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ALIEN PINBALL - Game Over, Man, Game Over

By HeighwayPinball

4 years ago

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#1803 4 years ago

Quick question: ??

for the US delivery, what are the taxes that would be incurred as well as the US shipping (roughly)?

I'm just asking because it's like $8050 plus shipping (?).

I'm trying to compare to a GOT LE which I'd say should be $7800 (free shipping).

#1808 4 years ago
Quoted from Hwawonyu:

There is about $100 fee for the company dealing with customs otherwise you pay for boat or air shipping.

Have you received your FTH yet?

#1820 4 years ago

I just saw the part about being able to start one movie or the other which I like as well as having middle modes that can run on either.

Seems like it will be a fun as well as deep game.

Has there been any more discussion or reveals about the modes or code?

#1861 4 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

Eh. This is Stern's moment, no real reason to try and cut in on it. Alien will stand on its own when it's ready.

Couldn't just give a tease? (Gasp don't want to say it, but like Jpop was fond of doing)

Seriously Stern has fallen time to gain some advantage, David vs Goliath

#1865 4 years ago

Aurich nice to hear. Alien sounds terrific. Will hold off final ordering until I see more details and art.

#1885 4 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

Totally fair, I'm happy to try and win you over.

I would hope not. I really can't speak to anything date related though.

Agreed 100%. I don't really think of GOT as a competitor for Alien to be honest. But people asked, so I obliged. I wouldn't have done this in a GOT thread, that would feel unfair.

That guy is a huge asshole though, you know that.

I think the difference is that WOZ was truly trying to do something new. And I think they did. Thing is, it was a "different" kind of game, and not everyone really likes it.
Alien has 4 flippers, but they all have real shots. We have magnets, and drop targets, and a spinner, and custom molded pops, and LCDs, and RGB lights and all that good stuff WOZ has, even a widebody. But we're not trying to play like a modern EM. We have real ramps. We have flow. Ask anyone who's played Full Throttle if it's a slow game because it's a wide body.
And on top of that I frankly think it's a killer license. ALIEN. That's why I'm doing this. There are very few licenses people could call me up and ask me to come on board with. I have a day job, I have my own mod hobby business, I'm coaching my daughter's soccer team again, blah blah. This is a lot of work. But ALIEN man. Couldn't say no to that! I'll do the best I can with the art, and hope everyone loves it. But at least I won't look at what someone else did and feel mad that I didn't get a shot to do better. I couldn't live with that.

glad to have yourself and Andrew and the other guys on this forum, I feel we can give feedback and I think that can make all the difference.

For example with Stern, you can tell them there is a total bug in the code and they won't do jack if they don't think it will effect their future sales. Almost seems like they don't care about what they sold already (unless it can potentially effect their future sales).

One thing I'd like to stress (I'm sure you guys know already). These are home games and we like deep games and Easter Eggs and choices. Like for example XM, while I'm not good enough to get very far, there are choices like do I want stacking on or off? makes the game play totally different depending on how I want to play.

I know with Alien there will be two sets of rules or two paths to start the game (totally cool) JD had something similar (with the super mode option). But I'd like to stress, the more rules and stuff to do the better.

I like quick games like IM with short rule tree, but I think an idea would be to have various sets of rules or options such as the game can play different depending on what you select at the beginning or what options you select in the menu. Just wanted to get that out to you guys, that with one machine you can have it play or feel different depending on the code tree.

Leaning way towards Alien now

#1886 4 years ago

also Aurch, could you explain how the LE works for Alien?

I know the beacons on the top, the LE wire (can be added to the regular), the different trim. How do the different art work do you get one set or both LE and regular?

#1891 4 years ago

Is the LE going to sell out or can we decide later?

#1893 4 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

That's what makes them so great, they're really different movies, that pair up so well. The first is a suspense film, a horror film, and a more "cold" sci fi take.
The second is much more of an action film, where they don't try and repeat the same feeling, and let numbers feel scary instead of one creeping shape.
But they're both such great character studies. The people in them feel alive, not just fodder waiting to be carved up.
I love them both. The first has a special place in my heart for sure. But I do think that the second one is easier to casually fire up. It's lighter in feeling, more one liners and everything, not quite as oppressive.
But man, the chest burster scene is one of the best bits ever filmed.

this is my point while I know the two sets of rules will mesh up like if you finish one side you can continue to the other, but it's possible with the music and the pacing and action the two sets of rules can make the game feel different depending on which one you pick. And it's nice if you are not the best player, you can sample both movies not have to fight through the first one every time.

#1932 4 years ago

I'm curious if there is anything the left upper flipper can hit that can not easily be hit but the left lower flipper?

#1933 4 years ago
Quoted from Damonator:

If it had two popup alien bash targets (like MM trolls), I would be in right now! I can just hear the auto-turrets going off as I'm frantically running out of ammo trying to take them out!

Or a Mick (I mean Alien on a stick). But I like the pop up aliens idea better.

#1936 4 years ago
Quoted from Kneissl:

Looks to me like M and O are the upper left flipper shots

I thought M could be hit by the lower flipper.

But I see O is recessed protecting it from the lower flipper shot.

I just love upper flippers, how they multiply the shot possibilities, but they should have something specific to shoot at, this is what I'm not sure about in The Hobbit as the upper flipper does not seem necessary to me.

#1937 4 years ago

What's L is that a tight ramp like Potc 'Jack the Monkey'?

#1945 4 years ago
Quoted from RavenBlackthorn:

Wait. You get both sets of artwork with the LE?? That's freaking awesome!
Owning a pin (for me at least) is more than just how it plays. Appreciating the art package is a big part of the overall experience for me. Part of my enjoyment is how it shows when not being played. (This is why I had to call the ball on GoT.) The thought of being able to mix and match the artwork, and swap out the inserts/backglass to change up the look for awhile is freaking cool as hell. That's a killer idea.

I agree, I own Tron and have all three sets of translights 3D, Clue and 2 Chick and I change them out from time to time.

#1946 4 years ago

Is the LCD screens going to have movie clips or comic art or a combination of both? I fear that if there are movie clips like TH you see the same clip over and over its not good after he hundredth time, unless there is a large selection of movie clips.

#1949 4 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

Our approach to the LCD is different than JJP's. Because ours is embedded in the playfield it's more important to be careful about how you're using it, because the player is tracking the ball over the same surface. I like to think of it more like a high rez DMD than something that's supposed to be a constantly animating backglass.

Don't you have two displays? Where do the instructions and scores go?

Would be nice for some modes to have a clock like Tspp color changing as the time gets low!

#1961 4 years ago

Some guy on GoT thread threw down the mideval gauntlet so to speak. Said: Alien will have nicer artwork, but the code/rules will not be anywhere near GoT.

Presumably the theory is that Dwight Sullivan has been doing pinball code since Moses wore short pants and therefore what/how can a startup compaint compete?

With all the trouble Stern has had with code it's a bit funny to call out GoT as having the better code.

#2013 4 years ago
Quoted from accidental:

You must really want the Alien LE to not go ahead and order an FTL first (and Alien upgrade later) to have a new game to play a lot sooner!

that's what I would do, except I don't like the theme of FTH one bit.

#2017 4 years ago
Quoted from solarvalue:

I also don't like the theme of FTH but having now played it, it's actually more of a neutral theme rather than being offensive. It has a feel kind of like Indy 500, sort of retro in a way.

That's cool. I need to play it for sure. Just think, that I like to buy games that I'm in love with. I mean, I could have bought Mustang and TFLE for fantastic prices (and AMH and TWD as well) but I just wasn't that into them. I mean I have 7 pins already so it's not like I need to buy something this instant. I can wait for the themes that I'm interested in, rather than just buy a neutral theme that doesn't suck but isn't really interesting to me.

Heck, I have Tspp and STLE that I *need* to play a lot more than I do. I love those games (all my games) so I need to give them more attention. When a nice theme comes out I will buy it, I just don't need to buy something as a placeholder.

#2053 4 years ago

Love the modular design. Is the glass able to be replaced with PDI or inviszglass?

#2096 4 years ago

I don't mind SP but I'd buy another Simpsons to put next to my Tspp

#2110 4 years ago
Quoted from dmbjunky:

I've never played a Sega South Park but it seems to be popular machine. I didn't think I heard many negatives about it.

SP is one of the worst pinball machines ever made.

2 weeks later
#2202 3 years ago

I'm going off topic, but I just saw this movie Sunshine (from director Danny Boyle - '28 days Later' and 'Trainspotting' and 'Slum Dog').

It's a space mission movie inspired by Alien (somewhat) stars Chris Evans (Captain America) also has the actor that plays 'Scarecrow' on TDK.

Not really about anything to do with Aliens but it's a nice gritty dark space flick.

I saw it on DVD (Netflix) but it's also on Google (free) don't know how that works

#2204 3 years ago
Quoted from paul_8788:

Great movie, although I felt the ending was a bit weak. Definitely worth watching, doesn't seem to get much attention.

yes, can't give too much away, but seemed to go off target towards the end. But it's one of those 2001, Alien, Black Hole type movies that I like.

Interstellar (not so great, just watched that also), but had some good space ideas.

#2217 3 years ago
Quoted from Wickerman2:

I think a fully functioning prototype will be at Chicago Expo....

On a rug?

1 week later
#2416 3 years ago


#2465 3 years ago

This image (or something like it) I know it's dark, and might not be great on location. But I'm thinking for the LE, especially if there was custom lighted backbox. It migh be cool to be half dark but have some hidden images that could be revealed with backlighting.

Maybe if you take this image as an example, have the left side be human character but with the right side very dark/black. But reveal the alien when back light is added.


#2493 3 years ago
Quoted from Wickerman2:

wonder how the Fox approval works on that...let them approve an egg translite and then the programmers put in 10 other images when you have the LCD option

I wonder if you could add your own images to the LCD like a digital photograph frame. (at least during the attract mode).

#2508 3 years ago

I'm confused, there is one LCD on the PF but is there a smaller one between the speakers like a traditional pin or just an option to have a giant full size LCD like JJP?

#2527 3 years ago

If I missed it sorry, but do these games have interactive LED lighting on the backbox or will it be a cheap (Stern) quality fluorescent light tube?

#2614 3 years ago

I'm loving the layout, L ramp looks like an upside down ramp (whatever you call it) like PotC

#2628 3 years ago
Quoted from karl:

I was bored so I decided to look a bit closer at the Alien shot map
The amount of shots and features on this game is incredible. Just take a look at what you can hit from each flipper.
(A few of the shots is not 100% certain)
Lower left flipper:
1. Left ramp (perhaps),
2. Airlock and 2 weapon targets near the queen
3. 2 xenomorph targets and magnet
4. Right ramp and 2 weapon targets
5. Chest buster lane/drop target/magnet (perhaps)
6. Right orbit
7. Weapon target right above the shot to the shooter lane
8. 3 bank drop targets on the right
Upper left flipper:
1. Shot into the shooter lane and weapon target above it
2. Right orbit (perhaps)
3. Chest buster lane/drop target/magnet
4. Right ramp and 2 weapon targets
5. 3 bank drop target bank
6. Shot to the bumpers (perhaps?)
Lower right flipper:
1. Scoop/Air lock 1 on the far left
2. Shot under the upper left flipper when in up position (perhaps)
3. Left orbit with spinner
4. Left ramp
5. Airlock scoop and 2 weapon targets near the queen
6. 2 xenomorph targets and magnet
7. Right ramp and 2 weapon targets
Upper right flipper
1. Time target
2. Upper left ramp
3. Upper left lane/Airlock 3 with magnet/ loop possibilities
4. Airlock scoop and 2 weapon targets near the queen
1. Right outlane Space jockey feature
2. Rotating Queen toy feature (looking forward to seeing them fit this one in there )
3. Xenomorphic Toy, with a tongue to follow :O
4. 3-bank drop-target
5. Chestburster drop-target
6. 2 magnets. one for the xenomorph tongue and one for the chest burster
7. 3 ramps
8. 4 flippers
9. 5 small weapon stand-up targets, 1 small time target, 2 big xenomorph stand-up targets
10 At least one spinner
11. 3 Egg chamber pop-bumpers with 2 top-lanes
12. 2 scoops (left lane and queen airlock)
Choose to play either Alien or Aliens movie when you start the game and continue to the next movie when one is finished
Have I forgotten anything?
The only thing I am missing from the first cad drawings of importance is the upper middle lane to the bumpers,
but we got the xenomorph instead. Not a bad trade-off

Great post.

I'm not knocking Stern, they make great games. but it's been a while since I've seen angles and shots like this game (RBION is an oldie). XM is a good example of a pin with a lot of shots which I love, but Alien being a Wide Body pin will have a few extra inches of room and even more flippers and shots and unlike The Hobbit the upper flippers actually have shots that can't be hit by the main flippers.

#2629 3 years ago

My main concern (as always) is the code. Hard to know if this game will be as good or better than typical modern games. Hopefully it will be deep and interesting with lots of strategy and missions both scoring as well as story based rules.

#2650 3 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

I heard a lot of variations on this at Expo. "I wasn't interested in Full Throttle until I played it" stuff. The theme just doesn't grab Americans off the bat, we don't follow Moto GP. But it's just a lot of fun to shoot.

Should slap a few sharks on there and call it Moto Shark, who doesn't love sharks?

#2659 3 years ago
Quoted from dmbjunky:

Aurich had suggested earlier a Sci-Fi motorcycle them for FullT and I would be so into that. Just a wacky combination of themes with some neat art would make that game so much more appealing. Zombie Racing or Underwater motorcycles.

Not kidding, Aurch if you want to pitch the idea. Basically Moto GP is as big a selling point as if it was an Ophrah pin. However if it was changed to something cool, just a simple theme switch like FG and Shrek it would sell much better here in the states, something like 'Nuclear Apocalypse Bike Racer' (tm) you could sell a but load of them.

2 weeks later
#2746 3 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

As soon as we can show more we will. But I can't say at this stage when that will be.
In the meantime work isn't stopping on other areas of the game.

I'd be great to see new white wood game play, as the earlier version was incomplete with no ramps.

I'm considering to order this pin, as FTH looks to play nice and I'm impressed rules on that game.

#2776 3 years ago
Quoted from Sticky:

Guys ordering before even seeing the gameplay in action?


#2778 3 years ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

Have not, and on the Netflix "to do" title hunt this weekend.......

This is one great movie with both theatrical and directors cut, the directors cut not just added scenes but also some re-arrangements. Both worth seeing.j

The reviewers recommend you watch the theatrical version first, as the directors cut may give too much away too soon.

#2812 3 years ago

Who are the US dealers or distributors? Is there just one selling price or will the price be negotiable like Stern? Is the deposit fully refundable?

#2817 3 years ago

To me, the SE artwork has to be outstanding, and really stand out more than the SE. If they are both equally good I'd just wait and get the SE not even pre-order since it's not urgent as with the LE.

#2837 3 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

I don't know, since it depends on Fox and the approvals process. I would hope sooner than that.

I hear you just call a number on the back of the DVD and get full approval.

#2838 3 years ago

Aurich, know your not in charge, but a more complete playing video even with no art would go a long way to helping me decide, need to see the shots and ramps, the early white wood was very basic, no ramps even.

1 week later
#2962 3 years ago

Andrew, would it be allowed to show some white wood at least some shots of the ramps? I mean that's not Fox specific.

2 weeks later
#3045 3 years ago
Quoted from PinballRulez:

I think it has to do with their modular approach. People who have enough room will buy LE's and leave them as is.
People with less space (like me) will buy one cabinet and multiple playfields with upgrades as wanted.

don't feed the troll.

#3109 3 years ago
Quoted from Wickerman2:

yes, you HAVE to imagine that...

FTH is selling like hot cakes, 10 Pinsiders own FTH compared to 81 who own AMH

#3122 3 years ago
Quoted from Wickerman2:

PS Are there really 81 AMH's "in the hands" of those pinsiders? I doubt it, but even so when did production on AMH start?
If you think they are so inept and terrible, might as well jump ship on the Alien, right?...see what I did there? I used logic.
Dude. Get. A. Clue.

By your logic, only people who have FTH in their hands list it, but anyone who has AMH on order can list it as in collection. Don't you think if someone has FTH on order they'd put it in their collection?

If it makes you feel better 24 people have FTH on their wish list 238 people have IM on their wish list, 53 people have Mustang on their wish list.

I'm only interested in Alien, I'm not saying FTH is bad but it has one quarter as many owners on Pinside as WWE.

Art and theme probably are not a big hit, maybe they're selling a bunch of FTH to ops IDK. I do believe that Pinside represents 20-40% of sales as Tron Le sold 400 (I believe) and 205 Pinsiders list it in their collection. 465 Pinsiders list IM and by accounts it sold less than 2000-2500 units in all runs.

#3125 3 years ago
Quoted from kaneda:

Let's not turn this into a fight about Full Throttle. Nobody is going to bat for that pin and we all agree it was made so HWP could figure out its production chops.

That's fine, I'm just saying FTH is not a sales juggernaut hit or else people would list it on wish list and in their collection, the fact that 2x more people have WWE on their wish list tells me that FTH is not wished or dreamed about when Pinheads go to sleep. I know a guy who owned one and sold it in for a big loss after couple months. Not saying it's bad but if was OMG the best game I'd think he'd have wanted to hold onto it.

I agree FTH is more about getting the wheels in motion, but don't tell me it's more popular than AMH even, because it's bearly talked about.

Alien on the other hand is a much better theme, but still hasn't gained the traction of Predator even, I think we need art and gameplay video before people get too excited about it. Right now it's a cool theme but other than that I'd like to see the gameplay and DMD animations etc..

#3173 3 years ago
Quoted from emkay:

That's nothing, 6 Pinsiders already have Alien machines so you KNOW those numbers are solid!

There is a branch of math called statistics where you can study a group of numbers or a poll and come up with some valid conclusions. I don't expect you've heard of this. You're more of a guy who likes to say "there is one person at least who owns a machine and doesn't list it on Pinside so therefore the Pinside owners numbers are totally invalid." Back in the day you'd be a 'flat world' proponent.

For example is 12000 people on Pinside list TAF in their collection you can tell it's a high number pin. Not every person in the world who owns TAF belongs to Pinside, not every Pinsider who owns TAF lists it in their collection, I know of two people at least who own TAF and don't list it on Pinside.

But some subset of people do own TAF and do list it on Pinside. Due to statistics, a high number pin like TAF is going to be listed as owned by a high number of Pinsiders, a low number pin like WWE or FTH will be listed as very low in the 'owned' listing.

I'm not and never said FTH was a bad game or that it will be a flop. But the fact remains that 10 people out of ten's of thousands on Pinside list it as in their collection. I'm not saying they are not ramping up, but I am saying 10 owners and maybe 26 people have FTH on their wish list. That's a far cry from selling like hotcakes. I'm not making up these numbers.

When IMVE was released the number of people who listed it as in their collection went from 250+ to 400+ guess what, people bought the game and put it on Pinside. Not everyone, I know a few people who own IM that don't list it on Pinside owners list. Stern may have sold 500+ of IMVE we don't know for sure but we do know that 180-220 (some number) was added to the Pinside owners number after IMVE was released.

We can probably say that more IM (and IMVE) were built than Avatar since less than 200 people list Avatar in their collection. We can say Tron sold more games than IM because of the numbers of owners. There is other evidence, but the numbers of 'Owners' on Pinside is not a nonsensical number.

I am not saying only 10 people in the world own FTH, I am saying it's not a big selling pin, or not selling to collectors (maybe on location, because those games aren't usually listed on Pinside)

3 weeks later
#4068 3 years ago
Quoted from molspin:

In general I really like it, but I do have to admit (even with the descriptions as to why they're integrated) the 'hot rod flames,' the "Fly the Friendly Skies" helmet writing, the Bug Stomper decal, and the skull and knife drawing all just feel...well, out of place to me.
It looks almost like a second artist came in on top of an already clean work of art, but wanted to add to it and did so by writing on the playfield with a silver sharpie and slapping on a couple of stickers. As if too much time was had and a "what else can I do" attitude was taken - and in turn too many things were added.
While some of the ideas as to why they're integrated make sense when described, why not save some of those elements to be incorporated via plastics or even simply used on the LCD rather than directly on the playfield? It just takes the depth away from the whole scene for me.
Again. I generally really like it. I'm just scratching my head at a few decisions made. I'm sure it'll grow on me...

Well said, can I say too busy? Sometimes less is more, planets/moon look (ahem) not good, looks crammed in with a shoe horn. I'm not saying that Star Trek is the best PF art, but IMO space is mostly empty.

To me this art is more STTNG and less ST (it's fine) but I prefer the later rendition of outer space.

#4070 3 years ago

I don't want to sound as a negative Nelly, but the bottom half of the PF is excellent, the top half looks like it was drawn by a completely different artist. The glow around the ships in not great.

Oh well, it's fine, I'm just saying it's not the greatest PF art of all time. Also I have some not great art like my AcDc pin which doesn't bother me. Primary will be the rules and shots how it plays and sound effects and lighting effects. Last-ish will be the art as a deciding factor for me.

Hope the LE back glass art is nice.

#4072 3 years ago
Quoted from voodle:

Ok, I'll be bold.
I've add my own interpretation to the artwork and photoshopped the original by deleting the 'cartoon' elements and non-core element like the badges, flames, text and some color splatter around the space ships.
You can click on it to get a larger view.
Mine is on the left, the original on the right.
Personally I think it looks cleaner and they need make sure the planet art doesn't cut into the LCD screen.


That's a thousand million billion times better.

#4093 3 years ago

Last PF art that I didn't hear a negative peep about was Metallica.

#4128 3 years ago
Quoted from jlm33:

I don't remember much criticism about Kiss artwork? (maybe the three Pro/Pre/LE cabinets being too similar?)
You have to admit it was a nice hommage to the Bally version.

Oh, that was goo too. I keep forgetting Kiss because I've yet to see or play one.

#4149 3 years ago

I consider the movie as more of a haunted ship movie, this is more Star Trekie outer space motif.

#4215 3 years ago
Quoted from HoakyPoaky:

Also can someone explain how that reverse ramp works, or at least give an example of one? Does it have a VUK? I don't see a hole cut out in the playfield, so I'm guessing it works something like the elevator & return ramps on Who Dunnit? Just curious.

PotC Jack the monkey ramp. You have to hit it hard, it goes straight up (not straight up but a tight turn) and back at you. Very cool shot.


#4224 3 years ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

I'm waiting for TBL, too. I used to be a bit more "impulse buy" with new pins, although they were all Sterns....but with the price hikes and delays, I really have no reason to pre-order any new game unless the theme speaks to me in an unbelievable way like Lebowski. I like the Alien theme...but don't have any kind of intense feelings about it one way or the other. I'd have to play it first to consider buying it

Agree, lots of good pins to come. Alien looks good, but still much left to be seen.

#4426 3 years ago

Can't wait for the 'Harry Potter' pin with no character license.

#4428 3 years ago

Coming soon Harry Potter LE send deposit now.image_(resized).jpeg

#4432 3 years ago

I believe you Aurch, just we've heard it before with a Predator and the music from TBL.

I'm waiting to see the complete pin before I judge anything.

4 weeks later
#4731 3 years ago

Looking good.

4 months later
#6571 3 years ago

about when are these pins shipping?

#6575 3 years ago

What does in thread mean? There's 132 pages in this thread.

#6582 3 years ago
Quoted from PinballRulez:

Goal is to present the complete pin end of August 2016.
Shipping of first pins could happen in October 2016?
All subject to change of course.


Looking forward to seeing it, very strong design so far.

7 months later
#10650 2 years ago
Quoted from RobT:

This is happening FAR too often. It really is.
And I mean even if you were to limit it to *only* those people who publicly post about it in this thread...it's happening too often. The real problem is that it is happening much more behind the scenes from people who do not want to post publicly in this thread for fear of causing problems of one kind or another. I have personal knowledge about this because of communications that I have had with people who have had this issue and asked for my opinion on how to go about getting a refund, and find out that these people know of others who had or are having the same issue.
It seems that it always requires that someone publicly post in this thread in order to light a fire and get it done. And every time that happens, Andrew apologizes profusely, adds in a few excuses, and eventually issues a refund.
It should not have to be like this. Someone at Heighway needs to get their shit together....both in terms of issuing timely refunds when requested, and getting the pins shipped to customers.
Heighway's most recent shipping date has been missed...again.

Imho it's easier to get a refund now than to wait for the panic at the exit as with Kevin and Jpop

I was able to get a refund from Jpop (and Kevin) because I got out when there was just a hint of trouble, I didn't wait until everyone was asking for a refund.

IMO it's folly to be out money on Heighway games, if they ship you can buy one then, this pre order nonsense should be done.

#10661 2 years ago
Quoted from Wickerman2:

complete nonsense to even imply a comparison.
Pre-order, don't pre-order, take care of your finances as you like, but making comparisons with complete failures and/or outright scams is just ridiculous.

have not read this entire thread but this pin was due over a year ago iirc and one person said he can't get his refund. That's not the way it's supposed to work, if the pin is not shipping on time, the refund can not be withheld. You can't have it both ways by saying it'll be delivered in 2015 (or whenever) and when it don't ship refuse to give a refund.

This is copied directly from Heighway's Alien homepage

Available now for pre-order, and scheduled for production in April 2015, this special ‘Limited Edition’ game will feature:

that's approaching 2 years delay and if someone want's out, than give them the refund.

1 year later
#21964 1 year ago

Curious did JJP get bailed out also?

1 week later
#22181 1 year ago

I’ve not read this whole thread but it seems so random where some people have game and some have nothing. While people who didn’t pre-order can buy a game without risks. Just goes to show the pre order model is terrible, DP, Skit-B, Zidware, and HW all fe’d up. JJP was a long wait for Woz and often people could walk in off the street and get a game months ahead of pre-orders.

Only Spooky seems remotely good but then they are making TNA so slowly that if I was to order one today it’d be next year before they build it. That’s plus minus because in one year it’s more likely than not I’ll see a nice pre owned TNA for less than nib.

#22208 1 year ago
Quoted from SunKing:


Guys, I know there's a WIDE mixture of emotions surrounding this pin. For those who've been burned by HP, I really do sympathize greatly, but please forgive me this indulgence..
...when it's working. At the moment, mine is 100%.
I was two shots away from Newt Multiball. I needed the chestbuster (super hard shot), and then a shot to the xeno. Well, I shot it up to the pops - and it starts popin' around - hits the chestbuster and keeps on popin' right out to the xeno and BAM!! Newt screems, the ball is grabbed and eaten and multiball begins.
Sooooooooo Coooool~!~!~!
Yes - that's the xeno eating my ball (hehehehe).

I did play a working Alien pin the other day, just one play so not like I’m an expert by any stretch, it had a wide selection of shots and the two LCDs were great and the move assets are awesome far better than any other pin I can think of except maybe TH.

However I didn’t like the feel of the pin. I mean it just wasn’t there with B/W pins or JJP and I played a Iron Maiden LE at the same time, and the Maiden pin was just better feeling don’t know if it was flow or something else seems like Alien ball was rattling around some while other pins are more precise feeling.

Of course this is just IMO and doesn’t mean the Alien pin is not good. But gun to my head I’d take a nice JJP or even a Stern (depending on the title) just for feel, and that does not even account for how I’m scared of maintenance nightmare of owning an orphan pin like Heighway.

#22209 1 year ago
Quoted from Averell:

Once played, the ALIEN draws everyone's spell.
A shame what happend at Heighway... that pinball is already legendary.

It’s a real shame because this is a great theme and this pin could have sold thousands.

#22222 1 year ago
Quoted from Astropin:

I had posted this after I had been playing it for a while:
It does take getting used to. You are going to CLUNK a lot of shots until you figure them out. The shots are pretty tight and some are really tight. Once you start to get a feel for them this thing can really flow! Upper right though the upper left loop is STUPID FAST. Even back to back outer loops can get cranking.
Favorite shot of course is the lower right to the middle left to the upper right to the upper left ramp. It's like nailing the "Picard maneuver"...but more satisfying.

It’s hard to put my finger on it, some games *are* more clunky than smooth. These can still be great, I think LotR can be clunky. I was just giving my first impression of both Alien and Iron Maiden LE the Maiden felt great on my first play reminds me of Tron in that regard where it was just nice shooting.

#22254 1 year ago

Just curious, how much is shipping and insurance a pin from Europe?

I have to hand it to you guys spending such money on this pin, hope you enjoy the hell out of it.

1 month later
#22456 1 year ago

Just played a few games of Alien today at a friends house. This is quite a nice package especially the video cut scenes, it's horrible that this pin was not able to be brought successfully to market.

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