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ALIEN PINBALL - Game Over, Man, Game Over

By HeighwayPinball

4 years ago

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#16238 1 year ago


About the list of LE games , not all games are in that list .

I have orderd several LE for selling in Sweden ( we are the distributor for Sweden ) and my games are not on this list so far .

I think we talking about all the games the distributors have orderd and still not have find its end buyer.

Dont know who manny it can be , but it is a darknes of numbers in them.

#16331 1 year ago

As a distributer i have also prepaid my games long time ago waiting for 4 pcs of LE paid 1.5 years ago in full to support the company startup.

In total i have got 4 pcs of full throttle after waiting and pre paid in full for 2 years.

They have now new homes and happy owners in Sweden.

I can see that the new owner doing this in another way then ever before , its boraing to wait i like to play Aline tonight .

But i got full trust in this new managment for the company .

To the new team of Heighway pinball "Good work guys you fight from 6 feet under and up"

Show us all with pride that you can build this games and deliver them to all of us that have been waiting for the moment to unbox a Alien.

I sent you a new order with 7 more standard games today to show my trust to you (and to fill the new orders we have).I wait last in line for this new games.

1 month later
#17154 1 year ago

Today we got some realy good news from Heighway pinball .
7 Alien standard games orderd since loooong time ago has left the building and are on its way to the long waiting Swedish buyers.
Delivery time in Sweden tuesday if everything works with the transport company.
Cant wait to unbox one of this in our showroom and also make our client happy with a delivery.

More information and picture will come.

#17295 1 year ago

Hi All

This is the promised pictures of the first shipping Alien games coming to Sweden.

As promised this tuesday by Heighway pinball , 7 games reached us today

After a very long waiting it was like 2 year since this order was made and paid ,the games now finaly are in our warehouse ( well one in my game room )

The games will be sent out to the new owners this week .

Just had a fast time playing tonight , will do more gaming tomorrow.

So you who are waiting for your games , Heighway now finaly delivers.

Enjoy the pictures

sepelrum 1 (resized).JPG

spelrum 2 (resized).JPG

spelrum3 (resized).JPG

unbox sista (resized).JPG

unbox sista1 (resized).JPG

unbox sista2 (resized).JPG

unbox sista3 (resized).JPG

lager sista (resized).JPG

lager sista1 (resized).JPG

lager sista2 (resized).JPG

#17427 1 year ago

Hi All

Sorry for delay in more info on the game.

Have been working dubble overtime this week and cant play when the cildren sleeps ( says my wife ... ) .

So i have got like 2 hour of gaming on the maschine , i have tested Alien and Aliens mode.

Booth moods looks fine and works as they should so far.

I have palyed most on Alien mode , just to try to understand the rules and combos to get the game going.

The Alien eats the ball nice , no problem ( sorry for the bad pictures , but tired to take them when i played myself )

I am not used to a 4 flipper pinball game and sometime i forgott to use the 2 upper once.

What can i say abou the game.

The sound is good ( a little high on the lowest level ) quallity and the different "alien" sound is realy nice !!!

The gun reloding sound i like a lot .

All over the game sound nice.

The movie clip in the monitors ( i have the 27" screen in the back box , i say everyone should spend the money on that one , it is the thing that makes the game ) is several and good once.

The eggs is changing color and it lights up the top of the game.

In the lower parts around the 10" monitor in the playfield the game is darker and i have to had som lights on in my room , no big deal but my other games are brighter.

The ball have many ways to move and it is a lot to aim and hit in the different game modes/missions .

The Ailen and Ailens game are different so it feels like you are playing 2 different games when you change , the video do a lot of this feeling.

So i cant say so much more right now , need to play more to leran the game and the angels to aim on the ramps and targets.

But all over the game works for 100% and i will work hard on ot the comming weekend.

Hope that there will be some delivivery in USA by Cointakers and in Canada by Nitro Pinball so we can have some more pictures and feedback on the game.

Wow i am the 5 best player on Alien in the pinside !!!! 30.502.930 ( well not for long but i can be happy all day out today , you all will show me nice number the comming weeks )


hiscore (resized).JPG

ball1 (resized).JPG

ball2 (resized).JPG

egg1 (resized).JPG

apc dropp (resized).JPG

airlock (resized).JPG

revive 1 (resized).JPG

#17431 1 year ago


No topper and no beacons on this one , i have not seen any toppers to the Alien game just the beacons.

I have orderd 1 LE for my private collection and that one comes with the beacons, so i have to change ou the SE when Heighway willl start the production on them.

Hope it will be delivered befor x-mas

egg1 (resized).JPG

hiscore (resized).JPG

facehugger (resized).JPG

#17434 1 year ago

Ok nice

Looking forward to see your picture and some good news about the USA delivery .

Hope that Heighway will speed up the production and see that every game coming out in the market.

#17607 1 year ago

Hi All

This have been a looong weeken .

The European pinball championship 2017 whent of in Sweden and the piballeye club in Boras .

It was almost 300 players fighting for the best player in Europe.

As a distributer of Heighwaypinball i was there from friday to sunday and promoting the Alien game .

And so was Gary Stern and Ole (Norway/Sweden distributor of Stern games ) from Stern promoting their games

We also run a side facehugger competition for the best Alien player at the place and had a long line of players fighting for the price.

The Alien game did 2127 games since we unpacked it this Tuesday and most of the runs from friday at 08.00 to late 03.00 same time on saturday so the game was hard tested by the best player in Europe and did 19 hour a day the last days.

What can we say , we had 2 small problem

1. The light on the side did not work all the time.

2. Some problem with the audio cable from the sound board to the amplifier when the game was realy hot.

I will have a look at this in the week and fix it.

Otherwise the game did verry well and i think if it can handle this long playing and sometimes hard palying its fantastic.

So who was the best Alien player then : Mads Kristensen from Denmark ( ELK ) crazy points of : 874.293.770

Who i hand the facehugger torphy over to.

Thanks you all for playing.

And for all of you Swedish player , there will be a new tropy in the Swedish open in pinball coming up on the 10 of November. And for you not Swedish people the Alien game will be ouside of the normal competition so just arraive at the place and do the highest scoore and the new thropy will be yours .....

xx0 (resized).JPG

xx1 (resized).JPG

xx2 (resized).JPG

xx3 (resized).JPG

xx4 (resized).JPG

1 week later
#18293 1 year ago

Oh a lot of talking about Andrew Heighway and what happend to the company.

I have no facts to put in this case , but i took a trip to Merthyr Tydfil from Sweden when i found out that this man was going to build pinball games in UK ( wales ).

As i love pinball games and was selling arcade games in Sweden i thought this will be a nice product to sell , usually we buy products from China.

What i meet over there was a man who had a dream ( and he have had that for a long time ) of building his own pinball machine with his own name on.

I told him "who can you be so stupid to do this , there must be 1 miljon bettre ways to make money then getting the ide of making pinball games in UK" well it was not the money that was the ide for him , it was his dream.

I was offerd a part of the company , but turned it down. I am not the ideal factory owner but we can handle the distribution in Sweden .

I paid for 100% up front for some full throtttle games and it took over 2 years for me to get them.

Its more expensive then most people can imagine to start up something like this.

Its bad tha they "spent" or "invested" the money in the product and did not got to the production they promised.The company probebly was bankrupcy long time before they undersand that and its not easy to find investors to a "crazy" project as it was ( i did not put my money into it , just for the games well knowing that the delivery time will be long )

I am amazed that the new owner putting in booth money and most a lot of work to get this working , as i said before great work guys.

And they will have hard with getting games out and clear out all the old problems ( my guess is that they have loads of issu to fix , and propebly more then they where told when they decided to save the company)

I cant defend Andrew all the way and not all his broken promesis, but in the end i think he realy tried to fix this Alien game and hoped that it would solve all the economical problems for the company.

But i can say that i have full trust in the new managment and i hope that in 6 month from now we all who have been waiting for games , refound and right now is not so happy will se that they did it and we got what we all wanted.

Its not easy to be patient when you have not got what you want , waited way to long time for it and still not feel for 100% that you will get it.

I hope i am right on this point

Just my thoughts.

1 week later
#18470 1 year ago

Nice to see the game with the becons on , i have not seen it live before.

Waiting for my personal LE hope to get it before X-mas.

#18472 1 year ago

So this weekend was the biggest turnament in pinball for Sweden ( and one of the bigger competitions outside USA ).

300 + players have gone to the town Orebro and had the "flipper sm" or in english "Swedish championship in pinball" that have been a tradition for over 20 year.

As the distributer for Heighwaypinball we brought the Aline game to the show and had it on freeplay from Friday to Sunday and on Saturday the game had to work hard .

Power on 10.00 in the mornig and power of 02.30 in the night ,so the game did 14.30 play time with a long line of new and pro players ( and late some of them might have been drinking some B**R and was qiute strong in their hands ....)

We had the second "facehugger competition" and the winner made 169.000.000 points and was happy to bering home the heavy price.

We just made 2 facehugger trophy in total so now they are all gone.

We got some new orders for the Alien games and also sendt out 2 games today to new home.

But most of all we had some realy nice days and playing pinball ...

alien xx1 planch (resized).JPG

alien xx2 bara pokal (resized).JPG

alien xx1 pokal (resized).JPG

alien xx1 tshirt (resized).JPG

alien xx1 foaje (resized).JPG

alien xx1 line (resized).JPG

#18474 1 year ago
Quoted from delt31:

Nice! How did the machine do? Any issues?

We hade to reeboot the game once on Saturday, the game could noot feel teh ball , just turn om and of and it worked fine again.

The game worked fine , the only problem we realy had was the top flipper on the right side stoped working 2 timed for like 15-20 seconds and then back again

Cant see the problem but have sent question to Heighway and waiting for ide , now i have run like 30 games today in home and no problem at all.

Late on Saturday the flippers feelt a bitt weeker then in the morning , maybe not so starnge after more then 12 hour of playing every minute , it was a long line and waiting time to the game all day .

3 weeks later
#18963 1 year ago

Hi all

For you scandinavian people on this side.

We got one Alien se pinball into the biggest amusment park in Sweden www.liseberg.se

So for you who like to visit their "x-mas at Liseberg" this december , you will find the game in the big aracde game hall.

For you who never been at this place it is a 3 floor building inside the amusment park just with arcade games and pinball machine.

This is one of my favorit place to play a lot of nice games.

Its a honor for us to deliver a Alien game to this place, and nice to have one game out for every one who like to try it out before buing one from us .

liseberg vy 1 (resized).jpg

liseberg vy 2 (resized).jpg

liseberg vy 3 (resized).jpg

liseberg vy 4 (resized).png

alien liseberg (resized).JPG

1 month later
#19569 1 year ago

New software downloaded and it just take seconds to reeboot the game .

Well new sound , super .

A lot of the buggs are gone and the game feels brand new !!!

Fantstick , thanks for a realy good update.

#19683 1 year ago

I have just order totaly 7 pcs of LE games for distribution to Swedish buyer.

The progress goes slow ( and i am in since long time with 4 full paid LE games since may 2016 ) but it goes right . To help the company i have paid all new games we order in full, even if i have 4 pre paid games in since long time.

I understand that the company need all the help they can get to move out from lack of cash and slow delivery and a long waiting list for games and payback money to be a healty pinball producer.

As i said before i have full trust in the new owners , and the games that we got from them so far is fantastic , the new software 1.1 makes the game super fantastic fun to play.

Of course i would like to see the work going much faster and more games comming in to us in a higher speed , but the most importent thing is that the games that they do works as well as it should and that they in the end solve every ones pre orderd games , and also help the one who like the money back.

One thing is for sure , if they had not stept in no one of us would get their games and no one would get any refound at all and every ones money had been lost in a bankrupcy company that had spent all of our money on develop the game.

Thay would be a pitty for this game should be on the market.

It cost a lot of money and time to develop someting like the alien pinball and i think its very few people who manage to do it , or are stuipe enough to try to do it

And when i now have the game i can say that its worth waiting for.

So all of you guys who have put your money in ( in full or in part ) have been helping with the development of this game , you should also be proud as you have given your money into someting that did not existed , and you all liked one of the coolest pinball games build.

So if you dont have another other fantastic game coming up to use your money on ( of course i understand that we all not like the time in this project ) ,have some patience more ( you have waited so long time anyway ) and wait some more to get your game,

For all of you living in Sweden , Norway or Denmark ( well if you live somewere else you are also welcome , just a longer ride ) we have one Alien game put on freeplay in our showroom , feel free to come here to play.

We also have the Full throttle in the same place...

2 months later
#20513 1 year ago

We have some LE games from the last batch comming in to Sweden next week , have been waiting long for them .

But 7 happy owner will get their LE finaly.

Aad more games are orderd , dont know the delivery time now , this first 7 games is more then 2 year old order.

But we can see that production seemss to working.

#20514 1 year ago
Quoted from NeilMcRae:

anyone any idea what would keep blowing the high voltage fuse?

I had the same problem on one of my games , one mine someone had put the earth cabel on the wrong place on the powerswitch in the bottom of the game .

Have a look at the picture

the eart ( yellow and green ) was changed by the blue cable.

Strange the game started but blow the fuse after just 1 minute .

koppling (resized).JPG

#20579 1 year ago

So today is a nice day.

We got 6 pcs of Aline LE with green trim into our warehouse for distribution to old client , We have waited 2 yeras for this games but as the new Heighway peoply say , please be pation we will get you yore game.

I can show hre that they keep promises and we have waitet pastioned .

This games will be distributed to very old orders from our company , and we was very happy to make som calls and confirme orders to our clients today , i wil ask some ofthem to put up som un boxing pictures .

We sent them out by car today and some one will also pic up his game at our place tomorrow.

This show that the company keeps their word even if the delivery time was way to long .

But on the other hand if they had not taken the company in the way they have done i hade lost all my money spent on 100% payment of the games.

As i sad before i trust this guys and will keep doing business with them.

We can all hope for shorter delvivery time.

Booth tumbs up for this guys !!!!

I have put in a order for more games .

This is a good game.

le 1 (resized).jpg

le 2 (resized).jpg

le 3 (resized).jpg

le 4 (resized).jpg

le 5 (resized).jpg

#20603 1 year ago
Quoted from O-from-DO:

All black? As LEs they should have powdercoated black legs, like the green LEs should have green legs, but the shown pins all have just silver legs. Seems like one more feature has droped out of the list.

All the LE we got to Sweden have come with green trim and all the leggs is in green .

No silver leggs as showed in this picture.

Maybe they just use this leggs when they are in production and donl like to scratch the "new leggs" .

So i hope you all got the games with right conitions.

1 week later
#20757 1 year ago

Well a lot of things that dose not sound good for you USA people ( or Heighway according to all of your mail ) but we will see.

I cant tell for sure in what condition the company are in but we have got our old deliverys as i told before.

The game are fantastick , and even if there are a lot of new games out since Alien started , it is stil a super game !!!!

I have 1 pcs of Alien LE left unsold in our warehose NIB if someone out here looking for one please contact me.

Its located in Sweden and are on www.retroarcade.se but could be sendt worldwide against shipping cost

I hope all of you ( and me still in with more money into prepaid games ) will have our games and that Heighway will stay alive.

It aint over until the fat lady sings.

4 months later
#23066 8 months ago

This is the last list of diffrence i got from Heighway pinball , maybe it helps someone

difference between editions (resized).jpg
4 months later
#23767 3 months ago

Stolen Alien game !!

Hi all , we had a client to us who bought a Alien game LE no 146 and had a burglury this weeken and got his game stolen .

As all of you on this side have eyes please give us information if you find this game around.

The game was strolen in Sweden and i think it would be hard to sell in in our country as its a smal country and the pinball guys know about this also .

Any hints please send me information , and if you got a god price on the game you all know way !!!

Kenneth Pettersson

#23779 3 months ago
Quoted from aeneas:

Woah that's terrible. Hope it shows up sooner or later.
Did they take a lot of other things or specifically the alien pinball machine?

Not only the pinball , they got a multi arcade , and some expensive apple computers with big screens .

#23780 3 months ago
Quoted from pascal-pinball:

Is it green/blue/black version?

its the grren verison

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