd not heard the pf and plastics would be different, please can someone from HP confirm?

#5040 5 years ago

Aurich please can you tell me if the LE playfield and plastics are the same as the standard version?

#5045 5 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

I can't, because I'm not sure yet. We have some ideas for the LE that we still need to test, so it's just too early to confirm. I can say that any differences that might appear would be fun cosmetic stuff, the gameplay will be exactly the same. And as far as I know all the cool physical upgrades are optional purchases, like the fiber optic lighting. How the price of a kitted out Standard vs an LE will play out I don't know, and how exactly the art differences will be featured I don't know yet either.
If you miss out on an LE because they're sold out you'll still be able to get the same gameplay experience, that's all I can really say I know to be true. Nothing is stripped down.

Thanks Aurich. I'm actually in for an LE but am weighing up the option to switch to a GB, then pick up Alien later on and add the extras. I'm getting heavily leaned on by the family...

#5050 5 years ago
Quoted from spfxted:

The Family...or "the family"?

Ok it was The Sopranos, Paulie and Sil just popped round for a sit down.

#5117 5 years ago

Aurich, come back we miss you...

#5231 5 years ago
Quoted from Jarbyjibbo:

Looks like the balls that are locked by the mouth may drop through the hole next to the left pop? That seems to be exactly where the underside if the jaw would be. Just my guess.

I think that's where the magnet will be located to seize the ball ready for the xeno strike.

1 week later
#5264 5 years ago

Real shame HP were part of the Alien celebrations, they are the company arguable with the boldest Alien related move right now. Hopefully it's not too late.

4 weeks later
#5499 5 years ago
Quoted from SLAMT1LT:

I agree, all movie-based pinball games should have the original music and not an electronic mock up (which I hate). But in most cases this isn't possible, for various reasons.
However, we have David Thiel and his compositions for our game are fantastic. He captures the atmosphere of both films perfectly. And there's no one more picky about music in pinball than me.
Music can massively change the atmosphere of any game. Terminator 2 is the best example - in the digital world I was able to create my own version of Terminator 2 but removed all the original music and added Brad Fiedel's superb score (from both films). Later I think PinSound were able to do the same thing to the real tables.
Nothing is better than the original music from the original composers but I think Alien is the closest any pinball game has been to offering a decent alternative.

Good info there Slam, cheers for that. Reading between the lines does that mean that no original film score music will be in the game? Sounds like you have the second best thing though.

#5577 5 years ago

Fantastic update Aurich, good to hear that you are well. Cheers.

1 week later
#5649 5 years ago

When Aurich was posting his informal updates it was kept pretty much on topic until the sniping knocked his end in.

Amazing all of the licenced Alien(s) tat that is out there and approval for one video takes so long. Hope it's worth it.

#5779 5 years ago

I posted a suggestion on the official forum about a members only sort of thing. No comment was made on that, but that is the way to go for me.

#5784 5 years ago

Hi Andrew, posting this here as there is not much going on with the official forum.

If we are not seeing what we are buying until August, will we still get chance to cancel for a full refund, or will it be too late at that point?

Personally I really liked Aurich's non-specific trickling of development tidbits just to keep our appetites wet. It was sweet to hear something about the passion and thought that is going into this machine and it's design, as opposed to specific contect with pictures, videos, etc. Is this still possible, if not by Aurich then another member of HP? It could be done on a level to disclose nothing specific therefor not violating your Fox contractual obligations.

Also that input and the comments it inspires has got to be better that the spam that is currently cluttering up this thread.

#5905 5 years ago

Andrew has been transparent imo, I generally feel in the picture in terms of time line and so not feel bs'd. Would i like to see so something of the machine,of course. I can wait another few months though.

Rooting for HP to make this a belter.

#6220 5 years ago
Quoted from Mr68:

Who was the loudest and most prolific Pinsider doing this? He was once dubbed the "Voice of Pinside" as he lead the charge criticizing every manufacturer but his own employer. He also beat the shit out of the little guys competing in his mod business. And now that Aurich is getting a taste of his own medicine we should feel sorry for him?
That said, I was impressed with some of Aurich's recent comments and I believe he has learned from his mistakes. He owes a lot more apologies than just to Spooky Pinball but at least its a start.
For my part, I will be making a private peace offering to Aurich concerning our battles when time permits. It will be up to him to accept it or not.

Nobody cares about your opinion. This thread is getting back to the Alien pin, way overdue. If you have shit to sort it private do it and stop advertising the fact.

#6280 5 years ago

Cheers for posting that!!

Aurich is there a scoop shot on the machine? I thought there was but now can't see it.

#6298 5 years ago

Cheers Aurich, little bit gutted at the scoop being removed as they are my favourite shots in pinball. Makes sense though to set up the shot to the chestburster drop target.

#6342 5 years ago

Hi Dave, so it plunges and just drops down to the flipper like TOTAN or TOM?

If so I'm not a fan of that tbh, always seems a bit of a pointless way to get the ball in play. Xeno sounds very cool though.

1 month later
#6847 5 years ago

The select screen video has got my alien saliva dripping!!!!!

1 month later
#7321 5 years ago

Got the email from Aimee! Great comms... Am happy to pay the money but only if I totally know what I'm buying by that point. Really need to see the whole LE shooting match, come on Fox!

#7339 5 years ago

Aimee confirmed the video is coming out before payment is due - this means it's out in the next 2-3 weeks! An excuse for cracking open an afternoon beer if ever there was one!!

#7375 5 years ago

It's a tough one knowing we'll be swapping the game out in the future. Some nice green Alien colour could start to look really messy with the wrong theme. Black might be the best neutral option.

#7378 5 years ago
Quoted from Jvspin:

I think a black nickel option would look great on an Aliens LE and be more compatible with Full Throttle and future games.

Good call!!! Andrew would this be an option??

#7380 5 years ago
Quoted from HeighwayPinball:

I can certainly look into it

Thanks. Top man Andrew

#7391 5 years ago

Sorry if this has been asked before but does FT or Alien use any kind of technology to fade the LEDs for the inserts? Something like what the LED OCD does?

#7397 5 years ago
Quoted from Zampinator:

The lighting on FT is superior in technology to any pin on the market! ALL lights including the G.I. lights are supernova L.E.D.s. Basically the color possibilities are endless & unmatched in the industry, & yes they can fade.

Thought they would have it covered, but thanks for confirming!!

#7467 5 years ago

Got my key chain sorted just need my game, come on HP!!

IMG_20160916_124537761 (resized).jpg

#7512 5 years ago

In the US they pay sales tax by state and I think that adds up to 8-9% ? Someone in the US will know this better than myself.

3 weeks later
#7993 5 years ago

I thought the non-reflective glass was included with the LE? I need to check my email again...

My only concern as far as my preorder goes at the moment is in terms of the LE's features, meaning are they really worth jumping in now vs. somewhere down the line. I hope after the reveal we truly have a picture of both the standard and LEs, artwork, features, everything. This is the type of clarity we need at this point to be able to make a choice as a consumer.

#8325 5 years ago

So no Ripley? Has that been confirmed by HP?

That is pretty significant... She's a key part of the legacy, her total omission leaves a gap, more so than any of the other characters that could have been shelved by the approval process. She's the best part of the movies, proven by everything that came after Alien 3.

#8326 5 years ago
Quoted from thewool:

So no Ripley? Has that been confirmed by HP?
That is pretty significant... She's a key part of the legacy, her total omission leaves a gap, more so than any of the other characters that could have been shelved by the approval process. She's the best part of the movies, proven by everything that came after Alien 3.

Edit: just read that you're supposed to be playing as Ripley, all I would like to know is, is her voice in the game or not, thanks

#8336 5 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

No time for a long post now, still at Expo, but when I get a chance later I'll try and post up answers and clarifications to things. Lots of stories start flying during the show, I know it's hard to keep track of what's what. We'll get it all settled.

Aurich you're a straight talker. Is Ripley in the game in terms of voice/video? I have skin in the game and would really like to know, cheers.

#8350 5 years ago
Quoted from SLAMT1LT:

Just to clarify....that's a joke

Thanks for the straight answer Slam. Very unfortunate not to get her, to me thats regretfully a dealbreaker for my preorder.

#8500 5 years ago

Aurich what does the LE art package relate to, just the cab sides really?

#8505 5 years ago

But if the large LCD is standard what is the backglass, just the edge trim? Thanks.

#8536 5 years ago

Maybe this question is better suited to the Full Throttle thread, but has anyone tried to edit or replace associated that game's sound/video files or are all the assets locked down?

#8539 5 years ago

Also did anyone here play much of the 'Alien' game as opposed to Aliens? In the videos so far it looks very much like Aliens is dominating the theme... that said it's hard to go by the audio alone as the videos upload have games playes side by side with some FT thrown in for extra measure!

#8550 5 years ago
Quoted from way2wyrd:

I got games in in both modes suffice to say that the Alien mode is every bit as Alien as the Aliens Mode is Aliens.
As for production im pretty lax but i would like to see games start shipping this year
Come on, cat

Thanks that's good news to hear.

I'm hoping that they alter the SFX to suit each film, for example the xenomorph head targets which prompt the alien getting blasted sound effect from Aliens - it would be nice if this was better suited to the vibe of Alien.

#8561 5 years ago

After that video posted in this thread played, this one also started which I'd not seen before:

#8563 5 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

There's a ton of stuff that is tailored to which film you're in, but at a certain point you can go insane with that. The game is about both films, and there's bleed through and blending. You can still start Find Newt multiball even if you're in the Alien branch for instance.
The priority is always going to be about using the best assets we have, and not always trying fit an artificial balance.
Still, your point is well taken, and we are following that idea in a lot of places.

Cheers for that Aurich.

Appreciate there will always be some bleed, but these targets are going to get battered so thought these in particular would benefit from a movie-appropriate effect. For example rather than the xeno screaming effect, something like a hiss to sound more sinister fitting with the suspense feel of Alien. Hopefully assets would not put a limit on this!

#8567 5 years ago
Quoted from jonesjb:

This actually sounds cool. I originally thought your suggestion was a bit overboard with the detail, but I like this. Your recommendation is more about atmosphere of the film vs bring OCD about the Alien universe.

Yeah I thought it was a reasonable suggestion. If you're playing Alien and keep hearing xenos getting blown to pieces when hitting those targets that could be jarring. If a multiball stars like Newts which is a parallel mode then fair enough.

#8578 5 years ago
Quoted from daudioguy:

from the horses mouth:
In OOM (out of mode) hitting the targets elicit a variety of Xeno sounds. We do not use the rifle sounds to blow Xenos apart in either Alien nor Aliens mode when hitting the Xeno. That is reserved for the combat modes like Bug Hunt, Sentry Gun Multiball and others.
Keep in minds that once the Xeno mech is fully implemented there will be a number of 'pupetering' options available as a response to hitting the targets in front of it beyond the 'mouth coming out and grabbing the ball' event. Lights and sounds will add to making these hits memorable.
The sounds for the Xeno are being designed thoughtfully for greatest impact when the time is right. We have plenty of resources from both films to accomplish this.
Just like programming, I cannot finish my job till I have a machine to test all the audio assets and their behaviors. This will happen before Alien gets into full production. Tuning up Xeno audio will be one of the many tasks that I will do then.
horse out.

Cheers for that DT, I have total faith!

2 weeks later
#9018 4 years ago

Hi Andrew, I sent an email today to you today regarding my preorder, please can you confirm receipt of this?

Thanks, Kris

2 weeks later
#9304 4 years ago

Hi Andrew,

Please can you pm or email me regarding my refund?

Sent you a few mails on this, also tried to call the factory but the number is u/s.

Cheers, Kris

#9326 4 years ago

I have my reasons but feel it's pointless to raise them as the game is nearly done. I wish HP all the best and I might come back in at a future date.

1 month later
#9757 4 years ago

It was a nasty post, trying to be clever in assassinating aurichs personality but just came off sounding very bitter.

1 month later
#10745 4 years ago

I bailed on my LE in December for various reasons (no Ripley, I own a STTNG, etc.). Getting my refund was a right chore but Andrew and Morgan eventually came through. I still might get back in at some point but only after games are being shipped and I get chance to flip it to see how it feels.

2 weeks later
#11220 4 years ago

"First assembly is in 15 cjmjmm2006, Shag It!!"

1 week later
#11531 4 years ago

Only have one question for Dave... how do I get out of this chicken shit outfit?

#11669 4 years ago

We are really asking for options on how we are told a mode/game has ended? I missed the point in time when pinheads developed feelings...

2 months later
#13823 4 years ago

Looks great - thanks for sharing the pictures, take your time and savour the moment!!

You're in Hamburg? I sometimes travel to Stade to the West of you for work, that's a nice part of Germany

1 week later
#14588 4 years ago

I opted out of Alien just before last Christmas for my own reasons. The fact Andrew has had to post on here in defence of the car he's driving is a disgrace. What is this community coming to...

1 week later
#15102 4 years ago
Quoted from frolic:

This post always stayed with me. Now that we've turned a page, was this for real, or what more could be said about it?

I know some people could not care less about no Ripley but this is why I cancelled, pretty glad I did now...

#15108 4 years ago
Quoted from Agent_Hero:

What would she add to the game? Have you played it yet? The only quote I can recall off-hand is "get away from her, you bitch". Maybe add a clip of her sending an alien into space (when would such a clip even be used?), but for being the main protagonist she really doesn't have many iconic quotes--or even scenes--from either movie. I remember more of the secondary characters and their scenes than any of hers.

Doesn't really matter now mate, just glad I got out when I did.

#15110 4 years ago
Quoted from Agent_Hero:

Play it some time and tell me how empty you feel with it not having Ripley featured.

If I ever come across it of course I'll play it and I'm sure I'll love it without her. I really like the way they have implemented Muther in the call-outs, that's genius.

The movies, to me at least, are all about Ripley's story and the Aliens are just a backdrop - albeit an amazingly crafted backdrop. All the films post Ripley have been poor and just don't have the same gravitas.

#15118 4 years ago
Quoted from luvthatapex2:

Actually most people couldn't care less that Ripley isn't in the game because the player is basically Ripley. All the stuff that happened to her is happening to you and you are seeing it in first person. So one could argue that the narrative was changed in order to cover the missing of Ripley or one could enjoy the game as coded and each time you have a new adventure

Like I say this was just a personal issue for me and I know I'm in the minority. But the irony is it lead to me getting out which is the point I was trying to make, and not to dredge up the whole 'Ripley needs to be in the game issue'.

#15124 4 years ago
Quoted from Fytr:

So why are you here?

I would still like to see this great game get out.

1 month later
#15836 4 years ago

Wow this game is really getting there, hoping the turnaround end up being a success story for both New-HP and their customers.

6 months later
#20033 3 years ago

Not sure if this is news but I read recently that Russel Speak (Slamt1lt) has left Heighway. That must be a body blow to HP as he seemed an ace multimedia guy going by his Future Pinball tables.

2 months later
#20893 3 years ago
Quoted from mufcmufc:

New shit has come to light

She kidnapped herself?

#21311 3 years ago
Quoted from hansj66:

The hate is here. It’s just not evenly distributed.
I see a lot of anger directed towards Andrew in this thread, but what about the four guys who have been in control since Andrew’s departure ?
These four directors at Heighway Pinball also represents 89,01% of the Pinball Brothers’s shares. Both companies are controlled by the same four directors. These are:
Cato Paus Skrede (Norway)
Mats Daniel Janson (Sweden)
Alexander Thomas Spohr (Germany)
Johan Patrik Tenn (Sweden)
The current majority owner in Heighway is “Umbrella Corporation AS”, which is owned by Cato Paus Skrede and Roger Svanevik (Norway).
That means that they had full control of both companies. These are the people responsible for transferring assets from Heighway Pinball to their own company, Pinball Brothers - before voting to liquidate Heighway Pinball.
These are the same people who knowingly misled their customers with promises of production and shipping dates, while at the same time transferring the remaining value from the soon to be bankrupt Heighway Pinball to their new (and debt free) Pinball Brothers company.
This highly unethical. If it also is illegal, the directors can be held personally liable for the company’s actions.
The distribution of shares in Pinball Brothers Limited is as follows:
Roger Svanevik and Cato Paus Skrede (Through the Norwegian company “Umbrella Corporation AS): 47.77%
Mats Daniel Janson and Johan Patrik Tenn (Through the Swedish company White Walker AB): 25.04%
Alexander Spohr: 16.2%
Jutta Spohr: 1.58%
Stefan Riedler: 4.22%
Philip Young: 0.53%
Angus Bailey: 4.66%

you mentioned "transferring the remaining value from the soon to be bankrupt Heighway Pinball to their new (and debt free) Pinball Brothers company"

To make a statement like this I take it you have actual proof?

#21432 3 years ago

What if... this Pinball Brothers company emerges and manufactures an Alien v2 taking into account all the bad comments about Alien? e.g. reliability, glued on parts, the cabinet/glass design, etc. That would be my worst fear if I owned it as the original would tonk in value.

Whatever you decide to do is a gamble but if you're enjoying it then you only have yourself to please.

2 months later
#22621 3 years ago

In a weird parallel twist Andrew Heighway has just been blocked from the UK pinball sellers Facebook page. Odd indeed...

pasted_image (resized).png
2 years later
#27885 10 months ago

Yes looks like its happening!

#27890 10 months ago

If it comes it will kill the inflated re-sale prices of the Heighway games which can only be a good thing for the community.

Don't get me wrong, some of those prices are justified by the risk vs. rarity and time/money spent on fixing and upgrading games. But we'll probably see something happen like we have with MM and MB remakes, where the prices of both settle down after a while. That is if PB charge a 'normal' price for the new games.

3 weeks later
#28079 10 months ago

PF looks really nice without the LCD, just saying...

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