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ALIEN PINBALL - Game Over, Man, Game Over

By HeighwayPinball

5 years ago

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Post #9151 Insight from Alien's programmer on tournament mode Posted by Ferret (3 years ago)

Post #9234 Update on distribution Posted by HeighwayPinball (3 years ago)

Post #9660 Here we show you a short clip from the 'Ambush Multiball' mode Posted by HeighwayPinball (3 years ago)

Post #10128 Photo of Alien at UK Trade Show Posted by unigroove (3 years ago)

Post #10230 game play video from EAG UK tradeshow Posted by Join_The_Cirqus (3 years ago)

Post #10231 game play video from EAG UK tradeshow Posted by Join_The_Cirqus (3 years ago)

Post #10914 Alien ships Posted by ZenTron (3 years ago)

Post #10916 Alien ships Posted by HeighwayPinball (3 years ago)

Post #11230 Key posted, but no summary given Posted by ezeltmann (3 years ago)

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#65 5 years ago

What about the LCD having a grayish overlay to make it a semi circle shape like a scanning screen on a gun/ radar tracking of the aliens. That could be unique to the Alien playfield and would be awesome integration of the theme into the game.

#84 5 years ago

Has any one seen the dimensions/specs of this Heighway wide body? I am trying to determine if I can squeeze it into my basement. This is a dream theme for me as well.

#153 5 years ago

Anyone preorder and get an email response from Heighway Pinball? I jumped in and am trying to contact them and Andrew and there has been no response so far. I realize they may be getting flooded but would like them to confirm orders placed. Anyone have any luck?

#162 5 years ago

DougPiranha, I also preorder last night from the website. I also just emailed the PA Andrew (MD) for whether we get a Pin preorder confirmation email.

#170 5 years ago

Toads, was your confirmation email from Heighway Pinball or WorldPlay. All I got was a Worldplay email, which doesn't confirm if the order was accepted by Heighway. I acknowledge the travel and time difference.

#175 5 years ago

The form! ... Crap. I just did that the payment that was just for the serial number right?

#208 5 years ago

Just heard from Andrew and I'm sending my form in. Btw, I am requesting a LE with the silver metal version of the cab metal trim and not lime green. Just gotta fill that info out on the form


#291 5 years ago

Andrew,the toppers are optional nap to set on the backglass. Correct? I personally have 76" for the backglass not 80+ for the toppers. I might want to mount them the wall to go to the left and right of the backglass.


#307 5 years ago

Hi #057 here

#333 5 years ago

Just a reminder to everyone preordering to send in the preorder form and also you can get the LE version with standard metal for the legs and trim. That's what I did . Once the form was sent I got a very quick response from Andrew!

PinBalt (057)

#358 5 years ago

A tally of what numbers have been taken and the significance would be cool. I chose 057 because Ripley was in stasis for that many years until the events in Aliens

#361 5 years ago

Hi Andrew and Heighway Pinball. Any idea of when we can expect another significant update; e.g. Whitewood status? I thought that Preorders might be getting access to a Aliens LE development blog. Has anyone heard if that is still happening?

-PinBalt (057)

#365 5 years ago

Wow... Thanks for quick communication .. excellent news

1 week later
#368 5 years ago

I noticed that it's been 10 days Any update on the preowners forum? Not trying to be prodding but just excited for the table.

PinBalt (57)

#378 5 years ago

Thanks for the update Andrew and I concur with other Pinsiders on the importance of updates on the Alien project - small or large.

2 weeks later
#485 5 years ago

Well .... Anyone dropping out now?..

#486 5 years ago

I like Andrew but was skeptical of the date. Seriously, be honest with us on the mfg date and show us some proto art or playfield design. Just because Norman is out doesn't mean the design will be bad but we need to see it more than ever since we were hooked on this pin due to faith in Nordman .... Never more .

#492 5 years ago

Still excited for the pin but dying to see some of those details or the Future Pinball version of the Alien table being played.... That would be killer

#535 5 years ago

Nice and thanks Andrew for the update. I love that you guys are using this approach with virtual pinball. I have heard the farsight guys that make the Pinball Arcade indicate that Stern expressed interest in their software, but using it for development is smart. Sad that this novel approach caused a rift but I hope that the end result will prove the effectiveness that Nordman will agree.

#555 5 years ago

I agree that the layout is very original and looks fun. Thanks for the communication Andrew and keep it up - small bits of info are even appreciated!

#590 5 years ago

Hey Andrew. Any chance of getting some nice spinners on the table - B and/or J lanes on the playfield layout? I keep thinking it would be cool to here marine assault rifle or turrets firing based on the number of rotations on the spinner when hit.

Just ideas ...

#592 5 years ago

Andrew, would you ever consider letting Pinsiders or preorder's take a poll or give feedback on game ideas? More and more, videogames get beta tested with the public. Could that be an opportunity with some aspects of the Alien pinball game, e.g. software modes or other aspects?

1 month later
#659 5 years ago

Hi Heighway Team .... any Alien WW photos you care to share with us

#666 5 years ago

Chirp, Chip Chirp ....

#688 5 years ago

Very excited. Thanks Andrew. You and your team are rockin it!

You tease with the mention of a new major Xenomorph toy! Might we see some Alien pop up/bash toys like trolls in MM or perhaps a Alien head that has a retractable jaw with a magnet that reaches out for the ball (Thing from AF). You got my imagination spinning and excited. Keep it up!

#690 5 years ago

Also noticed what appers to be a new kicker hole above the right upper flipper. This wasn't in the virtual version. I assume that is to capture balls coming off the pop bumpers and give a controlled delivery to make a shot? Looks cool.

#738 5 years ago

Aurich mentioned Greg Freres in his example and it reminded of Andrew being asked whether Greg might be doing the playfield art and he gave a no comment Does anyone else recall this? I know Greg works for Stern but I wonder if he still has freelance ability and was pulled on with Nordman's early involvement.

2 weeks later
#749 5 years ago

It's been quiet and I'm sure you guys are cranking away. Excited for the Alien translite art. While not Alien (but very close), I thought I'd post the Backglass that is currently holding the space for inspiration. Good luck guys and keep up the great work.image.jpg

#756 5 years ago

Great news Andrew. Thanks for the update.

4 weeks later
#846 5 years ago

Any new morsels of Alien Pinball goodness to be shared soon? It's been too quiet post the Whitewood reveal

4 months later
#1435 5 years ago

Yes, sort of like how Dutch Pinball first showed the Big Lebowski with only hints of toys an no art present on the playfield.

2 months later
#2657 4 years ago

Has anyone heard when we should see new Alien white wood videos from the Expo event?

4 weeks later
#2846 4 years ago

Does anyone have a link detailing the size dimensions of the Heighway pinball machine? I am trying to ensure I can fit it into the room


#2851 4 years ago

Thanks all but I need to locate the width of the cabinet. Not sure if the backglass can be separated from the cabinet.

#2859 4 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

Might help to post the problem you're trying to deal with. A narrow doorway?

Yes. Sorry I should have been more clear. I was trying to figure out the doorway entrance. Thanks to everyone who posted info . Sooooo pumped to see the playfield art Aurich !

#2866 4 years ago

I measured ..... 29" door width, so I have 2" to spare!!!!

1 month later
#3271 4 years ago

I wanted to share a cool shirt I got for Xmas present in prep for Alien pin in 2016


#3287 4 years ago
Quoted from PinsOnly:

Couldn't agree more...


Nice!!! Bustedtees was the site if interested.

1 week later
#3641 4 years ago

I believe the EAG show in London starts at 10am so there could be some art as early as 5am US East Coast time

#3690 4 years ago

As the sun shall shine so shall Alien playfield greatness!!! Looking forward to it Aurich.

#3986 4 years ago

Aurich ... well done sir. It was not what I was expecting but I actually am thrilled by that!!! I love the focus on the aliens and marine icons and the lack of actor photos. It is more timeless in my opinion. I love the details and depth you added. You should be proud and I am planning to see this at TPF in late March ... you going to be there? I'm in on the LE (#57) and you made my day

#4022 4 years ago

So Aurich, are there three ramps now - 2 left and 1 right side? Looks a bit different then before . Awesome stuff !

#4257 4 years ago

I guess a question more impactful than the image of an actor in the game is whether there will be callouts from the movies. The sound package may be the most important aspect of this game.

There are great lines in both films, but especially Aliens. Will we be hearing classics like "game over man" and "get away from her you bitc$"? The voices are more important to me and would be fine with a DMD like animation. I also wonder how they will do the callouts. Might there be one voice type for Alien (quieter) and another for Aliens (more aggressive/ marine like)?

I do it believe that the sound package is a part of Aurich's domain but I think will come up as the next topic of interest now that the art has been revealed. We have seen how other games (TBL) have run into license issues with voice overs and the video that is onscreen. No matter what I am loooove the art and am psyched for the game.

#4456 4 years ago

Aurich, by any chance will we see reference to the power loader unit that Ripley mans in Alien Those plastics that connect to the lowerflippers might be good opportunity

#4465 4 years ago

Aurich I was referring to the outlane guides back to the flippers. I couldn't think of the name. I saw a bit of the yellow/black art on the playfield ( scream again) and it made me think of the outlanes and the flippers as versions of those infamous yellow and black loader arms .... as if you are virtually reaching out to battle the Alien (Geiger version) on the playfield. Yellow and black would really pop of of the blue as well. Just ideas. You are doing an awesome job and can't wait to own this pin.

2 months later
#5137 4 years ago

That model is very close to the size based on what Andrew said. He just had this model arrive at the hotel. It looked incredibly detailed along with the slime/acid drool on the teeth. I saw the video Aurich mentioned and it ROCKED!!! This game looks sooooo moody. There were some very clear movie clips playing as well ... Paxton. All I can say is Facehuggers on the slings like Elvira

#5138 4 years ago

There were also pictures of Queen that was more fleshed out with her mini arms. She looked fantastic. The eggs were lighting up in the video and just rocked.

I just want to say job well done to Andrew and his team, including Aurich. You guys are doing an amazing job bringing this classic movie(s) to life . That video sold me on getting the big LCD!!!

1 month later
#5426 4 years ago

Awesome news Andrew and team. I saw the early footage in Texas and was pumped up by that, so I am drooling for the new footage

#5468 4 years ago

Any chance for it to happen still today Heighway team?

3 months later
#6981 4 years ago

Hi Andrew! Will you be providing interior side and/or back panel art for the game. If not, will mirror blades work in heighway pinball games? Have you guys talked to other companies for possible 3rd party addons like Pinblades?. I am dreaming of Giegerish art along the side walls of this pin ? So excited for my LE and will see you unveil it at Chicago Expo.

#6983 4 years ago

True and good point frolic but I plan on keeping this as an Alien ? It would be cool if Heighway offered replaceable interior sidewall art similar to how everything else is being designed as modular.

2 weeks later
#7130 4 years ago

Hi Andrew. Is the goal to have the Alien game also flippable for attendees at the booth? I'll be there and am pumped for the reveal!

PinBalt (#57)

#7177 4 years ago

Nice! Keep posting more and more close up shots

1 week later
#7324 4 years ago

Got the emails and excited for LE #57!!!

#7345 4 years ago

Getting Pumped !!!

2 weeks later
#7530 4 years ago

So, 20 days till the scheduled reveal. I'm getting nervous :-/ I'm hoping there is an announcement next week or I suspect that 20th Cent Fox is throwing a monkey wrench into the planned US rollout at Expo. I'm thinking positive thoughts as I'm heading out there to see/play this game

2 weeks later
#7795 3 years ago

Nice job guys!!! I can't figure out where the launch ball goes to and where the return ramp in upper right corner goes to as well. Andrew, if there are three new features will they on display at the Launch Party?

#7893 3 years ago

Does the ball returning down the upper right ramp just fall down just above the right spinner? Seems like it might land on the plastics.

#8133 3 years ago

I loved the flow and with execution of the theme, especially with David's sound package. Yes it was a big buggy and some tech issues but that will be smoothed out. The game felt like Aliens and I Am happy happy to be on an Alien LE. Great job team Heighway!!!

3 weeks later
#9173 3 years ago
Quoted from HeighwayPinball:

I know the spotlight is on us.
At this point - we must deliver. Everyone on our team knows that.
We are pushing very hard at this point.
We have missed some deadlines in the past, and hit some deadlines in the past.
Shipping as many Alien games this year, as possible, is our number one objective.
We aim to give you regular updates over the coming days and weeks. This will include parts arriving, cabinets being assembled, playfields being assembled, etc...
Our prototypes arrived back this afternoon - finally. We will shoot some gameplay videos as soon as possible and then post them accordingly.

Andrew, please note that most fans of Alien would rather the pin be slightly delayed to improve the airlock/queen than just go with what you have to ship due to pressure. A small delay will be easily forgotten due to an improved game design element. I realize that there comes a point when you must finalize the design, but if there is a better option on the table then I hope that you and the team pursue it. Just be clear with the communication and I believe all will agree with you. You have been great updated people on this forum. That said, I looved the game at Expo and would take it in its current design. My only gripe was the Queen and wish she was more like the Lotr Balrog that spun around and was larger in size that jerked around a bit. Please do what is best for Heighway pinball.

(Alien LE #57)

1 month later
#9528 3 years ago

We don't know yet ... but we could make some predictions ...

#9540 3 years ago

Is there still some Alien Production videos coming to us today

#9586 3 years ago

Does anyone know the boxed and unboxed dimensions for Heighway's Alien pin?

Just making measurements for delivery/ placement

#9632 3 years ago

They note the similarity of the Queen chamber to the Joker Can in Dark Knight .... I guess they have not gotten the memo yet that it will be changed soon

2 months later
#11419 3 years ago

Wow. Just awesome and loooove the spinner sound effects. An awesome reference / throwback to 70s/80s solid state games. At least that's what I feel. The tunnel mode with breathing and the spinners was my favorite mode.

1 week later
#11789 3 years ago

I believe that this was just published online:

2 weeks later
#12313 3 years ago

Was this a new in box game or one of the show floor games?

2 weeks later
#12715 3 years ago

There were rumors that new builds occurred this past week for Cointaker. Anyone on here getting one of those machines and can confirm that ?

#12891 3 years ago

I thought of the same idea for this target now. Make it pulse color to a blood red! Simulate the chest bursting

#12902 3 years ago

We have not heard from Andrew in almost 2 weeks. April 26th is Wed this week and the goal was for LEs to start production end of April (next week). Andrew, can you provide any update to us patiently waiting for the game?

#12965 3 years ago

Happy Alien day everyone. May it be an Eggcellent one for all of us

#12974 3 years ago

It came and went with no news

#12980 3 years ago

I just wish they could of stated that there would be no update today.

#12992 3 years ago

Thanks SlamTilt!!!

#13062 3 years ago

Daaaam! That backglass is awesome and has me rethinking the 27" LCD use Does anyone know if you could remove the 27 ' LCD and run it in Std Backglasss and Swap the LCD back in as needed? I would love the solid backglass for myself playing and might put the LCD in when friends are over. Highly impressed Andrew and congrats to all on the cherry on top of the Alien sundae .... Now get building

Thanks to you and your team.

4 weeks later
#14215 3 years ago

Andrew. You need a communications person and a consistent update plan. There might be a lot going on but no one knows it. A consistent weekly update email message would go a long way. The DP situation is murky at the moment but they have done a Friday update each week and that has been great. Someone on your team must be able to put this together. This gap in message and then a statement not coming true is frustrating us that are invested and trying to be patient. Again, please do a Weekly/Biweekly update message. Communication is critical at this point.

3 months later
#16547 3 years ago

Has anyone heard any other news regarding shipping of Aliens. Last I heard was they needed new ramps and games would be sent out. It's been very quite since then☹️

#16574 3 years ago

This is getting nuts. They started off with the attitude of providing more open communication and there has been very limited info. Good or Bad new they should be communicating to us. What happened to more frequent updates. It feels like I'm pulling teeth when I ask them if there will be a facebook update. Its not hard to do a brief weekly update. DP has done a 180 in the communication dept. but Heighway seems to be going backwards. I want HP to succeed and to get my Alien but I will not be surprised if they are unable to start LEs until early 2018

1 month later
#17190 2 years ago

Yes no Alien at Expo but they tried. I was told games got held up in shipping at Tenn and could not make it in time.

#17581 2 years ago

Dying for new videos

1 month later
#19002 2 years ago

Happy to see SEs going out. I have heard that an HP update on LEs should be coming very soon for month of December. Its been a month since the last one. I dang hope us LE owners will see some update on selecting options so that these puppies start rolling out for early 2018.

2 weeks later
#19347 2 years ago

I hope with the first LE being shipped that there will be a significant Facebook update from Heighway Pinball coming next week.

#19349 2 years ago

About the production status. Build size, details on contacting early customers for choices, setting expectations for the LE build process timeline for early buyers vs new buyers.

2 weeks later
#19561 2 years ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

I think they will. Price, timeline would be a complete variable, however.
Believe a new order of any version through CT now has a real chance of getting built and shipped before anything from old books, however.

I too paid up for LE in April '17. I am to glad that LEs are getting made and out to customers (non US). Some type of balance will be warranted, similar to what DP has stated. I get the need for influx of new money but they need to clear the books. Has anyone heard if they will have a presence at Texas Pinball in March? I would love opportunity to chat in person with them.

#19587 2 years ago

Would you be willilng to post some more photoes of your Bleu LE Alien?

Quoted from lamihh:Owning literally machines from nearly all relevant manufacturers like JJP (WOZ), Stern (GOTG), Spooky (RZ), B/W-DP (BOP 2.0) and HP’s Alien (Blue) I can absolutely affirm that this is by far the most impressive machine in my collection when it comes to immersion and bang for the buck.

1 week later
#19740 2 years ago

I’m Old money as well and fully paid since Oct 2016. My responses have also gone cold as well. I agree that we might be the last to get a machine if they stay viable as a company. The drop in any updates/ communication since November is frustrating.

#19785 2 years ago

Any updates from any preorders related to gettting email updates for LEs?

#19825 2 years ago

Heighway Pinball designer Dave Sanders is interviewed by the Podcaster “Kaneda”. It’s interesting. Not focused on slamming on Andrew , but errors noted, or current owners. Sounds like a lot of shortcuts were taken with Alien that they are trying to make right for manufacturing now and have been applied by design team to game 3 (Barry O game ).

1 week later
#20055 2 years ago
Quoted from Nethawk86:

Yeah, that WOULD suck if it happens (doubtful). No way that would happen with this crowd though. I am usually the one whos calling out to "bust out the pitchforks" when it comes to cointaker, but in this case I dont think they'd stoop THAT low and bad where out of 45 LE's not 1 would go to preorders lol. I am sure all 45 of those (if there really is 45 LE's being shipped lol) are spoken for with MAYBE..MAYBE 1 or 2 being available for new orders from people who've cancelled.

Sadly I expect that all of these LEs are new orders/money. I am a fully paid preorderer and I have not been contacted. Has anyone on here that fully paid been contacted about their LE preorder?

2 weeks later
#20193 2 years ago

Soooo quiet

1 month later
#21051 2 years ago

What a cluster F$&@. As a preorderer I’m not surprised but still mad and sad. There are good people screwed over by that Ahole Andrew. Successful business ... someone should write that author of that article with a followup story idea. I need a drink ....

1 week later
#21666 2 years ago

Yes there are

Quoted from Jvspin:

The new/old investors had poor communication and some questionable tactics towards the end. Still, don't know if they deserve to be tarred and feathered.
Not sure if all the original buyers who wanted refunds got them, but certainly far more people got refunds or a game than if the new/old investors hadn't taken over and poured more money in.
Is there anyone who stayed in or jumped on board post Andrew without eyes wide open?

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