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ALIEN PINBALL - Game Over, Man, Game Over

By HeighwayPinball

6 years ago

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Post #9151 Insight from Alien's programmer on tournament mode Posted by Ferret (4 years ago)

Post #9234 Update on distribution Posted by HeighwayPinball (4 years ago)

Post #9660 Here we show you a short clip from the 'Ambush Multiball' mode Posted by HeighwayPinball (4 years ago)

Post #10128 Photo of Alien at UK Trade Show Posted by unigroove (4 years ago)

Post #10230 game play video from EAG UK tradeshow Posted by Join_The_Cirqus (4 years ago)

Post #10231 game play video from EAG UK tradeshow Posted by Join_The_Cirqus (4 years ago)

Post #10914 Alien ships Posted by ZenTron (4 years ago)

Post #10916 Alien ships Posted by HeighwayPinball (4 years ago)

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#992 6 years ago

Why are pre-orders still even allowed on Pinside? Haven't enough people been f-ed over yet?

2 months later
#1067 5 years ago

So what's the advantage of pre-ordering? I was going to order but I'm still shell shocked over Predator.

1 month later
#1404 5 years ago

Found this full size egg at Gods and Monsters comic shop in Orlando

3 months later
#2905 5 years ago

The standard back glass art is.... zzzzzzz. Really nothing to it. Not Aurichs fault as I know clients/license holders are a nightmare to work with and hog tie you creatively but crossing my fingers the Playfield and LE Art kick ass.

#2913 5 years ago

Huge fan of the comic book style illustrations. Here's 10 minutes in Photoshop


1 month later
#3676 5 years ago

Looking Good!


#3682 5 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

Last one for the night, The Chestburster. Only one of these, and it's connected with a controlled drop target. There might be a magnet involved.
That's it for tonight, but I'm enjoying putting little explanations together with closeups, maybe I'll do some more when I wake up, along with the playfield if people are digging it.

#3833 5 years ago

I like it but how come there aren't any cast members?

Quoted from Aurich:

Here's the full playfield. I was going to talk about some more details first, but since the flyer is out that seems silly. I can still do that more later if people want.

#4150 5 years ago

I can't decide if i actually like it not. It gets the job done i guess, but so do washing machines. There's not really any "art", just photoshop design and layout. It looks very similar to website design, a set background with strategically placed buttons and icons. Nothing really cohesive (comic book alien and movie alien should never show up in the same place). Plus there's nothing that draws your eye in like a killer looking alien dead center. I do like the inserts and decals/logos/patches though but the rest is kinda blurred together.


#4258 5 years ago

Uh... No images of actors, no video of actors, no call outs from actors. That's going to be a deal breaker. Without the cast there's no movie, just an alien, random ships and weapons.

#4320 5 years ago

Hope you guys can pull it off. Aliens without Ripley is like Rocky without Stallone.

1 month later
#4689 5 years ago


1 week later
#4881 5 years ago

Hmmmm. Stretching 1 story into 3 or in this case 4 movies reminds me of another franchise that had short people with hairy feet.

#4916 5 years ago
Quoted from aeonblack:

Can't wait to see some modded eggs that open up and light up


1 week later
#5072 5 years ago

Where's the beef? Stop bumping this thread with Bologna.

1 week later
#5148 5 years ago

Awesome. A giant toothy penis taking up 1/3 of the upper Playfield.

Quoted from Zampinator:

This was shown at TPF tonight during the Alien presentation by Heighway Pinball!
It grabs & locks the ball!!


#5163 5 years ago

Alright, enough of the secret, insider, good ol boy crap. Where's the video?

#5165 5 years ago

Apparently some public consumption has occurred.

Quoted from accidental:

Can only hope that they do approve it, and soon!

#5244 5 years ago

Any plans to get one of these in the game somewhere?


3 weeks later
#5364 5 years ago


#5376 5 years ago

I heard there was some sort of alien thing going on tomorrow.


#5377 5 years ago


#5378 5 years ago


#5379 5 years ago

going to post random Alien stuff until we get an update....

#5380 5 years ago

Found the backless design.


1 week later
#5558 5 years ago

Keepin it classy Pinside.

3 months later
#7213 4 years ago

Exactly! Now that's all I see.

Quoted from PinPatch:

Preferred old chestburster new one looks like a bit like a sock puppet. IMO

#7261 4 years ago

image (resized).jpeg

3 weeks later
#7665 4 years ago

Ugh, more nonsense. This thread is 7,000 posts too long.

1 week later
#7770 4 years ago

Launch party is great news!

Tacky, sexist location though...

Twin Peaks Breastaurant


1 week later
#8303 4 years ago


This could very well be a deal breaker.

I don't want to have to identify as a woman to play pinball.

Quoted from Alphajerk3000:

Anyone know if Ripley's voice clips are used in the game? They were suspiciously absent from the promo video.

#8309 4 years ago

Sorry, the Power Loader's agent said no.

But, you can pretend that you ARE the Power Loader when you are playing.

Besides this isn't "Power Loader" its Aliens.

That's the logic explaining how Ripley is still part of the game.

Quoted from DJKYrtgfsRFw:

I'm surprised that there is no 'toy' on the pf of the Weyland Corp/Caterpillar P-5000 Power Loader. Looks like there's room behind the pop bumpers for someone to make an unofficial mod. Something along the lines of the TZ Robby Robot mod would look nice.

#8311 4 years ago

Ahem... Predator had prototypes and lots of pictures of parts.

Quoted from RandomGuyOffCL:

Nothing like some good pictures of parts & games on the line to instill confidence in customers. Do that and the 50% money will roll in.

1 month later
#9574 4 years ago

Makes sense. Matts real job is making sex toys.

Quoted from pincil8:

Did you notice the "I watch a lot of porn", in the picture?

#9611 4 years ago


Yes I'm yelling.

#9646 4 years ago

It's just color changing balls - what is that suppose to be?

Quoted from drinkduffbeers:

How about a blood splatter graphic at the end rather than Jonesy exploding?
Love. Love. Love the audio

IMG_2402 (resized).PNG

#9702 4 years ago

Hmmm. Replace airlock can with something else...maybe something nobody has seen before...something innovative...how about...another screen? Brilliant!

screenovation (resized).jpg

2 weeks later
#10035 4 years ago
Quoted from OLDPINGUY:

...and yet, another choice!
Replica M56, also known as:
“that huge ass gun Vasquez and Drake use in the film.”

I live in KALIFORNIA so i'm not even allowed to look at that awesome gun, fake or not.

#10251 4 years ago

The beacons look fine at any height.

Seriously though, I'm excited again about owning this machine. Its really come together. My only complaint.... (NO RIPLEY) but you can't always get what you want. Maybe a talented coder could hack into the system later and add some Ripley action for a home game.

beaconcheeseburger (resized).jpg

#10309 4 years ago
Quoted from Hazoff:

Slam Tilt you tube post shows those beacons in action, look pretty nice actually.
» YouTube video

Looks like that far left ramp needs some work, the angle is so tight it bounces the ball back almost every time.

-EDIT- Looks like that's an old video, i think its been fixed.

#10403 4 years ago
Quoted from chadderack:

Just watched this vid on "Dialed In" which looks like a super fun game.



#10410 4 years ago
Quoted from chadderack:

Cool opinion. I find a pin about a phone that could destroy the world interesting. The game is like "Whirlwind 3000" with the natural disaster warnings starting and getting canceled (Pat Lawlor for you). The side flipper to lock a ball, magnets whipping things all over the place, and an enemy that attacks your flippers during multiball. If you shoot the enemy targets when they're attacking you you score a super jackpot. Holograms that you can shoot, super cool combos, a futuristic city getting destroyed on the backglass, and the game (in the vid) wasn't 20% finished. And yeah, Keith Johnson is coding it. But I'm sure you knew all that
Back on topic...
Aliens looks like a great game. Build it/ship it.

Sorry the theme is just BAD. You can throw all the other crap in to try to make it better but it wont ever fix the theme.

dialed_out (resized).jpg

#10412 4 years ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

Yeah it never reach the lofty heights of your Demolition Man...truly a proud moment in cinema history.

DM ROCKS! Here's my custom instruction cards i made for your viewing pleasure.

Screen Shot 2017-01-26 at 11.08.16 AM (resized).png
Screen Shot 2017-01-26 at 11.08.40 AM (resized).png

#10421 4 years ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

I'll give you the Taco Bell, the only good part of that shitfest. I guess the fact it's R rated was good at the time...they weren;t all scared of swearing back then.
Your cards look better than the game art...not that that's any consolation

You are fined two credits....

#10424 4 years ago
Quoted from spfxted:

This refund delay situation is the absolute WORST thing they can do! If there is ever a "run on the bank" they will REALLY be in trouble. JMO

3 weeks later
#11238 4 years ago

Is this a production game? Still white under the flippers.

#11239 4 years ago

Game looks slick. The video interface is VERY well done.

#11240 4 years ago

"Not bad for a human" Is going to get old real fast. Any other snipets planned for the end of ball sequence?

1 week later
#11529 4 years ago


When is the art going to be revealed?

#11659 4 years ago

Never mind. Nothing to see here.

1 month later
#12641 4 years ago

The "you're playing AS Ripley" angle is still pretty weak.

Imagine these pinball machines with the main character replaced by the player.

T2 WITHOUT Arnold.
Nightmare on Elm Street WITHOUT Freddy.
Apollo 13 WITHOUT Tom Hanks.
The Avengers WITHOUT Hulk.
Tron Legacy WITHOUT Flynn.
Demolition Man WITHOUT Stallone.
Star Wars WITHOUT Luke.
Addams Family WITHOUT Gomez.
The Shadow WITHOUT Alec.
Kiss WITHOUT Gene.
Iron Man WITHOUT Stark.
Jurassic Park WITHOUT T-Rex.
Batman WITHOUT Batman.


That being said. The Game is still really amazing in spite of its main, beloved character being absent.

#12659 4 years ago

Ripleys not a main character?
I guess that's why she's the only one that's in all of the first 4 movies?

#12666 4 years ago

Agreed! I was just using random examples. You still have Ben Affleck on that left sling plastic though.

Quoted from jonesjb:

The Shadow without ALEC? Don't think my Shadow is suffering...

ben (resized).jpg

#12667 4 years ago

Hey, I didn't bring it up this time.

Quoted from Wickerman2:

go back 100 pages and read the original ripleygate so we don't have to hear this shit again thinking it's something new

2 weeks later
#13110 4 years ago

IMG_4792 (resized).JPG

2 weeks later
#13909 4 years ago

Quoted from HoakyPoaky:

I just love those mechanical beacons. They're going to light up my whole house. Haha

#13990 4 years ago

Everybody just calm down...

titanic-panic (resized).jpg

1 week later
#14281 4 years ago

LE backglass still makes no sense. The art is covered by the monitor, or go with no monitor at all. Pretty lame.

1 week later
#14929 4 years ago

Enough of the BS, shell games and shady business practices. I AM OUT!!

$1500 deposit refund request sent.

#14931 4 years ago

You'll get more BS and excuses. EVERYONE should pull out while they still can.

IF the so-called angel investors do pull this turd of a company out they can BUILD the games THEN sell the games.

Quoted from hank527:

in the next 24 hours we will know a lot more. I'm in on LE #2 and I'm waiting to see how it shakes out. Im thinking new owners will reach out and figure this out.

#14933 4 years ago

Me and you?

Quoted from Astropin:

How do you know that? We have ZERO history here.

#14935 4 years ago

They have ZERO history or credibility as well. Hell, i could start a post that says i bought Highway Pinball too.

1 week later
#15134 4 years ago

wow, this thread is dead.

4 weeks later
#15545 3 years ago

Wow, i didn't know David Thiel worked on arcade games too. I have a few of them in my collection (pictured) and the sound definitely kicks ass on all of them!

IMG_2203 (resized).JPG

IMG_2276 (resized).JPG

1 (resized).JPG

IMG_6736 (resized).JPG

1 week later
#15669 3 years ago

Saw these guy outside ComicCon today.

IMG_6009 (resized).JPG

3 weeks later
#15980 3 years ago

never mind

1 week later
#16210 3 years ago

From me:

Since a significant draw for the LE was the fiber optic ramps, will there be any compensation for that feature being axed?
Will there be any additional or new art on the LE besides the back glass marquee?
Does the LE come with an LCD?
And when all is said and done do i need to contact Coin Taker to arrange final payment and shipping details?

From Morgan:

We are coming to a decision as to what replacement customers will get as the fibre optic ramps have been removed. We will be contacting customers and also publishing on our social media the details of any decision. The art package on the LE is what has been shown, which is to say there is a unique back glass art work that will only be available as a part of the LE and the side panels which also differ from those on the standard edition of the game. The LE does not come with the LCD screen as standard and has to be added to the order as an additional part. You can pay the final payment to us directly as you have made the order through us. The shipping will be dealt with via CoinTaker but we will receive the payment from you and the details of the delivery then pass these along to CoinTaker.

#16258 3 years ago

I asked them that, they said NOPE! Would have to buy an SE at CURRENT pricing.

Quoted from hocuslocus:

I'd be down with that.

Quoted from jonesjb:

Agreed, I sincerely they don't hope to offset the lower agreed preorder price, by just not offering the the fiber optic and cabinet options. At a very minimum, they should extend the offer for pre-order customers to downgrade the LE to the standard at the price at the time.

#16281 3 years ago

Yeah, i did. I got sick of waiting and constantly nagging them so i just walked away from the whole thing. Since they still have my deposit i may stay in the game.

Quoted from MK6PIN:

Confused....aren't you the one that started the angry refund ex-customer thread and were out?...Maybe Im wrong...

#16417 3 years ago

eeeeexcellent (resized).jpg

#16440 3 years ago


#16441 3 years ago
Quoted from Nethawk86:

WEEELLLPPP!! count me in of those who've been scammed multiple times on this pin bandwagon. Cointaker and Heighway have both been very negligent and dishonest with me for the past several months and I am done biting my tongue. Paid initial $1000 deposit to hold a LE game from cointaker which took me weeks of emails to just give them money. Paid more down over months depending on what I've been hearing regarding the company. I stopped at about $3500 and waited a couple months during the proto games that snuck out incomplete. Finally told cointaker I'm out and want a refund. 3 weeks passed with no response again to my refund request. Then out of the clear blue sky, I got an email saying "what if I promised you your LE at your door within 30 days! Seriously we just got told they are shipping our pins now". I told them that sounds good and after again sending a couple emails with no response and excuse after excuse of why, I finally got them on the line again to vaguely answer some questions. I sent them the remaining due and was paid in full with the promise of my game arriving at my door end of July. July came and went, finally called cointaker and got immediate response. Was told they had an issue with the computers and they were delayed while they are upgraded. I was annoyed of course and made a stink about why I got scammed out of my refund by both parties and was then told by cointaker that they will call me back in an hour. I get the call and they Skyped with someone at heighway and made a deal where my LE was being sent in the batch of standards to cointaker as a 1 off as LEs weren't being made yet but they could get me my 1 due to the promise made. I was then told end of August my game will arrive at my door. I called cointaker around the 22nd of august to confirm and was told "yes, you're still on schedule". I heard the shipment arrived and standards were going out the door after they removed any fiber optic lights. But no LE. Well.....here we are.....6th of september......I called cointaker and asked the question. Was told for whatever reason they had issues blah blah blah and that they were shipping out computers and new playfields so that took up time and they couldn't get my LE out, BUT, my LE "SHOULD" be on the water now and that they will confirm with heighway to make sure and get back to me later last night. No response from cointaker. I get consistent no communication from cointaker and excuses after excuses of why no email responses, to dissapearing emails, to why I can't pickup the phone, to even "I totally forgot". As a customer I am annoyed and pissed at cointaker for handling me this way. Absolutley "0" updates unless I hound and pound them every way I can for something. I can forgive the dates a bit as that's beyond their control and is on heighway....but they have consistently left me in the dark and have made promises and lied countless times to me after speaking with heighway and them saying they've never told cointaker that and would never make that promise. I know everyone is at their wits end and at the end of their fuses with this....but boy.....I am just lit over this ordeal with this whole thing. I know very well that my game is not on the water, and won't be until "Maybe" October when they day they will start shipping LEs. This is my first new pin and I am not officially gunshy of ever doing this again. My whole body this whole time has been screaming to demand a refund and run far far away...and I did before I was ignored and then promised my item. I've never had this "amazing customer support" or got these phone updates that others have had the privilege of...even after paying in full. Sorry for the rant, was just soo damn pissed today after spending 4 hours of trying to call cointaker and getting the "call back in 15" atleast 6 times and then immediate voicemail after 1-2 rings 3 times all to hear......maybe on the water when it's supposed to be in my house.....

Enter (resized).png

#16482 3 years ago

Run away and don't look back!

Quoted from spfxted:

What do you mean?

2 weeks later
#16738 3 years ago

No beuno.

Quoted from MikeHogue:

I'm still waiting..... Going on four months of waiting.
Contacted Morgan again a couple of days ago. Still waiting.
I'll definitely post when / if I ever get my $1500 deposit back!

Quoted from Toads:

Well I just checked my original request and it's four months today that I have been waiting too.

#16762 3 years ago
Quoted from delt31:

Even though I've been in this so much less than others

Considerably less.

#16764 3 years ago

There's a special place awaiting those who jump the line.

#16803 3 years ago
Quoted from delt31:

I'm want to believe!

THE-X-FILES-TV-Show-POSTER-I-Want-to-Believe-Mulders-Office-Print-on-Silk-Home (resized).jpg

e32 (resized).png

203417_2 (resized).jpg

51pr9ELd7ML._SY450_ (resized).jpg

765949_1 (resized).jpg

flying-spaghetti-monster-i-want-to-believe_a-G-9119408-0 (resized).jpg

218 (resized).png

#16893 3 years ago
Quoted from kklank:

My apologies if I offended you. Again, just very frustrated with the process of getting a game. This takes a lot of patience.

4 weeks later
#17816 3 years ago


Quoted from swenny:Yes, as follows:
30 days on all mechanical, electrical and structural parts.
1 year on the power supply board, I/O boards, motherboard, LCD screens and PCB boards if used in a home setting. If used for commercial purposes the warranty is for 6 months.
Warranty only applies to the original, registered purchaser.
Does not cover any labor or service calls.
I asked Melissa at CT the same question and she forwarded the warranty to me.

#18089 3 years ago

Wow this is disappointing, I know any pinball owner should have some repair/maintenance know how but c'mon, I don't want to have to become a full on technician just to get my NIB Alien to work.

2 weeks later
#18444 3 years ago

Nice! Those chrome legs gotta go though.

Quoted from delt31:

Hello beacons! Now we're talking. All credit goes to pinsider libtech who's awesome for showing me the way. Just waiting on one more part so I can connect them. They really complete the machine.
I'll add a couple more steps and tweaks to the how to that he added once they work to make a little easier to follow. Wanted them installed in factory but didn't happen so went this route. Very happy thus far.

#18522 3 years ago

AWESOME! Now super secretly slip in some Ripley callouts that can be switched on/off

Quoted from daudioguy:

Just so you know:
I finally received a production Alien pinball machine that I can use for development. I had a loaner for a few months from Tommy of Nitro in June, but I will keep this pin and move it down to my studio as soon as possible.
Currently, the only AV assets that are missing are for the final-final mode "All Out War". These are being worked on now.
Additionally the US team is working on refinements that can only be accomplished on a production machine. You just can't effectively tune choreography if you can't experience it.
Our goal is for an upgrade in mid December that will be 100% complete and polished.

#18539 3 years ago

Heh, basically the ONLY plus to having an LE on order.

Quoted from aeonblack:

I'm just thankful for all the SE guys doing all the trouble-shooting, problem-solving and beta-testing so that when my LE arrives I won't have any head scratching. Thanks guys!
I hope all you guys wanting refunds get them, and I hope that means those of us staying in get our machines sooner.

#18543 3 years ago

Well, luckily acid didn't drip through your playfield.

Quoted from WizWiggy:

Keep an eye on the glass, if you notice a "rubbing mark" near the Facehuggers, plan on addressing this. We noticed this, but didn't act in time....

drip (resized).jpg

2 weeks later
#18805 3 years ago

You must be a bachelor.

Quoted from HoakyPoaky:

Or you just pass on buying an adult themed pin based on a gory R-rated movie
I find this kind of "censorship code" ridiculous, and it's a waste of programmers time. Stick to family themed pins. Not all pins/movies/media/etc are made for everyone.

Wild_and_crazy_guys (resized).jpg

2 weeks later
#19050 3 years ago

Heighway should be paying Pinside for technical support.

#19123 3 years ago

Ferret and Daudioguy. The only 2 reasons im still holding on.

#19264 3 years ago

He's looking for some tools to get the game working.

Quoted from Mr68:

He has quarters and he's waiting in line for his turn to play.

#19265 3 years ago

Is this a water color painting or cheap photoshop filter?

LAME_LE (resized).jpg

#19268 3 years ago

The baby blue powder coat is adorbs.

3830416fe36e98d7c941de559d673694bba3b8de (resized).jpg
ALIEN LE baby blue (resized).jpg

1 month later
#19835 3 years ago
Quoted from Durzel:

This "delivery in arrears" mode of operating is very toxic to their reputation.

Rear deliveries are always toxic.

1 week later
#19921 3 years ago

IMG_6852 (resized).jpg

#19990 3 years ago

Ready to get my LE. I've got my team assembled.

alien_service_crew (resized).jpg

#20082 3 years ago

Well “if” the 45 LE shipment is true, how about you fully prepaid guys show up at CT with proof of payment and take a game from the premesis?

#20092 3 years ago

Possession is 9/10 of the law right?

Quoted from spfxted:

Let us know how that works out for ya....

#20093 3 years ago

See, CT already promised the first LEs to these guys. So show up guys and take what’s yours.

#20096 3 years ago

I will personally make you a free LE number plate. Problem solved.

#20097 3 years ago

The first LEs should go to pre-paid buyers. The new buyers should wait in line 2 years and get pissed off like the rest of us.

2 weeks later
#20263 3 years ago

Sweet I’ll go update my machine right now! Oh wait....no machine.

2 weeks later
#20375 3 years ago

Got the same BS email. How many ugly green trim LEs did new, line-jumping buyers drop out of?

Quoted from Jarbyjibbo:

Day 1 (10/20/14) order direct through HP and this is the first good news I've directly received since the game was announced.
"I am contacting you today with potentially good news. We have had a customer drop out from the production schedule of the Alien Pinball LE. This means that we will be able to get a machine to you sooner rather than later. If you would like to take advantage of this situation that would be great as we can fulfil your order sooner rather than later.
If you could please contact me promptly if you would like to take advantage of this situation. The trim colour that we will be able to offer you is green as this is the colour that the machine has been produced in. We can certainly add your unique LE number to the machine. To fully take advantage of this opportunity we would require that the remaining balance be settled for the machine plus the shipping.
Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you promptly and your decision on this opportunity."

2 weeks later
#20503 3 years ago
Quoted from SunKing:

Alien is alive again......mostly.

Man, i hope you get your game working 100%, so frustrating.

newt (resized).jpg

#20522 3 years ago

DB75BB87-D2CC-4825-97B6-7C4B0D823DA2 (resized).jpeg

1 week later
#20674 3 years ago

Finally some good news. Hope you actually get it, you've been super patient.

Quoted from Aurich:

Hey, an update to this. Just got off the phone with a customs broker about my game, so apparently it's incoming soonish? I don't know if it's part of big shipment or not though. If I hear anything else helpful I'll pass it along.

#20737 3 years ago

RIP_HP (resized).jpg

#20738 3 years ago

ALIEN_LE_DEPOSIT (resized).jpg

#20769 3 years ago

Showing your games arriving in Europe is rubbing salt in our wounds here in the US.

#20814 3 years ago


Quoted from frolic:

So who is left in Wales?

#21040 3 years ago

$1500 gone forever. Should have bought lottery tickets - better odds.

Think its time to drain this thread...

#21053 3 years ago

Draining now. Time to move on.

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