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ALIEN PINBALL - Game Over, Man, Game Over

By HeighwayPinball

4 years ago

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#62 4 years ago

I do like the look of the design and the many features! I wonder though if allwill make it in the game, for it sounds expensive to keep that many toys, ramps and flippers in a game, if you compare it to Full Throttle (which I'm excited about too though). I also think a lot will change after a first whitewood: some shots will indeed be very nice IRL, others maybe less? The upper right flipper: indeed, how much will it block shots? Should it move to the right of the at the bottom of the i-lane?
I do like the original look of the playfield and though the theme doesn't do it for me, I think the game could become a very fun game, based on layout and plans.
Like some mentioned: it may look nicer to have the screen behind a non-rectangular window.

If all goes according to plan for production, and I can test both games next year and like them, I could see myself buying one of both games and the kit of the other, so I'd have more 'options' with the limited space I have for pinballs.

Hmm... too many nice choices at the moment, with TBL, Heighway, P3, AMH, etc... I've never bought NIB before, but I'm considering this (for a large part because of the extra-kits-option!) or TBL.

1 month later
#559 4 years ago
Quoted from epotech:

looks like Future Pinball. Worried about the placement of that upper flipper. looks too low down which means making the ramp with the upper portion where there is less power.

And shot lower with that flipper bat being very (too?) powerfull and not to a 'shot' like the ramp. Maybe they'll change it for a small flipper?

I really like the update, please keep doing so!

#627 4 years ago

Good news having Oursler onboard. I think his layouts are often really 'new' (not counting JackBot). Re-used parts of design aren't a problem (Pat Lawlor with some of his games comes to mind, still great games though!), but the games I can think of designed by Oursler are nice and very different from each other (BSD, DrWho, Pinbot, Dirty Harry, WhoDunnit?)

Sure hope Heighway can get to a stage were they're really producing. I think they will, seeing how much they've invested and done already: you don't do that just to quit later on. (I'm just not sure if the 'januari'-schedule is realistic... would like to see them actually build a first game.... as said, I'm confident they will do so someday in 2015)

3 months later
#932 4 years ago
Quoted from HeighwayPinball:

Just to confirm - our games are fully swappable between cabinets, whether they are SE's or LE's
We will have a full 'Alien Pinball' update for you this coming Friday

Sounds good.... is it Friday yet?

5 months later
#1790 3 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

You can't know all the behind the scenes shit, you just can't. Some things aren't for sharing publicly, even if you wish you could see it all. That's business, and there are sound reasons supporting that.

Knowing some people involved in 'starters', I can certainly agree on that one.

Quoted from Aurich:

Here's what I want to see, from any pinball company that takes pre-orders or announces things:

"We're still here, we're working on it, and as we reach certain milestones we'll share them. We can't promise when, because we don't want to make promises we can't keep. Things aren't always under our control when it comes to timing, that's just the real world. But if things are quiet for a while and we're not ready to show you something we'll at least tell you that we're not ready and still working on it, so you know we haven't forgotten the people who are waiting and supporting us."

I agree there, and though most people want a timeline somehow, when you explain it's still being worked on and there're some delays, a lot of the customers will accept that. When delays get endless or people think reasons given are not true, that's mostly where people get frustrated.

Quoted from Aurich:

That's my bar. I think I've been consistent over the years in communicating that message. And Heighway meets it.

Though I applaud Heighway for their business, their first game and their plans with the kits and Alien coming up, I disagree: both Full Throttle and Alien were announced for 'release' at an unrealistic date (beginning of 2013 HFT and April 2015 Alien). I think that's partly because of Andrews enthusiasm and optimism, and partly for some things that can't be foreseen, but it's not like Heighway hasn't made promisses they couldn't keep (unless you consider a given release date not as a promise).

In the end though, most important is that Heighway, and Dutch Pinball, and Silver Castle, and JJP, and Spooky, and Multimorphic, and...etc, get to produce nice games! Whether that's delayed, communicated weekly/monthly or followed after a period of silence, I'm not sure if there's a 'right' here, if in the end some nice games get produced.
Heighway has started their first now with Full Throttle, and I hope there'll be a lot more to follow.

2 months later
#2754 3 years ago

Andrew talked in his seminar at the DPO about a mini-screen at the mode-start upper left and grabbing the ball from the magnet with his tongue by an Alien. Not sure if those are still just ideas and in development, or if they are already tested, but I think it sounded cool. (if it has already been posted recently or long ago, I must have missed that).

Having played FT for the first time (flow... and more flow , screen in the playfield, sides, the layout and fun of the game), I'm really looking forward to Alien!

3 months later
#4949 3 years ago
Quoted from aeonblack:

Are you really going to fault Heighway for making an unrealistic release date in the first place? They are making progress and they are showing us everything they can at this point, and being great about quelling all the concerns that they legally can and, generally, are just being really nice people to everyone here.

First part: yeah, I think they're to blame for being unrealistically optimistic. It's not like they hadn't experience before in how many delays there'd been and that things always tend to take longer than hoped. But, being very optimistic is a nice thing too.
Second part: fully agreed, and that's why I think most people don't make a big fuzz about the first part. I'm not one of the pre-order guys, but I think most of them already figured it would take longer than 'estimated'. Even without 'licensing-delays': getting a whitewood to play really well costs more time than anticipated too. But hey, I like what they're doing and hope they succeed. I think Alien looks very promising and I like their swapping-idea, no switches, etc....

Maybe something for Heighway (and JJP too?): could you put a small commercial in the attract mode for the other game(s)? I liked how Data East would mention other existing or upcoming games and I think having a LCD can make that a lot nicer. I'd like seeing a 'FT' commericial once in a while if I owned an Alien, or the other way around.

7 months later
#7780 2 years ago

It does look like a nice game! 9 main shots (including standups behind the magnet) of which 2 ramps and a 'mini-ramp' (what's the thing on the right called again? . Besides that a droptargetbank, one single droptarget, some toys, of which one interactive. A nice exit on the left with playability (just like Hobbit and WOZ did something with a sidedrain instead of just a standard 'drain, or some games saved by kickback', which is nice for more 'playability' imo).
I don't really understand the ramp-exit on the right.

I was (and still am) a bit skeptic if Heighway could really ship these in 2016, but I hope they will. It does really look like a great game with very nice shots. Let's hope it flows nice, software is good too and that Heighway can soon start manufacturing these.

With Alien and JJP3 (and some others), I'm really looking forward to gameplay-videos from expo this year!

Edit: I almost forgot: thanks for the pictures!

3 weeks later
#8902 2 years ago

I raise my hand.
(Wouldn't know how else I could store all parts in my apartment.)

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