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ALIEN PINBALL - Game Over, Man, Game Over

By HeighwayPinball

5 years ago

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#2742 4 years ago

this is my next nib pin and I can hardly wait, chose this over got and the hobbit. can hardly wait to see the playfield!

#2761 4 years ago
Quoted from Elwood_BE:

+1. Ordered an LE today and deposit sent !

welcome to the club!

#2775 4 years ago

well i ordered this after running from got!! take my money please!

#2786 4 years ago
Quoted from PinballRulez:

For $1500 dollars you can secure a spot and your overall price will not be influenced by any exchange rate fluctuations.
Paid amount is refundable at any time before your game goes in production.
I have seen the (unapproved) playfield art and if you want to go for the LE I would advice to secure your spot. After the official public reveal I think the LE's will sell out fast.

no brainer for me, 1500.00 to hold the game with a specific ser # and when it goes into production no sweat but pay the balance.

1 week later
#2900 4 years ago
Quoted from kaneda:

Cant wait for this pin. But haven't we learned about release dates yet? Unless it's from Stern, add at least 6 months to the date promised. Easter? Hope so. I would guess more like August / September. There are always unforeseen delays.

i am in for the longhaul. 1500 is not alot of money to guarantee your spot. i got plenty of toys to keep me busy in the meantime.
i want this to be a great pin- great art, theme and gameplay.

#2910 4 years ago
Quoted from Hazoff:

I think it looks amazing, nice and simple with a glowing egg from the best film of the entire series. Pure and simple yet menacing, JMO.

that egg is creepy and just stands out......its alien(s) in a nutshell

#2942 4 years ago

when do you get to pick the the screen, right before its getting built?

3 weeks later
#3145 4 years ago

I will buy the full throttle kit when I get my alien le. its a no brainer for me, but I got shit for brains when it comes to arcades.

#3187 4 years ago

super pumped, 2016 will be here soon, I expect this pin to be made mid 2016 so I am ok with that.

2 weeks later
#3355 4 years ago
Quoted from kaneda:

It seems like Aliens is a pin many people love and will never swap in/out of the cabinet. With that in mind, it would be great if Heighway offered a permanent cab option so that the side cabinet art looked better than the swappable inserts. There's just something about how the insert art and the lines of cabinet not being parallel that just looks off. It also limits the art to just the insert section. Feels more like an arcade game marquee approach vs a pinball cabinet approach.

I am buying a ft kit with my alien le. idgaf about sideart, you don't see it anyway. 2 pin fun for the price of 1.5

#3460 4 years ago
Quoted from RandomGuyOffCL:

Anyone else find this disturbing? This was compiled from this one page alone, imagine if someone compiled every single one from this thread and all other threads...It would be enough to compose a multi page thread itself.

somebody is in love, what a whore for attention!! i am telling you i met kenada in person and he is doesnt act like this. smh
i am very excited for this reveal next week
i am in on le myself.
only one left? wow.

#3545 4 years ago
Quoted from kaneda:

Great info but Aurich you act so unprofessional. Asking in a thread if you can share info that you already are sharing is downright wrong. You should be talking to Andrew first before revealing all this stuff . You act like this is all about you and man you are loving the spotlight. But this is Andrews pin and you keep standing in front of it and revealing stuff without even checking with him. Andrew is one of the nicest guys out there but you are totally taking advantage. Is his marketing plan to just have Aurich spill stuff ahead of reveal? I doubt it man. Your time to talk is soon but just do your boss a favor and respect him a bit more. He's got me on ignore so how about someone else copy and paste this.

dude do us all a favor and go drink a bottle of sleeping pills. you are all over the place, reckless in behavior. you are totally out of control, remember what happened to you on klov??? you need to take a step back, a breather. take a few days off and think about why you are here on pinside. if you really like pins you wouldn't want what happened to you on klov to happen to you here. kapish?

#3559 4 years ago
Quoted from kaneda:

Rare, what do you even do for a living? Aurich is a hired artist by Andrew and he constantly just says what's on his mind without even checking with his employer first. That's unprofessional. Down vote me all you want, it's the truth. He also wants to play both sides. Fanboy and Heighway employee. It's effin unprofessional how he acts and I don't care if you want to slam me. He knows it.
I'm out of control? He's the one revealing stuff about a pin before he even has permission to. That's unprofessional.
I love how he stated he would love to have an empty playfield to work with. He's a designer not an artists. He can't draw a playfield out. And he knows it. He's doing EXACTLY what stern did with SMVE and dropping studio assets onto the playfield. Wow, the big Aurich translite reveal is a studio image egg. You guys need to wake up. More to come in my podcast....

you need to go see a therapist if you dont already. you have 2 user accounts here you use and i wont offend a troll by calling you one cause you are much worse. you were thrown out of klov twice. you are thrown out of every facebook forum you join. you destroy every interesting thread. when people block you, your constant posts makes it hard for them to follow threads. smh. at the very least change your avatar pic. just so friggin annoying!

#3566 4 years ago
Quoted from aeonblack:

Thanks! I don't know if I got the last one, or they haven't updated the site, but I'm only worried that at this point they were all already spoken for and I'll get an email from Andrew saying I either have to wait for someone to drop or go with a standard. But, I'm not too concerned, people always end up bailing on these things.

welcome to the club. i am glad they are selling out. and like you said there will probably be a few bailouts so you will get your spot.
i am glad to be seeing the details as they trickle out and then to one day own the finished product.

#3612 4 years ago
Quoted from OLDPINGUY:

Amazing how one person can take over a great thread!

well we are told we can expect the playfield reveal next week. i also got my first moderated warning.
alot of excitement this week.
glad the thread is back on track.

#3614 4 years ago
Quoted from beelzeboob:

It's a badge of honor, my friend; wear it with pride. It's like the Tenderfoot badge of Pinside.
Eagle Scout is having your account frozen...especially if it's for a stupid reason. Get that, and I'll buy you a beer.
Can't wait for the reveal...love the theme, but won't preorder anymore.

you can come play mine anytime when it gets here i am only 1:15 away.
"be prepared"

#3684 4 years ago
Quoted from PACMAN:


im up looking for the playfield already!


#3816 4 years ago
Quoted from foureyedcharlie:

Lots of detail, the more you look the better it gets.....excellent.
PS....stop quoting kaneda....f n a

yeah i mean ignore did wonders for me! looks great. love the small details.

#3971 4 years ago
Quoted from 27dnast:

So what are the odds that this game will fully ship in 2016?

i think we will see at least the stds
mid year. ill be happy to get my le anytime in 2016 i aint in no rush.

#3977 4 years ago
Quoted from lachied:

I did a quick mock up of what the blue motion tracker pulse might look like. Definitely will add to the mood and feel of the game I think.
» YouTube video
At the moment I'm not really leaning one way or the other with the artwork. Though I think it is something that could potentially work really well once the playfield is populated. Interested to see what is on the plastics.

ace, bloke. thats good oil!

#4511 4 years ago
Quoted from foureyedcharlie:

Crazy how calm/improved things are with one person missing.

he will be back. pulled the same stunts on klov with numerous accounts and finally got tired of all his user names being banned.
he is a poison.

back to alien, this thread is so


1 month later
#4890 4 years ago
Quoted from Wickerman2:

Thought it was going to have a plunger...

#4911 4 years ago

who you gonna call? heighway pinball! aliens drool!

#4945 4 years ago
Quoted from Jvspin:

I know this is the Alien thread but thought the chromed out FT looks so nice, just imagine something similar on Alien.
I didn't like the look of the old bezel but think the chromed one actually adds cosmetic value.


Ferrari of pinballs....

1 week later
#4992 4 years ago
Quoted from Hollywoodbone:

Any idea on what it's going to cost to ship to the states? Website won't tell me till I put the deposit down!

you pay shipping from the distributor in the states. not from europe

#5061 4 years ago

its a 1500 deposit until it ready and you have to pay the balance. I don't understand how it makes a difference. you buy a gb and still in on an aliens with the low deposit of 1500.00. smh I don't get it.

#5065 4 years ago
Quoted from PoMC:

$1500 Tied up on thin air, that's my thought. Why tie up any money based on pre-order history? Just buy it when it's available or at the very least place $1500 down once an actual complete game is shown?

cause its guaranteeing me my le that I want. if I had that money in the bank at .09 percent interest what would it earn, 8.00?

2 months later
#5756 4 years ago

gb le and the rest of my pins can keep me busy, I don't mind the wait. I am thinking Christmas gift for me, that would be ok. I have a deposit and I am not stressing it especially after playing ft. probably gonna order a ft kit when my alien ready to ship.

1 week later
#6229 4 years ago

manufacturers should really announce pins when they are done. the year + of dribs and drabs of info and speculation is a negative affect on sales. design, develop, create, promote, manufacture and sell. i am exhausted from all this waiting on woz, hobbit and now alien(s). i cant see anything good/positive from announcing a pin and getting it out 2 years later.
i am really looking forward to this. i have a deposit. when its ready i am ready. i dont want to see a shot of a toy, a playfield, a flipper, a ramp, a display. i want to see the whole thing when done. i am a big boy. i dont need snippets. git r done!

1 month later
#6567 4 years ago

When I do get this pin, I will look back at all the negative bull crap and laugh my ass off. It's gonna be great!

1 week later
#6695 4 years ago

39 new posts and nothing new.


2 weeks later
#6837 3 years ago

i have an le on order. i assume they contact you before its built to add options? i am gonna go with 27" and check the list of mods for upgrades.

#6901 3 years ago

gb le and then alien le for me. god bless america!!!

#6913 3 years ago

the entire package is gonna come together very nice. that playfield loaded is gonna be awesome!

blade runner would be awesome.

#6954 3 years ago

we will be getting a game very soon. if I get mine in next 6 mos ill be very happy!! thanks for the update very exciting times for pinball!

2 weeks later
#7123 3 years ago

alien pin coming real soon. great news!!

1 week later
#7246 3 years ago

this is the pin i am anxious for right now and nothing out there will give me my fix till i get this alien pin. heck i might throw my gble outa the arcade to make room for this.

#7294 3 years ago

just got my email today!!! 2-3 weeks for 50 percent deposit and it seems like you can factory pimp the hell outa this pin!!

#7308 3 years ago

chrome aliens le with invisiglass and backglass lcd with full thottle extra playfield. well my poor wife and kids are gonna have a light christmas this year!!!

#7335 3 years ago
Quoted from jeffspinballpalace:

Like everything you've picked out and guess you mean large vs small lcd screen. You need a shaker too, right? As we are going to wait 14 days for real info, what do you speculate that might cost prior to shipping? I am thinking $9.5kish maybe.

i am not sure plus adding the extra playfield. wow might cost as much as a compact car !!!

1 month later
#7822 3 years ago

i am fine with it as it is. there are mods that can be added from the factory also, not sure about the chrome yet but i am gonna load mines up.

#8073 3 years ago

just awesome!

#8163 3 years ago

anybody ordering the chrome? i am on the fence as the le gets the green trim, i think it looks nice. would like to see how the chrome on the alien le looks.

#8185 3 years ago

wired my deposit. bank held it back. they wanted proof, a copy of invoice. for a lousy 4000. jeeze the banking rules in this country are pathethic!!! yet i can go to western union and wire thousands to mohammed in alleppo.

1 month later
#9417 3 years ago


angry-grandpa_o_5244785 (resized).jpg

2 weeks later
#9698 3 years ago

picture those 3 screens going and a multiball at the same time. thats gonna be something to see and experience. lets get these done i am dying to get this pin already.
thanks for updates andrew. i am in for le and all the bells and whistles.

#9869 3 years ago

i was happy with the coffee can i am happy with the lcd. build this pin already.

2 weeks later
#10026 3 years ago

please explain the blue. i thought alien was like a green theme.

#10031 3 years ago

ok if your into aliens. i can see it. it would match the blue playfield more. thanks for educating me on this!
dont know yet bl gr or blu
we should make a survey!

#10047 3 years ago
Quoted from Dee-Bow:

What the hell does that mean.. "like a green theme"??? It doesn't matter what Heighway releases for updates.. people are gonna reach to the far depths of obscurity to find things to complain about!!

not complaining, I am very supportive of heighway, I fully paid for my le. I just wanted to know about the blue as I want as much information as I can get. the fellow pinsiders answered my question (the blue was for aliens) and now I have to decide between green, black, blue chrome.i for one just really want this pin already and don't care about the coffee can or the display.
I think its great they are offering many options.

#10296 3 years ago

i approve. please ship me my le. idgaf if the beacons from car 54 are mounted up there!

2 weeks later
#10558 3 years ago

I am really looking forward to this pin and my full throttle kit. I also want to be on a list for future games like spooky does. Andrew all I ask is for a smooth purchase I don't care If I am told july and that's the case. you will have my business going forward!!

#10602 3 years ago

IMG_9991 (resized).PNG

1 week later
#10950 3 years ago

andrew do you have the full throttle kits ready to ship with alien pin for those that are buying the ft kit?

2 weeks later
#11618 3 years ago
Quoted from Mfsrc791:

550 seems like a lot for a 27 in HD TV. Bought a 55in Samsung for 650. Still worth it though and will definitely add to the awesome atmosphere of the game

they cant give stuff away. they are making pinballs. i hope they make plenty of money to put out great pins and stay in business. most markups are 33 % - 50 % in an item like this anyway.

#11740 3 years ago

alien pin looks very good so far, its gonna need a few tweaks of course. some of the complainers need to go revisit bm66 code thread. I don't see stern on there answering questions, all I see are complaints about when the next code will be released and the empty promises from Gomez.

#11844 3 years ago

andrew, is the glass for the playfield display replaceable? when are we going to get pricing on full throttle kits. i am paid for on le and would like to have an idea when the les would ship with full throttle playfields. i want to get both at the same time to save on shipping.

#11863 3 years ago

i am asking about the plastic over the playfield monitor. kinda hope it is replaceable and not like the lower playfield on the early acdc that got clouded.

2 weeks later
#12339 3 years ago

jeeze i feel like i am gonna be unboxing my le come around christmas time.

#12343 3 years ago
Quoted from sed6:

Nah, I bet everyone who's ordered already will have them way before then. Peeps who order later and don't pay in full and wait for cargo shipping will wait the longest. Good news is anyone can pay in full for a Standard today and have it in hand probably before any LE's ship. I'm debating between a Standard and LE right now and the big difference in time between delivery for the two is playing a roll in that decision.

i am gonna get a ft playfield and all the bells and whistles on the le. we are already in april almost. this year is flying by very fast. cant see les shipping till after mid-year. the one good thing i see is that heighway makes alot of the art themselves so that will speed up the process.

#12456 3 years ago

Andrew make cliffies an option. I think many would gladly pay. I know I would.

#12567 3 years ago

30 posts and a couple pussy pics

1 week later
#12670 3 years ago

ughhh 61 posts and nothing new. damn you pacman!

1 week later
#13046 3 years ago

looks great ship my le out as is, let the haters hate and the haters wait! the plastic ties is the same on tron jeeze I don't even notice them on my tron le.

#13052 3 years ago
Quoted from nwpinball:

Would you really want a static image in attract mode over movie clips and full motion color action? I wouldn't, it seems like a waste of technology.

and you would probably burn-in the screen

#13133 3 years ago

if people are getting their refunds right away, i don't see an issue with heighway.

#13221 3 years ago
Quoted from PinBackpacker:

Do we know this to be the case?

yes if it wasnt happening then it would be posted all over pinside and the sky would be falling detective cluso!

#13222 3 years ago
Quoted from Homepin:

I would like to clarify that there is a well respected amusement company based in Australia but trading in many countries, including the USA, called 'Highway Amusements'.
Note the spelling difference between this company and 'Heighway Pinball' - which is named after the founder.
Highway - Heighway.
I have to say that if I owned 'Highway Amusements' I wouldn't be too happy about people using my name in threads of a controversial nature.
Nothing I have said above sleights Heighway Pinball in any way whatsoever. I find it amusing that Heighway Pinball would choose to downvote my post LOL - that's funny! (if in fact the person using the Heighway logo IS actually Heighway - maybe they are not in which case the downvote is just sad)

dude that logo is jeff f

stop trying to stir more of the shit pot

#13227 3 years ago
Quoted from JeffF:

Not sad at all... IMO your post came(and still comes) off as a dick post. Thumbs down is here for when people don't agree with what you post. I've been thumbs downed by friends even and it's not offensive in the least to me. Just shows they don't agree.
And I mentioned in another post I had a friend make a Heighway Pinball neon because I'm excited about Heighway Pinball... Alien to be specific. I don't represent any company. I am not part of any company. I am only a hobbiest.

and an enthusiast with an impeccable reputation! i am in as well as you on alien pinball. i can hardly wait to be playing these hopefully soon!

3 weeks later
#14045 3 years ago

sell pinballs and have all your private info and laundry put out on pinside.
guys i am fully paid for my le. i got an invoice last year asking for payment and i sent it in. waiting for the call and i am gonna pay for whatever extras i want. i am waiting patiently, if my game is not delivered this year i will be getting worried. this year is flying by and we are almost in june. for me its fair to give andrew and heighway a few more months to get set up so i can get a game that isnt rushed and gonna need a ton of work.
i am seeing pins getting delivered there is light at the end of the tunnel.

#14073 3 years ago
Quoted from JeffF:

Wow, that Xenomorph tongue looks pretty quick with the new mech. Nice.

i would rather wait it out and get a later machine that has all the bugs worked out.
i need this tongue mech to work perfectly.

#14296 3 years ago

wow!!! friggin looks awesome.
please fill us in how you got the news your pin was ready!!

#14300 3 years ago
Quoted from Join_The_Cirqus:

Andrew called me and let me know

were you already paid? details details

#14542 3 years ago

jeeze i used to work for a guy worth tens of millions of dollars and drive the cheapest car- a junked up 1977 chevy impala- in 1987. first thing i learned in business was him telling me to never drive a nice car as an owner of a company. he used to tell me he had a mercedes at home for the weekends but wouldnt dare drive it to work for employees or customers to see.
in the uk porsches and bmws are like chevys and fords people, wtf!!??

#14759 3 years ago

after seeing the star wars pin i want aliens even more. i still believe ill be getting my paid in full le this year. when i get it i am gonna throw a hell of a party thats for shizzure. pinball like vegas baby all in!

3 weeks later
#15361 3 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

you need to also respect that there are a few people that have either never had money in, have already gotten funds back, or purposefully are in every HP thread on a daily basis trying to constantly stir for the drama effect only. When these same people go out of their way to attack the character of people that dont deserve it then frankly it pisses me off. This is not about 1 question... This is constant pot stirring from the same handful of people. They need to get off their loser butts and do something constructive for pinball if they want any leg to stand on when attacking these developers that are not even remotely part fo the problem.
We all need to also keep in mind that ANYONE that paid even a penny over the 1k deposit needs (on their own and so long as not lied to about game being ready to ship) to take on some blame in this situation. These people opted to pay in more than needed for their own personal reasons (jump the line, get a game sooner, etc...) but those funds enabled this all to go on/ go on longer. So sick of all the people in this hobby taking no personal accountability for anything in life.
Lets face it, at this stage in pinball if you pay anything for a game in advance then that risk is on you. If you pay anything more than a nominal deposit then you are enabling a situation (good or bad; that is your decision but you automatically take some ownership of the situation once you pay more than deposit).
Want to be mad at someone, be mad at Andrew. Be mad at new managment team as they are now the new Andrew and took on that finacial risk and potential reward. However, dont be mad at the guys that worked for free at this stage and put in countless hours for the love of pinball. Attacking their character will not stand man.

^^^^with all due respect, i paid for my alien pinball in full after i received an email requesting payment for my pin as part of the agreement that it would be shipped only after it was paid in full. andrew, imho, sent these emails out knowing that the pins were never ready to be shipped. we dont know what was done with this money or what happened but dont anybody EVER say to me i was at fault for sending them money.

#15363 3 years ago
Quoted from Hazoff:

Relax for a couple more weeks maybe a month, lets see what happens here, I understand and yeah Andrew had no business asking for money but in his deluded state maybe he thought he could work it out, well he was wrong and hes finished.

i am really not stressed out over this as i believe they are gonna right the ship.
i always thought if i get the alien pin by the end of the year thats what i expected anyway, i know these things take time.

#15377 3 years ago
Quoted from Manimal:

There were others who paid more or paid in full to be at the front of the line. The way Andrew structured the ordering, the more you paid, the farther up the line you went. I believe those were the folks he is referring to.

i would never do such a thing. i would wait for later games especially with early model issues.

Quoted from Agent_Hero:

I saw in one of these threads that some were contacted for final payment since shipping was imminent. Probably back when machines were said to be shipping in April/May.

exactly what happened to me. we are shipping games and asking for payment in full.

#15380 3 years ago
Quoted from Manimal:

I never said you did .....lol If you had used the full quote, I just laid out the various groups of folks Andrew was drawing from..

not directing anything to you, just that andrew tried every trick in the book to get people to buy including the front of the line which i would have passed on.

2 weeks later
#15503 2 years ago

this is one pin i really want to own, hope they can turn it around and deliver some goods!

#15546 2 years ago
Quoted from PACMAN:

Wow, i didn't know David Thiel worked on arcade games too. I have a few of them in my collection (pictured) and the sound definitely kicks ass on all of them!

of course you would have these 4 and in mint condition, very nice, did you ever open your museum?

1 month later
#16197 2 years ago
Quoted from frolic:

I saved him the work:
I am writing this letter purely in the spirit of uplifting and sharing, as corny and dated as those sentiments may sound in the fast-moving and ever-evolving modern techno-plastic times in which we live. Primarily, I want to share with you my view that those who think that cannibalism brings one closer to nirvana should think again. It is requisite, even in this summary sketch, to go back a few years to see how it would be great if all of us could prescribe a course of action. In the end, however, money talks and you-know-what walks. Perhaps that truism also explains why whenever I hear Alien Pinball use a word like “electrotelethermometer” I think that someone must have given it a thesaurus without telling it how to use it. It would have been much clearer, for instance, for Alien Pinball simply to say that if you're like most people around here, you've already gotten into an argle-bargle at some point with it about where the free exchange of ideas ends and outright stupidity begins. In my case, Alien Pinball was claiming that matters of racial justice should enter a period of “benign neglect”. I, in turn, made the counterargument that it's its deep-seated belief that it is patriotic to make higher education accessible only to those in the higher echelons of society. Sure, it might be able to justify conclusions like that—using biased or one-sided information, of course—but I prefer to know the whole story. In this case, the whole story is that we need to make a manful effort to bear witness to the plain, unvarnished truth. A halfhearted attempt simply won't do.
To Hell with Alien Pinball! I find that some of Alien Pinball's choices of words in its squibs would not have been mine. For example, I would have substituted “evil” for “intercommunicability” and “dotty” for “chromatographic.” Alien Pinball's confreres claim to have no choice but to create anomie. I wish there were some way to help these miserable, jaundiced scoundrels. They are outcasts, lost in a world they didn't make and don't understand.
Although I generally try to be tolerant of unabashed laziness, defiant incompetence, willful ignorance, and combative arrogance, finding the best way to put Alien Pinball in its place is a challenging problem indeed. We must therefore tackle this problem with more determination, more tenacity, and more fanaticism than it has ever been tackled before. Only then will people realize that Alien Pinball's pontifications are based on hate. Hate, Fabianism, and an intolerance of another viewpoint, another way of life. I suggest we point out the glaring contradictions between Alien Pinball's idealized view of mandarinism and reality. This idea isn't as outré as it sounds, especially when you consider that it is thoroughly versipellous. When Alien Pinball is among plebeians, it warms the cockles of their hearts by remonstrating against recidivism. But when it's safely surrounded by its servitors, Alien Pinball instructs them to propound ideas that are widely perceived as representing outright ethnocentrism. That type of cunning two-sidedness tells us that Alien Pinball thinks that it's a living bodhisattva of peace and nonviolence. What planet is it from? The planet Splenetic? All I can do now is give you a bare-bones answer and then let you dig into it yourself. To understand the basic answer you need to realize that Alien Pinball's undertakings stink. Let me express that same thought in slightly different terms: It's a pity that two thousand years after Christ, the voices of repulsive know-nothings like Alien Pinball can still be heard, worse still that they're listened to, and worst of all that anyone believes them.
I like to face facts. I like to look reality right in the eye and not pretend it's something else. And the reality of our present situation is this: I call upon Alien Pinball to stop its oppression, lies, immorality, and debauchery. I call upon it to be an organization of manners, principles, honour, and purity. And finally, I call upon it to forgo its desire to instill a general ennui. Alien Pinball is unhappy that people like me want to encourage students to be bold, independent, and creative thinkers. Such cavils notwithstanding, I wish I didn't have to be the one to break the news that even sick-minded autocrats object to its self-righteous arrogance. Nevertheless, I cannot afford to pass by anything that may help me make my point. So let me just state that by comparing today to even ten years ago and projecting the course we're on, I'd say we're in for an even more snooty, headlong, and logorrheic society, all thanks to Alien Pinball's methods of interpretation.
Alien Pinball is a sore loser. Need I say more? I don't think so, but this I will say: We all know, in the world that surrounds us, that there are terrorists and home invaders and drug cartels and carjackers and knockout gamers and rapers and haters and venom-spouting faitours who scheme to hamstring our efforts to cast an unfamiliar ray of sunshine over the crapulous, thrasonical landscape of Alien Pinball's rodomontades. What is often easy to forget, however, is that every so often you'll see Alien Pinball lament, flog itself, cry mea culpa for blowing the whole situation way out of proportion, and vow never again to be so headstrong. Sadly, it always reverts to its old behavior immediately afterwards, making me think that my current plan is to express concern about its conduct. Yes, Alien Pinball will draw upon the most powerful fires of Hell to tear that plan asunder, but the dominant opinion of the day proclaims that its agitprop machine is running at full throttle. (Actually, its tractates provide a vivid example of how it is unwilling to entertain any opposition to its ideas and policies, but that's not important now.) Alien Pinball's jobations are not “supposedly” perverted. They are fundamentally so. In fact, because its jobations have so much to do with suppressing people's instinct and intellect, one might even say that I once heard a couple people ask Alien Pinball to comment on how out of all of the blinkered ochlocrats I've ever known, it is clearly the most inconsiderate. Alien Pinball proceeded to bombard these questioners with insults, calling them blathering, unruly preachers of allotheism and the like. Sure, Alien Pinball has a reputation for laying into its opponents, but this overbearing reaction fails to answer the substance of its competitors' points.
Regardless of what Alien Pinball seems to avow, our duty should be to nourish children with good morals and self-esteem. To make everyone agree to a specific, deeply political set of beliefs about how race, culture, class, and gender play out in our society is alien to this duty. That's why I want you to know that it keeps talking about the importance of its cause. As far as I can tell, Alien Pinball's “cause” is to concentrate all the wealth of the world into its own hands. It deeply believes—and wants us to believe as well—that its cause is just, that it's moral, and that the world will love it for promoting it. In reality, Alien Pinball's lickspittles are engaged in perpetual one-upmanship over who more deeply enjoys Alien Pinball's circulars. These are the sorts of people who can't stomach the fact that what I wrote just a moment ago is not the paranoid rambling of a malapert wacko. It's a fact.
How's this for an Alien Pinball apophasis: By claiming that it has no intention of portraying disaffected gaberlunzies as peddlers of snake-oil remedies, Alien Pinball is in fact acknowledging just the opposite. Specifically, it's confirming that it says that human beings should be appraised by the number of things and the amount of money they possess instead of by their internal value and achievements. At least we can't accuse it of hiding its prejudices, I suppose. Of course, it would nice if Alien Pinball were also to confess that not only does it impede every diplomatic, security, and social priority on which our government needs to focus its efforts, but it then commands its surrogates, “Go, and do thou likewise.” Alien Pinball's self-centered cop-outs have spawned an industry of consultants, advisors, and departments that, among them, have corporatized Alien Pinball's dream of producing a new generation of alabandical, surly traitors whose opinions and prejudices, far from being enlightened and challenged, are simply legitimized. Let me try to explain what I mean by that in a single sentence: Many, many people have been hurt by it for daring to put an end to its diabolical cycle of prejudice and reprisal. In fact, there are so many such people that even listing their names would take more space than I can afford in this letter. In their honor, though, I will say that the point at which you discover that Alien Pinball's unambitious capilotades serve as a stark reminder that anyone who questions Alien Pinball's warped view of the world is a threat to its tottering sense of reality is not only a moment of disenchantment. It is a moment of resolve, a determination that the time has arrived to make a choice between freedom and slavery, revolt and submission, liberty and subservience. We must choose wisely, knowing that if we fight denominationalism in all its infernal, self-seeking forms, we can live as truly free and empowered human beings. If, however, we let Alien Pinball prevent the real problems from being solved, we become little more than fearful, broken dogs condemned to exist in a world of doolally colonialism.
Shall we pretend that Alien Pinball is a wonderful, caring organization with no intention of leaving behind a wake of peccable reaction? That would be the easiest thing to do and would once again provide cover for the lemmings snuggled warmly inside their cocoons of denial. However, it would decidedly overlook the imporant fact that Alien Pinball pretends to be supportive of my plan to subject its exegeses to the rigorous scrutiny they warrant. Don't trust it, though; it's a wolf in sheep's clothing. Before you know it, it'll force people to act in ways far removed from the natural patterns of human behavior. Not only that, but there are two kinds of people in this world. There are those who doctor evidence and classification systems and make revolting generalizations to support unpleasant, preconceived views, and there are those who keep our priorities in check. Alien Pinball fits neatly into the former category, of course.
I am certain that if I asked the next person I meet if he would want Alien Pinball to sap people's moral stamina, he would say no. Yet we all stand idly by while Alien Pinball claims that its debauches are the result of a high-minded urge to do sociological research. Other than that, unflappably immoral wisenheimers rarely question, resist, or protest those events that do not appear to affect them directly. For example, they ignore how Alien Pinball has been displaying an irreconcilable hatred toward all nations. I have begun to see, more and more, how our failure to extricate as many people as possible from Alien Pinball's grip is reflected in our failure to promote peace, prosperity, and quality of life, both here and abroad. The situations are different, of course, but also similar. At the heart of both is Alien Pinball's success at blitzing media outlets with faxes and newsletters that highlight the good points of its brain-damaged complaints. At the heart of both, there's a denial of reality. At the heart of both, there's the observation that those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Of course, if Alien Pinball had learned anything from history, it'd know that its serfs have repeatedly been caught beating plowshares into swords. I had expected better from Alien Pinball and its vaunted coven, but then again, my quest is to determine why it has been trying so hard to encourage and exacerbate passivity in some people who might otherwise be active and responsible citizens. I want to know the real stuff going on behind the scenes. I want to know why Alien Pinball periodically puts up a façade of reform. However, underneath the pretty surface, it's always business as usual.
Alien Pinball may have modernized the appeal and packaging of its proposals, but satanic proposals are satanic proposals regardless of how they're presented. Alien Pinball's objective is clear: to hammer a few more nails into the coffin of freedom some day. Although chimpanzees can be convinced to wear clothing, understand commands, and even ride bicycles (if well paid for their services in bananas), it would be virtually impossible to convince Alien Pinball that back when our policemen were guardians, not enforcers, they would have protected us from Alien Pinball's army of disingenuous maniacs. Today, it seems that most officers of the law are content to sit back and let Alien Pinball make nearby communities victims of environmental degradation and toxic waste dumping. That's why we must raise people's consciousness about its judgmental sottises. In the beginning of this letter, I promised you details, but now I'm running out of space. So here's one detail to end with: Alien Pinball is caught up in an irrational belief about its own powers and abilities.

you smoking some really good shit!!!

1 month later
#17057 2 years ago
Quoted from MikeHogue:

Glad you got your refund!
I supported the company with a $1500 deposit Oct of 2014.
I've been asking for a refund since June of 2017.
Morgan hasn't responded to my latest email of a couple days ago. Why are some being refunded and others are not?

i have had no issues contacting morgan
every time i have emailed them i got a response.
good luck, keep trying.

#17105 2 years ago
Quoted from jeffspinballpalace:

The old gag regarding JPOO was his customers could not get him to call back for post sales support or maintenance issues. People posing as new customers however would get a prompt return call. It was uncanny how that played out.
Primarily using email to resolve issues is often ineffective. Heighway should be picking up the phone and reaching out to its customers with issues and actively following up until resolved. Granted, this reflects the minimum acceptable effort, it is a long way from best practice. At this point, a little common sense and extra attention to detail would be a welcomed sight for sore eyes.

to clarify i have been fully paid for my le over 6 months ago with prior management. i have sent emails for updates and gotten responses whithin a day. not saying i am not upset over the wait though!

3 weeks later
#18221 2 years ago

i was contacted by andrew in may that my le was ready to ship and wanted full payment. isent them payment and i am still waiting. i am still sticking it out but need my pin very soon.

#18353 2 years ago

andrew please go crawl back into your moms basement. you contacted me and told me my le was ready to ship and had me wire thousands of dollars when you knew my le was not shipping anytime soon. you sir are a scammer, a criminal, liar and a thief. i almost lost 7000 because of you and still at risk of losing it all.
for you to come back here to defend yourself is ridiculous.
anybody screwing me out of my hard earned money would be dealt with and you better hope your friends at heighway come thru and deliver me an LE
because i will personally hold YOU accountable for any money i would lose on alien.

#18421 2 years ago

heighway please update us on production dates and when le shipping will begin.

#18465 2 years ago

man it would be great to open an le for xmas!!

1 week later
#18709 2 years ago
Quoted from Jarbyjibbo:

Letter From the new team at HWP:
We are writing to update you as you committed to buy a pinball machine from Heighway Pinball, before we took over management of the company from Andrew Heighway in early June. There has also been much speculation on the various Pinball forums, and from some journalists, about what is going on at the company so we wanted to tell your directly as you have a vested interest in our company!
Nearly 6 months ago, we took over a business with a not quite finished Alien machine, an empty bank account, many refund requests, paid for and deposit down orders, supplier and other bills and hardly any parts at the factory with which to make machines.
We had hoped that more of you would have had their machines by now but due to technical delays, unforeseen bills and more refund requests than anticipated, to mention some, it is taking a little longer than we planned. We think that the extra time we are spending on quality control is paying off. The feedback we are now receiving on the Alien is good from customers. There are still improvements to be made but we are working on these every day.
We know that it has been frustrating sitting on the outside not knowing what is happening, but it has been just as frustrating for us, due to all the unknowns and uncertainties that have emerged since June. If we say something one week, we might have to change it the next week due to new developments. The difficult aspect for us is, as proven, whenever we have said anything it has been twisted and turned on social media and some of it has spun out of control. That is why we have decided to limit information from our side on these forums and keep our focus on getting the product out of the door at the right quality. We also see that many of the social media comments are honest reactions and comments, but some seem to be posted to pour gasoline on the fire, even from people that we do not have on our order book. We hope you can understand our choice of ”silence” in this matter. Factory updates will be posted on our Facebook page. We promise to be in direct contact with all of our pre-order customers with good news and bad and, as soon as we have the planned production week for your machine, we will tell you. We hope to have delivered the machines to all of you by late Q1 2018, but please don’t kill us if it takes a little longer. Unforeseen challenges surface every week and we solve them and keep moving forward.
All of the investors, that have now stepped in, were in the same situation as all of you until June, with ”lost money” on anything from a pre-order deposit payment to mulitple fully paid for machines. Just to make it clear, none of us have received any machines yet either and we have put all of our old "money down" orders at the back of the production queue. We will not get any machines we paid for before June until you have yours.
It was a big decision for us to step in and a very significant financial and time commitment. We believe that the prospects for those that ordered machines is much, much better now than they were in May.
We have made real progress and are now shipping the re-vamped SE machine, with much improved code and are working on further improvements. As we posted on our Facebook page, the next run of machines to be shipped will include both SEs and LEs and we know most of you have pre-ordered LE machines. We have paid many refunds dating from the pre-June period and we have also made amends to some who received pinball machines from Andrew Heighway.
In order to maximise production of machines for our Distributors and for you, we have adopted a clear strategy and cashflow plan that prioritises production of machines over all aspects of the business. In this regard, we have a production/ cashflow schedule that deliberately spreads the shipping of pre-ordered machines and remaining refunds from the previous CEO's time over a number of months. Similarly on the fixes for the machines shipped in the first months of this year. You will get your machines but we will not ship them all together. We have to do it this way if we are to continue to turn this business around, having decided to save it in June. We have your orders and plan to ship to you all. Some of your orders date back to 2014!
On the LEs, there are two coming pieces of news. Firstly, the 3 trims of the LE are currently being made up. Once we have them back at the factory, we will show you pictures of the production choices you have; Black, Blue and Green. In addition, we have negotiated with Roman Glass the option to supply their Roman/ PDI glass on our machines. This add on is offered at $250/ £195/ €220 once Roman's first pallet arrives at the factory during December.
The technical aspects and the support for the games is one of our primary focuses. At this moment in time we do not have a complete technical manual for the machines but this is currently in development as an online resource. The support structure for customers is also going through a transition as we hope to help in any way possible with any issues that may arise with the machine. This is a process and we are improving our procedures every dayto get the best possible online reasources.
We are hard at work here and wholy committed to getting machines to you all as soon as we can. This has been a difficult situation for all parties involved but we are getting through these difficulties together. Fundamentally we are all passionate about pinball and want to see the expansion of this great hobby. Alien is the first step to this and with the commitment from all of us here at Heighway Pinball we will make this expansion a reality.
We hope that this update is helpful.
The Management

got the same email so basically telling me i prepaid but i have to wait till first quarter 2018. they lost money and they are out money also.

1 month later
#19358 2 years ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

HAPPY NEW YEAR (again) to all Alien supporters...hoping to join the Club with my own LE this coming year, and be able to contribute to the growth of this great title........mark

2018 and no le yet. was hoping for xmas delivery. at least i see some progress and hope they get the bugs and quality control fixed before shipping.
hope an alien le lands at my house in 2018!!
happy alien new year

#19371 2 years ago

where are the le's. enough is enough!!

1 week later
#19418 2 years ago

looking for my le. hopefully soon.

#19548 2 years ago
Quoted from JeffF:

You have the patience of a Saint dude. Can't wait to hear you have finally received your game! (And I'll be on my way down to play it quickity-split!!!) LOL.

hopefully an early spring get together with the crew!

#19550 2 years ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

How long have you been in for?

almost 2 years. asked to send my final money in april 2017 for my le to be shipped.
still waiting. kinda think those that paid are old money and are gonna be last.

1 week later
#19735 2 years ago
Quoted from bigdaddy07:

I've been told to pick trim color and prepare to send final payment. LEs are coming! I hope my man Mark "MK6Pin" is on this list as well. He deserves it if anyone does.

how long have you been in. are you new money or old money?

2 weeks later
#20048 2 years ago
Quoted from Pale_Purple:

So are the LEs for new buyers or are there no LEs on the way to Cointaker?

old money is probably screwed (i am in that boat)

1 month later
#20462 2 years ago

buy what is tangible. many games can be had today on the spot. cash and carry.

2 weeks later
#20599 2 years ago
Quoted from rubberducks:

No-one would have got anything if they hadn't stepped in to take over the company, and they continue to lose money doing this ... so nothing could be further from the truth.

many people, including myself have gotten anything. i havent even got an email from them in almost a year. fully paid for le. its just beyond ridiculous at this point. this thread is also dying. people have lost interest and of they dont ship these games soon they will really destroy the company. who would commit to their next pin after this debacle?

#20715 2 years ago

alot of people including myself gonna get f#cked!!

#20981 2 years ago

good bye 6500

#21059 2 years ago
Quoted from JeffF:

Andrew is a f@ck twat...

“send balance for your le, its ready to ship asap”
andrew heighway robbery

#21330 2 years ago
Quoted from neverahighscore:

Put me on that list of being lied to. When you contacted me and said you were staring at my LE game ready to ship and you needed my next payment. We're you being honest. Karma will get you sooner or later. You sir are a piece of shit!

same here and i promise you andrew if we ever meet you will know you stole 6500 from me you thief!

#21354 2 years ago

i cant believe somebody bought that aliens priced at 9200. i cant even stand looking at that pin. btw last year at allentown i believe there were 2 aliens on display. people going nuts over them. i did not want to even play it cause i wanted to play my pin for the first time.

#21383 2 years ago
Quoted from JeffF:

I totally remember trying to get you to play a game with Cam and me. I thought it was cool you were waiting for "your baby" to be the first time you played. Andrew sucks...

and 3 downvotes for that post. really pinside!!??

#21461 2 years ago

everyone please go back and downvote post no 1 on this thread. 55 upvotes they dont deserve. i just gave mine.

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