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ALIEN PINBALL - Game Over, Man, Game Over

By HeighwayPinball

4 years ago

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#20062 1 year ago
Quoted from rubberducks:

The new owners are obligated to fill the old orders, since they took the company on as a going concern, however noble and ultimately unwise that may have been.
Newer orders being filled first is likely due to trying not to haemorrhage unacceptable losses / negative cash flow in the short term.
Whilst a bitter pill, this should be acceptable to old orders since; the money was all gone; they never saw a penny of it; no-one was going to get a machine if they hadn't stepped in; the machine you get will be a vast improvement on the piecemeal crap Andrew tried to peddle as 'production'.

This might change things, if there were several companies in the Heighway group and the investors bought the healthiest one of the group (e.g. if the bought company would have been a "mere" development company, which has now been expended into production) and people would have made their payments to this company instead:

Quoted from Durzel:

(As an aside I note also that Heighway Pinball (Sales) Ltd was dissolved at the end of 2016. How many people who have pre-ordered years ago paid money into that entity?)

2 months later
#21306 1 year ago

Oh wow, is that what I saw in the previous page the most unpopular post on Pinside ever?

-81 (resized).jpg

1 month later
#22272 1 year ago

Question to those of you fortunate enough to have an Alien from the latest manufacturing batch (I think it was 02/2018?):
How well have these games operated out of the box? What kind of problems have you had? Did you get support from
seller/Heighway to fix the problem or did you manage to do it yourself?

4 weeks later
#22499 11 months ago
Quoted from Damonator:

Finally - I’m in! Had a deposit down on #237, ended up with #227 - close enough! I haven’t even played a game yet - still tweaking things - but it’s incredible just seeing it in person as I never thought I would own one.
Can someone point me to the software and IO updates? The link previously provided wasn’t working when I tried it.

Hi! Have a look here: http://www.rs-pinball.at/alien/

1 week later
#22573 11 months ago

This is so intimidating... How can I ever get than in place??!!

IMG_4065 (resized).JPG
#22596 11 months ago

Anybody installed the playfield protector and have tips to give? This seems a bit more difficult job to do and a bit intimidating to say the least!

#22598 11 months ago
Quoted from billsfanmd:

the airlock clift? it’s actually not bad. From memory the 6 nuts they hold the little display then move outbid the way. Then 4/5 nuts/nyloc to get plastic off. then 2-3 screws to get metal ball guide out. put cliffy in and then reverse process

Thanks, but the protector is for the whole playfield.

#22599 11 months ago
Quoted from Nepi23:

Anybody installed the playfield protector and have tips to give? This seems a bit more difficult job to do and a bit intimidating to say the least!

I started at flipper area and started with the screws on the plastics. I noticed that the counterparts (i.e. t-nuts) for the plastics' screws under the playfield would drop off when removing the screws and would have fallen under two electronic boards This was a bit too intimidating and seemed impossible to get this ever done, so I settled with just waxing the playfield. It was just a too difficult task.

#22618 11 months ago

What about the screen in the middle of the playfield. Have you e.g. put mylar to cover the edges of the screen or something similar? I was worrying that the ball might chip the edge. I was planning to get the thing covered with a playfield protector, but that seems like a no go for me.

#22620 11 months ago
Quoted from Cigaretteman:

It is a difficult machine to put a protector on but it is doable. I have put protectors on about 75 machines and Alien took the longest. I did not time it but I think I spent around 6 hours. Take lots of pictures and line everything up in a long row. When you put it together just work backwards on the row and you will be fine. It is so worth it to protect the playfield and especially the edges around the screen.

You do not planning on taking a summer vacation trip to Finland by any chance?

When working the flipper area, you removed the circuit boards from below the playfield? When removing bolts, the t-nuts are dropping off and impossible to reinstall without taking the circuit boards off. Somebody installing the PF protector should make a guide on how to do it

1 week later
#22761 10 months ago

I put my self-made pinstadiums in, but I don't dare to post pictures as I know how you think about it I am looking ways to hook it up with GI though, as it is on now all the time.

#22764 10 months ago

Well, here are the pics, you can lynch away These are "homemade stadium lights", not the real pinstadiums.
(The other pic stadium lights on and the other lights off)

IMG_4152 (resized).JPGIMG_4153 (resized).JPG
#22766 10 months ago
Quoted from jeffspinballpalace:

1 vote no on the fake_stadiums. Benefit of Pinstadiums is they can be dimmed or even individually controlled. Yours are too bright at 100%, but it is your machine and whatever makes you happy is the right choice.

The picture distorts, I do not believe the brightness is at 100 % currently and the color is on the blue-side. I can dim mine with the phone app and also choose the color (its RGB-leds). But I would want to hook them up with GI, so that they would turn off when the GI turns off - that is something I do not know how to do yet. Some use of relays would be needed apparently.

#22793 10 months ago

Just a word of caution to anyone installing a PF protector or otherwise dismantling the PF. The plastics are very brittle. I have installed now 2 plastics back and managed to broke both in the process. One cannot tighten the screws much, otherwise its byebye plastic.

#22795 10 months ago
Quoted from Astropin:

I've seen a lot of your posts and just can't even imagine why anyone would want to install a playfield protector on this game...any game really, but particularly this game. Anything that needs to be protected can be protected by Cliffy's or Mylar. I Cliffy'd the eject hole and the magnet. I mylar'd the pop bumpers and the playfield screen (that one is actually questionable). That's all you will ever need (If you take care of the game). No amount of play will wear out the playfield if it's properly cleaned & waxed from time to time and you change out worn pinballs when needed.
It should look pristine 20-30 years down the road even with regular play. Playfields that got worn out were ones that never got regular maintenance.
What do you do when the protector gets worn out?...that will be fun.

I had some wear happen on other game and decided to put a PF protector on this one to protect it.

#22797 10 months ago
Quoted from rubberducks:

I'm not sure if all the late model ones were too, and what the build date was on your game, but all the earlier games had acrylic instead of PETG plastics ... so ball strikes or anything other than extremely careful tightening and untightening of screws broke them. It sounds like you have them.

I did not find the build date, but the playfield had been checked on 19 February 2018. It is a later model, but maybe for some reason acrylic plastics had found their way in my game (?) - they are prone to break if one overtightens a screw even just a bit.

1 week later
#22906 10 months ago

Need some help. The wire that goes to the small screen on the playfield. It has come off from below the playfield (marked with yellow arrow) - where should one attach it under the playfield? The hole to the small screen has been marked with green arrow. Can you please show the correct place where to plug the wire with a picture? Thank you very much!

Wire_from_TV (resized).JPG

#22910 10 months ago
Quoted from Jvspin:

Lower left corner.
[quoted image][quoted image]

Thank you very much!

4 weeks later
#23107 9 months ago

5 in mine too

5 (resized).JPG
1 week later
#23209 8 months ago

What do you think - would it be a good idea to procure an extra set of facehuggers? I've heard that the latest batch of facehuggers were of much better quality than the first ones, which had broken tails after some games. What about the power supply board - should one get an extra?

Thanks for any info!

1 week later
#23288 8 months ago

In for a full set

2 weeks later
#23417 7 months ago
Quoted from Oneangrymo:

I dont know mine looks like its a new edition. It has a cliffy in the scoop, the sub speaker is actually white. THe wiring looks pretty good. Is it the autolaunch setting that I want to adjust? Do you think the spring is bad on the launcher, maybe it needs to be replaced?

Does the ball come out of the ballthrough at all, or does it ricochet from the shooter lane back to the ballthrough? If it is the latter, it might be worth bending the metal part a bit closer so that the ball does not jump so easily back to the ballthrough.

#23422 7 months ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

Hard to bend that wireform without breaking the acrylic....be careful...
If it makes it to the top and comes back, some dead drop foam will cure....

Oh no, I am not talking about the launcher and the wireform, but of the ballthrough and the ball getting to the shooter lane. But I see that it was not a question of that

1 week later
#23496 7 months ago
Quoted from Per_:

I just finished the installation of a playfield protector on my Alien. It removed a lot of parts and took the chance to fix / optimize many "details". Both ramps were stuck in the playfield so bad, that I preferred to cut the outer loop of the protector instead of damaging something. I like the result and I know my Alien much better now
The protector is made by Playfield-Protectors and as you can see by the picture it fits very well. Currently they offer a Halloween special (https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/playfield-protectors-halloween-special).
[quoted image]

I had my ramps stuck in similar way, so I decided not to remove them, when I put the PF protector in. The protector went a bit too far up to the mystery hole and blocked the ball once in the hole, so I had to cut the PF protector a bit shorter. I also did not manage to remove the ramps on the left above the orbit that would lead ultimately to the pop bumpers, so I made a cut in the PF protector and reattached the PF-protector pieces with mylar. Did you manage to do it, or did you make a cut as well?

#23501 7 months ago
Quoted from Per_:

They are held by the flaps etc. and adhesive effects. They should not be fixed entirely to allow temperature depending length changes.
I decided to add mine on the new machine for the same reason (in particular to protect the playfield monitor cover). Ball movement may change a little bit but I can live with this. JJP even offers factory installed protectors.

I also did one cut behind the airlock screen and put the stripes together with mylar (from behind). There will always be some "fine tuning" with the protectors as no two machines are exactly the same (especially from Heighway )[quoted image]

Exactly the same place where I made my cut

4 months later
#23919 3 months ago

Hi! Can you please share the URL, where to get the figurines? Thanks!

#23952 3 months ago
Quoted from Lamprey:

Here is a link to the computer on Aliexpress:
I think you need to add 8GB RAM and a 32GB MSATA SSD

I contacted the seller at Alibaba and they came back to me with an offer on "WKM-D2E4P".
I asked them and apparently, "HP-D2E4P-4C is same as WKM-D2E4P".
Just checking, anyone know if this is the case?

Also I think that only 4 GB RAM was needed with the mobo

#23964 3 months ago
Quoted from delt31:

Can someone remind me if pdi or invisiglass works with this pin considering the all in one glass they use? I really love using nice glass on my games

Hi! I put JJP inviglass in mine, worked fine.

#23967 3 months ago
Quoted from Pale_Purple:

How hard was it replacing the glass?

Not hard at all. One has to remove some screws and replace the glass and tighten the screws back.

#23982 85 days ago

Received today a big bag of goodies (= spare parts for Alien) from Free Play. Also received from Alibaba the spare-computer today.

IMG_5543 (resized).JPG
#23983 83 days ago

Managed to get the Alien spare computer booting. Mobo with ram and ssd was from Alibaba. Thanks for Weir Pinball for the excellent guide!

In the display there is some vertical bar in the right edge of the picture, but I guess this is normal when using a standard PC display?

#23996 81 days ago

Any ideas where to get a replacement monitor for the one standing next to the Alien creature in the back?

1 week later
#24092 68 days ago

In my game the playfield monitor has twice started to show garbled images and the picture has turned greenish. Reboot solved the problem. However, has anyone else experienced this and is there a fix to this?

Also, if one removes the playfield monitor from beneath the playfield, is the playfield hole covered with glass, or is there just a hole in the playfield, when the playfield screen is removed?

Thanks for any info!

#24098 68 days ago
Quoted from mavantix:

I believe you could remove the monitor and leave the plastic cover but...why.

Thanks! There is a small amount of debris on the edges of the playfield screen and I would like to wipe it off, but I have a playfield protector on, so I am thinking about cleaning it from beneath the playfield It would be good if I could remove the playfield monitor and any glass/plastic cover from underneath the playfield, so I could do the cleaning via the playfield screen hole.

#24122 65 days ago
Quoted from PinDoctor82:

I know that I am definitely hungry. I've got to see what Wonka I end up with, but Alien is a must-have if I get lucky enough to have a shot at a fully functioning one.

Will send PM

#24156 64 days ago
Quoted from delt31:

Also is the Shaker worth it now? In my original it barely went off. If so which one did you guys buy? I think my first one was red tremor cointaker

Congrats Delt31 for the Alien! I am using the original shaker that came with the pin. I believe it is this one (and which seems to be available still at free-play.se): https://www.free-play.se/en/modding/pinball-mods/alien-shaker-motor.html

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