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ALIEN PINBALL - Game Over, Man, Game Over

By HeighwayPinball

4 years ago

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#1271 4 years ago

I spotted the white wood briefly and noticed one of the top flippers being kinda in the center of the playfield. Is there any chance of putting a post/protection at the end of that upper flipper to protected it from shots? I think that after a few random hits w/out protection that upper flipper is going to be needing adjusting due to the constant middle playfield bash shots.

#1273 4 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

I wouldn't worry about that flipper.

All I need to know. Thanks

1 week later
#1496 4 years ago

The post on the tip of the 4th flipper will be a maintenance saver. Looking forward to a chestbuster at EXPO.

4 months later
#3076 3 years ago

Does anyone have a clear image of the backglass? I can't seem to find it on their website? http://heighwaypinball.com/gamenew/
Did they take it down or was it ever posted after expo? Just seems strange the long wait on this? I want to support, but need more info on product.

#3080 3 years ago

Cool, but why isn't the Alien art on the official site, given it's own forum on pinside or backed by Heighway? What's going on? I want to get this game, but not sure about the art, game play or rules/code. Is the engineer that didn't show up at expo still have a hemorrhage?

3 weeks later
#3789 3 years ago

Was really hoping for something with a tone of isolated or obscure fear in the landscape. Maybe these type of settings can be used on the ramps(see pics)?
Like the bottom of the playfield and the space, but feel you need to put more Alien hive stuff on the surroundings. Good job for first attempt.




#3807 3 years ago
Quoted from spfxted:

I was hoping for a bit of the bio wall look...

There's always a chance to use this type of "HIVE" setting for the inside of the cabinet walls as a mod if Aurich doesn't secure it. I can sense a bit of the "HIVE" on the top of the playfield, but it needs to happen to make this pin become a real looker.


1 month later
#4700 3 years ago

Can't wait to see this....

1 week later
#4869 3 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

But I'm from the Bay Area, where we say hella, so we're not worried about what anyone else thinks of our slang.

While I get "Hyphy" for any new Alien pinball info, here are a few slangs from the Bay. Keep up the good work Aurich.

1. Hella
Let’s start with the most obvious one. Hella can be used as an adverbial substitute for ‘very’ or as an adjective in place of ‘a lot of.’
Adverb: “I’m hella tired.”
Adjective: “There’s hella people here.”
2. Tryna
‘Tryna’ is – as you might assume – a shortening of the phrase ‘trying to,’ but not in terms of an effort you’re currently trying to accomplish, it’s a substitute for ‘would you like to?’ or ‘do you want to?’
“Tryna eat?” would translate to: “Would you like to get something to eat?”
This is some great slang that takes the impetus of the decision off of the recipient, because it doesn’t require a “No, I’m not that hungry right now, sorry.” All you have to say is “Nah,” or “Not tryna eat.”
3. Good Looks
‘Good looks’ is a shortening of the phrase ‘good looking out,’ which is a variation of ‘thank you for your help and consideration.’ It’s best used when someone answers a request for information (typically via text), or when someone does a favor for you.
“What chapters did he cover for the quiz?”
“Chapters 1-4.”
“Good looks.”
“You missed the quiz but I turned one in with your name on it.”
“Good looks!”
4. Yee
‘Yee’ is a variation of ‘yes’, but it’s a way of agreeing to a plan or statement with a level of excitement that doesn’t always necessitate an exclamation point.
“You tryna drink tonight?”
5. Cutty
‘Cutty’ is an casual adjective you can substitute for ‘sketchy.’ The noun form, ‘the cuts,’ refers to a dangerous or crime-ridden part of town.
“I was driving through the cuts and got pulled over,”
“Cutty as fuck,”
6. Fasho
‘Fasho’ may not have originated from the Bay, but I’ve never heard someone from NorCal use ‘definitely’, ‘okay’, ‘yes’, or ‘you’re welcome,’ so it’s a versatile word that’s used quite often. All of the following statements could precede the response ‘fasho’:
“I’ll be there in 5”, “Good looks”, and “Cool if I grab a drink from your fridge?”
7. Swoop
‘Swoop’ is a substitute for ‘pick up’.
“I’ll swoop you in five.”
8. Giggin’
‘Giggin’’ is a verb used as a substitute for ‘having a really, really great time’ or ‘completely elated and in your own world, often while dancing.’ It isn’t used as frequently as some of the other words, but it’s unique in that there isn’t really an English word that says as much as ‘giggin’.
“Hella hung over today,”
“Haha, yeah you were giggin’ last night,”
9. On Mommas
‘On mommas’ is short for ‘I put that on my momma,’ which is a way of emphasizing that whatever you’re saying is the truth.
“You banged? I don’t believe you.”
“On mommas.”
10. Fucks with
‘Fucks with’ is a way of saying ‘I enjoy or have a close relationship/bond with __.’ It can be used in reference to someone or something.
“You fucks with Tapatio?”
“What about Dom Kennedy?”
“I fucks with Dom.”
11. Yadadamean
‘Yadadamean’ is a shortening of the phrase ‘You know what I mean?’ It’s less commonly used today, but it’s a slang relic of Keak Da Sneak and almost as historical as ‘hyphy.’ It can also mean ‘I understand,’ and it’s often shortened to ‘yadada.’
“I’m tryna be out before it gets too late, yadada?”
12. Coo
‘Coo’ is a shortening of ‘cool’ that can be used it two ways. ‘I’m coo off __,’ translates to ‘I’m over this person or this thing.’ It can also be used to describe a desirable or attractive female.
“You want the rest of these wings?”
“Nah, I’m coo off wings.”
“Kristen is coo.” When used in this way, there’s an emphasis and elongation of the ‘oooo’ sound that begs an agreement, as if you’re saying, “Kristen is so sexy, am I right?”
13. Slaps
‘Slaps’ or ‘slapper’ is a way to describe a catchy hip-hop song, usually pertaining to the way the beat seems to ‘slap’ with bass.
“Damn, this song slaps.”
“Yup, there’s another five slappers on this mixtape, too.”
14. Dusty
I have a friend named Adam who I’d consider the most ‘bay’ person I’ve ever met, almost everything he says is vernacular and I’d always ask for an explanation of his slang:
“Are her friends coo?”
“Nah, her friends are dusty.”
“Think about it, would you want to hang out with girls who were dusty?”
“Not really.”
‘Dusty’ is a perfect linguistic example of the constant evolution of Bay Area vernacular, because if ‘dusty’ is simply a substitute for an adjective like ‘undesirable,’ then any synonym of ‘undesirable’ works. Mac Dre, Mistah F.A.B, and Andre Nickatina have immortalized some of these words, but rest assured we’ll have some fresh slang this time next year

2 months later
#5744 3 years ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

A few years ago, Heighway's plan was to release 4 games per year. Alien was supposed to ship in 2014. Had the original proposed production pipeline been true, there should have been like 10 Heigheay games by now. Theoretically those games should have been in development, and with the Alien delays - you would think that the schedule would have been shifted and other games announced and released first. I wonder, why hasn't this happened? Now, we all know pinball is hard - and Heighway releasing games at a Stern pace is unlikely ...but surely a couple games should have been in development simultaneously with Alien, and at this point one of them should have been completed and released to keep the factory churning. Right?
Heighway really struck me as a company that had its act together ....call me a skeptic at this point.

Agree. Wasn't Dennis Nordman contributing to this Alien project at first, but later on didn't believe the time span was a capable one and then moved on to other stuff?
Maybe Nordman is working on Heighway's other projects in his garage?

#6018 3 years ago

Giger Train on topic

#6035 3 years ago

Giger painting something?images_(12)_(resized).jpg

#6237 3 years ago

I could never possible understand the many variables Heighway has had in trying to get Aliens pinball out to the public and I applaud all the efforts they have endeavored. It sucks to have to wait, but I'm sure the end result will be worth it.
That being said, I have to think what happened with the marketing department at Williams when they tried to make Aliens 3 pinball?
From what I understand the BSD playfield was suppose to be an Aliens 3 theme. That playfield is one of the better playfields that came out of Williams. Does anyone know what the story was or what was produced before the project was discarded for BSD? Is there any sample pics of the Aliens 3 project, was it just completely scrapped with no traces due to licensing stuff or was it just all conversational planing with no attempts of art?

3 months later
#7137 3 years ago

Bump for prototype being "flippable" on Friday. STOKED!IMG_00005553 (resized).jpgIMG_00005555 (resized).jpg

#7138 3 years ago

While we wait; Comic Con International Aliens 30th year Hall H panel. Some good facts with the cast.

2 weeks later
#7271 3 years ago

Cool Fact:
Was hanging out with some friends at a party in Lake Tahoe for Labor Day and was asked, "Whats the latest with pinball?"
I mentioned a few things about the pinball industry, individual restoration projects and upcoming reveals, but when I mentioned Aliens and Heighway, a girl stopped me in mid-sentenced and said, "I buy my bras from the girl in Aliens."
I kinda laughed it off and didn't think much of it.

Later on, I talked to that same girl and asked her what she meant. She showed me this site on her phone.

I was like "DAMN, GOOD FOR Vasquez!"
about-img (resized).jpg
Looking forward to seeing the new plastics revealed for the Playfield.

1 month later
#7966 3 years ago
Quoted from SLAMT1LT:

The left 'Revive' feature comes into play when physical balls are locked in the Hypersleep Chamber (left ramp). If you have a ball locked and a ball drains on the left side, 1 of the locked balls will be released into play - you are revived. You then have to lock that ball again.

Quick question...
If I was player one and had a locked ball in the Hypersleep Chamber on the left side and drained my ball to the right to lose my turn, could player two be able to utilize/steal/be revived by using the Hypersleep Chamber that I primed with a locked ball earlier? (Could it be turned off during tournament play?) Kinda like Space Shuttle with the multi-ball setup between other players that drain and are not able to seize the multi ball during their turn.

4 weeks later
#9212 2 years ago
Quoted from db666:

By contrast I sent a similar enquiry to Spooky Pinball and received a comprehensive response from KT the same day.

Post KT's letter within the next 5min or it didn't happen... Seems like a troll post to me?
Keep up the hard work Andrew, don't let the trolls get to you.

#9224 2 years ago
Quoted from PaulCoff:

Post KT's letter within the next 5min or it didn't happen...

Quoted from db666:

Hi KT,
I live in Sydney, Australia and would like to understand how I would go about buying your next machine if I am interested in the theme once it is announced?
Many thanks

I still call BS or English is a 2nd language to you because I asked you to post KT's letter.
Anyways, Hope you get your game and best to you and everyone in Australia that play Pinball.

#9229 2 years ago
Quoted from db666:

I'm actually English by birth but live in Australia so I'm bilingual !

OK.. Then I'm the asshole. Good sport.

3 months later
#10817 2 years ago

Looking good. Keep up the good work. What is the Alien tongue made out of, metal or hard plastic? Really cool design and set up.

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