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ALIEN PINBALL - Game Over, Man, Game Over

By HeighwayPinball

5 years ago

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#39 5 years ago
Quoted from Hazoff:

I'm in, waiting to see if there will be Canadian distribution but one way or another this is a must have.

Agree 100%. I'd be in for an LE just for those damn yellow beacons...great for creating mood in a dark room. Great sound package, yellow beacons, dark room, fog machine, crank the heat up and be ready to be constantly looking over your shoulder.

#101 5 years ago

I was debating this game or Lebowski, but DP made the decision for me with the $500 price bump. Dream theme + Nordman is a win for me...and I agree, it will certainly look great next to Predator.

#277 5 years ago

Hazoff! You're killing me with that Super Sprint! That's near the top of my hit list...gawd damn I didn't need to see that.

4 months later
#832 5 years ago

So glad the beacons will rotate like the movies...I was always assuming they would and would've been hugely disappointed if they were a simple dome light.

Slightly disappointed about the combining of the movies, a pin based only on the first movie would've been the ultimate, but I get it might not have had enough 'pin' content to work with. I hope it blends the two well enough.

I actually enjoy Aliens3 too. I almost bought a crew shirt once that had "Fcuk!" on the back of it...a quote from the movie, but more suggestive of the crews general feelings on the whole production.

3 months later
#1093 5 years ago


3 weeks later
#1134 5 years ago

Alien is much more atmospheric, dirty space at its finest thanks to Ridley Scotts obsession with detail in art direction. It takes its time, lets you look around...dripping with detail so much that you can almost smell the Nostromo.


3 weeks later
#1618 5 years ago

Need to play in uniform...this shirt from Magnoli Clothiers, and a pistachio green tee underneath.image.jpg

1 month later
#2041 4 years ago

Falcon Crest...obvi

1 month later
#2391 4 years ago

$500 US? So...about $4120 Canadian. Damn.

#2643 4 years ago

I say slap the Weyland logo on everything, like in the movie. Ridley even put tiny WY logos on their sleep pop underwear.

1 week later
#2681 4 years ago

Even more realistic, we could load up the 'special gases' used on the escape pod.

1 month later
#3083 4 years ago

Part of the appeal of getting the LE for me was having all those extras factory installed. I could likely attempt installing the ramp lighting etc...but knowing its done right with a clean install is extra peace of mind. Not sure about the big screen...as others have said, if it simply mirrors the playfield screen, I likely won't bother.

3 weeks later
#3480 4 years ago

I've been in for an LE since the start...in hindsight I should've paid in full rather than the minimum deposit
If the Canadian dollar keeps plummeting, I might have to sell something I'd rather keep. Still, if there was a must have theme...this is the one.
(until Bladerunner of course)

#3778 4 years ago

Loving the space jockey ship wrapping around the top, it shows off some of that great Giger artwork I was hoping to see. The Weyland-Yutani inserts are great...hopefully more will come on the cabinet, etc. The ship flame trails might have to grow on me, but overall I think it's great work!

Actually maybe that's not the ship from 426? Either way, I like it.

#3848 4 years ago

This pins biggest problem is that it isn't dedicated to one movie...specifically Alien. Both are different, and mashing two things together doesn't always give you a Reese peanut butter cup. It's not the 35th anniversary of Aliens.

I dunno...I'm still in, but it might've been easier to recreate that industrial, dirty 'space trucker' look of the first film along with some of Gigers landscapes, etc if it was dedicated.

Might be early to choose a topper, but...


#4168 4 years ago

All these complaints will be lost in time...like tears in the rain.

#4171 4 years ago
Quoted from Kneissl:

Blade runner after Alien.. Bigger than Huge.

Oh yes...a pair of Ridley Scott masterpiece machines, the only pair that can almost compete with Elvira's pair.

#4301 4 years ago

I kinda like that wide bezel...it gives me the impression of framed artwork.

#4522 4 years ago

Need to find the first sticker mod that converts the Aliens 'i' into the Alien 'i'.

#4566 4 years ago
Quoted from Yipykya:

Noticed it at entertainmentearth. Lots to look at there.

Noooo...why did you link that. Now I realize I need the Alien Titans Nostromo Mini-figure Collection!

3 weeks later
#4764 4 years ago

It's merely ok at this point, but hoping the populated version makes all the difference. I can't pass up on the theme, so it doesn't really matter anyways...Heighway can do no wrong with this for me. Can't wait to play this thing.

1 month later
#5321 4 years ago

OOOhhhhh...that looks fun

#5331 4 years ago

Hassanchop...love the Avatar!

1 week later
#5383 4 years ago

I've been checking out this Alien blog called 'Strange Shapes'. The post 'The Engineers' talks about Brett and Parker. Apparently, Yaphet Kotto (Parker) was offered the role of Lando Calrissian and turned it down as he assumed the character would be killed off. Both are named after pro athletes, and Parker got some ad-lib lines in the movie. He was also privately instructed by Ridley to annoy Sigourney as much as possible to create more tension on camera between them.
They even show an image of the 'adult' magazine Parker was reading in the movie...for the hard core collectors out there who might feel the need to aquire one.

#5397 4 years ago

I did the natural evolutionary pattern...King of Kong movie, first video game, 12 more video games, discovered pinball. I'll get excited about video games again the day I finally find a Space Fury.

Getting excited about Alien Day...reading about all the goodies coming that day and what I might be interested in. The local theatres don't seem to have anything screening sadly, hopefully somebody within a reasonable range will have something planned.

#5399 4 years ago

5 Discos!

#5407 4 years ago

Ohhhh...the sexy MCI games! I wish I had snagged a few of those when the Time Travel Warehouse was around.

#5410 4 years ago


#5433 4 years ago

Moonwalker, Space Fury, and Super Sprint are the few vids I'm still looking for...loved saving the kids with MJ.

3 more sleeps until Alien Day!

#5439 4 years ago

Xenophobe was a huge quarter muncher!

#5446 4 years ago

The bones are still Nordmans design...it's gotta be good.

#5516 4 years ago

Cool cake someone made over at the rpf...


#5517 4 years ago


#5524 4 years ago

Very cool! I heard that Lt. Ellen Ripley will be attending FanExpo in Toronto this August, I've got some time to get something cool to sign.

#5534 4 years ago
Quoted from vid1900:

If you go to any Asian/Indian video rental store, they always have New Wave Hookers with Traci Lords for rent.

New Wave Hookers is also perhaps the most sought after xxx poster, going from $800 to upwards of $2000.

#5609 4 years ago

Someone needs to photoshop the xenomorph in place of that shark.

#5615 4 years ago

No mention of Traci Lords in that video...?

#5641 4 years ago
Quoted from AlexSMendes:

who's in for an Heighway Aliens Pinball Machine?

I am...but looking to get my apron signed by Traci.

#5724 4 years ago
Quoted from AlexSMendes:

Wonder why they never made a Traci Lords action figure

I'd put one in my game somewhere, maybe holding a cobbled together flamethrower

#5797 4 years ago
Quoted from AlexSMendes:

What event(s) triggered him getting banned anyway?

Predator Anonymous Group

#5812 4 years ago
Quoted from way2wyrd:

Going into stasis now.

Pleasant dreams....


#5837 4 years ago

That chestburster has enough sense to not ruin her frontal region...they're getting smarter.

#5840 4 years ago

Are you saying Traci Lords is not relevant to the Aliens pinball?

#5849 4 years ago

I didn't realize I had to downvote every off topic post within threads, it really is just a little lighthearted fun on a forum, Jesus.
I love Heighway and are supporting them with Alien LE #35, and this is certainly not their official website either.

#5877 4 years ago

I think I like the idea of a final, finished reveal...and this game is going to be out of the park incredible.

#5903 4 years ago

How great would it have been to have Nordman see this machine to completion. It's a shame, but we can be grateful for the early input he provided...it lends confidence to the final product. I'm getting more and more excited to see/play this thing as time goes on.

#5911 4 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

he left to go work on Elvira 3

If this is true I'll shit my pants again...you've made my day!

You're likely right about the personal reasons too, that makes more sense.

#5948 4 years ago
Quoted from nman:

My wife doesn't particularly care for pinball, but she'd be very interested in a new Elvira pin.

I'm not sure the age of a pinball theme is all that relevant. My girlfriend is 28 and absolutely loves Elvira and Scared Stiff. My nephews favorite game of mine is the EM, Abra Ca Dabra...can't get him off that thing. If something is fun to play for you, that's what brings you back.

#6010 4 years ago


#6014 4 years ago

Let's get this train back on the track...


2 weeks later
#6391 4 years ago

I've been consuming Alien content in preparation for Heighways release, hoping it'll help get me to the Wizard modes.

This is a really great series about all the people behind the creation of the movie...


#6430 4 years ago

So far they only have permission to use voices from the American actors? At least the majority might be included, and from what he was able to play it sounds amazing! Well done.

#6438 4 years ago

Veronica Cartwright is English born but listed as being an American actress, so hopefully she's included.

#6459 4 years ago
Quoted from Hazoff:

its fucking Aliens

100% correct sir.

1 week later
#6514 4 years ago
Quoted from way2wyrd:

The activities for the weekend!!

Soooooo jealous! Enjoy every second of that experience.

#6522 4 years ago

I wish they'd do something like this for the Alien Nostromo crew, I'd wet myself.

#6542 4 years ago

Slip of the tongue


#6548 4 years ago


#6562 4 years ago

He'll be first on the phone once the reveal happens.

#6606 4 years ago

That's hilarious.

But...I'm not sure how showing Lamberts aereola is one of the sins, can't outer space be sexy?

#6621 4 years ago

Ahh...shipping, duty, brokerage, 13% tax, currency exchange....good times.

1 month later
#6921 4 years ago

Found out Sigourney Weaver cancelled FanExpo this year in Toronto...super bummed! I was hoping to get an Alien poster signed to put beside the machine.

3 weeks later
#7144 3 years ago
Quoted from Yipykya:

I imagined your workstation for this project differently...

Ahhh...dirty space trucker cockpit, Ridley you're a genius!

2 weeks later
#7323 3 years ago

Got mine this afternoon...nice to see options like 'reflection free' glass and Chrome.

Gettin close!

#7336 3 years ago

I heard 'beacons'...and all patience went out the window.

#7362 3 years ago

Chrome on this pin clashes with the 'space trucker' aesthetic of the films...costing extra is a 2nd reason not to get it.

#7373 3 years ago
Quoted from bigdaddy07:

the bright lime green never made any sense to me either

This is likely paying homage to the 1979 Alien poster, I think I like it although choosing between green and black would be very tough. Yellow might be interesting thinking about the xenomorph acid blood (or the original Nostromo colour), or a dark blue like way2wyrd suggested for fans of the sequel.

For the hardcore, you could do a polished zinc plate primer like Bower used for the final Nostromo.

#7458 3 years ago

Alien LE will be the greatest pinball machine ever made.

#7485 3 years ago

I'll be curious to know if shipping direct with the original locked price is cheaper than with Nitro. Might have to ask both parties.

#7531 3 years ago
#7545 3 years ago

Great podcast...thanks for the link.

#7547 3 years ago

I have to say, that really doesn't look like Kaneda.

2 weeks later
#7860 3 years ago

Agree on the cabinet...now I'm wondering if the original green would be better or not. Wish I could see all the choices in person.
Overall, the game appears to be 'Aliens' dominant...I still wish it would've focused on the original instead of trying to mash together two quite different movies, but this is what we have and I'll likely bring it home...the dream themes can do no wrong.
Can't wait to play it and hear that audio package...should be a ton of fun.

#8132 3 years ago

Looks amazing...the opening MUTHUR bits gave me the chills!

I'd still like to see a black nickel trim option though, otherwise everything is pure excitement.

#8470 3 years ago

My chargeback failed too...that was the end of that card.

#8625 3 years ago

That wheel in the above image would be killer...it looks like dense starfields with an Alien green hue.

#8655 3 years ago

Gotta consider what would look good with the Bladerunner kit swapped in.

2 months later
#9708 3 years ago

This makes me wonder more what a fully realized Nordman ALIEN game would've looked like.
It is what it is however, and there's enough here to still grab my money.

2 weeks later
#10005 3 years ago
Quoted from take2-take5:

How comes no-one is talking about the very specific "Alien" artwork on the sides and Backboard of this table?

The letter "i" in Alien is clearly styled from the Aliens movie, so the name incorporates both in one go. I'm much rather have had 'Alien' entirely in the 1979 movie font, but I see the need to blend both together. I'd also have much preferred this be strictly an 'Alien' pinball but that was only ever a dream.

#10071 3 years ago

Picking a colour won't be easy...leaning green, but I'd love to see an actual example. Less/no choice with Bladerunner please Andrew!

#10114 3 years ago

I think some of us that lost money with Skit-B have become skittish with our second payments. Hearing these accounts about long refund delays and email silence creates a little too much deja-vu. I'm ready to send the money in...but I'd like to see a little more of the game first, notably whats considered finished/finalized.

#10225 3 years ago

The 2-sided Nostromo elevator beacon would be cool, but not sure anything like that even exists.

IMG_2420 (resized).JPG

1 month later
#11439 3 years ago

Watching this with headphones in the dark, I had to look over my shoulder a few times...well done on the creepy sound package!

#11482 3 years ago

Heighway securing another monster, insta-purchase franchise like Bladerunner would be incredible...here's hoping!

2 months later
#13747 3 years ago

For a proper Nostromo look, the ramps would be sprayed with zinc plate primer and polished as per Martin Bower.

2 weeks later
#14558 3 years ago

A good while ago I replied to Heighway with a question about sending in the next installment...never heard back. I still have the initial deposit in so I'll see how it all plays out at this point. Interested to hear what this announcement will be.

1 month later
#15533 3 years ago

Not a bad idea going SE. I like the art on the SE, preferring the original film to the sequel. I can't imagine the LE goodie bag having anything super enticing...T-shirt?

9 months later
#20725 2 years ago

Note to self: Your Predator and Alien deposits would've been better used for Iron Maiden.

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