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ALIEN PINBALL - Game Over, Man, Game Over

By HeighwayPinball

4 years ago

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#4086 3 years ago

(with respect to Aurich who has always been helpful and thoughtful)

Congratulations on the release, I know it is the culmination of countless hours of thankless work.

Unfortunately, my overall impression so far isn't great. I can really tell that your hands were tied by the license. It's a real shame. The other art I have seen from you has had so much more drama and grandeur.

Overall, it just looks... boring.

I have to agree with previous comments. I don't like the cartoonish elements. They look out of place. I realize they are sort of "fan-service", but I consider myself a fan, and I don't care for them.

Definitely get rid of the cartoons and the odd-looking (ahem) triangles.

And you can do so much better with the side art and backglass...so far it's a total snooze-fest.

Keeping my credit card in my pocket for now, but I remain optimistic that Aurich can fix this.

9 months later
#8131 2 years ago

I'm sure this is posted here somewhere, but can't seem to find it. How much is the playfield only kit for FT owners?

1 week later
#8766 2 years ago

Forgive me for not reading all 176 pages...I'm just curious if anything official has been said about whether I'll have to get a new CPU in my Full Throttle in order to get Alien to work. Do we have details on that process?

#8783 2 years ago

Does anyone have a sense for how
technically difficult it will be to swap out the CPU?

4 months later
#11565 2 years ago

I watched the video. Looks nice. Still deciding whether to sell Full Throttle or get a playfield kit + new computer.

Is there a mode called "Queen's?" Is that really the name? With the inappropriate apostrophe? I couldn't read the screen perfectly, maybe I'm missing something.

1 week later
#12010 2 years ago

I sent an email to Heighway's info email, haven't heard back.

Does the $4350 Alien Kit include the required computer upgrade?

#12013 2 years ago
Quoted from freezie:

thats a question all those that have supported the company by purchasing the full throttles want to know !

I'm afraid that the answer may not paint their company in a flattering light, and that may be why we haven't heard anything.

#12023 2 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

I am pretty sure they just dont have all the things worked out quite yet.
Given Andrews customer service and dedication to taking care of those that were early adopters, I believe him when he says he will take care of us with Full Throttle. No need to be skeptical Russ. Let the man figure out the kit logistics for those of us with original FullT and then we can lynch him if we are not happy

I hear you. I support Heighway. But, why would they not have done the kits first? It seems like it would be simpler than building complete games. It would've built good will for the early adopters and supporters of a new company. Instead, complete games are going out and orders are being placed. We, the very few Full Throttle early adopters are left waiting. Poor form, imho.

#12039 2 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

what would be the potential cost of upgrading the PC in a worst case scenario in your mind? I dont know squat about PCs but one of the partners said the new PC "was a nice upgrade" and "probably not too pricey if we need to later upgrade out Full T"

I have no idea, either. $500? Wild guess.

What's the difference that would make anyone choose to get the kit or not?

$6100 - (Kit + Computer) = X

If X is $1500, (my wild guess) would you get the kit, the full game, or neither?

#12054 2 years ago
Quoted from jonesjb:

Wait so I can't play my PS4 games in my Playstation 1?

When you bought PS1, they never said you'd be able to play future titles.

#12056 2 years ago

Here's a hypothetical. I'm not sure if this is valid, but let's see what the group thinks.

Scenario 1: I paid $6200 for FullT, I decide to get Kit, for (let's say) $4500 with computer upgrade...I've now paid $10,700. What's my game + PF worth after 1 year of play? No idea. I'm guessing $7K-8K and possibly a tough sale.

Scenario 2: I paid $6200 for FullT, then pay $6300 + tax for Alien. I paid $12,500+ What are my games worth after a year? I'd guess I get $5k each, $10K for the pair. Perhaps easier to sell?

These are guesses. Lots of assumptions.

I'm speculating that the game with 2 play fields depreciates faster than the 2 separate games.

So, given plenty of available space and the ability to afford the initially higher cost of scenario 2, perhaps this is the better approach.

What do you think?

#12062 2 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

I actually think kits hold their value just like a full pin.

I'd love to be able to wager on this point, but unfortunately we're on the wrong sides of it. (You own both full games, I am considering the kit.). I suppose a wager could be a hedge...

#12064 2 years ago

How many FullTs do you have?

Btw, I think FullT is a great game, and wildly underrated. One bad shot, flippers too flat, but otherwise great. I need to put together a formal review.

#12110 2 years ago
Quoted from HeighwayPinball:

Time to answer your questions and concerns about the cabinets of existing Full Throttle customers.

I agree. What about the computer?

#12116 2 years ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

The problem with this logic is three points...
1) The point about volume.. without volume the kits will continue to be expensive vs buying a full game. Minus the smaller audience that is so space limited... many may find its just better to buy a complete game.
2) The buying audience for your kit is limited to those with a compatible cabinet.. unlike a pin which can be used by anyone
3) The more successful a game is in your audience of Heighway owners.. the smaller the market for kits.. because people will already have the game
Without the steep price discount.. there is less incentive to buy a kit. The lower the ratio of kit to game sales... the worse the kit value becomes. The smaller the total volume of Heighway owners.. the smaller the compatible buyer audience.
The more desirable a game is.. the more likely people will buy the full version (example.. would you buy an alien cabinet+FT kit.. or a FT+alien kit). This also means more full games of the popular titles vs kits.. which again hurts the potential size of your market.
It's one of these chicken and the egg problems... for the model to work the kits need to be be fiscally attractive. For the kits to be attractive vs space.. you need a number of game options. Hence the chicken and the egg problem... you need to be successful for a period of time before the kits really become attractive.
Imagine if instead of Stern Vault games being full titles.. imagine if Stern offered a swap-in of a game that hasn't been in production for awhile and offered it to their current customer base. I think there is more incentive for a model like that.. than offering kits as an alternative to a first run complete game.
Just theorizing...


#12302 2 years ago
Quoted from sed6:

Andrew hinted that the fiber optics should be revealed in the next few weeks. I've done some more research on fiber optic lighting and I think the $800 may be a fair price. Of course you can get single color fiber optics for about $150, but color changing fiber optics (as I believe Andrew said Alien will have) is MUCH more expensive. I found some consumer grade color changing fiber optic kits for about $750 online. Add R&D costs and profit or whatnot and their pricing seems reasonable. Now whether is adds $800 in greatness to the game...guess we'll see. I want to order the pin NOW but I may wait until the FO is revealed. If I recall correctly that is one option that cannot be added later, like a shaker or EL side art can be. IF the FO turns into a must have for me, I'm going to consider ditching the 27" LCD to help cover the cost. After about a dozen games this weekend I realized I rarely looked at the backbox screen while playing (except between balls) and NEVER looked at the PF LCD, once.
Well that's not entirely true, several times the seam at the bottom of the screen grabbed my ball and it 'magically' traveled horizontally across the PF. The first two times it happened I thought there was a magnet underneath that moved left and right, so much so that I inspected under the PF for one! I hope that's a small QC problem (flushing the screen to the PF) that Heighway can address.
Here's a few additional pics for your enjoyment. I must say the illuminated cabinet art is so spectacular it really must be displayed at the end of a row to be enjoyed by everyone!

Seems high to me. Eli's mod for Tron costs about $400.

#12345 2 years ago

I had a broken glass situation at a show with my Full Throttle. Could be random, but maybe Heighway needs an upgrade on packaging & shipping.

3 weeks later
#12743 2 years ago

Has anyone heard anything about the Playfield kits for Full Throttle owners? Specifically, the CPU issue? Not keeping up with this thread closely.

#12745 2 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

no issue.
I was told they will have Aliens kits for Full Throttle owners. I assume this means they will include the new zotac PC for easy conversion.
I would guess at the volume they are purchasing this PC that it will be a nominal cost and built in to the kit cost.

When? How much $? How is the installation performed? Will the FT owners be last in the queue?

I have seen a lot of guesses and speculation, but no actual information on this question.

#12814 2 years ago

From Heighway pinball:

"The price for the Alien game kit is $4,350. The CPU swap is an additional cost and this is cost is $225. This cost can be lowered if you return the original CPU from the your Full Throttle the price then becomes $150. There are slight differences between the two cabinets. The Alien cabinet has additional slots on the inside of the cabinet to accommodate for the EL lighting system where as the Full Throttle cabinet does not have this feature. There will be a playfield storage solution that we will offer in the future as a product."

Let me know if anyone is interested in buying my Full Throttle.

#12826 2 years ago

How much do the lighted blades contribute to the lighting of the game? Wondering if upgraded FT would be too dark without those.

#12840 2 years ago

I bet Heighway is wishing they had never even done this modular thing.

2 weeks later
#13357 2 years ago

I like the art & color scheme of the SE backglass better than the LE, but it's irrelevant because you need
that big screen!

3 weeks later
#14168 2 years ago

I'd also like to see Alien at Rocky Mountain Pinball Showdown.

#14181 2 years ago

Heighway was at RMPS last year.

1 month later
#15612 2 years ago

Have the "new" Heighway folks mentioned anything about kits for the Full Throttle people? Imho, these should've been first off the line. I haven't sent them any money, but would be a buyer if it was in a box.

1 month later
#16294 1 year ago

Can someone give me a summary of what has been going on with Heighway lately? Are they having success shipping games under the new management? Have the new owners said anything about Alien playfield kits for us Full Throttle early-adopter suckers?

#16309 1 year ago

Wickerman2, have you kept up on this enough to know if they are still planning to release Alien playfield kits?

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