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ALIEN PINBALL - Game Over, Man, Game Over

By HeighwayPinball

7 years ago

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Post #10128 Photo of Alien at UK Trade Show Posted by unigroove (5 years ago)

Post #10230 game play video from EAG UK tradeshow Posted by Join_The_Cirqus (5 years ago)

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#134 7 years ago

I've never preordered, but MAJORLY tempted here....can't think of a better sci fi / horror title...

#147 7 years ago

#154 7 years ago
Quoted from EalaDubhSidhe:

The company's media/simulation guy has put together a flappable flowtest version in digital form, and the gameplay is absolutely superb. It completely hits the 'instant appeal' mark, with a single ball leaving you wanting to make every single shot.

Ut oh....

Quoted from underlord:

I dunno Rob. Yellow beacons and color changing ramps....
Imagine the beacons lighting up, smoke mod going and countdown voice.
"2 minutes to reach minimal safe distance."
GODDAMIT! Now I'm starting to talk myself into this title!!

That's it!!! I'm in!!!....an LE for me

#157 7 years ago
Quoted from PinBalt:

Anyone preorder and get an email response from Heighway Pinball? I jumped in and am trying to contact them and Andrew and there has been no response so far. I realize they may be getting flooded but would like them to confirm orders placed. Anyone have any luck?

I'll be ordering in the morning from work, and let you know what response I get......

#276 7 years ago
Quoted from Zampinator:

Welcome to being in business for yourself! My last vacation was 19 years ago, on our honeymoon. Lol

Vacation?....I leave the states once a year to physically disconnect from my company, but am ALWAYS dealing w it, one way or another.

#279 7 years ago
Quoted from Astropin:

And my cell phone is on 24/7/365. I've had calls from clients come in on a Sunday and you know it's important if they are calling you on a Sunday!

Mines on silent 24/7....then return as I can...otherwise, I'd never get anything done.......like playing pinball!!!.....or imagining the Alien playfield populated!!

#295 7 years ago
Quoted from Brentslane:

Just ordered the LE. Very excited! Glad to be part of the club.

Welcome!!!......#212 here....

#297 7 years ago
Quoted from Brentslane:

Need to pick my number. Wrote to Heighway and hope hear back tomorrow.

Andrew has been very responsive when I ordered mine......

#299 7 years ago
Quoted from Brentslane:

cool. I wrote to both [email protected] and [email protected]
I'm sure i'll hear back soon

Yep....probably tomorrow ....hoorah!!!

#327 7 years ago
Quoted from Cheeks:

Can someone confirm the differences between the standard and LE? I've seen the website and assumed that was correct, but someone posted an image of an LE shot map with a bunch of additional playfield features unique to the LE that were not listed in the website comparison chart. Nobody even commented on the LE shot map so I'm wondering if it is even real.
I'm debating on LE or standard. If the website is correct, then really only the beacons and ramp lights matter (can do without the green powder, especially if I plan to swap in other games that won't look right with the green). Sounds like the beacons and ramp lights will be available as upgrade mods, so if these are the only differences and the playfields are the same, there isn't a lot of urgency for me to get an LE.

This would be my understanding, as well, with possible #'d plaque identifying LE, etc. I personally wanted the LE as the "full effect" (green cab, beacons, lit ramps, etc.). Swapping games via playfield/ sideart is appealing, but I have virtually no interest in Full Throttle (theme based only), so I just want the best Alien I can get my hands on.......

#328 7 years ago

btw...the "LE" shot map was obviously a joke....

#331 7 years ago
Quoted from frolic:

I believe this is why the LEs exist. For the hardcore owners who want the best for that particular game.
I ordered Full Throttle knowing it was my starter game, so there was no need to lock in to an LE with it.

Exactly.....I know Predator is an ultimate theme for some out there, but for me, there hasn't been anything like Alien....the time period in my life, the impact that flick had from a Sci-Fi/ Horror standpoint...for me, it's game over!!! I have no desire (now) to swap anything about it...this license w this designer screams win/ win,...come on man ALIEN LE !!!!.... hoping it's half as good as I think it will be.....mark

#337 7 years ago
Quoted from Brentslane:

Still no email back for me from anyone there. I've paid my deposit and emailed Andrew, info, and sales.

Looks like you ordered about a day and 1\2 ago...wouldn't sweat it.....you can also PM him here on Pinside ...he has returned EVERY one of my emails within a couple days or so......

#338 7 years ago

Glowing Alien side panels on a black cabinet....custom and standard for LE.....I am trying to figure out where I'm going to put it so I can easy see it from all angles....looks like I've got some Gameroom reorganizing ahead....fortunately, there is time.....

#339 7 years ago


#344 7 years ago
Quoted from AloneMordakai:

Glad to hear it Brent.

Quoted from Brentslane:

He contacted me tonight. Looks like they were making some moves. All good and I'm working on my LE number now!
Thanks all.

As I suspected...all signs look good.. ( from my limited take)...these guys seem like they have their act together.....

#345 7 years ago
Quoted from RobT:

Heighway is making Fish Tales?

He can have FT...I want first Alien LE ...or at least first batch or so.....

#347 7 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

You guys are some crazy mother-fers and I salute you. I'm in on TBL, and I thought I'd never pre-order a game (let alone pay that much for a damn pin), but at least I've played it and seen it and chilled with Dutch Pinball. Alien sounds absolutely bad ass, I love the theme to death, but you haven't even seen the art yet and you're pre-ordering?!
Looking forward to the reveal, and I love me some Dennis Nordman, but I gotta see the art before I even think about it.

Suspect you're right, and without great art and toys it could be a bust......I've never preordered anything ( much less a pin), but Alien is simply the only title that really, really does it for me. I just can't imagine it being anything less than a drool machine, so had to do it.....the deposit is fully refundable until game is made, company appears legit, and they are only making 500 LE's, which makes it "real" for me. Think once this thing is revealed, I'll never get my hands on one...being they're made in the UK.

Who knows, but by next April, I will have spent that much on fast food...so had to jump....hope the art comes close to some of the stuff I've seen you knock out of the park....mark

#350 7 years ago

Btw...staying up late watching zombie flicks...seems the right thing to do on Halloween ...just watched resident evil again...shit!!!.....

#354 7 years ago
Quoted from Brentslane:

#86 here. The year Aliens was released!

Great # choice!!! I actually got another confirmation order copy from Oti, copying Andrew today. They seem quite fluent w communications......just trying to put it out of my mind until next Spring

#357 7 years ago
Quoted from Toads:

Gee 79 would be a cool number, the year that Alien came out.
I wonder who got that number.....

very smooth!!!!! my #212 matches another LE game I own (1 of 400...hmmm) which will not be leaving my possession unless I abandon the hobby or die.....figured I would set the bar high....

#360 7 years ago
Quoted from way2wyrd:

223 the Prometheus planet here
Birth of an Alien


#364 7 years ago
Quoted from HeighwayPinball:

We are planning an update for the first week of December.
We are also looking to have a pre-owners forum set up within the next 10 days

Excellent!!! Thank you for the communication.....mark

2 weeks later
#370 7 years ago

Hooray!!!! Thanks Andrew and Team.....mark

#388 7 years ago
Quoted from ZenTron:

I think your twisting your philosophy into a scenario that doesn't exist and creating animosity towards Heighway Pinball. The creation of this thread and leveraging the user base shows that pinside.com is an obvious asset to Heighway Pinball. If Andrew said he won't make anymore updates here and will only update on the preorder forum that would be an appropriate time to say what you said. In the meantime your just pissing off non-preorder folks and making them pissed at Heighway Pinball.

I have to agree w this take.....don't think ( I hope anyway) that bemmett meant to alienate ( no pun) non preorder guys w not having access to the forum. I can say with 100% confidence that this is NOT what the forum was created for ( based on how Andrew has been extremely forthcoming so far). Believe it was created for people who want to keep up w " latest and greatest" Alien info without having to scour Pinside. I'm sure anything worth noting will be made available for the entire Pinside community ( he started his own Alien thread, let's not forget).
Registered today, and Full throttle on there as well, but all pretty introductory/ redundant stuff in nature.

Have never preordered a pin before, and have seen lots of weirdness in this arena. From strictly a BUSINESS standpoint ( an area that I do understand) it seems Heighway is already up, running, making other stuff, and this is simply a cool product being added to their line. I have 0 concern that I will get the machine ( that's why I preordered), and if I don't like it...well..it's gone. Pretty simple.

Could be wrong, but I believe Andrew and gang are " good guys" and have a great deal of the manufacturing shit well under their belts by now....we shall see....mark

#390 7 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

He was the most impressive guy at Expo along with DP and he appears to have a team of people in place, from his website, to actually represent a real business.
I've done my fair share of "supporting pinball companies" with many pre orders. Not that its the case here but it doesn't make sense to alienate anybody like some others we know.

Thanks Ice...don't know you, but reading your posts, and knowing you were there to get the same take on the guy and his team reaffirms my confidence. The interview I saw showed a regular business guy, going in a hallway to accommodate a Pinside interview, having extreme passion for the Alien theme, and sort of " matter of fact" that it was going to kick ass.

He didn't even remind me of a salesman, actually, and suspect he's got the goods to back it up ( there was a working full throttle w 85% code DONE AND PLAYING as well, correct?)

Besides, is there really a way that a licensed version of Alien can really suck?....maybe, but highly doubtful...

#395 7 years ago
Quoted from bemmett:

I read that, some good ideas for sure. The plunger rod without question has to be the glowing egg, how could it not be?! Although that could be quite a cool playfield toy as well with little alien popping out of it. There is so many cool ideas. I have been gathering a lot of mine as well and look forward to posting as you did. I do hope the guys are active and responsive to things on the forums as ideas and critiques and brought up.

Yep....commented on the post......I think w lit side box art, I'm going to have to find a place where it stands alone...my mind is going nuts w ideas!!!...

#399 7 years ago
Quoted from HeighwayPinball:

Hi everyone,
To give you an update on our progress...
We have a load of material submitted to Fox right now, including the Standard Edition artwork package (translite and sideart), a draft version of the playfield art, a 2.5 minute video of gameplay (from the playable version of Alien Pinball - which currently concentrates on Aliens, but will soon include Alien) and draft versions of most of the toys.
In the meantime, the playfield files have been modified for a new insert type that we are testing (which holds the mechanisms onto the underside of the playfield). We are exploring new ways of building prototype ramps for this game, and a new way to prototype ball guides. All in, we believe we are still on course to be testing the Alien Pinball whitewood by around the end of the first week in December.
As mentioned in a previous post, we are hoping to post an update on the game within the first 10 days of December - the content of which will depend on what is approved, or not, by our licensor
The video version of the game plays really well and the few people that have played it, love it.
We will be participating in questions both here and on our own forums. We will do our best to answer any questions as quickly as possible, but if there is sometimes a delay of a few days, then please do not be offended.

Awesome update!!! Can't wait to see the updates...thank you!!!

#400 7 years ago
Quoted from Yipykya:

Lit side box art? I didn't see that on Heighways teaser page:

I have to retract that....some reason I thought the side art on full throttle was lit, as well...suspect a modder will have fun w that down the road......

#403 7 years ago
Quoted from frolic:

The lit side panel is standard on all heighway games, here is their latest cabinet, you can see where the art goes:

10355642_271558459634772_8275919... 125 KB

Hey, I'm not crazy!!!

#404 7 years ago

Wonder how many LE's are left? Still showing available, but a ton of names on the preorder forum..too lazy to count, and as someone already posted, don't think the forum is exclusive, anyway ...

#411 7 years ago

Potential of 2 screens...one in playfield AND backbox!!!....this is officially killing me now.....I must turn my focus away ...time to play some PB, watch football, and a nap....can't be happier to be a part of this!!!

#414 7 years ago
Quoted from sammiesguys:

Good article. The best part that I read (the quote is from Andrew):
Heighway won’t be drawn on what Alien assets the licence includes or whether any of the original actors have or will be approached to produce original call outs. “I can’t reveal the intricacies, but I can say that there will be clips from the movie in the game,” he says.


#427 7 years ago
Quoted from Jared:

Some boutiques have a basement and "an enthusiastic dude".
This "boutique" has a 40,000sqft facility and a world famous pinball designer with a proven track record.

1487732_249821158475169_52240681... 234 KB

+1000!!! I hope for the people invested in other preorders, it works out (at least a refund of something)...reading the threads it don't sound very promising.

Heighway just doesn't strike me as (or look like) a boutique....it certainly appears they are very viable, already staffed, one game pretty much done, nice manufacturing facility (so far), and great communication. I quantify "communication" as straightforward, direct answers to relevant questions.
They seem like business guys, who have a passion for pinball (fortunately), not the other way around.....

#429 7 years ago

"it doesn't" instead of "it don't" good grief....grammar 101 please....

#439 7 years ago
Quoted from HeighwayPinball:

We understand that some people may see us as 'boutique' because we are new, but we have set ourselves up to be a mass producer of games. As well as having Full Throttle and Alien Pinball in development, we have an additional 3 games also in development, including one game from John Trudeau.
As for shipping games - we would like to respectfully point out that we have already designed, built and shipped out 251 games globally, for Bacardi.
But if you would like to see full blown pinball games on a production line then we respect that. We are ramping up our operations and are still targeting the beginning of 'Full Throttle' production in January 2015 - so you should not have long to wait

Thank you Andrew....

#440 7 years ago
Quoted from RobT:

I don't know why people keep referring to Heighway as a "boutique" pinball maker. Just because they haven't delivered a pin yet does not make them "boutique". They plan on selling as many of the pins that they make as possible, and as pointed out above, they have a big factory in which to build the machines.
Boutiques would be much smaller runs (a hundred or so) and built in small shops, not a factory.


#460 7 years ago
Quoted from underlord:

C'mon man, this ain't English class.

Thankfully, you're right, ....or I'd be banned...........I just reread my post and had to correct that part so it was somewhat readable.....

#463 7 years ago

Sort of hoping the LE will have something that sets it apart from standard ( maybe extra mode or something) beyond the " bling" ...making it a true LE....will anxiously wait and see....

#464 7 years ago
Quoted from RobT:

You realize he was criticizing himself, right?

Hope he did.....because that's what I was doing......Happy Thanksgiving everybody!!! (Homemade Lasagna in the oven....yep, an Italian theme this year...yeah!!!)

#466 7 years ago
Quoted from aeonblack:

I don't. My wallet can't take any more punishment from the manufacturers. I want a "complete" game for the 6k+gst and shipping, or I'm going to have to stick to older games. It's too hard to justify close to 10k for a game unless it's something that really stands out (like TBL, for me anyways)

True, I can see validity either way.....regardless...it's ALIEN!!!....going to rock......mark

#468 7 years ago
Quoted from Cheeks:

If it was a dedicated machine (like most other manufacturers) I would agree with you. But given that this will be a swappable system, it kind of defeats the point of a true LE model for me. Who cares about an LE Alien cabinet once you have Full Throttle inside (or any other Heighway game). Given this, I really hope (expect) that you should be able to replicate the LE playfield / gameplay features on a standard.

Yep....that's the oddity ( at least for me) .....Alien a must have for me, and can't see me ever swapping it to a different playfield ( just not into car themed pins)....given the green hardware , don't think Full Throttle would look good in it. I'm in on the LE, and just curious as to how Heighway will actually define this designation ( hardware, fiber optics, topper, and?).....kind of an oxymoron ...."LE" and "fully interchangeable".
These guys are a class act ( from what I've seen so far).....and can't wait to see how this plays out...mark

1 week later
#473 7 years ago
Quoted from Yipykya:

Emailed Andrew Heighway earlier today and he responded right away. He told me they plan on getting their Alien Forum moving in the next few days. Nothing has occurred there yet from their end but sounds like that is about to change. These could be big doings!


#475 7 years ago
Quoted from labnip:

i have this r-e-a-l-l-y sinking feeling that when this pin comes out, i'm gunna want it

Don't fight that feeling now.....

#528 7 years ago
Quoted from HeighwayPinball:

As we are still awaiting some approvals and we want to give you an update now, we would like to share with you a basic 3-D image of the playfield design.
This is a very basic render, without any artwork, and missing some features and toys - but it gives you a better look at how the playfield should look from the player's perspective.
The toys shown are just model mock-ups at this stage.
Please note that all aspects of this playfield are subject to change.

AlienPinball_Whitewood.JPG 117 KB

Thank you Andrew....outstanding communication, and looks like game is going to be awesome!!! ( it IS Alien, after all)....

#534 7 years ago

I can say with confidence, in my given Profession ( Pro A/V, control systems), the virtual world allows us to do things that simply weren't possible in the past.

Acoustic simulation programs help us to be very, very close ( always some end " tweaking") in predicting sound characteristics (reverberation, reflections, etc.) of a space that isn't even built yet.

While physics remains unchanged, the virtual tools currently available to analyze, predict, and address them greatly reduces time and cost.

"Great" sound is a combination of art and science ( IMHO), not so much unlike a "great" pin.....

My hats off to you, Andrew, and Team, for taking this approach.....mark

#546 7 years ago
Quoted from HeighwayPinball:

Hi everyone,
We just wanted to give you an update on where we are at the moment.
Artwork - playfield concept art is still awaiting approval. Artwork package "A" is also awaiting approval, including translite and sideart. Individual elements have been submitted, as well as videos showing gameplay, rules, some working toys and shotmaps. We have had very positive feedback from our licensor, but no approvals on these specifics yet. Please trust us that we would LOVE to show you material now - but we simply cannot do this until we have official approvals
Whitewood - whitewood playfield is being cut this week. We have some delays on ball guides and the ramps due to us needing to change out prototyping processes. Once we have firmed these, then it will make prototyping games far easier and quicker in the future. We still hope to show you the whitewood before Christmas, and maybe before the end of this week. The ball guides and ramp will, realistically now, not be ready until the first 10 days of January. From here, once we are into whitewood testing, then we can make changes needed and look to have a second playfield flipping before the end of January- depending of course, on how many modifications will need to be made to the existing design.
Assets - we have a HUGE wishlist of assets, including many video segments from both movies. These have now been compiled and will be submitted for approval this week. We would assume that we will get approval for what we are allowed to use, before the end of January. These assets can then be dropped into our software for this game. Work on assets that we will create, such as the screen dashboard, will begin in January - and continue until the the game is complete.
Gameplay - we will continue to develop the game's rules in our virtual game sim. It's already playing very well, but there is still much work to be done to make this game as good as can be. Our sim currently concentrates on 'Aliens' and much of the work over the next few months will be developing the 'Alien' ruleset.
So, we apologise for not being able to show you any more images right now, other than some more close up renders. Again, please note that the material depicted in these renders is subject to change.
We would also dearly love to show gameplay videos, but they feature artwork and concepts that are not approved yet.
As soon as we get approvals, then we will show you a lot more. As soon as the whitewood is flipping in early January, then we will show you videos too.
Thanks for reading.

Alien Pinball 1.png 650 KB

Alien Pinball 2.png 601 KB

Alien Pinball 3.png 509 KB

Alien Pinball 4.png 697 KB

Alien Pinball 5.png 536 KB

Alien Pinball 6.png 682 KB

Alien Pinball 7.png 549 KB

Alien Pinball 8.png 748 KB

Alien Pinball 9.png 591 KB

Hi Andrew,

Thank you VERY much for updates and progress to date looks great, so far. You had mentioned the possibility of a second display on the Backbox....is this still on the table? I believe that would be beyond cool, as it gives some interaction to the backbox...

Can't wait to see some of the artwork, and the fiber lighting for the ramps......really excited.....thanks again.......mark

#550 7 years ago
Quoted from sammiesguys:

Thanks! Looks good. Simple communication is all we ask. Even if it means being given news that things have been delayed or are off schedule. Much better than having smoke blown up our ass. We can handle the truth.

Agreed.....truly appreciate your straightforward , " business" type approach to prompt response and updates....goes a long way with me ( and a lot of others on this site). You guys being "Alien" fans yourself, doesn't hurt either..... ......mark

#566 7 years ago
Quoted from labnip:

please stop making me WANT this game
good grief this sounds too cool !!!

Ha......you know it's been on your want list for awhile now!!!

Don't live in denial, man!!! ......mark

#571 7 years ago
Quoted from frolic:

Andrew, you took the bad news announcement from earlier this week and pushed it away by keeping the communication open and continuing to post information and progress on the game.
Just shows that Pinside is not a negative cesspool. There is a reason why pinside can turn on a company and you are showing the right way to handle things.
I'd appreciate some further Full Throttle updates, even minutiae, as you get ready to get them out the door. Once those games start being delivered and you cement yourself as someone who can "get it done", I think you'll be primed for success with the big Alien license which will be sure to really open things up for your company.

This. ^^^^^^^^^^

#577 7 years ago
Quoted from HeighwayPinball:

Some more news 'hot off the press' - we have official concept approval for our game. Specifics approvals should follow in the coming weeks.


#578 7 years ago
Quoted from labnip:

...i must resist...
...i must resis...
...i must resi...
...i must res...
...i must resERVE ONE NOW !!!!!

Man, this denial stuff..... ......you're already there.......do it!!! ( yes, Pinsider pressure...sorry, I admit it).....kidding of course ( not) ........mark

#594 7 years ago

Absolutely killer Avatar Rob!!!! +1000....

All the calls/ requests for the ultimate Sci fi horror theme for a pin....and suddenly, the choice has been there all along...patiently waiting for the right time....hooray!!!

#600 7 years ago
Quoted from SLAMT1LT:

Glad to be joining this thread. I'm Russell Speak, Media Producer at Heighway Pinball. If you're a fan of virtual pinball then you're probably already aware of my work. I've been building and modding exact replicas of real word tables for years. I also design and build my own tables using the Future Pinball game editor.
I'm very excited to be working on Alien Pinball. I'm a huge fan of the movies and this really is a fantastic opportunity for us.
My job as Media Producer involves working on the art package, LCD graphics and animations, music and sounds, the rule set, the lighting effects....I also build the video game simulations of our games and produce our YouTube videos.
Having (almost) completed the media package for Full Throttle, Alien will be my second table.
I'll be uploading some exclusive pictures and providing more details about Alien Pinball in our own forums at http://www.heighwaypinball.com over the next few days. I will also answer any questions and welcome any ideas or suggestions you have for this game.


Thank you for posting...I'll be checking the forum regularly, and couldn't be more excited for a title than this one!!!!....communication form your Team has been nothing short of amazing to this point, and greatly appreciated....hooray...ALIEN!!!!!!....mark

#604 7 years ago
Quoted from SLAMT1LT:

Thank you. Communication is key to our success...and a great end product of course!


Any hints on

Dual displays
Interactive sidepanels (know they are already lit)Interactive fiber lighting on ramps?

Never hurts to ask..... ....mark (and yep, I'm in on #212, btw)...

1 week later
#635 7 years ago

Thanks for sharing Rob!!!....just getting back into pinball land ( a bit) after Christmas, and seeing this is great. I really like the countersunk coin door, and what appears to be the great attention to detail they are providing on all aspects of their process.

I like Andrew more every time he appears on one of these things....seems confident and genuine.....mark

#636 7 years ago
Quoted from frolic:

They have a chicago depot. All games will be sent from there. You only need to pay for shipping from chicago.


4 weeks later
#667 6 years ago
Quoted from PinBalt:

Chirp, Chip Chirp ....

Read about 15 posts up...they just finished the full throttle release party, which apparently was a big hit..and Andrew stated they would continue working on Alien week of 23rd ( maybe has his days mixed, but always has responded well)..no need to start shit here...thanks.....

#670 6 years ago

Thanks for the update Andrew....cant wait to see some art!!!.... Alien coming to life!!...mark

#682 6 years ago

Alien = timeless license (sci-fi wise) = endless possibilities = going to be hard to NOT be an awesome pin IMO.......agree w/ Aurich...anxious for art!!!.....

#691 6 years ago
Quoted from RandomGuyOffCL:

DSCN3618.JPG 50 KB


#697 6 years ago
Quoted from frolic:

I figured it was inevitable for super bands to ship from factory eventually. The difference is the game (if we are correct and those are super bands) is being designed with them, not rubber and then replaced with super bands.

That would be great, if true......I, also have superbands on all of my machines, mostly good/ great results (had to adjust my play on a few ). Having a game actually designed for them would be a huge plus in my book, as they certainly handle/ behave differently than rubber.....

#714 6 years ago
Quoted from frolic:

I figured it was inevitable for super bands to ship from factory eventually. The difference is the game (if we are correct and those are super bands) is being designed with them, not rubber and then replaced with super bands.

Pretty sure mine are going to have to be slime green, black, or blood red in color anyway....

#716 6 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

I do as well, that's why I'm in on Alien, let's hope this doesn't go the way of Jpop, I have faith in Andrew.

First and only preorder for me......seems the business end is well in place.Andrew has been awesome, and I have zero concerns that this game happens...if it's a little behind schedule wise, no worries on my end...I want it to be amazing and complete as possible when it arrives, so if that takes a little more time, so be it....

#733 6 years ago

Think the best news is that Andrew and Team are self professed "Alien" fanatics....surely the graphics and game will rock.....

#741 6 years ago
Quoted from Hazoff:

photo shopped, drawn, using water colours, who cares its Aliens. Tough to screw up and I'm just glad its being made.

Couldn't agree more!!!

#742 6 years ago

But I suspect we will be pleasantly surprised....

2 weeks later
#753 6 years ago
Quoted from Toads:

Do we have a whitewood flipping yet?

Andrew is pretty straightforward w answers, and responded to this when I pm'd him last week (all good in my take). I would prefer he answers directly, as I am only vested in a preorder, and don't want things taken out of context. He's pretty easy to reach.....

Quoted from pinball_keefer:

That sure sounds like one side of the story.

Again....defer to above comment...he's appeared to be very "matter of fact" in his timely responses..(and you are probably right Keefer)

#766 6 years ago
Quoted from HeighwayPinball:

Hi everyone,
Ball guides installed - electronics hooked up ... game flipping at 17.00 today, UK time
We took some video and will edit it in the morning and then post it here later in the day Friday.
It will be very basic footage of course, but you can get an idea of how some of the shots play out.
Already though, there are some really fun shots

Yes!!!...thank you for update.....

#779 6 years ago

Thank you Andrew!!! already looks cool........Alien!!!!

#786 6 years ago
Quoted from Hazoff:

I'm fine with Xmas 2015, just take your time and make it great. If I can get this with in a year of my pre-order then I will be very happy, looks great.

Ditto!!!....never even remotely thought April, just way happy w communication/ theme/ overall process thus far. Take your time and make it awesome!!!! I'm just glad to be in on this.....thank you Andrew and Team......mark

#787 6 years ago
Quoted from RobT:

That's pretty cool. I think I'm going to love this layout!

And ditto again!!!

#791 6 years ago

Definitely has a speed and flow look to it ( I know it's early, but still cool)...

#801 6 years ago
Quoted from hank527:

So add the ramps and toys, then we will be impressed.
It's cool to see, but it's way early to pass any judgment besides it has tremendous potential.

Not passing judgement, just expressing enthusiasm........

#806 6 years ago

Andrew just posted the standardization of widebody glass size in the other Heighway thread...yes!!:


Post 131

2 weeks later
#824 6 years ago
Quoted from HeighwayPinball:

LE's will have rotating beacons. Flashing beacons would betray the films.

Excellent!!!....updates keep getting better and better....thank you Andrew!!!....mark

#836 6 years ago

Don't know if anyone here jumping over to the Heighway Full Throttle Thread....Andrew confirmed to me via pm that he WILL be offering a second LCD Display in the backbox as an option for all of his games, including Alien ( with potential deep discounts for those already on board)!!!

Andrew truly is listening. ( first the standard glass, now this)!!!......Mark

1 week later
#849 6 years ago

Suspect a pretty amazing update soon.....Andrew very responsive, and this is a company capable of knocking out games pretty efficiently. I truly appreciate him addressing the playfield glass and optional Backbox display BEFORE release. He's listening, and the extra wait time is minor compared to the norm, for sure....

#857 6 years ago
Quoted from nephasth:

I secured my LE shortly after the announcement, I knew April was an unrealistic shipping estimate. But I do hope to start seeing them being built at least this summer.

100% agree, and am in too....I pm w Andrew about bi weekly, and from what I can tell, he more than has his Sh..t together,.

Part of the " delay" was him listening to us...standardizing Playfield glass and adding second monitor options in backbox!!! The guy has a passion for Alien, but beyond that, is ALREADY a businessman first.

I didn't want April delivery anyway ( have to save some more money), so end of summer ( or before Holidays) is just fine for me.

Assembly line already getting ready to roll for FT....and Alien WILL be coming!!! This guy MAKES GAMES!!!

Only reason I preordered is with just 500 LE's, figured I'd never get one otherwise....mark

#859 6 years ago
Quoted from frolic:

I'm a big supporter of Heighway, but I don't let that cloud my vision of what is going on out there in pinball land with everything else.
He has been communicative, both here and privately with me. He called me last week out of the blue just to touch base, so, yes, things get delayed, parts are late, Chinese celebrate their new years for a month, licensors can be slow with approvals. I get it.
Until my machine shows up at my house, we're still waiting. But I told him I'll be happy for both him and me when I get to post my pinside thread about the game showing up.

Completely agree w/ you....I've never preordered before, but Alien is my dream Title. Also did research on Heighway a bit first, and in no way does this Company resemble some of the insanity going on elsewhere on Pinside. Andrew is not a startup, by any stretch...but yes, I'm anxious to see your unboxing pics too!!!...mark

#884 6 years ago
Quoted from ZenTron:

I appreciate the information but im under the impression Alien isn't close to the assembly line phase so it isn't like FT is holding up its manufacturing. I don't want to come in here and knit pick but super great communication would incorporate accurate information. If a company wants to be transparent with their communication, I would just like it to be accurate. When it comes to the knit picking, I can list multiple missed milestones besides the inevitable significant delay when it comes to shipping this pin which I expect to be announced soon.
I am aware Andrew is basically the General Contractor of this pin and is dependent on a lot of different sub contractors located in different countries. These countries have different cultures, speak different languages, use different currency and celebrate different holidays. I learned all that in the good ole' public schools of the USA. I also understand there are steps when working with a licensor like Fox and Andrew has to follow there time-line. What I don't understand is why he said at Expo in October the game would ship in April. I don't expect a real answer but I think an apology and a more accurate ship-date would be appropriate. That is what I would consider to be "super great" communication.

You must have missed the information where he LISTENED to his customers, and added things not originally thought of....standard, wide body glass, and a second , optional display on the backbox. These take time and money to reengineer. Never once posted " these cannot be done to adhere to a timeline".

Andrew is far more than a GC, and has answered all questions in short order, in a business fashion. He is also on target to produce some awesome machines. I suspect few of us really thought ( or cared) April would happen, but he is far from needing to issue me an apology ( or forum announcement) for being delayed a bit.

Heighway has a genuine passion for what they are doing....as Hawawonyu said..pm him directly with your concerns....if you don't like his response....just get out and wait until they are built...if you can get one...mark

#896 6 years ago

I suspect Alien is much further along than we think ( or are allowed access to at this point), but agree w Frolic that all of his efforts are getting Full Throttle out the door, as a solid, enjoyable game first.

We may all be surprised how quickly things move after that. They are definitely implementing some impressive manufacturing techniques already ( other titles w interchangeable play fields? Zero), so I'm happy for them to be completely confident in what they are releasing BEFORE they release it.

No one wants this title more than me, and appreciate Andrew's " bullish" take on the timeline, but never gave April a "hard" date in my decision making process.....mark

#897 6 years ago
Quoted from bigdaddy07:

The piece that I'm still curious about is that if you purchase an LE and the cabinet/trim is specific to a certain game, how is that going to impact future add-on games you purchase? I mean the black glossy cabinet with green trim for an Alien LE may not look right with whatever the next game is. Maybe getting an LE is more for those that just plan to buy the whole units everytime? This is one of the big reasons I'm leaning more towards the standards.

Suspect you're right...I think Alien LE will remain a "core" machine ( they are only making 500), and the standards would all be swappable. I'm just guessing, but seems to make sense ....he previously stated they were working on several titles at the moment, so could be very cool in standard land...

#900 6 years ago
Quoted from frolic:

Well, we've been told there was a virtual table that was already designed and shown to Fox some time ago. Then the whitewood build which we've seen start. So the likely hangup is getting the clearance for the art, which fortunately can be the last step anyways. But it also means it delays us seeing it.

Agree w you on both topics ....seeing the Artwork has me most excited at this point...we know he's anxious to show it, but has to go through the motions.....

#901 6 years ago
Quoted from frolic:

I'm pretty certain Andrew said the cones and lights on the LE can be bought as separate mods for the standard.
I think the LEs are really for people that love the particular theme and see keeping it dedicated.

Oops..forgot to copy your other point I agreed with....in my case, the LE will stay intact....

#905 6 years ago

Thank you Andrew....very cool

#909 6 years ago
Quoted from HeighwayPinball:

So, back to the metal trim and Bemmett's question. The LE's are meant to be 'collectable' items,Currently we do not offer LE 'upgrades' because this becomes very complicated from a hardware perspective. However, we do intend to sell SE metal trim packages. Therefore, an LE owner could buy an SE cabinet and/or metal trim package to convert their LE cabinet back to an SE cabinet - should they wish to.

I read this as you could go backwards from an LE to an SE, but not the other way, because they don't offer LE upgrades ( except certain pieces, like the beacons).

Quoted from Cheeks:

Me: Will the Alien LE features be available as upgrades to the standard?
Andrew: Some of them yes, like the Topper and the Ramp Fibre Optic Kit.
Is this still true? I want the LE features, but I don't love Alien so much it needs to be a dedicated machine. I want your games for the swapability, but I don't really want to compromise features either. If I want one Heighway cabinet and a bunch of Heighway playfields, can I still have all the LE features like the toppers and ramps?

Again, some, but not all of the features...

I agree w Ice on this....an LE should be an LE ( beyond the plaque and machine count), otherwise, why bother, as there would be nothing " limited" about it. No way is Heighway going to make a 500 unit run of "30th Anniversary Alien LE" machines and not keep them unique. It should ( and does) command a higher tag for that reason, and addresses a segment of the market.

#912 6 years ago
Quoted from bigdaddy07:

If you cannot add the beacons and ramp lights, there is no way I would be purchasing a standard either. What a tightrope these guys have to walk with these limited editions. I'm not going to preorder, yet I required a full featured game when I do purchase. So, you impact LE sales or standards either way.

I think he did say the beacons and ramp light kits would be options. I'm sure all models will be " full featured" ...I just don't understand the rub of getting everything an LE has at an SE price.

My TAF is "standard" ( and one of my favorite machines), don't even think about Gold
SM...same thing
TRONLE.....played them both, liked the LE better, and bought one..extra price was worth it for me ...

What's wrong w choices?

#913 6 years ago
Quoted from Yipykya:

What we are told over and over and over is

Your asking about LE VS SE playfield features. Tough for Heighway to address this now since they haven't had the playfield reveals yet. What we do know so far is the LEs will have special trim specific to each title. And the Alien LE will have different commemorative cabinet side art and back glass art.
On the Heighway forum the official response to the question of differences between the SE and LE has been this: "...I can assure you they will be significant and something special for the collector!"
Wouldn't most "collectors" want the Alien LE for what it is and leave it as a dedicated machine? Is it likely to turn into a grail-like "Flagship" Heighway model in the future? Will collectors not mind buying a second complete Heighway SE title unit to swap playfields through just for the sake of the exposure to cycle through multiple games on the cheap?
I think Heighway anticipates selling SEs for commercial venues and recognizes the limited LEs for people that are buying for their home game rooms and personal collections. Am I wrong in thinking the "collectors" who already have multiple pins and plenty of space are going to be the ones buying the LEs? Pure "Players" perhaps will be the ones that only buy a single SE unit and multiple playfield titles (as they become available) to swap through the unit that don't necessarily have the money and space?

Think you are spot on with this ......

#918 6 years ago
Quoted from nephasth:

I, for one, intend to leave my LE as is. If future titles spark my interest, I may buy an SE cab for PF swaps. But that remains an unknown at this point.

My choice for this title, as well.....

#920 6 years ago
Quoted from ZenTron:

After a few years and some titles released this SE cabinet w/ swappable parts sounds like it has some great potential with its versatility.


#924 6 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

My two cents: Beacons and lit ramps aren't exactly "gameplay" features, but they interact with the ball (I assume, no idea how the ramp lights work). I'd prefer personally that anything that is actually tied to the gameplay be available to anyone. Have a Full Throttle and want to convert it to an Alien? Pay extra and get all the features.
Let the LE be limited to more cool stuff that's not really gameplay related. Special powdercoat sure, but maybe an exclusive art package that only the LE can have. That keeps it limited, but not at the expense of people getting the full game.
That just seems to fit with the "modular" idea. You don't want to feel like you can't get a full game upgrade. But it still makes the LE special for people who love the theme and want a really dedicated cabinet for it that shows that they got the special version.
I guess I just would prefer things to be player first, collector second, in terms of priority, while still be sensitive to the concerns of both sides, since they both matter.

Don't disagree w this at all....fwiw, I'm a player (average at best) first, and don't even consider myself a "collector" as I only have 8 pins, which I play all the time (not just stare at).

As long as the "LE" designation makes it an "ultimate" choice for this title, that's all I care about. No way it can be limited, if everything is interchangeable. I'll trust Andrew and Team to make the designation valid....no worries here (but I do have the room and desire to keep this machine "intact"). I'm anxious to see later offerings for the playfield swap concept (quite sure i'll jump on that too after playing them)....mark

#939 6 years ago
Quoted from spfxted:

Countdown to Friday....


Like your math.....but only Wednesday here....

#968 6 years ago

Thank you for the update Andrew....I appreciate you sharing both the good and challenging aspects of a project with a license this big!!!! Several encouraging things to be taken away from your latest update, but mainly, your obvious passion for a great game, attention to detail, AND your ease of conveying information to us in an understandable way.....glad I'm in....mark

#978 6 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

Let's just leave everyone else's drama at the door and keep it positive, it's almost Easter.
Easter Bunny hugs! (Click image to enlarge)

Agreed...and awesome pic...btw!!!....mark

#989 6 years ago

Agree w Rob...just can't see a company that has obviously invested more than JPop and Skit B combined on manufacturing equipment ( and already put out 150 " games of sorts" for a major Company) be considered in the same league.

Completely understand why people are angry, cautious, pissed, whatever...but not towards Heighway. Being behind a bit and upfront about it? Hard to find better communication in any industry nowadays.

Try getting a house built on- time and on budget, or anything else for that matter....

I only down voted Ice because of his last sentence....kidding or not....

My Company will sometimes work under GC's that are pretty volatile ....heard the " pound of flesh" incentives plenty of times ( both serious and in jest)..when the Project was delayed ( my fault or not).

They always got finished last on my list...sure didn't inspire me to put them first.....

Andrew will get this done, and it will be right....we're fortunate to have him in our hobby....mark

#993 6 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

Here's my take on the state of things with these "startup" pinball companies. Whatever size they might be.
I think it's totally fair for us, as consumers, to have expectations when it comes to communication. Show and prove. People have been burned before, it's a reasonable and smart approach. We should have done it from the beginning, but it's not too late to learn. And frankly it's not a lot to ask for.
The other side of that coin is I feel like we should support the businesses who do the right things.
Spooky and Heighway both have done original themes, something we've asked for. Now they're both moving into the world of licensed themes, because it turns out that what we actually want.
There are going to be delays. It's just the nature of the beast. Licensing can get pretty complicated. You have to work with the movie studio, and then work with the rights holders for the music, work with the reps for actors. Wait for this guy to return your call with permission to contact that other guy who will promise to get back to you. In two weeks. Rinse and repeat.
As long as you don't go all dark and silent and keep us in the loop I can be patient.
I've already told Chuck and Ben that if there's a way I can help them that I'm there, I want to see Spooky thrive.
I'm throwing my hat into the Heighway ring now too. Let's get behind these companies that are making drama free games.

This^^^^^^^!!!!!! ....+ 1 million!!!....

#1000 6 years ago

Aurich + Heighway= Huge Win!!!.....

#1008 6 years ago

"Aliens" on now, Directv, SBLK, channel 530.....good part starting.....forgot how killer this one was, as well!!!

#1011 6 years ago
Quoted from sed6:

What does this mean?

Did I miss something here?

Scroll up a bit.....

1 month later
#1028 6 years ago
Quoted from ZenTron:

With the license / talent involved in the project, I don't question it has the potential to be an awesome pin. I just question why Andrew would make the statement below. Even though "everyone" can agree on a specific date there are variables outside peoples control. I don't understand why he continues to box himself in a corner by tossing out specific dates/months. In October 2014 he said the game would ship in April which caused a spat w/ Dennis Nordman. Now we have ~90 days for this "global launch". What is a global launch anyway? It sounds like a prototype that might not ship for months after. My advise would be to not state a specific date but just have transparency and show people progress. If I was in on this game, id rather a six week delay to make it better then have someone try to aim for a specific date. So the game should ship and be ready when its done.
"So what does this mean for the timeline of this game? Everyone involved with this game is in agreement that we are going to target the UK Pinball Party, on 21st-23rd August 2015 (at Heighway Pinball’s factory in Merthyr Tydfil, UK) as the global launch of this game."

I'm in on an LE, and ok w delays, as long as communication is honest and consistent. Andrew has done both in an excellent/ professional manner.

I correlate to large projects we are involved w in my industry (PRO AV).....you need target timelines, landmark dates, etc., but everyone knows going in that the Project will not be completed "on schedule" with original launch criteria. There are always unforeseen challenges and delays. If the communication is good, there is never an issue (even on multi-million dollar projects that I'm referring to).

Granted, there is always an "absolute" attached to these, but don't think we are anywhere near that with this title. He is working through manufacturing of Full Throttle now, to get the bugs out, and gain clarity on true production timelines.

He's also stated that Alien is his "dream title" and will make it the best it can be. This will result in further "tweaking"

It's unfortunate the timing to launch his brand comes at a time when deceitful bozo's abound, but this is certainly not the case w Heighway.

Might make the trip to UK, and if I get my game in before Christmas, it's a win for me.....mark

#1029 6 years ago
Quoted from ledge:

one of the best movies, ever. classic. period.

This^^^^^ FACT!!!

2 weeks later
#1051 6 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

I'm not comfortable giving any kind of update, that's really Andrew's role, but there's lots of work being done.

Containing my enthusiasm.....I keep watching Alien movies on occasion, and look at the spot where it's going to sit in my gameroom....when this thing shows, it's going to be deadly!!!! .....mark

1 week later
#1065 6 years ago
Quoted from HeighwayPinball:

Well, we weren't happy with the toys as they were. We wanted more toys and better toys.
In particular we have one major new toy, which interacts with the ball - and this requires more space.
So, the re-design takes into account lessons learned on shot geometry, and also incorporates spacing needed for all of the toys and mechanisms, as they are now.
Regarding timelines, we want working prototypes by the end of August and finished games by October. Production should therefore start September/October with the first games being shipped by the end of October

All good news!!! thank you Andrew.......

#1071 6 years ago
Quoted from PACMAN:

So what's the advantage of pre-ordering? I was going to order but I'm still shell shocked over Predator.

Was able to get the # I wanted, and assured of getting an LE, which for this Title, is a must, for me. $1500.00 refundable deposit until my game is made ( from a real manufacturer) was a no brainer.....If I don't like it, I'll get rid of it ( highly unlikely).

Chances were slim to none of ever seeing/ playing one in my area...a risk I'm fully willing to take...btw...this company in no way/ shape/form resembles anything close to the other criminal, preorder fiascos.....easy for me to see this early on.

That's my reason, but think everyone should do what they are most comfortable with....mark

1 week later
#1097 6 years ago
Quoted from sandersj:

and....I'm in on the LE.... couldn't help myself.


2 weeks later
#1135 6 years ago

I enjoy them both, to this day, actually.....Alien is sci-fi horror in pure, raw form.....Aliens much more action and "polished", but not nearly as terrifying as the original....classics in 2 different ways....great stuff!!!

#1137 6 years ago
Quoted from RobT:

The script/writing for Alien was better than Aliens. But Aliens had more action and even some humor, and the special effects were better by then. Alien suffers a bit in that the SFX don't hold up that well. But clearly Alien is a great all time classic, and Aliens is an incredibly good sequel.

Said better than I.......this^^^^^^^

#1159 6 years ago
Quoted from BoozeMarlin:

This has likely been answered before, but are all the Alien LEs sold out?

While " no" is correct for now, I can't imagine it will stay that way long...while everything is interchangeable, certainly not the artwork.....they will sell out, just a question of how many spots are actually left.

#1161 6 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

I mean, sure, I'd love to say this game I'm working on already has the LEs sold out, but to be honest in a funny way I'm glad they're not. No one has really seen the game yet. I'd like to think that we earn the orders from the work, not just picking the theme, if that makes sense.

It does, and I respect that.....given the bullshit this community has had to endure on other fronts, it's truly a breath of fresh air every time I go through the Heighway threads.....I actually believe it will be much harder for the game to " not" kick ass, than the other way around.
Reveals will come, remaining LE's will evaporate quickly, and an awesome machine will be built....is what it is....

#1168 6 years ago
Quoted from Dano:

There is a link in this thread to the live stream from pintastic. I'm in for #100 but I may see if there is an earlier number so I can get one sooner. A freaking fog machine hook up!

I don't think your LE # choice affects the build spot....( I'm 212, but early in the process, so suspect the machines will be built and shipped based on order date, regardless of the #).

Fog machine....right!?!....I'm the same way....have a great spot picked for it....have to wait and see if I pickup an RGB mover ( pro lighting) to take full advantage of any smoke coming off that thing in the room......too cool...mark

#1173 6 years ago
Quoted from TOK:

I think you guys are kidding, but just in case you're not... Fog machines leave an oily film all over everything, you don't want one running in the same room as your games.

Actually, Andrew mentioned it at the recent show....there are many types of fog/ hazing devices that are water based, and pro grade, as well....so we will have to wait and see what he's thinking..

Suspect a light haze will be more in order, actually...no residue and minimal moisture. ..used around very expensive gear all the time...but I'm just speculating......

#1186 6 years ago
Quoted from nephasth:

I'm #187, but I ordered early enough that mine will be in the first container of customer games shipped to the states.

As mine might be!!!....I'll have to ask...hooray!!!...

#1189 6 years ago
Quoted from Dano:

When did pre-orders open? I didn't get in until the end Feb.

I went in Oct 22nd...think that was close to when the title was announced...

#1190 6 years ago
Quoted from underlord:

How's about we actually see the artwork and game design before plunging in on theme alone? Cmon gang!

That's too logical and too late for me... .........probably wise advise, however.....

For me ( live in Asheville) no way in hell would there have been one close to me to play before the LE's would be gone....I can't think of a title that appeals to me more...had to go for it, once I knew that Andrew and Company were legit....

#1200 6 years ago
Quoted from nephasth:

Ha! My invoice is dated 10/22/14. Looks like ours will be riding the same boat.


#1203 6 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

I'm not a big fan of the pre-order model myself. But in a funny way I'm in on this deeper than anyone else. I don't see any compensation for my work until the games ship. I'll get my own personal LE, and my payments are all royalty based. No game, nothing for me but a ton of my time spent!
So honestly I'm "gambling" more than anyone who's put money down on this. And I'm perfectly comfortable with it. IMHO the "worst case scenario" is simply that the games take longer to ship than people would like. Alien was probably announced a little early. So it goes, that's pinball. Heighway is a legit company, with a real factory, a real plan, and real ambitions. And they've got real funding.
You can add the beacons and fiber optic lights to a Standard. So if you decide to wait and the LEs are sold out at least you won't miss out on anything cool in that sense. But the LE should be a bad ass package. I won't lie, my goal is to make it cooler than the Standard.
I haven't even started on the LE art yet, it's just not as high a priority vs getting the rest of the game together. Looking forward to it since it's the version of the game I'll personally own though!
So I'm really not trying to push anyone into ordering right now, honest. Do what you're comfortable with. But I'm in with everyone who has and will, and feeling frosty.

I never thought for a second ( honestly) that I'd have a game before Christmas.....completely comfortable w the wait, but that's just me....the recent showing of Full Throttle further shows that games are being built, they are listening to the community, and better than the protos....haven't seen a post that said the new game didn't play great, whether they liked the title or not.

The LE art and package will be worth the wait, imho, a no brainier @ $1500.00 until mine is built......the Company IS building games. Nobody is pushing anyone to do something they aren't comfortable with.....I don't think my $1500.00 bought that Printer or The C and C......just saying.....pretty easy to see they are vested....

#1204 6 years ago
Quoted from HeighwayPinball:

Just to clarify two points here...
1. Yes Dennis left, but as has been stated previously, there were a number of reasons why we parted ways - which I can't and won't be going into details about
2. The art is an ongoing process. The Standard Edition sideart and backglass are effectively approved. The playfield layout has changed and evolved, which means the artwork naturally does too. The LCD animations are a work in progress, and are being submitted regularly to FOX
I hope this clears up points a little. We are very happy with our relationship with FOX. Could it be a faster process - yes it could - but that's just the way licensing works, for better or for worse

THANK YOU ANDREW!!!...the guy responds before I have time to respond to Aurich's post.....pretty amazing...

#1205 6 years ago
Quoted from TigerLaw:

At least we know they aren't going the JPop rout...do the art first and then try and fit the mechs he can't get to work around the art.

Heighways business model and whatever you want to call the JPop fiasco couldn't be further apart on infinite levels...

#1213 6 years ago
Quoted from Gooch:

after listening to Andrew's presentation, having Romain walk me through their design tech, and knowing that Aurich is working to insure we have terrific art - I am going to grab an LE slot this week. And, if any of Star Gazer's toys make it into this pin - well, talk about over the top!


#1223 6 years ago
Quoted from HeighwayPinball:

I was going to show them, but decided against it - so as to not risk upsetting FOX.
They are translucent, molded eggs that sit on top of the pop bumpers.
We have 5 strong LEDs in each pop bumper body - so we can have a whole range of lighting effects inside the eggs. Initial lighting tests have gone very well. Glowing ... pulsing eggs - we think they look great!

Holy smokes!!!...awesome Andrew...I can't wait to see and play this pin!!!

#1226 6 years ago

Easy now....'59 here......although my AlienLE shall be #212...to do battle w my #212 TRONLE....let the games begin!!!...

#1228 6 years ago
Quoted from nephasth:

Yeah, mine was #112 to match my Predator. Had to switch to #187. You guys are old enough to be my dad... Born in '85.

Close...my oldest daughter born in '87.....pretty cool that a title like this can transcend generations...

#1231 6 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

Heh, I was born in '77, so splitting the difference here I guess. I honestly couldn't care less what my LE # is, whatever Andrew sends over is fine by me.

Year I graduated High School...guess I am old...

#1258 6 years ago

fortunately, no one is making anyone do anything money-wise....it's an individual, personal choice. While the emotions/ connection to the title are paramount, the research that they have already produced and shipped machines (still intrigued by that Bacardi thing) eases my concerns mightily.

If a company like Bacardi ( they like to make money as well) believed in Andrew, and FOX has granted them the license for a "dream theme"......enough for me.....I don't think anyone should sweat it one way or the other (preorder or not).....just glad it's getting made....

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Quoted from way2wyrd:

#LV223 here. I cant wait to play this thing.
Is there an option to have the fog machine spit acid instead of fog?

Too funny!!!.....glad to see another member in the " 200" club.....

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Quoted from Aurich:

Are you kidding? It should be a totally popular opinion!
I hate this model. If it were up to me Alien wouldn't even have been announced yet. Blow people away with a surprise and watch the mouths drop, that's how to do it. Building pins is slow, and even when you think you've got dates covered there's a million things that can happen to slow it down that you couldn't possibly have controlled. Even the most drama-free projects don't tick along like clockwork.
I don't like to announce my personal projects ahead of time either really. I've tried it, and it can work, but better to feel like you can throw away all your work and start over without worrying about what people think. The end result is more important than sharing progress.
I don't think Andrew likes it either. But I can understand why he did it. Frankly the climate when Alien was announced in pinball was pretty different. It felt like if you didn't throw your card into the ring people were going to commit all their pinball funds to other pre-orders. It was announce or risk being left out of the game. For a new company trying to build support that's death. And no disrespect to Full Throttle, but as Spooky has learned original themes are a lot harder to sell fast. You need to build them up, you can't count on support from the name alone.
Is what it is, and the game is progressing either way, we're just in this awkward period where there isn't much to talk about publicly. That will change, just going to require some patience.
I'll admit that I do kind of enjoy teasing you guys a little bit. But honestly if I was free to just share anything and everything I would. Once you've let the cat out of the bag I don't like the games and secrets. But it's not my call, and in some ways it's not even Andrew's. We've all seen the drama that can come with showing licensed stuff before approval has happened (see Philgate). Much more important to do things right and have a good end product.
Trust me, the soul of the game is still there, it's just been improved. Every flipper has cool shots. Every flipper has interesting setups. And frankly more shots and more setups than before, with more flow. I'm much happier with it now, as someone who's going to own an LE.

All good...it will come, and no need for a frenzy....congrats to Andrew on the marriage!!!....mark

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Quoted from nephasth:

Second LCD in backbox might be standard now?

not sure...I know the second LCD is an upcharge (which I approved), but can't speculate beyond that...I'm sure Andrew will provide clarity...might be better to directly ask him....he's always been quick and forthcoming w responses......

#1303 6 years ago
Quoted from nephasth:

Did you contact Heighway about it? Or did you get an email from them? I've received nothing from Heighway on the matter.

Yes, but this was some time back...I'll have to dig through to see if he gave me a price for it....I just conveyed that I wanted mine to have it.....

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Andrew is very easy to communicate with, but suspect he is buried w Full Throttle, and returning from honeymoon........

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I have to agree the LCD screen on WOZ is a huge plus....people complain about the size ( whatever), but from an information, gameplay, and video clip standpoint, it is very effective.....

Full screen animations that interact w gameplay just look great ("special") is my favorite, and when it breaks into quad view during the game, it is VERY helpful. Once you get used to it, just glancing up during the game is all it takes.

All that said...this is why I'm going w 2 displays on my Alien....Andrew mentions early that " initially" the screens will simply mirror each other. If it ends up w different , proprietary content per screen, how cool will that be!!!!

Nice to see chatter picking up on in this thread....the anticipation is building!!!.....mark

#1411 6 years ago
Quoted from underlord:

If the LED screen is going on the backbox too it would look great with supporting artwork around it along with the backglass. FTH just had ( from the pics I saw) a black area around the smaller LCD screen. Made the screen look tinier than it was.

Suspect that will be so......I'm just glad Andrew listened and made it an option...pretty confident Aurich will have some cool art to tie everything together...

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Quoted from kaneda:

WOZ's screen is too big. DMD's are too dated. I think Dutch pinball's screen is the best of both worlds.

Haven't played ( or seen DP's) screen, but can say for me, WOZ's screen is just fine....can actually gather info while playing, and makes for a very immersive experience in the video/ interactive stuff.....jmo, however...

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Quoted from Aurich:

There are two big differences between how JJP is using their screen and how we are. Obviously the first one is just size, we're going smaller, and keeping the traditional backglass. I'll admit that I prefer this, I just love seeing big art backlit up there. Just feel right to me, a little more traditional.
But the real difference is because we're embedding ours in the playfield you really need to think about it differently. The information is right there to glance at, you don't have to take your eye off the game. But that also means you need to be careful to not fill it with too much overwhelming information and animation while people are trying to shoot. Not a great place for looping dancing scarecrows.
JJP is really using the screen as a secondary area. They've moved a lot of things up there, like mode inserts etc. We are again a bit more traditional, all the modes will have actual inserts in the playfield still. It's really a bridge between the traditional DMD games, and one where there's more flexibility with high rez animations etc.

Agreed....believe concept/ implementation are different between the 2.....I like the idea of info I need on the play field, and then Aliens impaling people on the back box ( relative to gameplay, of course.......). Understanding initially that they will just mirror each other, but the possibilities.........ahh

#1421 6 years ago
Quoted from Yipykya:

"Mirroring the playfield display on the backbox would only use one video output for those two screens, and Heighway will make use of the second video output on its hardware in Alien to power another LCD on the playfield, positioned on the airlock toy."

Fun to imagine what they are going to do...one thing for certain....badass prevails...

#1423 6 years ago
Quoted from nephasth:

I paid my deposit with real money, not imaginary money. I don't want to imagine this game, just see some real progress.

Me too, and am sure the game will be very real.....at this point, positive speculation on details is all we have ...I'm good w it.....

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Quoted from nephasth:

Yeah. I'm not trying to be negative about it, but April has come and gone long ago. Even though we all knew that was an unrealistic timeframe for release, we haven't seen anything new since the first whitewood. Obviously that whitewood led to design changes, keep us excited...

Agreed, however, Heighway has posted MANY times regarding concept changes, factory up fits, license slowdowns, and is currently shipping their first game. Nothing wrong with them taking their time and getting this title as right as possible before releasing anything. I am more anxious than any, but refuse to wander into the mindset caused by criminals of the past....90 days past target release, and Andrew has been very upfront as to why delays have occurred...no smoke and mirrors ( well, maybe smoke)........gotta let it breathe, man......

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Quoted from RobT:

What does the upper left flipper do? What shot do you make with it?

Have to believe there are cards yet to be laid on the table w this layout.....

#1440 6 years ago
Quoted from nephasth:

Sure, we've seen Heighway updates. But it's been 5 months since an Alien update:
» YouTube video
Now, after seeing that again, tell me you're not hungry for more.

Of course, yes......

#1447 6 years ago
Quoted from RobT:

Probably, but Nordman designed the layout. Hard to believe that he put that flipper there without a shot for it to hit?

True, but believe some shots have been reworked to a degree...all for the better....I'm sure the new CAD shall gain some official insight.....I enjoy healthy speculation on things such as this....

1 week later
#1459 6 years ago
Quoted from HeighwayPinball:

We will be hosting a seminar at 1pm Eastern on Sunday in room 407 at Replay FX
As well as giving updates to attendees, we will also be revealing the latest Alien Pinball layout and shot map, and discussing some of the game's toys
We are not sure if anyone else is filming or streaming the seminar, but we will be filming it and posting it and a later date
We will also be posting the shot layout on Pinside after the seminar

Good stuff Andrew....very anxious for news......mark

#1485 6 years ago

Very, Very Cool!!!!

#1510 6 years ago
Quoted from joelreeves:

Holy crap! I've been staring at the layout for about 10 minutes, taking it all in ( blow it up and take a close look if you haven't yet ).
THIS is how to do a widebody game - it looks amazing. Add Aurich's artwork to the mix and we could really be looking at a top tier game. Please tell me we'll be able to flip it in Chicago this year...

Major agreement here!!!.....this is going to be one badass pin!!!

#1514 6 years ago
Quoted from underlord:

I ordered an LE. If I can take a risk with some morons in a basement I can definately risk ( lol) with Heighway.

Welcome, welcome !!!(#212 here).....think the only risk here is the amount of time my other pins get once this thing shows up!!!

#1561 6 years ago

for me, the LE might as well not be swappable. Alien is an ultimate theme for me and will stay intact, as is, period (modding accordingly when it develops to that point). Other titles will be fair game, however, so I could see the black or stainless trim.

#1576 6 years ago
Quoted from MikeHogue:

I've never been more excited for a pinball machine! The new shot layout looks awesome!
If the art and code can match the shot map, then this game is going to be killer!
No pressure on Heighway!
LE #444

Welcome, as well!!!.....sorry I missed your post...444 is cool...