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ALIEN PINBALL - Game Over, Man, Game Over

By HeighwayPinball

5 years ago

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#1150 5 years ago
Quoted from TigerLaw:

To me, it is a bit of a race right now on what my next NIB pin will be. The contenders:
Game of Thrones (only if LCD display)
The Hobbit
Whichever of these games go into production first will get me to open up my wallet.
I can't wait to see the art package on Alien with aurich. It is going to be awesome.

GOT is massive favorite to be out first.

1 month later
#1697 4 years ago

Yes, different art for LE.

Side panels so good, going to want to leave some space around the game

Chrome trim good but would go for black myself - just goes with the theme/stars/space/alien etc.

Wasn't previously interested in Alien but really liked what I saw.

4 weeks later
#2166 4 years ago
Quoted from wcbrandes:

Yup this would be my choice as well. Said it from the beginning black with metallic in it to go with the industrial look as well to match almost any color palette you can throw at it! Aurich, I hear you have a little pull over there at Highway!

Having been at the reveal, I said to Andrew how cool black would look. Just goes with the art, with the game and draws the eye where it needs to go. Don't want eye drawn to stainless rails.

3 months later
#3582 4 years ago
Quoted from kaneda:

LE ordered. Nothing the mods can do.

Sigh, will just use the letters HPD and see if anyone else has any clue what I may be inferring.......

#3780 4 years ago

Ok, it is feedback time and as ever that can be + or - .

Overall really like the top of the p/f and the bottom of the p/f. Very atmospheric.

The only bits that at the moment seem a bit incongruent are the red bug stomper the nostromo ship/emblem. The style of those seems different to the rest of the p/f.

But it's going to look different populated, lit etc so only looking at a photo right now.

It will certainly be good to play in the dark! And whilst easy to nit pick overall it's very good

1 week later
#4578 4 years ago

Cool effect for sure

3 weeks later
#4781 4 years ago
Quoted from tezting:

The amount of clear on the playfield looks impressive! Much better than Stern. This looks like glass!

Yup, can feel all the inserts on my WD.

Looks good.

2 months later
#5684 4 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

By comparison, look at the TBL thread, its like a morgue even though games have started shipping now.
Very few people seem to even give a crap now, the one's that have paid and are still waiting.
Dutch has "ramped up" to producing 1 pinball machine per week. 250 pins = 250 weeks! Hopefully the "ramp" gets better.
Since Full Throttle is out there and the manufacturing process and crew is FAR superior to what DP has, any idea how many pins Andrew has said he plans to produce per week?
Maybe Andrew can chime in here while we wait for pictures.

This is why Stern win yet again.

Show nothing, say nothing ( throw the odd bone ) and then boom - it's here. Frenzy stage where everyone is in the 'take my money phase'. Can't beat this.

As opposed to long drawn out processes and we are all onto the next new shiny.

Hobbit, Alien, TBL all suffering really. RZ is sold out so Spooky strategy also works for their business model.

#5795 4 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

Cold, very cold. But funny.
I . . . T
Yes the play field art doesn't come close to the GBLE i have coming (which is MUCH nicer art than the big Stay puff marshmallow turd).
However, not much else out there compares to the GBLE artwork. I'll take both.

With lies and misrepresentations all along the way by Jack. As you know I spent 4 years of it with Woz, which i love by the way. The REAL difference is between the two individuals, a straight shooter and a crooked shooter. But i also get why Jack had to distort the truth so many times. And now other people are running his company.

And since that time Jack has never posted on pinside again.....

#5969 4 years ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

I like the gameplay a lot, it's a fun, EM type game, with kick ass audio.
I mean I wouldn't even consider buying one for more than say $700 and that's it's main problem.

Having played it a few times now, I would take a real em any day of the week as far as gameplay goes.

#6124 4 years ago
Quoted from AlexSMendes:

there's a $15K podcast somewhere.... just saying....

I just had to go and listen to this.


Street fighter 5 challenge.......

And kind of relevant to Alien as you know who is offering $15000 to Andrew Heighway.

Kind of like a weird soap opera right now.

#6125 4 years ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

That's the rub. There are no issues "between" them. Aurich has had Chris on ignore forever and doesn't speak to him or about him....yet Chris continues to basically stalk, slander and cyberbully him REPEATEDLY. It's a one-sided conversation. It's some Fight Club Tyler Durden type shit. Chris gets so upset because Aurich doesn't give him what he thrives on....ATTENTION. The lack of response is driving him INSANE. He threatens physical violence in his latest rantcast. Chris is doing this to himself. It's drama of his own creation, and it's really sad, honestly.

He certainly gave his boss attention if latest podcast is true!

The funny thing is they both do the same kind of stuff i.e critique stuff but aren't so good at taking it.

#6133 4 years ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

There's a different between critiquing art....and repeatedly attacking and insulting a person. Aurich might have said some shit that hurt other artists feelings...but he NEVER insulted them personally.

Good point.

Haven't followed enough to pick that point up.

#6162 4 years ago

Reading this stuff, I am thinking, ' does this kind of stuff happen in other hobbies' ?!

I do think constructive critique is a useful tool to aid the development cycle.

Heck, I think pinside could have stopped the Pin being made if it had been shared in stages

Back to Alien.

It's the immersive factor I am most looking forward to - playing it in a dark room. All those spooky Alien sounds. Lets hope it's ready for Expo.

#6230 4 years ago

So, has a final wizard mode been added or will it be added when both parts are completed? That was kind of not decided last year. This game needs an epic end!

#6290 4 years ago

Looking good.

Is there a need for center post between flippers as we are not talking GB gap between flippers?!

4 months later
#8161 3 years ago

This game is looking and sounding better and better.

I also don't like the plastic can - the game doesn't need it.

Maybe a sculpted tongue as well?

Playing this game in a dark room looks like it will be a lot of fun!

#8171 3 years ago
Quoted from RobT:

Sound effects are pretty damn good. Pin looks much better overall in these videos compared to static pictures as they provide a more accurate depiction of lighting under actual play conditions.
The PF layout also looks pretty darn cool. I hope there won't be too much stop and go though.
Too bad they had so many issues on day one. Given the JJP flop they could have made an even better impression if the pin was running smoothly.
Still, just based on theme alone, Alien blows Dialed In out of the water. BM66 is also another great theme for me, but Alien still takes the cake.
If I were to purchase a new pin in the next few months, I would probably go with BM66 Premium because it's a great theme, looks great, and Lyman is on code. Then, later down the road, I would go with Alien, allowing them time to work on code and fix any issues that are likely to arise with a new pin.

Stern have the ace in the hole - Lyman on the code. Boy, hope Stern give him a big bonus!

#8662 3 years ago

Maybe have the powder coating 'shimmer' like looking into deep space. Check out the Pearl Black version.


And funnily enough this company is only a few hours away from Heighway HQ.

If I were getting the LE, I would not want that green at all.

Some of these finishes would look great. I would personally like one of the black finishes with a sparkle that simulates deep space.

2 months later
#9970 3 years ago
Quoted from sandersj:

Or at least make it adjustable. I'd like it but lots of my regulars bitch about the strobing in Winter is Coming mode on GoT.

Strobing on say AFM is just right.

On GOT sunglasses are needed

4 months later
#14350 3 years ago

So, thread has gone like this......

Area-51-Conspiracy-Theories (resized).jpg

#14643 3 years ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

Robert - the drama and schenanigans of all the pinball "companies" over the past few years have DESTROYED the joy of buying new games. You've got the scams of Shit-B and Jpop, the attempted scam of Vonnie-D, the current uncertainty of DP (I'm sitting here with my finger up my butt waiting for my hostage Lebowski), Heighway's continual misleads and drama, Stern's greed/arrogance/perpetual code & QC issues, JJP's prices & Spooky's ...well, Spooky doesn't seem to do anything wrong, they just haven't made a game I like lol. Anyway - F all this S, seriously - the pinball world is run by maniac dreamers...I'm out for good. Hopefully something better will rise from their ashes. As I've stepped back, the ridiculousness of spending $7-$8k and waiting for years has become so clearly bonkers. I'm having so much more fun with my $300 Nintendo Switch and games that cost $10-$60 and are playable instantly with no drama. The "new Pinball game" is stupid as F.

And think how many hours fun you will get from this when it comes out

#15008 3 years ago
Quoted from metallik:

I'm not going to gloss over RZ's problems... as it sits now, it's rather broken from a scoring/competitive standpoint. However, I've had no physical issues with my game; the glaring problems are all software related, and Spooky is working hard at rewriting the code. I'm confident the game will turn out to be great once they're done.

And it has to be said the powder coating is beautiful on RZ. And a superb real backglass. The game doesn't look cheap.

Yes, the code is not that fun at the moment but here's the thing, it's not finished by a long way.

Ben Heck just spent 9 straight days helping David get V20 ready and there is more to come after that.

I think people will have a different opinion of this game when the code is finished.

Remember how MET and TWD went from duds to masterpieces, albeit it was Lyman on the code.

2 months later
#16020 2 years ago
Quoted from jlm33:

A FT owner interested in Alien SE would only save 1800 euros by ordering a kit... 23%. The kit now represents 77% of the cost of a full game!
As if HP itself does not believe anymore in the kit concept...

The kit concept was a USP that really was never going to catch on and it hasn't.

And with these price increases, sales aren't going to be great with the CGC pumping out AFMR, Stern games, TNA, DI, ( Houdini on the way ).

1 month later
#16756 2 years ago
Quoted from jrawlinson_2000:

They could lop a grand or two off here in the UK by going direct to be more competitive, and if they want some sales. Or they will be struck selling a few hundred worldwide then tell me where is the profit in that? One or two hundred grand, that's nothing...

For future titles needs to be at Stern pro price point.

#16839 2 years ago
Quoted from Mr68:

Reading Pinside?

No way.

They have headphones.

They are clearly listening to Kaneda

3 weeks later
#17399 2 years ago

Quick summary.

Upper flipper is frustrating, just like the gem shot in Tron.

Moving on

#17762 2 years ago

Maybe they are just hoping to flip the company to someone else - quickest way to ROI.

1 week later
#18243 2 years ago
Quoted from hank527:

So I got this email after sending several emails. We are at about 4 weeks from my last and final request. So if I do not get a refund in 3 to 4 weeks from now, they will have lied.
Hi Henry,
So sorry for the lack of a response. We are aware of your request for a refund. We will try to process your refund as soon as we possibly can, this process can take up to 60 days to complete but we will endeavour to get this completed for you as soon as possible.
Thank you for your time and I hope to be in contact again soon. If you have any additional queries or questions please feel free to contact me.
Morgan Potter | Customer Services Executive

Oh boy, the dreaded word 'try' which usually means ( meta-language ) someone is telling you in advance they are going to fail.

Just say 'will' instead.

3 months later
#19967 2 years ago

If they are to survive they have to drop the kit system - there is just no demand for it.

That would then ensure a cabinet re-design so Queen might be half decent.

But it will take a long way to gain people's trust again.

2 months later
#20726 2 years ago

Not sure how and why this company can continue?

Why would anyone risk buying a game from them now?

#20728 2 years ago

The whole thing is a shame.

Queen supposed to be next and if Stern were doing it, I would be a 100% buyer for sure.

But, no way could I buy from HP, but still hope it gets made and hopefully play one at a show one day.

Odds seem slim right now though.

#20747 2 years ago
Quoted from Mr68:

Two significant events a couple of days ago and this thread seems to be limping along. From past experience here, I expected a Pinside eruption of contrasting back and forth opinions, insults and speculation. It was painful and grueling what myself and others went through almost daily with Jpop and I have a long memory for such things.
Not that I want that to happen. I certainly don't and have tried my best the past year to be supportive and minimal as an outsider wanting a good outcome for some long suffering Pinsiders. I'm just surprised at how all of this seems to have fallen flat here.
Have that many people dropped out or lost interest in Alien and the company itself? Have past situations such as this made people numb to it all? Anecdotal evidence maybe, but seems to me this is indicative of Heighway's current situation and their future.
Is anyone else surprised by this lack of interest or have I misread the situation.
I hope I don't upset anybody with my observations and wish everyone well. I just find it curious.

Seems like people are past caring anymore which is not a good sign for any chance they have of going forward.

#20894 2 years ago

News on the UK pinball forum is not good, not good at all.

#20917 2 years ago
Quoted from PBFan:

Please, let's not give "K" too much credit here. I don't mind him but let's not make him into an Oracle. It isn't like nobody could see the writing on the wall (patterns of most businesses under stress are usually very obvious to anyone looking). Vegas odds haven't been good for years when it comes to HW survival. Everyone wanted to believe but very few actually did. "K" was just the only one to expend so much energy "calling it".
unfortunate news, if true.

Many predicted this last Summer. Anyway K said LE pics this morning - no pics!

Anyone know what happened to the container of games that were scheduled to go to Cointaker?

If rumors true, liquidators will now have all the assets at HP HQ.

#20931 2 years ago
Quoted from NeilMcRae:

Yeah - if it’s the end. I think this is a scam to clean the debt book sell the assets to a new company rinse and repeat.

Well, if that is true, surely they would have done this last Summer?

And there is no property owned, liabilities are going to exceed assets?

#20959 2 years ago


$12000 anyone?

Yikes, for a game that won't be repairable anytime soon.....

#21171 2 years ago
Quoted from simon:

But, completely hypothetically of course, what if those new directors sold the ip / Heighway tech to another company, say for instance if they maybe already had one set up ready since say, hypothetically again, last summer?
And then , hypothetically, liquidated the company to lose minor investors and other 'less critical' creditors who werent key to restarting the whole process again - those sort or creditors would be unlikely to be customers as without some goodwill there is no future business.
All completely hypothetical of course and completely my own unfounded opinion in case anyone decides to be silly and go legal for no good reason

The pinball news article seems to suggest, allegedly, that Pinball Brothers may now own, Alien licence, Queen license, Playboy license, equipment and however many games were waiting to ship.

There will be zero left for creditors of HP.

#21186 2 years ago
Quoted from simon:

I just spoke to the appointed insolvency firm. Basically the 4th May meeting is just to appoint a liquidator as they already have enough of a casting vote (The 90% roughly owned by the directors now is plenty) for this to go ahead - its just a matter of selecting one and thats probably going to be this firm i just spoke to.
Allegedly i have separately been told the old warehouse is pretty much bare and manufacture is already started somewhere else, not sure how they got the licenses out as i was told ages ago that would not happen, but it appears it might have.
Im lost for words, what a spiteful nasty stroke this is appearing to be on the surface. I still believe these guys went in with fairly good intentions (Have spoke personally to them previously obviously and got along just fine) and on that basis maybe they make the customers whole at some point.
But the way its been gone about literally disgusts me

The stuff that happens in start up pinball companies beggars belief.

Pinball Brothers incorporated June 2017 so seems like transfer of assets could have happened anytime since this time, allegedly.

#21189 2 years ago
Quoted from hansj66:

I find it hard to believe that the transfer of assets is legal, given that the directors has privileged insight into the financial situation of the company. Even if HW has no remaining assets, the board of directors are personally liable for the decisions made.
If they get away with this without any legal repercussions, I wish them the best of luck attempting to establish any form of online presence for Pinball Brothers.

Are they liable when they don't live in the UK?

#21206 2 years ago
Quoted from scott_freeman:

Typical licenses-to-produce are only transferred with the permission of the real holder of the Intellectual Property.
Licenses are not an 'asset'. They are an agreement to use the protected IP, under many constraints and approvals.
Alleging that Pinball Brothers has received licenses, smells like the same deception the Predator saga perpetuated.
Is it time for someone to call the above IP holder, and find the truth?

Well, read full article here - no one knows for sure yet.


#21315 2 years ago
Quoted from thewool:

you mentioned "transferring the remaining value from the soon to be bankrupt Heighway Pinball to their new (and debt free) Pinball Brothers company"
To make a statement like this I take it you have actual proof?

Deeproot just said they tried to buy Queen from them and they refused, so logical to assume that is now in the new company, allegedly.

#21482 2 years ago
Quoted from Pinballs:

Regarding the future, will Pinball Brothers Ltd manufacture Alien? To do so would (I hope) obligate them to 'make people whole' who pre-ordered, but if there is genuinely no money left, how could they afford to? I don't think the community would tolerate them NOT doing so before making and selling more Aliens. Together with likely loss of the Alien licence, my speculation is that the Alien pin is dead now. There is also the likely issue of lawsuits against them, and the legality of asset transfer between the companies. TBH I think this kills the new company too, whether they accept that yet or not. The UK is still part of the EU when this happened, so leaving the UK won't 'save' them from legal action.
The easiest way for pre-order folks to sue would be online using the UK small claims court. It costs a few hundred pounds (depending how much you are claiming), which you can add to your claim plus interest. This would be the easiest and quickest way to ruffle some feathers and get some action. I'm not suggesting to do this, just laying the information out there Threatening companies with said legal action is also a good way to get a response.
If they ditch Alien and go ahead with a Queen pin (and possibly Playboy, but what a terrible theme post-Weinstein, not to mention in the 21st century), would the community tolerate that (i.e. buy from them)? More possible IMO, but again, if they don't compensate Alien pre-order victims it seems unlikely. Also, as stated above they are unlikely to have got away scot-free from HP.
Just my 0.02c.
On a personal note, I lost money to Zidware and Skit-B, and am in on the legal action against both. Thank goodness I didn't order from HP! However, I really feel for you guys who ordered Alien, and wish you the very best of wishes, and also luck in getting some of your money back. As a community, I hope this is now the end of the pre-order model. I certainly would never pre-order EVER again (unless it's just a few hundred down).

I doubt Alien can ever be made again , unless FOX grant a new licence to a new company and the chances of that are slim indeed.

Allegedly, it may be the case that Pinball Brothers hope to make Queen as the game was finished, hence why Deeproot tried to buy it.

#21495 2 years ago
Quoted from benheck:

Rubbish. Write Fox a check and show a path to manufacture and you could get it.
HP got a "shit license" of basically just the word "Alien" and everything else was extra. (see also: TBL, Jetsons) The dev time was so long they probably had to re-license it by now. And no doubt Fox wasn't happy with the lack of progress.
RE: "new" Pinball Brothers company. Just put a bullet in its head. Give people closure instead of false hope.

So, in theory, even Deeproot could buy the Alien license?

I thought now it is expired, it would be tough for anyone to get it?

1 week later
#21947 2 years ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

Pinball News posted an article about the liquidation and financials of Heighway.
Theres a section in the article regarding compaby creditors with money owed totaling nearly $2 million! CoinTaker is on there for $80k. I hope that doesn't mean they are out that amount

It's £80000 which is $108000.

That's what report says - who knows if it is true or nor though.

#22002 2 years ago

Well, JJP supposedly have Muppets.

Could team up with Pinball Brothers....

#22031 2 years ago

If Stern had done Queen it would have been a 100% buy for me.

These guys? 0% chance.

#22087 2 years ago

Has this been posted already? Playboy.

I was going to say the game is a bit stop and go but decided it must be world's first stop and come game


#22090 2 years ago
Quoted from drinkduffbeers:

Andrew Heighway was seemingly totally unhinged. Who the fuck would buy that in 2018. Unbelievable

A single guy?

A full sized Playboy pinball is a bit big to hide under your jacket

#22095 2 years ago

Whilst this game is certainly not PC in 2018, I suspect there are a ton of people who would secretly quite like one but good luck getting that in the gamesroom

#22172 2 years ago


Another one bites the dust.

Meanwhile Stern are cranking games out like there is no tomorrow....

4 months later
#23299 1 year ago

Is there any chance any other manufacturer could re-make Alien if they could get a Fox license?

Tweak this game, make a regular shaped cabinet, proc boards, same code, etc and it would be a big seller.

Probably too much hassle for anyone, which is a shame.

1 year later
#26076 5 months ago

So, any views on the latest Kaneda podcast?

Aliens being made by CGC? Mark Ritchie design.

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