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ALIEN PINBALL - Game Over, Man, Game Over

By HeighwayPinball

4 years ago

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#24035 75 days ago

Hello all. I m part of the club too now. What a pin...

2CA735E6-90A4-489C-A6D5-F279B1689A34 (resized).jpeg7401EC36-EBAD-4AA6-9703-A3F34B4366C1 (resized).jpegAF5E8DAA-709F-4D9E-945E-27C3BEAFBC75 (resized).jpeg
#24037 75 days ago

everything seems to work except the Alien mouth which stay opened and not moving.
Is there something to look at for this?

actually I checked the jaw motor, the plug if it was stuck... nothing's wrong. Is anyone has any idea what could go wrong?

Is there any replacement part for this motor somewhere?


#24038 75 days ago

I don’t know if this is the issue yet but does this board available somewhere? (On the right)

84FC32F9-7B11-44EA-A599-5053E9C70910 (resized).jpeg
#24040 75 days ago
Quoted from mavantix:

Looks like they're available on eBay:
ebay.com link » Alien Heighway Pinball Original Genuine Xeno Jaw Servo Drive Board Nos
...but they are probably not programmed. I have posted programming instructions and link to the Jaw board code here before.
However, it's rather unlikely the jaw board is the failure. It's much more likely the servo that moves the jaw in the bottom of the Xeno mech needs to be upgraded to the new one with metal gears. The factory ones with plastic gears are rather notorious for failing. This thread is a wealth of repair info:
That post specifically shows the upgraded "MG90S metal gear servo". You will need to swap the pinout in the server connector to match what you have, as it's not the same. You can purchase the servo and test plugged into the jaw board, if the new servo moves, then you can take the Xeno head out of the game and swap the servo, which is a bit of work but doable. Hope that helps!

thanks a lot!

#24042 75 days ago
Quoted from Per_:

Did you try to perfom the alien test routines in the settings? The responsible I/O board seems to loose control in special situations (mostly when leaving the system settings) but after performing the "Calibration" function the Xeno works well again.

Hi. Yes i did several times. The jaw motor is never moving.

#24044 75 days ago
Quoted from delt31:

I understand the newer versions of the game had updated parts for this. Do you still recommend buying this board and metal gear? I think I bought the metal great already but not this board you ref from eBay which appears to be Mr Pinball out of aus

Oh ok this one is an older version of the board then. What’s the difference? Is the new one available somewhere?

#24048 75 days ago
Quoted from knockerlover:

Before I replaced the jaw board, I would check and see if you have 15vdc coming from the top pcb it’s a two wire black/yellow wire near the bottom left next to the other 7 wire harness.
Then I would make sure you have continuity on all the wires in the wiring harness from the jaw board to the top pcb..
Then I would buy a 4-pack of the metal servos on amazon, and change the wiring to match the original. (Swap orange and brown I think) and see if they work.. you should put one of these in anyway.
OctagonStar 4 Pieces MG90S Metal Geared Micro Servo For Plane Helicopter Boat Car amazon.com link »
Unless of course you have an oscilloscope and can monitor the servo outputs from the jaw board for signal.

Quoted from delt31:

I bought this one - still good right
amazon.com link »

Thanks for the links. Is the servo plug directlly same as before or do we need to do something with the wires? I m not sure for the wire color code, is everything the same?

#24065 74 days ago
Quoted from delt31:

On the pic below, the board on the left, I bought an extra on of these but there is no chip attached in the black pins. Is that chip imperative to have?
The second pic shows the one I bought - no chip thought from pinball life:[quoted image][quoted image]

Quoted from MK6PIN:

Ahh...I posted model # awhile back...Will pull it back up. Not many paid attention, but in truth, many simply don't have the game...It is work to get the game solid ( PETG was worst time suck for me)...but final run of this game is really awesome...

Are you guys cousins or something? Just looking at your avatar

Thanks for all those infos. I need to catch up

#24068 74 days ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

Nah...Delt used to kind of a newbie w a GB avatar, but was one of the first to get a "cobbled" Alien ( I was still in the preorder line for years at that point).
He eventually sold it, as those were nearly impossible to make playable, but posted often back then about the game. I had said " it's cool you got one, but your avatars got to go if you want us to take you seriously" lots of guys had Alien avatars back then. All in fun.
I sent him some JPEG examples, and one of them stuck. He's since moved on to buying/selling many games and a mainstay on the threads, but always wanted an Alien back...Glad he got the chance.
Me? I'm extremely stubborn ( or stupid) and have had an Alien avatar for years ( week one adopter)..Changed briefly when company tanked, figuring I'd lost my $$$ and would never be in the club, but fate connected me w one several months later.
A special game for me, so doubt I all change..

Thanks for the story. It appears to me the Alien community the most motivated and fan of its pin by far! I m really impressed and want to be part of it now. This is really odd knowing this pin history. For the info I always wanted this pin but wanted to wait and see.. and I think I wasn’t t wrong. (Sold my CCC for this with no regret!) I cross my finger but for now the game seems pretty solid and ... what a game.

I’ m also a CV fan and I m currently recoding the TOTAN so I might split my avatar for those 3

#24069 74 days ago

here we go...

#24073 74 days ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

You can also go for the MG90D...Metal gears and main housing...Kind of overkill, but definitely no worries after install. Worth noting that the supplied arms on either model aren't spaced exactly as original...No biggie, as you just have to position it correctly.
Took my xeno completely out to adjust " in action" to get the jaw right. Pita at first...Could do it in my sleep now ( sadly, as I'll probably never need to touch it again).

I checked my board voltage and it seems to work.
For infos the red wire voltage is around 4.8V and the yellow is for the signal.
I’m waiting for my servo now to check and calibrate and hopefully it would make it.

#24077 73 days ago

Is there a manual somewhere for the 1.2? To explain how to launch « all out war » for instance

#24080 73 days ago
Quoted from webdiddy:

Sadly no, no manual for this pin at all.

I’ve found this manual:


It doesn’t explain how to launch «  all out war ». Is anyone know?
I wonder if there are differences with 1.2 but seems mostly the same.

#24083 73 days ago
Quoted from Ferret:All Out War is qualified by playing all the movie scenes from both Alien and Aliens, and also playing all 4 multiballs.

Quoted from bcd:

The rules for All Out War have been the same since 1.0. You must play all modes (ALIEN and ALIENS), a total of 10 modes, AND you must play all 4 other multiballs. You can do this in any order. Once you've played everything else, All Out War will light at the center shot. It is an exclusive mode, so you can't start it until the last of the other modes or multiballs is done.
Note that the multiball inserts will clear once all of them have been played, but the game knows that you played them all. Likewise, once you play all of the modes, those inserts also reset.
It is also possible to start it more than once per game, although this would be pretty hard to do.

Thanks, so it’s the final mode then.

#24085 72 days ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

Think either is an improvement over the plastic...Only moves the jaw w a guide wire so no big force, but provides consistent operation.
Someone had posted this version back in the thread, citing the enhanced strength, but again, probably overkill

bought this SERVO, swaped the brown and red wire, plugged it: worked in test mode and then unplugged and plugged it back: ,never worked again.
The motor seems locked. I checked the board tension which seems OK...

amazon.com link »

edit: actually I understand what's wrong. The Servo has to be plugged before the pin! otherwise it doesn't work. I ll make some new test and hopefully it would last. It seems the connector like it CANNOT be unplugged once the game is on.

#24087 72 days ago
Quoted from knockerlover:

I've put the MG90S without issue in several games, could be a bad servo.. that does happen from time to time. Likely though there is some other issue. The xeno wiring harnesses use very small connectors and are very fragile. This is why I suggest checking the harness for continuity to make sure you dont have a break somewhere. Intermittent or poor connection can cause the issues you describe.

thanks. it seems to be a software issue: the board needs everything plugged when turning on the pin to work.

I might be wrong be seems to be my problem. Thanks for the advice and I continue my tests. The thing is I don't want to install this to realize it will not last...

#24088 72 days ago
Quoted from noitbe1:

thanks. it seems to be a software issue: the board needs everything plugged when turning on the pin to work.
I might be wrong be seems to be my problem. Thanks for the advice and I continue my tests. The thing is I don't want to install this to realize it will not last...

I checked the wire, everything seems OK. The servo no longer work so I'm out of idea.
I need to test with another one and hopefully it was a bad servo.

#24089 72 days ago

For the servo board for the Jaw:
Does anyone knows the tension from red wire pin and yellow on the board? I have 4,5v
And brown with yellow -0,28

When I run the breath jaw test I have tension brown/yellow pin : -0.35 V

I don’t know if those are correct. I wonder if the servo doesn’t get enough power...

#24094 72 days ago
Quoted from knockerlover:

Just to be clear there are two wiring harnesses, they run from the “Top PCB” to the jaw controller board and to the tongue motor controller board.
The jaw controller board is connected via a 4 wire connector w/ 3 wires (usually blue) connected to a port on the middle right hand side labeled “modes” if you have a letter rev top PCB. Also a 15v 2 pin power connector (yellow and black) on the bottom left. I suspect this could be the source of your issue.
There is also a 6wire (rainbow) connector that goes to the tongue board, and do the tongue switch on top of the Xeno head. But it sounds like your tongue works fine.
Mk6 brings up a good point about the hot glue. The board manufacturer actually installs a smaller connector where the servo motor connects. This wasn’t pryed off at Heighway, the servo wires reversed, then hot glued onto the jaw board. (High quality)

Quoted from MK6PIN:

My guess, as well. Also put a dab of hot melt once everything was seated, as it managed to wiggle off the board once.....connectivity issues= biggest challenge in consistent performance on this game. Once you go through it thoroughly, thing plays pretty solid...

Thanks. Yes the tongue works fine and the whole game play pretty solid since i have it.
I ve checked and I have those 2 wires to control the jaw on the side (yellow and black) my board has the last rev. I tried to test it and maintening it by hand with the plyfield on top on test and it was still not working.
My board used to have glue on the jaw connector which I removed (no choice) to test new servo. Anyway that s a good idea to secure those connections with that.

#24096 72 days ago
Quoted from knockerlover:

Those two wires are just the power, the signal comes from the three blue wires labeled “modes” on the right side. You should check continuity through that harness to the jaw board.

Oh ok got it tks. I ve noticed those are really tigh.

#24102 71 days ago

I replaced the servo by a new one (bought from another seller) and the Jaw is working!

seems like the issue came from the servo. Replacing it is a bit of a pain and took some time... same as recalibrating but now it's good. Cross fingers it will last.

The game is now fully working and the Alien looks less stupid (open mouth is not great...)

Regarding the USB cable, is anyone has a link to good one to replace the existing one? thanks

#24105 71 days ago
Quoted from delt31:

great news! So was it the servo board itself or this thing that needed to be replaced?
amazon.com link »

No I used the exact same one but bought from another seller and this one worked perfectly. Really strange.

Here is the link:

amazon.com link »

#24106 71 days ago

Can’t say for others but i used to own a AC DC luci which I sold and I had more issues with it and much more painfull. The pin was turning off during gameplay for instance... so this pin for now is great for the game i played. This one is a late production though.

#24130 69 days ago
Quoted from BMore-Pinball:

Understandable, I started a game of Full Throttle at a show and bailed mid-way - thought it was awful

To be honest, I never gave any interest on FT till I was on Alien. I thing the theme was a too special to succeed and not a fan also on the rotating guy on the back. At the same time, the playfiled seems well though, the gameplay not bad at all afterwards and really fast for a large so this game is quiet unique on its kind. The pin also brought interesting innovations and took some risks.
I think, aside from their mistakes, HP had great talents. This game might be looked for in the future who knows...

Alien is a blast to play. I wish a new one to be released for people to play it and to realize its huge potential.

#24163 67 days ago
Quoted from delt31:

So I thought Wonka was going to give this game a run for it's money but no way. It's def a good game but it still amazes me how this troubled game got so many things right with layout, music. Effects, alien toy, lighting it's the ultimate package.
Also the upper part of Wonka - doesn't the upper left and right remind you of alien?

Yes. I was expecting something revolutionary such as funhouse at the time. It looks like a good game but the art is mainly from the movie, the main toy with the trap is a good idea but remind TOM a bit. It s a cool game for sure but I would buy WOZ first which seems better.
Overall 6 magnets, 4 flippers and the 2 toys show a standart good jjp pin but nothing more.
They succeed their marketing approach.

#24196 66 days ago
Quoted from iceman44:

How many people would be in for a full petg plastic set?
I missed the last free play notice.
I've got the files to get some made if its feasible economically.

I would be in!

#24208 66 days ago

Yes the blue appear once game is running with sound effects.

#24210 66 days ago

Does anyone experienced the game to stop during gameplay and go back to attract mode?

I wonder if it’s software or bad USB or else...
Seems like it happen once the ball go to the air lock scoop time to time.

#24212 66 days ago
Quoted from Ferret:

When this happens, does it go through a partial startup, like the blue-background screen with the code version number? Or all the way back to the black PC power up screen? Or neither of those, it just switches to attract mode instantly?

No it freeze, screen become black for 1s and go back to the attract mode right after.
It happened serveral times with the ambush multi and once in the tunnel hunt

#24261 63 days ago

Hello all
I feel the flippers weak a bit on my alien. I m thinking it could come from sag or lack of power.
Sometimes, during long play it could happen that one don’t move for a sec.

I’m thinking changing my power supply, this one is elligable (thanks mk6 for that) for the 12V version but it’s 80W. I wonder if it’s a bit too much or it could blow some fuse or else.


Does some of you change their PS? Do you have any advice for this. I don’t want to create new problems on trying to fix one. Thanks in advance

#24263 63 days ago
Quoted from delt31:

Interesting bc I had the complete opposite reaction. I've actually reduced the power of all the flippers bc they were too strong
I can check under the hood if that helps.

Did you change your PS? I’m not sure regarding my analysis. Just the flippers doesn’t respond time to time so my guess that it was a lack of power but I could be wrong... that’s why I’m asking also

#24265 63 days ago
Quoted from SDpinballer:

I still am not the best at using pinside (unable to link a post here), but there is post #697 in the support thread for both Alien and FT, that discusses weak flippers and a solution. I have yet to implement these changes but it's on the priority list somewhere. Hope this helps.

Hi. Yes thanks. I’ve order my caps already and waiting for them. Seems to be the thing to do. The PS has been discussed and to be maybe replaced also because of the lack of power it could provide, i may be wrong but I was asking for advice for this too since it’s an easy change.

#24268 63 days ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

(2x) things :
a) Flipper/ coil VOLTAGE is not the issue, it's the existing switching PS to keep a constant 70v supply at proper current during MB action. This can be cured with existing P/S (70v, not the 12v one) w kneissl recommended cap mod. An absolute must for all games.. https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/heighway-pinball-support-full-throttle-and-alien/page/14#post-4579625
b) On to the 12v P/S (right in front of 70v one) - factory version is a mere 12.5a @12vdc. Considering CPU, all video screens, rgb lighting, EL invertor and a variety of components run from it, the low amperage can (and will) cause hard reboots w the CPU, and some odd video reaction as the supply sags. The HRPG-1000-12 that I recommended and installed in my game - http://www.meanwellusa.com/webapp/product/search.aspx?prod=HRPG-1000, has 80 amps available @ 12vdc. Granted, a bit of overkill, however, I also run full LED underglow strips, and a couple other things.
Have not had a single reset or video weirdness since installing, and the extra amperage will do no harm (in fact, ensuring no 12v sags). Given there is no (known) manual for this machine, had no way to know what it actually pulls on the 12v side, amperage wise. The machine doesn't even blink an eye now...suspect a 40a version would suffice, but this one put a permanent stop to the power needs, and easy to find. It will live a very long, untaxed life.
I've put similar horsepower in a few of my games that needed it, and ALL my machines get p/s boost at least 7.5a on the 12v and 5v side to insure stability w the mods (color DMD, light strips, toppers, etc.). These game ps's in general are just not made for all the power some of these mods suck out of them.
Learned my lesson, and highly encourage pursuing "a)" and "b)" above....

Thanks for this clarification !

1 week later
#24303 55 days ago

Usually I don’t add stuff to my pins but I’m such a fun of this pin and so many toys out there... so I’ve added those 2 things. I think those fit well with the playfield

455937BB-F771-44E6-80B2-B6974637B36A (resized).jpeg817B9CE1-8167-433B-B133-D17F8CFE7C04 (resized).jpegD382CD39-1025-471F-8DAA-E06992595585 (resized).jpeg

#24305 55 days ago

Aliens: USS sulaco
3B481B8A-23EE-453E-8C78-1B2980553823 (resized).jpeg

Quoted from jeffspinballpalace:

Left side is good. Can’t tell if it is an armored plate or maybe a ship ???

#24319 54 days ago
Quoted from BladeFury:

Love it! Mind sharing where to get one or how its attached?

Not attached yet. I may use hot glue or wire them. It hang well anyway.

Here are the 2 toys I added. I m also a big fan of Alien 3 movie.


#24332 50 days ago

Top and bottom pcb boards are available on pi ball life again


#24335 50 days ago

Seems like this side art was planned for production (the one below for limited edition).
Anyone knows if some has been produced? Never seen one

If it can be redone it would be great...

E136D65B-4C59-41E1-97B7-1547BB7A4054 (resized).png
#24337 50 days ago
Quoted from Aurich:

Since I sold my LE without even really looking at it I'm not sure what was on it exactly, but that's the normal LE art. I think maybe they got lazy at Heighway and just used one of them and flipped it for the other side? I don't actually know for sure what was or wasn't produced.

The only one I’ve ever seen is the one above. The below looked also great... too bad it didn’t make it to production.
For the standard version, I’ve noticed that some pins have both the same exact side panels and some have same art inverted (mirrored). So for the LE version, it was originally planned to have 2 different arts for each side.

#24339 50 days ago

Wow. It was fast...

62F79365-2E2F-4E0B-B030-891B6D277884 (resized).png7CEC6A26-2DE5-480B-A908-D22FFF45BF78 (resized).png
#24342 50 days ago
Quoted from Aurich:

Okay yeah, the mirrored Queen panels was Heighway laziness. Was always supposed to be unique art on each side. Things kinda fell apart at the end there.

Yes... left side looks a bit strange... Alien’s head was planned to be on the back on both sides ...
Was there any supplier for that? I wonder why they kept only one... complexity issue... just a miss... if there would be the original file art somewhere, I wonder if it could be redone...

#24362 49 days ago
Quoted from Join_The_Cirqus:

The LE Art that the Game was supposed to ship with stated 35th Anniversary Edition and was supposed to come with the Brian Allen Backglass
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Thanks for the info. I’ve read it even if I’ve still need to catch up. Both looks good but I prefer the one on the left (from the pic with 2 side by side). The right one look too cartoonish for me but it’s only my opinion. I guess the side panel info is lost and buried. Maybe one day it’ll come up for sale we never know.

#24370 48 days ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

Agreed, and thankfully, they used Aurichs version ( left) on the LE's , w text changed as he mentioned...
Bam!!...Lit the coin slot..Just grabbed 12v off the PS and disconnected the harness ( 12v bulb, obviously)[quoted image]

The room looks great. Congrat.

#24375 46 days ago
Quoted from jeffspinballpalace:

aurich now that things have cooled down and the pin has lost most of its toxicity - do you ever regret not keeping yours? or not playing it for awhile first? My guess is you’ll say no, but that is hard for me to believe on a gut level.

On my side I’ve waited the things to cool down and bought mine. So glad I did. For the non pinheads friends, that’s by far the most impressive pin (for me too in fact)

#24397 44 days ago
Quoted from dung:

Alright, game is setup. Let the headaches begin.
It is running version .94.
I have at least 10 leds out. At least 4 switches. I can start investigating those at some point.
Now the fun stuff.
It is on free play, but requires credits to play, guessing upgrading the code should fix that?
The game freezes on the skillshot quite often and requires rebooting.
The main display is showing the small display on the right side. This just started and doesn't do it every time you turn it on.
The xenomorph locks its jaw open while booting. I disabled it in software so after booting it stops where as before it just made a horrible noise the whole time.
It has red io boards 1.4b assuming these have to be upgraded. That is a cool 1k :/
It has the old computer so I will order a new one 240 there.
The xeno has a metal gear for the jaw which surprised me. Have not seen the stepper motor yet guessing it is the old style?
Need the back right plastic.
Need the leds replaced to the new style.
Hopefully I can get it to play correctly before I make the call on upgrading it. Do like the theme integration so far, but with so many switches out and it freezing 50 percent of the time its not much fun.

Wow. I’m still a newbye here and I was lucky with a more recent version but before even considering changing the IO boards I would start to investigate how to catch up to 1.2 by changing LED and computer. Not sure if the IO board has to be changed as well. Inside the Xeno, there is a plastic motor wheel to change I think too for the early version. The servo motor for the jaw too by a letal one(this one is cheap)
Anyway Spend time reading the other thread which explain everything. This game deserve time and worth it. The 1.2 version with everything upgrated is pretty solid. Mine has been played a lot already.
Good luck.

#24401 43 days ago
Quoted from Ferret:

The 10+ LEDs may or may not be truly out. These are on a serial chain, so if one lamp fails, it takes out all the lamps downstream on that same chain. The chains are identified in the Lamp test with a designation like "2B4" -- that's I/O board 2, chain B, lamp 4. So for example, if you walk through the lamp test and find that 2B4 and all the following 2Bx lamps are inoperative, suspect that 2B4 or 2B3 is problematic, which could mean an actual failed lamp, or just that it's not firmly seated in its socket. Fortunately, if a lamp(s) are actually faulty, TimeBandit has produced replacements. These will also help with replacing your 5-element GI towers with individual lamps when you're ready to try moving to newer code.
I/O boards are probably fine. I wouldn't jump into replacing them.
You don't even necessarily need the new computer. Although we didn't do tons of testing with the production code builds on the older computers, there isn't much end-user difference between the PCs. The change was more about pricing and availability.
The thread that SunKing mentioned is long, but has tons of incredibly useful, detailed information by the cool cats who successfully revitalized machines similar to yours. Grab your favorite beverage and settle in for the read.
Good luck with your new game... you've surely got some work ahead, but hopefully it winds up being a game that you love.

I just fixed issues with the slingshot led not working properly because the « special » led was down which made all the line to fail. I’ve found this issue easily within the test mode so it was well done. Maybe your Led issue is the same thing.

#24417 41 days ago

Hot glued toys on PF with better position. (See on pic)
New PS and USB installed. Game is much more better already and fail become rare now. (Only on really long multi) Waiting for the caps to fix this last thing.
D1D138C1-CC9C-4F78-8A5A-1124491ECEF2 (resized).jpeg

#24418 38 days ago

The switch which goes on « super » target and get the loop behind the xeno head doesn’t always register the ball. This shoot is hard to make (at least for me) so it’s a be annoying when the shoot is not even register by the pin.
The switch work properly on test mode so that’s the thing: it seems like when the ball come too fast, the inductive switch doesn’t work properly.
Anyone had the same issue or any idea how to help this?

#24420 38 days ago
Quoted from delt31:

The other thing is to take a pair of plyers and squeeze the metal rail that is shared by the chestburster and right orbit. It will allow the ball to hit the right orbit cleaner bc stock that metal rail angles out a little too the right causing some balls to get caught.
The chestburster shot still is harder than it should be as a really fast shot that doesn't hit the target will not be caught by the underneath switch, even on easy setting but that's just the way it is. It works just usually registers on the way back. Great shot still.

Tks. Do you have a pic or link of the metal rail squeeze?
To me the fact that the loop doesn’t register when too fast is not normal.

#24422 38 days ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

? No ramp squeeze here..Chest burster is tough, but registers fine here..

I’ve tried to test this shot/switch by hand also: always working. It’s only while playing if the ball goes too fast it register like 50%. Not saying it’s major but annoying because during ambush or tunnel mode: you need this shot badly in a limited time and it’s a hard shot.

#24429 37 days ago
Quoted from delt31:

yeah i tried and replaced with 3 other switches and it's the same way. It works fine it just needs to be so close to the target to begin with that it really doesn't make too big of a diff as it basically just hits the target and it works that way too. I think I have my setting on easy for chestburster - do you guys keep it on that too?

I haven’t test the easy thing. Anyway i sure can live with that since the chestburster is in several area. I might test some stuff with the switch to help it to register.

#24430 36 days ago

After playing (a lot) of this game, I think it should be rank top 10 or even top 5 for so many reasons gameplaywise. This is a blast to play for me and my friends. I’m not even talking about the art which I like as well: This is the party star in my house now... it should have sell well I think. Hopefully they’ll make more.
I have to recognize that I never played it before buying it : it’s really rare here as well and don’t come to the show often.

#24431 35 days ago

I just installed the caps. After 10 minutes 3 flippers stoped working. I reboot the pin and it was working again. Not sure what went wrong...

Edit: after playing long time after that it didn’t happen again.

The caps change is huge. It feel more playing AFM now... the flippers are so much stronger and the ball is really fast!! Crazy. This should have been sold as a kit. This is a must done on this pin.
First thing to change.
I might have to change the difficulty though: the game feel much more easy now. Even all the hard shot are much easier to get.

#24437 35 days ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

Could be a loose USB cable (always check before putting the hood back down).
Yep, the caps are a must...gamechanger, especially during MB's. Now on to the wimpy 12v ps....

I’ve it all set ! USB, New PS and caps! Play is fantastic now.
Last thing is I need the plastic set but I can live with that.
Took some time but I caught up

#24441 34 days ago
Quoted from delt31:

I agree with the power as well. Compared to my original alien this one has never reset once. In fact no issues at all since I got it. Incredible

I had one reset since my last caps upgrade. It happened during Ambush but only once with the scoop (ball went to the Airlock and then the game froze and reset). I can't say what exactly happened but I would bet it is more a software issue than hardware.

#24443 34 days ago
Quoted from TomDK:

No resets so far, pin out of the box.

All the resets happened once a multi was involved but moreover ambush and the air lock. I can’t say now with the caps but it could come from an exception not dealt within the code...

#24448 34 days ago
Quoted from bcd:

If the attract mode comes back quickly, within a few secs, then it's software. If it does a full reboot,with BIOS message and beeps then it is more likely a power supply issue.

Yes the attract mode came back quickly. Thanks for the info.

#24449 34 days ago
Quoted from DrDoom:

I also had a few resets (with full reboot + BIOS message) during multiball .
Can somebody tell me more details about the cap mod?
What parts are needed?

All the infos are there:


#24455 33 days ago
Quoted from cyber-greg:

es-que toutes tes cartes I/O sont à jours?

oui j'ai les dernières versions.

1 week later
#24463 27 days ago

I’ve experienced a lot of stop lastly during gameplay. Seems to be software issue but no idea what’s wrong: all the led are working and it seems coming from « queen nest » or « multiball »

Has anyone tried to download the report with the USB? Is it helpful? I m looking for diagnosis.
Not sure any 1.3 coming soon so....

#24465 22 days ago
Quoted from Averell:

I bought an ALIEN LE today and now I am waiting for delivery next week.
Can hardly wait joinig the club.

Which version do you have? Share a pic !

#24483 20 days ago

Just curious: how many games has your Aliens pin so far?
I just saw some used one one threads.
Mine has 800 plays. 600 in the last 3 weeks... (Very good moments I have to say)

I wonder about the lastability.

#24489 18 days ago

hello. Not sure what is the best thread to post this:
looking for help for my Alien which constantly reboot now. running the 1.2. I've update my IO boards recently to .9 version. This didn't solve this issue but now the right flipper, once pressed during gameplay, make some leds to bright with it...

here are the traces from the log file:

during gameplay:
8980 ERROR: ioboard_thread(2): ERR: 18
3100 ERROR: ioboard_thread(2): ERR: 18
3104 ERROR: ioboard_thread(2): ERR: 18
5464 ERROR: ioboard_thread(0): ERR: 18
9844 ERROR: ioboard_thread(0): ERR: 18
6944 ERROR: ioboard_thread(1): ERR: 18

just before the reboot, I have this infinite loop

2888 deff_start 141 AMBUSH MB JACKPOT
2896 Stopping leff 41
2896 Closing leff 41 (idx 10)
2896 Started leff 70
2900 replay award
2908 replay award
2920 replay award
2928 replay award
2940 replay award
2948 replay award
2956 replay award

End... with reboot

5588 replay award
5588 replay award
5588 replay award
5588 deff_start 69 ACID MODE WIN
5588 queueing[0]
5588 Hurry 75 exiting
5588 deff_start 31 WEAPON AWARDED
5588 ignoring[0] 58 < 147
5588 AIRLOCK: kicking now

Any Idea would be appreciated?

#24492 18 days ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

I'd sure do the simplest first.....reload clean code, reseat usb to I/O boards then see what happens....the game will not boot properly as is on occasion (hasn't happened to me since I upgrade the P/S)....then at least you can start again w troubleshooting

Thanks for this. The .9 version upgrade for the I/O board didn’t do any good for me. Is this the version you’re running on your Alien?

#24523 14 days ago
Quoted from Ferret:

The shaker is used in several areas around the game... don't remember all of them. I wanna say Combat Drop, APC, Queen's Nest, Self Destruct, Loader Battle, and Sentry Guns?

Do you have any idea what could cause reset randomly during the game?
I ll looking for any clue to help me analyze my issue. The log didn’t helped that much and everything seems to work fine... tks

#24527 14 days ago
Quoted from Ferret:

If you haven't already, I'd start with disabling the shaker and the beacon, if you have those add-ons. Resets often seem to be related to excessive power draw.

I don’t have the shaker only the beacons. I’ ve already read that it could cause issue but playing without it is not the same but this could be a test for sure.

#24528 14 days ago
Quoted from knockerlover:

Did you happen to notice if it corresponded with a replay? That was one weird situation that happened to us.

Could you please tell me more about the replay? In the log files it mentioned a bonus award which could have cause that. From the log file It caused a infinite loop with this bonus award and crashed.

Also it always happening when I have a lot of points (long game with 3 or 4 sequences acheived)

#24531 14 days ago
Quoted from knockerlover:

I think we just disabled the replay award..

Thanks. This might be really helpfull. I’ll share if it fixed my issue for others.
Really strange behavior due to maybe a software issue left in 1.2.

#24534 13 days ago

Hello all.
I have a strange behavior and i wanted to know if anyone share this or have any idea what s going on:
During game play when i pressed the flippers some if the leds bright when pressing the button, like this.
Any idea what could cause this?

#24538 12 days ago

Since my last post:
I eventually removed the replay award and since then no more reset.
I was able to play long game first time for a while.
I also made a factory reset as well (before that)

I m running 1.2 and can’t say for others but it seems that there is something wrong with it.

Thanks knockerlover for his infos

#24543 11 days ago
Quoted from Averell:

Here she is... what a beauty.
No damage, no scratches, it's out of the box like a brandnew pin.
[quoted image]
[quoted image]
[quoted image]
[quoted image]
[quoted image]
[quoted image]
[quoted image]
[quoted image]
[quoted image]

Beautiful congratulations. It seems to le that the black trim LE version is the rarest of those 3 LE and also the rarest with the one with no 27 lcd, probably because the standard was already black.
This is my personal favorite version.
Welcome to the club.
Great purschase.

#24560 10 days ago
Quoted from gold1:

Interesting to see how many people on pinside have an LE just to see how many may have been made.Mine is 126.

LE 129 with black trim here.
I d guess there are around 25% of LE of around 200 Alien produced, so maybe around 50 LE In the world. It s not a LE, it’s a super LE.
Numbers was kind of random it seems.

#24583 9 days ago
Quoted from Oneangrymo:

It seems like buying an Alien LE is like going to this steak house I used to go to in Chicago. Every time I ordered the Prime Rib, they would say " You are in luck, we only have one left!" . Literally.. every single time and I went there like 20 times. Must be more LE NIB hanging around like prime ribs.

If you check pinballowner website or past ads, you see that LE are much rarer than the standard.
Who cares but that’s how it is...
When i searched for this pin, it didn’t matter to me but I saw that as a bonus.

#24584 9 days ago

This one is the rarest among all!

02205183-C289-4CFF-A7A3-097DA7882E83 (resized).png
#24588 9 days ago
Quoted from Per_:

In the last weeks I compiled a rulesheet for the Alien pinball (SW V1.2). It is based on a lot of information pieces mostly spread in this forum, some own "research" and - most valuable - a siginificant amount of additional input from ferret himself!
I attached a PDF version (exported from OneNote) - hope you like it.[quoted image]

This is amazing. Thanks so much for this. Great work!

#24600 7 days ago
Quoted from gold1:

And you are?

knockerlover is the man who saved my Alien and help others with his knowledge.
The Alien community is great thanks to guys like him.

Please go to PM for your stuff.

#24620 5 days ago
Quoted from Ferret:

What do you feel it's missing in the code department?

To me the code seems 100% complete. This is not CC...
A lot of great ideas:This is my favorite gameplay pin anyway and I’ve played a lot of games.

#24627 4 days ago
Quoted from adamross:

My Alien has been working fine ever since I got it... until last night. When I turn it on I get a quick “no signal” on the screen then it just goes dark and never boots up. I have no idea where to even begin trouble shooting. Any advice greatly appreciated!

I would check the computer first. Did you check the screen plug connection and did you tried to plug a usb too? Seems like You can’t plug the usb key to it during the boot because it prevents the start.

#24629 4 days ago
Quoted from adamross:

I’ve never plugged a USB key into it.

Aside from all the playfield stuff, if the computer was booting normaly you should have something on the screen.
Either there is something wrong with the signal which turn on the computer either the computer itself is not booting for some reason.
It’s possible to test the computer with plugging a extra 6A plug and a pc display to check if it’s still working.
If the computer is ok then it reduce the possibility to the PS maybe.
Good luck.

#24650 2 days ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

So you disagree with the creative choices - not that the code is immature, or 'needs more work'

At first it was the software but now it seems to be other things. Even if anything could be improved beyond the plan, it could be true for any pin out there. As far as mechanical, some stuff could have been done diferently or improved a bit for sure as long as official support which no longer exist from HW.
I'm currently working on the TOTAN code and it's one of the frequent remark I got: old code is not perfect and so on... sure. But at the end, I try to see the bright side of it and not the other way around.
If we're not happy with this hobby, why not collecting stamps.

#24653 2 days ago
Quoted from adamross:

I'm not technical at all when it comes to Alien and trouble shooting, not even sure how to hook external monitor. The game seems to be getting power, but the CPU fan isn't even working. So I assume that's a sign the CPU itself is dead? If so, where would one find a replacement?

If your CPU is really dead, here is a one replacement but that’s for the last Aliens produced.


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