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ALIEN PINBALL - Game Over, Man, Game Over

By HeighwayPinball

4 years ago

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#718 4 years ago
Quoted from frolic:

About a month ago I was told production "starting" end of Jan, with first batch of machines going out end of February. Today Andrew said the production is starting mid-Feb but they think they can still get the first batch out the door end of February. My machine is part of that first batch.
It feels like we're close, sort of like the very last of the MMR wait, where it was week-to-week checking if things were on the line at Stern. Obviously this being pinball, nothing is certain until there is a machine sitting at my house.
If the slight delay meant the cabinet had those changes to allow the additional lcd in the backbox (which I will get), then I'm good with it. We're talking weeks now, not months of delay.
If Heighway is successful getting the machines out by end of February, and the *original* release schedule was "November/December" (this is what was said at Expo), then that 3 month delay would be one of the best launch windows for a pinball startup holding onto their date.
I'm not including him talking about releasing a game last year or earlier, because he never took money then from anyone so that is his liberty to change/delay the game. He only took money this past Fall, so that is the point I'll hold his feet to the fire over release dates.

I would have thought April would have been more realistic?

1 year later
#8356 2 years ago
Quoted from thewool:

Thanks for the straight answer Slam. Very unfortunate not to get her, to me thats regretfully a dealbreaker for my preorder.

Seeing how it runs on Linux I'm sure someone could change the call outs and create a .diff file.

#8537 2 years ago

As i posted earlier, if its running on linux i can't see a problem changing files. And if its powered by python even better..

2 months later
#9738 2 years ago

Could do with being more like the monitors in the aliens film.

vlcsnap-2015-01-25-14h36m44s165 (resized).png

4 months later
#13142 2 years ago
Quoted from PoMC:

You're awfully sure about a lot of things that you cannot possibly be sure of. Unless you're now a Heighway employee or spokeperson?

If i remember correctly he was awfully sure of a few things on the Predator thread.

1 month later
#15145 2 years ago
Quoted from Ballypinball:

And Andrew walked away with a big handshake to start hydrofoil

Or maybe he's going into the food industry:

Domain Name Creation Date Registrar
heighwayfoods.com 2016-02-09 ENOM, INC.
heighwaygroup.com 2016-02-09 ENOM, INC.
playbetterpinball.com 2016-02-09 ENOM, INC.

3 months later
#16582 1 year ago

flog_dead_horse (resized).jpg

1 month later
#18399 1 year ago
Quoted from nman:

And $800 for the ramps. Also, was it ever confirmed whether PDI/Roman glass is truly an option yet? I recall there was some lack of clarity on this point...
Apparently Heighway may show their next game at TPF.
If that's true, there really needs to be some substantial movement in shipping, refunds, QC, and customer service in the next few months or that will go over like a fart in church, imo.

3rd Game will be called Hydroball - loosely based on the perils of shipping pinballs via Hydrofoil before the money runs out.


- Man overboard multiball
- Abandon Ship and Flogging Dead horse toys
- 2 More Weeks Hurry Up Mode
- 17 Screens

2 months later
#19616 1 year ago
Quoted from Durzel:

The bootup screenshot shown before shows that a process is trying to untar/gunzip the hpd11.upd file. If it can't do that - as in MightyGrave case - then it will just abort. Basically that hpd11.upd file should just be put on a FAT32 formatted USB stick "as is", as said above.


Rename the hpd11.upd file to hpd11.tar.gz and throw it on the usb stick and try that, best off dropping to a command prompt and using the ren command.

#19631 1 year ago
Quoted from bcd:

That will definitely not work. You should not rename or modify the file at all, or it won't install.

He doesn't have many options at this point so its worth a try. The original file was .tar.gz, the .upd file has just been renamed it's still a gzip and will open with rar etc...

#19633 1 year ago
Quoted from Aurich:

He has options, the team is taking care of him, and you're talking to the guy who programmed the system, so it's really not worth arguing with him over whether or not it will work.

No one is arguing. Just trying to help.

#19639 1 year ago
Quoted from Makakka:

You can see it that way. You have nothing to say to them unless you pay in full so you are nothing to them. I dont know if they care much about the crumb bums and shoe clerks (not all) you are leading here because this thread alone contains tons of hate and defamation against the company. The main stream here says refund in open mouth like baby bird, never buy pin from them and buying experience is agony and frustration (other threads are worse).
I paid in full 2016 to support Andrews great vision and my taxes so I am something to them. Actually due to good contacts and much work some time ago fueled by anger (when Andrew did unhealthy tours in your country with my money) I can just pull the trigger and a bomb (since then in hypersleep chamber) drops in Wales, it would cost me a few minutes and no money. But I dont want that. I dont see a le shipped that was fully paid after mine in Andrews era (we ordered pin in Andrews era, these are completely different orders to post Andrew orders because a man is responsible for his trust, only kids, women and fags blame third parties for their mistakes) and that is not even important. Important is I appreciate the new owners and some loyal staff (I pray for their health) dig that pin out the shithole Andrew left it in and I dont want to disturb that process.
Besides, you are one of the golden boys of Morgan, he gifted you with a christmas dream. I received nothing personal from them since the ashes of Andrew. It hurts but it is ok until they hurt my trust which I feel wont ever happen. I feel they will deliver and I felt it all the time because this pin is dark magic that will succeed (it contains the bones Andrew ripped out of Nordman). I will comment (and donate) here when I have it or comment before when that stoner from California makes subpar comment again (I cant take it any longer) and you will have it also (after me I believe) if you keep your inner shakra intact. Until then.

You remember them. Whitman, Price and Heighway...

21768915_10155073990442810_6120260929978279057_o (resized).jpg

3 months later
#21050 1 year ago
Quoted from NeilMcRae:

Put it this way - a blind man could see with his cane that it was no where near 70 machines.

Probably around 20-30 and as for the NDA not worth a wank.

#21481 1 year ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

Bullshit. Your intent is clear, esp since you opted to edit many of those quotes to your liking. Anyone pulling quotes 1 year old quotes out of context and editing them to paint the exact story they want has a clear motive and intent.

Seriously pal just f--k off, i remember you championing Skit B a few years back.

#21538 1 year ago
Quoted from JodyG:

This one aged well, from back in the Predator days.

I remember seeing that an nearly spat my coffee out!

#21542 1 year ago

It was common knowledge in the uk, but would anyone have listened?

#21638 1 year ago

Daves Go Fund Me:


Hopefully it will go past the £1000 mark and a lot further..

#21770 1 year ago

Can the OS not be made open source at all? ferret

#21787 1 year ago
Quoted from Ferret:

The OS is already open source, it’s Linux.
I would be surprised if the game code was ever open sourced.

Sorry game code, I'm guessing it wouldn't be too hard to rename certain files then if you wanted to shoe horn Ripley in.

#21846 1 year ago

You know the rules. No women, no kids.

#21884 1 year ago

Can you guarantee that none of the Heighway Pinball investor or pre-order money was spent on the Curl Curl or to help fund your hydrofoil venture?

Yes. Absolutely no funds relating to investors or the company were used in this venture.

- Doesn't mention pre-order money.

When the investor group made their investment(s) in Heighway Pinball, what changes did they demand in return for that investment?

Other than my forced departure from the company, I cannot comment on the specifics of my departure – for legal reasons.

What can you do or say to all those people who paid money to you for games they never received and are now never likely to receive?

I deeply regret this situation. I did my very best and understand that I fell short of most people’s expectations. I sold the company, in good faith, in the full belief that everyone would receive their games or refunds. I believed the promises of the investor group – like everyone else did. The end result is nothing short of shameful.

- Which is it sold the company or asked to leave?

Did you pay yourself a salary at Heighway Pinball?


How much was that?

In year 4 it was £40,000 for the year and in year 5 it was £45,000.

- What about years 1 - 3?

If you were a customer who prepaid and never received a game, what would you do?

I would be asking serious questions of the investor group and how they apparently misled everyone for the reasons I have stated in this interview.

In hindsight, I very much regret that we took pre-orders for Alien.

- This money should have been ring fenced and never used for operating costs.

#21950 1 year ago

There was a website that had all that information but it's offline now.

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