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ALIEN PINBALL - Game Over, Man, Game Over

By HeighwayPinball

5 years ago

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#17815 2 years ago
Quoted from PoMC:

Heighway games come with any written warranty?

Yes, as follows:

30 days on all mechanical, electrical and structural parts.

1 year on the power supply board, I/O boards, motherboard, LCD screens and PCB boards if used in a home setting. If used for commercial purposes the warranty is for 6 months.

Warranty only applies to the original, registered purchaser.

Does not cover any labor or service calls.

I asked Melissa at CT the same question and she forwarded the warranty to me.

#18046 2 years ago

Wish I could tell everyone how great Alien is. Unfortunately, after spending several hours setting it up, cleaning the filthy metal ramps, mylaring the relevant areas and finally grinding off a burr on one of the ramps that was exactly where a pinball would hit it, I got ready to turn it on and play for the first time. Started up fine, went into test mode and the tongue came out and stayed out like this. Switch test showed a stuck switch, but without any documentation it's hard to know what to do.
I guess now I wait until Monday and see if I can find some tech support. Disappointed to say the least.

20171028_135322 (resized).jpg

#18048 2 years ago

Thought about it. Just extremely frustrating to have to spend a couple of hours having to clean it up just to get it in playable condition out of the box and then have this happen when you turn it on for the first time.

#18056 2 years ago
Quoted from Join_The_Cirqus:

Its pretty simple inside, just a Microswitch to check when retracted and when it is Deployed.
Unscrew The two screws on the side of the Zeno, then Just lift the Zeno Head Up.
Make sure the wire harness that comes from the backbox is not in the way of where the Zeno Mech Retracts to

I tried that. I took the switch completely off to see if it was just a simple adjustment to the switch itself. No luck.

#18062 2 years ago

Guys I appreciate the suggestions but mine sure seems FUBAR'd. I went in and disabled the xeno head figuring I would play without it. I still get a funny noise coming from the xeno area and now when I press the start button, every solenoid fires and the shooter lane plunger fires repeatedly yet it doesn't fire the solenoid to push a ball up into the shooter lane. This thing is screwed up.

#18125 2 years ago

Finally got mine up and running other than the xeno. It's a fun game when it works.

This is what you can accomplish when multiball never shuts off. I finally got tired of playing and shut it off. I've had it happen several times now. Wondering if this is a stuck switch or possibly a code problem. Anyone else experience the same thing?

20171029_124940 (resized).jpg

#18137 2 years ago

Will try again and see what I can do. Any idea where to find the USB drive?

#18143 2 years ago

Is this the usb port where I should plug the thumb drive in?

20171029_213846 (resized).jpg

1 week later
#18419 2 years ago
Quoted from delt31:

As an owner for almost a month now, I've had no other issues so I'm pretty excited. I had a replacement on board if this didn't work out so covered on all sides. CT/Melissa continues to be helpful - HP really stepped up with the personal troubleshooting experience. Yes - I shouldn't have to do this at all but brand new machine, new company - I'm expecting a little of this. I told the guys the game is great - it really is.

I'd just like to echo what Delt said. I've had several problems with my pin and it hasn't run correctly since I got it out of the box. That being said, Melissa at CT has been very good to work with trying to get communications lined up in order to troubleshoot the problems. The time difference obviously makes communication a little more difficult than dealing with companies here in the US.

I also just got done with a phone call from Helmut at HP. I've found that he has been very good to work with in terms of getting the issues resolved. While the problem isn't solved yet, we feel we have it figured out and new parts are on the way. I'm starting to feel better about the situation than I was after I originally encountered the problems. It feels like there is actually a company standing behind the product now!

Also, Helmut said they are working on a manual, just no ETA as to availability.

Issues come up with any new game. My MMRle had a bad board after about 2 days. I had to swap it out. CGC was great with their customer service and taking care of the problem. What's important is not so much the problem as it is the company's response. I think HP is finally starting to figure that out.

#18480 2 years ago
Quoted from VividPsychosis:

Whatever happened with the launch button not lighting up

Mine had that problem and I think at least one other person did as well. They have 2 sets of wires for the button and the wrong ones had been installed. Simple fix to switch wires.

#18481 2 years ago

delt, what sheen did you use for your spray paint? I tried flat at first, but it looked too dull so I went with semi-gloss. Neither of them match the cab exactly.

2 weeks later
#18853 2 years ago

What do you guys use to measure the pitch? I just use an app for my smartphone, but always wondered how accurate it is.

#18860 2 years ago

OK. Thanks guys. I think I know what Santa needs to get me for Christmas.

#18898 2 years ago
Quoted from jeffspinballpalace:

I still don't see how people are able to trigger the Chestburster lane switch (lane beside the right ramp) from the lower left flipper. I make it 1 out of 100 tries and usually by fluke. Have about 30% - 40% success from upper left flipper though, and that is good enough. Only need to hit that shot 1 time per game to complete lifecycle or 3 times per game to start Save Newt multiball.

Yeah, hitting that shot is from the lower left is damn near impossible. Challenging from the upper left flipper.

1 week later
#19039 2 years ago

Wow. That blue is f'ugly.

Quoted from way2wyrd:

I wish they would ship machines that work at least 99% QC is not doing well.


HP definitely could have benefitted from some more testing and refining before they started shipping these out. Seems like lots of little problems on many machines.

#19065 2 years ago
Quoted from calprog:

Quick question. The company is not responding to my emails. Have others had this issue? I have no idea on the status of my machine. is Morgan still at the company? Anyone has an idea what is going on?

Morgan was at the company as of last week. They are just incredibly poor about responding to people. If you bought it through CT contact Melissa. She's pretty good about getting them to respond back.

2 months later
#20136 2 years ago

Delt, mine works the same way as yours. I've never seen it fling the ball, only hold it in place for the tongue. Next time I talk to Helmut, I'll ask if it's designed to work that way.

#20139 2 years ago

Figures... another problem.

2 months later
#20679 2 years ago
Quoted from Pale_Purple:

Well looks like CT is out. Got an email from Melissa asking if I’d like to move funds to another game or a refund. She said they’ve been waiting on parts for some games for more than a year and can’t send them money for games if they’ll all end up busted with no help available. I thought HW would do all they can to keep their relationship with CT but it seems to be over.

This needs to be clarified. Just spoke personally with Melissa. A more accurate description is that CT is suspending accepting orders at this time until HP can resolve the existing issues with their games. Melissa stated that she will not hold customer funds in good faith and wait for games that may or may not work to be sent to the US. When HP gets their act together, CT will begin taking orders again.

#20683 2 years ago
Quoted from Pale_Purple:

She also told me she honestly doesn’t know if the company will survive, so I don’t know if she has much faith in HW getting their act together

Yep. Wouldn't disagree with that. HP needs to figure out their problems in short order. In my conversation with Melissa her thought is that if you can't put out a working game, can't get parts or can't get a manual, how long can a company survive? She still hopes they will get their act together and get the issues with the games straightened out but until then she's not taking new orders on Alien. She will offer refunds, allow customers to switch their funds to a new game or stay in if they are still committed.

She told me that HP did have the container ready to ship but she refused to pay them because she didn't have assurances that the games would work and that spare parts would be available. She didn't want to put any additional customer's funds at risk with a questionable game.

I can't blame her. If these games fail she's the one at risk, not HP at that point. I talk with Melissa weekly because I've had a non-functioning game for approx. 6 months now. HP tried to fix it initially, but everything we tried failed to work. Their still trying to figure out how to resolve the problems. Melissa has been great with her assistance. HP initially was helpful. Lately, not so much.

2 months later
#22451 2 years ago
Quoted from Oneangrymo:

So far it sounds like none of the Alien owners are disappointed with their purchase? All happy?

I'm one that isn't too happy. Damn thing has never worked correctly out of the gate. I bought it through CT and Melissa is kind of trying to help, but it's been slow going.

#22455 2 years ago

I suspect it is a board problem, possibly a bad connector or port somewhere as it will start out OK, but then act like the ball has drained mid-ball. Other times I get infinite multi-ball. Once in a great while I'll get a ball (not a whole game) where it will play normally, but that's not often.

Wish I could get it fixed, because on those rare occasions where it works correctly it really is an enjoyable pin.

#22460 2 years ago

Funny you say that b/c literally a couple of seconds before it cuts out I hear some sort of a click that appears to come from the area of the trough switch. I've checked it a couple of times but couldn't see anything wrong. I may try looking at it again.

#22475 2 years ago
Quoted from libtech:

Did you try fresh balls? Mine would do that too - I was using chrome balls, and the steel that they use for the guides and trough are sensitive to any magnetism, swapped to carbon balls and it stopped doing it.

I bought the carbon balls from ballbaron and installed them. But just to see what happens, I'm going to swap them out tonight and try a few games with the factory balls. Can't hurt to try.

1 week later
#22528 2 years ago

I know Melissa has been out of the office on vacation the last week or so. I also know that I had a refund request with her on a different item. There was a problem with their automated label system and she had to re-send the check. I received my check a couple of days ago. I would give her some time as I'm sure she is digging out from under all the work that piles up when on vacation.

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