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ALIEN PINBALL - Game Over, Man, Game Over

By HeighwayPinball

4 years ago

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#15524 1 year ago
Quoted from MattS:

I finalized my LE with Melissa last night, she said the choices are black, green, and chrome.
She expects my game to be at Cointaker in the next 2-3 weeks.
She also said she has had more communication with the new owners in the past few weeks than she did with Andrew in the past 2 years for whatever that's worth.

That´s the latest "trim-info" and it has been gloss black so far. Seems much more like they cancelled the blue option to offer a chrome version, if Melissa can be rated as a reliable informant . The chrome-trim has already been Andrew´s idea about a year ago, but the production seemed to be too expensive at this time

1 week later
#15609 1 year ago

Sorry Astropin, but there has already been one LE shipped:



Of course some features were still missing, but the packaging definetely says "LE #94"

To be honest I am really thankful, that there´s already the first of its kind delivered, so we can have a detailed look at it. Unfortunetly I don´t like the glossy black cabinet, as imo it doesn´t fit the theme like it should. A matt black cabinet and silver legs are much more authentic. So I really think about downgrading to an SE with some beacons, Invisiglass, a backbox screen and a shaker. Maybe powdercoating the siderails and the legs would be a nice option to give it a unique look

2 weeks later
#15777 1 year ago

I was wondering, if the featuresheet from early 2017 is still up to date. So I sent some questions to Heighway, because I wasn´t sure to keep my LE-order or better to go for a SE. I got a response from Morgan within 48 hours with all information I asked for. I´m really surprised in a positive way, that they listened to their customers carefully and changed some features to optimize the theme-fitting. Looking at it the other way round the only difference left between a LE and a fully equiped SE seems to be the trim colour and the additional art-package. Here are the answers:

Q: Will the LE really get a glossy cabinet (like mentioned in the featuresheet)? If yes, is it possible to change the order to get a matt cabinet aswell?
A: The cabinets for all versions of Alien Pinball are with a matt finish and not a glossy one. We did in the past have a glossy finish to the cabinet but we came to the same conclusion that you have and thought that the matt finish was a better fit for the theme.

Q: Will there still be three trim-options: green, blue or black? Is the black LE-trim glossy aswell?
A: We are still offering the three trim options and these will also have a matt finish.

Q: How about the fibre-optic ramp lightning? Will they come with the LE? If yes, will the colour fit the theme like blue or green (in Andrew´s video it was pink)?
A: The fibre optic ramp kit maybe removed from the machine because we have had many customers who say that it not a good fit for the machine and the theme. When this decision is final we will inform all customers of the outcome.

A: Will the standard-artwork be included (SE sides and backbox)?
Q: As an LE customer you will receive both art packages from the SE and the LE.

Q: Is there anything else new or different to the already announced LE-features?
A: In regards to your question if there have been any new features added to the machine there have been some improvements. As I have stated we may be removing the fibre optic kit from the machine and we would replace this for customers if we do indeed decide that this is the case. In terms of improvements we have made a lot of improvements to the functionality and the build of the Xenomorph head mechanism.We have also made many improvements in the software of the machine.

Q: Will you offer a factory-installed playfield-protector as an option?
A: In answer to your question about the installed playfield protector I am unsure about this option but I can find out for you.

Maybe these answers help you aswell to make a final decision. I will keep my #055 of 500 in totally matt black and I´m fine with it, as I planed to put on a shaker, the beacons and the illuminated sides anyway. The LE-production should start in September, so the Alien is coming before x-mas. That´s most important...

Happy waiting to all of you and have a great weekend!

Greets from Dortmund

btw: Big "thanks" to Morgan for this great customer support!

#15803 1 year ago

Two more answers from Morgan...

Q: Is the matt black LE-trim coming with black or silver legs (as the green trims are coming with green legs)?
A: I think that the legs would be silver but I will have to confirm this for you.

Q: I guess, you are going to make some new pics, before the final trim-colour-decision has to be made, right?
A: We will indeed be publishing more images and videos on the machine so that customers can see exactly what they will get. These should be added to our facebook page and our YouTube channel in the coming weeks so you will be able to see them there.

Have a great day!

4 months later
#19011 1 year ago

green (resized).JPG
blue (resized).JPG
black (resized).JPG

#19064 1 year ago
Quoted from RTS:

I think they should've made the LE black. Or a much darker black/green.
Had the standards been stainless, then there might've been legitimate LE envy. Black looks the best. They just need to have black legs.
How easy is it to remove the playfield glass if someone wanted to powdercoat the framing around the pf glass?

There will also be a LE with black legs shown pretty soon. Unfortunetly they didn´t choose a darker green or darker blue as an option to match the theme. The green edition will come along with almost "grass green" trims, legs and backbox-frame, so black is best choice to order.

#19206 1 year ago

Is anybody else out there who will go for the blue edition?!? Just one commited til now? I really hope for HW that their third machine is connected to a bright blue theme Sorry for my

#19230 1 year ago

Good news for all LE-Preorders: They started shipping yesterday!!! Black beauty #055 is on the way from Wales to Germany and will probably arrive on Wednesday or Thursday. What a wonderful X-Mas!!!

#19302 1 year ago

@ Makakka:
Just to get this fact right: I haven‘t talked to Morgan for several weeks. As I ordered via RS-Pinball, Stefan managed all the appointment, colour and feature stuff. On Thursday Stefan told me, that the box has left HW and is now on the way to Dortmund. RS is a great distributor with a perfect communication.

#19315 1 year ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

Is RS-Pinball an early adopter, as you referred earlier?

The only thing I know is that Stefan´s order has been one of the very early ones way back in time. So everything should be fine with that.

I just wanted to give you a good feeling, that our hope has become reality because they finally build and deliver LEs now. Meanwhile I´m quite sure, that all open (LE-)preorders will be delivered until late January. Maybe it´s even better to get the machine a little later, when HW got the chance to fix some of the posted issues. To be honest I am a little frightened if my machine will be working fine or not. It´s pretty obvious, that the pressure from our community to bring the preordered machines on the way, which is absolutely understandable, bottomline costs time they usually need for a better QM. Merry X-mas to everyone!!

1 week later
#19379 1 year ago

Black Alien LE #55 has landed today...

file1 (resized).png

file2 (resized).jpeg

#19381 1 year ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

Congrats and thanks for the good pic of the plaque and translite.....sure hope these start making it stateside soon....
Can I inquire if you received yours from the same distributor that FRli002 got his from? Curious if they are filling distro orders in from of individuals. If that's the case, I'll be in for a further wait......
(btw, greenhornet, I switched to black w PDI...may want to capture that).....

Sorry, I have no idea where FRli got his Alien from! I will post some more impressions soon...

#19401 1 year ago

Good news for all open Alien-preorders: they put a cliffy around the scoop-hole in the production games!!!

Nevertheless I just ordered a pf-protector to be save around the pf-lcd. IMO this area could also cause trouble, when the lcd isn´t adjusted perfectly plain with the playfield. With four screws you can easily bring the lcd in a perfect position but I don´t know how long this adjustment lasts and don´t want to worry after a few matches, if everything is still ok. It can´t be wrong for other vulnerable ares, so I think it could be a value-saving decision.

file (resized).jpeg

#19460 1 year ago
Quoted from wizzard:

No. Still shows 1.02 after update.

Same problem here... I tried 2 different sticks and it says update successful, but reboots with 1.02

#19462 1 year ago
Quoted from Potus:

If you have a mac. I had to put the mac download on my desktop then open that and only put the hap11.upd on a formatted usb fat 32 GUID partition. Good luck

Unfortunetly I´ve got no Mac, but formated FAT32 on 1GB USB first, then formated a 2GB stick and took the native windows download. Both didn´t work.

#19467 1 year ago
Quoted from Kneissl:

How big are your .upd files that aren't updating?

16.250 kb on USB

#19470 1 year ago
Quoted from Kneissl:

should be something around 10.5 MB .. 16 seems way off

The Mac-file is 10.7 MB, we used the Windows-file

#19486 1 year ago

Yeah, just updated to 1.1! Thanks to Kneissl for the great support!!!

#19487 1 year ago
Quoted from Astropin:

Didn't work.
I downloaded after you posted this. The file is 10,642KB in size. Tried to boot from turn on...didn't work. Tried from the (update system) menu after booting...didn't work.

Maybe try another stick, my first wasn´t working, even with the 10.6 file. So I tried a second one and it finally worked after going through the menu.

#19599 1 year ago

After owning my Alien "Limited Black Edition" for a week, fixing some smaller issues (they definetly have to improve their QM in Wales) and still playing without a shaker, it´s now working 99%.

I just love this great machine and the "eternal waiting pain" is getting cured with every single match.

Hopefully the last problem to fix in the near future:

After starting the game there are allready some points given before a ball is getting launched (varies from 5 to 11k). Did anybody have the same issue and could fix it already?

#19659 1 year ago
Quoted from MightyGrave:

In some situations when the ball is served in the shooterlane. The game counts 6.000 points.
We don't know which switch is responsible for this. Hope we can get a hint.
Big thanks for the awesome and fast support!

Same problem here as mentioned some threads before. Sometimes it counts 6k or 11k before the ball has launched from the shooter lane. Unfortunetly I´ve got no solution for this issue yet.

#19665 1 year ago
Quoted from MightyGrave:

Hi Olli,
thank you for your answer - thirst I'm glad that Peters "Alien Le" works now....
Did you also have the problem (1) or did your center ramp lock work flawlessly?
IMO that's a bigger "problem", cause it influences the Gameplay much more then the 6K points from shooterlane.

I haven´t noticed anything suspicious with the center lock yet. It works fine so far. But I´ve got another myterious behavior: sometimes I can increase the score and destroy alien eggs just pushing the right flipperbutton, even when the ball isn´t on the playfield.

2 weeks later
#19880 1 year ago

I got an excellent support from Helmut (the friendly German support guy @ heighway) aswell. He promised to send some parts last Monday and they arrived last Friday. We planed a support-call for Friday and he was calling just in time. He helped me with some issues and promised to send the missing shaker next week. So there´s no reason why I shouldn´t trust him in this situation. He didn´t break a promise and really took care in my case.

By the way my LE is working 98% now. There are no real issues left in the gameplay. The eggs still need a little more adjustment. But I am really confident to get these last 2% fixed pretty soon.

My protector has arrived last week. So putting it on the pf will be the next thing to do...

2 months later
#20601 1 year ago
Quoted from cosmokramer:

The all black looks great...

All black? As LEs they should have powdercoated black legs, like the green LEs should have green legs, but the shown pins all have just silver legs. Seems like one more feature has droped out of the list.

Unbenannt (resized).JPG

Alien LE Seite (resized).jpg

#20602 1 year ago

Btw... After 6 challenging hours we finally celebrated putting a protector on my Alien LE without greater collateral damages. Just one screw left is hopefully nothing to worry about...

1 (resized).jpg
3 (resized).jpg
2 (resized).jpg

#20604 1 year ago
Quoted from royneblom:

All the LE we got to Sweden have come with green trim and all the leggs is in green .
No silver leggs as showed in this picture.
Maybe they just use this leggs when they are in production and donl like to scratch the "new leggs" .
So i hope you all got the games with right conitions.

OK, this might be a reason. Wish all the best for the waiting owners too!!!

5 months later
#23291 7 months ago

Also "in" for a full set

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