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ALIEN PINBALL - Game Over, Man, Game Over

By HeighwayPinball

5 years ago

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#533 5 years ago
Quoted from HeighwayPinball:

Essentially, the virtual game allows us to speed up the development process very quickly.

I wish Stern would adopt this model...they start the code way late in the process and it causes trouble every time. I like that you're doing things this way, Andrew! It's a smart production pipeline.

1 year later
#3207 4 years ago
Quoted from rcbrown316:

Where are your supporting numbers? Why do you think just because motorcycle racing isn't that popular that this cool ass pin wont sell? I have an indy 500, Shadow, sttng. I don't watch any of that stuff. Still bought the machines though. I did watch BSD but it was after I got the game. Decent movie but no impact whatsoever on how I feel about the game. These arguments may apply to how you FEEL but with regards to actual facts your statements seem empty.

You can't compare old games with questionable themes to new games with questionable themes. We're all buying old games used, which means a few things:

-Price is "low" compared to
new games

-Games are "retro", so we're forgiving of 90's cheese.

-Games have a gameplay reputation, which overrides bad themes.

People don't have much of a chance to play a new game like Full Throttle before buying, and the price of a NIB game is high - so theme and presentation matter.

Would we all buy a used FUll Throttle for $1500 like an Indy500? Of course! But that's not what we're talking about....we're talking about NEW. Theme matters 100% on new. Theme makes people drop $6000-8000.

2 weeks later
#3473 4 years ago
Quoted from kaneda:

I would...but only if he orders a SMVE! I just find it funny that people would want to ignore others on this forum. ICE, you hear every word I say and is it really something you have to run and hide from?

What if I order it? Do I get $500? Aurich can come over and play it !

#3509 4 years ago
Quoted from highdef:

Too many cooks in the kitchen spoil (and delay) the broth.

#3546 4 years ago
Quoted from kaneda:

Great info but Aurich you act so unprofessional. Asking in a thread if you can share info that you already are sharing is downright wrong. You should be talking to Andrew first before revealing all this stuff . You act like this is all about you and man you are loving the spotlight. But this is Andrews pin and you keep standing in front of it and revealing stuff without even checking with him. Andrew is one of the nicest guys out there but you are totally taking advantage. Is his marketing plan to just have Aurich spill stuff ahead of reveal? I doubt it man. Your time to talk is soon but just do your boss a favor and respect him a bit more. He's got me on ignore so how about someone else copy and paste this.

You know he's ignoring you - so why do you bother ?

#3553 4 years ago
Quoted from kaneda:

Rare, what do you even do for a living?

Watch Fox tonite at 9/8c to find out!

#3771 4 years ago
Quoted from Yipykya:

Geeze it was less than 30 minutes between the crappy flyer reveal and Aurich's post of a high definition playfield image. You make it sound like it was such a travesty. Try to lighten up dude.

Exactly. Kaneda doesn't even understand what "marketing" is...yet is quick to lecture pinball companies as though he's an expert. Who's the only pinball company that wanted his "marketing" experience - JPOP! Telling.

This isn't marketing Kaneda, this is an art reveal on a pinball forum...something hardcore pinball fans find interesting. A random person posting a pic of a flyer isn't "bad marketing" by Heighway. Two seconds later, Aurich shared the high rez pf image. Big fucking deal. "Marketing" is when the game is actually finished and they are actively manufacturing and selling the game to the 99% of the world who doesn't read pinball forums.

#3863 4 years ago
Quoted from epthegeek:

The space vagina inserts are my favorite.

Quoted from Aurich:

snatches of color and texture.

#4223 4 years ago
Quoted from Rick432:

I wonder how many people are in a similar situation as me, not just with TH and TBL, but also awaiting MMR or Rob Zombie (or less risky, GoT and SMVE). Add to it possibly the people who got burned by John Popadiuk as well as Predator have got to have minimal stomach for prepay risk, even with a company that has already gotten one pin into production, like Heighway.
I guess my point is that I hope Heighway does not see possible sluggish prepay sales as indicative of the opinion of the work released so far, which I think is terrific. Rather, I think they should realize they're fighting a bit of an uphill battle with a marketplace that is probably saturated with prepays right now.
In any event, hopefully TH and TBL get released SOON so I can seriously consider getting on board with Alien.

I'm waiting for TBL, too. I used to be a bit more "impulse buy" with new pins, although they were all Sterns....but with the price hikes and delays, I really have no reason to pre-order any new game unless the theme speaks to me in an unbelievable way like Lebowski. I like the Alien theme...but don't have any kind of intense feelings about it one way or the other. I'd have to play it first to consider buying it. I'll play Aurich's when he gets it

#4361 4 years ago
Quoted from johnnyutah:

I've never played the Avatar pin, is Weaver in that game in any fashion?

Yes, her Avatar is on the playfield and tons of her voice clips are in the game.

3 months later
#5703 4 years ago

A few years ago, Heighway's plan was to release 4 games per year. Alien was supposed to ship in 2014. Had the original proposed production pipeline been true, there should have been like 10 Heigheay games by now. Theoretically those games should have been in development, and with the Alien delays - you would think that the schedule would have been shifted and other games announced and released first. I wonder, why hasn't this happened? Now, we all know pinball is hard - and Heighway releasing games at a Stern pace is unlikely ...but surely a couple games should have been in development simultaneously with Alien, and at this point one of them should have been completed and released to keep the factory churning. Right?

Heighway really struck me as a company that had its act together ....call me a skeptic at this point.

#5753 4 years ago
Quoted from AlexSMendes:

Theme is EVERYTHING! Thats why I'll never own a woz....

Theme is everything for NIB, for sure. Who's gonna drop that kind of dough on a theme they don't dig? A used game that's cheaper, though? Of course, I have a whole bunch of shitty-themed games, cuz the price was right! When WOZ hits like $2k, I'll give it a go lol

#5879 4 years ago
Quoted from rcbrown316:

i think you spelled little enos wrong...

Beat me to it lol. Is there anything more pathetic than a bully's henchman?

#5921 4 years ago
Quoted from PoMC:

Elvira 3? Boring and irrelevant today.

Think of it like "Whoa Nellie" ...an "indie" pin for a select audience.

#5940 4 years ago
Quoted from PoMC:

Very select audience. I think you'd be hard pressed finding many people under the ages of 35-40 know who Elvira is.

You'd be hard pressed at finding anyone under 35-40 who care about a modern EM called "Big Juicy Melons". Clearly Nordmann/Freres have a deal with Stern to do their own "indie" Whiz Bang games....so, I imagine if they're doing another Elvira, it's going to be the same sort of situation.

Stern has so many titles in the pipeline, they can clearly afford to do "smaller" games that aren't expected to sell as much....but they will sell to a core pinball audience. 45-60 who love Pinball, hand drawn art, and Elvira.

#5992 4 years ago
Quoted from jeffspinballpalace:

wow! a lot of activity here lately. Anything going on???? Bueller, Bueller ???? Aaaaaaaahhhhhh nnnnooooooooooothing is going on around here. Good, carry on.

I still wanna know where the other games from Heighway's "4 games a year" plan that we heard about 3 or 4 years ago.

#6123 4 years ago
Quoted from mountaingamer:

over their individuals issues.

That's the rub. There are no issues "between" them. Aurich has had Chris on ignore forever and doesn't speak to him or about him....yet Chris continues to basically stalk, slander and cyberbully him REPEATEDLY. It's a one-sided conversation. It's some Fight Club Tyler Durden type shit. Chris gets so upset because Aurich doesn't give him what he thrives on....ATTENTION. The lack of response is driving him INSANE. He threatens physical violence in his latest rantcast. Chris is doing this to himself. It's drama of his own creation, and it's really sad, honestly.

#6132 4 years ago
Quoted from Shapeshifter:

He certainly gave his boss attention if latest podcast is true!
The funny thing is they both do the same kind of stuff i.e critique stuff but aren't so good at taking it.

There's a different between critiquing art....and repeatedly attacking and insulting a person. Aurich might have said some shit that hurt other artists feelings...but he NEVER insulted them personally.

#6266 4 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

The next rev of the CAD is hopefully pretty much final, I'm waiting for it like everyone else so I can get back to work, but the changes being made are good things.

That talking Bill Paxton head (a la Rudy from Funhouse) is looking like a sweet addition!

3 months later
#7229 3 years ago
Quoted from hassanchop:

The rights of the actors also need to be purchased along with the license. So if an actor is too expensive it will probably not "show" in the game. That's why you don't hear Keanu Reeves's voice in BSD lol

His character and voice are in the game. He's even in the credits if you let the attract sequence run.

1 month later
#8119 3 years ago
Quoted from Edenecho:

Looks great, except one thing was a total anticlimax for me.
At 01.08 in the video, when the magnet caught the ball in front of the alien, i was like...yeah this is it, one of the main toys!!
And then the mouth opens...and a small metal stick comes out, pokes the ball a little and drags it in.....
Will there be some mold around the stick to make it look more like the real alien inner mouth?

Keep in mind that toy is near the back of the playfield...when you're playing, you're not going to have the "cinematic view" that you see in the video. From the players point of view, it's going to look fine...you won't even see the front of the "tongue" as the ball will be in front of it.

#8226 3 years ago
Quoted from Alphajerk3000:

My god, I just told my wife no Ripley and she told me to cancel our order! Someone help!

I'm pretty sure Andrew confirmed Ripley somewhere in this thread.

#8369 3 years ago

Kim, Kim, Kim......

#8476 3 years ago
Quoted from SuperPinball:

.I wish they would make the LE with a standard cabinet with the artwork all over it like other games.

Other games don't have illuminated side art. Highway cabinets look pretty sweet in person. I'd rather have less art that lights up than more art with bubbles and tearing when I open the box.

#8560 3 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

I honestly don't think many people were intentionally picking a movie, they might not have realized they even could. You know how it is, you're at a show or a party, you step up to a brand new game, and there's a certain amount of pressure to just jam the launch button and play.
I actually was thinking we might need to spell it out just a little bit more. For home use it's totally fine, but location players might be missing it. On the other hand you can't force people to read instructions, it plays just fine if you jam it. I *think* Joe has it set to switch between films as the default selection every other game.

People on location can barely find the start button. They never realize they can pick a song on ACDC or choose sides on Transformers. They won't get it - it is what it is ...let the home players enjoy it.

1 week later
#8914 3 years ago

I have tons of shit under my pins! It's great storage space.

#8926 3 years ago
Quoted from Wolfmarsh:

I agree. The modular systems aren't a selling point to me at all. The only game I'm interested in is Alien, so swapping doesn't even enter in the picture for me.

...but lets say Heighway sticks around and in a year or two they come out with another game you think is super sweet....and you don't feel like taking up room with another cabinet. Get a kit! New game for less than usual. It's a cool option, if it all pans out.

#8967 3 years ago

It's not a fact. The only kit system so far was Pinball 2000...there was a SW Ep.1 Kit for RFM, but both games came out around the same time ...so operators just bought both units to put on location. Had Williams not shut their doors right after P2K was released, and more P2K titles been completed - you might have seen some kit use. Then again, it might have failed...with operators. And if so, well - that was the era of the operator. Today we're in the era of the collector. Not to mention an era where many collectors are upset with high prices. So - the kit concept might work quite well. However, if it doesn't...these companies aren't depending on the kit for success. It's just a cool option for the customer.

#8968 3 years ago
Quoted from Wickerman2:

this is a dead horse troll topic. I don't fish but FT is fun. I don't go to magic shows but TOM is fun. I don't go rafting but WH2O is fun. I don't go to carnivals but FH is great. I can't Surf but Surf Champ is great. On and on and on.
It is a straw man argument.

Nah, theme matters for nib prices. I bought a FT for $1400. FH for $1250. WH2O for $1200. I would
not have bought them for $6k. Also, regardless of theme - all of those classics have far superior art and toys. The art on Full Throttle is terrible and the torso of Bikemanguy is weird. An original theme has to look amazing and have a "holy shit" mechanical/interactive feature to get traction. So far P3, JJP, and Heighway have failed to see the importance of art direction on original themes. Strangely Jpop gets it, but can't figure out anything else lol

#8971 3 years ago
Quoted from Wickerman2:

I think the art is cool and the game is fun so I bought a Full Throttle(with future titles in mind)...I guess that makes your entire argument false? Of course not but it does point out that it's 100% opinion stated as fact which is, of course, the internet! No offense, but let's all stop being know it all assholes please.

I'm glad you like it but the fact that they've sold like 7 of them shows that my opinion is based on fact. The game has no traction, it's not selling well. Why is that? Combo art/theme/price.

#8982 3 years ago
Quoted from Wickerman2:

more internet facts...you are funny
"The game has no traction, it's not selling well."
I didn't realize you had access to Heighway's internal sales #'s

4 people downvoted me, so I guess they've sold at least 4. C'mon, don't be naive. They clearly haven't sold many!!!

Edit: 35 Pinsiders list it in their collections. Compared to almost 500 Pinsiders with Ghostbusters (Pro/LE/Prem)

By sales standards, Full Throttle is a flop. Might be a great game...but theme and art have stifled its sales. This is a fact.

#8986 3 years ago
Quoted from Wickerman2:

Another false premise...you created it and then defeated it...congrats. You won your internal argument.
I have no idea how many they sold, how many they expected to sell, how many they will sell in kit or full game version and neither do you.
I wonder why you guys are hanging out in a thread of a manufacturer that you don't like their system, their art, their games..etc. Oh wait, I know. You're trolling. Check.

Omg, why are you being such a sensitive baby about it? I'd rather play Full Throttle than Ghostbusters. I'm not saying it's a bad game. I'm just pointing out that not many people have bought it compared to other new titles over the past few years. This is a fact. You have a rare game! Enjoy!!

I've stated multiple times I think Heighway's kit system is cool. But, continue to create your own reality....

#8990 3 years ago
Quoted from Wickerman2:

I'm sorry that I misinterpreted your apparent joke-style insulting hyperbole about their sales numbers and their art. I didn't get it that you were making up false arguments as a hilarious parody. It just didn't come through via the interweb. Carry-on! You're like a modern day Andy Kaufman! Great stuff man. I'm going to go cry now because you hurt my feelings.
No Alien updates to see here people...just idiots(myself included) arguing with each other on the internet.

Jeeze, you're thick!

Fact: The game hasn't sold well.

Fact: No one likes the theme or art

Put 2 and 2 together.

If you have actual facts to counter this, provide them. Otherwise you're just making yourself look like a delusional sycophant.

#8994 3 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

I am not disputing that it has not sold as much as GB, but i will wholey debate that people dont like it. The coin box does not lie

I never debated that. I said collectors don't like the theme and/or art enough to buy it. Route is another story. I'd happily put a few bucks in one on route. To me it's the same as GOT...too ugly to be in my home but happy to play it on liactstion. Still - there aren't many on route, this supporting my point that it hasn't sold well.

#9029 3 years ago
Quoted from jwilson:

As the art director on Cannon Lagoon, I can say with 100% certainty that Multimorphic has put real effort into improving the quality of the art on their games.

I have to respectfully disagree. The side art & translites all have very dull color styling, and the animation on the playfield looks dated. The entire package screams "Phillips CD-I" and not "Modern 2016" product. If the art has changed since the last public showing, then forgive me.

#9051 3 years ago
Quoted from jwilson:

CL was going for a very specific look. I think that look was achieved. Not everything has to be an insane colour explosion like Ghostbusters or Batman '66.

It's not about having a "color explosion"...Ghostbusters & Batman have cohesive styles in terms of character design, composition, and color. The P3 games do not have this. Sorry, I'm trying to be constructive and not attack...but GB and B66 look professionally designed. P3 games look amateurish. They remind me of 99 Cent Store coloring books filled in with water colors. Forget Stern's recent games...just look at how some B/W translites look in terms of how they're composed and painted. Here are some cartoony ones for reference. Please tell me you see the difference in design and rendering? I'm sorry - the art direction for P3 so far will not earn you sales. Pinball buyers view their games as art...being attractive to look at is a big part of why people bring games into their homes.

Lexy (resized).png

EATPM (resized).jpg

Cannonlagoon (resized).jpg

Gofers (resized).jpg

#9053 3 years ago
Quoted from jwilson:

gave my opinion on the Lexy artwork and then was approached to help the art effort on the next games, I put my money where my mouth was and stepped up to help, because my motivation was to improve pinball in general. I think I had a positive effect on the art package. If you think you can do a better job, I'm sure they'd be thrilled to get your help as well.

Ohp, I was waiting for the "if you can do it better" ...hey- I might be able to, I might not...I'm not here to tell you I'm better. It's not personal. I have a full-time job directing art and animation, I have no interest or time to get into pinball art....but I can look at something and have an opinion and give useful feedback. It's not just me...c'mon, you know others share this opinion, as you have not seen any applause from the pinball community about the artwork on these games. You saw how people reacted to GB's art. That says it all. I think out of respect for Gerry and the platform, people haven't been too chatty about it...and I know Gerry probably wants to smack me every time I bring it up. However, my criticism is out of my love of the P3 platform...I've been a fan of it since I played it at the Pacific Pinball Expo. I think it's a brilliant design and has massive potential for beautiful and fun games...but it's that brilliant design that presents its biggest challenge - the art and animation have to be excellent for the whole package to come together.

#9061 3 years ago
Quoted from jwilson:

You have an opportunity to actually do something about it, and perhaps expand your perspective on the subject so you can have a more nuanced opinion. I know I do.
By posting your opinion you clearly show an interest in pinball art, but if I had a dollar for every time a client said "punch it up!" I'd be a millionaire - that sort of advice is meaningless. Better to actively guide an art team with constructive guidance and directly influence the outcome. As for having no time, I worked on that project part time while having a full time job and a newborn baby, so that's not really much of an excuse either.

So, in order to have an opinion on pinball art, I need to go out and convince a pinball company to give me a 2nd job I don't need or want?


Sorry, regardless of whether I want to or am capable of doing your job or not...I'm a potential customer. These are my opinions as a potential customer. Why do I need a more nuanced opinion other than "This looks unappealing" ? Again, I'm not the only one with this opinion...sales will tell the truth.

Quoted from gstellenberg:

With respect, the interest in a popular theme by an established and industry-leading company is almost always going to blow away initial interest in a paradigm-changing startup and an original theme.

I'm purely just talking about art, though. Game of Thrones was a popular theme but the reaction to the art was overwhelmingly negative. I'm a GOT fan and a Steve Ritchie fan, but the art alone made the game a hard pass for me.

#9063 3 years ago
Quoted from jwilson:

No, you're welcome to the opinion. We actually agree on a few points I think. But when offered the chance to put your opinion to practice, you decline. To me that lessens the value of that opinion if you're not willing to back it up. You may disagree, that's fine. It's a lot easier to put something down than to do something about it.

So anyone who has the opinion that the art could be improved has lesser value to you if they're unwilling to seek out pinball art employment?

Seriously, wtf do you want me to do about it? Tell Gerry to fire you and hire me? No - sorry, it's your job to do your job.

#9108 3 years ago
Quoted from Roostking:

Shows what you know, GoT seems to be liked and regarded as a pretty darn good game.
If I didn't know better, and maybe I don't, you seem to be a Kaneda lackey. Gotta chime in every time with your nuanced and obviously, in your mind, correct "opinion". We get it, you don't like Aliens, you don't like FT, you don't like the art and you dont like Heighway.
Move on already, sheesh.

Clearly you've never read a thing I've written. I've barely a written a thing about Aliens and I'm constantly chiming in with how much I like Heighway's kit approach, lit cabinets, etc. Kaneda has railed against me constantly on his podcast. But yeah, you got me all figured out....

image (resized).png

#9112 3 years ago

LOL...that's subjective, but I was specifically talking about the art - which I think almost everyone will admit BLOWS.

#9122 3 years ago
Quoted from RobT:

Gameplay and rules blow even more than the artwork.

LOL...I don't mind playing the Pro on location, but I'd never own one due to the art and monochrome video-rips. I don't even remotely understand the rules, but I can't say I don't like them...I'd have to understand them more to judge them! Although, not understanding the rules, I got to Hand of the King and Winter is Coming ...is that good? I dunno. It plays like a smooth Steve Ritchie game, and on location that's good enough for me!

#9128 3 years ago
Quoted from PoMC:

I'm hoping Alien gets everything right like XMLE does in my eyes, and then some.

#9131 3 years ago
Quoted from paul_8788:

Oh no. You posted a positive X-men comment. Rarehero's brain just exploded, he may take a break from GB bashing to take up X-men bashing again

How about bashing people for having opinions about pinball machines? That seems to be the thing around here these days...wait, let me put on my pinball brainwashing helmet....

everything-is-awesome (resized).png

Quoted from PoMC:

That's why there's a vast selection of pins to choose from. I have no idea of any past history of XMLE, or prior possible code deficiencies, nor any preconceived notion of why I shouldn't enjoy the game.

It doesn't have a good reputation, so it's not the type of game most of us hope Alien to emulate.

#9137 3 years ago
Quoted from RobT:

Does this mean that Rarehero has more of a reputation for bashing X-men than I do?

pass-the-baton-960x250 (resized).jpg

1 month later
#9796 3 years ago

Alrighty, it's almost 2017 - let's stop redesigning this thing and release it...looking forward to the 4 Heighway games a year already - Alien seems to be the roadblock. Ship it!!! Next!!!

#9826 3 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

If anyone here wants to stand up and claim that Andrew doesn't listen to his customers please feel free.
You don't make a good game by asking everyone what they want, and then trying to make them all happy.

Maybe I missed the original context. Lots of people telling other people to STFU for their opinions on games, and then using "Pinsiders" as a pejorative, as though Pinsiders are something other than pinball lovers/players/buyers.

I agree that it's time for Heighway to stop listening to Pinsider feedback on this game's design at this point...box it. Ship it.

1 week later
#9957 3 years ago
Quoted from sevenrites:

Any news on when it's going to ship yet?

April 2015, duh. Wait, no...December 2016! Wait...hmmm

4 weeks later
#10598 3 years ago
Quoted from Fintan_Stack:

So games are not shipping this week? Is that correct?

No, this week isn't April 2014.

1 week later
#10862 3 years ago
Quoted from jonesjb:

When is the next Heighway pin supposed to be announced?

After Full Throttle they were supposedly going to make 4 games per year. They must have a backlog of over a dozen games just ready to roll out of the factory !!! If only this Alien roadblock would free everything up!

#10888 3 years ago
Quoted from aeonblack:

Heighway doesn't owe us any updates. Be grateful they give us anything, because most other industries wouldn't. Hell, the biggest in this industry doesn't.

Any company that's been holding money for years without shipping games owes its customers EVERYTHING.

#10890 3 years ago
Quoted from aeonblack:

The fact that this is an unpopular opinion on here just shows how much people take what Andrew and crew are doing for granted

What!? LOL...he's not curing cancer. He's charging a lot of money for a game that was supposed to be out April 2015. Look, I like Andrew and how open he's been with the collector community. My statement wasn't about him...it was about what you said:

Quoted from aeonblack:

Heighway doesn't owe us any updates. Be grateful they give us anything

F that...that's a bunch of BS. Don't treat these people like deities. That's what people did with Jpop. I'd like to think we're all smarter now.

#10894 3 years ago
Quoted from aeonblack:

I just wish people would stop acting like they are pre-ordering something with a set-in-stone ship date

Andrew gave a date. April 2015. Then "in two weeks" 500 times.

Quoted from aeonblack:

I've said it before and I'll say it again, if you can't handle the "stress" of spending money on a deposit, then don't put down any deposits.

I won't. Last deposit I put down on a pin was in 2014. That will be the last time I ever do it. Anyone who continues to do it should only do it with 100% transparency and constant information flow. Otherwise, let these companies build these games on their own dime...when they have something finished to sell, then pay.

#10903 3 years ago
Quoted from aeonblack:

The only difference between what happens here and over at Stern is that they don't update you as their information changes.

I'm not defending Stern. Stern is what it is...a marketing/manufacturing company. If their prices/QC/code remain as it's been, I'll never buy another game of theirs. Currently, all pinball companies are guilty of some fuckery...except Spooky, but they haven't made a game I want yet, so F them too (I'm kidding, I wish them the best).

1 month later
#12620 3 years ago
Quoted from ezeltmann:

I imagine "approving pinball artwork" is pretty low on Fox's priority list

Why? It's their job. They did it for the Alien pinball Zen app a year ago

image (resized).jpeg

#12627 3 years ago
Quoted from ezeltmann:

Even Ripley got in there! Cmon Fox!

Clearly Fox isn't the issue if another company was able to get things done.

#12648 3 years ago
Quoted from MikeS:

Despite not having Ripley, the game still feels more true to the theme than most games these days. For example:
TWD with Hillbilly GWB voicework
GOT with terrible artwork that doesn't resemble anything in the GOT universe
TSPP which has no sound clips or animations fo many of the primary characters including Marge, Lisa and Maggie
IJ4 with the terrible Sean Connery impersonator
NASCAR with the worst Sammy Hagar impersonation I've ever heard..
Star Trek Karl Urban voicework
The list goes on and on...
I'm extremely happy with what I've seen out of Alien thus far and how well it integrates with the theme.

No one's litigating Ripley anymore. It's done and I think most are happy with how the license was used. That's not the issue. The issue is the delays...and IMO those blaming Fox for the delays are misguided.

#12660 3 years ago
Quoted from Fytr:

I'm sure that Fox's "Alien" marketing dept. is pretty swamped due to the new movie coming out and all the associated marketing initiatives that must entail, that a pinball project would reasonably be considered lower priority.

Are you forgetting this game was supposed to ship April 2015? Fox isn't the problem. The recent movie has NOTHING to do with what's going on here. Also, there isn't an "Alien marketing department". Product licensing & movie advertising are entirely different departments.

#12680 3 years ago
Quoted from Manimal:

I will take a pin with near completed code that is delivered late, any day over one that was pushed out the door just to meet a deadline.

We may not like when Stern releases games unfinished...but you know what? They're running a business. Factory keeps moving, games are built and shipped...that's how you stay in business in MANUFACTURING. As Gary Stern has said - they're not a game company, they're a manufacturing company.

#12703 3 years ago
Quoted from ledge:

better than Alien 3. or whatever that pos was called.

Have you seen the Alien 3 directors rough cut that's on the DVD and Blu-Ray? It actually had the potential to be a much better movie. There's a whole extra character, sequence of events & a lot of different details in that cut that make it a much better film.

#12751 3 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

My impression is at least 20 built and sounds like another 10 are shipping to cointaker ? this week?

From what I gather, only the first 2? (maybe 5) were prototypes) Starting with the TPF ones they appears to have produciton boards and production flipper inserts. Froim what I know, there is an updated Xeno mech board that needs to be installed but those are coming.
I think you can consider anything prior to #10 a sample/pre-produciton pf. Anything after #10 appears to be full production with likely a few minor tweaks that are easy to do for an owner.
I personally am very glad they have done this method of trickling out in smaller batches and making adjustments as they go based on feedback and audits. It should help to really bullet proof the game for those future owners (ones that also are not as adept and making some to the modifications and giving the feedback)

It's April 2017. They shouldn't need small batches for owners to beta test. What on earth have they been doing over the past couple years?

1 week later
#12941 3 years ago
Quoted from chrisnack:

He said they were targeting Alien day or the release of the new movie. However, again they are at the mercy of Fox.

No they're not.

#12981 3 years ago

Ya know - why does anyone even care about the LE art? I bet anyone buying an LE is getting it with the monitor in the backbox...so the art is practically irrelevant. If there's truly some issue with getting the LE art done/approved - at this point it would just make business sense to say "F it"...the LE will ship with the same art as the Standard...and then when/if the LE art gets done - send the translites out to the LE owners later.

#12985 3 years ago
Quoted from bigdaddy07:

My guess is that standards are still not shipping out either.

...and that's the real story. I was humoring the "It's Fox's fault" story.

#12996 3 years ago
Quoted from fosaisu:

Have you seen the video already?

It's Alien Day. If Heighway had some kind of marketing or video plan to take advantage of this day, he blew it already. You know what would help is company? Not just placating hardcore pinball enthusiasts who already know about his project and have seemingly endless patience...it would be introducing Alien Pinball to EVERYONE INTERESTED IN THE ALIEN FRANCHISE. This opportunity has been lost time and time again.

#13005 3 years ago
Quoted from Wickerman2:

That sounds like more Fox involvement. I think they'd have to promote the game themselves, i.e. pay for all the advertising and so on. If the deal were structured to go along with Covenant or whatever we'd have heard about it. I'm not sure how they could piggyback on to Fox stuff without Fox approval and if they don't have that, they'd have to pony up all the cash to promote it on their own.

Social Media is cheap...free, even!

#13006 3 years ago
Quoted from jar155:

It's barely noon in Hawaii...

You mean "that island in the Pacific"?

#13021 3 years ago
Quoted from Skins:

The backglass looks great but I thought aurich was doing the art on the LE as well. I see Andrew made it a point of naming the artist responsible for doing it. I'm just curious of the change. Maybe I missed that Brian Allen was doing the art on the Le. If so, my apologies.

#13026 3 years ago
Quoted from HeighwayPinball:

Aurich has done the entire art package for both SEs and LEs except for the LE backglass art. We wanted a particular high resolution image from FOX but it just wasn't available in the end.
Brian was brought in to create something unique - and that's what LE buyers will get - 1 of 500 pieces of unique and drawn Alien art

Well here we go! Art is approved! Mass production & shipping commences when?

#13096 3 years ago
Quoted from jwilson:

That LE Backglass is easily the best I've seen in a decade. Just fantastic.
I think I would prefer that over the screen, honestly.

We've gone from "Monochrome DMD sucks, we want color LCD!" to "Color LCD!? WE WANT NOTHING!!"

1 month later
#14641 3 years ago
Quoted from rvdv:

I hope Andrew succeeds but this "hobby" and "funtime" sure turning dark.

Robert - the drama and schenanigans of all the pinball "companies" over the past few years have DESTROYED the joy of buying new games. You've got the scams of Shit-B and Jpop, the attempted scam of Vonnie-D, the current uncertainty of DP (I'm sitting here with my finger up my butt waiting for my hostage Lebowski), Heighway's continual misleads and drama, Stern's greed/arrogance/perpetual code & QC issues, JJP's prices & Spooky's ...well, Spooky doesn't seem to do anything wrong, they just haven't made a game I like lol. Anyway - F all this S, seriously - the pinball world is run by maniac dreamers...I'm out for good. Hopefully something better will rise from their ashes. As I've stepped back, the ridiculousness of spending $7-$8k and waiting for years has become so clearly bonkers. I'm having so much more fun with my $300 Nintendo Switch and games that cost $10-$60 and are playable instantly with no drama. The "new Pinball game" is stupid as F.

#14647 3 years ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

On cue...
Why not do what people did for decades? Enjoy playing and collecting games that already exist?

Yup. The pinball hobby is massively enjoyable without anything new. New is interesting, especially if it's a theme you love...but I'm over it. If I want to enjoy Lebowski, Ghostbusters, or Alien, I'll just watch the movie. For the price of a new pinball machine, you could buy a great HD 3D Projector, screen, 7.1 receiver, speakers, Blu-Ray player, your favorite movies...and STILL have a TON of money leftover.

Quoted from Shapeshifter:

And think how many hours fun you will get from this when it comes out
» YouTube video

OMG, Mario Odyssey looks incredible. Zelda: Breath of the Wild drew me in completely...I put 150 hours into it, and with the upcoming DLC, I'll be diving back in for more!

Quoted from Dee-Bow:

RAREHERO .. how can u play Nintendo with all those beauties in your pin collection? I just heard Red say,"time to go to work!"

I've had most of my games for a long time....so there's an element of "been there, done that". I still play them here and there, but definitely not as much lately. Been playing Mario Kart & Puyo Puyo Tetris with people online...the ARMS Test Punch was this past weekend, and that game is incredibly fun, that'll be eating more of my time when it comes out in a few weeks. Splatoon 2 comes out this summer...so much goodness on Nintendo...and after the price of pinball becoming "normalized" in my life, video games seem practically free.

Quoted from lamihh:

RAREHERO...how can you play your Nintendo with one finger up your butt?

Well, Mario Kart does have options for motion control, auto-accelerate & driver assist...and the Joy-Con is small....hell, I probably could play the game WITH my butt!

#14652 3 years ago
Quoted from wcbrandes:

Hey Rarehero are you selling your machines?

If I had anything to put in the space where I keep them - I probably would...when I start having kids, I'll need the extra room - if you see me put up 5 games for sale, you know I'm having a baby lol

Quoted from wcbrandes:

I'm looking for a Ghostbusters premium, I know you don't list it but you have one


I never have, and never will own a GB. Ever.

#14653 3 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

pics or it did not happen...

I said probably

#14655 3 years ago
Quoted from mufcmufc:

Not even if one comes up locally for $1000?

Sure, to flip lol

#14668 3 years ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

Pretty safe to assume you've not yet discovered all pinball has to offer...

Yes I have.

Quoted from flynnibus:

but I guess venting about the latest game/offer is more satisfying than actually exploring what made those other games keepers, popular, interesting, etc.

You completely misread what I wrote. I was advocating the exploration of the oldies vs. the new stuff. All the existing pinballs = awesome. New stuff = forget about it.

5 months later
#18370 2 years ago
Quoted from AndrewH:

You tell me a company that can effectively survive such hostility towards it?

Andrew, why'd you come back? Take responsibility for your actions. Hostility doesn't exist in a vacuum. There's cause and effect. You're the cause. Where your company ended up is because of YOU. I was there at your 2014 Expo seminar where you said games would be shipping April 2015 when you didn't even have a complete design yet. I LAUGHED. I knew you were full of shit right then and there. Nordman quit a week or so later, confirming the insanity of that statement. We all watched for years as you made false promises, took peoples money, and kept telling everyone "2 weeks". I watched for years as my friends got jerked around working on your game.

Get out of here, Andrew. We're done with you. Your company is done with you. People here still have their money in limbo because of you. You come here for what, sympathy? HA! LEAVE.

5 months later
#21275 2 years ago

This seems like a good enough time to break my Pinside fast...

Quoted from AndrewH:

making any libellous or slanderous statements about me – as I will defend myself and my integrity.

Andrew. You are a liar. A f**ing liar. You’ve been lying since Expo 2014 when you said Alien would ship in April 2015. Calling you a liar isn’t libel or slander since you did it over and over and over and there’s plenty of documented proof. You’ve caused financial and emotional harm to my friends who trusted you, so f**k you, you f**king a**hole. You suck. Your company sucks. Full Throttle or “Foo Twah-oh” as you called it, sucks. Hydrofoils suck.

#21278 2 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

Woah now, slow down there slick, this one is pretty cool

Andrew is (allegedly) a member of Cobra.

#21446 2 years ago
Quoted from Gooch:

The warning signs were out there, as many Pinsiders pointed out, but this is a "must have" theme for me as it is for many others so I kept holding out hope beyond hope that it would somehow come to pass

I used to be swayed by the “must have theme” only to be disappointed at best, almost ripped off for $8500 at worst.

Here’s the best thing to do when tempted by a theme you love. Just watch your $10 Blu-Ray. DONE.

(Also consider buying a projector or huge TV to enjoy your “favorite theme” ...much cheaper than a pinball machine and you’ll enjoy it more)

#21488 2 years ago
Quoted from benheck:

RE: "new" Pinball Brothers company. Just put a bullet in its head. Give people closure instead of false hope.

I’m shocked people still hold false hope for Dutch.

Skit B down
JPOP down
Heighway down

It’s only a matter of time - I’m shocked others haven’t gone my route and pressed hard for refunds, contacting the licensor, etc.

#21502 2 years ago
Quoted from benheck:

They have new money and moved manufacturing to China. Not dead yet.

ARA is still sitting on 40
or so games and tons of parts. They’re not gonna just fuggetaboutit.

Heighway had new money. Dead. DP new money is rumored but they haven’t said anything about it. As far as “Early Acheivers” are concerned, they’ve been led to believe they’ll only get their games after new sales are made. If the new money is real and EA’s are gonna get their games first as they should, DP should say something. But they don’t, cuz they’re terrible at business & will crash and die. Only a matter of time.

#21627 2 years ago
Quoted from jeffspinballpalace:

No, they will not be producing any more Aliens and estimates are 75 machines were made. Sounds like they are selling remaining 24 machines to EU. Their primary objective is to sell Queen pinball machines. Odds of success are between zero and a long shot (much closer to zero).

The fact that they're selling those games to new buyers and NOT sending them to customers who have already paid has GOT to be illegal....if not, then a total douche move & should always be remembered & repeated when they start their new CONpany. I'll say it right here so it's preserved for Google (unless it gets moderated lol). NEVER BUY A PINBALL MACHINE from "The Pinball Brothers" or anyone who was involved in the fraudulent failure of a company from the liar windbag Andrew Heighway.

#21667 2 years ago
Quoted from RTS:

So what's the reason for pointing it out now?
Sounds like bragging that you were right, I told you so, blah blah blah

It’s a good lesson for the future. If Chinese Lebowskis or Derproot games play like shit or are breaking in public & people mention it after hands on experience - maybe listen to them instead of dismissing them.

#21671 2 years ago
Quoted from PoMC:

Kind of sad you had to point out the obvious after all this Alien nonsense.

I’ve been calling out Alien as a basket of lies and failures since Expo 2014. I knew Andrew’s lie about delivery in April 2015 was a lie, and was plenty vocal about it. It was clear they were in trouble when they said they’d make 3-4 titles a year & didn’t announce or release shit year after year of Alien delays. I knew they’d never get anything done when they kept fiddling with features and screen and trim options instead of just committing to something and manufacturing it. Every move was a transparent ploy to keep getting more pre-order money. Obvious from that 2014 Expo.

#21680 2 years ago
Quoted from RobT:

Dennis Nordman's resignation from Heighway was a much bigger red flag to me than what most people seemed to believe it was. Nordman didn't give many details on why he left, but the one thing that he did say was that he could not agree with the unrealistic delivery date announced by Heighway.

Yeah, it was a 1-2 punch.

1. Alien announcement at Expo with ZERO development shown...I think they just had a toy and a sketch - and an unrealistic release date, but - TAKING MONEY!!!

2. Nordmann left soon after that.

That all made it abundantly clear....and if it didn't, the constant "two weeks" updates & production changes should have set off the red flags.

1 year later
#24749 1 year ago
Quoted from EalaDubhSidhe:

I'll believe it when I get an offer for all my unpaid design files. Maybe word hasn't filtered down to me yet but you'd think the game's designer would have heard something definitive about it first.

If you don’t own the IP, no one is obligated to tell you anything.

#24751 1 year ago
Quoted from VividPsychosis:

Soooo everyone heard the big Kaneda news leak right? Pinball Bros made a deal with Chicago Gaming Company. Their first liscensed title, gonna be Alien in a bally widebody Cabinet. Ferret, what’s the word?
He needs to make a shirt “Kaneada was right.”

If this ends up true, then there’d be almost nothing stopping TBL from being remade.

-DP can contract CGC to make games.
-DP can wipe their hands of this & sell the IP to Pinball Bros. or CGC to remake the game. CGC already has licensing deals with Universal (Monster Bash)...Universal holds the TBL rights.

#24786 1 year ago
Quoted from adamross:

I’m going blind playing my Alien in the dark. Can anyone advise on the best way to add some PF illumination? I’ve considered Pinstadium but in the pics I’ve seen appear to ruin the mood.

Light it on fire.

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