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ALIEN PINBALL - Game Over, Man, Game Over

By HeighwayPinball

4 years ago

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Post #15501 Copy of update posted to Facebook by the new HP Posted by Dust2000 (1 year ago)

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#3069 3 years ago
Quoted from Damonator:

How long have they been reviewing the playfield? Seems like a couple of months now? Surely they aren't reviewing it based on artistic quality - maybe they are running due diligence on using character likenesses? Or is it some approved font conformance bs like they ran into on the Hobbit?

Think internet world moves 3200% faster than real world. Especially near holidays.

1 week later
#3214 3 years ago

Are the modules going to have cases and/or be able to stack say 2 of them under a game?

#3216 3 years ago

Doesn't look like it will fit between the legs, so have to come in from side but I guess that's not surprising/expected.

Maybe they should sell a rack that takes up 1 pinball slot and holds 6 games or so

2 months later
#5198 3 years ago

Wonder how those teeth will hold up ? They look thick and beefy but the goopy spit , dunno. Looks great, just wondering if it's going to need a sneeze guard to keep airballs from damaging it. Depends again on the scale I guess.. This thing does look huge / teeth may be pretty large and can take some hits.

#5209 3 years ago

Not even a dupe.. A ghost post!

2 months later
#6396 2 years ago
Quoted from Jgaltr56:

Yes but I think an online server that is automatically updated with this data is what people are talking about here. I don't see it happening unless a third party manages the software and servers. Maybe like Farsight?

Dutch Pinball is doing what you're talking about.

You can even watch live DMD footage if a game is in play.

Bop2.0 live stats http://www.dutchpinball.com/bop2/live/

If you click on game, then a person's player profile, you can see the trophies they have earned.

4 months later
#7755 2 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

If something breaks it's not likely to be a ramp, they're all metal.

Pedantic but the metal Ramps were what broke on hobbit originally

Looking forward to watching from home.. charge your phones folks!! In for some long days!

3 weeks later
#8857 2 years ago

I hope you can leave the software installed for multiple games. That part wasn't covered in the 3 minute video cause they swapped a full throttle with a full throttle. So, having a hard drive big enough to hold 10 games and have the software either auto switch (detect playfield) or simple menu would be nice.

1 week later
#9176 2 years ago

I don't think adding another giant head is solution IMHO.. or prob feasible. I do agree though it's a challenge given the giant head 'show piece' right next there.

Wasn't there originally a small LCD there? That would still work there (sits in background but can be used to put some very dynamic content there if wanted for the right mode) but overkill since they already have the screen plus now the back box screen.

Maybe make a static figure approximate scale it is now and that area more about flashers and killer lighting effects? Could take the saved BOM and apply it to a sick gloss finish on the head and a tongue plastic.

Quoted from Manic:

It's kind of a tough call with the rounded chamber as no matter what they put there the scale is going to look very odd compared to the large Alien head. Normally I could cares less about scale but this item is literally and inch or two away from what I'd like to think is the showcase for the game... the head.
They could go even smaller to not steal attention from the head but then what could that be, scale-wise, that would look appropriate?
I sorta like the idea of ANOTHER equally sized Alien head... the mother alien with the more elaborate head design sitting next to the other.
Then you've got the two main iconic alien designs - right next to each other in appropriately large scale... commanding your attention.
I think in a dark game seeing those two menacing heads back there would be intimidating and to me another slickly designed 3d alien in large scale is good thing. Can't have too many good looking aliens in this game.
But this came to mind literally as I read the last post so don't punish me too hard

#9199 2 years ago

Exchanging the playfield is replacing a lot of BOM and a ton of assembly labor (playfield more complex than the cabinet/PC assembly).

This is where if you are grading on swappable playfield approaches ALONE, Mulimorphic is superior. Less redundant parts (I.e., your paying for flipper assemblies and the LCD screen over and over on highway).

But if you asked me which one I'm more interested in checking out, it's Alien.

Quoted from jungle:

Standard Alien $6450 kit $4350. That's almost 70%. Still good value for the kit when you compare what you are getting on the game with other manufacturers "pro " games but at 60% ( $3830 ) people would have thought they were getting a half-price game. I think they will get away with it on this great license but to really kick off this concept the kits shouldn't be more than 60% imo.

3 months later
#11375 2 years ago

Bill Paxton passed away today Game over man indeed

1 month later
#12669 2 years ago

I accidentally saw Alien 4 over the weekend.. ughhh..

#12700 2 years ago
Quoted from ledge:

better than Alien 3. or whatever that pos was called.

4 is 'ressurection'.. it's trying to be a comedy. If it is worse than that, I don't need to see it. Not a a horror genre fan but due to this machine when I saw alien Resurrection on the TV I stopped channel surfing and gave it a shot. Thanks guys

1 month later
#14765 1 year ago

It's possible they jumped the gun with the announcement of the announcement without the details of whatever it is finalized and it's going to be a while still. Would not be surprising from the king of 'two week' slips for like a year.

2 months later
#15970 1 year ago
Quoted from Wickerman2:

credit towards FullTh or any future kit

I sort of got the impression that they are salvaging alien and thats about it. Have they really committed to keeping heighway going ?

1 month later
#16711 1 year ago
Quoted from Kneissl:

Paid in full standard buyers must be on the slim side if delt31 is getting a crack at the first large shipment to CT.

yeah, everyone got LEs I guess or everyone got refunds and back on the fence to see what happens (prob a bit of both)

#16748 1 year ago
Quoted from pinballrockstar:

I think the Alien kit will give them big income,way less work than building an entire pin.
The modular system is a winner.
Bought full throttle 3 days ago,it is very smart.
They will ramp up and make money.

I think you're out of your element

#16907 1 year ago

It was fun trying to find web cams along the route facing the shipping channels to find the ship once it got to USA.. ah, those were good times.

#16929 1 year ago
Quoted from jwilson:

Never understood this desire from LE buyers to get the first games. I want a game built a little bit near the end of the run, made on a Tuesday. They've worked out all the bugs.

Well, being #17 panned out pretty well for me on TBL. With these boutiques, the front of the line is safer than the back. Agree with you if were talking established companies

3 weeks later
#17652 1 year ago

Make sure you pass feedback directly to them as well.

#17664 1 year ago

greenhornet and xTheBlackKnightx .. you two guys should prob hangout.. like away from Pinside.

#18055 1 year ago

Visitbg Seattle pop culture museum.. thinking about you guys.

20171028_110004 (resized).jpg
20171028_104123 (resized).jpg

1 month later
#19028 1 year ago

When stern had ghosting on xmen fixing it was just taking the cable ties off the wiring harnesses to get the wires farther apart / less interference/noise from neighboring wires. So if it were me I'd be looking for a place the flipper high power wires gets close to the led cable Network that's misbehaving and try to open some space between them.

3 months later
#20473 1 year ago

"Now, 30 years since he left Sydney, the British businessman, who sold his successful company Heighway Pinball last year, is embarking on a new enterprise, to bring the last remaining Sydney hydrofoil around the world on its foils - back to Sydney Harbour."

3 weeks later
#20872 1 year ago

was about to comment about how a 3d printed gear might not hold up long term.. and then i saw the glued axis instead of D shape.. well, a ABS or PETG correctly mounted will hold up longer than that for sure. that's ridiculous. out of money and time to do anything correctly it seems.

1 week later
#21696 1 year ago
Quoted from iceman44:

Did you call out the Dutch A holes? So transparent.

yes he did

11 months later
#24101 41 days ago
Quoted from mavantix:

The issues with Alien aren't any more common than any other pinball machine,

i don't know if i buy that exactly. it sounds like there are some electronic flaws that are creating some common issues. trying to compare it to TBL maintenance thread where there is a couple posts a month for similar situation and quantity.

commend you all for the ingenuity though to harden these games and make them last

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