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ALIEN PINBALL - Game Over, Man, Game Over

By HeighwayPinball

6 years ago

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#15981 4 years ago

Really pissed about the fiber optic lights, shot off an email to Melissa and Morgan about getting a refund from that, especially given that I paid for what was advertised as standard on a LE, contractual obligation that Heighway Pin broke. But in the meantime, I am preparing all my MODs for this game for when it arrives end of the month. Got an insane amount of ideas and "fixes" from a insane Alien/Aliens film fanatic junkie. I feel a lot was left to be desired from this game from a fans point of view and I am aiming to fix that. I have new backglass art being drawn as well, as I am not a fan of the "custom Queen" that was done. No animosity or bad waves implied or given towards Brien, he did what he did in 4 days! That is impressive in itself. But given Andrews crap he pulled on Brien and him only having 4 days, that didnt give him a lot of time to design anything, pretty much just draw what came to mind. I just dont like his interpretation of the queen with the spikes on her crown and other features that she never had. I feel that just the 1 queen and egg is basic in terms of characters and tone. This is supposed to be Alien and Aliens, but the backglass only shows a Queen from Aliens and a egg and nothing else. I feel it needs more immersion and more depth as well as a nod to what made both films great as well as what is included in the gameplay. I commissioned a piece to be made based on a design I sketched up. This is MOD #1 lol, of easily 20, with 1 being a "you have to see it to believe it" lol. I am quite proud of it. Ive made numerous complaints to Heighway pin about some "inconsistencies" in the game for "authenticity" purposes lol, regarding sounds and inaccurate and mislabeled items. A couple that really bother me (being a Gunsmith especially lol) are the guns they got wrong. They labeled and pictured Vasquez's S&W M39 as a H&K VP70 (which is what LT. Gorman carried) as well as pictured a Remington 870 as Hick's backup Ithaca 37 shotgun (Ithaca 37's are bottom only ejecting and feeding whereas the picture clearly shows a side port). I can kinda sorta shrug the 870 one away, but the VP70 has to be changed in someway, either changing the sound to say M39 (doubtful), or just changing the picture to an actual VP70 (more likely....but still doubtful lol). Lots of bad audio clips heard, I am sure these will be easily corrected later so not real worried. Same goes for a couple video clips. I look foward to posting all these MODs and a unboxing of an "actual" LE for everyone finally here soon. I might stream it (it will be my first stream so still debating).

1 week later
#16216 4 years ago

I have been told via cointaker that we will be getting a cash refund (undisclosed amount) for the fiber optic ramps. I hammered highway about the lack of anything that makes an LE truley limited (besides the artwork). Their position from Morgan is that now that the game price has increased, it's a better deal that to go standard with the new pricing lol. I also asked if there were any plans or talks about down the road adding LE only modes or software to which he replied "none". I asked this since everything else can be bought or painted to convert an standard into an LE, so what truly made it "Limited", his response was the art....but you can buy Briens art and convert it into a translite if you're a fan of it....you just won't have the EL blades with ANOTHER queen. This is supposed to be two movies in 1 Heighway....stop throwing the queen from only Aliens on everything and calling it "Limited" lol. The only other thing he said was the stupid number...which only does anything if each game was truly limited and unique....not just 500 art packages lol. Also if you bought an Alien pin from cointaker......it's coming with the LCD standard. Just found that out after I paid for a commission on a custom backglass art piece to be made for my pin lol. I'll have to swap between the two. LCD for when at conventions...and my personal backglass for at home lol. My LE should be arriving next week!!

#16224 4 years ago
Quoted from jonesjb:

Was this confirmed?

Only for me at this point. I had an "agreement" (as much of an agreement goes with heighway lol) prior to ordering my LE from Heighway. It's supposedly on the ship with cointakers load according to heighway. We will see lol. No other LEs are being shipped yet officially to the states nor promised from anyone, mine was a 1 off per legal lol.

#16282 4 years ago

Cointaker has said that there will be a refund for all those with fiber optic ramps including LEs. Price unknown yet.

1 week later
#16439 4 years ago

WEEELLLPPP!! count me in of those who've been scammed multiple times on this pin bandwagon. Cointaker and Heighway have both been very negligent and dishonest with me for the past several months and I am done biting my tongue. Paid initial $1000 deposit to hold a LE game from cointaker which took me weeks of emails to just give them money. Paid more down over months depending on what I've been hearing regarding the company.

I stopped at about $3500 and waited a couple months during the proto games that snuck out incomplete. Finally told cointaker I'm out and want a refund. 3 weeks passed with no response again to my refund request. Then out of the clear blue sky, I got an email saying "what if I promised you your LE at your door within 30 days! Seriously we just got told they are shipping our pins now". I told them that sounds good and after again sending a couple emails with no response and excuse after excuse of why, I finally got them on the line again to vaguely answer some questions. I sent them the remaining due and was paid in full with the promise of my game arriving at my door end of July. July came and went, finally called cointaker and got immediate response. Was told they had an issue with the computers and they were delayed while they are upgraded. I was annoyed of course and made a stink about why I got scammed out of my refund by both parties and was then told by cointaker that they will call me back in an hour.

I get the call and they Skyped with someone at heighway and made a deal where my LE was being sent in the batch of standards to cointaker as a 1 off as LEs weren't being made yet but they could get me my 1 due to the promise made. I was then told end of August my game will arrive at my door. I called cointaker around the 22nd of august to confirm and was told "yes, you're still on schedule". I heard the shipment arrived and standards were going out the door after they removed any fiber optic lights. But no LE.

Well.....here we are.....6th of september......I called cointaker and asked the question. Was told for whatever reason they had issues blah blah blah and that they were shipping out computers and new playfields so that took up time and they couldn't get my LE out, BUT, my LE "SHOULD" be on the water now and that they will confirm with heighway to make sure and get back to me later last night. No response from cointaker. I get consistent no communication from cointaker and excuses after excuses of why no email responses, to dissapearing emails, to why I can't pickup the phone, to even "I totally forgot".

As a customer I am annoyed and pissed at cointaker for handling me this way. Absolutley "0" updates unless I hound and pound them every way I can for something. I can forgive the dates a bit as that's beyond their control and is on heighway....but they have consistently left me in the dark and have made promises and lied countless times to me after speaking with heighway and them saying they've never told cointaker that and would never make that promise. I know everyone is at their wits end and at the end of their fuses with this....but boy.....I am just lit over this ordeal with this whole thing.

I know very well that my game is not on the water, and won't be until "Maybe" October when they day they will start shipping LEs. This is my first new pin and I am not officially gunshy of ever doing this again. My whole body this whole time has been screaming to demand a refund and run far far away...and I did before I was ignored and then promised my item. I've never had this "amazing customer support" or got these phone updates that others have had the privilege of...even after paying in full. Sorry for the rant, was just soo damn pissed today after spending 4 hours of trying to call cointaker and getting the "call back in 15" atleast 6 times and then immediate voicemail after 1-2 rings 3 times all to hear......maybe on the water when it's supposed to be in my house.....

#16470 4 years ago
Quoted from way2wyrd:

This is promising and fits within the boundaries of "New Heighways" timeline.
The fact that some think that they can jump the line for an LE and get a one off is just annoying and elitist.
Wait till the machines are in. If you don't want to put down money then wait, but if you get pissed cause your special one off dealio didn't work that's your problem.
--Patiently waiting

I paid in full. And had a deposit down for years. They told me to keep from canceling that I would have my game within 30 days idiot. Very quick to throw out elitist and make me sound like an ass, and clearly you don't know my situation. But I was just in the same boat as you, waiting. But cointaker and such made a promise that they didn't keep. And it sounds like they did it to others as well. So I am just holding them to their word. No "jumping the line" you pompous ass. I've been in the line a long time as well. Not my fault someone came to me and others and said "I'll get you your machine in 30 days" and not you. That's them, not me.

#16478 4 years ago
Quoted from way2wyrd:

it said that where in the original post?

shouldnt it have been clear in your post. When you leave things out it only lets people infer.
Thanks for the name calling. Love you too

Quoted from Nethawk86:

I sent them the remaining due and was paid in full with the promise of my game arriving at my door end of July. July came and went, finally called cointaker and got immediate response. W

Apparently you need to better your reading comprehension and learn not to jump to conclusions before understanding what you read. As for name calling, HA, calling me "annoying" and "elitist" I guess doesnt make your cut of name calling lol. It was all there. Anyway, still no call from cointaker at all lol, even though I was told I would get a call last night. Just insane dealing with them. I am like so many in this thread....tied between a refund....tied between downgrading to a standard since no point to a LE anymore and fighting heighway over trying to get me on the new price......and tied between just staying as is just because of the current price. At some point it hits the wall....and all these things that come out of these mouths are just crap and hold no meaning anymore and will never actually happen. Nice to have interest free loans while I am paying interest on my end lol.

#16490 4 years ago
Quoted from libtech:

V1.0 changes, v0.99 wont be released

Cool, a lot of my complaints look to be fixed in this update. Still several more to go....and I hope they listen to us and add LE only modes or games for LE owners. Doesn't look to be that difficult to create and implement as they say their "developers are so fast" lol.

#16492 4 years ago
Quoted from Toads:

Thought you were out?

Never said I was out. I literally stated just above you " I am like so many in this thread....tied between a refund....tied between downgrading to a standard since no point to a LE anymore and fighting heighway over trying to get me on the new price......and tied between just staying as is just because of the current price". Does anybody read before making comments like this? I guess it is true and bitching skills outweigh reading comprehension on here for some lol.

#16494 4 years ago
Quoted from delt31:

heighway has such a classic on their hands that they would be very wise to nail this with refined code ala JJ (and unlike stern who just let GB die). I'm calling it now - it's the next IJTPA.

I am starting to agree lol.

#16503 4 years ago
Quoted from redman822:

Until the barge goes down in hurricane-force seas (with all sailors are able to successfully be rescued from the life raft) and the games could only be played by Davy Jones and Jack Sparrow...

That's elitist and annoying for them jumping the line! Jack sparrow and Davey jones should have to wait and sweat it out like the rest of us! Unless they had a special deal with Heighway before us LMAO HAHAHAHAHA. In all seriousness.....here we go again with more excuses and missed deadlines and cointaker still not fulfilling promises on calling me or keeping me informed like they said they would. Looks like Christmas maybe for LEs at the earliest. Atleast it would be a great present to myself at that point lol.

#16570 4 years ago

I've caught cointaker lying as much as heighways been lying to me. Both are lying to push the blame off on the other person and to cover their tracks. I'm fed up with cointaker and after this fiasco, if I ever do business with cointaker again, I will know what to expect. Still have not received any calls from cointaker as promised lol. Emails to them are completely useless but they never return calls and lie constantly about why no call backs. Both parties are just trying to stay afloat on this while ordeal, I get it. But times like these show companies true colors and cointaker has shown theirs to me multiple times. Every call has been excuses and lies. Heighway constantly tells me cointaker is lying to me as well with these false promises and excuses that they say heighway told them. It's just a crap shoot and I am done believing anything that comes from these two at this point. I am expecting Christmas delivery as an extreme and am sticking with that so these two pricks can stop getting my hopes up and dashed every communication saying "hit the water" only to be followed up by "delay" everytime.

#16627 4 years ago

Uh huh.......

alien-pins-are-shipping(2) (resized).jpg

#16649 4 years ago

#16703 4 years ago
Quoted from Zennmaster:

And I was told my LE wold be in my basement by March 31st of this year ("The first ones are finally shipping"). That caused me to accelerate other things so I could have my Alien Day party on 4/26. That didn't happen.
I was also told my LE would be "In the first container". That didn't happen.
I was told "You'll have it in 30 days". That one got me excited, because suddenly I was looking at the possibility that my AFMr and my Alien would show up ON THE SAME DAY. The AFMr has almost a thousand plays on it now.
So while I admire your enthusiasm, there isn't a great track record for what people are told and what actually happens.
Now, I'm trying to figure out if CGC "Game #3" will be in my basement before Alien (I actually doubt it. ).

This exactly! Been fully paid now for 4 months since cointaker promised me march...then at my door in 30 days when I asked for a refund in april, and prepaid my initial deposit 3 years ago. So been waiting a long while and got numerous promises from cointaker (and still am) that never ever happen. Lies lies lies. Now we have people just now jumping on board supposedly getting games over others who've waited longer and chime in on promises lol. Read this long thread and learn a thing or two about "promises". I'm actually now thinking january at the earliest for my LE arrival.

#16717 4 years ago
Quoted from jonesjb:

You have a LE on order, no one's jumping in ahead of you. The ones mentioned are Standards.

Wasn't saying that people are jumping ahead of me as yes I do have a LE not standard so it doesn't matter anyway. Just that someone who just recently jumped on board this train gets "promised" a game when there have been many waiting years before and then talks about the "promise" they were made should read this whole long thread about "promises" and how they're handed out like candy here only to end up being rat turds lol.

1 week later
#16806 3 years ago

alien-pins-are-on-the-water (resized).jpg

#16807 3 years ago
Quoted from Ericpinballfan:

If you believe in fairies clap your hands.
Come on peter.

Got my T-shirt already pre-ordered.......ah shit here we go again!!!!!

ra,womens_tshirt,x1000,dd2121 8219e99865,front-c,237,212,210,230-bg,f8f8f8.lite-1 (resized).jpg

#16871 3 years ago

Well let's see if they're holding their word on LEs shipping October....meaning the next batch...which also means those cabs in their latest pics should be LE cabs.

#16873 3 years ago
Quoted from HoakyPoaky:

You mean these labeled Full Throttle cabs?

Could be because they are the old style cabs without the routed space for the inner cab lighted side blades.

I was talking about these.....but now that I noticed the legs which are not LE colors I am taking back what I was hoping. Another lie from Heighway per usual....unless they are adding the colored legs later, which I doubt.

4d7a5a241e5155a6042f8ee1c830fc2db8c38e8d (resized).jpg

#16875 3 years ago
Quoted from jonesjb:

Black trim is an option on LE. Which is what I'm going with. No blue or green for me.

But the legs are still colored right? Not the silver as shown in the pics? Also, I am sure there are not 21 black and silver LE's lol, someone (me) chose green. I was debating on doing a galaxy sparkle black but still havent decided lol.

#16876 3 years ago

You know what.....I am taking back what I took back hahahahahhaha!!!!! They still very well could be LE's as they dont ship them with the legs on and they wouldnt use the real legs that come with as it would mar them up. So they could be using those legs in the pics just to assemble the cabs and then ship them with the unused legs. So they could be LE's.......here is my optimism getting the best of me LMAO

#16919 3 years ago
Quoted from jwilson:

Never understood this desire from LE buyers to get the first games. I want a game built a little bit near the end of the run, made on a Tuesday. They've worked out all the bugs.

I can only speak for this games LE version and why we want them yesterday. Because they are the same DAMN THING as a standard! and they wont let us downgrade to a standard at this point without being charged the new pricing for a standard (Morgans words). Everything is there besides the stupid art and number plaque....and whatever the stupid goody bag is. Why the hell are we waiting 3 more months than standards for these stupid things? We should be getting them now!

#16922 3 years ago
Quoted from jwilson:

Ask Hilton what it's like getting the first game...

Not asking for a first game.....but now that these are shipping out in containers of 21 or more a month.....LE's should be included next container! They have everything to make them at this point! send me the stupid LE number and side-blades later if that is all thats holding them up. I get the feeling from Heighway that us early LE pre-orders are a sore thumb to them and are just draining them financial wise and are just an after thought at this point as we got all the bells and whistles at a price these new guys cant make work. So they started cutting features to save cash until we started calling them out for what we would be compensated for, Cointaker said Heighway just threw out recently that if it is cash..it would only be $500-$600ish and not the $850 they charged. So now we early LE adopters are still on the back burner with things not confirmed and possible future features not being implemented that would otherwise separate it from a standard and make it a true LE. They still have us on the leash here with lots unconfirmed and noway out besides a refund which is what they are hoping for so they dont have to honor the cheaper price. We cant downgrade to a standard without paying a higher price plus the higher price of all add-ons that are included in a LE. And we are at their mercy with what they are removing next or changing, the longer they keep the games, the more at risk we are to loosing more features. You standard guys are getting your games now so you can breath some fresh air....us LE guys arent out of the woods yet with Heighway looking to stop the cash bleeding, our stuff is on the chopping block for atleast 3 more months....maybe even more until they feel they have exhausted all other ways of selling them at higher prices.

#17007 3 years ago
Quoted from legionsoup:

Looking forward, we are preparing to build and ship LEs.

Uh huh.....here we go again. Vague and little mention. Looks like next year it is.....if we're lucky. Lol what the hell do you have to "prepare" for you idiots!!!! It's stupid blade INSERTS and BACKGLASS which even on most isn't even installed because of the LCD and instead is a standard edition LCD backglass insert!!!! Which you already have!!! And you already have all the rest of the parts as you put them on the standards! Don't give me this stupid line of "preparing" to buy you guys some more time to drag this ordeal out longer and give you more excuses, just ship the darn things already!!!! Prepare....HAHAHA!!

#17009 3 years ago

95a75be55b1aeccee3d779b3707127b6d838d279687c7e3b2bad5c4411688f1e (resized).jpg

#17012 3 years ago
Quoted from nman:

While I'm tremendously happy to see this progress, it does kind of bother me that they STILL haven't said anything about compensation for the fiber ramps and gloss cab removal for the LE's. I get it that they're busy, but it seems like that's just a business decision that someone (i.e. someone not on the manufacturing floor) simply needs to make. It doesn't require any design, manufacture, etc. and so shouldn't take away from the other work they're doing.
I'm somewhat concerned that they're kicking the can on purpose so that, once demand is restored via widespread SE's, they're going to use that opportunity to simply tell the early LE pre-orders that they're getting nothing much in the way of compensation and also cannot downgrade to a standard at a reduced price (a "take it as is" or "get out of line" scenario). Sadly, that's maybe what I'd do if I were in their shoes and truly wanted to maximize profit.
Of course, getting any game is great at this point considering all the shit that has gone down, but it still makes a long-time LE preorder like myself feel like crap. I still want my Alien, but pulling something like that (if that's what they do), would not be a good way to keep the goodwill of the customers that have been with them the longest.

EXACTLY!!! Exactly what I am fearing as well. All these guys that backed out or have games on the way already are in the clear (except for customer service or parts if needed lol), but us LE owners are still being dragged along in the dirt by the collar. Nothing confirmed, vague responses and updates, design changes, told cant downgrade without cost increase......we are being very poorly treated for being initial backers so I have every right to be upset and call the company names and the FOCUS of my anger for their ill handling of me with lies and broken promises and deceitful cheap tactics. If this REAL experience from real people bothers some but are no longer invested, go watch youtube videos then or go read the fake marketing ploys. This is a place to also annotate our disappointments and anger on record of companys and call them out when employing shady use of business practices so that others can see when they're researching about buying products of said company. If we sugar coat things and made it seem like a bother only, nothing would be said about our true feelings on this and it would looks like normal experiences. This is my experience, and this is far far from a normal preorder experience or business dealing, we are well beyond that after all this.

#17017 3 years ago
Quoted from nman:

Since I'm setting off on an uncharacteristic bitch-fest today (what? I'm self aware ), that reminds me:
Unfortunately, the custom armor also means very little to me if it looks at all like the last few pics that were shown. The blue and green were far too matte and bright (and just plain ugly, imo), and the black appeared to not even come with black legs? If those are my only options, I'd honestly rather just get my own custom job done.
That said, art means a lot to me and i do still prefer the LE art to the standard. Hell, I'm probably the only person on here that's still a little upset about them ditching the small backbox screen option so i couldn't have both large art and a screen. Likewise, the lit blades and topper are pretty cool and would be the only LE-included upgrades I'd make for a standard.
Anyway, here's hoping they do instill some additional value and my paranoia is misplaced.

HAHHAHA, It was here before you posted already lol

1 week later
#17185 3 years ago

Can someone awesome give me the measurements from the top of the left and right ball ramps at the edge by the face huggers to the inside top of the glass?

#17321 3 years ago

Still loving that cointaker is still at their tricks and lies. They say they've arrived and then on the truck when the ship hasn't even docked and trucks haven't even been loaded. Why the hell say they have them when everyone knows they dont and can see it!?!?!?! Just crazy that people drink this koolaid. Still holding out for LE arrivals in January next year. Just wish Cointaker would back the hell off and quit with the blatant lies and making false promises and giving false hope to people.

#17510 3 years ago
Quoted from OLDPINGUY:

It would be nice to see those that called Melissa and CT falsehoods, come back and apologize.
They always have their customer interests first!

Quoted from MK6PIN:

+1000, but retractions will never be posted. Chris and Melissa rock!!!

why retract anything? why apologize? They still lied their asses off!!!! And have been caught so many times. They responded to people saying they have them and they arrived...when others were posting saying the ship hasnt even docked yet! Then they countered what they said again by saying they will have them in the next couple days (that just went against what they just said?!?!)....and then when that didnt happen they then said friday. HAHAHHA, it was only this last statement that managed to be truthful lol. This still does not detract from their numerous lies before hand on "arrive at my door within 30 days if I do not refund", or "shipping your LE now in with others SE's (just dont tell anyone that is happening so we dont get bombarded with calls asking about their LEs)", when Heighway said they never ever made such a claim or promis to cointaker. Then the countless lies that followed about them actually receiving a huge shipment last month..which never happened lol. Keep drinking that cointaker koolaid. I bowed out of their lies and false promises and am still holding out until January/February next year for LEs to arrive at doors here in the states. Been waiting for 2 years with the initial payment and fully paid for 7 months now, and I will be getting the same game people are getting now that just jumped on board, but I will have to wait longer and with each passing day...more and more chance of additional changes and feature removals (yes the opposite could occur and we could get better stuff.....but I am cynical from all thats happened). So no, no redaction and no apologies as that crap still happened and will most certainly happen again.

#17514 3 years ago
Quoted from delt31:

Not a huge fan of removing these things. Very tight.

Hey, can you do me a huge flavor and when you get a chance after enjoying the game, measure the distance from the top of the left and right return ramps by the facehuggers to the inside of the glass? Want to know the clearance thats there for potential mods.

#17520 3 years ago
Quoted from OLDPINGUY:

With all that deceit, I would hope you ask for a refund and stay as far away from Cointaker as Possible!

Life is full of deceit, unfortunately for me, I am a collector of almost everything Aliens movie franchise based (Alien 3/4 and covenant excluded lol) and cointaker is the only means now to get this pin since Heighway told me my order with them from 3 years ago is no longer and I have to go through cointaker if I wanted 1. So I am left dealing with them, but I will not let their lies and my business experience with them go unnoticed and continue to deny them getting away with it by "bowing out". I have stopped listening to them and going after them for answers as it was always a lie or false hope. And when I see all these posts going back and forth about cointaker on here, each statement contradicting the previous statement they made, I am reassured I made the right move with their bs. I gave them my business only because they are the only ones who sell Heighways game now, as I had my order with them originally (Not that that wouldve helped much lol, but I wouldnt be bitching about cointaker then). I post these so that people atleast know mine....and some others also....experience with them.

#17527 3 years ago

Thought that was LE only? could be wrong. Thought LE's had illuminated EL side blades which is what made it "unique".

#17530 3 years ago
Quoted from jonesjb:

Why not just not buy the pin? That would show ‘em.

Like I stated in my post, "unfortunately for me, I am a collector of almost everything Aliens movie franchise based (Alien 3/4 and covenant excluded lol) and cointaker is the only means now to get this pin". It's why I am easily agitated with this whole ordeal, I am literally backed into a corner if I want 1, which I insanely do (been prepaid since close to the beginning since I first heard about it). I cant downgrade without having pay more for a lot less to get 1 on next container. If I cancel I dont get 1. So if I want 1 I have to stick it out, which I am, which is why I was so fed up with cointaker on their constant false promises. Only so much a person can take of "its shipping", "NVM", "its on its way", "NVM", "at your door in 30 days", "Yes still on schedule for end of month", "NVM"...blah blah blah. So as I said above.....unfortunate for me, I am a collector of these games and am in it for the long haul, and have been lol.

#17532 3 years ago
Quoted from way2wyrd:

Sorry not the blades. The side panels. I thought they lit up or at least they did on the protos

AH! I misread that, yeah youre right. Those should be lit up.

#17798 3 years ago
Quoted from BillySastard:

ALIEN PINBALL - Official Game Troubleshooting Thread

Actually it's a delt31 troubleshooting thread now lol, I guess it's what happens when you rush into getting a game last minute hahahah, he got the game which is what he wanted atleast lol. He's the only one posting this insane amount constantly again out of the 24 other games that went out (not sure how many have arrived yet in other people's hands though). Only news we've heard about the game and it's all problems still.

1 week later
#18231 3 years ago
Quoted from SDpinballer:

Spoke with Morgan today. He reassured me on my LE purchase. It has been 13 months now. We did not discuss details as I did not want to nag him. But his reassurance that they are going as hard as they can to meet the many demands left me with a positive impression. It's interesting that this is how I always feel when I speak with them, including when talking with Andrew. I will continue to be patient even though I agree with many of the digruntled folks on here. Wouldn't it be great to have an LE by Christmas, but not holding my breath...

Take whatever he said and throw that thing in the barrel...light it on fire....and drop kick it as it amounts to absolutely zilch!! I was promised much more thats similar to you multiple times as well as an insane amount of people on here and nothing ever came of it. They spew lies like candy on Halloween and dont even twitch. Definition of insanity with them. They're out of parts, guaranteed! No more in their inventory. And no new cash flow (games still sitting unsold), to fund more parts...especially LE's (which is why they dropped the fiber optic ramps I bet). This company is toast, if nothing happens (meaning no crap on a ship this way) by Christmas then that says everything.

#18233 3 years ago
Quoted from hocuslocus:

yup, well I haven't been in as long as a lot of people. only since January this year, but I'm jumping ship. still no news as to what they are doing as far as the optics and the other thing they took out, unless I missed it somewhere in the thread. I also didn't want to have to deal with the issues you guys are dealing with, since it was going to a public location. Wish everyone here the best and hope you get what you paid for. Hope I get my 2k back, but if not lesson learned.

I am also on the edge...I really want it, but every gun is firing off saying bail! I'd love to jump over to the big lebowski as it looks sooo darn good but its also in the same boat lol. So maybe Tron then.....price on that is only going up the longer I wait.

#18236 3 years ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

Whew...major speculation there...that’s been spinning for years....

Dont want to sidetrack this thread much getting into it, but look at the price of the Tron LE. Its gone way up recently since Tron legacy is getting a cult following now that they killed the franchise officially now. Heck at auction Trons fetch upwards to $8-9k pros and $10+ LEs instantly, its insane! Great game and is probably why they fetch that as these barcade goers flock to Tron first as they're familiar with it more. Just my 2 cents. Plus with the different variations depending on when you got the pin also makes some insane collector items, like the first generation 1 versions with a certain art and toy package vs the later variations.

#18239 3 years ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

Now they’ve proven they can make a great machine ( minor issues all new games face), this is possibly the worst time to bail.....quality product heals a lot of time wounds.....we don’t know what is going on...none of us..just my 2 cents...

you mean they can make a "few" great machines lol as they've only made what? 40? in 4-5 years? lol. What good are these "great machines" if they aren't made.....lol. Ive paid for what? thus far nothing with nothing confirmed..so what good is it at this point? Also what good is time heal wounds when they cant even produce enough product right now to support those they promised long ago? True we dont know "really" whats going on behind the curtain (which is a another issue), so we have to read between the lines here and use what we've learned in life and other business dealings on what kind of return on investment this truly is and what is the risk assessment we are looking at being this big of a cash drop. So as a small business owner and a degree in business, I can tell you from my experience in these dealings that the risk is insanely high and they are showing all the signs of "robbing peter to pay Paul" to stay afloat which is going to catch up soon, so long term I dont see this being supported and these currently coming out the door with simple problems, I foresee bigger issues and a lack of parts down the road as well. So yeah, investment wise...atleast in 1 way....it could be a good thing if you grab 1 that has no issues and hold onto it so when they go belly up down the road, you have a insane rare and sought after game since its atlease a great game!

#18241 3 years ago
Quoted from kklank:

I agree. Don't give up. Heighway must know they have something here. The game is incredible. It's a shame, the rest of the pinball community doesn't know what their missing too.

Because they're enjoying their games they ordered and received in a week and product support if any parts break lol.

1 week later
#18415 3 years ago


#18468 3 years ago

Yup, would also like to know the plan for cointaker LE machines since ours already came with LCDs. They said a while ago that refunds of the fiber optic were the case....but now maybe not?? Still uncertain.

#18488 3 years ago
Quoted from OLDPINGUY:

I admire and respect your positive disposition through your bumps with the game!
Certainly a lesson to be learned for others.

For a guy that jumped in very literally last minute and has not been through all the drama that us who've been at this for a lot longer and screwed over countless times and still dont have anything to show.....his posts just twist the knife more and more every time. Yeah I would be happy to call in right now and order a LE and have it shipped out on the next container. It would just be a normal business dealing. But to those that have been waiting and dealing for years of lies and deceit and such, its gut wrenching when they post all these happy and overzealous posts about how great these same people are who have screwed everyone else over lol. It strikes a nerve after a point.....

#18492 3 years ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

Tend to agree on this one...his enthusiasm and persistence got him the game, and his original intent was to keep us posted on delivery.
To now become the " Alien resource" tends to sting alot of us . Glad the game is fine...might be time for him to enjoy it, and let the thread rest, as more of us eventually get the games we committed to years ago. Posting mylar tips is somewhat naive to those of us that check all of our games for such things. Maybe our turn now....

That's exactly the way it feels. It's gotten to that point again like where he got called out last time for. For him to be posting in the manner he is with him only very recently jumping on board and getting a game over us very early adopters, it strikes that nerve like it's almost rubbing salt in the wound I guess. And his "updates" have now got into annoying territory. It's still a very sore open wound for us and talking and posting that way comes off very brash, especially after he was already told to cut it back. Post unboxings and heighway/cointaker updates or rants here, otherwise move over to the review thread and post your "how to's" and pinball basics or reviews there.

#18495 3 years ago
Quoted from delt31:

Not really. My game is perfect just a few out of box issues that you might also have if you get one. Don't worry many of us have included tips to help others so come back and check the thread if you need help.
I can sense the sensitivity level is beginning to rise again for whatever reason. I'll switch over to the club thread as a current owner to share experiences and updates. Cheers

Thank you.

#18540 3 years ago

HAHAHHAA!!! Limited Edition in the aspect of being limited only by being "out the door fully working" games lol.

#18595 3 years ago
Quoted from calprog:

Is the company out of business? Tried to contact them four times with no response in the past month. I am requesting a refund at this point. Thankfully I am only in for $1500. When all the crap went down i got my credit card return for over 7k. Got lucky. Any others not getting any response from heighway?

See past 1,000 pages of posts for answer lol

#18684 3 years ago

Well.....that didn't take long for him to come back lol. Back at it again I see.

#18694 3 years ago
Quoted from delt31:

Come back? Never left. Not when it comes to helping others that will eventually get the game and getting feedback from the coder which is what I'm after (specifically the shaker this time). Buckle in bc I'm not going anywhere. I'll continue to leave impressions in the other thread as I mentioned before
Block me if you don't want to hear from me. Kind of tired of the whining from you.

Stated you'd move over to the owners thread, but then you came back. Just saying what others have said as well.

#18704 3 years ago

Ha, this thread has their heads so high in the clouds it's past insanity at his point. Heighway probably has the best customers here lol, give money and buy their BS and just say it's ok...it's ok...lol

#18719 3 years ago

Funny how they can't understand how their ordering systems works lol "but some seem to be posted to pour gasoline on the fire, even from people that we do not have on our order book." Ummm you do know that people who order your stuff from distributors will not be "in your book", yet are still customers right lmao.

#18722 3 years ago
Quoted from solarvalue:

Maybe by "order book" they mean: "everyone who has ordered from them directly or through distributors".

Still makes no difference as they are claiming people are saying things that they don't have an order from meaning they feel people are saying things about the game or them that don't have an order.....there are tons that didn't order from them that it could be like many of us who've ordered through distributors. So they don't have my order on their books but through cointakers. So if I say something about them and they don't see an order with my name because it's not from them, it's from cointaker but it's still a order and I am customer none the less.

#18723 3 years ago

After what I assume was a legal action warning or possible cease and desist by Andrew and heighway, I am sure he has to act nice now for fear of reprocusions after Andrews call out legal threat.

#18804 3 years ago
Quoted from drinkduffbeers:

Ha. My 12yr old niece just got called a ‘dickwad’ by Arnie on my new T2 pin ( alternative pinsound rom installed ). We just burst out laughing as didn’t expect it at all

All Arnie was saying is maybe she needs to learn to shoot lol

#18876 3 years ago

Yup...that's it....I am done with this crap. Heighway pinball can go f themselves. People just jumping on board still getting pins over people who've been waiting and us not given first dibs at switching LE orders over to shipping standards without losing a ton of cash. And constant no shows of LE options or confirmations on anything LE related besides "soon" being constantly regurgitated by these clowns. I'm out. This is a huge shit show and has people biting at anything to get in the good graces of heighway to hopefully get shipped a pin. Really wanted this pin to complete my entire Aliens collection of all games but this has the definition of insanity written all over it and I am not playing anymore.

1 week later
#18947 3 years ago

You say you believe cointaker may be lying to you?.......well......Not that it hasnt been said before countless times hahahahahha. Fabrication and jumping the gun is their key business model, dont you know? Too many koolaid drinkers on this thread as they all have vested interests in getting their games....hoping earlier than others by drinking more and getting others to drink as well will put them in the good graces to get their games first. Just as many who've all been promised things as well that were never happening.....or that they chose to jump the gun and say things would happen before they happened and then never happened hahhahahaha (tongue twister there). You cant tell people their games are arriving end of week because you received a notice from Heighway saying they would ship out soon. You tell people that, only when you have ship tracking info stating ETA of end of week and even then, you only tell people that they're estimated to arrive end of week. Not making promises and then making up issues when it doesnt happen. What cointaker is doing is saying "we are shipping games out Friday" based on Heighway SAYING they're shipping games from them out now.....but have no definitive proof in hand of tracking or signed shipment disclosures or anything showing PROOF that they're literally on a container in route with an ETA or anything backing up their claim they made of them shipping the games out Friday (just making up a day). They love to jump the gun and I called them out on it when I was contacted by them about my experiences from them on here and got them to admit their error after the last numerous fiascos I have had with them....but its clear they're still continuing it. Dont tell people "definites" unless you have "definites" to prove or show. You can keep people in loops just the same by saying "we are expecting them to ship out soon, but nothing concrete yet" or let people track it by providing tracking info and only contact when you have games no crap in hand visually staring at them.

1 month later
#19657 3 years ago
Quoted from Toads:

This is what rubberducks was saying 12 months ago but he was slammed on the forum for saying it.

Lots of things were said a while ago and people were slammed here on them....but apparently the same things are being said now by others and people are agreeing now lol.

1 week later
#19767 3 years ago

Everytime someone criticizes this whole deal, the typical delusional few always chime in with the standard kool-aid speech they came up with to help keep convincing themselves everything will be ok........but they, like most, deep down know it wont. Then later when Heighway and others pull their typical crap like giving new orders priority or reneging on ship dates, they find themselves back in that puddle of tears on the floor, hoping to re-convince themselves again that everything will be ok and look to chime back in on here to shoot critics down to reassure their delusions again hahahaha.

7686178464_fdc8ea66c7 (resized).jpg

#19865 3 years ago
Quoted from pipes:

Reading post after post from you gushing about your perfect experience and bulletproof game as if it's the norm here makes me cringe. You do realize there's people here that wonder if they'll ever get their game or if they'll even see their money from years ago refunded?

Ive said it numerous times and many here have agreed as well as even he said he will take his talk to the other thread as it got real annoying, but its obvious he is loving the attention he gets here, which is what its all about for him. Wish I got a game I just paid for over others who've waited years and then spend every moment I have rubbing it in others faces and then preach to others still waiting that the same people who screwed them over and stole money, that the machine they paid for and haven't gotten...is great and amazing and let me show you mine and then tell you how great it is. Even though hes only spent a month of his time in this whole situation before he decided (as he wasnt sure for a while there) and dropped the cash and got a game that very shipload and decides thats enough to be able to chime in and preach to us who been in longer that we should wait and blah blah blah. He will downvote and say he doesnt care what I say and that I am annoying and all that and carry on per usual, but it doesnt matter as those of us know what hes doing and find it distasteful. I have not been the only one who has saw this and voiced it. This wouldnt be said or complained about if the same situation happened from others like MK or those of us that have been at this longer and got a game, that would be well deserved and we would have no problems with it. But jumping on board last second like that, especially after being unsure of it at first unlike the rest of us who've been devoted day 1, and getting a game before refunds or others got theirs and carrying on like he does, does not sit well for some of us.

#19866 3 years ago
Quoted from delt31:

Pipes - would appreciate if you didn't come here just to hate on Alien as you do it enough on every other thread. Hopefully there is something else you're going to contribute. Thanks

Well we asked that we would appreciate you taking your talk to the other thread but look where that got us? We would've appreciated you jumping on board this whole train at the beginning like the rest of us before chiming in on your experience, but instead we got someone who got extremely lucky and last minute preaching to us daily instead of just playing and enjoying the pin you luckily got. The others who've also received their pins, do not seem to live on here every minute of every day making sure to rub it in our wounds. They posted their experience, their unboxing, their problems and then shut up and have been playing their game and enjoying it like you say you do, but do not spend every waking hour on here talking down. You seem to love the attention you get on here rather than spending your time playing your pin. Kinda taking it for granted dont you think? As we still dont have our games and am 100% sure if we got a pin like you did, we would be playing it instead of spending our time on here talking about it and preaching to others who've been wronged and still dont have 1, how great new Heighway is. Thats where its distasteful, you got lucky, you got your pin and posted your unboxing (which we had no problem with and encouraged), and posted the problems you had. But you should have respectfully backed off after that out of respect for others who've not yet got that lucky, and just enjoyed your pin. But everyday you're on here instead of playing it, which we all would give our right testicle to do, that you are taking for granted and rubbing our noses in it.

1 week later
#19991 3 years ago

Hell, every single person I've talked to in person about the Alien pin have never even heard of it in anyway lol. I've been to pin comps, small arcade events and museums and not 1 person has ever heard of this pin or Heighway pin. This has been in Arizona, Nevada, California and New Mexico. So advertising is another issue this Pin has among the countless others. So I guess in a way, that's good news for Heighway as when they do get their shit together, people might hear about them for the first time in the good light...and not know the darkside that happened lol.

#20052 3 years ago
Quoted from mnpinball:

Just spoke with cointaker yesterday.
Next shipment container coming in by end of this month. 45 LE models as well as warranty parts and plastics, facehuggers etc...

Id like to see the shipping manifest or tracking in this case as it should be, if not already, pretty close to being on the water in order to confirm this statement made by cointaker of approx 2 weeks out from them.

#20054 3 years ago
Quoted from Pale_Purple:

Wow 45 LEs and not one for old money/people who have been in for years? Ouch

Yeah, that WOULD suck if it happens (doubtful). No way that would happen with this crowd though. I am usually the one whos calling out to "bust out the pitchforks" when it comes to cointaker, but in this case I dont think they'd stoop THAT low and bad where out of 45 LE's not 1 would go to preorders lol. I am sure all 45 of those (if there really is 45 LE's being shipped lol) are spoken for with MAYBE..MAYBE 1 or 2 being available for new orders from people who've cancelled.

#20091 3 years ago
Quoted from Pale_Purple:

I was told by Melissa at Cointaker last year I'd have their first LE stateside. Haven't heard from them in months, maybe longer.

Well that's funny.....i was told the exact same thing from the same person last year at the same time lol.....i called them out on here for it and was contacted and berated for saying it by them as well as others on here. I saved the phone conversation too of her saying I'll get first LE and to not tell anyone else or mention it on here. Again, this is why I'm usually the first to call for the pitchforks against cointaker as this has happened a lot from them.

#20094 3 years ago
Quoted from PACMAN:

Possession is 9/10 of the law right?

I'd say yeah that would work legally yes if you paid for it and it's yours. But then the issue of the LE number comes up. If it isn't your LE number that you paid for then technically it's not yours or the one you paid for on your invoice which is the contract you both agreed too, so then legally it's stealing. But if it's your LE number and they are holding it or selling it to someone else...then that's robbery and they're in legal trouble.

#20095 3 years ago
Quoted from PACMAN:

See, CT already promised the first LEs to these guys. So show up guys and take what’s yours.

I've been preordered since day 1, fully paid 2 years ago (before cointaker forced My refund and told me to pound sand due to me calling them out on here for promises they made that apparently were the same they made to multiple others). My order was transferred to cointaker when Heighway switched over so my money went to them, but I am still an original preorder.

#20098 3 years ago
Quoted from PACMAN:

The first LEs should go to pre-paid buyers. The new buyers should wait in line 2 years and get pissed off like the rest of us.

I've been saying this for a long while now which was my problem with many of the new posters and New guys just jumping on board getting games over us preorders and prepaid guys. We should have been offered to switch over to standards if there was any available before anyone new is offered them, but they needed the new cash so we got screwed.

#20101 3 years ago

Id still like to know what the final verdict was on what we get back from them taking out the fiber optic ramps. Last stated was Heighway said they're working on it, cointaker said they confirmed we are getting around $450 back but I'll take that with a grain of salt. Anybody got any money back or was charged less or received any updates???

#20118 3 years ago
Quoted from bigdaddy07:

I was told we are getting exactly $0.0 back for the fiber optic ramps. That was 2 weeks ago when I asked that question specifically.

Hmmm, if this is true...i see further legal action being taken. Upon purchasing the machines, we entered a contract that had those ramps included in the price paid. Upon removing those ramps they broke their end of the contract and are now offering no recourse really sets them up for legal actions....not that they would have any money or such to pay, just sets them up for a huge fall. We aren't talking pennies here either on that fiber optic ramp. If I paid for car and got it without an engine at the same price....you can guarantee there would be an issue.

#20120 3 years ago
Quoted from Astropin:

If you're going to go with the "cargument" then I would say it's more akin to your car missing the heated steering wheel vs the engine.

It's a missing part regardless that was paid for originally that was removed and not reimbursed. Don't care what you call it.

2 weeks later
#20300 3 years ago

Cointaker has to stay with Alien lol. They arent "CHOOSING" to. They already paid them for however many they ordered back in the day during the initial purchase and have been stuck like us to get THEIR money back. So dont try and pass off like they are honoring or supporting these clowns or are taking the high stance and continuing business with them and make them sound like they're doing this for us lol. They are stuck with them until they fulfill the orders they paid for. They just fronted the cash like ALL us preorders did, just they are lucky in the fact that they are a business entity and get priority over those that went the direct route with Heighway orders. All that money is gone regardless. Who would you rather have sue you....a individual with only a small amount of cash..or a huge pin company with deeper pockets?

2 weeks later
#20447 3 years ago

Enjoy my pin whoever gets it (#LE427). I am going with a WOZ instead. Couldnt stand dealing with Heighway and cointakers ups and downs and misinformation and then new guys getting pins over preorders (and then some selling them lol).

4 weeks later
#21100 3 years ago

I got moderated twice, attacked, and chastised for saying this would happen and calling out the typical fanboys that just fanned this whole shit show up and dragged people down the drain on this deal......and look what happened lol. The writing could not have been more clearly written that this was coming. Really learned a lot on here dealing with pinballers, different thinking completely. Expected a lot more cynical types with the types of cash being tossed around in this hobby.....

1 year later
#25084 2 years ago

Anyone know the fix to the heighway login screen after factory reset?

#25087 2 years ago
Quoted from Oneangrymo:

U have to reinstall the software using keyboard mouse and the complete install software I think it’s on the wierpinball site

It's not working. Plugged in a USB hub to the pc with mouse and keyboard and USB with the iso attached and it still comes up with login. Tried USB directly and still requests login. USB is 2.0.

#25094 2 years ago

It was my stupid USB Hub, it wasnt getting proper power from the PC. So I replaced it with an separate powered one and that did the trick. Still the same kinks everyone's having issues with exist after fresh install:
-Lights flickering each time flippers used
-after a while upper right flipper and airlock scoop stop working/registering
-ball loader loads ball but hits launch lane side and bounces back in loader
-game occasionally launches multiple balls for no reason
-no#1 IO board won't update to v.09 from v.08.

Really wish the sentry gun sounds were increased like in the movie and are prominent front and center when they go off, same goes for pulse rifle SFX. I'd love for those to be chest hitting!!!

#25102 2 years ago

Any ideas on why the balls keep launching in play? Like all 6?

#25108 2 years ago

First of my many mods done. Still have to refine it a bit and find a tie in so that they will only activate in certain modes. I can control the speed and flash mode as well. As soon as I get the details nailed down, I may make more. Have lots more immersive mods planned. I think this adds much more depth to the pin, especially ambush!!

#25119 2 years ago
Quoted from razorsedge:

Those mini warning lights are cool!
Most orange flashing lights I notice in the film are mounted to the celings and point downward.
How do you think it would look if they were mounted to something overhanging, so that they point downwards? ... I think if this shed the right amount of light onto the playfield features, in the right locations, it could create a really awesome effect! . Instead of flashing in your face they more splash the effect across the playfield?
I'd be in for a set!

When I was first building these in 2016 while I was waiting for my LE#426 preorder, that was my initial plan. But this was when noone saw one and the designs were still making their way out, so I could not get any dimensions other than what I saw in proto pictures. So after I got screwed on the whole thing, I shelved these. Now that I picked one up, I dusted them off and was going through the pin physically and seeing where I could. Keeping these out of the balls way while also in an area that hides the wires and that keeps them accessible in the event of a replacement is needed, was where I saw the current setup. This isnt to say you cant play around with it. It took me almost 5 months sourcing these as the smaller "sirens" you go, the more fake they look. I was originally trying to go smaller to play it safe and that way I can mount them in more constrictive spaces, but I would have to go really small and those equate to just "flashers" and not sirens which is fine in a way since certain movie sequences, they just had flashers in the corridors. So when I finally found these that I could build around, I stuck with them as the board I made, the siren speed can be controlled as well as switched over to flashing as well. I am still toying around with them as id like some flashers by the alien or in the back corners. Each board can handle up to 6 lights and can be adjusted from 5v up to 60v, although at 5v it acts finicky since whatever you tap into on the board isnt a steady 5v besides the PS directly. But many of the function setups that I wanted to do are controlled by the 5v so I am still working on making that work as I can tap into that LED on the board like "ambush" so whenever thats on for the mode, it activates the sirens then instead of all the time. I do plan on making a limited run of these in the near future once I lock everything down tight. I am currently coming up with a 3D printed mount for these over the airlock LCD and left/right lanes. This way no tape is needed, and the less we mess with these plastics and playfield, the better. Currently there are only 4 I have on mine as shown in the video, 2 at the LCD and 2 at the lanes. I planned on 6 as anymore than that on the playfield and it kinda overtakes everything. Also, they dont really annoy or blind you as they are far enough apart where your eyes dont fixate on them, but the ambience they put off on the rest of the field makes it more immersive for sure in person.

#25121 2 years ago
Quoted from Oneangrymo:

Wow that’s awesome can u please sell a kit and is it easy to install ?

Currently I am playing around with it and am plugging into lines, but when I refine it, I hope to have it drop in plug and play simple for everyone.

#25138 2 years ago
Quoted from Oneangrymo:

Launcher switch getting stuck ?

Nope, still having the issue. switch is free and clear. Just starts launching all balls like a multiball mode is active during normal play but no multiball was triggered. I turn it off and back on and it fixes it until after a bit. Last night i had another issue where when I restarted it due to the ball launching issue, it would not boot and just said loading kernal and nothing. I had to turn it off twice and then leave it off for 5 minutes, then i fired it up and it worked again. Also having flickering light issues when I use the flippers. The ball launching doesnt seem like a opto issue either, I am thinking maybe its a I/O board. I have 1 black board on the middle playfield and I/O #1 will not update to version 9 either and is stuck on 8. Thinking the cause is in between one of those two. Still have to replace all the cables though. Having a vertical sync issue with tearing across the screen occasionally on the backbox.

#25142 2 years ago
Quoted from delt31:

awesome. Now we just need those LE plates that go on above the translight!

cool....then we just get the back stickers done as well and all of us can sell ours as "LE"s (*sarcasm*)

#25147 2 years ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

And inside stickers.... why would anyone want an LE plaque for a non LE game

Kinda what I was thinking.....

2 weeks later
#25294 2 years ago
Quoted from Averell:

By the way, have you received the speaker panels?
There're still seven parcels in delivery.
The note to the legs is right, they have to be black as everything of the Black ALIEN must be.
I'm still not finished with the cabinet because of missing parts but I have removed every screw and changed them into black, including the ones in the beacons on top.
[quoted image]

Got in my set in Arizona! I am hopefully upgrading to a LE soon so I wont be installing these on my standard until I know for sure what the final verdict ends up being. But they arrived intact and look amazing!

1 month later
#25487 1 year ago

See post # 25108, how about a shout out for the mini beacons.......I have a list going for these and was in the middle of designing a drop in system 2 months ago. But if Franking and everyone else is jumping in on it then I will offer it later. I just dont want anyone saying I copied anything when i start selling it as I first posted the idea and proto.

#25490 1 year ago
Quoted from TomDK:

Order them in Germany, take 2 hours time and the mod is finished.
2 month ago and not set so far. Maybe you should speed a little up
It is not easy here: Some people asked for a backboard plastic. I told that I am able to make them. Other guy shouted louder that he also can do them for small ammount of money. Due this guy is in the USA shipping would be much cheaper than from Germany. So I stopped all action but .,,, from the other guy comes nothing, just blahblah ...
So make your think but be not pissed if people will not wait montah for 2 small lamps ...

Not pissed, just asked to clarify on who posted the idea first as mine was so that when I do get my stuff done people arent saying "why did you copy so and so" " thats messed up you didnt credit so and so". I have a full time job as a Gunsmith, and then I run an arcade afterwards, while also running a distribution company for Jersey Jack and Chicago Gaming, then I go home and get to work on my pins/arcades/house....so you know, sorry its taking time lol.

#25493 1 year ago
Quoted from TomDK:

Clarify: It was your idea and it is a very nice and good idea !

HAHAHAHAHHA!! Can I get a cookie now? lol. I hate to have to feel the need to clarify but it seems today you need to walk on egg shells around here so as not to piss anyone else off or step on toes.

#25496 1 year ago
Quoted from Franking1302:

I'm so sorry, I was so excited about the idea that I've been looking for alternatives on the other side of the world. It was so easy to install but at the same time a good improvement. great idea thank you. we all get the perfect alien with this great atmosphere

No worries, I was gonna offer it to international peeps as well. I am just perfecting the mounting situation as well as working with the design of the game to only have it on during certain modes or when the airlock is active. Just upgraded my 3D Printer to a better model so that I can actually produce higher quantitys.

3 months later
#25885 1 year ago

I like his style, and its a tough sell for me as he only had 3 days to make the ones he did, so i understand its not a perfect representation of his capabilities if he had more time....but I did not like them at all in anyway. I actually hired another artist to make me my own that paid tribute to Ripley and all the cast and crew of the first and second films. Cost me $800 but its a 1 of a kind. Should not have "interpreted" the queens original design into his own and should have kept to how she was portrayed in the film if he was redoing the Queen. I actually asked him first to make me the one off and we talked back and forth for a while, but I didnt like his direction he wanted to take it.

#25892 1 year ago
Quoted from Per_:

I created an image of the game version 1.3B3 (B for Beta) which one very late German Alien buyer found on his machine. Only the core game code has been changed, no new videos, sounds or other media - i.e. no changes of the user experience, only some (smaller) bug fixes. We discussed if this is worth the risk of an update, especially if it is an "unknown" Beta version.
So Averell asked Brian for a list of changes of this version and Brian promised to clarify in the near feature - with approval from PB. Many thanks for this!
But this doesn't prove any work on a new Alien or other pinball. If there is a new Alien, it will need a completely different code - as it will never be an exact copy (as already discussed here).

Thanks for confirming and also squashing once again all these BS rumors of another remake lol. Tired of explaining the 1000 ways its not happening.

1 month later
#26081 1 year ago
Quoted from Shapeshifter:

So, any views on the latest Kaneda podcast?
Aliens being made by CGC? Mark Ritchie design.

Keep that bs on a podcast where it belongs with the rest of the tinfoil hat wearers

1 month later
#26338 1 year ago

Fixed via different flash drive

1 week later
#26456 1 year ago

Hmmmmm, thats not the story i was told by him. He said he only had 4 and we bought 2 and the 2 left were le426 (le350) and one for his brother.....not sure how 2 others also made it out lol. He seems to be getting these somehow.....

1 week later
#26502 1 year ago

I fixed my through issue by reflashing all IO boards and game softwares with a fresh download of 1.2 and .9 using a compatible flash drive. That solved my issue immediately! Game hasnt had any issues in over a week.

#26528 1 year ago
Quoted from ChipScott:

Wanted to share some "sheltering in place" results, haha
So I really wanted to do something for the ramps...
So I traced the ramp bases, created some pics on photoshop of corridors inside the Nostromo, made some vinyl sticker prints, placed mylar over those sticker cut-outs and put them in their place...along with a pic of the LV-426 system at the center plastic in between the left ramps.
I think it turned out pretty cool.
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Holy crap is that playfield dimpled!!!! WOW!

#26533 1 year ago
Quoted from Faust:

Update regarding my problems. I replaced all USB cables.
-Problem with random firing shooter coil still there. It just pops once in a while... (every 1-2 minutes or so). I think it only does it with balls in play.
-Infinite ball saver problem not tested yet.
I did Averells recommendation to make the outlet of the through straight. I don't recommend this, they bounce back in in my case. But also my ball through seems to have some mechanical flaws (it is not straight).
Anyone who has a spare trough, please contact me.
-Flippers going briefly dead gone as far as I could test BECAUSE new problem:
During play IO board 1 goes missing (where the scoop is). It doesn't come back unless you hard reset the entire machine.
Of course I checked if the cables are well seated; they are. I ordered extra wire harness standoffs to zip the USB cables to.
It happens repeatedly and within 3-4 minutes of play. Before USB cable replacement, this was not an issue....very strange.
Any other suggestions then already mentioned in the forum (keep away from amplifier, keep away from high power coil wiring etc.) I have ferrite chokes on both ends of the cables.
I guess IO board 1 is the one in the back that has also the worst connector.
Does anyone know why it does not come back to life? As I understood from Ferret the software should reconnect to the IO board automatically after a few seconds.
I have a Pinbits jam protector and modified it to fit the trough,thanks for the tip.

Sounds like your USB connector at I/O #1 may have come loose and is not making full contact of the cable prong. Thats the issue with those ports on the board and why using USB there is a shoddy design flaw.

1 week later
#26582 1 year ago
Quoted from Faust:

I’ve made some progress with the ball through. Adding the plastic anti jam is certainly a good idea, it makes the balls roll down smoother.
So its moving slowly forward.
Redid some cabling with the USB, and it seems better for now.
Then: My ‘eternal ballsaver’ issue:
Once I start ambush multiball I get infinitely new balls:
-‘scream again’ light stays on all the time
-Its limited to keeping 2 balls in play.
-Happens most of the times, but not always
-Was already like this when I got the game (NOB).
Have tried:
-Swap io board 3 for a spare (flippers)
-test every single switch
-bought low magnet balls, redid ballthrough assy and placed anti jam plastic
-adjusted shooter lane switch
I’ve done all the obvious testing. I can’t believe nobody has this issue, and at my game it happens almost always.... Then it shouldn’t be so hard to fix, no??
I have the impression that when I reduce coil power on the flippers, it becomes worse.
I’ve reduced coil power of the right upper flipper because otherwise it does never detect the ball shooting it over the inner loop; it goes too fast over the sensor.
Reducing coil power has also some weird side effects as you can see in my video: I have UV flashers hooked up to the magnet, and at reduced coil power the magnet gets activated when you press the flipper buttons...
Probably not related, but still...weird.
Maybe you guys have some more ideas.

I am going to say it again....get a compatible thumb drive, format it correctly. Download a fresh copy of 1.2 game software and also .9 I/O software from Weir. Install on properly formatted thumb drive. Insert drive into computer and go into settings/actions/update. Then click update on game software, then do every single I/O board even if everything is .9 and 1.2. I had your exact issue and after replacing I/O #1 and then reflashing all the software and I/O versions, my problem went away. Could be a simple Comm issue between the boards and some numbers arent matching up in the software which is causing conflict.

1 month later
#26768 1 year ago
Quoted from dpeck3:

I can’t find the post, but does anyone recall the person that put miniature rotating beacons on his playfield? I’m building a topper and I want to use those but I don’t know where to find any. The Internet is pretty sparse on availability. Thx

Quoted from Yelobird:

Amazon. Rather cheap and simple to install.
amazon.com link »

I am him. I was the origin and designer of that mod before many others jumped in. I am almost finished with my final design of it to make it look more in line with the game and not so out of place of just simply tacking sirens here and there with tape. You can get the sirens in many places, but my design and mod was attached to a custom board I made to allow it to only turn on during certain modes and allow for the sirens to be individually customized to rotate a certain way or any of the 8 kinds of siren modes since in the movies the sirens were different in each movie and also rotated certain directions.

#26772 1 year ago
Quoted from adamross:

Im in if you decide to make and sell kits.

I got you down, I have changed my design a bit from my first couple attempts as I felt I could do "more" for it. No longer am I just doing individual pieces and am instead doing a full "kit" style.

Quoted from Bartzenegger:

Hey neth,
Are making them? I’ll buy for sure

Ill put you down for a set and let you guys know when I get a prototype done and will show everyone when its all said and done.

#26790 1 year ago
Quoted from Averell:

Ah come on, not the same discussion about a remake again!

Freakin Kanada and the typical few are at it again on facebook, trying to stir the pot and fan the flames because they have nothing else better to do to get people to listen to them. Tons of people want the pin still but cannot afford and are pissed at the going rates of them, so they're jumping on these wagons in the hopes to damage the values to pick one up. When I sold my SE to go LE, I had several hesitant because they started to drink this koolaid and backed out due to believing the recent chatter for fear the pin would loose its value and in the hopes they could pick one up cheaper later. Sucks for them as they all lost out hahahaha.

105489571_10163972181520105_5598683145319747391_o (resized).jpg

#26822 1 year ago
Quoted from dpeck3:

I always felt like this machine needed more toys so I’ve added some eggs and I’m going to install the yellow wire in the hallways but underneath so you can’t see it. I just zigzag’d it through to see how bright it was. And I’ve got a couple of small xenomorphs I’m going to add in the playfield eventually. I’ll post pics
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Nice! I was working on a similar mod and was going with white el wire on the inside edge and red on the outer side like the lighting in aliens in the corridors and then program it in to switch between red and white during different modes.

1 week later
#26913 1 year ago

Did anyone ever figure out what to do when I/O boards wont update from .8 to .9? I had a standard that did this and then one day it allowed me to update it. Now I have an LE and 3 out of 4 boards are .8 and when I select any to update to .9 and I click enter, the game freezes for approx 10 minutes and then just goes back showing the board at .8. The 1 board thats .9 lets me downgrade it to .8 and update it back to .9 no matter what I/O position I install it in. So this seems like a board issue in some way, but I put in a brand new one I got from Freeplay and it also will not update. Not sure what I did before to get that one to update. Ive swapped cables, swapped positions, used different USB drives, downloaded fresh files, unzipped the files and nothing. Also, my standard let me leave my thumb drive in the computer when resetting and it booted fine, this LE will freeze on boot and say to remove all media if I have the thumb drive in it.

#26933 1 year ago

So ive seen over 25 Alien pins without any data/serial decals on the back of the cabinet and have spoken with some regarding this and it seems that some mid to late batches were rushed out during the transition and they didnt have time to rebrand the decals or just plain ran out. Some have the serial number decal, but not the power decal, and a lot just dont have any of them. I will be doing a run of these here once I can get a good solid scan of both decals and find a place able to mimic the metal like sticker. The issue with this, and I have been contacting many I know that have one, is trying to get a solid lock on what the serial number range is supposed to be....if any. It seems that USA ones have a certain range and then out of states ones have their own as well, and then of course LE's vs Standards have their own unique ones. PB has said they have no records anymore of serials or anything to go off of. So while you could just make up your own, Id rather like to try and come to some sort of close resemblance to what it was supposed to be. Maybe even just putting down "survivor" as the serial to signify its one that was not issued a serial. The playfields have serials attached, but cannot confirm if this is linked to the cab or is separate. So who's interested?

#26942 1 year ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

Yep.....definitely early and "mid stream" machines had varying degrees of markings or none at all. If you've seen "over 25" in the US, that's what you are seeing and hearing about I suspect.
Not sure what would be gained by creating made-up (fake) serial # tags, LE Plaques, etc. (though some have done it), except further muddy the waters (I like the "survivor" word for the serial though...cool idea I guess).
PB was only part of the equation when Heighway tanked....never aware of (or have seen) a "rebranded" Alien game, just parts.
The thread and people w more insight across the pond could possibly help identify the build of a machine, if you could trace it to the original owner and source.
Pure madness back then.

Yeah mine came brand new in box from PB and they said they no longer have any info on LE numbers to serials. And yes, i dont like the idea many others have of trying to convert up their SEs into LEs and create numbers that do not belong to them ie "426". I would need proof of their game like a pic of their LE plaque or i will just subsidize all these tags with a survivor serial number or followup the number with and "S" to signify it as a survivor number. "Last surviving crew member of the nostromo"

1 week later
#27016 1 year ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

Huh? You sold me your flasher kit lol.

That explains why he constantly sells his "grail" pin and is always all over the place. Not all there.....

#27019 1 year ago
Quoted from delt31:

I was referring to MK6PIN’s mod.
Nethawk86 - you’re such a waste, not worth responding.

HAHHAHAHA, says the guy who luckily got a pin by jumping in last second over others who prepaid then spends over a year talking it up and rubbing it in faces of those that lost it all, then promptly flips it for cash, then buys another one later, does the same thing, and flips it for cash....and now is back again with ANOTHER pin...lol, waste...ok man..sure...

#27021 1 year ago
Quoted from delt31:

yep - like I said. you're a complete waste. Thanks for making my point! Paying cointaker is jumping in? Helping others all year is rubbing it in their face? haha.
Pity is all i can offer someone like you. You're embarrassing but I'm sure you're used to it by now.

Yes, paying cointaker when others had paid cointaker as well and they werent offered a pin from them before you jumped in and got 1 after seeing what everyone was going through. You then posted constantly praising everything and rubbing it in faces, even after you were asked to stop by many others, you continued. Helping people all year!!! HAHAHAHAHHA, Dude your posts are all about you and your stuff lol. Its all constant "what do i do here?" "how does this go" "how can I falsify a standard edition by faking LE plaque numbers by making them and buying LE artwork to falsify a SE to an LE and then sell it as an LE?" lol. You have offered very very very little if anything to this game and your posts are all you asking questions and about your pin and what you did to it, and people helped you only for you to sell them off left and right...we all still have our pins and havent left and have been contributing while you've been flipping.

#27043 1 year ago
Quoted from fuko:

I recently joined the Alien club, and so started looking for spare I/O boards as I've been told those are a weak link. I reached out to pretty much everyone who might be selling them asking about stock. Everyone was sold out, and the responses I got from people who would know seemed to indicate there aren't any more coming. At least that was the impression I got.
I did find 2 boards from someone who "had a few left". PM me if you really need one and want to know where I got them. Not trying to be a gatekeeper, I just don't want everyone flooding that person's inbox thanks to my post.
I'm certainly not an authority, but I was recently involved in a board production run and I learned a lot. Basically, due to setup, component procurement, yield and so on, you're going to need to hit a minimum order size for it to be financially feasible. Of course every project is different, but in our case that minimum was ~200 boards. Do you think you could sell 200 I/O boards? I honestly don't know.
I think to guarantee long term support for these games, the community will have to invest time in understanding and documenting the platform. That way, when things fail they at least have a chance of being repaired. There is already a lot of good troubleshooting info on Pinside today, but I haven't found much about the I/O boards. Has anyone spent time analyzing them? Did Heighway ever share *ANY* documentation?
Edit: someone has indeed done the righteous task of analyzing and sharing their findings. Thanks to Per_!

Yeah, they were attempting to also "bullet proof" and upgrade the weak areas on the boards. But i understood the issue was property rights or such to get it replicated as you have to get permission from PB or whatnot, but since the liquidation that all went to crap. Id say 200 boards no prob, 500 would more than likely be a closer number,.

#27051 1 year ago
Quoted from Per_:

If you are interested, here is my post TomDK is referring to:
In fact, it would not be very complicated to design a new I/O Board with the same functionality but a simplified design. The problem is the code of the microcontroller. To my knowledge it can not be read out and the sources are not available / property of PB (I already asked ). It might be possible to capture and analyze the USB communication and develop new code.
Finally all the necessary work makes only sense if there is enough demand (and order numbers). And as TomDK said, almost every Alien owner has some spare I/O boards and about 75% can be repaired after a failure.

Yeah, thats what i thought was said. Its good these mostly can be repaired. But would be so much better if they could be simplified and design improved. I cant get mine to update and seems its hit and miss with some boards allowing the update and others not. Not sure why that is, but its definitely the IO pcb issue. What are the dip switches for also? Anyone ever figure that out?

#27090 1 year ago
Quoted from Averell:

These beacons at the ramp entrance is a good idea, but in my opinion they should be activated by the according mission.
So if the user gets the information what to do, for instance "Shoot left ramp", the beacons should be activated then, not by a switch postitioned behind the ramp entrance. Maybe you can find a way to get the needed signal?

This all the way! It was my original intention for this mod when i came up with it. Trying to find a signal switch that would activate them per shot is a huge PITA. Ive since shifted focus and am almost done with my ramp mods and beacon mod. Just hang up on parts shipping due to covid. I look foward to someone figuring it out and i can implement it into these mods.

#27112 1 year ago
Quoted from dpeck3:

Everybody is so touchy when you mention the word “remake”, LOL. I’m not gonna say who from but I did hear it’s in the works. I was given some nice details on it. Personally I hope it’s remade because I’ll buy that one too if it’s any good! Me, im not scared of a remake. I welcome it! I don’t think it will hurt the value of these machines. Frankly, the value of these machines is what people are willing to pay and that’s about it anyway. Depends on who’s willing to sell one and the value goes up if there’s only one for sale, LOL. I paid 14k for mine. It’s not easy to find someone who’s willing to drop that much coin on a pinball machine so I’d probably come out on the losing side if I sold anyway. But It’s one of a kind, full of history and i like it! And if its in fact remade and they remove the playfield monitor or stuff it all into a smaller cabinet or change the sound, it’s going to change the game and won’t be as good in my opinion. But hell, bring on some crazy ass good remake! If it’s got some nicely added details, functions well and has some cool special effects and toys, that’s my jam. My favorite movie franchise and I’ll take one!

Yeah ok sure. Weve all heard it for the past 3 years now on people whove "heard" and also some who "swear". Normally its always followed by "soon" but nothing ever happens. Im almost positive youve heard this bogus rumor from one of the same people who just love to stir the pot and troll everyone on it as the more people they can buy their story, the more enjoyment they get out of it. Its all always "ive heard". This is why we keep getting people asking about it every couple months, because the 3 or 4 people out there keep messing with people for just the fun of it and to try and get the current alien prices down. 3 people missed out on buying an Alien pin because they believed the lies one was going to be released beginning of this year, never happened, and not going to.

#27114 1 year ago

Just a teaser on 1 of my 3 "environmental" mods im making to sell. The sub level and level will be EL Panel backlit like the movie. They will interchange with "A deck" or "B Deck" if wanting more Alien than Aliens. Still needs to be painted to match the elevator in Aliens and some other panels completed. They will go over the ball drops from the orbits to the flippers. Im working on more mods to spiff up the ramp return plastics more in tune with the movie as well as an el lighting mod since the fiber optics got pulled from the original design as they were done poorly. Stay tune....


#27130 1 year ago
Quoted from dtowndobe:

Silly question perhaps - but why has no one (who wants an Alien) purchased the NIB one at retroarcades or whatever the place is across the pond? I'd love to have an Alien someday, but just can't afford that one.

I picked mine up from retro aka Kenneth and also can confirm the guys an insane saint and all around amazing person. I was going to meet him at TPF this year before it got pulled as i owe him a pitcher and then some fo how much he helped me. Got one of his NIB LEs also just recently from Sweden. Yes, shipping and importing via ship was a huge PITA and just all around unpleasant, but luckily Kenneth was familiar with the process and made every attempt to make it as easy as possible. Just the importing company was uttery useless.

le 1.jpg
#27139 1 year ago
Quoted from razorsedge:

I was about to pull the trigger and pay to purchase this, having an invoice and all, last minute I discovered it is really 350 only and there are no serial numbers for 426, just the piece of plastic. Lost in translation I guess, but build #426 was a Main Driver for me, so I had to pull out given All the info. The point is that my questions were answered, Kenneth was straight down the line and good to deal with, but the particular game just wasn't for me. Also a premium price, and with no significant spares. I digress.
Also it was (supposedly?) green trim... I too prefer the black SE look, including the Egg art over the Alien on the backbox, I'll just stay with that.

Yeah, Ken and I had a good back and forth about it as we were the only ones personally promised by Andrew the 426 number and we both paid in full for it. We each have our invoices showing 426 as ours so it was great to share stories of Andrews fake/false promises lol. So when i found out he had that plate, i tried to purchase as well but found out about the 350 number and such, then seeing delt31 on here making fake LE plaques saying 426 and whatever number he wanted to say he has it really turned it into a crapshoot as now the waters are murky as hell. So at this point i was just trying for sentimental reasons to get that plaque as it was ever only one of us that should have that number since we both financially lost it all for it. I would just frame it and hang it next to my pin for a war trophy story, and as a reminder of never preordering a pin and paying in full before it ships lol. But yeah, the whole 350/426 thing really threw a wrench in the deal.

#27156 1 year ago
Quoted from adamross:

That fibre optic looks sick i'm surprised nobody has recreated a DIY version out kit.

Its in the works

1 week later
#27231 1 year ago
Quoted from dpeck3:

How is this mod coming? I want to see it on the playfield!

Im still in the design and testing phase, but its around the corner. Currently those with LEs and those that have the optional side EL blades will be able to drop this mod in. But those without, i will have to make a package for them so they can install these, so thats taking some time as well as im adding on a design change here and will see what your guys opinions are on it before i implement it. Then next up is my environmental mod, and then finally ill be doing my airlock mod, which that one that was just released kinda made me do a start from scratch as his was very close to mine just without my features that ive been working on for over a year, but i didnt want people saying im copying anyone. I just got the el panels for my beacon mod and hooked it up last night and i can say....its freaking awesome! Really gives the pin more depth and looks killer!

#27238 1 year ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

My machine shop called last week, letting me know the prototype of my metal apron will be ready in about a week to fit in the game. He also stated he'd be willing to do a run of 25 if there was interest. This was great ( unexpected) news, so wanted to share.
It's happening, and happy that some in the community will have a chance to get one. I'll post pics of the proto once in my hands, and provide more details. A different approach. I think I posted my direction some time ago .
Not detracting from others current efforts, simply a long awaited update to share. It will be a "one and done" offering.

Yeah, this is why i also posted my updates as well after some time working on it as others are starting to walk along the same line. So i wanted to just show its being done. I am totally down for an apron and like the directions these are heading. Might pickup both and swap depending on my mood hahahahaha.

1 month later
#27577 1 year ago
Quoted from Roostking:

Is there anyone in Phoenix that has an Alien to play!!

Either myself or skyknight320/tronlover (father/son, tronlover owns it, skyknight320 is storing it) with LEs. We're the only ones in AZ with them. I have mine apart though going through it and creating my Mods for everyone, so mine currently isnt playable yet.

#27578 1 year ago

Duplicate post

2 weeks later
#27610 1 year ago

The typicals are back at it again......

Screenshot_20200920-022958_Facebook (resized).jpg
2 weeks later
#27646 11 months ago

Ok, got a big issue with my new out of box LE. Im blowing my D12 fuse everytime i hold my right flipper down. Light flickering is insane on this one compared to my standard i had. Everytime i hold any flipper down and the lights go epileptic, then the fuse goes which takes left, right, and top left flippers with it. The top right continues to work fine. I still cant get any IO boards to update from .8 to .9 at all. I upgraded my 12v supply but left the 70v alone for now. But never had this issue on my other.

#27648 11 months ago
Quoted from dpeck3:

Sounds to me like a Bad coil or resistor attached to it. As far as the boards go, Make sure you are running the latest software. I think we are at 1.4 right now. You may actually have to do a fresh software install If that doesn’t do the trick.

Hey dave, im the one you wanted to buy the alien off of intially remember on facebook. This pin doesnt use DIODES on the coils like traditional games do. They are located at the fuse board below. Ive been on this pin since its inception in 2014, so not unfamiliar like many about the software version. 1.2 is the last stable version of the build that dealt with big issues, 1.3 was a bad build and 1.4 just changed some settings, but they do not effect the areas im having issues with. The IO boards will not go to .9 which actually effect the lights. But im sure my issue is elseware.

#27650 11 months ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

Correct Pinbud... (resistors?).....seems I read that someone had a similar problem, turned out to be in the main power board somewhere. Maybe reseating everything and making sure nothing hanging out underneath it ( a screw or something). That's probably where I'd start. I'll poke around a bit....must get this game going...Apron time oh so soon...

4hyu8z (resized).jpg
2 weeks later
#27709 11 months ago
Quoted from delt31:

Already reached the 25 gentlemen! I had no doubt demand was there but thanks for proving it so quickly.
As for cost, if custom aprons can get 1k+ without showing any pictures of what it actually looks like, we'll be able to afford this! I'll circle back with an update including hopefully a price shortly. I'm hearing 250-350 eur but still TBD.

What kinda bs is that statement for. Better than a jack wagon who stole other peoples ideas and sold them without asking or giving any credit. Id gladly pay for someones product whos proven themselves as a true fan of this pin since the beginning like me and has shown the capability of making something passionately that does this pin justice....unlike others who just copy and paste or simply make quick and easy stuff to make a buck off of. Nice cheap shot there.

1 month later
#27960 9 months ago
Quoted from Ferret:

Upgrading your I/O board firmware to 0.9 should minimize the LED flickering when you flip.

Any ideas as to why I/O boards will not update? Ive tried all of mine and then some replacements and not 1 would update.

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