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ALIEN PINBALL - Game Over, Man, Game Over

By HeighwayPinball

4 years ago

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#2148 3 years ago

As an owner of a TRON LE - I hate polished chrome. The fingerprints show like a sore thumb and after every round of play you need to wipe with polish. It looks great! - if you don't play your pins but I would never chose it - brushed chrome would be my poison of choice. It really does look great when clean but looks like shit covered in fingerprints. My 2c.

#2156 3 years ago

^^^^^ some things can not be unseen!

4 weeks later
#2434 3 years ago

I knew it had to be the egg! I figured the licensor would want that to be a big part. Great choice! I love the artwork and can appreciate how trying it must be to work with someone else's IP. Nice work Aurich and Heighway.

Now bring on the playfield art.

2 months later
#3077 3 years ago

Slow Friday. Figured I would join some of the LE discussion. What does LE really mean? Typically for many products it means there will only be a set number. Doesn't mean there will be fewer of type "A" as opposed to type "B". It also usually means "more expensive", which is why we have the term "LE". Manufacturers, artists, etc. use the concept of "limited" to drive up demand in order to increase profit margins. It really is that simple. This part of capitalism has been going on forever. Why? It works. If you want someone to buy that product for Xmas (right now) and not spend too much time thinking about it (and maybe buy a competitors product or something else) then apply some pressure to help make the decision. Ohhh, "Limited number", "Limited time offer", "Special early-bird price" ...

It is about generating sales and guess what it works. Very few people would pre-order anything if availability was never an issue. (Always a few that want to be "first"). Sometimes this marketing allows for inferior products to survive; sometimes it allows companies to simply survive and get established; sometimes it allows companies to gouge the consumer; sometimes it pisses people off because they can't have something that they desire).

I think the LE concept is a great idea (but I really do hate the fact that I am not rich enough to be able to afford Pro and LE models of every pin made). I do find it mildly entertaining reading about people discussing it on the internet - especially the people that take it far too seriously. It's only pinball - great hobby. Now where did I put my popcorn - someone is writing something somewhere on the internet. Entertain me Boyz and Girls. But keep it nice.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

ps: Santa, if you are reading this can you please send me pictures of the Alien playfield and maybe a whitewood video. I have been very good this year and I will leave extra milk and cookies.

3 weeks later
#3949 3 years ago

I have quite enjoyed reading everyone's comments on the playfield art reveal. I think it is fair to say that everyone who enjoyed the movies had their own vision of what they wanted the game to look like, however, this vision is the one that belongs to Heighway and Aurich and I think it looks pretty decent. They are the craftsmen and just like when we don't like the ending of a movie we need to accept it and move on.

I am sure Aurich will give much of the criticism some of the merit it may deserve but I wish people would not attack (the art or the artist) because it does not suit their own personal vision. Some people need to learn the importance of "it isn't what you say but how you say it".

Nice job Aurich - really looking forward to seeing the final version installed in a game in my basement.

#3962 3 years ago
Quoted from Jvspin:

I think it's possible to judge the artwork as it sits (according to personal preferences) without having any preconceived expectations.

I agree 100%. Some comments indeed appeared to be delivered that way but others did not and I was addressing those.

#4235 3 years ago

Wow that CV playfield really is like someone vomitted skittles. I really like it though - like the game too although it is a little too easy but great fun.

3 months later
#5696 3 years ago

At least we have (a realistic) timeline now. Talk with you fans in August/September when I check back in. Going to go enjoy summer and bide a little time with my new (to me) X-men and SM. Summers are too short in Canada to spend playing pinball in the basement anyway and by late fall I am usually looking forward to pinball, hockey and a pint of cold Guinness (as its not really a summer beer for me).

Keep on flipping folks!

5 months later
#8836 2 years ago

I like the modularity of the system (playfield and CPU). I have to upgrade my home pc every 5 years. How many of you would love to plunk in a new Stern Spike system in your Whitestar pins or have a colour DMD?

I would hate for Heighway to hold back on graphics and features because they were held back by legacy CPU. isn't that the issue we have had for 25 years with pinball? heighway just needs to market it a little differently - both the playfields and CPU are swappable. Maybe in the future you might need 2/3 different computer models to run your 15 different playfields - As long as the swap is easy and you don't end up with a different CPU for every playfield (unless that was really cheap) then I don't see an issue.

Seriously, anyone who looked at the Heighway system had to have seen this coming unless you are still driving your model-T. I am sure Heighway will do it's best to minimize the cost for FT owners.

I still quite like the new modularity of the system. If Heighway get's established I would buy their games because I like the ease to perform flipper rebuilds, the reduced back-box size, the light-up sides even more than I would for the interchangeable playfields. I would probably sell my older Williams & Stern games to make room for the Heighway stuff.

Carry-on Andrew.

#8848 2 years ago

I also like modular stuff because it helps put the "hobby" part back into the collecting. I would love to have the ability to program rules, change content, etc. I enjoy seeing the amazing mods that people come up with in the same way I like to go to car shows to see what people have done with their cars. I think the Heighway system has potential to help the hobby even more in the future. I really hope their concepts take-off and they do well as a company.

1 month later
#9386 2 years ago

They mostly come out at night ... mostly! (the updates that is) ...

Maybe we can build a fire, sing a couple of songs!

1 week later
#9466 2 years ago

I can't wait for this ... but I just went and bought a HUO Met Pro with the money I had put aside for this. Now I am quite certain that I will end up selling something and buy an Alien (just maybe not the LE now). Needed something new (instant gratification and I am not even a Millenial) and Metallica has been calling for a while. Give me fuel, give me fire ... give me what I desire. 'Loving that tallica for now.

Go heighway!

#9552 2 years ago

Nice too see! Way too go Andrew and Heighway Pinball. I am pulling for you all the way. This is going to be a great pin. It looks top notch. Looking forward to having this in my collection some day.

Hope you guys enjoy your holidays (shutdown period) because you are gonna be busy after that.

1 week later
#9633 2 years ago

Anybody note that the end of the article says it will rotate to reveal a 5" LCD screen?

1 month later
#11033 2 years ago

Glad to see this. Like many others, this is a dream theme which I will own. I am getting very close to ordering this... I would have had one ordered from the get-go but the bad vibes created by Kulek-gate and JPop kept my pocket-book closed.

Just need to see a few more ship (and decide what I need to sell to find the room).

Nice looking and sounding pin so far though. Can't wait to see some more game-play videos and perhaps play one. Anyone (CoinTaker) going to have one in AllenTown?

#11048 2 years ago
Quoted from J85M:

I'll take that TRON LE off your hands to help fund your purchase of an Alien

Next to LOTR, that would be the last one to go. Besides, it is my wife's favorite pin and the only one other than IM that she plays. If it ever comes up for sale you will know that she is getting rid of me. LOL

1 week later
#11380 2 years ago

Bummer news about Bill Paxton - great actor that never took himself too seriously.

#11557 2 years ago

Will there be an Alien at AllenTown this year?

This Pin looks really amazing on a computer screen. I really want to see it and play it in person.

#11693 2 years ago

Kind of a funny debate - "You have Failed". I am not keen on the message either but not because it hurts my feelings. I just don't think it quite fits the machine as much as a message like "Mission Aborted" or "Mission Failure" would. You have an entire movie based upon interactions between tough-as-nails military jocks, Alien's and an emotionless computer "Mother". I just don't see Sarge looking you in the eye and saying "You have failed" or "Mother" saying "You have failed" - but I do hear Mother saying "Mission Failure"!

Sure as heck isn't the type of thing that would keep me from owning it. It is great that this is the only thing we are finding objectionable.

Now toughen up you maggots and go bug-huntin! (Wrong movie)

Awesome pin (from where I am sitting behind a keyboard). Can't wait to play and own.

1 month later
#12938 2 years ago

Ok, it is late April and I am looking forward to seeing some of these in the wild. Is there going to be one set-up in AllenTown?

Pulling for Heighway! Pin looks and sounds awesome (from the videos).

1 year later
#20910 1 year ago
Quoted from kidchrisso:

Shit show, good job to the big $$$ investors..... K called it!

Please, let's not give "K" too much credit here. I don't mind him but let's not make him into an Oracle. It isn't like nobody could see the writing on the wall (patterns of most businesses under stress are usually very obvious to anyone looking). Vegas odds haven't been good for years when it comes to HW survival. Everyone wanted to believe but very few actually did. "K" was just the only one to expend so much energy "calling it".

unfortunate news, if true.

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