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ALIEN PINBALL - Game Over, Man, Game Over

By HeighwayPinball

5 years ago

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Post #15501 Copy of update posted to Facebook by the new HP Posted by Dust2000 (2 years ago)

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#1170 4 years ago

IMO Alien is a killer, brilliant theme (stating the obvious), but Full Throttle is not. Far from it.

I hope that HP builds Alien in parallel with FT, so they can make thousands of machines, regardless of the success (or otherwise) of FT. The bottomline is that Alien is where the company's cashflow will come from going forward, and is the machine that would lift HP out of boutique company status. Again, FT is not IMO.

1 month later
#1869 4 years ago

I'm not pre-ordering this, but will probably buy it when available. Andrew is a great guy too.

#1870 4 years ago
Quoted from guyincognito:

When is one of the new pinball companies going to offer the option of custom ROM programming? There are a lot of talented community members who could add extra aftermarket value and novelty to the games.

On a related point, it would be great if there was a 'jukebox mode' where you could play MP3s via USB on modern pins. Then we could play movie soundtracks, band music etc as appropriate for the theme

I note that the amp in Alien is stereo 2.1 and has audio jack in....

#1873 4 years ago

Let's be blunt- GOT Pro looks cheap but still overpriced. Imagine Shadow Pro without the Battlefield? Why have Stern gone so cheap? Garbage (relatively speaking in terms of value for money).

Fancy a 'Mustang Pro' with 3 wheels? It drives almost the same. Actually no, it's a shit car.

3 months later
#3462 3 years ago

What will Heighway Pinball have at EAG next Tue-Thurs?

#3477 3 years ago
Quoted from Yipykya:

Hopefully something exciting!


Nice. If I was Andy at EAG, I'd do something like this

Aliens is way more interesting than Full Throttle.

#3478 3 years ago
Quoted from Zampinator:

Deposit in 6 months ago!
It will sell out fast!

Andy's next show is in 4 days in London at EAG. Alien should be a big part of this, though I hear on the grapevine that only Full Throttle will be there...

I hope not, and I'm gonna be there to find out


1 year later
#10672 2 years ago

Andrew will produce Alien, and is a great guy. I've known him for years now, have met him many times, and recently sold him my Alien vs Predator pachinko machine. In the past I bought a BSD and refurbed TAF from Andy, both still going strong. He is over-enthusiastic a la Jack and an over-promiser, but IMO this lovely pinball machine will definitely be produced, and in significant numbers

I was struck by both the Jpop and Kulek freight trains (aren't I lucky?), and am quite cynical about new pinball companies as a result (you've seen my posts!), and am a plaintiff against both those companies. In that context, as someone who isn't a fanboy type, I just wanted to add my positive comments about Andy and HP, and hope this recommendation means something amongst all the froth!

I'm going to visit the factory and order a machine later this year, hopefully. I previously visited the factory when it hosted the UKPP (UK Pinball Party). This is real in a way that Jpop and Kulek never were and could never be. Despite all the (mostly inevitable) delays and issues, just remember this is in a different league to those charlatans.

4 months later
#15144 2 years ago

I'm impressed that the 3 new guys have kept the old company, rather than setting up a new one and ditching the 'liabilities' (including HP customers' orders...).

I'm interested in buying a machine once it's shipping, but after Predator (fail), Zidware (partial win), P3 (win but a very long time), Nemo (win but a long time), JJP (wins but a long time) there is no way I would ever pre-order again.

#15195 2 years ago
Quoted from athena:

Theme is amazing. I was another who lost out on predator which was my other dream theme. Gutted. The two together would have been awesome.

Andrew bought my AvP pachinko machine. Just saying

2 months later
#16004 2 years ago

Is it true that UK price is now £7,500 (up from £5,500) and can only be purchased via Home Leisure Direct, not directly? If this is the case, you've lost my custom Heighway Pinball.

#16021 2 years ago

I was close to buying one, but due to the price increase I'm out now.

#16025 2 years ago

Ripoff Britain in action. Ripoff company too. I have to say, if this is the business acumen that is to come, they have no chance!

#16027 2 years ago

In the UK we are no longer able to buy direct from HP, which is why we're upset (also because of the price hike). They've also chosen a renowned expensive dealer to sell through, rather than one of the better dealers such as Pinball Heaven.

I'd sort of planned in a couple of months to go to the factory, do a tour, play a few games, and maybe order a machine. But not going to be possible now, sadly. What a shame. Finally, a UK manufacturer and then they do this!

#16045 2 years ago

Pound value was $1.45 pre-Brexit vote, now is $1.30- a 10% drop. The price of LE has gone up by 31%. Pinonomics?

#16046 2 years ago

As for UK distributor, not necessary. I'd have hired a van and driven to Wales Not now obviously.

#16074 2 years ago
Quoted from Wickerman2:

If the price is in fact jacked up for the kits they might as well scrap the cabinet design and swap system and become a "traditional" company.

The whole point of kits is to save expense and space. Expense is a joke now so they should ditch kits. While at it, please return to BW standard cabinet design. The current shallow backbox looks like a toy, and the drilled out cabinet sides are structurally weak. We also know what happens to PF glass.

#16107 2 years ago
Quoted from gstellenberg:

At least in the P3's case, had we held off presenting anything until the project was completed, we wouldn't ever have shown it. Being a bootstrapped company and choosing not to fund operations from pre-orders, Multimorphic exists today largely because of the developers who came on board as a result of our showing it in public. So, a bit of a catch-22.
I agree with the overall point though. Now that we're shipping machines and making good on all of our promises, we can stop making new promises and simply design and then sell fun games.
- Gerry

My P3 is flying to Heathrow on Tuesday. It's been a long wait, but by now we all know it takes 4-5 years start to finish for a new pin startup. I want to state that Gerry has always been solid and reliable, with regular updates. I was never concerned with P3- quality guys And boy what an exciting groundbreaking product!

#16108 2 years ago
Quoted from Ericpinballfan:

This huge price increase is going to kill sales.
This game should have never been built in England.

I agree about the price.

BTW the game is not being built in England

1 week later
#16287 2 years ago

Is it too early to say that the new investors have screwed it up?

2 weeks later
#16622 2 years ago

Pinball News's review of Roman glass vs Invisiglass found the former to be better. Roman is the man.

#16694 2 years ago

I was going to buy one, but they increased the price by 40% and forced buyers to buy via a well-known expensive distributor i.e. I can't go to UK factory anymore. I was quite excited as a UK person to have a UK pinball manufacturer, and had a fantasy to turn up in a van to pick up my Alien, but somehow these guys have managed to kill all that. Incredible really. So now they are more expensive than Stern, despite Stern being imported from US and UK import taxes being 20%. That is a level of greed that deserves a Sheen movie.

It will be interesting to see what sales they achieve at the new price point, but to be blunt I think they've killed the company. They've lost my custom, and I'm sure most others. Hey ho. Plenty more fish in the sea, I guess.

4 months later
#20009 1 year ago

This is the first time UK pinsiders could buy a UK machine, yet the price is higher than US, and we can't buy direct from HP. I buy a lot, but won't be buying this unless the price improves for UK peeps. I wanted to turn up in a van and buy this!

There was a massive price hike we will never forget. PM me HP, if you can be assed. Otherwise, you have lost me as a customer, and I suspect many other British people. Again, like you friggin' care...

#20011 1 year ago

I don't 'do' Friendface. Anyway, imagine the nightmare this machine will be in 10 years when HP is out of business. Sheesh. When you think 10-20 years ahead for the new companies, it gets scary.

Anyway, HP has ditched its home country customers so fuck 'em. Bankruptcy awaits them.

4 weeks later
#20338 1 year ago

Blimey, what a barrel of shit. As an outsider, it seems to me that everyone should cancel their orders, and the company should die. I wish Andrew hadn't bothered setting this company up. Major fail

#20340 1 year ago

Imagine what this will be like in 20 years, with the company a long distant memory and no parts available?

1 month later
#21045 1 year ago

This is a really sad albeit likely development. A lot of good people lost much time and coin over this. It's a truly magnificent theme too- I hope not lost to pinball now

It's a great PF design, and of all the great people affected by this I hope Dave Sanders gets adequately recompensed. What a designer! IMO he is to pinball design what Zombie Yeti is to artwork, and I hope he gets snapped up by another pinball company, and paid properly this time.

#21055 1 year ago

From the Daily Telegraph (Oz) article via google images. Could this photo be more inappropriate? Sheesh. Is this where the Alien money got spunked?

(Andrew Heighway at Manly wharf. Picture: Adam Yip / Manly Daily).

Picture1 (resized).jpg

#21285 1 year ago

Bailiffs (resized).jpg

#21472 1 year ago

Regarding the future, will Pinball Brothers Ltd manufacture Alien? To do so would (I hope) obligate them to 'make people whole' who pre-ordered, but if there is genuinely no money left, how could they afford to? I don't think the community would tolerate them NOT doing so before making and selling more Aliens. Together with likely loss of the Alien licence, my speculation is that the Alien pin is dead now. There is also the likely issue of lawsuits against them, and the legality of asset transfer between the companies. TBH I think this kills the new company too, whether they accept that yet or not. The UK is still part of the EU when this happened, so leaving the UK won't 'save' them from legal action.

The easiest way for pre-order folks to sue would be online using the UK small claims court. It costs a few hundred pounds (depending how much you are claiming), which you can add to your claim plus interest. This would be the easiest and quickest way to ruffle some feathers and get some action. I'm not suggesting to do this, just laying the information out there Threatening companies with said legal action is also a good way to get a response.


If they ditch Alien and go ahead with a Queen pin (and possibly Playboy, but what a terrible theme post-Weinstein, not to mention in the 21st century), would the community tolerate that (i.e. buy from them)? More possible IMO, but again, if they don't compensate Alien pre-order victims it seems unlikely. Also, as stated above they are unlikely to have got away scot-free from HP.

Just my 0.02c.

On a personal note, I lost money to Zidware and Skit-B, and am in on the legal action against both. Thank goodness I didn't order from HP! However, I really feel for you guys who ordered Alien, and wish you the very best of wishes, and also luck in getting some of your money back. As a community, I hope this is now the end of the pre-order model. I certainly would never pre-order EVER again (unless it's just a few hundred down).

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