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ALIEN PINBALL - Game Over, Man, Game Over

By HeighwayPinball

5 years ago

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#7660 3 years ago
Quoted from bounoun:

..Played alot of JJP games in the last few weeks and the huge tv is still a stupid gimmick to me.

I find it really useful... when troubleshooting. When playing, I have to agree.

2 weeks later
#8337 3 years ago

It's Groundhog Day on pinside for the 4th or 10th time. I'm not sure, but all this stuff seems really familiar.

obvious warning signs (factory movements, employee problems, delivery problems).. check
insider warnings.. check
forum bans.. check
deposit requests.. check
proto-prototypes at shows.. check
IP uncertainty and questions.. check
unbridled enthusiasm to the point of reality denial.. check
enthusiastic deposit placements.. check


Maybe if some of you guys had a woman to fall in love with, this board could escape this recurring dream...

#8469 3 years ago

American Express blows away Visa and MC when it comes to chargebacks.

1 week later
#8785 2 years ago

For all you guys who think this "kit" ideas is good.. How do you store the kit that is not in use? Does it have a special box? I just can't see how cheaping out on a full game and a kit is a good fit for the kind of people who buy brand new pinball machines for home use. Can someone point me to a thread where this has been hashed out? I really want to learn how this is NOT one of those ideas that sounds good on paper but not so much IRL.

#8807 2 years ago

Thanks for the vid. Does it come with a frame for your other translite? I'm still struggling to understand where this is viable besides maybe in Kaneda's apartment.

#8837 2 years ago

Will people be able to buy a cabinet kit so when people get tired of schlepping their playfield kit around the game room, they can sell them to someone other than another Heighway game owner?

#8936 2 years ago
Quoted from keithrh76:

People are buying a lot of playfields to mount to their walls and light up. I was wondering how hard it would be to build a cabinet for the wall to hang the playfield in, maybe even plug it in while not in use to light it up during fun time. Not too handy or electrical, so could be harder to do than say, but I thought this would be a good option for storage of the playfield when not in use and show it off.

I was thinking this exact thing before I read your post. Perhaps the a controller for the light matrix could be supplied so that your wall mounted spare game could be in full attract mode. That would be much better than a cardboard shipping container laying on the floor.

#8988 2 years ago
Quoted from J85M:

Breathe Kaneda! 1...2...3 breathe, 1...2...3 breathe, remember what the therapist said, remain calm, ignore all of those voices and breathe
Pinball is supposed to be fun bro you need to chill out and not take sh*t so serious, no pinball company is perfect but aslong as their all a little different it gives us choices & options man and that ain't a bad thing, so have a smoke and chill

I get this kind of response a lot. It seems many of you project your passion on to others. You are the one who needs to "chill". Simply expressing a contradictory to the norm opinion does not mean someone is frothing at the mouth and melting down with panic attacks.

Ask your therapist about projection... I'm sure most of the rest of us don't have one to ask.

2 months later
#9925 2 years ago
Quoted from RTS:

Henry Ford also said "customers can have the Model T in any color - as long as it's black."
Ford eventually lost ground to competitors who offered different colors, failing to address what customers wanted.
He arrogantly thought he didn't need to listen to customers, and had to play catch up.

Or we could compare it to how MicroSoft failed to recognize the importance of the internet for several years and never really caught back up. It's hard to have a clear vision of the forest when you are busy chopping trees.

2 months later
#11730 2 years ago
Quoted from Manimal:

Gotta love this place........

Don't be so sensitive. Your opinion is just as valid as anyone else's..........

even if no one agrees with you!

1 week later
#12015 2 years ago
Quoted from StylesBitchly:

Why the F**K would you spend $550.00 on a 27" commercial LCD for home use only? This is why there is a display on the playfield right where you eyes are. The purpose of a backbox display is to attract attention in a public venue. I can think of better ways to spend that money.

I wonder the price of a headless unit with no coin door or back box for home use.

#12117 2 years ago

Kits sound good on paper to guys who are out of space. Otherwise, not so much. The unrecognized problem is that storing a PF takes nearly as much space as a game.

BTW, how much is the savings when you just buy a kit? I can't believe reduced cost would be a driver on buying a kit.

#12132 2 years ago
Quoted from Wickerman2:

it's not recognized because it isn't true.

Ask the guys who have a SWEP1 kit for their AFM. How often do they switch out?

#12134 2 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

kit slides right under the game.
kits are ~60% the cost of a full game.
It is feasible and desired for me (both home and for route)
At home, slide the spare under the current game in wasted space under the table. BAM, 2 games in the space of 1.
On route, say you have an issue that would be easier to work on at home... Just slide out the deck having issues and then slide in another deck. Go back home to work on the issues. Bring back the fully shopped pf later that week.

That's a pretty expensive backup plan. I still don't see why you would want a kit.. especially as an operator. I also didn't know that you guys with expensive game rooms liked storing things under your pinball machines. The only time I see things under a machine in pic on this board, it usually is in a room that is quite the pig sty. But it's just my opinion. I would never buy a kit, but I sure would like to have the games.

#12135 2 years ago
Quoted from Kneissl:

Swep1 stinks, what if you had MB and a MM kit. I'd be swapping fairly regular.

Fair enough, but I still think I'd prefer both operational at the same time.

3 weeks later
#12757 2 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

no issue.
I was told they will have Aliens kits for Full Throttle owners. I assume this means they will include the new zotac PC for easy conversion.
I would guess at the volume they are purchasing this PC that it will be a nominal cost and built in to the kit cost.

Uggg.... this is the first time I saw they were using ZOTAC. Bad choice from my experience. I've had several ZOTAC MB's. I'm using one right now. I've put them in pinball simulators as well. Yes they are cheap. I won't buy another. I have no problem if the ZOTAC MB can be changed out when it fails, but if there is any hardware lock-in.... Let's just say everyone should take a look at the part number and buy themselves a spare or two.

#12776 2 years ago
Quoted from Wickerman2:

did a fair bit of research when tech support told me that's what they were using. They seem as solid as any brand out there from what I read--lots of positive reviews actually. What specifically are you talking about?
Also, full disclosure, your posts are usually overwhelming negative in this thread so I am suspect of your intentions. No offense!!!

I'm talking about the boot and shutdown issues that appear seemingly randomly. I'm talking about random lockouts when there is hardly anything running. I chose the ZOTAC for a small run commercial sub-assemblies and regretted the choice.

But let me blow some sunshine up your asses. Zotac is a great value. It's the cheapest AND the best. THERE IS NO BETTER! I really don't have a dog in the hunt, but I look forward to alien warranty expiration for the owners in my area.

And for anyone else who has experience with hardware.. Keep your opinion to yourself, the internet knows much better and never lies.

As far as my intentions are concerned, I've been misidentified by the cheerleaders in J-Pop, SKIT-B and DP threads. Shall I provide the links? Sure.




I think I've been very realistic in a sea of unknowns on this site. Just because you may have been ripped off, that doesn't earn you the right to demand cognitive dissonance from me.

I congratulate everyone involved in Alien because it looks like it's going to cross the finish line.

#12823 2 years ago

What is a promise of forward compatibility worth? Apparently $150.

#12830 2 years ago

Why does the obsolete CPU have to be returned? Is it going into repair parts or is it just some IP protection strategy? I can't imagine the salvage value is much at all.

#12832 2 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

I dont think I was ever promised forward compatability? were you?
All I remember was being told I would be able to buy a kit for future machines to drop into a current cabinent. Serious question, were we told specifically that all hardware would be future compatible? I just dont remember it like that.

Why do you try to play lawyer on discussion boards? Are we talking about what was technically offered or what was implied to virtually everyone who's been watching besides you?

In fact, I find your arguments consistently weak, but I will continue to occasionally suggest improvements in your thinking. Please don't take offense at what I'm saying but accept it as friendly criticism.

Regarding the CPU upgrade - the kits should have priced in a new CPU for the early adopters. This weird upgrade pricing scheme just complicates everything from production to distribution to maintenance and repair. A little more Henry Ford and a little less Willy Wonka would do wonders for the industry as a whole. Oh wait, there still are two Henry Fords consistently delivering pinball machines.

#12836 2 years ago
Quoted from Wickerman2:

pot kettle black

You may say that, but those who have had experience in manufacturing, industrial design, production process and international sales/ distribution, they see the truth in my comments.

#12839 2 years ago
Quoted from Wickerman2:

Horseshit. No offense!

No offense taken at all. I never find ignorance offensive. Although it is often threatening in mobs.

#12842 2 years ago
Quoted from Russell:

I bet Heighway is wishing they had never even done this modular thing.

Word UP! I'm still trying to understand how this could be useful for operators. The only place I see any play for this is from guys who have expensive collections and no room for their games. Why would I ever want a nice game sitting in a box. I don't care if it only takes a second to switch it out.

We have experience with this. Just ask the RFM guys how often they switch out to SWEP1.

#12846 2 years ago
Quoted from Wickerman2:

you need new material Chief. Same moronic comparison as 3 months ago. No offense!

There's no need to rehash the system as a whole, but I would suggest minimizing the value of the swappable system when making a purchase decision. Most times in life when I've factored future use into a current purchase it's been waste.

I think we all have heard the pimply kid at best buy tell us how "upgradeable" the latest and greatest PC was.

#12858 2 years ago
Quoted from Ferret:

Example: operator has 4 locations. They buy Full Throttle, Alien, HP game #3, and HP game #4, and place one at each location. They wish to rotate titles regularly to keep things fresh (= robust coin drop) at each location. It's MUCH easier for a solo tech to move just a playfield rather than the entire machine: it weighs less, easier to navigate around tight spaces, don't have to screw with taking on/off legs or backbox, releveling, etc.

Is the savings greater than having two games out where previously there was one? I see no justification to have .55 of a game in storage.

1 week later
#13213 2 years ago
Quoted from Wickerman2:

That's reasonable. So we need a DAILY update in this thread from Heighway now. That happens in every industry then eh? I must be missing a lot of calls or "forum" posts from companies I guess.

It only happens in industries where prepaid orders take between 3 years and never.

#13320 2 years ago
Quoted from spfxted:

Everyone I know in the movie industry has 3D in their home theatre. We still have parties and watch 3D. My friends all have 3D for their kids. About 90% of the animated films coming out will be in 3D and about 75% of the super hero and sci-fi films will be so I don't think it's "dead"

3D is really bad for your eyes. You keep focusing different depths, but your eyes don't change angle. It creates a disjoining between your eye movement and focus. That's why so many get a headache.

#13327 2 years ago
Quoted from snakesnsparklers:

Did you know that the world is in 3D and yours eyes are constantly doing this?

That's not true at all. In the real world, your eyes come together for something close and spread apart for something far. With most 3d systems, you're not changing the angle of your eye while you are adjusting the focal length. Of course it depends on which system you are using.

I was at CES some years ago and a manager at a 3d glasses company had crosseyes the whole time... I found the pictures. Although the photo doesn't capture it fully, it was so noticeable that I took the pictures.dsc01751 (resized).jpg
dsc01752 (resized).jpg

This guys eyes were screwed too.dsc01755 (resized).jpg

#13333 2 years ago

This was panasonics display promoting 3D. 2011 was a great year to learn how 3D was taking over.dsc01796 (resized).jpgdsc01795 (resized).jpgdsc01797 (resized).jpg

#13407 2 years ago

The biggest thing I spot in all these "new" pinball companies is that they seem to fail to recognize their fiduciary to protect deposits and pre-payments from loss until units are shipped,. They are not the owners of your deposits and pre-payments. They are stewards of the money until it is earned. If a company really wants to show their respect for your money, it would all be held in trust and the startup capital would be provided by conventional loans against the assets of the stewards. Also, manufacturing companies can purchase performance bonds to protect that money while they are unable to ship product. Cheap? No.

Another contractual technique to light a fire under these guys is liquidated damages for missing deadlines. If the price went down $100 for every week (or month) late, I'm sure the empty promises would stop.

If this story follows along the JJP narrative, we should be looking for "new investors" in Heighway by the end of summer (assuming cash flow is limiting the production in this case). You can't use production money to build a factory and then also to buy all the components in BOM.... and then hire and train people to do the assembly. The fixed overhead investment should be either paid for with investment capital up front or amortized over 15 years through borrowing. Using order revenue to pay for the fixed overhead of setting up factory production is not a long term winning strategy. I don't think this is what's happening here. I imagine that Heighway brought a lot of his own money into it. The big question is, "was it enough?" Think about this the next time some boutique promises to ramp up a factory while they are soliciting pre-order money. Look at how homepin (Thunderbirds) can't get it done in China. He says they are 10X over budget.


FYI, a little trick I learned in manual labor manufacturing cost estimating is to look at the sales price as 1/3 materials, 1/3 labor, 1/3 gross profit. Through this prism, you can see that there is a pretty large number of games that must be sold to hit the Break Even mark in the operation as a whole. Hopefully cash starvation is not the case here, but we must always assume that's the case when things are as reported in this thread. A typical production line startup should demonstrate a doubling of production each week during the period while factory is running at 25%-75% capacity. I know we're not there yet, but that should be the litmus test. My first degree was in Industrial Engineering and I have been involved in the startup of two business that went from 0-$2MM in the first 18 months and from 2MM to 15MM in the second 18 months.

Anyways, my points are likely moot because games are shipping and people like them. It should be a lot easier to find money at this point.

#13481 2 years ago
Quoted from HoakyPoaky:

....So how do some in this thread respond to this seemingly genuine update? With mud slinging, conspiracy theories, and unfounded speculation. With all this bullshit, it's amazing Andrew posts anything in this thread at all. I know I wouldn't, like most of the other manufactures out there.....

Although posting while soliciting the pre-orders is par for the course. These problems are a product of Heighway's failures to deliver as said. It's not like you get to take a bunch of peoples money and then say, "fuck you meanies for being mad at me for bullshitting you."

Everyone wants success here. These boutique threads are a lesson for anyone interested in learning how customer service and project management are done. By doing the opposite of what you see here. Notice that no specific details are given on the holdup... I know, I know.. pinball is hard.

All this FUD would disappear if only there were pictures of the trucks being loaded. That's all anyone has been asking for.... to see actual shipments.. And I think it's a reasonable request.

4 weeks later
#14882 2 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

the fact that a Moderator is thumbs upping this guy (keep in mind he is the dude that helped take advantage of others on the Jpop train and made sure he walked away with multiple Magic Girls while others are still left holding the bag on RAZA and AIW) is both EXTREMELY hypocritical and BS. ...

Is one of those the one that was at the PNW show two years ago?

#14959 2 years ago
Quoted from guyincognito:

A broken score wheel digit is right several times per game.

Yes, but Kaneda was right 24 hours a day. I get a kick out of how so many on this board are simply following, pile-onners. It's fun to pile on to people with unpopular opinions. Look at Whysnow for example. He could not be more wrong for the last 5 years and still, his wild speculation is more respected than the opinion-turned-facts from the one whom shall not be named.

THe problem really is prevalent through all social media. We must protect our echo-chambers at all cost. Whenever someone's ideas don't fit our pre-conceived notions, we must attack him relentlessly until they fight back. At that time, we call for a ban -- echo chamber saved once again.

I'm hoping Kaneda will be unbanned, but I doubt he would come back here to do more than gloat after how he's been treated by a pack of thin-skinned spoiled babies. I'm somewhat sympathetic because when I told the group what should have been obvious, I got the same treatment. In fact, when I observed JPop was demonstrating mental illness several years ago, I was shouted down and banned from the thread. I'll await your apologies by PM....

#14962 2 years ago

... said the thin-skinned pile-onner. But still I don't see any examples of where he was wrong. He may have been wildly unpopular, but he's been right more than most on this board.

All this crazy speculation has been tainted by self-interest. People with "skin in the game" have often been unwilling to accept reality until it is too late. It's like in medieval times when a foot soldier would run back to tell the king they were being overrun and the king says, "Take this traitor's head!" It's always easier to attack the messenger than reassess our own errors in thinking.

#14967 2 years ago
Quoted from fosaisu:

How about when he signed on as Jpop's PR guy? ..

Do you mean back when iceman44 was trying to throw the big save?

Quoted from fosaisu:

You're trying to retcon him into some kind of pinball Nostradamus and the facts just don't fit. He wasn't a villain either, of course, just an attention starved guy acting out on the internet, happens all the time. If he hadn't repeatedly made multiple accounts he'd still be here today.

Strawman. I'm saying that if you take an unpopular position on this board, guys will feel free to do a big pile-on. If you go out and defend yourself, you get a ban. As soon as your banned, these pile-onners will feel so emboldened by your absence, they blather on like the neighborhood kid who kicks a dog through the kennel wall. I'm not making him out to be Nostradamus. But I understand wanting to do a fake account after the comments you were banned for turn out to be 100% accurate and the guys that get you banned continue their assault while you are forbidden for posting. It's just pussy behavior. Such is the "socials".

#14988 2 years ago

All I can say is that the before and after pictures tell the biggest story. Heighway obviously gave it everything he had. If they would have brought in an industrial engineer to figure out how to make due with their smaller space, I think he would have made it. Once the big overhead bleed got started, it couldn't be pulled back in.

#15094 2 years ago
Quoted from Astropin:

I'm glad you got your money back!
That being said Heighway cannot currently respond to requests. There is no "current management". Andrew is gone and the new investors have not signed the legal documents yet. It's in "limbo" until they legally take over.

If Andrew is "gone", the transition has failed. If no one responds to the PP disputes, this suggests to me that Andrew has some physical or mental breakdown going on. It's totally in Andrew's interest to smooth the transition. Can anyone verify that Andrew has abandoned the operation before he has a deal?

#15155 2 years ago

5 years ago, an acquaintance started an auction company with a friend and had 1600 sq. feet office in front to sublet to me. The auction business went on about 15 months. It was not making money. In comes a new partner. The guys were tired of working so hard for chicken feed and proceeded to negotiate a sale of the failing business to a new party. As soon as they had a handshake agreement on the sale, these guys baled and left the buyer high and dry. The transfer degraded into a 9 month lawsuit where the guys I knew lost spectacularly because one of the partners had just under a thousand text messages saying anything the buyer wanted to hear so he wouldn't get sucked back in. In the end it became clear that the guys I knew could have extricated themselves cleanly if they would have cooperated on the hand off.

When people have struggled for a period of time, they get very desperate to drop the yoke. If Andrew wants to protect his name and legacy, he'd better be willing to spend some time facilitating the transfer. If he signed the papers and said AMFYOYO and can no longer be bothered to any significant degree, then he has decided to sink the project.

1 week later
#15350 2 years ago
Quoted from DCFAN:

Once again, nobody asked how much.
Anyway, my compensation for my job is public record, FOIA.

Deep State?

2 weeks later
#15472 2 years ago
Quoted from HoakyPoaky:

This whole experience for the last 2 years has left me pretty jaded. I won't even consider buying anything new for a while now. I'm just turned off in general. There's no rush to buy any of these new games. No more LEs for me either, it's just a marketing ploy to get you to buy now. No more new companies. No more drama for me. If I can't buy a pin today & have it shipped tomorrow, then no thanks.

What you are really saying is that buyers have responsibility in markets. When brand new pins became vanity collections for rich dudes, the market shifted. We'll see how long the barcade trend can run to prop the commercial side of the buyers. There will always be guys who really don't care about the price other than it being too low to brag about.

#15475 2 years ago
Quoted from Jvspin:

Yep, that's my problem. The manufacturers just aren't raising their prices high enough to continue impressing my friends.
Was really disappointed there wasn't a $15k Star Wars SLE.

Sorry you're not one of them.

2 months later
#16585 2 years ago
Quoted from way2wyrd:

Do yall really think Cointaker is lying? I would suspect if they didnt have a tracking number that they would say "we dont know when" ALl of you that KNOW that there are no games being shipped need to go talk to Alex Jones and drink more Kool aid

Aren't you sophisticated.?. I've had a sudden flashback to the jPop thread.

1 month later
#17254 2 years ago

It took until now for whysnow to get blocked. I just can't stand another "lording over" disguised as a fanboi diatribe. I often see the same thing when I pick up kids at school and one kid has his own football. BLOCKED!

1 week later
#17791 1 year ago
Quoted from delt31:

Thanks but i haven't really done anything here besides replace an LED with another. No other tinkering as of now. I am keeping Melissa in the loop - just emailed her. Wanted to get her blessing before contacting HW directly.

That LCD has been crushed in the fragile area where that mylar semiconductor film meets the edge of the panel. I've damaged decased LCDs like that before. Look how the screen is clamped in and make sure that fragile edge isn't getting pinched some how when you replace it.

#17850 1 year ago
Quoted from gliebig:

Why wouldn't they just have the correct fuses installed already?

Because fuse values must be different for different voltages to provide the same protection. I'm sure 230VAC locations don't change the fuse.

#18286 1 year ago

All this nitpicking... The guy absconded after taking money for something he never provided. He didn't declare insolvency or sell his crap to pay people back or even apologize as far as I have seen. Stop defending the loser.

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