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ALIEN PINBALL - Game Over, Man, Game Over

By HeighwayPinball

5 years ago

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#1178 5 years ago

For me the FTH theme was a turn off, until I played the game.
At that point the gameplay took over,
and I was in wonderland.
It's quite brilliant, and leaves you
wanting another game.
I think judging on theme alone,
might not be as accurate as after playing a few games.
It really is a great playing game.

2 months later
#2289 4 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

The more I learn about the behind the scenes aspect of pinball the more I learn why you have to be patient.


For Aurich and everyone...about half way through the short vid:


1 week later
#2431 4 years ago

Morning Aurich! Hung Over?

Morning question, if it is OK to answer.

Playfield art....will this be carrying the same color palette as the backbox?

In the Fill in spaces, using GOT sand color as an example, with the color palette deviate in this area?
Where, again GOT as an example, used Gears to fill, will these be filled with Giger-like, Alien Art, or only
art that came from the movies?

In other words, on thin Plastics, rails, etc....Art from the Movie, in Gigers Form, may not all fit, but the genre, his look, offers
more sampling, that is Alien "looking" to fit.

Sorry to ask while you are at the show, but maybe some quick thoughts, without saying what you cant...

Trying to imagine the overall look....

2 months later
#3607 4 years ago

Amazing how one person can take over a great thread!

#4020 4 years ago

With this last post, Aurich, color me Impressed!

I see your vision.

#4367 4 years ago

I cant resist....one of my favorites.....

#4463 4 years ago

I wish I had your "skin", Aurich....I couldnt do what you do.
Like it or not.....Aurich puts his best foot forward always, and genuinely cares about the hobby.

#4473 4 years ago

Im not sure I can think of anything on how the modes will work, other then "shoot the lights"

TWD, made the target bank strategic, and the modes are both repetitive shots and "all lit"

Anything that can be done in code for a mode, that branches the logic, can give multiple ways to "achieve"
Or go to town anywhere, with a strategic play, like TWD targets.

This keeps it from bing like the linear games, and so much can be done...Id leave that to you guys,

Regarding the plastics, the Light emitting plastics, like those that I think PBL put out for whoa nellie, as the one I just received, has them, are exceptional...They truly glow...How RGB works with a white version...I dont know.
My apologies for not having the right words or knowledge, but is it Lesa?
The use of these will really glow hot green like the Egg and stock art from movie, maybe blue, in a space mode, red in battle.
Add clear silicone rubbers to grab this color too.

If UV light can be used or needed in the correct way with code...Awesome!

But with RGB light, I think it would really excel having the plastics, or protectors channel the light, along with the rubbers...
An amazing look, when seen in person.....

Sorry, its late, I hope this makes sense...needed a bit more meds then normal, so I hope I am sharing correctly.

4 weeks later
#4753 4 years ago

I'm floored!

Amazing Aurich! Thrilled Andrew!

Now to complete me, wheres the Kaneda Apology?

#4861 4 years ago

Couple more....



#4928 4 years ago

The Game just keeps getting better and better!
Awesome work by Everyone at Heighway!

Setting a New Standard is hard enough, but a Home Run looks to be coming!

Great News for Everyone!!!!

Thanks for keeping us up to date, Aurich!

1 week later
#5007 4 years ago

Hi Aurich,

I didnt think you would see this, but I thought of you.....
I hope you dont mind it here...it has absolutely no meaning!


1 week later
#5193 4 years ago
Quoted from Wickerman2:


ooohhhh...I like this!

1 month later
#5409 4 years ago

How about some Pics!



#5462 4 years ago

My Mom eats cake, is she an Alien?


3 weeks later
#6222 4 years ago

Hi Aurich,

I dont know if this is OK to ask, but in the creative process of your work, How much of a projected finished playfield
to you get to work with to address the blank spaces, and artwork placement for toys and mechs?

Does it change much from when you started?

Does that mean you have had to make many changes?

Just trying to get an idea as how it works, as you get space and assets, and when the direction comes into play.

I hope this makes sense.

#6323 4 years ago

Thanks Aurich, for bringing several pages of info for all to chew on!

With the last CAD file, my lightbulb went off, my Geiger counter went crazy, and I finally see the final vision.!!

In seeing everything placed, I can see the difficulties of the art alone, as its purpose could only be to support
all the other parts on the playfield.

I can't see more Aliens on the playfield, when the focus for that is the toys. I cant see the actors, as the game immerses one as an equal on the mission, and the support will come from the playfield screen....why fight it?
Everything now seems to fit perfectly in space, and with lighting support, the game will be played as if one is in space battling aliens, to the same effect that one is battling zombies in TWD!

In Short, it now appears clear, and haunting....a Pin with a mission, a battle greater then just points.

Bravo! Its looking like an amazing experience!

(Now for some acid blood Mods, to burn through the playfield!)

2 months later
#7041 3 years ago

Id trust Andrew to run any Business I had the opportunity to be involved in.

My Respect as well, Andrew, for addressing this publicly and with speed.

I would think if you have these personal business questions that are important to you,
you should email him or anyone else personally, and privately first.

I think thats what bothers me about this.

1 month later
#8151 3 years ago

Well. It's morning at expo, and I've had a chance to sleep on the events from yesterday.
The tour was exceptional. with Stern being gracious hosts
Batman looks fantastic, but I am a little concerned about gameplay.
Jack was his wonderful self, and wishing them
well, but the price point is scary.
Andrew and the Alien team, deserve a round of applause, for a really special game.
It held its owm, and everything about it screams, "play me!"

All games show an insane amount of passion and effort to bring these to market. I am so grateful we have these choices.

But outside of the game, I'd like to share a
Mountain of thanks, respect, and personal wishes to Andrew and his team.

I know we focus on the games and the purchase, but I am overwhelmed at all the people, the vendors, and us...our passion.
Truly amazing.

Give Andrew an " atta boy" gold star, for his tireless work yesterday.
I consider him, then the game the reveal of the show!

#8553 3 years ago

I also can't say enough about Aliens! Indeed, a few bumps, but all to be worked out.
Andrew and his team must have drank all the coffee there to keep up, as the energy and enthusiasm was
But I do have something to say on the game. I'd call this a strategic game, like we haven't seen before!
Gameplay rules shine in the way players want. This is not a game you play and walk away from.
It's like chess to checkers. A user competitive game among friends or alone in battle.
It succeeds in this way different than others.
It's so much more than shoot the blinking light. Strategic play will give this game tenure and respect once more people
get to play.
The toys are great, the screen clips integrate beautifully, and in chatting with Andrew about lighting
....thats not even been touched as to what's coming!

It's not Batman, or Dialed in. It's not better or worse, it's just so creatively different, that I'd say it's the most challenging!

Based on guessing Batman, which will be Nostalgic fun, and Creative code, Dialed in for fun, it's Aliens for a challenge, a battle,
and the endless fun of repeat game, point, mode, and battle strategy!

I get the feeling when these start getting in locations, tournaments, and homes, more will share their unique strategies in play.

IMO, if I had all 3 new games, I'd play dialed in for fun, Batman for nostalgia, and Aliens for battle.

There's so much to get excited about on this game, I'd need months of play to scratch the surface.

I honestly feel this a game that is needed in every collection, for what it offers in brilliant play.

Now, which games to sell to make room.....

Damn great job! Thanks to all at Highway and on the team.
Your passion shows, and we are all rewarded with an instant classic of endless challenges!

#8598 3 years ago

Nah, its a side affect of being a full blown
Oxy addict!

#8631 3 years ago

How about Giger Alien Ribbed Exo skin wrap?

#8700 3 years ago

A zillion years ago, after the second film, A bunch of us spent time discussing what might make a good 3rd Movie.

The Drunk and stupefied consensus was to have the plummeting Queen Grab on to a Passing Asteroid, and set up nest.
So happens this Asteroid hits earth in the Ocean, and she swims to nest in the NY Subway System.

Much like any Monster movie threatens us, by hiding in the bowels, this would bring the franchise, at that time, to a more personal level....little girl in bed wakes up to see Alien drooling over her. Grocery moms, Snatched, and pulled down the
street drain "Liquid fast".
Like a Nest of Termites or Ants, they grow and Spread all over NY, (or any city with a Subway), and threaten to Spread.

Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters was no help, so Ripley is back, doing her thing in the Subways, water treatment, etc...

Morning dribble and drool, as my coffee cools down.

#8719 3 years ago
Quoted from dmbjunky:

Did they ever bring Aliens to Earth? I don't recall that they did which is kind of odd. It seemed like the popular thing to do with sequels was bring the monster to a populated city. Gremlins, Predator, and Jurassic Park come to mind.

Quoted from BrewinBombers:

This reminds me of the 1998 Godzilla.

No, They never did bring an Alien Queen to earth.
Many movies use this theme, We have another, Arrival coming out in 2 weeks.
but I felt Aliens was special. They werent large monsters from the sea, they didnt destroy
the White house or choose to conquest like independence day.

They are like termites. They parasite through their existence.
Much like Zombies have been the range for 5 or 6 years, because as monsters, they could be in your back yard,
so the threat or drama is personal. One reason we watch. Where Godzilla, or others are on a massive city

Aliens would pick off people to harvest for nesting. They would be a Freddy Kruger fear, meets a Monster.
They could pop up with rural colonies, having hitched a ride, and set up nest in the middle of Iowa, popping out of the ground to grab cattle, dogs, and then people, kids....Id be scared.

In the cities, eggs could be found in a shopping mall, someones basement.
Satire, has people far away wearing face huggers for Halloween, only to have an errant worker Alien, provide a real
one, while the kids think their friend is acting.

By getting them personal, threatening, in our face, pop up fear everywhere. A result of a probe going to a comet and coming back, or a meteor with one landing, makes it very real.

Sorry, I get carried away with Screenplay...TED...help, lets pitch a better alien movie and get JJ Abrams!

Oh, Happy Birthday, Andrew!

#8720 3 years ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

Oldpinguy, I'm not sure if you were aware of this or not but the 3rd movie did have its first treatment written to take place on earth. We had assets made that even showed an egg next to a city skyline... But then David Giles changed his mind (shocker) and decided to write the story himself (producer and writer credit! $$) ... the big mess is on the Alien Bluray. Cost the studio hundreds of millions of dollars. Sigourney never really loved the (literally 10 or 15) scripts that were written, and she had creative control, so back to dev hell it went.
Anyway I always thought that would have been cool had they figured out a good story. Or the wood planet. Not my assets though.

I didnt know this...THANK YOU! ....it would be a natural, and its a story that would be good depending on timing.
Society as a mass, wants to be scared every so often.

#8754 3 years ago
Quoted from DJKYrtgfsRFw:

I'm confused. Are you stating that AVP and AVPR are not Alien movies? They're not Alien 5 & 6 so to speak? AVP had an alien queen in Antarctica. AVPR was on Earth but didn't have an alien queen.

You are correct, I stand corrected. It was so isolated, I didnt bother to consider it.

Ill amend my thought with on earth, "in a populated area".

The story line of Subways, Sewers, cellars, all our subterranean places, as nesting areas.

1 week later
#9007 3 years ago

How about a deeper cabinet, and 3 playfields....

3 in 1 (resized).jpg

#9187 3 years ago

Its been 3 weeks since expo. I hunger for dialed in, by lose sleep over Aliens!

After playing about 25 games, what gets me, haunts me, and intrigues me is the code.

I feel and hope we will be rewarded with one of the best shooting games created.

Aliens can of course be played for fun, but the depth of code, and the rewards that come,
will make this game something unlike others.....hard to describe, its just a gut feeling, but its been haunting
me since Expo.

1 week later
#9289 3 years ago

Thanks for fixing the left ramp shot!

3 weeks later
#9546 3 years ago

The Finished Product looks insanely sweeter than the Proto at Expo!

Exciting Times!

(Was that Chumlee in the assembly line?)

2 weeks later
#9667 3 years ago

Fantastic use of Soundtrack in this mode!

Definitely a Rush to have this mode Pop into the middle of a Game!


#9710 3 years ago

Ill solve this!

Shrink the Airlock a bit, and put the LCD screen inside!

Animate the screen with Torture hits that the quite reacts violently too, while locked in the Chamber!
A video animated "countdown" to her defeat!
The affect could be amazing, and made to look like shes inside and reacting.

or, again an airlock toy, 1/2 front, a little smaller, and it rotates to the screen.

Should cover everyone...almost.

#9746 3 years ago

I think Im going to visit this thread a bit more.

Much nicer than the BM66 Thread!

Merry Christmas to all!

#9763 3 years ago

The more I think about the game play on this, the more I feel this is a Pinheads Pin.

Not that it wont do well on Location.....It will, I believe, but I feel this is a thinking game
in terms of code, strategy, shots, and rewards.
Its a game to turn on, when one wants to get immersed in Pinball, and theme.
If the code finishes up, I feel it will rival TWD, and how I feel about playing that, as Classic
as LOTR with well earned goals.

In trying to decide, for sometime maybe next year, whats next......Alien has moved to the top.

I would like a Dialed in one day, for Fun. This, I feel is what Dialed in does best.
Just a Damn fun game, and endless at that!

Batman66, I love the Art and Theme.....so much, that like others, I want it to be Great.
I was hoping to make my decision at Expo, but the delay we have had, has allowed me time to step back and think.
I feel Batman will be fun, but even with great code, will fail to bring me back over and over again.
I think its a short fix of fun, and it doesnt make it bad, but I dont feel it will end up Great.
Knowing it was a fill in, and 4 months of delays is almost all code, to make it play better than it is.
Lymans code will help bring it better, but Aliens seems to have that "one more game", in its right pocket.

The choice is battle Aliens, save the people, and get immersed in Lights, Sound, Video, AND Gameplay
for a full experience.
Somehow beating the Riddler, or Catwoman, doesnt convey the urgency, or battle.
Batman won every time, often with little struggle, and always with a simple graphic, POW!
Sure, its fun, but its not a challenge in the theme sense.

So, its the end of the year, and still plenty of time, and Ill play Batman, Ive logged 100 games on dialed in and around 35
on Aliens, and Im looking at my line up, and saying, I need another game like a hole in the head, but Aliens for
its Price, unique new everything, and for the challenge I see coming, and I see it now pulling far ahead of the Race....

#9837 3 years ago

Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year, Andrew!

Im afraid, youll need to post everyday! Lets see if it gets read or within 24 hours, another 6 people will design the
game for you!

Doesnt make me miss the non stop emails on how to redesign a Light Bulb!

#9844 3 years ago
Quoted from Grg:

I said it seemed like a last minute change and yes, immediately you got defensive.

Here's my point. One guy says "hey what about a third face hugger" and boom you tear his idea apart. He could be a potential customer. His idea/opinion is his own but as soon as it conflicts with your own you get defensive. The way you react contradicts your post "work with us" why would one give his opinion when this is your reaction?

I'm that as$#h%=e
I will give it another attempt so you don't miss out.
I said the artwork reminds me of Sega art, copy and paste, done! It tends to float on the playfield and is far from seamless.
I then said the 3rd lcd is uninspiring and far from innovative.
This is just my thoughts, some will agree and others won't but who cares, it's just an opinion and we're posting in a forum for pinball discussion.
All I can do is think of a comparison. You might hate my car, the color, wheels, tyres, style etc but to me your opinion doesn't worry me as I like my vehicle. Now, if you gave your opinion regarding my vehicle to the manufacture, then yes they may get offended. The difference, Chrysler, Bentley, Ferrari or for motorcycle lovers, Harley, Yamaha, Ducati etc will never! Post in a public forum.

Yes, yes you do

Certainly you are entitled to your opinion, but your opinion is gone.
All that remains is you stating you will never buy a Heighway Pinball...Is this not correct?

As you state....we are posting in a forum for discussion......The Playfield criticism has been noted and hashed through,
Im not sure if youve read the thread, and issues over the last 2 years.
However, since you will never be a customer, do you think that the creator of this work, might possibly be offended?

Many good people have left the forum, or others simply dont post because people believe that "discussion" can be "ruined"
with things like, incomplete information, trolling.....you are not buying, or negative criticism.

Especially since a decision was made to put an LCD in. Your Opinion came in seemingly late.

Please also understand, that with 34 posts, and to be here on a reasonably positive thread, with excited buying customers,
the negative perspective is viewed as trolling by some. Generally people prefer to hear criticism, but can sense a negative

Perhaps not your intent, but in General, no Aurich is not crazy, and a positive contributor to the hobby.

Sorry sir, Just my opinion, and I happen to disagree with yours.

#9847 3 years ago

I understand your frustration.

Sometimes, and this is just a friendly suggestion, because I screw up too,
type your post, walk away, and reread before you send.
Perhaps your message can be conveyed in a slightly different manner.

Negative criticism need not hurt.

Nothing wrong...each thread takes a life of its own, and we jump around.

Well meaning people can miss a post, read something incorrectly, or simply have had
a shitty day.

Im only saying all this, because other threads seem to be broken, and this one is now
bubbling over with excitement.

But Ive met Andrew on many occasions, and while his business model at the time of getting a game to where
you are may have failed, he's a Gentlemans, Gentleman, who pours his heart and soul into this project.

Aurich, is a mate youd give the keys to your house and car without concern.

#9859 3 years ago

When you shared earlier, Aurich, some of the examples of How to use the screen, where it is an "Animated Target"
along with "info" has great opportunities, and in my mind could be an amazing part of the experience!

See, the Peppers Ghost in GB is cool, but the code is stopped at about 9-12 Animations, The explosion part is a "Reaction", to the shot, hence an animated target.

JJP in Dialed in, appears to be adding more.

In this game, where you have purpose for the shot, the Animation to make the shot, plus the resulting reward, if done in the way you have described actually blows me away a bit.

(Think about the animation sequence for Multiple hits, Rewards for Kills....It can serve as the best little mini video game in a Pin in terms of
reactionary display!)

Id only suggest that for some of these you have a variety of clips to keep it interesting for the same purpose, if Possible.

Sounding like this has been tweaked to a Gem of a game I would want next to TWD or AC/DC.... A top shelf Game that brings 100% of Pinball into the Experience!

#9919 3 years ago

Im Ready to be Ready!

#9922 3 years ago

Yeah, too many. Sold 1 bought 2...doesnt work well.

Scattered everywhere! Shadow Rocks!!!

#9926 3 years ago
Quoted from RTS:

Henry Ford also said "customers can have the Model T in any color - as long as it's black."
Ford eventually lost ground to competitors who offered different colors, failing to address what customers wanted.
He arrogantly thought he didn't need to listen to customers, and had to play catch up.

Understanding the failures of business in hindsight, shows great wisdom.

Unfortunately, with the times being different, while its important to "Hear" your customers,
trying to accomplish it all is a human nightmare.

Look at the games for sale thread fiasco, the Op "listened" to many posts, and the noise on both sides created a mess.

A simple Purple Bulb took almost a year, several thousands at cost, and hundreds of customers to listen too.

Im not negating your view, Im so glad to see Ford quoted and a great read, only sharing the insanity that the internet today brings in the amount of great ideas and suggestions brought forth.

Nothing wrong with the ideas....just easier to share, and hard to implement, and/or which "ones" to listen to.

The advice I received from others in the industry were, as Ford...simply ignore, or get ready to lose sleep at night
not only trying to do the right thing, but not knowing out of all the ideas and suggestions, "whats best".

1 week later
#10007 3 years ago

Shit, Ted! It took me 10 minutes to figure this out!

#10009 3 years ago

...and yet, another choice!

Replica M56, also known as:

“that huge ass gun Vasquez and Drake use in the film.”

pasted_image (resized).png

pasted_image (resized).png

pasted_image (resized).png

#10131 3 years ago

tried to enhance

pasted_image (resized).png

#10152 3 years ago

That looks Amazing!

Big difference from Expo!

#10163 3 years ago


pasted_image (resized).png

#10188 3 years ago

In the end, especially if Heighway has already stocked these, it will be the easiest, and least expensive topper mod to do!

#10229 3 years ago

Im thoroughly impressed with how far the game has transformed since Expo.....Actually Im more like Alien Drool now!

I can see the vision as its reaching its completion. Bravo!

Im hoping Andrew will keep an open ear to his customers with code and Video to blow this Game off the Planet!

#10243 3 years ago
Quoted from HeighwayPinball:

Xeno snarls ... hisses ... and of course, eats pinballs!

My Life is Compete, Now! 5000 Thumbs Up!

pasted_image (resized).png

#10285 3 years ago
Quoted from Razorbak86:

Has there been any further information on the "board problems"?

A code update, that did not travel with them

2 weeks later
#10524 3 years ago

Thank you Andrew.

Id like to add that the Chinese New Year, and our Christmas schedule means ordering in the summer for Christmas, and September for January, if your lucky.

The way things work in China would surprise many people.

I guess the sky isnt falling, for at least one more day!

#10550 3 years ago
Quoted from Wickerman2:

It must be fun being a manufacturer and essentially having guys peering over your shoulder pointing at things and asking questions constantly.


#10609 3 years ago

Fucking Awesome, Andrew! Thank you!!!

#10674 3 years ago
Quoted from RandomGuyOffCL:

Sorry, but after a month of not posting here, he shows up passively ranting about the state of the country, why he hasn't been posting, and getting a couple of downvotes because of "Typical pathetic Pinside attitude" when all he needed to or should have done is show up posting a few pics of the LE art package (which everyone has been asking for) and drop the mic...

The state of the country, regardless of ones personal position is of confusion to many in the world today. Many people are affected. I hear from around 35 people in 20 countries, and it
is all that is talked about. Im not picking sides, but if it isnt affecting you, congrats!
(and it wasnt a Rant...I do that! )

Pinside attitude. I am not at Liberty to say, except to share the personal level of stress was even greater than mine with hundreds of emails a day from Pinsiders.

Please just except the fact that Pinside trollers have affected a persons personal life.

Asking for the Art Pictures over and over and feeling its Aurichs responsibility to post for you or anyone that asks or "demands" in this thread, is out of place.
It is neither his position, nor his authority to do so, per licensing, and positioning by the Company itself.

Sorry, you are way out of line.

#10683 3 years ago
Quoted from RandomGuyOffCL:

I respect your opinion even if you don't mine...but let me just ask you and everyone here a real simple ?
If I, randomguyoffcl, referred to the state of this country in a negative manner and then proceeded to insult a few downvoters who didn't agree with that by basically calling them pathetic, what kind of bloodbath downvote reaction do you think I would receive?
Last I checked it was no politics & insults, but if you get enough upvotes then full steam ahead I guess...
So let me give it a spin...Not trying to be political but, this is great country! I'm proud to be here and proud of those who keep it safe so we can do things like play pinball! Nothings perfect & it never will be...our problems have been a long time coming and are of no fault of whomever may be in charge at the moment. In my opinion, the good outweighs the bad & I enjoy driving Buicks because the hood ornaments are RED, WHITE & BLUE!

No one says this isnt a Great Country! Isnt anyone allowed to feel one way or another about the last few weeks, and our polarized country?
certainly you cant be mad at someone elses feelings being different.
Im sure Aurich loves this country too! The new changes are significant, and may not be what
everyone wants, true? He shared his feelings and you disagree..fine.

Quoted from iceman44:

Then don't chime in. It's confusing. I'm an LE buyer. For the last few years at that.
I want to know wtf the LE is or is not after several years. Sorry.
Or just send me a refund too. Getting tired of this BS.
People are confused by the country? F that, I'm confused by this venture

Excuse me, my friend, are we at the point of suggesting others shouldnt post?
If you have an issue with Aurich, take it up with him.
As you were so calm about Batman, I understand the pressure of waiting for the last piece, the
artwork for the LE. Dont you agree, especially with what you know, that if he is not allowed by contract perhaps, or simply its Andrews call, that Aurich cant do this? Is this a reason to get upset at him?

Sure, if he insulted you personally, or your offended by his pinsider comment...fair game.
...and I shared briefly.

But upset because hes bummed out at the news and Cant give you the pics....

Lets go back to Alien updates.

If you have an Ax with Aurich, fine, just trying to help a friend out and possibly the artistist for your next pin.....Lynch mob time again?

#10684 3 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

So I'm Ok with just being out at this point.
All i have is a $1500 deposit for #44LE
I chose not to send in additional $$ when asked for obvious reasons.
I don't even want to be involved with a project that is politically polarizing. Nor do i want to support it. And Alien looks to be an awesome pinball machine.
It's been a long F in haul, no doubt about it and I wish the crew well but I'd like to be taken out.
And I haven't had good luck with email or pm communication so tell me what needs to be done.

Whats up Doug?

Politically Polarizing? One person bummed? 2 people bummed? No discussion has taken place.

#10688 3 years ago

Watching SNL...same thing!

1 week later
#10956 3 years ago

pasted_image (resized).png

#10986 3 years ago

One down......4999 to go!

#11006 3 years ago
Quoted from HeighwayPinball:

The jaw opens and closes. The xenomorph snarls, hisses and eats steel pinballs

But Andrew, will it cook my dinner, and fend off trolls?

1 week later
#11296 3 years ago

Its not hard, it just didnt happen yet.

1 week later
#11485 3 years ago

By request from my Son....

#11517 3 years ago

Perhaps Best a question for Andrew.

On the Standard version, are there connection "opportunities" to add our own beacons?


#11561 3 years ago

I think the Allentown show was temporarily renamed
"The Alientown Show"!

(Visual Pun)

#11568 3 years ago

Awesome, Brian! Congrats!

Its Sunday morning, and Ive spent the whole weekend with "Aliens Pinball" on my mind!

#11681 3 years ago

I dont think people want the "You failed" Message Removed, I think the suggestion was to add other ball endings, as this ending seems to appear as the Only ending in many cases.
Just mix it up with a few others.....pretty simple, and turn the failure into a positive negative in some endings to encourage another play. "Play Better" on AC/DC is an example...Im sure there are plenty more ways.

I believe its just something coming in the future updates....

2 weeks later
#12323 3 years ago
Quoted from SunKing:

Let me tell you - playing this game at TPF (or any loud, bright venue) does not do this game justice. Get it in a dark, quiet place and it really SHINES!~! The lightshow and sounds are on-par with the best machines out there (if not better IMHO).


I have chatted with Andrew about the lighting in the Past, as the game was progressing, and can share that the RGB Bulbs used for the Game were a Superior Choice!

The game is insane in that department, and at home, well, I couldnt agree with you more!

#12366 3 years ago

Mk1Mod0 took this picture in Texas and posted.

I thought it was Exceptional! I cleaned it up a little.

pasted_image (resized).png

#12388 3 years ago
Quoted from Wickerman2:

Operators could sell/install commercial content on it...remind you to buy some chicken wings in the attract mode

Alien Eggs and Hash

Xeno Wings!

Mini Mouth Poppers!

#12416 3 years ago
Quoted from ezeltmann:

Alien chest-bursting sperm.

I need a T-Shirt that says this.........

#12507 3 years ago
Quoted from HoakyPoaky:

How's this for effing awesome??? Damn, I have to have this poster framed for my office. WOW. Shame they couldn't come up with something "Geigerequise" for the LE art package, because this poster is off the charts cool.
IDK when my Alien LE will arrive, but I know Alien: Covenant is going to give me my fix until then

Without much exposure, perhaps some slide in art of ones own, that does a Geiger feel in Black and white or Green!

Better yet, if there is only solid lighting on the side, and access to feed, one could tap insert events or flashers for side panel coordinated lighting.

#12584 3 years ago
Quoted from J85M:

Even Aliens want to play Alien pinball

Too Funny!

Absolutely! Mini Mouth Cheats, though!

1 week later
#12880 3 years ago

pasted_image (resized).png

#12886 3 years ago
Quoted from Hazoff:

I think Fall/Xmas will be the earliest we see any LE's, its a dream theme and I know its happening so I can wait but I really hope Heighway starts ramping up the manufacturing, any updates Andrew? from a very loyal paid in full LE customer Jan 2015.

I think you should get the Second LE off the line.....

#13060 3 years ago

Id Kinda like that Stunning Art Backglass, on a Standard.......

#13082 3 years ago

Apologies if already posted....

#13158 3 years ago

Regardless of what businesses I have been in, Patience is the key to a better Reward.

Happy Friday! Hang in there!

(Awesome Andrew!)

#13198 3 years ago
Quoted from TimeBandit:

Just a quiet hello from the silent majority. I'm fine thanks. Plenty to do while I'm waiting. If you are reading this thread and getting upset with the intervibe, then of course grab a refund and help move me up the line. There is certainly nothing wrong with anyone jumping out, but for the sake of balance, and balance only, just remember the vast majority of preorders are not making any noise at all.

Yes, Yes, and Thank you!

#13264 3 years ago
Quoted from Kneissl:

Star wars was a legit killer theme in the 90s, the theme is burned out from the crummy movies imo. The latest movies help a little, but I still value the theme less than I did before episode one.

I find that true for me, and maybe many past 45. But my Son in law, and his friends...ages 25-32, treat Star Wars like a Religion.

#13477 3 years ago

Theres a few unnamed Devils stirring the Pot too....

#13487 3 years ago

We have all seen the joy of releasing a game with issues in GB.

Andrew has acknowledged a board issue being remanufactured.

No one wants a game with flaws, customers or manufacturers.

Why not be patient just a little further?

(I do agree that if you ask for a refund, even if you were informed 30 days, etc, its communication and needed)

#13511 3 years ago

pasted_image (resized).png

#13534 3 years ago

My hair is turning brown again from grey.

Must be the stress from all the grief from some people.

#13592 3 years ago
Quoted from frolic:

For anyone wanting to add spotlights, I powered my lights from the coindoor light.

They way I light a lot of new games.....slap a strip above the drain, and done....inexpensive, fast, doesnt block view.........

#13594 3 years ago

I dont believe what was shown, is what the final result is to be in the GI.

#13616 3 years ago
Quoted from ultimategameroom:

How old is the sample game Cointaker had at Allentown this weekend? I loved playing the game but the flippers seemed very weak and choppy in a Data East kinda way. Have any updates been made that will effect the strength and overall feel ?

Might we assume this is an earlier Prototype thats been traveling around to shows and not a NIB production?

#13657 3 years ago

Almost every game I own, and as a "keeper", I did not like the first few different times I played it.

If I was vocal, Id say I hate them, after a few months of playing at a show.

Lets check out a few:

TWD: Hated it playing it for 8 months at different shows.
Now: Keeper with code update
Shadow Hated it for many years, couldnt get past the crappy movie, bricks
Now: Keeper
AC/DC Hated
WOZ Hated
TSPP didnt like..................

I could go on, but many games I didnt like theme, play, soundtrack, toys, shots, etc.
But, I gave it time, I let the game develop, and 6 months, a year or more after release, it develops!

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but on a brand new game, I simply wait and see.

OK, to say you dont like something, but fighting for the negative, does nothing to help a company try to succeed.

I want that, because the next game might be it!

#13675 3 years ago
Quoted from CubeSnake:

OK, if one were to place an order for an Alien TODAY (5/8) WHEN could one expect delivery?

Not sure anyone can answer that, only an Estimate from the man, himself.

1 week later
#13785 3 years ago

note the lady in the background...

#13846 3 years ago
Quoted from Wickerman2:

I stuck a piece of mylar overlapping the window/screen...window doesn't get worn and edges less likely to get worn if it goes out of align.

+10, yes, please others do consider doing this.

If concerned about the visual of the display, then cut the mylar to a picture frame.
Even a hair of raised or lower on the window can cause edge wear fast.

(If you run your hand over and its perfectly smooth, you could be OK)

1 week later
#14218 3 years ago

......if you are right, congrats on being a knight in shining armor.....

......If you are wrong, I look forward to the most sincere apology........

#14246 3 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

You mean you wouldn't want to put up with all the whiners?

A huge problem in all businesses today......Glad I dont have it anymore....sucks the life out of you!

#14321 3 years ago

Whats in your cup tonight, Ice?

#14324 3 years ago


Quoted from DerGoetz:

1 cube of truth and 2 shots of suspicion

#14325 3 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

Alcohol! Lots of it!
It is a holiday weekend and that is how it should be!

Im with ya!

#14333 3 years ago

Just chatting.....I dont know anything.....It just seems somethings missing, in the sense that everything will be fine.....or it wont.

The dichotomy is in conflict with my buzz!

#14342 3 years ago

Lucky guys.....wish I could drink...my meds would be too happy!

#14496 3 years ago
Quoted from HeighwayPinball:

You should know that there are some Pinsiders here with ulterior motives - with an interest in bringing our company down.

Worth repeating.

#14540 3 years ago
Quoted from HeighwayPinball:

2. We will not be announcing any new games for the foreseeable future. Alien gets made now, and in the foreseeable future

#14592 3 years ago
Quoted from Manimal:

Sorry for using this quote as an example....I am NOT singling you out here, just trying to make a point.
As hard a pill as it might be to swallow, we the buyers really have no say in Andrew's company, and we have no right to demand or dictate anything. Yes, we all sent in money that he is either holding or has spent, but that still does not give us any rights other than the rights of any consumer with any other company, and that is to either keep our money into the game or to file for a refund. Even if you do not get your refund and you have to fight for it, you still have NO rights to information or to how the company is run unless dictated by a court of law. We don't do it in any other industry, and I can't for the life of me figure out why folks think pinball is different. For some reason, we all automatically think we are all major stockholders because we put in a deposit. Andrew has a company, and he advertised a product. We all sent money for that product (knowing the risk), and we should be receiving a product for that money. If you are mad at the lack of communication, lack of production, or all of the "lies", then file for a refund and go through the proper channels. If you are staying in the game, then you have no choice but to go along for the ride. All of the second-guessing and demands do nothing but stir up a bunch of crap. It changes nothing, and Andrew still does what he thinks is correct. I am as frustrated as everyone here, but we do not run this company, and we are all jumping to stupid conclusions. The Porsche story is a prime example.....I am glad Andrew put it to rest, but because someone mentioned something, it became a fact and sent folks into orbit. Again, I am not suggesting we should not protect ourselves and our investment......but that DOES NOT mean we get to tell Andrew or anyone else what to do. Put yourself in his shoes....with the shitshow this has become, would any of you respond if you were him? Really?

Well said......

#14596 3 years ago

Please take care of your health, Andrew.

#14603 3 years ago

I have nothing vested, and no knowledge, but am grateful for this post.

This part hits home:

Quoted from Chambahz:

Not sure how many of you out there have owned your own business, but I found my whole mental state fluctuated with its success and failures. It's gotta be tough for him right now.

Other Posts are painful.

#14888 3 years ago
Quoted from ledge:

why cant Andrew come in here, (this thread) and bring the updates ? where is he ?

Hopefully resting, and getting some health back.

#14946 3 years ago

I started the poll to see what numbers might come in regard to this analysis.

So far, there are 15 people who voted awaiting refund.....

Not perfect numbers, but also interesting how many might buy...

#14971 3 years ago

Why do I feel like I am on an AOL Political thread?

#15091 3 years ago

If the RGB lighting is working correctly, the EL Wire fights with it, IMO, and has a limited "show" affect relative to the theme.

The streamlining ideas work for the model they have and every financial reason.

I guess, we/I all are guessing, and will simply have to wait and see.

#15165 3 years ago

Jordache Jeans, Ted?

pasted_image (resized).png

3 weeks later
1 week later
#15663 3 years ago
Quoted from jonesjb:

Just curious, how many of you with pins on order have had an opportunity to play the pin? I have a LE on order and unfortunately I'm buying withou trialinf...Everything I see about gameplay looks great. Am I missing anything in my optimism?

I found the only thing "different" was that Stern games have an overall "hook" to their games, that grabs new players faster...the commercial aspect....and Aliens reminded me more of a Williams game.....in a way more of a thinking game, task game.
Sometimes, on a Stern, a 7 year old, with no playtime, can get Multiball and rewards, and that isnt as likely to happen on Aliens...

Just my Gut feeling....

1 week later
#15711 3 years ago

I was going to say, bourbon for breakfast at 6 AM?!?

What a champ!

Melbourne.....gotta visit one day....

#15797 3 years ago
Quoted from brian-allen:

OH MAN! Thanks so much everyone for the positive feedback about the backglass art!
We've only got about 20 prints left after just a day (limited to 100)- I'm just blown away by how fast they went!
If you still want one, you can grab them from my website http://www.flylanddesigns.com/shop/ for $38 plus shipping.
28" on high-quality matter paper shipped in a tube. International shipping.
THANKS FOR THE KIND WORDS!! ryanstl joncrox valgalder ezeltmann joelreeves !
To address your questions/comments dennisdodel jonesjb dano jeffspinballpalace :
Yes, the finished design was drawn digitally on a tablet display monitor called a Wacom Cintiq with a pen. Something like this would either have to be done digitally or airbrushed on paper. Since we only had a few days to complete this, airbrushing wouldn't have made sense. The drawback of painting digitally, of course, is not having an original on paper. But I did start this as a concept on paper with pen and marker - I'll have to dig that up sometime and share it with you all if there's interest.
Again - HUMBLED everyone, thank you!

Checked out all your work, Brian, and your humbleness, is appreciated, but perhaps a bit misplaced.

You have a rare talent, with attention to detail, and its a Joy to see such quality art come forth in the Pinball Hobby.

I/We, Appreciate what your skills have brought to all of Us!

#15813 3 years ago

Xeno Grab, at 1:00 hour mark,

Sweet Video! Thanks!

2 weeks later
#16239 2 years ago

My apologies for going a bit backward....I caught up to a week of posts here.

I am curious as to the end result, What Bulbs Andrew used....
Can a new game owner that has recently received share?

Is it still the 5 SMD RGB Towers, that I saw in Chicago?

I ask now, as Andrew is gone, and we spent some time where I made a few Protos, (Op-Max in RGB) to improve the
lighting, as well as bid on the bulbs he was using.

My work never went anywhere, but beyond the first Batch, i never knew what he ended up using.

#16247 2 years ago
Quoted from Ferret:

Machines shipping now have single-element GI lamps. Still full RGB, of course.

Thank you, so a 1 SMD 5050 programmable RGB instead of the 5...cost savings, and failure rate.
Reduced brightness from prototypes more than 4x.

Do most feel it needs spots?

#16249 2 years ago

Not in earlier WOZ, and and the last I saw in the Hobbit, they were brighter Light Tubes then WOZ.
The add on RGB strands from others, are pre-wired, I believe a 1 SMD 5050.

It works fine, and is more reliable, its more that the brightness would change on the playfield significantly when it goes from white to darker colors, becoming darker, which is a quick eye adjustment, and everyones eyes are different.

Best help if needed is adding spots, or wrap around strip.

1 week later
#16433 2 years ago
Quoted from ezeltmann:

Mod idea. This is slow , but think of it faster . The idea is to simulate an alien running through the duct when you shoot the ramp.
GIF only works when u click the pic, for me anyways.

A very cool way to make a spinner target, as you could actually battle it, and have to make success shots as it attacks you!

I designed one back in early 70's that might work for this.
Its based on the pic below, where the Alien would actually appear a bit anImated in a strIp print,
with a magnetic connection, and a roll back to a electro magnet lock, to start agaIn,
and/or with a slight tilt mechanism to each position.

It can be done!

pasted_image (resized).png

#16436 2 years ago
Quoted from delt31:

would like to add a LED green strip behind the flippers. For those with the game - what should I buy from comet/LED place? Wasn't sure of the necessary connections.

Not sure of the voltage, but 5v, 6.3v or 12v can be grabbed with Alligator clips to test, before solder
Or maybe a split bulb from a coin door or white bulb light in the game.

Takes about 3 minutes...from $3-$8...easy.

#16438 2 years ago

Best to take a peak under the hood, and see where you can draw power.

Strips come packaged with clips....

1 week later
2 weeks later
#16870 2 years ago

Im actually getting excited to read this thread with some positive pics!

Cant wait to hear from the owners, and see this repeated!!

3 weeks later
#17360 2 years ago
Quoted from greenhornet:

as the development team realized the CB and LC completion were coming in less than expected, compensatory software adjustments were necessary to help alleviate this issue. the consequences of too few ops to shoot at the CB [due to lack of feeds] and the fact that the CB target was getting missed too often [due to the geometry of the CB lane], were becoming evident. this should have been apparent in the audits [LC completed, SNMB started], and by observing streams.
nice adjustment, and in the right direction, but compensatory nevertheless.

Please let me ask. Let's say all you have said is
true, the flow isn't perfect, and neither are some shots.
What's your goal?
To justify why you won't purchase?
Too share so others might not purchase?
At what point do you feel you've accomplished sharing your wisdom?
They are not going to change it, and maybe other than Hilton, I'm not sure there's a debate.
Perhaps a summary short and sweet to share
would allow more understanding.

#17377 2 years ago

A Kaneda Dish!

Wateishoku Kaneda

pasted_image (resized).png

#17482 2 years ago

It would be nice to see those that called Melissa and CT falsehoods, come back and apologize.

They always have their customer interests first!

#17516 2 years ago
Quoted from Nethawk86:

why retract anything? why apologize? They still lied their asses off!!!! And have been caught so many times. They responded to people saying they have them and they arrived...when others were posting saying the ship hasnt even docked yet! Then they countered what they said again by saying they will have them in the next couple days (that just went against what they just said?!?!)....and then when that didnt happen they then said friday. HAHAHHA, it was only this last statement that managed to be truthful lol. This still does not detract from their numerous lies before hand on "arrive at my door within 30 days if I do not refund", or "shipping your LE now in with others SE's (just dont tell anyone that is happening so we dont get bombarded with calls asking about their LEs)", when Heighway said they never ever made such a claim or promis to cointaker. Then the countless lies that followed about them actually receiving a huge shipment last month..which never happened lol. Keep drinking that cointaker koolaid. I bowed out of their lies and false promises and am still holding out until January/February next year for LEs to arrive at doors here in the states. Been waiting for 2 years with the initial payment and fully paid for 7 months now, and I will be getting the same game people are getting now that just jumped on board, but I will have to wait longer and with each passing day...more and more chance of additional changes and feature removals (yes the opposite could occur and we could get better stuff.....but I am cynical from all thats happened). So no, no redaction and no apologies as that crap still happened and will most certainly happen again.

With all that deceit, I would hope you ask for a refund and stay as far away from Cointaker as Possible!

#17931 2 years ago

Second that....good game and good news is what we all want to hear, to join in as owners!

Id love to get my hands on one, or even Zitt, to get a small affects board doing tricks in lighting around the
xeno head, during other modes leading up to and including multiball.

Congrats to all who are playing their new games!

#18077 2 years ago

"Its a cat" is the late great Harry Dean Stanton.

From alien movie?

pasted_image (resized).png

#18325 2 years ago

While its not my position to say, I only wish to add, that what I am aware of, and it supports Andrew.
People in consuming gossip, create their own conclusions, broadcast, others repeat as fact.
Like it or not, our unnamed agitator, has done more damage to this hobby than people might believe.
Aliens Rocks, plain and simple, and is an example of insane hard work, dedication, and funds.
Seeing Andrew here warms my heart, my friend... So sorry about the circumstances.
I hope your health is much improved.

1 week later
#18487 2 years ago
Quoted from delt31:

Thanks and yes 100%! No new or open issues. Works perfectly. The only other thing I did was put mylar on the gap between the pf and the right ramp as it occasionally get stuck there. No longer happening with the mylar. Suggest doing the same when new owners get the machine - in fact mylar a lot of places!

I admire and respect your positive disposition through your bumps with the game!

Certainly a lesson to be learned for others.

4 months later
#20467 2 years ago

I hope it brings you great Joy!, Aurich.

4 weeks later
#21280 2 years ago

Aurich, Rarehero, and O-din posting in a row! Im speechless!

Hi guys!

#21405 2 years ago

I think you need a little music with your pic!

Is this the Team at Heighway?

#21465 2 years ago

Since youve quoted me in a specific period of relationships, my relationship with Andrew was always 100% clean.

We talked business owner to business owner in this industry, and I respected his passion and endless hours.

However, I was never approached with a hard sell, or any of the other experiences others have shared that I can empathize with.

My reply to him, was the same as it was to my business with Kevin. and Predator:

"When your game is out for a year, and the bugs are out, and a box is sitting with Chris and Melissa to load up, I will buy one."

#21567 2 years ago

Many of the business failures Ive been on the consulting side of have failed because of uncontrolled/managed spending.
Simply running out of money to do the job, often misappropriated.

I learned early on, for me personally, that supporting others financially, that have a history of failures, went against my
frugal business mind.

Hindsight and History does however, make us all smarter people, I hope.

1 month later
#22305 2 years ago

I know.. I didnt want to bump the predator thread.....

#22326 2 years ago

20K by Christmas in Box, Aurich!
Your Signature on Playfield says so!
( Maybe add a little art to sweeten for sure)

You deserve every penny and more.

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