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ALIEN PINBALL - Game Over, Man, Game Over

By HeighwayPinball

7 years ago

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#1468 6 years ago

This looks great Andrew! Studying the playfield the center looks like a few pop up aliens could be included (MM trolls) as bash toys. Just a thought when the sirens are going off and all mayhem breaks loose and it feels like the aliens are attacking in numbers.

4 months later
#3111 5 years ago
Quoted from emkay:

Is it true Heighway has already taken full payment for Alien machines?

They've only taken deposits for LE's that are fully refundable, no payments in full. 1/2 when your game is being built and final payment when the game is shipped. I'm in for an LE.

#3115 5 years ago

Lots of new pinball going on to keep us entertained. HWP is doing what they can...we just know how these licenses work, just have to be patient. Aurich has done a great job keeping us in the loop, more than I certainly expected. I'm excited and have anxiety over adding this game to my line up but we just have to hold out until it's approved by the big dogs. Waiting sucks...but it will be worth it!

3 months later
#5286 5 years ago

It will be so cool if your able to get some additional approvals from 20th Century to tease us with even though a full reveal looks to be unlikely. Seeing this poster that was revealed by ACME immediately got me excited about owning the theme.


5 months later
#7631 5 years ago

With regards to the translight and LCD monitor... I thought this is where JJP did a nice job incorporating both together.

I agree with you rubberducks that making so many options available makes their lives more difficult. Of course it's up to them to simplify it and with time I'm sure they will. I think what they are doing right now is spot on in order to build their customer following/buyers.

If they include the both translights with my LE order I'll be stoked, but I know I would never worry about changing out the LCD and replace it with a translight...it's just too much trouble to worry about covering the black screen. I owned a WOZ for a year and can say the dark screen never bugged me. When the games were off it usually meant not I or anyone else were playing games. Maybe different for games on route...but assume those are always on so not a big deal either.

1 week later
#7951 5 years ago

Man...There are some things to critique...but the plunger??

New plunger design in the works!

IMG_8755 (resized).JPG

#8096 5 years ago

Shoot, I want to cancel my pre-order and purchase it again if it's 7100. I placed a deposit back in Novermber 2014 and the price for my LE was 7850.00, does not include shipping!

That's what I get for pre-ordering...got penalized and now have to pay more!!!

#8305 5 years ago

So, I too was asked this week to send 50% or full payment with payment options via wire, etc. Assumed they are going into production soon but a lot has to be done still I would assume with approvals from FOX just this week.

Ordering of parts, toys, US Team review and tweaks, software tweaking, assembly, testing, packaging, shipping...that looks like a good 2-3 months before games start showing up at owners front doors. I thought Heighway's policy was once your game was being built (on the assembly line they would ask for 50% and once it's ready to ship the remaining payment would be due?? That being said I look at the short list I noted above and I can't see it being possible that my game is ready to be built, or is it?

Could it be that FOX approved the game much earlier than when it was announced? If so...then they could be way ahead of schedule than we know it.

#8648 5 years ago

I'm liking the green nman posted. I seen glossy black with silver flake in the paint which could look nice too.

Be awesome if the rails were organic shape like parts of the alien skeleton down to the legs. Seems this game has so many sharp edges, like a pinball should be...lol but it could be amazing to see it all tie together somehow. Every time I look at Whoa Nelle I've always been a fan with what they did with the crate design. They really tied the game together astetically inside and out. Once I have my game I'm probably going to do something custom for sure.

#8652 5 years ago

Imagine if the trim/legs were designed like this pic throughout! Now that would be a bad-ass LE!

IMG_8966 (resized).PNG

#8656 5 years ago

Just throwing out more ideas...you can tell me to stop if it's annoying.

For the armor powdercoat...really dig the swirl color used on this aliens head - Brown/greenish with a hint of yellow/gold and black. The gloss application looks amazing.

More organic looking trim ideas. I know it may be way out of the design spec at this moment and would likely require approval but this would look amazing. I would pay extra for this for sure!

IMG_8969 (resized).PNG

IMG_8970 (resized).PNG

IMG_8967 (resized).PNG

#8661 5 years ago

Found some front to back photos of the alien head color scheme I mentioned above. Pretty wicked. The color depth really gives it a very living organic look. The guy who did both of these sculpts is pretty f$&@en talented!

IMG_8974 (resized).JPG

IMG_8971 (resized).JPG

IMG_8972 (resized).JPG

IMG_8973 (resized).JPG

1 month later
#9511 4 years ago

So...has everyone received a recent email payment shipment update from Andrew? Just checking as I've not received any email since Chicago regarding payment and the email issues Heighway was having.

Could you send an update Andrew to my personal email? I haven't put down any more than the deposit for my LE as I was told to wait while things settled with your email issues. I don't want to get bumped to the back of the line for waiting . thank you!

2 weeks later
#9674 4 years ago

I'm partial to what I'm seeing only because it's so large which takes away from the aliens head. We never had a chance to see the rotating chamber with the LCD screen...was that idea dissolved and replaced with what is now replaced with the larger framed LCD screen?

I'm almost thinking had the public seen that prototype working it would have been received better than just the chamber with the toy alien inside.

Thought I should add, Andrew if this is the final- great job on turning it around so quickly and listening to everyone's comments. I'm sure it's tough to please everyone but your doing a hell of a job listening and making things happen! Thumbs up!

1 week later
#9962 4 years ago

Nice to see a proto landed safely in a programmers hands. We should be seeing plenty of code updates after games have shipped and landed in owners hands Q1 of the year.

Stoked!!! Can't wait for my LE!

4 weeks later
#10664 4 years ago

i think it's fair to say Aurich has done his part and isn't responsible to speak on behalf of HW. He was contracted to do a few things for them and they are done. If anything, for the past year or so we have and should give thanks for his voice of reason, perspective, and sharing info he was allowed to share. Times he spoke were good for HW, especially for keeping this thread calm and on topic. Now we see delays, no one speaking on behalf of HW providing an explanation. It sucks but it's not Aurich's problem to solve nor to come on this thread to post something to calm our nerves. He's not HW staff nor a partner...and his work for them was done long ago. Need to stop associating or attacking Aurich, it's not his problem to feed us a bone when we're hungry for info.

I'm an owner of an LE and disappointed too...but I hate the thought that I have to come on Pinside to read through all of the BS to know what's going on with my game. If anything I should be receiving updates sent to my email. If HW wants to post on Pinside, then by all means do so for promotional business means. Something for HW to think about for the next game as this thread deserves a real build and delivery timeline update.

#10667 4 years ago
Quoted from chadderack:

There may be some confusion on this... as Aurich was supposedly on to do an LE art package. I think that's what people are asking about. So far that hasn't been publicly revealed.

I think the confusion is not what he was asked to help with and paid for but what his duties are to HW today. He's not their PR spokesperson...not is he hired or paid to so while he has his own day-2-day job here in the U.S. He's had the opportunity to have a say piecing the game together pro/LE...but he's not the owner or the speaker of the house. Again, I understand the frustration everyone is feeling...I'm one of them as well. We're all trying to find someone to blame for the lack of updates and missed timelines but that aggression for a response needs to be directly pointed to Andrew. He has the answers whether he wants to deliver them himself or hire a rep to do it for him.

#10671 4 years ago
Quoted from chadderack:

For the record I've never been anything but very nice to Aurich, as I've found over the years that being nice to talented/smart people is wise

I definitely know you were not attacking and I aplogize if you think I was thinking so. This thread gets derailed way too often but then again there is a good reason why and because we're all looking for an honest timelime...with periodic updates by Andrew/HW, not Aurich.
I agree with you, Aurich is one talented mother F$&&er, and honest which I'm sure he agree's with has gotten him into a little trouble here on Pinside. Then again honesty while always respected will always be met with confrontation by those who feel threaten by it.

3 weeks later
#11395 4 years ago

Really mourning the loss of yet another talented/phenominal actor and human being! 2016/17 really blows!

Vasquez: "Look, man. I only need to know one thing- where they are!"
Hudson: "Right, right. Somebody said "alien." She thought they said "illegal alien" and signed up"
Vasquez: "Fuck you man!"
Hudson: "Anytime, anywhere!"

Ripley: "How long after we're declared overdue can we expect a rescue?"
Hicks: "Seventeen days"
Hudson: "Seventeen days? Hey, man, I don't wanna rain on your parade, but we're not gonna last 17 hours. Those things are gonna come in here like they did before. They're gonna come in here, they're gonna come in here and they're gonna get us!"

Hudson is frantically mowing down aliens]
Private Hudson: Come on! Come on! Come and get it, baby! Come on! I don't got all day! Come on! Come on! Come on you bastard! Come on, you too! Oh, you want some of this? Fuck you!

#11437 4 years ago

Andrew & to the HW Team! F*N Bad Ass!!!

1 month later
#13038 4 years ago

Hey Andrew,

Artwork looks amazing! Congrats on getting it finally approved!

It will be great to see some video of the how the Ramp EL lighting is incorporated within the game. With an LE on order, I'm not certain I want the lighting as I feel it may kill the mood you've created with the darkness/offset by subtle but ridiculously well done led lighting throughout.

For LE buyer's, can we opt out of having it installed on our game? Would that cost be refunded, where do you guys stand on this idea?

Thank you!

3 weeks later
#14152 4 years ago
Quoted from stretch2:

Anybody hear when the Alien Le's are supposed to ship ????

I received a response from Highway this week that LE's should start shipping in June and July. We shall see!

3 months later
#16328 4 years ago
Quoted from kklank:

I'm just speaking for myself here but if Heighway said, I can ship your game to you tomorrow with no fiber optics and we'll give you first in line for the next machine we make plus a $350 credit on the next machine, I would take it in a heartbeat.

Ship my game tomorrow without the optics and I'll take it in a heart beat. Considering I've been paid in full from day 1, I'm thankful games are shipping. I can understand some wanting a credit, refund...your hard earned cash you should get what you paid for and refunded for what in no longer included. In my lifetime, I have to say I've lost considerable amounts of money, careless to say "such as pre ordering" with much regret. I feel like I just got lucky this time around with the investors saving this company. I'm not going to push my luck, owning and playing my LE soon will be a true miracle.

1 week later
#16496 4 years ago

I'm still waiting on my LE, paid in full. Was told from Highway that they were building/shipping SE's through the end of August into early September but no timeline other than LE's go into production shortly after. I check my inbox everyday waiting for them to ask what color trim I want...really that's when I'll know their ramping or building LE's. That said...crickets, which likely means pre production give or take 3 weeks (ship 30-40 plus games at a time), ship time 1 week to the US, 1 week from CT = a month and a week away from receiving my LE. Looks like delivery will be in October for now...but I see that possibility slowly fading away.

1 month later
#17922 3 years ago

Man...congrats to all of you who just received your games from the last batch! I've taken my eye off of this thread due to frustration. 3 years paid in full (LE) and still no definite time line on when it will ship. Game looks amazing, more pics and videos please. Cheers!

3 weeks later
#18655 3 years ago

I've emailed Morgan and the investors several times since the change in management and have received some replies. I'm an early LE adopter for going all in since April of 2015. Been patient and have tried providing some business advice that unfortunately is being ignored as well. Games shipping or not, they continue to ignore long time paid-in-full customers, as a result...refund requests are beginning to stack up. When they took over the business, they should have calculated and rolled up all deposits and paid-in-full pre owners prior to when the game was suppose to ship (Dec 2016?) as company debt. Paid back all pre-owners in full whether they wanted to stay in or not, including all vendor debts owed and started over, and in doing so they could have figured out whether it was worth keeping HW in-business or not. In-business or not, at least early adopters, vendors would have been taken care of making the investors out to be business pros. The same should have been made with all of those that received games without the alien head and or bad boards which I consider prototype machines out in the field as those games were never part of an assembly line that were considered to be in full production. Hell, if I had the cash I would have paid them back in full and gave them the choice to purchase a full working production model at a discounted price. Unfortunately, I'm not HW and I wouldn't want to own their current problems. It's only going to get worse with time. LE's will likely not ship iuntil next year and likely early adopters will get the shaft. I said it before...and will say it now, without Highway contacting LE owners what color Trim they would like on their LE, we can continue to extend the delivery time out 4-6 weeks.

I hope the best for this company. The game looks amazing...a dream theme that should sell thousands...but limited to hundreds because of all of the issues that should have been addressed when the business was taken over. I'm filing my request for a refund as of today. Game over and not happy having to make this decision a final one.

2 months later
#19736 3 years ago

Recently sent [email protected] (investor) and Morgan a refund request. Received a kickback from Jay’s email that it no longer exist. Anyone know the contact person handling refunds? Morgan has not reaponded either.

#19739 3 years ago

Thanks for the reply...been a while since i’ve checked how things are moving along other than the email update they sent back in November.

Sounds like after reading this thread they’ve gone dark since their update. Email refund requests have been ignored and old money will likely not see a game or return anytime In the near future.

What kind of stance should we be taking by all of those affected? Anyone looked into legal action?

#19755 3 years ago
Quoted from nman:

That's exactly why I'm still in as well. Figured they'd just try to ignore or string me along so honestly if i did decide to request a refund, I'd probably just go straight to my card company if i didn't hear something affirmative from them pretty quickly.
Luckily i was only fool enough to make a second payment in 2016, instead of full, but I'm pretty worried my card company wouldn't help anyway because of the amount of time that's passed.

My thoughts were aligned with yours but I figured the QC was going to improve as there were major problems with many of the games shipped under Andrew’s leadership. Now that new money orders are being delivered, it seems there are still major issues out of the box. It won’t do me any good owning the game if I can’t play it yet alone get a hold of them to receive replacement parts. At the moment I feel better about a refund than receiving my game. My thoughts were very different when the investors took over, unfortunately my confidence of a full turn-around has tremendously faded.

1 month later
#20324 3 years ago
Quoted from Vegasbills:

Melissa at cointaker said I believe 45 le machines are coming 10 going to old pre order folks and a few are going up to Canada.

Well it would be great to see some pre orders fulfilled finally. Believe it when I see it. Aurich’s should be 1 of the 10, BS if not. My 4 year paid in full order certainly isn’t part of the batch, never asked what color trim I wanted. Hope old pre order folks identify themselves receiving games and sharing with us their out-of-box experience, good or bad.

4 months later
#22591 3 years ago

Has anyone provided step by step directions on how to mount one of those beacons and can it be connected so that it interacts with the game play?

I like how the beacon (link below) is encased and easy to place on top, Anyone use one of these? A bit more pricey...but saves the time having to figure out how to mount the other. Thanks in advance!

ebay.com link: ECCO Rotating Beacon Amber Rotating 5813A

1 month later
#23112 3 years ago

Just ordered! Thank you for making these again! This community of talent keeping this game alive is amazing!

3 weeks later
#23298 3 years ago

Count me in for a set as well! Amazing work and thanks again!

1 month later
#23583 2 years ago

Question...has anyone experienced during game play where the upper right flipper stops working? After several seconds or more it then starts to work again.

Also during this time some of the leds under the center/right side of playfield go dark. If I turn the game off and on again everything works again.

Is it a loose cable...power source, bad board? It doesn’t happen all of time but when it does it’s normally within the first 15 minutes of play from the time of turning on the game.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

#23590 2 years ago
Quoted from Jvspin:

I had that issue too. Replacing the usb cable didn't make a difference for me. Swapping in a spare I/O board did the trick. If changing the usb cable doesn't work and you don't have a spare, you might try changing places with one of the other I/O boards.

Thank you and to Ferret as well!

Where were you able to purchase a spare I/O board, can you point me in the direction of who may have one? I’ll try replacing the USB cable first to see how it performs. Crossing my fingers it’s a quick fix. Thanks guys!

6 months later
#24550 2 years ago

Need some help here...when swapping out the USB cables, are you guys talking about the cables that connect from under the playfield boards to the CPU towards the back bottom of the cabinet? I noticed the connector to those boards under the playfield are quite different.

Can someone provide a link on amazon of the cables they used to replace what’s currently in the machine.

Thanks in advance!

#24554 2 years ago

Thanks Ferrett!

Is this the one I need to buy? If not, can someone provide me a link to where they purchased theirs that once replaced provided some stability?

Thank you! Arthur

8DD01CAF-4ECE-4896-B9A0-4C7DB70AD2CB (resized).png
10 months later
#26531 1 year ago
Quoted from Pittfallass:

Hey, guys...
Got a problem.
After the alien is switched on for about 15 minutes, the screen looks like this (photo attached below). I don't think it's the display, because after another 15 minutes the display returns to its original picture.
Even if I go to the menu, the display works normally again.
What can this be?
Thanks and greetings
Thomas[quoted image][quoted image]

Unfortunately, you have a bad screen. This happened to mine as well. I purchased a new one and was up and running in about 10 minutes. Pretty easy to replace. I would purchase a few at the low cost and peace of mind not having to worry about another blowing out down the road. Takes about a week to arrive. With corona and shipping delays, expect longer.

Purchase from here:

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