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ALIEN PINBALL - Game Over, Man, Game Over

By HeighwayPinball

6 years ago

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#5081 5 years ago

Still the pinball game I'm most excited for in 2016

4 months later
#6766 4 years ago

Would like to support the company direct but I think it might make more sense as an American to buy from Cointaker. Never bought a NIB, and haven't even seen gameplay can't believe I thinking of putting down a deposit!

#6773 4 years ago

Are you guys sure you have the right email? Melissa returned three of my emails yesterday (all very fast too) and answered all my questions/has been very helpful. Heighway took weeks to get back to me.

#6820 4 years ago

I played the large screen Full Throttle in Madison and loved it. I wouldn't buy a HWY game without the large screen.

2 weeks later
#6988 4 years ago

The game I played was crystal clear.
That brings up a good question, can anyone with a FT that has been on route/had a ton of plays confirm it doesn't fog over/get blurry with wear?

#6994 4 years ago
Quoted from frolic:

Mine is crystal clear. Not on route by I've had mine a year now.

Great to hear!

4 weeks later
#7326 4 years ago

I think Cointaker does their deposit/payment system differently (a fee down to hold and then the rest due before delivery I believe) so maybe that is why they haven't sent out emails yet.

1 month later
#8872 4 years ago

The big screen is included in the Cointaker LE that is $8400 and includes shipping.

#9013 4 years ago
Quoted from calprog:

Anyone having trouble contacting Heighway Pinball? They are not returning any emails. Sent 4 emails in last two weeks. Trying to add items to my LE order. Concerned.

Two weeks doesn't sound that bad now that I've been waiting for over a month for a response from Cointaker. They replied within hours when I was asking about a deposit, nothing but silence since I sent them money. Making we wish I ordered direct from Heighway now.

Added over 5 years ago: Got in touch with Cointaker, had email server issues I wasn't aware of. All good and great customer service as usual.

#9088 4 years ago
Quoted from Pale_Purple:

Two weeks doesn't sound that bad now that I've been waiting for over a month for a response from Cointaker. They replied within hours when I was asking about a deposit, nothing but silence since I sent them money. Making we wish I ordered direct from Heighway now.

Feel bad for bad mouthing Cointaker when I finally got in touch with Melissa and learned they were/are having email server issues. Should be fixed soon and Melissa was helpful as always, just some dumb tech problems. If you're not ordering direct and in the US Cointaker has been great so far, give them your business/money!

1 month later
#9624 4 years ago

I was really impressed with FullT's lights and I still haven't played a game with the fiber optic ramps (which look great).
Can't wait to see what they do to Alien it'll be great.

1 month later
#10675 4 years ago

Has it been posted how wide the backbox is for the game? Same as Williams/Bally?

#10718 4 years ago

Beacons look great. Is the backbox wider than a Williams widebody backbox? Those barley fit through my doors as it.

1 week later
#11028 4 years ago

Maybe this has been answered but will a widebody PDI sheet of glass fit on Alien? Same dimensions?

And congrats on getting a game out the door! Hopefully number two and on will be soon

#11030 4 years ago

That's right I forgot the rails and lock bar lift up instead of the glass sliding out like usual. Hmmm it probably won't fit

#11034 4 years ago
Quoted from HeighwayPinball:

Yes, it's the same size as normal 'widebody' glass

Awesome! So you should be able to change out the standard factory glass for an aftermarket brand such as PDI?

#11182 4 years ago

Sounds like the LE art will be based on Aliens and be blue instead of the Alien green. Nice to be able to switch up the artwork after a few months to keep things fresh for LE owners.
Hopefully it'll be shown soon, I think it's going to be great.

3 weeks later
#11848 4 years ago

Edit: oops wrong thread

#11938 4 years ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

Awesome! Sounds like production should be ramping up soon if the wait will only be a few weeks.

I think the smiley face was a tip to the post being sarcastic. It doesn't seem like there are any 'true' production games out right now.

#11940 4 years ago

I'd like to believe that (had alien on order from cointaker since last summer) but in February cointaker said they would have standards shipping out by mid Feb and 15 LEs by mid March (right now). Neither of those happened.
No LE art shown yet and the few games that have shipped (direct from Heighway not cointaker) don't have production boards or final art in the flipper overlays.
I'm just hoping to get my game sometime this summer.

1 month later
#13683 4 years ago
Quoted from onedeath:

Nope was not sarcastic at all just happy. Games are shipping....will have it in a few weeks at my house.
Order was from Cointaker, still a few left in the coming shipment.

This was eight weeks ago, did you ever get your game?

#13688 4 years ago

When is the Cleveland show? Would like to play Alien in person. It's been about eight weeks since cointaker returned an email lol

2 weeks later
#14301 4 years ago

Man I can't wait to play this game. Even with the issues/delays in this thread/game and my own personal problems with Cointaker every time I see someone unbox one I just think it'll be me one day.

Doesn't look like it has lights on the ramps? Looks like a nice row of pins behind it though.

#14406 4 years ago

Wonder if not questioned if the user would have ever said he powercoated the legs himself and they were not from the factory?

And lol at regular looking black legs being "Alien black"

EDIT: I see the negative votes but no reply? I admit it was a slight jab and an honest question (will probably go unanswered of course).
FYI I have been in on a LE for a year now just want to see them ship in mass. I honestly don't think I'll get my game until the fall at this point.

#14414 4 years ago

I thought it was said earlier that the fiber optic ramp lights could only be installed at the factory? If this is not the case I see a lot of LE pre orders wanting to do this.

#14422 4 years ago
Quoted from Join_The_Cirqus:

Im Done posting any further on this current subject, as my posting was intending to provide positive vibes, not this.

Come on, you know posting "the first LE" was going to get a ton of attention and questions. You handled it very poorly and avoided answering questions. None of that is positive and just comes off as shady and bragging.

3 weeks later
#15255 3 years ago

Is there an Alien on location in NYC anywhere?

1 week later
#15413 3 years ago
Quoted from Zennmaster:

She said somewhere in the neighborhood of 30 days until it's in my house.
I'm a bit nervous about typing this, we'll see what happens. I'm just hoping that all the excitement and adrenaline didn't prevent me from hearing her correctly. She also mentioned that they are being shipped to Cointaker 4 at a time, which is, for them, not as good as getting 10 at a time.

Is this for a LE? Did they ask you about trim color/options? (I have a feeling the new owners will just have one LE trim color instead of three options, just seems a lot easier on their end)
While we haven't heard much from the investors if they've been talking to Cointaker and they feel good about things that seems positive. Interesting we're hearing about Cointaker sending new games before Heighway sending new games to direct customers.

#15422 3 years ago

Wonder how the Alien blue will look next to the Dialed In blue...that's a big credit card statement month.

#15448 3 years ago

What is Hydrofoil?

3 weeks later
#15679 3 years ago

The original price for the LE through Cointaker was $8400 shipped with LCD. I forget what it was direct with US shipping.
Sounds like what happened with WOZ, ended up costing more and people who waited years ended up saving some coin if the games finally do ship.

#15681 3 years ago
Quoted from jonesjb:

I think direct was $6,450, plus about $350 in shipping.

How long ago was that? I feel like last summer it was up to $7800-8000 direct before shipping.

Anyone here get one of those four games from Cointaker?

#15687 3 years ago

Does the PF art look different in front of the alien head? I wonder if those prices include the big screen and if they'll stick with the lighted ramps for the LE/add-ons.

1 week later
#15835 3 years ago

I thought the play field looked a lot brighter/not as dark in this recent stream as games in the past but it looks like the brightness/contrast was just cranked. Either way lights looked good all working and the game sounded awesome too.

It seems like there is no way the optic LE lights will happen now (which is kinda worrisome that a final decision hasn't been made when the games should be made in a few weeks time) and seems very unlikely they would lower the LE price/offer a refund for this $600 feature that will now be missing. Not sure what the best move is here, but maybe people don't care about losing that money and just want their games.

I'm not sure this is the right thread but Andrew always talked about the next three or so games were in various stages of development, was that true or also lies? I'm sure the new investors are 100% focused on Alien as they should be, but it would be good to know there are future plans for the platform/modular system.

Man I wish one of those Cointaker games was on location by me!

#15846 3 years ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

exactly the topic of my e-mail this morning w Morgan. I want the powdered armor, etc. I had suggested the backbox screen at a N/C feature on the LE's, possibly Roman's glass, as well......

Another issue is for the LE buyers that preordered from Cointaker, shipping and the large backbone lcd were included in the LE pre order price. It doesn't sound like Heighway even know what to do, who knows if Cointaker will offer any slight refund or discount.

1 week later
#15946 3 years ago

Down vote this post if you want replacement parts over that sweet coin

#16007 3 years ago

Those new kit prices are insane, they will change the price or sell next to none.

1 week later
#16275 3 years ago

And keep in mind all orders through Cointaker included the larger LCD upgrade in their price (for the LEs at least, not sure about the standards) so a free upgrade to the larger screen to make up for the fiber lights is pointless for most USA LE orders. A partial refund is the only thing that makes sense, or allowing those LE pre orders to switch to the standard at the older price point but I don't see that happening.

1 week later
#16516 3 years ago

Is there an Alien on location in NYC?

1 month later
#18391 3 years ago
Quoted from bhwolf:

May have been discussed and I missed it, but Morgan told me today that to make up for the fiber optic ramp lighting in LEs, the 27" backbox screen will be included. That's fine by me as I wanted the screen in mine, but obviously as an option some may not want that.
Unfortunately still no-go on a downgrade to standard (without paying higher price) so I haven't decided if I want to stay in or not. Production of LEs supposed to start by end of year, so, given I'm deposit only, chances of xmas delivery pretty much zero however this isn't a surprise to me. I personally don't think the LEs add much value, but guessing an LE at previous pricing is a better deal than a loaded Standard -- haven't done the math yet.

Wonder what will happen to Cointaker LE customers, as the 27" back box screen was included in their pre order price.

#18398 3 years ago

It has changed, but the original Cointaker LE price was $8400 and included the big 27" screen and shipping to your door (US only of course)

1 week later
#18464 3 years ago

The free big backglass screen upgrade for HW direct LE customers is nice, but sadly does nothing for Cointaker LE customers which I'm sure there are still a decent amount. Hopefully they'll include free non reflective glass (still not close to the price of the big screen upgrade but it's still something) and maybe something else? I don't know if it should be on HW or Cointaker?
Excited they seem to keep shipping games, hopefully they are listening to the QC concerns brought up in this thread.

#18486 3 years ago

How tall is the game with the beacons on top?

#18532 3 years ago

Do we have any news that HW is taking notes from early SE games and improving the QC on the soon to be (hopeful) LE games? I'd like to think so but haven't heard anything. We don't even know what is included with the LE games (is the artwork still included/what is the point with the big screen on all games now? What about those of us that ordered through CT where the screen was always part of the deal? Trim colors coming soon...the goodie pack with shirts and extras seems a lost cause now) would be nice to see another post for the new HW team but that seems unlikely.

It is nice that owners have posted their fixes and updates here but I'd like to see some changes at the factory for the rest of the run especially LE owners that have had money down for years.

1 week later
#18708 3 years ago

No mention of the fiber optic LE ramps? Seems they have been scrapped from multiple accounts, weird it wasn't mentioned in this.

1 month later
#19376 3 years ago

I don't really care as long as people are compensated but have HW said anything official, outside of private emails, about the fiber optic LE ramps not being in the game anymore and what the compensation would be?

I know there are not many but where are the games on location? Is there one in NYC yet?

1 week later
#19556 3 years ago

Does anyone at this point really think HW plans to make any kits anymore? Seems very unlikely.

1 week later
#19718 3 years ago

I know HW has been upfront about new money/people getting games first and people who have had money in the games for the years will have to wait for new funds, but have Cointaker said this before? Very weird seeing someone who just tossed money down a few weeks/months ago say they are getting a LE from Cointaker when people have had money with them for years. Seems strange for CT

Also HW really does need to step it up. I, and others, thought it was going to be different when the investors took over and posted on here about their goals and how everything would be different. That didn't last long and this is starting to seem like the old HW only with slightly more games shipping out. I think even with their current issues if they were more transparent and communicated more it would make things a lot better. But I guess that doesn't matter if they don't seem to be even testing games before shipping them to customers. I can't believe they are even thinking of game three with the way game two is going.

#19749 3 years ago
Quoted from Mr68:

Has there been any recent indication of new money going in?

Games still trickling out and no communication, doesn't seem like it. At first I thought they just needed cash for parts/money owed but now I see QC should be getting a lot of $$$ they really need it

#19773 3 years ago

They still haven't said anything publicly about the ramp lights. A few people have posted what was told to them in private emails here but no statement from HW.

#19776 3 years ago
Quoted from luvthatapex2:

The last I read HW said no fiber optic ramp lighting. they didn't like how it turned out. Are you referrring to recompense for the pre-orders for the cost of the fiber optic lighting? Certainly they should give the LE preorders $400-$500 money back or something in place of it.

Yes and as far as I know they have only said no in private emails and not in a public statement. $500 back would be nice but seeing as they are barley getting a handful of games out a month I don't know if I see that happening. I have heard of giving a large screen upgrade but for some they already bought that and all Cointaker orders had that upgrade included in their cost. HW also said the ramps were a $700-800 upgrade on a standard if desired back in the day.

#19821 3 years ago

It seems the investors are out of funds and not sure what to do next to keep going. By most all accounts if you get a working game it is outstanding, different from the current crop, game of the year. If they could get these shipping, with proper QC, and honor the early LE supporters who have propped the company up for years and get them some games, this could be a hit for the company and do very well.
Of course it goes without saying announcing game three would be in poor taste and not go over well. Look at Dutch last year and others have said. Honesty I would be surprised they would even consider it but looking at HW it seems anyone who touches Alien does whatever they can willingly or not to run the game and the whole company into the ground.

#19834 3 years ago
Quoted from Mr68:

It's my guess that Hieghway 2.0 is now in search of new investors and isn't that a bit of irony if true.

I bet they've been searching for a while now. Sadly I think they might have been the last pinball fans that don't mind kissing seven digits goodbye.

#19891 3 years ago
Quoted from Mr68:

This Week in Pinball posted up today and I found this bit of Heighway news encouraging. I mean, talk is cheap, but it would seem they have refocused on the priorities needed to show good faith. Maybe I'm easily swayed, but I'm now leaning slightly optimistic (again) for you guys.
What a roller coaster ride as just last week I was ready to write them off. Now let's hope they follow through on this and everyone will begin seeing some positive results.
"Heighway Pinball Update and Timeline for Game #3
Initially, Heighway Pinball was planning to announce game #3 at the Texas Pinball Festival in March. With the challenge of building and shipping Alien pinball machines, they have decided to delay that announcement until a later date. This Week in Pinball reached out to Heighway Pinball to ask about the timeline for game #3, and received the response below:
“Things are progressing, but it is a tough task turning this around as everybody would imagine. We are getting there, but it takes more time than anybody involved wants. Most important is that all pre-order customers get their game though and also that we improve the technical support to have all machines in the wild up and running flawlessly. Due to the fact that these 7 months (or so) has proven to be a lot harder than we hoped for, we have decided to push the launch of game #3 further ahead to focus 100% on the current games and the production of them (mainly Alien of course). It is the only sensible and responsible thing to do during these circumstances. The launch of game #3 will take place at a later time, exactly when is not decided yet. But it surely is looking very good and we are all extremely excited about it whenever it happens.”

Sounds like HW was reading this thread before they came to that decision, good to hear. Would be great to hear more news, good or bad, but who knows when that'll be. Anyone heard of another shipment of Aliens shipping? Has there not been a full container since December?

I saw a few people mention Cointaker asked them to pay up in full for LE games a month or two ago, how many of you where contacted and what was said? I haven't heard from Melissa in months but after a bunch of issues last year she said I would have the first LE they got lol

#19909 3 years ago

Hopefully this means some of the early 'beta' owners who have had busted games for a year or more and can't update the software will be hooked up soon!

#19927 3 years ago

How did they choose such a bad green

#19939 3 years ago

Hopefully HW has learned and won't do pre orders anymore. And honestly if they get their shit together they should be busy building Alien games for a while. In my head money is the main thing holding them back, and I doubt they can get another investor now.

#19944 3 years ago
Quoted from nwpinball:

If they could build 2,000 Alien games, they could sell 2,000, distributors are just waiting for games to sell.

Exactly, if they can step up QC and get more parts and start putting them together who knows how many they'll sell. I just hope the damage isn't already done, my money has been with Cointaker if it was with HW I wouldn't be nearly as hopeful. The fact that people are still waiting for $1-2k deposits back doesn't feel good.

Funny this time last year all I could think was "I should have my game by the end of the year for sure" a year later and I'm thinking the same thing but less hopeful about the "for sure" part.

#19987 3 years ago

lol @ "the LEs are long sold out"

#20016 3 years ago

Kits are just something else on an already overflowing plate

#20021 3 years ago
Quoted from Whridlsoncestood:

How? Platform is there. A kit is another order with less work to complete.

They've never made a kit before. Just FT cab and Alien cab. I don't see them starting now when they can't even get games out or even just parts to owners. I wish they would do kits as I'd buy a FT kit the game is fun but I'm not betting on it.

#20047 3 years ago

So are the LEs for new buyers or are there no LEs on the way to Cointaker?

#20053 3 years ago
Quoted from robotron:

old money is probably screwed (i am in that boat)

Wow 45 LEs and not one for old money/people who have been in for years? Ouch

#20060 3 years ago
Quoted from Nethawk86:

Yeah, that WOULD suck if it happens (doubtful). No way that would happen with this crowd though. I am usually the one whos calling out to "bust out the pitchforks" when it comes to cointaker, but in this case I dont think they'd stoop THAT low and bad where out of 45 LE's not 1 would go to preorders lol. I am sure all 45 of those (if there really is 45 LE's being shipped lol) are spoken for with MAYBE..MAYBE 1 or 2 being available for new orders from people who've cancelled.

I was told by Melissa at Cointaker last year I'd have their first LE stateside. Haven't heard from them in months, maybe longer.

1 week later
#20176 3 years ago

Still haven't been contacted by CT and not expecting to be at this point, how many here have been?

#20186 3 years ago

Is there an alien on location in LA?

#20210 3 years ago

So no LEs headed to Cointaker? No news?

Does anyone have a list of working Alien games in location in the states?

#20219 3 years ago
Quoted from legionsoup:

I just got an email from Cointaker asking me to pay off my LE, and that a container is on the way.
Anyone else get contacted by them?

Any dates on the container shipment? No email from CT yet for me

#20253 3 years ago

Actions speak louder than words (lol Andrew) but there hasn't been much action in months...barley any words either

#20277 3 years ago

Haven't they been saying the same thing more or less since forever? It is nice you got a quick reply but doesn't sound like any info at all.

#20293 3 years ago

Nothing is on the way to CT yet, it is being packed up now/soon.

#20295 3 years ago

lol I highly doubt it!

#20302 3 years ago
Quoted from legionsoup:

True or not, the fact remains that it would be much tougher to get this game without Cointaker. And in a sense, if everything you are saying is true, they are taking one for the team (whether it's intentional or not) to get us Alien.

Very true. If I had money with HW I would've (tried, since it doesn't seem easy to make happen) got a refund from them a while ago. I feel like our money is safe with Cointaker (no reason to believe it's not, I was offered a refund a while ago if I wanted) and they seem to be doing what they can for us customers in this all around shitty situation.

#20321 3 years ago
Quoted from Roostking:

So games arent on the way? I thought a shipping containers worth was close??

Last I heard there were being packed up this week or next week and then there will be a container on the way to CT. (Should take three weeks I think to get across the ocean?) Again this could change as has everything with HW. As CT said a few days ago in this thread it's mostly new money games and a few old preorders. But I guess that too could change lol

#20325 3 years ago

I think it is for old Cointaker preorders, not old HW preorders. I have no idea when HW will get around to their own ancient preorders, seems to be their last priority.

Quoted from Roostking:

Thanks, I guess I got ahead of myself, thinking they were already on the way.

People were saying that in this thread but I don't know where that rumor started. I contacted CT and was told things are being packed up and shipping soon, but again this is HW so I'll believe it when I see some games start being delivered.

Also some bummer news for old CT LE preorders, there will be no refund or anything for the optic ramps that are no more. HW used the money for a better computer and a better mech for the alien head is what CT told me. I think this is of course on HW and not CT and sucks for sure. I thought they'd hook up a free sheet of nicer glass or something but nope.

2 weeks later
#20452 3 years ago
Quoted from bigdaddy07:

I dug up my notes on this when I spoke to Melissa about three weeks back. At that time I was told when I made my final payment, that the container that now shipped (supposedly) ~ two weeks ago, was to contain 30 for Cointaker customers, 10 for US early direct HW pre-order customers, and 5 for Canadian customers. So, they failed to collect the final payments from some people, I'm just not sure if they were Cointaker or not. Now giving this a little more thought, I guess they can't mix and match these, in other words, Cointaker orders go to Cointaker customers and early Pre-order to early Pre-order. Either way, you would be getting whatever trim choice was made by the person who dropped off. This is just what I scribbled down on a sheet of paper at the time, so don't hold my feet to any of this.

I don't think the container has been confirmed as shipped to CT, just that it is supposed to. Well a lot was supposed to happen by now. Has anyone heard from HW or CT that the container has for sure shipped?

#20465 3 years ago
Quoted from delt31:

Why so serious? Get it? Your avatar? Forget it.
Remind me next time to pm you before I decide what to do with my games. I would have to have a starting bid for an auction too - hardly the case. I can assure you that I'm being very selective on what comes in and big IF on if I sell. But thanks for checking.
@fightnight - just my opinion but it's a blast. Still having a ton of fun with it - gets as much play as my other machines (which is low in general - I'm not ultra serious and play when I can). TNA is a good game too but I would be a little concerned with a limited variety. Maybe get both ; )

You sold yours? What did it sell/trade for?

1 week later
#20509 3 years ago
Quoted from pinlawyer:

We haven't heard much about the newest run. Anyone?

Haven't heard back from CT if games are actually on their way to them, has anyone got a game direct from HW in the last few weeks?

#20517 3 years ago
Quoted from Jarbyjibbo:

They stated they are shipping to me directly a few weeks ago when I specifically asked if it was going to be transitioned to CT.

Any update on this? Trying to keep track of what is going on but it is very hard. Emailing CT for two weeks and no response

#20535 3 years ago
Quoted from RTS:

Your cantaloupe probably got damaged in shipping.

Might need to adjust the scoop

#20545 3 years ago

Got word from CT games haven't shipped yet but are ready to go from HW. Sounds like they should've been ready weeks ago but maybe they did some more trouble shooting/refining and these LEs will be working 100% that could just be wishful thinking on my part.

I've asked before but is there a list of working Alien games on location in the USA/Europe?

#20548 3 years ago

Yeah the lack of updates from HW is only one thing, troubling. If it wasn't for CT I think most would assume they closed their doors by now. Hell, I bet some people do think that.

#20558 3 years ago
Quoted from bigdaddy07:

Here's where I'm at. CT is ghosting me right now. Melissa was supposed to give me an update after I called last Tuesday to find out the status of the shipment. She did not know if it had left yet at that time and it was three weeks past the date it was supposed to ship. Said they would find out the next day and provide an update. No update. So I called twice yesterday with no answer and emailed with no reply. Emailed this morning and tried to call..zero reply and zero answer. So right now I probably going to say F-it and file a CC dispute. There's not much hope for the original 1k I put down from 2 years ago, but at this point, I'll consider that 1k a hard reminder as to no pre-order ever again. I'm just getting the feeling there is stonewalling going on here.

I was thinking the same but got a reply from CT earlier today (or yesterday, in overseas now so it's all confusing, shit if I was going close to HW I'd be knocking on their door!) after weeks of nothing. Nothing concrete, as I posted earlier I was told CT talked to HW recently and they are ready to ship and hopefully that'll be happening soon.

EDIT: just saw you reply a minute before me whoops

#20561 3 years ago

Should be from the batch that is going to CT/the states soon, can't wait to hear how it plays/the build quality

#20566 3 years ago
Quoted from aeonblack:

Well, I was planning on staying out of this thread until I had something concrete to show, but Nitro sent me my confirmation that their order of LE's were ready to ship to them and should be going out soon. Here's the pic I got with my order confirmation, mine is the black one. I hope that ship sails, and shows up safely to Tommy so they can make their way out to us end users, but until they are in Tommy's hands, I'm not holding my breathe too hard.

Man I was hoping to see 30-50 games not 7, but gotta start somewhere? Surprised at all the green trim too was assuming most people would do black.

#20569 3 years ago
Quoted from ianw:

Yep, turned up last week, not had chance to set up yet.

I know it's not set up yet so this a question for when it's unboxed, but are the newer games shipping with newer code?

#20587 3 years ago

For people who have got LEs recently did you get the SE art as well? I know that was original plan but haven't heard anything recently.

#20597 3 years ago
Quoted from wizzard:

No, that has been cancelled.
Or like new Heighway Pinball said „things in life change“.

No way for real? They're really trying to screw the early LE buyers out of everything it seems. Not good news

#20647 3 years ago
Quoted from CalibrunKnight:

HW isn't going to release the container because CT isn't paying for machines that keep coming back broken and the lack of parts. It's really sad to see HW got the Alien license and was only able to fumble the whole operation. It's seems like the series is cursed with bad films, bad video games, and now a bad pinball machine.

Interesting as multiple people here were told by CT to pay up and games would be shipping soon 4-6 weeks ago

#20653 3 years ago

I’m starting to wonder if HW can even make 25 100% working games at this point, not even in a week but over the course of a few months. I wonder how much longer CT will put up with this, and also keep stringing along buyers. Sucks for everyone involved, mostly to early HW direct buyers.

#20654 3 years ago

“The writing is on the wall and I don't expect HP will be solvent on July 2019“

Will they still be operating in July 2018? Shiiiiiiit

#20677 3 years ago

Well looks like CT is out. Got an email from Melissa asking if I’d like to move funds to another game or a refund. She said they’ve been waiting on parts for some games for more than a year and can’t send them money for games if they’ll all end up busted with no help available. I thought HW would do all they can to keep their relationship with CT but it seems to be over.

Nobody in their right mind would order direct from HW at this point, is this it for the company?

#20682 3 years ago
Quoted from swenny:

This needs to be clarified. Just spoke personally with Melissa. A more accurate description is that CT is suspending accepting orders at this time until HP can resolve the existing issues with their games. Melissa stated that she will not hold customer funds in good faith and wait for games that may or may not work to be sent to the US. When HP gets their act together, CT will begin taking orders again.

She also told me she honestly doesn’t know if the company will survive, so I don’t know if she has much faith in HW getting their act together.

#20720 3 years ago
Quoted from Ilushka85:

Helmut is no longer there....

When did he leave? Seemed to be the only one that could help or would even reply

#20884 3 years ago

So there is a working Alien on location in London? I’ll be there in a few weeks, even if it looks like I’ll never get a game I’d like to see “what could’ve been” and I’d the game actually flips/sounds as good as everyone says.

#20902 3 years ago
Quoted from Shapeshifter:

News on the UK pinball forum is not good, not good at all.


#21421 3 years ago
Quoted from AndrewH:

To the many people I know here - I wish you all well and nothing but the best.

Oh yeah? As you literally lied and stole thousands of dollars? Have fun on your dumb old boat

#21422 3 years ago

Oh yeah? As you literally lied and stole thousands of dollars? Have fun on your Dumb old boat

1 week later
#21935 3 years ago
Quoted from Olaa:

You will be able to buy it, just give it some time. It has happened before and it will happen again.

Blind faith hasn’t been worth much in this thread so far...

#22015 3 years ago
Quoted from rubberducks:

Yes. As did Stern.
Figures vary re: investments, according to who you talk to.
Stern apparently were shutting down in less than 10 days (according to Gary and various staff). People seem to think JJP had about 1-3 months left.
In Stern's case, the rescue came out of the blue. In JJP's case, I think they'd been trying to get people to invest for some time - though the investors again came out of the blue.

When was the stern bailout/investment? Was it ever released who it was?

1 month later
#22411 2 years ago

How many Aliens are on location in the US and how many of them play 100%? I’m still bitter about the whole thing but would like to play the damn game one of these days. I’m in Europe a few times a year so euro recommendations work too.

2 weeks later
#22514 2 years ago

Anyone else still waiting for their Alein refund from Cointaker? I thought I was lucky to not have my money with HW but it seems like the same bs, will overnight a check tomorrow etc and months have gone by with nothing.

#22522 2 years ago
Quoted from frolic:

There's no way that should be the customer's problem. That's a Cointaker problem.
I hope in this case the delay is a falling through the cracks issue. Months of delay is unacceptable, especially in light of all that has happened.

I hope so, but don’t think so. I’ve been told refund checks have been mailed to be twice over the past month but nothing has came and I never got tracking and a lot of unanswered emails. Seems like lies and buying time? Nobody is sending an 8k check these days without tracking. I know they recently bought another company but I was planning on buying multiple games from them in the future, not anymore.

#22532 2 years ago
Quoted from Jarbyjibbo:

As a customer who lost money to HWP and has no chance to get anything back, I would respectfully put out there to maybe retain some level of perspective on the situation and do what you can to give as much support and patience to the Cointaker team while they try to make things right for everyone else all the while having little to no recourse for themselves.

True, I waited to post about this as I didn't want to seem naive about the folks who lost everything with HW, that is the real travesty of all this and I feel for y'all out there. If this came off in poor taste I'm sorry about that.

#22541 2 years ago
Quoted from knockerlover:

Everything that's on an LE can be re-created, beacons, powdercoat, side lit rails, and even the plaque.

People have made the inner lit side blades/rails?

1 month later
#23041 2 years ago
Quoted from Oneangrymo:

Yes I have played it in the dark and it is amazing.. but the only thing I didn't like was a little bit of green light bleeding in near the inserts which tell what mission you are under the Aliens movie section. Like near the APC insert. Anyone else notice this?

Does your game have the lighted inner side blades? From pictures I’ve seen they seem to provide the perfect amount of light for the play field

2 months later
#23559 2 years ago

I know there are not a lot of games out there but I was surprised to see no Alien videos on YouTube more recent than 6-8 months ago.

2 weeks later
#23579 2 years ago
Quoted from TouchingEvil:

Do they have any plan for more videos or game modes for this pin ? I hate that it got so so little videos from the movie.

Game over man, game over!

1 month later
#23760 2 years ago

^Would also love to know. I saw you can adjust the knobs on the amp on the bottom of the cab, don’t know if I’ve seen that in a pin before. Good to know a sub isn’t needed too.

Made it to save newt for the first time last night and wished I could’ve cranked the game even louder.

1 month later
#23826 2 years ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

After changing all my plastics and upgrading 12v supply, I've been enjoying playing the thing alot lately. I'll pop the hood soon enough, as I want to tackle the cooling proper (really not liking the heat buildup in lower cab) and will give you the pinouts....

What did upgrading to 12v do?

#23840 2 years ago
Quoted from f3honda4me:

Yea that's not special pricing. I'd rather wait for someone else to make replacement PFs too considering Mirco's business practices.

What are those practices? Keep pinball woke...

#23880 2 years ago
Quoted from webdiddy:

I have another problem.
During normal ball play the through just starts kicking out new balls, it continues to do so for a while, everything else (flippers/lights) looks like it's working as it should during this (except the light that are out due to a different problem..
Any clue on what could be causing this?

Is the ball save on so it just keeps kicking out balls?

1 week later
#23966 2 years ago

How hard was it replacing the glass?

1 week later
#23995 2 years ago

Looking for the lighted side art blades and a backup PF screen if anyone has any leads.

#23997 2 years ago
Quoted from Nepi23:

Any ideas where to get a replacement monitor for the one standing next to the Alien creature in the back?

I’d be interested in a backup of this as well.

2 weeks later
#24108 2 years ago

Awesome you found a pair, I’m still looking. If anyone wants to sell their lighted side art blades PM me!

#24199 2 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

How many people would be in for a full petg plastic set?
I missed the last free play notice.
I've got the files to get some made if its feasible economically.

I’d probably be in, how much are you thinking?

#24217 2 years ago
Quoted from Oneangrymo:

Hey guys how do you have to the save newt multi ball? I have never seen it.

Someone will correct me but I think you have to complete the lifecycle shots two (maybe three?) times to light it.

1 week later
#24282 2 years ago
Quoted from TomDK:

Uhh .. did I miss something ??!
There is a Software 1.3 B3 ?[quoted image]

Where is that photo from?

#24288 2 years ago
Quoted from delt31:

anyone have the latest rule set? I forget some of them - especially what appears to be a hurry up that plays an effect louder and quicker each time.....what to hit...

I don't know if there is a rule set out there from the last few code updates. I thought I remembered reading a fairly detailed listed somewhere a bit ago but can't find it look now. It would be helpful in diagnosing problems to know how many balls come out during what multi balls and modes. I thought I asked before but couldn't find it in the post history, how many balls does ambush start off as? And is it possible to add a ball or balls in that multi ball?

Haven't watched it yet but the new 40th anniversary 4k UHD of Alien came out today.

#24308 2 years ago

Hmmmm and this new code works on old HW games?

1 month later
#24604 2 years ago
Quoted from gold1:

Just wondering from your experience how many do you think were made?

~200 machines including LE and SE

Quoted from Cigaretteman:

I was the Danish distributor for Heighway and got my order of 3 of the last produced LE’s out just before they closed the doors. All 3 are green and all 3 are still in Denmark. I sold 2 and kept one for my own collection. It is LE #200 and it is still sitting unopened in the box.
It is a fantastic and very special game there are no doubt about that(yes I have played the game a lot). Taste varies and I say if you have an Alien and don’t care for it sell it to someone who want one!

Or just keep it unopened sitting in the box!

#24612 2 years ago
Quoted from Cigaretteman:

I was under the impression that if you buy something you are free to decide when you want to unbox it? It is not sitting in the box waiting to be sold for a profit I can tell you that much.

Of course 100% I just thought it was funny to have “fantastic very special game” next to “still unopened in the box” I don’t know what I would do honestly if I had a LE NIB right now, probably open it and keep it, selling my standard because I’m dumb and love this game. I wonder if there will be any truth to the rumors of more being made by another company. Seems unlikely but who knows these days.

2 weeks later
#24705 1 year ago
Quoted from Oneangrymo:

Now look at this ! Two balls came out of airscoop attaches by a magnet ! Must be the Zeno head magnet I think[quoted image]

That’s a new one!

2 weeks later
#24806 1 year ago

Still looking for the illuminated side panels if anyone is holding/selling. Have a brand new lcd and led color dmds I could trade.

#24816 1 year ago

I’m looking for the full side kits with the electronics inside, not just the plastic sides. I know there is a diy solution posted here I haven’t looked into too deep as I assumed it was beyond my skill set. Will give it a full look through with a more electronically competent friend.

Quoted from Averell:

Now here's my suggestion to make the translite better lighted by the given LED-Stripe in the Backbox.
An exact reproduction of the speaker panel made in acrylic glass interchangeable with the original parts.
The first prototype pair is in delivery and I can check the result on wednesday this week.
If it works I will start a very small limited series.
[quoted image]
[quoted image]

Looks cool I’d be in for a set.

#24892 1 year ago
Quoted from Jvspin:

[quoted image]

This post has the audio settings pdf for those interested

#24904 1 year ago

I hope you can ship outside of Germany soon.

1 week later
#24955 1 year ago
Quoted from Oneangrymo:

does anyone actually have Alien on route? I dont know how well it would do, probably have an out of order sign all the time. Something always goes wrong, this is my experience with two Aliens so far.
But man when it works, and there is a flawless game, this is my fav pin.. its amazing. Just wish it was more reliable.

I saw one on route in Buffalo NY, played good but who knows for how long. I hope they do better than the two TBLs I’ve seen on route, both with a permanent out of order sign on the glass.

2 months later
#25486 1 year ago

Xeno strobe mod looks cool

What type of pinballs are y’all liking the best with alien?

8 months later
#26776 11 months ago
Quoted from TimeBandit:

I’m going to try to run a batch of these over the weekend. I’ll post here when they are ready.

Can’t wait!

Quoted from Nethawk86:

I am him. I was the origin and designer of that mod before many others jumped in. I am almost finished with my final design of it to make it look more in line with the game and not so out of place of just simply tacking sirens here and there with tape. You can get the sirens in many places, but my design and mod was attached to a custom board I made to allow it to only turn on during certain modes and allow for the sirens to be individually customized to rotate a certain way or any of the 8 kinds of siren modes since in the movies the sirens were different in each movie and also rotated certain directions.

I’d like to be a list for this as well.

#26799 11 months ago
Quoted from iceman44:

Alien is a GREAT game. Sound, callouts and immersion are second to none. David Thiel nailed it and coding team did a phenomenal job. My late run LE has had no issues other than tweaking the alien tongue stepper motor.
And yes, Aliens are coming in a standard body......at some point.

LOL just like 7 months ago...”very soon” lol, don’t bother stirring the pot when there’s nothing in there.

Quoted from iceman44:

I don’t know, honestly
We will ALL know very soon
I let Borygard off the hook for a beer or two on the bet he’s gonna lose but he’s thrilled it’s coming!
It’s just a great pin and I’m happy so many more will get to experience it in home soon
I’m not trying to take peoples money I don’t need. You punch, I punch back
Love the hobby. Don’t love the jackasses

1 month later
#27146 10 months ago
Quoted from Nethawk86:

Yeah, Ken and I had a good back and forth about it as we were the only ones personally promised by Andrew the 426 number and we both paid in full for it. We each have our invoices showing 426 as ours so it was great to share stories of Andrews fake/false promises lol. So when i found out he had that plate, i tried to purchase as well but found out about the 350 number and such, then seeing delt31 on here making fake LE plaques saying 426 and whatever number he wanted to say he has it really turned it into a crapshoot as now the waters are murky as hell. So at this point i was just trying for sentimental reasons to get that plaque as it was ever only one of us that should have that number since we both financially lost it all for it. I would just frame it and hang it next to my pin for a war trophy story, and as a reminder of never preordering a pin and paying in full before it ships lol. But yeah, the whole 350/426 thing really threw a wrench in the deal.

There was a guy on here from Florida who had made a “fake LE” too, I think he even had Andrew sign the back of the game and put a number on there with sharpie lol he was salty when it was pointed out it wasn’t the real deal LE. I want to say that was #426 too. Joker.

1 month later
#27568 9 months ago

An LE for $11k seems cheap these days. I think non LE games have been going for $12-14k recently (usually have some extra parts with them). Good luck on the hunt!

2 months later
#27872 6 months ago
Quoted from delt31:

Guys - update on the replacement EL blades being made. Making very good progress! Fitting/replication is happening right now. I will keep you posted.
Since I don't control 100% I can't guarantee but things are looking very good!

Great news!

3 months later
#28467 84 days ago

I have been away for a few months, did a replacement EL blade kit ever get made? Did the Timebandit LED replacements ever get restocked? Got some work to do and it’s going to look good when finished.

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