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ALIEN PINBALL - Game Over, Man, Game Over

By HeighwayPinball

5 years ago

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Post #10128 Photo of Alien at UK Trade Show Posted by unigroove (3 years ago)

Post #10230 game play video from EAG UK tradeshow Posted by Join_The_Cirqus (3 years ago)

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#5384 4 years ago
Quoted from HoakyPoaky:

I do miss Aurich's posts tho

Quoted from Aurich:

I don't know anything about "Alien Day"

#5404 4 years ago
Quoted from o-din:

My evolution wasn't so natural.

I'm looking at your avatar and evaluating your comment.

1 week later
#5526 4 years ago

Lance Henriksen is an interesting man.

He dropped out of school and left home at age 12.
He was illiterate until the age of thirty, when he learned to read by studying movie scripts.

He was considered for the title role in The Terminator (1984), but was ruled out when it was decided that Arnold Schwarzenegger (who was reading for the role of Kyle Reese) would be the perfect choice as the Terminator".

He and Bill Paxton are the only two actors to face off against a Terminator, an Alien and a Predator.

Heres a link if you want more: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0000448/bio

#5535 4 years ago
Quoted from vid1900:

If you go to any Asian/Indian video rental store, they always have New Wave Hookers with Traci Lords for rent.
Don't get caught with that video in your possession or on your rental list, lol.

The original version was removed from distribution in the United States in 1986 when news broke that Traci Lords was under 18 when the film was made. The movie was subsequently re-edited and reissued with the Lords-Cassidy scene excised and the box cover photo of Lords was replaced with co-star Ginger Lynn's image. This version is the one that is (legally) available in the United States today. - Wikipedia

Any of Traci Lords underage movies, including the original New Wave Hookers can still be found on the black market. I'm guessing very expensive for collectors.

She's a fascinating person in real life IMO and set off quite a scandal in the adult world involving the FBI.


#5548 4 years ago
Quoted from Methos:

But only Lance went up against Pumkinhead.

I think Lance also threw down with Traci Lords in Rump Rangers.

1 week later
#5645 4 years ago

In space, no one can hear you moan.


#5656 4 years ago

I understand the excitement and optimism here. But why are people assuming this delay is all the fault of the licensor?

#5659 4 years ago

Just because it was submitted doesn't guarantee approval. That's why they have a process.

#5680 4 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

Since Full Throttle is out there and the manufacturing process and crew is FAR superior to what DP has

What do you base this on?

(Edit: Never mind. I don't want to squabble. Believe what you wish).

#5838 4 years ago

I think men are more worried about it lurking in her throat.

#5852 4 years ago
Quoted from Yipykya:

Go to the 1st page and first post of this thread and click on the black head and shoulders symbol located in the top right corner area of that post.
Volia, you just filtered out all of the monkey business and are left with a concise history on everything you need to know about the development of this pin and how far it's come to this point, directly from the manufacturer.

Thank you, I was unaware of this feature. It doesn't show on my phone right now but I will check this feature out when I return from traveling. Great tool.

Edit: also found it on my phone.

#5889 4 years ago

Heighway has had the licence agreement in place for years now. He recently promised to release an update pending Fox approval and now claims he can release nothing until completion?

I don't understand.

#5996 4 years ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

I still wanna know where the other games from Heighway's "4 games a year" plan that we heard about 3 or 4 years ago.

Not sure why but my intuition tells me there may be a train theme coming.

#6038 4 years ago
Quoted from PinballRulez:

So you can make more than 30 off topic posts, derail a thread and the penalty is a temporary 1 day thread eject cause of over-bumping????? So that is what Pinside is all about. Good to know!

Its a judgment call by the moderator and I for one agree with him. Jeffspinballpalace is a good Pinsider and he got a little carried away is all. And I thought Jeff was amusing... Imposing a Kaneda death penalty would have been extreme.

#6041 4 years ago

I hope this helps. I'm a North to South player.


#6052 4 years ago

Bringing this thread up from so deep in the newsfeed has given me the Bends.

#6081 4 years ago
Quoted from jazzmaster:

I don't find it to be overly dramatic at all. This thread has nearly spiraled into a cesspool of absolute bullshit! If it were not for Aurich's posts and those of the few people who have seen the video this thread would rival some of the very worst on Pinside.

Given the fact that Aurich has a long history on Pinside of spamming other peoples threads, I also agree it's drama.

Back on topic.

Quoted from Aurich:

We're just not allowed to release it publicly because it's full of stuff they haven't run through legal apparently.

This confuses me. FOX green lights showing the playfield and its successfully shown. Andrew then posts he has submitted more machine highlights and will post them as soon as he gets approval. Then with a deadline come and gone, Andrew posts that FOX will no longer approve *anything* until the game has been *fully* completed? - WTF?

Quoted from Aurich:

I can't tell you how Fox works, but they approved the playfield, so I guess it was cool to show it. They haven't approved all these media elements that are in the video, so they can't give it the stamp of approval, so it can't be public.

Sorry but this just doesn't compute. My guess is FOX will get a royalty for each machine sold. Why would the licensor hamstring a company from promoting themselves. FOX has a vested interest in Alien pinball being successful. And suddenly FOX can just change the license agreement on a whim?

#6085 4 years ago
Quoted from vid1900:

FOX is not going to risk their super valuable franchise by playing fast and loose with licensing.
1000 pinball machines is a drop in the bucket money-wise compared to comics, video games, movies, and merch that appeals to the general population.

Then why was the playfield approved and shown? Why a complete shut down on the project after an approval protocol was established? And if Andrew had his ducks in a row, FOX would be rubber stamping everything.

The licensing agreement has been in place for years now. Did Andrew not understand the agreement or did FOX grow frustrated with him?

For the record, I think this game will be built at this point. But I'll not blindly give a thumbs up just because someone tells me "Trust Me" and there are unanswered questions.

#6150 4 years ago
Quoted from SunKing:

Just guessing here, but perhaps because it doesn't contain video and audio clips from the movie?

So for that they shut everything down? Why didn't FOX suggest, "you need to add this or deleted that"... You know, work with the licensee. That's what the approval process is about.
But instead they say the playfield was enough to promote a new company's product? Thanks for trying for a secondary reveal, Heighway, but don't come back until the machine has been completed?

I'm glad it's so simple for some of you guys but I don't think we're getting the whole story.

#6217 4 years ago
Quoted from vid1900:

That's exactly it.
Pinside is so disrespectful to every manufacturer's representatives, that it is no surprise that there is only a single company left posting any information here.

Who was the loudest and most prolific Pinsider doing this? He was once dubbed the "Voice of Pinside" as he lead the charge criticizing every manufacturer but his own employer. He also beat the shit out of the little guys competing in his mod business. And now that Aurich is getting a taste of his own medicine we should feel sorry for him?

That said, I was impressed with some of Aurich's recent comments and I believe he has learned from his mistakes. He owes a lot more apologies than just to Spooky Pinball but at least its a start.

For my part, I will be making a private peace offering to Aurich concerning our battles when time permits. It will be up to him to accept it or not.

1 week later
#6352 4 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

so they have to mark it NSFW

FYI: I denounce and condemn whoever flagged Aurich's picture. This action or fake Pinside accounts is an act of cowardice.

Man up.

3 weeks later
#6625 4 years ago
Quoted from BoozeMarlin:

I like the idea of more Newt so long as the pin has Ripley. Can't have an Alien(s) pin without Ellen Ripley. If Newt is a huge part of Aliens then Ripley is Alien(s).

I heard this just yesterday that Ripley might not be there. I also heard there is a Jonesy (the cat) mode or something. Along with Newt multiball I'm wonder what the licencing agreement is about.

Can someone confirm or denie please.

1 week later
#6697 4 years ago
Quoted from Hazoff:

Well that's no reason to post a picture of a tranny

That's Traci Bingham. And if she's a tranny, I'm switching teams.

#6719 4 years ago
Quoted from AlexSMendes:

Actually, the baby survived!

Yes indeed. Great scene.


1 week later
#6807 4 years ago
Quoted from karl:

Actually, Full Throttle was also very late. If they had taken pre-orders from the day it was announced (they waited much longer than JJP before doing that though so smart move there) it would have been almost 3 years late.

Well done, Karl.

Quoted from Stones:

it would interesting to hear the behind scenes stories of what caused delays

Optimistic forecasting in my opinion and artificial deadlines are usually formulated off the cuff. - Next month should be interesting.

#6811 4 years ago
Quoted from frolic:

The reality is they can put whatever they want on it.

For a few years now I have suggested companies put a micro camera on the apron, centered on the flippers looking up field. Not as cool but maybe one at the top of the playfield also, looking down.

1 week later
#6889 4 years ago


2 weeks later
#7011 3 years ago
Quoted from HeighwayPinball:

Thanks for reading and I'll try to answer any questions you have.

Hi Andrew

A simple Google search of you and your business history over multiple years is quite revealing. I'm wondering if you can explain all of this. Also, can you explain why on June 4th, 2015 Heighway Pinball's credit rating was downgraded from A to D and it remains there.

Links and screen shots attached.





#7014 3 years ago
Quoted from fishbone:

I'm confident his investors also know how to do a Google search if needed.
What a sad attempt of digging up some dirt.

Knowledge is power and educated people can learn or remain naive. And I didn't create any dirt.

#7019 3 years ago
Quoted from paul_8788:

Calling a history of being part of multiple companies being "revealing and scary", and "do your investors know" is an attempt to stir shit and nothing more imo.

I can agree with this and have edited my comments.

#7022 3 years ago
Quoted from HeighwayPinball:

We were a Research & Development company for 3.5 years. R&D companies lose money.
We started shipping games last summer.

And could you please explain all of the dissolved company's from your past going back to 1995 with Heighway Leisure LTD?
Those website don't show anything successful or even sustaining for any length of time.

#7024 3 years ago
Quoted from HeighwayPinball:

To you, sorry - no, I'm not going to explain my life story.

That's your prerogative but it's more than just me you'd be explaining to. I'm not the only one with concerns here. And I think these unanswered questions will linger for you and create doubt. What a pity.

#7042 3 years ago

In my opinion, Alien will be successfully made and delivered. It's the long term viability of the company that should concern people.
And you can spin the word "Dissolved" any way you like. Look at the facts. He has a business record of 100% dissolved business.

#7046 3 years ago
Quoted from nwpinball:

What have you done with your past businesses when you've been ready to move onto something else?

I sold them.

(Edit: Apologies to moderators and I will no longer respond to questions.)

1 week later
#7208 3 years ago

I agree the comment about the artwork not lining up is petty and was unnecessary. That said, it is no different than the criticism inflicted on the artwork of Stern, JJP, Spooky, et al.

3 weeks later
#7552 3 years ago
Quoted from Hazoff:

Andrew has it been submitted yet?

Posted 9 days ago.

Quoted from Aurich:

The approval process with Fox has started, but I couldn't possibly guess when it will be finished, because that's entirely out of my control. Obviously we're all pulling for soon.
All I can say with 100% confidence is that Andrew will show things as soon as Fox allows him to, he's so ready to get people genuinely excited about this game.

2 weeks later
#7838 3 years ago

It looks like a Sega machine from the 1990's.

#7997 3 years ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

rooting heavily for PDI

thumbsup (resized).jpg

#8331 3 years ago
Quoted from HeighwayPinball:

So, I am supposed to defend myself against a coward who hides anonymously behind a keyboard?
Your comments are BS and specifically timed to do as much damage as possible to my company. You clearly have alterior motives - whoever you are.
No, I am not going to reply to your comments - unless you reveal your true identity.
Otherwise this is nothing more than slander.


I am neither a coward or anonymous. My name is Kim Mitchell and I have been posting under the Mr68 handle for a decade now. I am well know in the community and the industry.

I think you should answer those allegations or prepare to let them fester.

#8364 3 years ago


8 months later
#15219 3 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

I was just pointing out that some people did in fact benefit. Prime example is the guy that sold his MG slot for 23k on the post expo hype. It is like playing the lotto. IN that case, 1 person paid in 16k and sold just the position before the game even delivered and profited a bunch of money.

He sounds like the smartest man on Pinside. I'll bet he's handsome too. LOL.

#15291 3 years ago
Quoted from pingod:

What do I need to do to help you out Dustin.
I am a computer dumb dumb though.
Might be able to get a friend to help me out for you though.

Quoted from libtech:

Thanks Dan, I appretiate that, I was thinking what I could do is buy a drive dock/duplicator and mail it to you, then all youd have to do is pop out the hdd, and put it on the dock and press a button, then mail it back - super easy.

Quoted from pingod:

This I can do

Well done, this is what we need more of around here. This is Pinball at its finest.

I will pay for shipping both ways if you guys will send me your PayPal.

#15375 3 years ago
Quoted from Hazoff:

still after Predator and this I'm done for pre-ordering.

No offense but the contradiction I see here is that you have an opportunity, right now, to seek a refund.

I think it was ForceFlow that astutely pointed out regarding pinball recent history, how many times have people gotten an offer for a second chance?

2 months later
#16658 2 years ago
Quoted from greenhornet:

Something i do find hard to comprehend is that delt31 [US customer] says he put down a SE deposit with CT only 10 days ago

Quoted from delt31:

Yes I am getting one from CT in their initial batch of 21.

And another pre-order customer is born wondering what the fuss is all about with pre-orders.

#16685 2 years ago
Quoted from delt31:

For those doubting I'm getting one of the first ones, that is what I was told by CT. Again just relaying back to what I was told.

I don't doubt you at all. I'm just confused how you placed your order less than two weeks ago and you're somehow on the first container shipment.

I mean, I'm happy for you but I find this a very odd occurrence. Is my information incorrect or am I missing something?

#16690 2 years ago
Quoted from delt31:

According to Melissa - she got me into the first shipment of 21. Info is correct.

Excellent, you are a very fortunate man. Please be sure to post pictures in this thread of your unboxing.

#16710 2 years ago
Quoted from spfxted:

I don't want an STD!

In space, no one can hear you blister.

#16771 2 years ago
Quoted from delt31:

I'm gonna bite b/c this is such a ridiculous statement that I can't. Explain to me how I jumped the line? I reached out to the vendor to buy Alien and then put a deposit in when she said there was a spot. What about this is wrong? I just don't understand. How else should I have done this?
Next time I buy a pin, I'll PM you to make sure your feelings aren't hurt. I'll also pat you on the head and give you a warm glass a milk so you can go to sleep.

How about dialing it back a notch and showing some empathy to those who have struggled here for years now and continue to be distressed about the future with unsecured deposits. You're at page three enthusiasm when Andrew was God here and we are now on page 336 in this thread.

Just a friendly suggestion.

#16790 2 years ago
Quoted from budroosker:

i'm in the U.S. (see avatar)


#16835 2 years ago

Reading Pinside?

4a652a686b70efb68ea12a3517d6ea4166adaac6 (resized).jpg

#16901 2 years ago
Quoted from delt31:

so you know that standards are usually made and shipped first

That may be true but given Heighway's present situation, it's just poor form in my opinion. It should have been suffering, loyal customers first.

Quoted from legionsoup:

This isn't new, but she said they have a shipment currently on a boat,

Even from the docks you should now have a tracking number with GPS so you can follow the ship along its entire journey. Check in as often as you like and it will look like the attached picture. Your boat will be individually identified so you can pick it out of a seemly global mess. See "Seoul Express" in red box for example.
Have you guys gotten that tracking number and website yet?

6840784bffa049a79e39c75a4ef91cf3f1ef787d (resized).jpg

#16904 2 years ago
Quoted from jeffspinballpalace:

the honorable Captain Joseph Hazelwood

LMAO. Thats some scary memory you have there, Jeff.

#16906 2 years ago
Quoted from delt31:

I've asked as CT said they would have it once shipped. When I receive it, I can share with group. Would like to track so I know when to pick up (as I'm going right to CT - cut the shipping out of it)....

The GPS monitoring is pretty cool and I was anxious to receive my machine while following it on Vessel Finder.

Pro tip: Refreshing the page every five minutes to gage progress from the stratosphere angle can be frustrating.

#16915 2 years ago
Quoted from jonesjb:

I don't get the desire to follow a ship. Am I missing something?

I wonder what percentage of the population might say, "I don't get the desire to follow pinball".

#16946 2 years ago

Has anybody gotten the shipping info that was promised yet? I realize tracking the ship isn’t high drama for Pinside elites. But after recent lies about launches and hurricanes, I’m interested in some verification. Thanks

#16954 2 years ago
Quoted from nwpinball:

But coming from the UK straight to the East Coast is going to be way quicker and once you get the ship tracking info next week,

That's what happened when we shipped from the Netherlands. I followed the boat through the English Channel between France and England out into the Celtic Sea and then the North Atlantic. It made its way straight across to Halifax, Nova Scotia where it had a layover, I assume to exchange cargo, crew, and refuel. Then it headed down to a New York harbor where our machines were unloaded.

To each his own but I found it a fun process to glance at with my idle time. I even continued to peek in afterward as it bounced along our east coast, through the Panama Canal and on up to LA.

Follow it after you get the infomation. If you don't enjoy yourself I'll refund your admission ticket.

#16980 2 years ago
Quoted from luvthatapex2:

None of this matters if you play the game and like it, then decide. If I had listened to the vocal on pinside I would have never bought and enjoyed XMEN years ago.

Agreed, and this logic also applies to the cheerleaders.

#17000 2 years ago
Quoted from kklank:

Yes sir! Now everybody drop down and give me 20.

Or some could apologize for false accusations, truth distortion and sending moderators on a witch hunt. All while being smug about it.

Don't expect much, Greenhornet. I'm still waiting on mine.

#17014 2 years ago

Baby steps, everyone, gotta start some way. This is some positive news for certain.

#17050 2 years ago

Where? I don't see it.


#17103 2 years ago
Quoted from jonesjb:

I don't get the desire to follow a ship. Am I missing something?

Quoted from CoinTaker:

Here is the tracking information on the ship

#17119 2 years ago


You'll need to scroll out to find its location on the globe but you should be able to follow it from here.

1 week later
#17333 2 years ago

Cheerleading with exaggeration and lying by omission is thumbed up and celebrated on Pinside. Dissenting opinions are shouted down, ridiculed and silenced even after they provide thoughtful explanations.

For some irony, go back a year or two and read Hilton's comments in the Predator thread. He enthusiastically cheerlead that project to the very end while sneering at the doubters and taunting them. Sound familiar?

Carry on Pinside, I expect nothing to change.

#17337 2 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

says the guy that hyped up MG and as soon as AP stepped in flipped for a hefty profit prior to delivery of a box of blinking lights to a narcasist looking for attention. I mean... if we want to talk reality of people actually having personal gain from schilling a game that never even worked correctly from D1, then that is the more accurate and saddening story to tell. I am out money on Predator and have been fighting the good fight on that. You profitted off the money spent by hundreds of other pinheads that helped fund you flip of MG.
I appologized multiple times for my transgressions concerning predator from years ago now, and you trying to equate me liking how aliens shoots is both disrespectful and disingenuous.
I actually like pinball for the fact that it is pinball. Sorry for seeing the positive in a game, despite the added crap involved with the company making it.
now go back to flipping your BBB before the remakes come out...

If you want proof of Hilton's lying and exaggerating, here it is. It also shows to what off topic extremes he will go to, to be vengeful, slander and personally attack someone.

Note to Moderators. I'm not complaining. Please allow his post to stand as example.

#17390 2 years ago

Posted about two weeks ago.

Quoted from TigerLaw:

Pinside staff comment:
We have looked into the matter and do not see anything that leads us to believe greenhornet is a duplicate, in fact, our investigation leads us to believe he is not a duplicate. His posting style likewise does not emulate any usual duplicate account suspect.
If anyone has hard data to show or suggest (other than the third person comment above) he's a duplicate please give it to us in a private MF thread, otherwise we view the matter as closed and instruct everyone to go back on topic.
Thank you all for your attention.

#17401 2 years ago
Quoted from Roostking:

Did you, or did you not flip MG?
Is BBB currently for sale? Either he is lying or he is not..

A good liar will use a grain of truth and surround it with bullshit. Reposted below so you can read it again.
Hilton flat out lied about the circumstances in his effort to slander me. And he knows he lied.

Quoted from Whysnow:

says the guy that hyped up MG and as soon as AP stepped in flipped for a hefty profit prior to delivery of a box of blinking lights to a narcasist looking for attention. I mean... if we want to talk reality of people actually having personal gain from schilling a game that never even worked correctly from D1, then that is the more accurate and saddening story to tell. I am out money on Predator and have been fighting the good fight on that. You profitted off the money spent by hundreds of other pinheads that helped fund you flip of MG.
I appologized multiple times for my transgressions concerning predator from years ago now, and you trying to equate me liking how aliens shoots is both disrespectful and disingenuous.
I actually like pinball for the fact that it is pinball. Sorry for seeing the positive in a game, despite the added crap involved with the company making it.
now go back to flipping your BBB before the remakes come out...

I'm pretty sure we should get back on topic now but whatever.

#17422 2 years ago
Quoted from jeffspinballpalace:

Enjoying the critique from greenhornet and believe the real objections raised against his posting are from people believing that these posts do not belong in this thread - official Alien thread. I do not feel the objections are trying to stifle criticisms, only that many people believe this material belongs in a new thread - design issues with Alien. In this way everyone's opinion can be heard and Alien groupies can huddle in a safe place.
Now where are those unboxing pics?

I agree with this but I wish GreenHornet would be pithy instead of his long winded comments - My attention deficit disorder hurts.

And I don't get the criticism of MK6PIN. MK6PIN has worn his heart on his sleeve and has been very balanced and realistic with the highs and lows of this ordeal. I want to see everyone get their machines but he deserves LE #1.

#17549 2 years ago

Some of you guys act like Mr. 68 and Whysnow. Lighten up.

#17693 2 years ago

Looks like the back of Gary's pants are full from crapping himself at the sight of Alien.

#17804 2 years ago
Quoted from jlm33:

Moderation question: I wonder if we should create a separate "Alien troubleshooting" thread, or ask owners to post their questions or describe issues in the club thread?
Finding the right answer will be super difficult later in a thread with over 17,000 posts...

Interesting question and I don't know the best answer. Tech problems and questions have already begun in this thread with Full Throttle and now Alien.

In addition to this club thread, we also have the, "Heighway Pinball Support" thread.

And we have the, "Alien Refund?" thread.

I'm thinking maybe a "Heighway Troubleshooting" thread for both machines might work best as I also foresee future Heighway threads popping up.

#17865 2 years ago

Well deserved as you are one of the guys that has paid his dues here.

#17936 2 years ago
Quoted from spfxted:

Yes, this and Ramp Up Quality Control. It seems everyone has had some kind of problem right out of the box.

If you can't wrench, you can't ride. Old Harley Davidson expression.

#18036 2 years ago

Edit: Nevermind. Time to play some ball.

#18079 2 years ago

Ripley can go pound sand. It's all about the monster IMO.

#18191 2 years ago
Quoted from Makakka:

My feelings say LEs get built after the global SE-market is completely drained out and dry

No - Freaking - Way.

If and I will stress "IF" that's the plan, Heighway Pinball is done. Seems like they are running on fumes right now and betting on the come is a poor business plan.

Long awaited refunds, replacement parts and shipping the LE's is the priority before asking people to wait further.

2 weeks later
#18610 2 years ago
Quoted from TimeBandit:

For anyone who thinks there is a risk of them losing their money and/or this game not going to get made en masse, please let me fix your logic for you. Here's why this thing is 100% going to get into the hands of those who want it.. The product is good, and if anyone has to bail out the manufacturing they will get it for a song and make a boatload of cash out of it. When these things fail, the guy who always ends up making the money is the last guy who comes along with enough cash to bail out the last guys who tried, and he gets it for next to nothing.
So Andrew failed, and now the investors are running it. If THEY run out of cash, the next in line will bail them out, and be one step closer to final production, and if they fail, it will be even closer, etc. Hell, I will be in that line if the project gets recycled enough times. Who wouldn't take on a fully licenced, coded, shipping machine that looks this good??
Everyone will get their machine and/or their money. The only variable is time.

I can't help but wonder how many people following this thread are being polite (or fearful) by not responding or voting to comments such as this.
An infinite line of investors? Really? That is some imaginative optimism and terribly flawed logic.

I'm hopeful for all of you guys but red flags remain concerning new management. Ignore those flags if you like but consider getting some balance to your perspective.

Seriously, I'm not trying to come off as a dick. You have no idea of how many times I have not commented and I'm certain I'm not the only one biting his tongue in this thread.

There are some really great Pinsiders that I like and admire but I sometimes read comments in total disbelief.
Best wishes to all.

#18776 2 years ago
Quoted from Ferret:

It seems like the pop bumper switches are poorly gapped from the factory, so they don't give the kind of action they should. If you adjust the switches they should work fine... and Derelict Ship and Queen's Nest will become much more reasonable.
Glad you're happy with the game!

Quoted from daudioguy:

Yes I do and everything works. However I don't have a shaker motor or beacons so we still are not at the point where they can be artfully added to our choreography. This will be rectified and Joe and Brian and Aurich and Kelly will all have machines sooner than later.
The Active Investor Group is solidly committed to building and shipping Alien and games beyond that. There are still major steps that need to be taken by them toward that end but there has been a lot of progress and I am very happy that Alien pins are in the wild and working.

My sincere compliments to both of you for being excellent representatives of your employer.

3 weeks later
#19262 2 years ago
Quoted from bigdaddy07:

its just that the alien doesn't look like he paying any attention to the player. More like just strolling by casually or standing in line somewhere.

He has quarters and he's waiting in line for his turn to play.

#19270 2 years ago

Oh gawd, no, Mark. Please don't get the unicorn blue. Nor the electric, baby grunt green.
After seeing the pictures, black should be your only option.

#19280 2 years ago

Consider the secondary market in your color choice and the narrowing of potential buyers. Unless that blue was deeply discounted, I wouldn't even respond to a for-sale ad.

#19289 2 years ago
Quoted from Astropin:

Really? For under $200 you can everything powdercoated to your liking...even black.

Yep, I know. But my time and effort is also worth money to me. And when I start pointing out items during inspection and negotiations, I expect a discount for the upfront work I'll need to do. Not to mention having my gameroom and my machine torn up for a couple of weeks is maddening.

I'm mean, I'm happy to do it, but at a price. Otherwise, the hunt goes on.

#19293 2 years ago
Quoted from RTS:

I think the buyer in the secondary market with specific color needs is the one who narrows his choices.
The seller will still have plenty of potential buyers who don't mind as much.

I can agree with that.
Look, all of this began with the three color choices Heighway put out. In my opinion, 2 out of the 3 colors are hugely disappointing and for an LE machine, they should have done much better than offering these base colors.

#19300 2 years ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

...swear I like the blue the more I look at it.....

And that's the only thing that matters my friend. Nothing wrong with friendly disagreeing.

#19309 2 years ago

For as prolonged a time as you guys have been being abused on this, they should offer a color shade called, Black and Blue.

1 week later
#19390 2 years ago

Quote from the "Alien pinball - Poor quality clear coat!" thread.

Quoted from VividPsychosis:

The airlock scoop is not built properly in the production game, they know about it and in future games at some point it will be changed and a cliffy will be sent from factory. It caused this in 10 games once the ball began shooting out improperly due to the welded mech being too loose and not hugging the ball enough to continue to make the ball follow the scoop curve. It shoots up and hits the metal curve and comes back down and slams the pf. It began to do this after about 50 games of it working normally.

3 weeks later
#19746 2 years ago

Has there been any recent indication of new money going in?

#19784 2 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

Will I get a game? Will I ever get paid a dime for my work?

I could have sworn you posted somewhere on Pinside that you *have* been paid for your work on Alien.

No matter, I hope you get paid also. ...just kinda confusing.

#19787 2 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

Aurich deserves to be paid for all he did.

Agreed. - Would be nice if you had used my entire quote rather than take it out of context.

Quoted from Mr68:

No matter, I hope you get paid also

#19788 2 years ago

LOL. Nice edit after I replied, Hilton.

#19832 2 years ago

It's my guess that Hieghway 2.0 is now in search of new investors and isn't that a bit of irony if true.

#19846 2 years ago
Quoted from fosaisu:

Sadly, Lebowski provides almost a perfect answer to your question. Prices are much higher than retail because the theme is killer, the game works and is actually fun to play (i.e. it’s not Magic Girl), and supply is extremely limited. Lack of support won’t be much of a break on prices under those circumstances.
So if you’re hoping to scoop one up on the cheap in a year or two if Heighway goes under, I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Sorry but I disagree. Heighway uses their own proprietary boards while Lebowski uses PROC. That's a significant difference between the two. Here is a quote from Rob Anthony in another thread, posted about an hour ago, talking about the same basic issue.

Quoted from Borygard:

Even years down the road, if companies go under, TNA and Houdini are both using PROC. PROC has proven to be a reliable and robust pinball controller system. Common, readily available, and proven boards. So, long term, keeping these games running should be no problem. I don't think the same can be said for Alien.

As far as simple rarity is concerned, that is an arbitrary and dwindling issue in this new age of boutique pinball.

#19879 2 years ago

I think the time is ripe for Heighway to make a State of the Union speech. People are edgy and it's understandable how doubt and negativity can creep into a vacuum. Continued silence with minimal action will only incite more of that.

The new owners, not their representatives, need to be at the Texas show IMO. Does anyone know if they will be?

#19886 2 years ago

This Week in Pinball posted up today and I found this bit of Heighway news encouraging. I mean, talk is cheap, but it would seem they have refocused on the priorities needed to show good faith. Maybe I'm easily swayed, but I'm now leaning slightly optimistic (again) for you guys.

What a roller coaster ride as just last week I was ready to write them off. Now let's hope they follow through on this and everyone will begin seeing some positive results.

"Heighway Pinball Update and Timeline for Game #3

Initially, Heighway Pinball was planning to announce game #3 at the Texas Pinball Festival in March. With the challenge of building and shipping Alien pinball machines, they have decided to delay that announcement until a later date. This Week in Pinball reached out to Heighway Pinball to ask about the timeline for game #3, and received the response below:

“Things are progressing, but it is a tough task turning this around as everybody would imagine. We are getting there, but it takes more time than anybody involved wants. Most important is that all pre-order customers get their game though and also that we improve the technical support to have all machines in the wild up and running flawlessly. Due to the fact that these 7 months (or so) has proven to be a lot harder than we hoped for, we have decided to push the launch of game #3 further ahead to focus 100% on the current games and the production of them (mainly Alien of course). It is the only sensible and responsible thing to do during these circumstances. The launch of game #3 will take place at a later time, exactly when is not decided yet. But it surely is looking very good and we are all extremely excited about it whenever it happens.”


#19892 2 years ago

It certainly is good Public Relations news ....and it's especially welcomed after months of rude silence.

Astropin summarized it best for me.

Quoted from Astropin:

Yeah...they said the right thing, now hopefully they can actually follow through.

#19960 2 years ago
Quoted from PinballRulez:

I mean in general. How much potential buyers of a pinball machine are there? Just to put into perspective what the market is these days.

On top of everything else, I'm sensing Alien fatigue. As great a theme as I believe it to be, it now seems stale and dated.

I don't know but it's my guess the market may feel this way. The new game sensation is long gone.

#19981 2 years ago
Quoted from Roostking:

While I understand your frustrations, you didn't buy from Stern, you bought a boutique pin from a game maker that has only made one other game. I would think it comes with the territory

So its the customers fault?

#19992 2 years ago

News travels fast. Bad news travels faster and further.

#20065 2 years ago

Why isn't Heighway releasing this information via their Facebook page or some official announcement?
Or did I miss something?

#20070 2 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

My guess is that until they have the ship above water, there is no reason to possibly feed the trolls with information to be twisted or used against them when things change. As you clearly know, there are some people hell bent on seeing them fail.

I resent the implication, Hilton. I was against Andrew Heighway and his unabashed cheerleader that jumped the line with favors. And my criticism of Andrew, along with the evidence I posted, proved me correct. Heighway 2.0 is a fresh start, of which I will legitimately question, but not cheer against.

#20072 2 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

who are you referring to? and I hope you have proof of this...

I'll let the people in this thread decided that.

- Sorry folks. Hopefully we can move along now.

#20099 2 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

it was something on their FB or some blast. Somebody reposted it here (sorry, no effort to dig for it right now)

Link or it didn't happen.

#20122 2 years ago

Reality check. So much more would be spent on legal fees it wouldn't be worth filing a suit. Not even close.

1 month later
#20538 2 years ago
Quoted from cosmokramer:

My wife and went grocery shopping today, I bought a cantaloupe in perfect condition...when I got home it looked like this...

Watch for signs of choking and seizure from your wife at the dinner table.

#20556 2 years ago

I agree Heighway should not be engaging in any discussions on Pinside. They should however be posting updates to their Facebook page or at the very least, on the Heighway web page where they could somewhat control it. How about an email blast every now and then with updates?

1 week later
#20681 2 years ago
Quoted from Pale_Purple:

Well looks like CT is out. Got an email from Melissa asking if I’d like to move funds to another game or a refund. She said they’ve been waiting on parts for some games for more than a year and can’t send them money for games if they’ll all end up busted with no help available. I thought HW would do all they can to keep their relationship with CT but it seems to be over.
Nobody in their right mind would order direct from HW at this point, is this it for the company?

Can't blame Cointaker and I'm surprised they stayed in this long. But wow, assuming this is true and with no way back, that is a huge psychological blow to all of those patiently waiting.

#20741 2 years ago

Two significant events a couple of days ago and this thread seems to be limping along. From past experience here, I expected a Pinside eruption of contrasting back and forth opinions, insults and speculation. It was painful and grueling what myself and others went through almost daily with Jpop and I have a long memory for such things.

Not that I want that to happen. I certainly don't and have tried my best the past year to be supportive and minimal as an outsider wanting a good outcome for some long suffering Pinsiders. I'm just surprised at how all of this seems to have fallen flat here.

Have that many people dropped out or lost interest in Alien and the company itself? Have past situations such as this made people numb to it all? Anecdotal evidence maybe, but seems to me this is indicative of Heighway's current situation and their future.
Is anyone else surprised by this lack of interest or have I misread the situation.

I hope I don't upset anybody with my observations and wish everyone well. I just find it curious.

#20772 2 years ago
Quoted from Wolfmarsh:

Heighway is at least shipping fun games, and considerably more of them than JPOP ever shipped.
I'll be honest, the current hardware in Alien leaves a lot to be desired. It was clearly designed by someone with a hobbyists knowledge of electronics and the ability to stitch together schematics found on google.
But, the games that are working are REALLY fun. Something you can't say about any of JPOP's recent games, and especially not Magic Girl. It's crazy that Magic Girl sold for $20k+ and is a steaming pile of shit, yet Alien is actually getting into people's hands and working for the most part. Heighway is struggling but hasn't reached JPOP level yet. Will that change in the future? Maybe so.

I wasn't comparing production or quality of the two companies. I'm not sure how you arrived at that conclusion but I'm no fan of Jpops at all. And I agree, Magic Girl is a piece of shit. I was contrasting the different Pinside attitudes and commentary between the two threads.
Sorry for the misunderstanding. Here's my quote.

Quoted from Mr68:

Two significant events a couple of days ago and this thread seems to be limping along. From past experience here, I expected a Pinside eruption of contrasting back and forth opinions, insults and speculation. It was painful and grueling what myself and others went through almost daily with Jpop and I have a long memory for such things.

#20781 2 years ago
Quoted from Wolfmarsh:

I think you misunderstood my reply.

Sorry, I did misunderstand you. Thank you for the kind reply.

#20807 2 years ago
Quoted from spfxted:

They can also tell their customers they take machines "as is"

Sorry but that is a flawed idea on many different levels. I wouldn't do it if I were Cointaker and I damn sure wouldn't do it as a customer. Would you do it?

#20818 2 years ago
Quoted from spfxted:

I thought people were doing it now. They are buying machines, and still want them, even though they know they will not function 100%

You suggested they buy them "as is". That's not what people are doing now or have been.

As already reported, many of those people have return those games to Cointaker for a full refund. And it would seem Cointaker is now stuck with those machines.
Without some kind recourse, why take the chance especially during such desperate times for Heighways's future. Without a significant price reduction, your offer wouldn't even appeal to the extreme fringe hobbyist.

#20888 2 years ago
Quoted from Ilushka85:

The shaft is designed with a flat side which is designed for gear with set screw to go against the flat side. I have ordered a bunch from china with set screw and with the gear made of metal instead of plastic (the drive shaft its teeth connect to is also metal). All in all it should be fine once they arrive.

For those who are interested in a replacement gear. It is a standard stock gear that is 0.8 MOD with 28T. I believe the bore diameter is 5mm but will double check it today.

Quoted from Ilushka85:

For what its worth i 3d printed this thing on PLA and ABS and have a perfect fit including the notch! No more glue required

You sir, are a Rockstar.

What are your needs? I know you don’t expect payment but I have a parts bin full of all kinds of stuff, across a broad spectrum of machines and manufactures. I have new and used items and some hard to find parts. I'd be pleased to send a man like you whatever you need. Serious offer, PM me.

#20941 2 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

But I am talking with an import broker about my machine, so in theory if nothing else I'll get my game out of all this ...

#20953 2 years ago
Quoted from nwpinball:

Seems like it's going to become a rare title and jump in value if the company folds.

Only 73 Full Throttles produced and the prices have been in free fall. Rarity doesn't always translate to value.

#20975 2 years ago
Quoted from PoMC:

It's my GRAIL THEME!!!!!!!
God, I hate that phrase.

Quoted from snakesnsparklers:

Grail theme
World under glass
Just one more game
The colors really pop
10k by Xmas

Don't forget, Immersive and Robust.

#20987 2 years ago

Yeah, it's easy for some of us to get caught up in the drama and overlook the good people that are really effected and hurt in all of this.
My sincere condolences to everyone taking a hit here.

#20991 2 years ago
Quoted from epotech:

I get (got) monthly production numbers for this title.

OK. So what are they?

#21007 2 years ago

Sorry but that's bullshit. I have no problem being proven wrong on anything and in the past I have owned up to my mistakes. But to tell me I'm wrong with no explanation?

#21066 2 years ago
Quoted from Ilushka85:

But can we steer this forum back to helping keep the ones that are out there functioning / alive?

There is a dedicated thread for that already.

#21075 2 years ago
Quoted from o-din:

I honestly never watched this movie. Can somebody tell me who won?

Predator did a flying Suplex from the top turnbuckle but was disqualified when he fell through the ropes.

#21148 2 years ago
Quoted from PersonX99:

I saw this one coming....long time ago. I was actually hoping to be wrong.

This is your first and only comment in this entire thread and you claim you saw all of this coming long ago. Sorry but I have experienced this kind of bragging at other peoples expense before on Pinside.

I will caution other people to be mindful of what they say here.

#21159 2 years ago

Jesus, how many Hydrofoil companies are going to come out of this?

#21229 2 years ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

Had the right PREDICTIONS or right FACTS?

Yes, that would be me. I posted irrefutable evidence and I was villainized for it. Read the follow up to my comment in the link I'm providing and monitor the voting. And you should have seen the private messages I received.


#21241 2 years ago

Sorry Flynn but, lol !

#21247 2 years ago
Quoted from jlm33:

(*) Andrew was monitoring these threads - and not only on pinside - very closely.

Reliable IMO but secondhand information, I'm told he still monitors this thread even recently. And his Pinside account appears to be active.

#21387 2 years ago
Quoted from hansj66:

Status update:
Like I posted earlier, we have paid in full for an Alien SE back in 2016.
We actually recevied a call from Roger Svanevik today. Basically to tell us that we where fucked and that our money was lost.
But,... it turns out that the CT container was for real. When the CT-deal fell through, these machines were sold elsewhere.
It also turns out that Umbrella Corporation has Alien LEs for sale. Free-Play.se also has Alien LEs for sale (Both these distributors are owned by people who are owners / have representation in the board of directors at both Heighway Pinball and Pinball Brothers.)
Roger Svanevik then offered to sell us an Alien Pinball. This time an LE.
This is the same guy who assured us that Heighway would ship our game by the end of 2017.

My compliments to Cointaker for getting TFO.

#21402 2 years ago
Quoted from jeffspinballpalace:

Long time ago wasn't there a feature announced whereby admins might cap your negatives. Maybe it locked the post to more input. Anybody remember that? Anyways, I am glad this idea went by the wayside. Looks like the home team is winning.

Bangerjay cracks me up.


#21441 2 years ago
Quoted from paul_8788:

There is a difference between shouting down people who are actually in a position to know something and are raising concerns (like Ben with ACNC), and people who have no inside knowledge whatsoever, or claiming inside knowledge and having none (or not willing to disclose). Most of the negativity and warnings that went on in this thread were of the latter variety.
If you go back and read some of the earlier posts with an unbiased eye, the only evidence of anything negative that was ever provided was Mr. 68's info about Andrew having other failed companies, and I was one of the people who defended Heighway. Do I regret that? No. Many successful businessmen have business failures in their past, it is part of the entrepreneurial process. This was not a JPop or Predator situation, they had already created, shipped and sold Full Throttle, which for me was a solid indication that the company had the ability to get Alien out the door. Obviously, in hindsight, that was overly optimistic.
I feel for the people who have lost cash on pre-orders. Any company taking pre-order money and then spending it on anything other than building that person's machine are engaging in fraudulent behavior in my opinion. There should've been a separate fund where all that money was kept and never touched, so if things went bad all of that could've went back to the customer. To me that is a fundamental of running an ethical business, I guess others had different opinions. If no customer's had been out their pre-order cash, this would just be a "that's too bad" situation rather than the emotionally loaded one it is now.
One thing I have found disturbing about these latest forum posts are people throwing around the blame to other members in the community. Cheerleaders, trolls, it is all opinion and noise. Let's put the blame where it belongs, on the individuals who were making the money decisions at Heighway pinball and not on moderators, Heighway employees or regular members of the community, that just makes things worse imo.

Good post and I agree with much. I will disagree with your assessment of Andrew's history however.
Andrew was 0-8 with his ventures when I posted that information. During my back and forth with Andrew at that time, I pointed out his 100% failure rating. Andrew being Andrew, he danced around my comment and got his usual slew of thumbs up.
Knowing what you now know, what advice might you pass along to a potential Hydrofoil investor?

I would also like to point out there was another who came forward with solid information that was quickly dismissed or ignored. I’m going from memory but I recall Rubberducks traveling to the Heighway factory for a prearranged tour with Andrew. RD was a concerned pre-order man investigating on behalf of himself and others with skin in the game. Reading between the lines, I recall his report as dismal and pessimistic. He did his best not to be inflammatory but factual with what he had witnessed and honestly perceived. It passed with barely a mention.

BTW. I take Rubberducks very seriously with whatever he posts on pinside.

Look, we all make mistakes in life. It’s human nature especially among decent, trusting people. I will be in a courtroom with John Popadiuk very soon for example. I’m riding out my anger and embarrassment from that faux pas so don’t think you’re alone.

Again, my condolences to all. Please know that each one of you would be a welcomed and respected guest in my home or to have drinks with at a show.

#21459 2 years ago
Quoted from Sonny_Jim:

Looking back on old posts with hindsight is always revealing. Note I have edited this for brevity, I encourage you to click on the link below to read the posts in full:

Please delete that list and modify your post. While I do appreciate the support I don't think it's necessary or right to call attention to individuals like this. There are some great people in that list that have already shown kindness towards me by up voting my other comments as things progressed and long before today's situation. Posting this list makes me feel very awkward and I don't feel it's necessary at all.
People can read back on their own if they wish but this is hurtful IMO.

#21512 2 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

If he wants to actually quote entire posts out of context that is one thing, but I don't think anyone (including Kim) apprciates him doing what he puposefully did by altering quotes.

Hilton, please don't include me with your excuses and damage control. You don't know my thoughts and I will speak for myself.

#21657 2 years ago
Quoted from Marv:

Daves Go Fund Me:
Hopefully it will go past the £1000 mark and a lot further..

I'm sad for everyone but I am especially devastated for Dave Sanders knowing what I now know. Thanks for setting up the Gofund.

Here is a Dollars to Pounds conversion tool for us here in the states. https://www.dollars2pounds.com/

#21712 2 years ago
Quoted from sandersj:

Also, I saw where Jersey Jack donated. A very cool gesture.

I saw that too. Kind of classy of Jack. Kudos' to all that are kicking in.

#21737 2 years ago
Quoted from Msch:

post deleted

In before the red ink death ray strikes.

#21808 2 years ago
Quoted from billsfanmd:

Without going over the entire thread is buying this game suicide? can board issues be fixed? mechs repaired? The game looks awesome. If the pinside community could help owners out it would def be a fun game to have if you can minimize future repair nightmares.

For me, the answer is already in your question. I don't want to be dependent on the community to bail me out if I have an issue. Only seasoned pinball veterans should take on a project such as this.

That said, present owners have already banded together here on Pinside and are helping one another. Which I think is the coolest part of this fiasco.

#21854 2 years ago

People are still voting on Andrew's comment so I'm giving it a bit more time before I do the class photo.

If you wish to be included: https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/alien-pinball-official-game-thread/page/426#post-4364220

#21869 2 years ago

Pinside Class of 2018 photo

Sometimes good things can come from bad situations. Maybe we should all keep this image in mind when we go about sniping and fighting amongst ourselves. We do have a common bond here as Pinball enthusiasts and I think that often gets lost.

(Votes are still trickling in so I may swap this photo later)

Comment Link here: https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/alien-pinball-official-game-thread/page/426#post-4364220

zzzzzzzz123 (resized).png

#21873 2 years ago
Quoted from Radagast:

Someone needs to let BangerJay know that he clicked the wrong arrow by mistake.

That could harm his street cred at the Clown Academy.

#21879 2 years ago

Looks like I will be needing to update the class picture at some point.

zzzzz Pinside H added (2) (resized).png

#22000 2 years ago

Hey man, I really enjoyed your recent podcast interview.

#22098 2 years ago

In my youth I hid my Playboy magazines where no one could find them and I'd have to do the same with that pinball machine.

MOM! Knock before coming in!!

#22154 2 years ago

I'm curious why Andrew maintains his Pinside account.

#22164 2 years ago

Im unstable in a night club on my third martini using a tiny and blurry keyboard.

Could someone please Google Voldemort for me.

#22167 2 years ago

Ah, a Hobbit reference. Thsnks

2 weeks later
#22292 2 years ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

Very kind reply....I'm grateful and fortunate, but still w atonement, knowing there were many that just lost and didnt get the chance to obtain one...

You lost too, a $1500 deposit as I recall plus shipping from Sweden. But you got off your ass and made things happen for yourself and that I respect. You earned that game and I hope it gives you many years of happiness.

3 weeks later
#22488 2 years ago
Quoted from billsfanmd:

Have they announced a title yet?

So far, Deeproot has only announced their high end title. It's going to be Jpop's "Alice in Wonderland". At $50K a copy, I have zero interest no matter how limited the run is.


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